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Real Estate

AtoZ by Cory Christians

Attention Sellers: Spring has sprung and homes are selling!! Our local market remains active with a smaller housing inventory than a year ago. There are five basic reasons a property will sell: location, price, terms, condition and the REALTOR you select. Of course you’ve heard the basic real estate adage of LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. More times than not, the location of your home will determine how many possible buyers you may have. The price is a strong influence in the timing of your home sale. A current market analysis is critical in finding the closest comparable to your home. Typically this is not an apples to apples comparison. It requires some value adjustments compared to other similar sold comparables. Find out your “absorption rate” to determine any trends in pricing and activity. The terms you offer will help your home sell. Is a flexible closing date a possibility, will the appliances stay, or will you offer a home warranty plan for the buyer? These are all ways to attract the right buyer for your home. The condition of your home is critical to a timely sale. Preparing and staging a home are often the most overlooked items in selling the home. This is a process that doesn’t always have to cost hundreds of dollars and is very important in making your home stand out. The REALTOR you select to represent you and market the home is very important. Be sure you visit with a REALTOR that is providing you a written market analysis and a written marketing plan. Prepare a set of questions and interview them as if they are going to work for you. If your considering the sale of your current home, I’d love the chance to go to work for you. Please call me at 308-233-4553 and let’s visit about the market and let me share all the leading tools I’ll use to get your home sold.


Real Estate by Cory Christians