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Huatulco Being By Kathy Taylor

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Jim and Mary Spicka.

“Fresh great tasting culinary delights in very warm friendly atmosphere” -LynxCalgary

Santa Cruz, Huatulco 958 587 2655 Closed Mondays

Outside the temporary gallery


n the evening of March 2nd, over 70 people gathered in the remarkably perfect Sueño Del Mar storefront gallery to view the exhibit “Huautlco Being” by American artist and Huatulco part-time resident Jim Spicka. Some of the pieces were representative of his tropical lifestyle and surroundings, taking obvious inspiration from places and elements we here call home - quite literally, Hagia Sofia, the Gales of Tehuantepec and Pluma Hidalgo. The Blanca series, although named after 3 of Huatulco's populated bays, Chahue, Conejos and Arrocito, are almost austere, clean and simple, unlike the busy beaches of their namesakes. But it is with Going Bamboo, and Secret Garden, that the artist seems to be most at home, and is comfortable letting the viewer create his or her own context. Jim's medium is tissue paper and acrylic on glass, the multiple layered shapes and materials create depth against vivid backgrounds. Framed, the pieces take on a weight and gravity that suits traditional spaces. Unframed, resting on wooden pegs on the wall, they float across the landscape with a breezy lightness. Jim donated 60% of the exhibition's sales to El Sueño Zapoteco, and their art and craft work shop where they teach young people from the villages how to use the natural materials to create saleable art. The foundation also exhibited their work.

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April 2012  

Huatulco Eye is a monthly English magazine about living and loving the Oaxacan Riviera.

April 2012  

Huatulco Eye is a monthly English magazine about living and loving the Oaxacan Riviera.