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Thank you For the assistance, support, compassion, and caring you extended to the Smith family—our friends, colleagues, and neighbors—over the past several weeks. We are very grateful to you all.

Cozad Emergency Room Staff Cozad Fire and Rescue Dawson County Sheriff Department Good Samaritan Hospital Anesthetists, Emergency Room Staff, Helicopter Crew, Intensive Care Staff, Neurosurgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Pediatric Staff,

Physicians, Respiratory Therapists, Third Floor Surgical Staff, and Trauma Coordinators Gothenberg Emergency Room Staff Gothenberg Fire and Rescue Kearney Eye Optical Kearney, Nebraska Community Nebraska State Patrol

From Hank Toutain, Susan Delozier, Katie Delozier, Sarah Kahrl, Georgia Nugent, Marilyn and Geoff Stokes, Kyle W. Henderson, David Lynn and Wendy Singer, Tacci Smith, Brad and Sherri Hartlaub, Christy Bennett, Ron Dukes, Greg and Susan Spaid, Joe and Sally Nelson, Karen Sheffield, Erin Ciarimboli, Noble Jones, Cristy Small, Miriam Dean-Otting, Marlee, Shelby, Jackson, Lee and Alicia Dugas, Judy and Eric Holdener, Chris, Myrna and Jada Kennerly, Jami Peele, Bev Morse and Brian Miller, Linda Smolak, Jim Keeler, Sarah Murnen and Bob McIlvaine, Michael Levine and Mary Suydam, Scott Layson, P.F. Kluge and Pamela Hollie, Andrew Reinert, Liz Keeney, Jim and Marcie Steen, Jason and Samantha Hughes, Ennis and Donnaree Edmonds, Patrick Gilligan, Beth Hillier, The Pae Family, Perry and Jane Lentz, Tom Lockard, Sonya Overholt, Barb Hamm, Barbara Dupee, Donna Simmerman, Toby Uecker, Joan and Bill Heiser, Marcella Hackbardt, Weston and Garr Uram, Ken Smail, Tobin/Downey Family, Tammy Gocial and Sandra Ray, Suzanne Helfant, Lorie Shults, Scott Thielke, Ted Stanley and Kenyon Football, Carlin Shoemaker, The McGuire Family, Erin O’Neill, Marc Bragin, Annie Vleck, Chris Ehmer, Doug Misarti, Amy and Chris Williams, Maggie, Robert and Samantha, Kim Smith, Michael Taylor, Doug Zipp, Nikki Keller, The Fuller Family, Chris Cowles, Duane Gomez, Katie Charles, Heidi Norris, and Ted Rice.