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NTLC 1213 OGX GIP VP Candidate Alyssa Liao 廖 盈 琇

Start from every individual, AIESEC NTLC becomes a sustainable platform for every youth and stakeholder to make positive changes

GIP provides high quality experiences and becomes the first choice for global internship platform


 Brand exposure and

position is not strong enough to become first choice partner.  Some inefficient or

uncompleted flows limit the quality we can offer.


 Enhance marketing GIP

product and improve product quality  Redesign OGX flow for

better internal and external operation


ď ľ FA 1)

Enhance marketing GIP product and improve product quality



Participation Rate of Ambassador day


Number of endorsement collected


Number of EP raised by new channels or product


Number of TT EP pool survey collected Usage rate of evaluation



ď ľ FA 2)


Member retention rate


Rate on Match/Raise


Frequency of newsletter to EP 1011~1213 Returnee data building up



1 time/month 100%

Redesign OGX flow for better internal and external operation

FA 1) Enhance marketing GIP product and improve product quality Strategy


Add value by

Ambassador day fully implement and provides consult & sharing

sustainable services and endorsement

Collect endorsements for quality and value Evaluation after every flow

Increase exposure

Expand exposure channels

Action step • • • • • •

Collect endorsement from returnees and TNs Related reports or alumni, entrepreneur sharing Endorsement exposure on website Synergize with ICX, Commu & LLC

• •

Evaluation form designed and formalize the analyses Evaluate the quality of every flow and MB learning

Online marketing by high-quality TN forms, good cases sharing and info session materials Cooperation with NTU TIPs, 進修推廣部、NTNU Management college、 NTUST 創設系&電資系 OGX GCDP info session (ET and early marketing) Synergize with OGX GCDP & Commu

• •

channels and product packaging

Hold Ambassador Day for CV, Interest Letter, Interview and usage teaching Online live and ppt sharing afterwards ICX trainee sharing Synergize with ICX & ER

• • Design new product • packaging • •

ET+MT program for NTU Literary College Deep and professional cultivation for GCDP returnees India + China internship opportunities info session Launch TT EP pool survey for future use Returnee sharing as an ER speech to campus

FA 2) Redesign OGX flow for better internal and external operation Strategy


MB education and

Increase training and education of MB and TL

work distribution

based on learning points oriented

Assign tasks that help learning and improving operation

Empower and urge EP to self-match Match process and mindset revised

Maintain quality of TN and EP, and give appropriate support

Action step • • •

TLs are trainers in OGX day, and returnee sharing Info session rehearsal with TL and MB Ambassador day fully training beforehand Synergize with OGX GCDP, LLC, ICX & ER

Promotion material design * New promotion material to campus * TN promotion newsletter to EPs * EP information made as ISSUU to TNs SRB OC team set; EP distribution before SRB Synergize with OGX GCDP & Commu

• • • • •

Send letters with time reminder and TN promotions Periodically tracking by Google doc and Google sheet Release good TNs on FB, website and e-mail Ambassador day teaches related tips to get matched

• • •

Indian TN quality check before promoting to EPs Cooperate with Indian Ambassador, if possible Indian and Chinese intern release to raise EP with correct mindset EP status updating always, combined with evaluation

• Build life long connection

Connection during and after realizing

• •

Collect EP and TN endorsement and working content Info session sharing and SRB board wiling survey Synergize with LLC

Functional project-based OC team

Ambassador Day, SRB OC team set

Learning pipeline

Tasks and training with learning points oriented

Online marketing

TN, Good cases and info session materials explosion online

CRM system

Evaluation and periodically connection

OGX ICX cooperation

TN & EP good cases sharing, Trainee engaging

LLC management

Returnee database building up

LC-Campus collaboration

New channels expansion and ER speech launched by collaborating with school offices

LC-Global collaboration

EP and TN material, Connection with Indian TN, China+India intern info session, TN Good cases




• Communicator with MC, other LC, other functions, school and so on • Track EP status and update • All channels and systems build • Database build and new data record


• • • •



MT product understanding Responsible for NTU market Collect endorsement and evaluation MB * 3

• • • •

ET product understanding Responsible for NTNU market Ambassador day OCP and consultant MB * 3

• • • •

TT product understanding Responsible for New channels built Promotion materials MB * 4


• Coach TL and empower them to lead • Seek outside resources for internal use • Keep the atmosphere within team, and keep strategically thinking • Other necessary operation process

• OGX training day trainers

• Promotion material information design • Info session deliverers • Ambassador Day session preparing • Match assistants • Members coaching

OGX GIP Candidate Manifesto  

OGX GIP Manifesto

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