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Digital Design - Module 02 Semester 1, 2018 Huaqing Tao

(900834) Samuel Lalo + Studio 12

Week Three

Reading: Kolerevic B. 2003. Architecture in the Digital Age

Kolerevic described three fundamental type of fabrication techniques in the reading. Outline the three techniques and discuss the potential of Computer Numeric Controlled fabrication with parametric modelling. (150 words max)

Firstly, two dimentional fabrication is one technique that cutting head move in x and y direction over a sheet of material in different ways, including plasma-arch, laser beam or water jet. Secondly, subtractive fabrication is a technique to achieve desired shape by cutting in solids and remove unwanted parts. The cutting head normally moves in x, y and z direction. In addition, additive fabrication is another technology, which manufactured objects by slicing it into two-dimentional layers and adding layers to achieve desired shape. Parametric modelling allows designers to create iterations of models in a convenient and advanced way, and Computer Numetric controlled fabrication provides efficient approaches to achieve physical models, and helps to provide physical models that difficult to made manually.



Surface Creation


Week Three

Surface Creation

Different approaches were used to create the iterations, including lunchbox, wiverbird and panellingtools. Panelling tool was used to create the dynamity of patterns on the surface, by using point attractor and curve attractor. Lunchbox was used for the basic shapr of the panel, and wiverbird creates perforations.


Different shapes of surfaces were created by adjusting points in Grasshoper. Two twisted surface was choosed as final surfaces.


Week Four Panels & Waffle

The surface was correspondingly made of rhombus, and has perforation on both sides. the twisted shape and perforation allows for sunlight through different angles at different time of the day.

The waffle structure provides inside volumn, and creates two entrance or exits in the front anf at the back.


Week Four

Laser Cutting


Dd w6 journal task1  
Dd w6 journal task1