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“We started with impeccable store design and a buying strategy that is client-centric and we’ve never looked back,” she says.

Now with 30 stores in several countries, the Santa Monica-based Maris Collective is dedicated to searching out treasures from every corner of the world. Over the past decade, she says, we have forged experience-based, meaningful relationships with resort partners and luxury brands to keep customers happily returning over and over again. The retail concept, Sauter says, is customized at each location to reflect its unique ambiance and culture. “We do this by integrating elements from local and international sources, while maintaining authenticity within a stylish and sophisticated retail environment.”

Seaside Luxe interior space.


decade after introducing Seaside Luxe and Seaside Beach boutiques at Hualālai Resort, retail industry visionary Lee Ann Sauter, founder and CEO, debuted the Maris Collective this year and has emerged as the established leader in multi-brand retail experiences at luxury resorts around the globe.

Of Latin origin, Maris means “of the sea” and the sea, Sauter says, “has always been integral to our identity and a source of our inspiration.” Just as the sea is always moving, things at the Seaside Luxe and Seaside Beach boutiques are always in motion, always evolving. With a core of long-time designers (James Perse, Missoni, Pucci, Stella McCartney and Letarte among them) new lines are constantly being added, Ramona Gulbransen, Director of Resort Retail, says. “In-store pop ups and seasonal trunk shows keep things fresh adding excitement to the retail experience. It’s a win-win for all-our staff, seasoned and upcoming designers, resort Residents and hotel guests,” Gulbransen says.

In 2008, the two Seaside boutiques revolutionized traditional resort retail, elevating it to ultrasophisticated standards by featuring internationally acclaimed fashion designers and jewelers that resonate with homeowners and hotel guests at five diamond resorts worldwide. “Through our experience, my partners and I recognized that resort retail hadn’t evolved at the same rate as the culinary, guest room and amenity experiences at most luxury resorts, so we set out to change that,” Sauter, a 25-year veteran of the retail industry, says.

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Profile for Hualālai Resort

Living at Hualalai Magazine ~ Summer 2018  

Living at Hualalai Magazine ~ Summer 2018