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An Ad to Bless You People walk in and out of many stores, places where items can be purchased to fulfill one's needs and wants in life. Thank God for these places. But, there is a place that provides for the wants and needs of people in a greater way than any "Superstore", and that is "the local church". Don't get me wrong–the pastor is not a perfect pastor; the people are not perfect people; but, what they carry is perfect! A young man returning from the Iraq War with both legs gone, comes back home to his church thanking them for their prayers, and learning to say in the most difficult of circumstances, "God is good"! Your local church is made up of people just like you. Join with them to offer what the battles of this world can never take away.

May you and others be blessed!

First Baptist Church 1616 W. 39th St., Kearney • 234-2311


First Baptist Church May you and others be blessed! 1616 W. 39th St., Kearney • 234-2311

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