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My indirect confession to my dentist about marijuana. This is my confession. I am a twenty four year old female of average build. I run five kilometers every day and I alpine ski in the winter. I watch what I eat and would consider myself to be in good shape. However; I do have one vice which is the reason for my confession. My dental work has been fairly extensive over the years, but I have an excellent insurance plan. The work was being done on my upper right where there is a bridge. The bridge was failing hence the need for a dental assessment and treatment. On this visit I was given two shots of anesthetic within a half hour. Each shot was expelled in about 15 to 20 seconds. Through the over head monitor I could see the blanching (gum lost the pink color. It was now white). I should add this was not a store top office. This Dental Practice in which every aspect of its facilities had been intentionally designed to reflect a much more relaxed, serene and contemporary environment for the well-off patient was located in a medical building. It was outfitted with the latest toys and computerized gadgets. It was like the cockpit of an Airbus 380. At a guess I would put my dentist to be in his middle forties and to me he looked and conducted himself every bit of a successful and up-to-date dentist.wholesale MAC lipstick This is my confession. As a patient, on my dental visits, I want the dentist to be current on all techniques of administering the anesthetic within reason, to make my visit a pain free experience. My choice of words is deliberate because I do not want to be heavily sedated. Drugs may control fear and anxiety, but do not fully control pain. And furthermore it is said they can cause confusion and/or respiratory depression. I am also aware that sedative drugs can stay in your system for two to three days after ingestion. Neither do I want the application of nitrous aughing gas?since there appears to be some ambiguity surrounding the duration of how long one should be under this application. Furthermore how can I tell the scavenger system has not exceeded its service date? However having said that, I am aware that all clinicians practice to the best of their ability and are not cavalier and will not knowingly push the envelope which could cause harm to their patients. However we have heard of situations which could have been avoided. Shift does happen. n. This is my confession. After each shot he excused himself while he went to another operatory. He was darting from room to room and between taking telephone calls he was reviewing the work of his hygienist. He was busier than a one armed paper hanger. I felt somewhat neglected like an infant left imprisoned in a crib. Even the assistant left the room. I was lonely. I thought how nice it would be to climb out of the chair and stroll around the room and indulge. As I mentioned I have had above average dental work over and above regular cleaning of tartar during my college days and still do. I knew a sudden rise from the supine position would be more foreboding than the painful shots which I suffered through. Deep within me, I knew some thing had gone a rye more so on this particular appointment. After each shot the pain grew exponentially. My tissue felt expanded and throbbing. I felt the tingling and had no control of my drooling but I was not frozen. Prior to my visit I had searched the internet which said that local anesthetics are used to control regional pain through their ability to block sensitivity by preventing sodium transport across the nerve. They also mentioned that failure to block that action potential was possible either through anatomical reasons or operator errors and skill. Who am I to delve into my oral anatomical variances? I am Caucasian and my mouth does not appear to be different from people of my build. Furthermore on previous occasions I was completely frozen where the procedure was completed successfully and painlessly. This is my confession. During one period when I was left alone as he darted to another room, my upper right jaw felt just like it was about to explode, I overheard a one sided conversation between my dentist and someone else who I guessed was also a dentist. The letters A.M.S.A. (which) meant nothing to me were as clear as a bell and for some strange reason I paid attention as a sixth sense completely took control of my very being. These letters were scorched into my memory. The constant in and out of the room where I sat and a quick probe, suddenly confirmed that something was not going according to plan. As I said, I could only hear one side of the conversation but the sweat and the look on his face spoke a thousand words. Together with the tightness and throbbing dull pain

confirmed he was conferring with a colleague. I distinctly overheard the letters A.M.S.Ailenceollowed by the phrase regular syringe.?Silencehen the word wice? Ah! Yes the conversation was about me. There was a problem. This is my confession. A few moments of silence, then he entered without his assistant and his face said it all. As he sat and with his heels rolled his stool towards me, he reached up and turned on the overhead halogen light while focusing it at me. Not a word was spoken but this automatically prompted me to open my mouth. He probed with his gloved finger and a miniature reflector or mirror for about 5 seconds but which felt like 10 minutes. He lifted his anti splatter orange transparent eye shades and said. am going to refer you to a specialist friend of mine? The bib around my neck was unclipped and he gently assisted me out of the chair. His sincerity was cloned over his face and his shoulders drooped like tender tulips on a hot day. t will be about a week to ten days, in the mean time I will order a prescription for Ibuprofen 400 mg to be taken twice a day with a meal.?His saddened tone was strict orders that I should call him if the throbbing still persisted. This is my confession. When I finally got home I instantly took one Ibuprofen with a glass of milk because I had no appetite and the interior of my palate was too sore to chew on food anyway. I had some Tylenol and together with the ibuprofen, I made it through the night. The letters A.M.S.A still hounded me like a puppy following my footsteps. I anxiously wanted to see what Google had to say. Wowhere were sites upon sites that discussed this technical term and there I was before my laptop like a misfit in dental school doing oral anatomy 101. However after half an hour of reading dental clinical studies, I managed to get the acronym for A.M.S.A. To explain it would achieve nothing since it describes a special type of injection used on the upper jaw. It is apparently one of the most difficult injections to master and one of the articles suggested that it was more effectively done slowly through some sort of computerized delivery system. Why did he not have that gadget? After all, to me his operatories lacked for nothing. The dull pain was still apparent but kept under control by the pills. Could I dare have a peep at it? I was nervous and scared. I took the challenge and what I saw was gross. I immediately called his office and left a message. My call was returned at about 8:32 AM. I explained what I had seen and he calmed me by identifying the condition as palatal necrosis, which meant nothing to me. He continued; ecause of the mouth is rich with a strong blood supply, together with the anti inflammatory drugs, healing will be rapid.?My dentist has a calming voice and I felt somewhat more at ease. Now here is my confession. During my college days I would occasionally have a toke of marijuana with my friends. It is not a big deal and I still have one every now and then especially if I am anxious or apprehensive over some event. I frequently used the internet and Facebook like all young people of my age and social lifestyle. It was during my search I read that marijuana has been shown to increase the activity of liver enzymes. It so happens that local anesthetics are broken down by the liver. Is this why I was not fully frozen? Or was it one of William Shakespeare Comedy of Errors being played out for me. What a coincidence! An A.M.S.A technique which is difficult at the best of times being performed on a patient who did marijuana an hour before my dental appointment! The contents of this mail was received by this author. I contemplated for quite some time whether I should post it. As I write, the outcome was never revealed to me. There was nothing through which it could be identified. I therefore opted to post it for what it is worth. However as a pharmacist I would qualify this as case of one?due to non clinical input and from one side only. However it is interesting to note a few points. Patient does not want to use sedative drugs. Patient seems to be well informed about nitrous oxide. Patient does not consider cannabis (marijuana) to be potent drug. Patient exercises regularly. Is there a conflict with lifestyle?

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My indirect confession to my dentist about marijuana.  

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