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Hua Hin, Cha-Am, Pranburi

April 2017

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Celebrate…………..……But Stay Safe During Songkran

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From the Editor Today Hua Hin’s near neighbour Cha-Am features in this month’s HHT. The introduction of Around Cha-Am (page 28) provides a more focused approach on this vibrant location to be continued in editions to come.

4 Cover Story

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Many visitors think of Cha-Am as a seaside town some 25 kilometres north of Hua Hin, but that’s not the full story. The border between Prachuap Khiri Khan Province (Hua Hin) and Phetchaburi Province (Cha-Am) is very close to the airport. Many of the attractions branded “Hua Hin” are in the Cha-Am District of Phetchaburi. It’s easy to understand the marketing rationale for using the Hua Hin name, but this leads to confusion for many visitors and some consternation to Provincial authorities. Imagine being a naïve guest at a “Hua Hin” resort only to find you are some 30 kilometres north of where you thought! There has long been discussion about rebadging the broader region as the ‘Royal Coast’, but that remains just an idea. As the two towns continue to merge, perhaps (tongue-in-cheek) Hua-Am or Cha-Hin? Our Cha-Am focus includes a ‘good news/bad news’ cover story (page 3) about Stray Dogs Cha-Am. This is just one voluntary group in one location struggling against the odds to make a difference. Without a coordinated and funded effort across our region, stray dog problems are likely to continue. This is a community and animal health and welfare issue with many negative consequences, including to tourism, not adequately recognised at official levels. Managing stray dogs may not be a ‘sexy’ tourism promotion, but it could be very effective. We all know that visitors experiencing a scary and painful encounter with a stray dog won’t be back soon!

David Editor

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Address: 62/51-52 Soi Moo Baan Hua-Na, Phetkasem Road, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan Thailand 77110. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Who We Are: General Manager Visa Ph. 0863 693 604 (Thai/English) Editor David Ph. 0826 353 151 (English) Sales Manager Mint Ph. 0863 382 203 sales@huahintoday (Thai/English)

True Jazz, True Soul and True Funk at Hua Hin’s True Concert of the Year

“Jazz Music” and “Hua Hin” are two phrases that are the perfect convergence of different music sounds and the laid-back atmosphere of our seaside setting.

The True Jazz Fest at Hua Hin has

presented unforgettable performances of world-class musicians from differing genres and showcasing great performances jazz musicians from the west and from Thailand. Added to these were the varieties of other musical genres such as soul, funk, pop and even local northeastern Thai music that brought musical diversity to the festival. Organised by professional and passionate groups of people and located on a beautiful green field of True Arena Hua Hin, this was a perfect location to accommodate a worldclass music festival.

group’s messages of unity and universality that were most important. The Earth Wind & Fire Experience, featured Al McKay, guitarist for the group and cowriter of some of EWF’s biggest hits, including “September,” “Saturday Nite” and “Singasong”. McKay helped EWF become one of the leading groups of the mid-70s and lead the group at the True Jazz concert in the Saturday night finale to the rapturous applause of the faithful who remained to the hear the last note. Perhaps after Hua Hin, the band could be renamed Earth Wind Fire and Sea!

Our Favourites?

As one of the most important soul music acts of the past three decades, Earth Wind & Fire means a lot of things to a lot of people. Some were attracted by the pioneering fusion of African beats and instruments with popular American soul, while for others the HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

4 The Dumped Dogs of Cha-Am

“I Love Dogs’; it’s just humans that annoy me!” That’s the sentiment that Khun Oranuch displays on her T-Shirt with good reason. She doesn’t blame stray dogs for their predicament; it’s man-made with the dumped stray dogs of Cha-Am as a tragic example. Just as in many other Thailand locations, Cha-Am has long had a stray dog problem. In February 2014 members of the ex-pat community, primarily Norwegians, arranged a meeting with the Municipality to voice their concerns. Apart from the welfare of diseased and maimed dogs, many injuries had been experienced either from road accidents or from walkers being attacked and bitten. Soon after the meeting a decline in the stray dog population was noted. Apparently many stray dogs had been rounded-up and removed however that was only a temporary reprieve. The numbers soon returned to previous levels and the subject of stray dogs problems returned as a subject of earnest conversation in the community but without a lasting solution in sight.

The World Health Organisation Expert Consultation on Rabies in Geneva states: “There is no evidence that removal of dogs alone has ever had a significant impact on dog population densities or the spread of rabies. In addition, dog removal may be unacceptable to local communities. However, the targeted and humane removal of unvaccinated, ownerless dogs may be effective when used as a supplementary measure to mass vaccination.“

The Stray Dogs Cha-Am team ready for their monthly ‘CNVR’ Around that time a new organisation was formed with little fanfare. ‘Stray Dogs ChaAm’ was that organisation with Khun Oranuch Ceeview (or should that be ‘Seaview’) and a band of volunteers commencing a ‘catch- neuter- vaccinate - release’ program which remains active but below the ‘public radar’ to date.

For two years every month Stray Dogs Cha-Am has undertaken the collection of around 40-50 stray dogs, which are then neutered (male and female), vaccinated and released. Dogs are captured from around the Cha-Am beach and town area apart from the rubbish site with the group responding to concerns when a particular area has become over-populated.

We met Khun Oranuch at her Cha-Am home which has itself become a dog refuge with around 30 dogs being cared for. She then took us on an eye-opening tour of the rubbish dump in Hup Kapong and surrounds around 10 kilometres from the Cha-Am town. To our horror and dismay what we discovered was many hundreds of stray dogs roaming and scavenging amongst the stinking piles of rubbish as well as throughout the adjoining eucalyptus plantation. Certainly not a place on any tourist map; out of sight and out of mind. The dramatic increase in the numbers of dogs at the rubbish site coincided with the Cha-Am clearance campaign some two years earlier.

Volunteers of Stray Dogs Cha-Am on their monthly round-up of stay dogs.

There was evidence of some food being provided to at least give these unfortunate animals some chance of survival, if not good health. Local well-wishers, including those from other provinces regularly visit with food supplies. The only visible signs of water were a few small polluted ponds rather than any supply of fresh water.

Evidence of abandonment and neglect at the Cha-Am rubbish site

Sterilisation and treatment at a Cha-Am Veterinarians In central Cha-Am there is a small ‘animal hospital’ which cooperates by providing lower cost veterinary services, including sterilisations, vaccination and housing dogs which require longer term treatment. Despite the goodwill and assistance of the veterinarians involved, sterilisation still costs almost 1,000 THB so that funding is a constant struggle. Khun Oranuch says that Stray Dogs Cha-Am receives no official funding and is dependent on the good will of community members to continue. This really is a ‘bad news/good news’ story. The bad news is that Cha-Am’s stray dog problem stems from neglect and the lack of any official action to address the problem. Dumping of unwanted or homeless dogs is not acceptable by either individuals or by official agencies. The good news is that a dedicated team of volunteers is making an impact and deserves the recognition and support of the community.


Stray Dogs Cha-Am has been following a Catch – Neuter - Vaccinate and Release (CNVR) approach. This involves the capture, neutering, identification and vaccination of stray dogs and eventual release to the same site. The rationale is to replace an uncontrolled, 087-911-1977 potentially dangerous population with a smaller, non-breeding and vaccinated one. HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

We suggest that those who are concerned about the issue of stray dogs in Cha-Am visit the Facebook page where the story is told with graphic photos that we have not published. You may then want to consider helping by following the instructions provided or by contacting Khun Oranuch. Phone: 0961 293 424, Facebook:


6 InterContinental Hua Hin Resort Appointments New GM Michael Janssen InterContinental Hua Hin Resort is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Michael Janssen as General Manager Michael moves from InterContinental Mauritius Resort where he was very successful in driving the trading performance and the completion of several refurbishment projects over the past two and a half years.  Michael has held senior Sales and Marketing roles over the course of 12 years in a diversity of markets. His accomplishments were recognised through several accolades including the prestigious InterContinental Brand Hearted Director Sales & Marketing Award, Greater China in 2011.

He comes with a wealth of experience having spent the past 20 years working for a number of distinguished IHG properties in various regions in Berlin, Leipzig, Dubai, Prague, Warsaw, Hanoi, Shanghai, Jakarta and Mauritius. Michael will actively lead his team in the resort marketing and positioning through its unique features such as InterContinental’s very first beachfront Club InterContinental Lounge and the recent addition of the InterContinental BluPort Wing. Michael commented: “I am extremely happy to have joined InterContinental Hua Hin Resort and I am looking forward to be working very closely with our owning company as the resort continues to integrate the Vana Nava Water Park and True Arena Sport Complex to deliver a unique differentiated wholesome Hua Hin experience”.

HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017


Celebrity Cyclists in ‘Tour De Hua Hin’

Hua Hin cyclists, both Thai and foreigners, have been privileged to ride alongside 2010 Tour De France winner Andy Schleck and Channel 3 actress Aroonnapa Panichjaroon (Khun ‘Varn Varn’), one of Thailand’s most renowned celebrity cyclists. Around 500 participants now have their prized medals as mementos and some on the podium with celebrities ‘Varn Varn’ and Andy handing out trophies to the winners of time trial sections of the event.

Thailand Cycle Tours were the hosts for a series of group tours, training camps and the ‘Big Bike Ride’ on 5th March. This was a ride of 70 kilometres which began at True Arena then travelling to the Pranburi Dam and return; not really a ‘Tour De Hua Hin’!

Celebrities Andy Schleck and ‘Varn Varn’ relaxing after the ‘Big Bike Ride’ The conclusion of the Big Bike Ride at True Arena was a colorful and exuberant scene with organiser Lucien expressing some relief that the event was such a great success as the forerunner of many more planned high profile cycling events.

Receiving the ‘orange jacket’ as a prized memento The future of bicycle tour events in Thailand seems assured with Hua Hin being at the forefront of this addition to the local sporting scene.

H.E. Mr.Robert Lauer, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with Mr. Sirapan Kamolpramote, adviser to the Mayor of Hua Hin getting things started from True Arena. As a charity bike ride, one objective was to raise money for a Young Cyclists’ Development Program. All proceeds after expenses will help buys bikes and provide coaching for some talented local Thai kids and to find and develop young Thai riders to compete at the very highest level in the years to come. As organiser and Hua Hin resident Lucien Kirch says, if small country like Luxembourg can produce a Tour De France winner there is no reason why Thailand cannot do the same with the right kind of encouragement and support. Lucien is a previous national tour cyclist from Luxembourg who is boyhood friend and fellow countryman of Andy Schleck.

ADVERTISE WITH US 087-911-1977

Andy Schleck agrees with this forecast and is a likely VIP guest at a similar and expanded tour next year. He believes that Hua Hin has all the necessary ingredients with an early morning start providing ideal weather conditions. A variety of available tour routes and a scenic backdrop together with the necessary infrastructure means a ‘Tour De Thailand’ featuring on the international cycling stage is a real possibility. For more information visit HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

8 The Sailing Club Hua Hin Welcomes the 2017 Regatta

The Hua Hin Regatta 2017 will be held between Tuesday 25th to Sunday 30th April with over 300 competitors from across Thailand and many other Asian as well as European countries taking part The organising authority is The Yacht Racing Association of Thailand (YRAT), in conjunction with the Royal Thai Navy, Tourist Authority of Thailand, Cha-Am Municipality and Phetchaburi Province.

This achievement was the inspiration for Joule (June) Krittanai, a 15 year old member of the Sailing Club Hua Hin to embark on her own epic cross-gulf solo sail. She is attempting to become the first person to achieve feat in an Optimist. The Optimist is a small, single-handed sailing dinghy  intended for use by children up to the age of 15 and one of the most popular sailing dinghies in the world, with over 150,000 boats officially registered with the class. As a point of comparison the length of an Optimist is 2.36 metres (7  ft 9 in), whereas an OK dinghy is 4.00 metres (13.12 ft).

HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

Motorists and passengers now face stricter penalties if they violate traffic laws, according to an order just issued under the sweeping powers of Section 44 of the interim charter. Aimed at curbing road accidents in the prelude to the Songkran holiday that normally sees horrendous road casualties every year, a set of legal measures was included in the Section 44 order announced in the Royal Gazette which took effect immediately.

During the Regatta Royal Thai Navy ships will chaperone the fleet off-shore and the eager helping hands of navy sailors providing the first greeting for returning competitors. In April, 1966, His Majesty King Bhumiphol Adulyadej sailed single-handed his OK Dinghy which he had built himself from Klai Kangwon Summer Palace in Hua Hin, travelling 60 nautical miles before arriving on the Toey Ngam Beach in Sattahip, Chon Buri. The journey across the Gulf of Thailand took an amazing 17 hours.

Drivers, Passengers Face Harsh Penalties for Breaking New Traffic laws

Weather permitting, this attempt will start around midnight on 22nd or 23rd April and is likely to take around 19 hours. The Sailing Club Hua Hin will provide many other support services for June as well as members participating in regatta events. Our best wishes to June on her optimistic crossing; fair weather!

According to the published order, traffic authorities now have the authority to immediately move any car found parked in a prohibited area. The owner of the car is required by the land transport law to pay the costs.

Official Events Royal Vega Rudder trophy for various classes Super Mod National Championship trophy OK Dinghy National Championship trophy Princess Cup for Optimist Championship

The seat belt regulation will in the beginning apply to only new cars that are already equipped with seat belts for all seats, he said, adding that as for old cars and pickup trucks, the Department of Land Transport (DLT) is considering whether to begin enforcing the same law for them some time before the Songkran festival. In the case of taxis, both the driver and passengers will be required to jointly pay a fine if a passenger is caught failing to fasten his seat belt, he said. Those who are served with traffic tickets must make payment of the fine within 15 days, or they will be unable to complete their annual car tax payment, Pol Lt Gen Witthaya said. The DLT and the police have already linked their databases, meaning that the department now knows who fails to pay traffic fines on time. If the fine is not paid, the owner will be given only a temporary certificate for car tax payment that will expire in 30 days until the fine is paid, he said.

About The Sailing Club Hua Hin Where: Suan Son Loi Road Cha-Am. Next to (north) the Regent Chalets, about 15 kms from Hua Hin.

The same order also requires car drivers to fasten their seat belts and ensure his or her passengers do the same. Those who fail to pay traffic fines on time will not be able to complete their annual car tax payments.

A driver will be given 15 days to appeal, starting from the day he or she receives a letter with a fine, according to the same Section 44 order. But if traffic authorities affirm that the traffic ticket is correct, the case will be forwarded to police investigators who will then consider bringing the case to court.

Contact: English - 087888 7565, Thai: 084413 5038, E-mail - richard@

Passenger vans are required under the same order to have a maximum number of passengers of 12.

Since last September, only 11% of about 680,000 traffic tickets issued have been paid. – Bangkok Post

An Authorized Shop 9 for Premium Home & Kitchen Products Chakri Memorial Day in Thailand

April 6th is a public holiday in Thailand known as Chakri Memorial Day  or simply Chakri Day. It commemorates the establishment of the Chakri Dynasty that has been ruling the Kingdom of Thailand since 1782.

The Chakri Dynasty is the current ruling royal house of Thailand. The House of Chakri was founded by Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke also known as King Rama I. He was a prominent military leader. In 1782, he defeated a rebellion which had ousted his long-time friend King Taksin. On April 6, 1782, he took control of Siam and crowned himself as the monarch, establishing the Chakri Dynasty. King Rama I was responsible for re-locating the capital of Siam from Thonburi to Krung Thep, the site of modern-day Bangkok. King Rama I also built the magnificent Royal Palace and began a dynasty of monarchs who have had a very significant influence on carving and shaping modern Thai culture, heritage and society.

King Rama I’s policies laid the foundation for modern Thailand. He is one of the most significant figures in the Thai history, therefore the anniversary of his ascension was declared a public holiday. The official name of the holiday is King Buddha Yodfa Chulaoke the Great Day and Chakri Dynasty Memorial Day. The previous and much revered ruling monarch, King Bhumibol Adulyadej was the ninth king; King Maha Vajiralongkorn is now Rama X. People take flowers and incense to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha to pay respect to the former kings of the dynasty. The Pantheon, a building on the temple grounds adjoining the Grand Palace, housing statues of each king, is open to the public only on this day of the year. On this day, the national flag is displayed on buildings. Traditional ceremonies are held on the occasion, attended by government officials and members of the community. People lay flowers at garlands at numerous statues of kings of the Chakri Dynasty throughout the country.

Thai Buddha Amulets Contest Hua Hin mayor Mr. Nopporn Wuttikul will join with Amulets Club from Hua Hin, Pranburi, Kuiburi, Bangsapan, Tapsakea and Phetchaburi at the Thai Amulet Contest on April 1st and 2nd at The Venetia Cha-Am.

The event will promote Thai cultural

lifestyles and help preserve Thai Buddhist heritage as a national heritage. All profits will go towards providing scholarships for underprivileged children.

Miss Busaba Choksuchart the deputy of Hua-Hin municipality has presided over a meeting to discuss plans for internet services in the town.

The project is to establish internet services for education and tourism and to promote learning and access to information with information and communication technology


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“No one has any intention of building a wall.”

“Niemand hat die Absicht, eine Mauer zu errichten.”

Walter U., GER 1961

“I will build a wall.”

“Ich werde eine Mauer bauen.”

Donald T., USA 2016

Free Internet Access planned for Hua Hin The meeting was joined by Mrs. Ubon Pongpang a director of Academic Affairs and Planning Department, local school administrators and community representatives.


Vacuum & Sealing System

This contest, held for the first time in Prachuap Khiri Khan or Hua Hin, provides the opportunity for anyone to know that whether their amulet is real or just a fake. Each club will take their Buddha Amulets to the event and both Thai and foreign tourists are invited to participate,

Cast Iron Cookware

as a tool and resource for students, youth, people and tourists. The aim is to enable local communities to have free of charge 24 hours services.

If you are not sure, talk to an expert.

Unsicher? Dann sprechen Sie mit einem Spezialisten.

Immo Property The Property Consultant

The project aims to have wireless internet broadcasting equipment around Hua Hin with at least 200 points.

At those attending the meeting sought to define guidelines for use such as, the duration of service per session per person.

They will now survey areas and begin to set up a wireless internet access points. The project expected to be available by the end of September 2017.

Der Immobilienberater

086-369-3604 Tel: 082 586 5050  I    E-Mail:    I HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

10 Alcohol Prices to Increase, But Not As Much as Feared Consumers may be concerned about the new excise bill, fearing that the prices of alcoholic beverages will skyrocket, but not so says the Excise Department.

Rajabhakti Park Developments Approved A new building and facilities have been approved for Rajabhakti Park with a budget of 15 million THB. Rajabhakti Park means “the park that has been built with people’s loyalty to the monarchs”. The park occupies an area of 222 rai (355,200 m2 or 36 ha) just five kilometres south of Hua Hin. Rajabhakti Park enshrines the history of Thailand The Prachuap Khiri Khan provincial governor also want to build an OTOP the shopping centre that will require a further budget of 24 million THB. OTOP or One Tambon One Product aims to support locally made and marketed products from individual Thai Tambons or subdistricts.  Colonel Krengkrai Uthaichit, the head of Rajabhakti Park, disclosed to Hua Hin Today that Air Chief Mash Udomdej Seetabutara as President of the project has approved a budget 15 million THB to construct a building which will contain large dining

areas and rest rooms to welcome visitors. Since the opening Rajabhakti Park featuring statues of the seven past great kings of Thailand in 2015, visitors have increased each month. Statistics show that the number of visitors on weekdays is 5-6,000 people per day with 10,000 people on the weekends and holidays. This means it is time to build a permanent building and this is the main intention of the 15 Million THB project. A sound system will also be installed with both Thai and English languages telling the history of each King to visitors. Additionally trees will be planted to compliment the parking areas.

The bill, soon to be published in the Royal Gazette, has caught public attention after many people came to believe, that the new tax rates will double the retail prices of beer, wine and liquor. People were confused about tax ceilings stipulated in the new excise law, said Somchai Poolsavasdi, director-general of the Excise Department. The tax ceiling on beer, wine and liquor will be 30 percent of retail prices, or 3,000 THB per litre of alcohol. The new tax ceiling on cigarettes is much higher, at 90 percent of the retail price. “The ceiling rates are set for the next 20 years. But the applied rate will be much lower initially, as we do not want to increase the tax burden,” Somchai said. Prapas Kong-Ied, deputy permanent secretary of the Finance Ministry, echoed Somchai’s remarks, saying that making tax rates too high would encourage smuggling, and then the cost of law enforcement would rise.

Volunteers are now being recruited with knowledge of English and Chinese languages to provide information to visitors each day. The enhancement project is expected to be completed in 2018.

Temporary Parking Spaces Available Until Carpark Building Completed

“It is not worth the effort,” he said, trying to allay fears of a sharp rise in the prices of alcoholic beverages. Nipon Poapongsakorn, an economist at the Thailand Development Research Institute, said he agreed with the new law that will change the way tax rates are calculated. The new method will use retail prices as a base for tax calculation instead of using producer prices, as is done currently. The new tax will create a level playing field for producers, since the current structure allows some producers to take advantage of others. Retail prices will be decided by market forces, and tax authorities will have to enforce the law accordingly. Nipon said the current excise law had a big loophole, as it allowed tax officials too much discretion, which often ended up in discrimination. Using retail prices to calculate excise tax rates will automatically lead to higher prices of alcoholic beverages, since retail prices are higher than producer prices. It will also lead to higher levies of value-added tax on beverage purchases, and in the end the cost of drinking will increase. “I agree that prices of alcoholic beverages should be higher than they are currently, as some types of beer are very cheap,” Nipon said. After the price increase, alcohol consumption will drop slightly for a while, but consumption will return to normal later, he said.

The Department of Highways Discusses Traffic Issues

The Director of Prachuab Khirikhan Provincial Office of Department of Highways (Hua Hin) has provided information about the installation of waste water pipes in the Phetchakasem-Boh Fai areas and associated traffic issues. The Director also talked about problems because some drivers of rental cars and hotel/guesthouse shuttles dominate some roads and use them as their own car parking space. According to the Director of DoH Hua Hin, Mr. Set Chan-aj, the installment of waste water pipes in the Phetchakasem-Boh Fai areas, from Klai Kangwon Palace to Hua Hin Airport, aims to improve public waste water management for local people in the area. The Hua Hin Municipality has commenced the construction of a new seven-floor car parking building on the southern side of its office. The construction will be completed in around 18 months. During this period, visitors cannot park their car by the construction site, which replaces a previous car parking area. However staff and visitors will have access to temporary car parking spaces located at the Krung Thai Bank or the office of the Water Works Division. Both options are very close to the municipal office.

HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

The Hua Hin Municipality has also specified entrance and exits to its building. The entrance and exit will only be provided at the gate on Dam Nern Kasem Road (by the Bhrama shrine) and on Phetchakasem Road (between the old and new buildings of the municipal office). The entrance and exit will be used until the construction of the new car parking building is completed. The municipal office apologise visitors for the inconvenience. For further information, please contact the Technical Division of the Hua Hin Municipality at tel. 032 511 047 ext. 301/2/3 at office hours from Monday to Friday.

With the a budget of 16 million THB, the waste water pipes will release waste water to a canal beside a Buddhist temple next to the Klai Kangwon Palace. This project will be finished in April 2017. The next project of the DoH Hua Hin is to expand roads from Buddha Chaiyo Temple to Suan Son. In addition, the entrance to Hua Na local community requires road improvement for the safety of drivers. The DoH will also improve the areas and landscape in front of Rajabhakdi Park by planting more trees and providing more public toilets and car parking spaces.

With regard to the issue of public transport drivers, especially motorcycle taxis and rental cars, parking their vehicles on public roads, the Director said that this was a great concern. He asked those drivers to see if the curb is painted red and white or yellow and white. Red and white indicates no parking. Finally, the director of DoH asked local people and tourists in Hua Hin to inform authorities about drivers who violate traffic regulations. While the DoH is responsible for taking care of the highways in Thailand, it is the Police who enforce these laws and take care of people.

11 King Bhumibol’s Royal Cremation to Run for Five Days The royal cremation ceremonies for the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej later this year will run for five days. On the second day, the royal cremation will take place at the Royal Crematorium at Sanam Luang. The royal remains will be collected on the third day. Another royal merit-making ceremony will be held on the fourth day to bless the remains, which will occur at the Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall. On the fifth day, food will be served to monks at the Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall before the Royal Urn is brought to the Chakri Maha Prasat Throne Hall. Six grand processions are planned for the ceremonies. During the five days, there will also be performances and exhibitions in honor of the late king. – The Nation

Although the dates have not yet been finalized, the committee organising the royal cremation ceremonies has already come up with a draft schedule for the important occasion. The late king ruled Thailand for seven decades from 1946 to 2016. Throughout his reign, he was dedicated to his people and widely loved and revered throughout society. Every day in recent months, people have flocked to the Grand Palace to pay respects before his body. The draft schedule of the royal cremation ceremonies has been released, after HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn attended a meeting of the committee. The five-day schedule includes a royal merit-making ceremony at the Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall at the Grand Palace on the first day.

The Royal Crematorium; Recognising Buddhist Beliefs and Traditions

An expert in royal ceremonies has explained some of the complexities involved in preparing the funeral of the late monarch, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Thongthong Chandrangsu appears regularly on television to explain the complicated proceedings of a royal occasion and its background. A lawyer by training, Thongthong has served as Dean of Chulalongkorn University’s faculty of law and permanent secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office. He has written several books on Chakri dynasty monarchs and royal traditions and ceremonies and is well known as an expert in royal ceremonies. Thongthong has lived through a number of royal funerals at Sanam Luang, the royal main ground to the north of the Grand Palace, which has served as the only royal cremation ground since the founding of Bangkok on April 21, 1782.

Therefore, a crematorium hall is always a grand and imposing building, a symbolic representation of Mount Meru that is designed to rise to the heavens. Around the crematorium hall are different smaller buildings to represent continents and oceans in accordance with Hindu cosmology. “This crematorium concept dates back to the Ayutthaya period. I believe royal funerals are designed along the lines of those in the Ayutthaya period,” he says. “Bangkok came into being 15 years after the fall of Ayutthaya. Many Ayutthaya traditions were then continued in Bangkok” he says. Thongthong says that in the Bangkok period, no crematorium was grander, taller and larger than that of King Mongkut (Rama IV). Rama IV’s crematorium hall reached a height of more than 100 metres. Mongkut’s son, King Chulalongkorn, who witnessed the resources and manpower used in the construction of his father’s crematorium hall, instructed his courtiers to build a smaller, more economical edifice when he passed away.

The Royal Crematorium of Princess Galyani at Sanam Luang

The Late King’s contributions to society will be reflected in the design of his royal funeral pyre, according to the detailed plans released by the officials in charge of the project. Department director Anan Chuchote said the complex of the pyre, known in Thai as meru, will cover a length of 80 metres on the northern side of the Royal Cremation Grounds, or Sanam Luang. The meru will feature elaborate figurines depicting magical creatures and deities from Hindu cosmology. Officials have said a preliminary budget for the funeral pyre was set at 500 million THB and can be expanded as needed. Once the cremation is over, the crematorium will be torn down.

A plan of the funeral pyre, or meru, complex in Sanam Luang

The Thai monarchy is considerably influenced by the Hindu and Buddhist concepts of cosmology. Royal ceremonies such as funerals are full of Hindu symbolism. According to Thongthong, Buddhist beliefs refer to a Thai monarch descending to earth as an incarnation of a god on a mission to eradicate suffering and give happiness to his subjects for a period of time before his return to heaven.

However, the elaborate royal crematorium for the late and much-loved King, HM Bhumibol Adulyadej – Rama IX – will be the highest of any such structures since the reign of King Rama V. The royal crematorium will be 50.49 metres high.

The late King Bhumibol’s funeral may bring great sadness to the entire nation, but it’s also an occasion to celebrate the return of the deceased king as a god to heaven.

King Mongkut’s cremation ceremony, 1868

“It’s common to see entertainment as part of a Thai monarch’s funeral. This is to celebrate the occasion in which the deceased monarch returns to heaven,” says Thongthong. Edited from The Nation HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

12 The Hua Hin of ‘Yesteryear’ Dredging of Channel at On Show This Month Hua Hin Ferry Pier Suspended

The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources has temporarily halted the dredging of a water channel at the Hua Hin-Pattaya ferry pier, for fear it would adversely affect the marine habitat, ecological system and artificial coral reefs in the area.

The dredging is being done by the Marine Department, to create a channel for use by the new ferries operating across the Gulf of Thailand between Hua Hin and Pattaya in Chon Buri.

The “Hua Hin of Yesterday 2016” is an event to be held from 23th April to 2rd May at Hua Hin Queen’s Park. The event aims to promote tourism and local culture and also to commemorate the 66thwedding anniversary of His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen on 28th April. The event is organised by the Provincial administration of Prachuap Khiri Khan, in cooperation with the Hua Hin Municipality and tourism operators One main objective is to foster the cultural identity of Hua Hin with a retro atmosphere so that visitors may reminisce about the earlier years of the town.

The event will encompass a wide range of activities such as contemporary music performances, light and sound shows, Thai silk fashion show, Miss Hua Hin Contest, cultural shows and folk plays. The event will be officially opened on 23rd April at 7.30 p.m. when people from all walks of life in the Province will join a grand procession in honor of Their Majesties the King and the Queen. The procession will begin at the Hua Hin Clock Tower and conclude at the Queen’s Park.

Medical Tourism Is a Healthy Business

Medical tourism is a key factor to boost Thailand’s private hospital business, according to Kasikorn Research Centre’s most recent report.

The bank think-tank unit said private hospitals continue to be a rising star, maintaining a high two-digit revenue growth rate, and a good proportion of it comes from international patients rather than the domestic market. “Medical tourism helps to generate at least 40,000 million THB a year in treatment fees, which does not take into account income-related business such as retail, tourism, hotels and restaurants. Medical tourism is a key driver for private hospital business success,” the bank said. However, Thai patients still supply 70% of the overall revenue at private hospitals. Increasing the local patient market is challenging for private hospitals, as public hospitals are improving the quality and scope of their services.

HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

Pending the result of the investigation, the department had ordered the suspension of dredging.

Two large steel barges, with holding capacities of 300 and 200 cubic metres, respectively, were to be used to carry the dredged mud five to seven kilometres out to sea, where it was to be dumped. Local fishermen complained the barges dropped the mud only 800 metres from the shore during the first three days of dredging, and one to two kilometres on Sunday. They said the mud was dropped in areas where artificial coral reefs were built to attract fish. The dispersal of the mud also caused the sea to become murky and smelly. The fishermen were afraid if this were allowed to continue the artificial reefs and the marine life habitat would be destroyed. After receiving their complaint, Bannarak Sermthong, director of the 3rd Marine and Coastal Resources Office, led officials to the area on a fact-finding investigation. Bannarak said the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources had no knowledge of the project to dredge the water channel. Department officials had collected samples of sea water and examined the artificial coral reefs to see how they had been affected.

Bannarak said the sea off Prachuap Khiri Khan is home to important marine life, such as Bruda whales, which are near to extinction, and various kinds of turtles. The dispersal of mud could affect the migratory route of Bruda whales from Samut Sakhon down to Samut Songkhram, Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan, he added. – Bangkok Post

Thai Lion to Add More New Routes

The overall revenue of private hospitals targeting international patients is estimated to expand 10% to 12% this year, which is higher than private hospitals that focus entirely on the domestic market that are likely to achieve a revenue growth rate of 7% to 9% in 2017.

The aggressive network expansion of Thai Lion Air (TLA) is gathering pace, with five new routes set for launch. Three of the five routes are international and two are domestic. All originate from the low-cost carrier’s (LCC) Don Mueang airport hub in Bangkok.

Private hospital revenue from international patients increased 27% in 2015 compared with a 2% growth in 2011. It is estimated that the growth rate will be 30% this year.

The cities for new scheduled flights include Nanchang and Nanjing, both in China; Hanoi in Vietnam; and Khon Kaen and Phitsanulok, said industry insiders.

Although medical tourism is a promising market, operators will face fierce competition from neighboring countries such as Malaysia. More needs to be done in specialised medical areas to allow Thailand hospitals to take the lead. –

These new services come on the heels of four recent route launches: BangkokChongqing, Bangkok-Chengdu, BangkokTrang and Chiang Mai-Surat Thani. The new wave of launches will start with the debut of Bangkok-Khon Kaen with 13 flights a week. It will be followed by the

introduction of TLA’s second Vietnamese route, to the capital Hanoi with eight flights a week. TLA will commence a daily flight to Nanjing, and to Phitsanulok on the same day with six flights per week, before ramping up to 10 flights a week in May. This month it will begin regular flights to Nanchang with four flights a week. The airline is intensifying its China strategy this year with at least two new routes looming large on its radar screen. The Chinese cities of Jiangsu and Kunming are likely to be TLA’s next destinations in the near future, as the airline sees travel demand from secondary cities in the mainland to Thailand, one of China’s top foreign destinations. – Bangkok Post

13 Kasetsart University Second Charity Bike Ride “Bike for the Sea”

On Sunday, March 26th, the Klaynamthai hospital and also Klaynamthai Foundation and the animal hospital, of Kasetsart University, Hua Hin held the second annual charity bike to highlight the importance of the ocean under concept “Bike for the sea”.

Hua Hin International School Celebrate World Book Day 2017

The students at HHIS, all 160 of them, love reading. That was the clear message in the celebration of World Book Day. Students arrived dressed as their favourite book character and the day was filled with activities to promote the enjoyment of reading. The purpose was to support Thai marine and the fishing board of Kasetsart University to purchase CCTV cameras to survey tourists and to inspire tourists to pay more attention and take care for the beauty of the sea in Thailand. The bike competition wasd divided into two categories with distances for 50 km from Hua Hin to Pranburi. Entrants paid either 350 THB application fee or 1,000 THB as a VIP. They received a shirt, a bib and the Thai Marine Guard Medal.

There was even a surprise visit to year 1 students from the mouse from Julia Donaldson’s ‘Gruffalo’. Some students wrote their own books and delighted in sharing them with younger children. It was also a proud moment when Greg (Y8) and Sadie (Y7) read out their book reviews on

Radio Surf FM. They were so professional. It was a great day - a true celebration of the importance that stories and books play in our lives.

Meeting To Resolve Monkey Business Villagers Complaining About Noisy Neighbours Resident at the Mountain View Village in Samorphong have complained the HuaHin municipality about their neighbors are making too much noise late into the night. The complaint was brought by Mrs. Jranyarin Suthum together with others living in the area. They are distressed because their neighbours have home businesses which provide a daily where many people visit

Ms Busaba Choksuchat, a Deputy Mayor of Hua Hin presided over a meeting to resolve the suffering of the people caused by monkeys. The areas of concern are the Monkey Park Community, Koapitak Community, Takaep Community and Huadon Community. There is a population of over 700 of Monkeys in rhese areas. Mr. Jeerawat Prahamanee a municipal officer and Mr. Mehta Santikul a Director of Wildlife Conservation in Petchaburi are also concerned about this

during their holidays and have a rollicking party with drinking and loud music, without regard to others. Municipal officers Mr. Jeerawat Prahamanee and Mr Tanntat Chaikoa, a chief of sanitation and the environmental have agreed to visit the area to investigate and to invite entrepreneurs and those who have complained to consider a common approach to resolve the problem.

problem and are working together to fix and control the monkey population. Monkeys have been attacking tourists and damaging houses. Residents and visitors have been feeding the monkeys and when the monkeys do not get food they have been seeking food and destroying property. The meeting concluded that an initial solution will be to establish signed feeding and non-feeding points. 086-369-3604 HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

22 12 14 The “Uno Mas Comes to Hua Hin” at COAST Beach Club & Bistro

Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin was delighted to welcome Chef Joan Tanya Dot - Chef de Cuisine of Uno Mas Restaurant at Centara Grand Central World Bangkok to COAST Beach Club & Bistro. Specialising in Mediterranean cuisine Chef Joan showcased an array of variety of tapas, live paella cooking and succulent roasted pork accompanied by a free flow of Sangria. This sensational dining experience was completed by “Gipsy Night” performanded by Keith DeMagalhaes on his guitar.

Municipality Services Outreach

Ford Support the Army With New Vehicles

Ford Jor Charoen Prachuab Khirikhan (Hua Hin) has delivered four new cars to the Army Special Operation Unit – Naresan 261 Aerial Reinforcement Division, 3rd sub-division, Naresuan camp, Cha-Am district.The vehicles are the new Ford Everest 3.2L Titanium Plus to use in official duties.

Red Cross Fair; Raising Funds For Those in Need

Promoting Chemical-Free Agriculture

Promoting Chemical-Free Agriculture The Green Farmers Market Network is a group which produces organic agriculture products and promotes the use of chemicalfree methods for consumers who care about health and the environment.The Green Framers’ Market supports sustainable income for those pursuing this form of agriculture and will be of interest to those looking for clean and safe agricultural products.The market is at the Pone Kingpetch public park area near the municipal offices. The next markets will be held from March,and then on 3 to 5 April and 17 to 19 May. For more information please contact Mr Nanthapong Suttichartpong President of Green Agriculture Network, phone 083-999-1822.

Blood Donation Drive

Ms. Pailin Pongpun, the Deputy Mayor of Hua Hin and Ms. Tassanee Luckchachart, a nurse from the Health and Environmental Division has joined a group of public health volunteers to visit the elderly, bed-ridden and disabled at a local community. The visit to the SamorReang community provided health assessments and provided medical supplies and other essential items for consumption. Mr. Jeerawat Pramanee a Permanent Secretary of the Hua Hin Municipality also organised a mobile ID card service for immobile community members who are unable to attend the district office.

School Scholarships Presented

Dr. Dusit Charoen was representative by Mr Park Seunglee and Khun Enya Wang has donated scholarships valued at 84,000 THB to students of municipality schools. Mr. Nopporn Wuttikul, the Mayor of Hua Hin, received the donation at the Hua Hin Municipal Office.

Jeerawat Pramanee, Permanent Secretary of the Hua Hin Municipality of Hua Hin and a welfare officer has provided assistance for the annual Red Cross Fair. In this year the annual Red Cross was held at the Suan Luang Queen Sirikit Park (19 Rai). The Red Cross Fair is a fund raising event intended to provide income for relief activities for disaster victims and to help the underprivileged, poor,and disabled. The funds also support lunches for school children and provides income to the Thai Red Cross Society.

Life Should Be Equal Miss Boondhaba Choksuchat a Deputy Mayor of Hua Hin has welcomed a committee of the Institution Of Joyful Wisdom For A l l . D r. P e t c h y u p a Boonsirijarungrat a Chairman of the Executive Committee together with Mr. Tan Kositpipattan and family representedf the Institute. They donated 100,000 THB to help abandoned dogs at the Hua Hin Dogs Centre from a project named “Life Should Be Equal” from making and selling shirts.The Dog Care Centre was set-up following the wishes of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The institute Of Joyful Wisdom For All is founded on learning from research as a model of social intelligence development to help the underprivileged in society. Dr Petchyupa is the founder of the Institution.

Mr Nopporn Wuttikul, the Mayor of Hua Hin has launched a blood donation drive with the Red Cross of Hua Hin. Blood donations will be coordinated by the Hua Hin Municipality Medical Division together with the Hua Hin Red Cross. Municipal staff members were amongst the donors with students from the Army Cadet Corps. This event was held in Naratdumri room at Hua Hin Municipality. The next blood donation drive will be on 16th June and the 15th August. The Municipality is welcoming the participation of the general public including foreigners living in Hua Hin who want to donate blood to join in the blood donation drive.

A New Year Gift For Hua Hin Today

Black Mountain Residence Black Mountain offers an unparalleled living experience with course-side living available for purchase. Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 3 Living Area 186 Sqm Luxury furnished

Price 15.9 M THB. Contact : K. Pornchanok, 09 271 48 998

April 2017 HUA HIN TODAY, March HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

Mr. Somphop Opaskhajornyos, the Director of Marketing & Communications Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa visited the Hua Hin Today Newspaper Office with a thank you gift basket for the Hua Hin Today team. Khun Visa Chimdee the General Manager and staff welcomed the visit. Marrakesh is one of many customers who give the opportunity to Hua Hin Today to publish news and advertising for them and they very happy with the excellent Hua Hin Today newspaper service. Khun Visa said thank you and hopes this year will be a very good year for Marrakesh. She is eager to reasure Marrakesh and all customers that they will continue to receive a high level of service into the future.


HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017


Testing For Diabetes The “HbA1c” Test

This article is about diabetes testing; specifically the test for cumulative blood sugar average level, or so called Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) test. You may wonder about the importance of this test and its difference to the usual blood sugar test. The fasting blood sugar test, or so called “Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS)”, is usually taken 8 hours after fasting. It is only able to detect blood sugar level within a short period from the time the test is taken. This means the result is unreliable as it could be affected by the food recently eaten. Unlike the usual blood sugar test, the HbA1c will detect blood sugar level of the past 3 months by examining the sugar attached to Hemoglobin, the protein molecule in red blood cells. This type of sugar will stay as long as the age of red blood cells, which is usually about 3 months. This means that we do not have to starve ourselves before taking the test. The importance of this test can be simplified as follows: It helps with the diagnosis of diabetes by taking the test at least 2 times or taking it together with the FBS test, depending on the recommendation of the doctor. It helps with the evaluation of diabetes treatment. It helps with risk assessment for complications in diabetes patients.

Nevertheless, HbA1c has its limitations. If the patient has any condition or disease related to red blood cells; such as anemia, kidney diseases or liver diseases it may affect the cumulative blood sugar average level to deviate from the real result. Last but not least, please take a good care of yourself, eat all 5 food groups, exercise and do not forget to control the amount of sugar you consume each day. It should not exceed 8 teaspoons or 40 grams per day. Provided by Health Lab Hua Hin

ADVERTISE WITH US 087-911-1977 HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017


18 Songkran 2017 Is Coming; Please Stay Safe

The rest of the world may not be aware that the water rituals on a grand scale over three consecutive days each year has long been a part of Thai culture, recognising that the wet season is imminent. Despite Songkran being an eagerly awaited Festival, it is also the most dangerous time of the year on Thailand roads.

Most accidents were caused by drunk driving (34.09%), followed by speeding (32.93%). Out of the vehicles involved in accidents, 80.67% were motorcycles, 8.85% pickup trucks and 4.97% cars. Only 0.25% involved vans and 0.20% buses. 37.86% of accidents took place on highways and 64.49% on straight stretches of roads. Most accidents (30.23%) happened between 4pm and 8pm. Sources for these statistics are the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department; others sources may vary. Songkran actually originated from Burma. In fact, there are also other countries practicing this festivity including Vietnam and Laos, but nowhere like Thailand. The word Songkran was derived from “Sankranti”, which means ‘to move or to change’. Celebrated on 13th April – 15th April, Songkran is the longest holiday in the country.

On the eve of Songkran Day, i.e. on the 12th April, the people clean their house and burn all the refuse. This is a Spring Cleaning Day done as a duty in the belief that anything bad belonging to the old year will be unlucky to the owner if left and carried forward to the coming New Year. Early on the first day of Songkran, the 13th April, the people both young and old in their new clothing go to the Wat or monastery belonging to their village or district to offer food to the monks there. A long table is erected in the compound of the Wat where monk’s alms bowls stand in a row on either side of the table. Into the alms bowls the gathering people put boiled rice and into the covers of the alms bowls, food, fruits and sweetmeats. In the afternoon of the same day there is bathing ceremony  of the Buddha images and also of the abbot of the Wat. The bathing of images is done as ritualistic ceremony, but it is no other than a New Year’s purification. Younger people will also on this day or the succeeding days go to pay their respect to and ask blessings from their elders and respected persons.

Downtown Hua Hin; saying dry is an impossibility

In Cha-Am a procession of floats and willing ‘victims’ commences at the northern end of the beach road then turns into Narathip Road. Both mobile parties get underway late morning on Wednesday April 13th.

The 2016 Songkran procession in Cha-Am.

They will pour scented water into the palms of the old people and present them with a towel and other bathing requisites. In the old days it was an actual bathing where the young people helped the old people to take a bath and to change their old clothing and put on the new clothes which the young people presented them as an act of respect to the aged on the occasion of the New Year. This year, the passing of HM King Rama IX, means that Songkram will be a much more sober occasion.

A Springfield buggy ‘off course’ (Khun Bom) It’s up to you whether you join in the crowds of watersoaked revelers or chooses to stay away from these very wet Songkran ‘epicentres’!

Songkran Safety Tips

Tuk-Tuks are not exempt

Songkran does have a few correlated risks – much like festive periods in your own country. There’s a sensible and less-sensible way to do just about anything in life.

Songkran is not only about fun and the party atmosphere with water ‘attacks’ an essential element found on the streets of Thailand no matter where you are. Although the ritual soaking is inevitable and trying to staying dry futile, the period also has associated religious activities and important family activities.

1. Just like on New Year’s Eve and holiday periods in your home country, when lots of people celebrate… some of them drive drunk. Beware on roads (as a driver and a pedestrian). Alcohol sale times are strictly monitored throughout Songkran in efforts to keep the (very wet) roads safe. 2. If at all possible, avoid using a scooter or motorbike during the day/days of water-throwing. Drinking aside, road safety can become an issue when those driving scooters or motorbikes get a face full of water. If you do have to scoot, always wear your helmet. The right clothing for Songkran? Perhaps a more sophisticated approach?

Where to Join the Party

On the Beach at Ao Manao HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

To get amongst the party revelers in Hua Hin on the first day, the focus is on a procession which will wind from Soi 55 before moving slowly along Naresdamri Road then past the Hilton until returning to Petchakasem Road.

Official statements are released at Songkran urging women to consider their clothing choices at Songkran. Use common sense for this modest country with very strong sun, wear dark colours (not white!). So welcome to the 2016 Thai New Year; we hope it’s a safe one for you!


20 Offbeat Days In April

With April fool’s Day and Easter to take the cake this month, we are now counting down some of the off-beat yet surprising holidays to celebrate in the month of April. 4th April Tell-A-Lie Day

14th April Reach-As-High-As-You-Can Day

Your Country’s National Day

April like any every other month has some National Days to celebrate across the world.

Evacuation Day (Syria)

Be it a white lie, or ‘lie-lie,’ National Tell-A-Lie Day gives you just the opportunity to lie to your heart’s content. Sorry Parents and teachers, apparently ‘honesty is not the best policy’ this particular day. And whoever created Pinocchio, give this boy some rest, let him lie without his nose growing on this dishonest day!

6th April Sorry Charlie Day

Whoever coined the phrase the ‘sky is the limit’ will forever be wrong when it comes to Reach-As-High-As-You-Can day. Why to aim at the sky when you can’t even reach 10 feet; be realistic in what you aim for, that way even if you fail, it will hurt less! And when you achieve it, don’t say you won’t be glad that you did!

17th April Haiku Poetry Day

Evacuation Day,(also called Independence Day) is Syria’s national day commemorating the evacuation of the last  French soldier  and Syria’s proclamation of full independence and the end of the  French mandate of Syria on April 17th, 1946. Not even a century later, how ironic that we are talking about Independence Day amidst desperation, ruins and devastation. This day is in our pick to shine a light on the refugee crisis and to recognise those who are desperately in need of help.

Independence Day (Zimbabwe)

As much as we wish not to think about past mistakes and

Haiku having roots in Japanese poetry, is the 3 line poem. The first and last lines have 5 syllables and the middle line have 7.bbHaiku encourages an attempt to write very short but striking poems that can move souls; if one is blessed with such a gift.

move forward, sometimes it’s just seems too much, this Sorry Charlie Day drown yourself in the pit of your past and recollect everything you ever did wrong, just so you know that you have made it this far having learnt your lessons.

Wrote you a haiku Now it lies amidst the dust With forlorn faint words.

18th of April is observed as Independence Day in Zimbabwe, on the very day in 1980 Zimbabwe achieved independence from the Colonial British rule, for ninety years Zimbabwe was administered by a South African Company.

Fair enough, a visual Haiku!

‘Happy Birthday Zimbabwe!’

19th April Hanging Out Day

Independence Day (Sierra Leone)

7th April National Beer Day

The world’s third most popular drink needs some appreciation and here comes ‘National Beer Day’ – what a lovely coincidence. Let’s utepils and watch the world pass by! (side note; Utepils is definitely not the English word, ah Norwegian, Google says.)

HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

By Hanging out literally, in this sense, just clothes! Hanging out day is celebrated to shine a light on unnecessary consumption of energy, demonstrating that we humans can do basic task without relying too much on machines and save a penny or two.

30th April National Honesty Day It is definitely parents and teachers’ way of getting back at us for National Tell-A-lie day, Enough, enough you guys won, but seriously in the same month. Anyways Honesty day does have its purpose, be honest as much as your conscience allow!

On 27th of April, 1961, Sierra Leone proclaimed its independence after British Colonial rule for more than 150 years. The streets of Freetown will see Independence parades, marches and concerts.


Dog Shelters Delivered from Last Year’s Blúport Project Last year the Blúport Resort Mall Hua Hin organised an activity in commemoration to His Late Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The project was known as “Hua Hin, Baan Khong Por”

Some Important Regional Contacts Organisation Hua Hin Cha-Am Police 191 (Emergency) 191 (Emergency) 032 511 027 032 471 321 Highway Police 1193 Tourist Police 1155 Fire Station 199 (Emergency) 199 (Emergency) 032 511 666 Ambulance 1554 Medical Emergency 1669 Electrical Call Centre 1129 Alcoholics Anonymous 089 587 682 Bangkok Hospital 1719 033 616 800 San Paolo 032 532 576 Cha Am Hospital 032 471 808 Hua Hin Hospital 032 520 401

Transport Blúport invited people interested in contributing donations to decorate art pieces with coins during November and December 2016. The total donation amount was 67,048 THB with The Mall Group donating additional funds to make a total of 100,000 THB.

Mayor of Hua Hin, Mr. Budsaba a Deputy Mayor. Mr. Somsak Karunapitak a Senior Veterinarian of the Hua Hin Dog Care Centre represented the Centre.

Ten dog shelters have now been built and delivered to the Hua Hin Dog Care Centre. The dog shelters were officially presented on Friday, March 24th.


Miss. Jariya Hansawong the Operation General Manager on behalf of Blúport Resort Mall Hua Hin presented the dog shelters with Mr. Nopporn Wuttikul the 087-911-1977

Bus Station Railway Station

032 514 477 032 512 770

032 471 159

Government Muncipality Immigration Tourist Info Centre Water Supply Post Office Power Board

032 511 047 1132 032 522 656 032 511 047 032 471 005 032 511 677 032 477 646 032 511 063 032 477 252 032 512 215 032 472 069 HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

22 22 22 23 6


House for Rent or Sale The Emerald Green Hua Hin is 10 minutes from the city. With furniture, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room , European-style kitchen and nice gardens.Land area: 64 wa or 240 square metres For Sale: 7 Million THB. For rent 30,000 THB per month pleases call: 064-4760-518 Email :

(HFRL 1001) Luxurious 3 bedroom pool villa in Red Mountain residence, for rent. 950 Sq.m. 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom. 65,000 THB/month. Large swimming pool. Only 15 minutes from downtown. Ideal for long stays. To view please call 08 61 70 02 95 (THAI/EN) or 09 22 70 83 38 (FR/EN) (HFR 1002) Pool Villa for rent in Soi 88, Hua Hin, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open Lounge/dining/kitchen, 2 covered verandas and pool (4×10)., fully furnished by quality furniture, very modern (built in) good size garden, 24 hrs security on-site, and regular free shuttle bus to beach, market, Blue Port, market Village, city down-town. This villa will be available from March 2017 Please call: 0923370078 or email: (HFRH 1003) Beautiful House for Rent@ 40,000 THB, with a high quality development, located in soi Hin lek fai and this house has a land area 312 sq.m and a living area 225 sq.m. With 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 air-cons, carport and landscaped gardens and a private swimming pool (3x6 meters). This house has been fully furnished with European Kitchen. To views please call: 086-369 3604 (HFRH 1004) Luxury Two Storey family home for Rent @ 35,000 THB, located in Samorprong(58), 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, with a large swimming pool, gardens, European kitchen, living area and large covered terrace. It is the perfect home for entertaining family and friends. To View please call: 086-369 3604 (HFRH 1005) Thai Modern house for Rent @ 25,000 THB the villa is located only 15 minutes drive by car to Hua Hin town, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and is nestled on a mountain slope with spectacular views, built in European kitchen, fully furnished, having 3 air-cons, a hot water system and water tank. To views please call: 086-369 3604 (HFR 1006) Thai Modren house for Rent @ 45,000 THB the villa is located in soi 116 only 5 minutes drive by car to Hua Hin town, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 24 hur. security, built in European kitchen, fully furnished, having 3 air-cons, a hot water system and water tank. To views please call: 086-369 3604.

HUA HIN TODAY, April March 2017 HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017


QUICK SALE!!! 3.6 Million THB

FOR QUICK SALE HOME : 100 Square metre, 2 Bedroom, 2 bathroom with shower. Come fully furnished high end furniture with Laundry room & Small workshop. Private lush landscape garden – No pool.This magnificent house located in Soi 102. @4.4 Million THB. To views PLEASE CALL 095-009 6149

Your ideal family home in a quiet village. Phetkasem Soi 58,Thipprawan. 4, 200 sqm, with parking and a spacious garden and frienly neighbours. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 4 air cons, living room and kitchen.

(HFSL 2001) The Park Oasis 2 pool villa for sale. 187 Sq.m. 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom.From 5.4 Million THB. Black Lotus offers great hotel services such as a free shuttle to go to the downtown. It has also a communal swimming pool, fitness center, car park. To view please call 08 61 70 02 95 (THAI/EN) or 09 22 70 83 38 (FR/EN)” (HFSL 2002) Orchid Villa 4 pool villa for sale. 210 Sq.m. 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom.

From 8 Million THB. Great residence located in the backcountry, close to Black Mountain golf, with friendly atmosphere. Designed pool villas. Possibility of rental management. To view please call 08 61 70 02 95 (THAI/EN) or 09 22 70 83 38 (FR/EN)” (HFSL 2003) Great pool villa on soi 88 for resale. 330 Sq.m. 5 Bedroom 4 Bathroom. Land of 600 Sq.m. 10.3 Million THB. Great location, just 5 minutes from The Market Village. Modern and luminous house with a beautiful terrace. Ideal for a family. To view please call 08 61 70 02 95 (THAI/EN) or 09 22 70 83 38 (FR/EN)” (HFSL 0004) La Sierra pool villa, on soi 102, for resale. 160 Sq.m. 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom. Land of 560 Sq.m. 6.4 Million THB. Located just a few minutes from the downtown and the beach. Good opportunity to buy in Hua Hin. To view please call 08 61 70 02 95 (THAI/EN) or 09 22 70 83 38 (FR/EN)” (HFSS 2005) High Quality Villa for Sale The fantastic villa for sale, just to the north of Hua Hin, approx. 5km. Come fully furnished, with European kitchen, 17m x 4m private swimming pool with lush landscaped garden. The swimming pool is surrounded by a tiled terrace, with a Sala to be able to sit and relax in to get some shade from the hot Thailand sun. Beds: 3 Living Area: 295 Sqm 6.25 M. THB: 2 Land Area: 512 Sqm Phone :+66(0)818593118 (HFSS 2006)White Lotus 1 Soi Hua Hin 116 The magnificent beautiful pool villa house for sale, it is located at a very good quality village, only 3 kms from the Market Village and 2 kms to the Beach in Khao Takiab. Also, has a place for relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere beside a long nice swimming pool.There are 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with a plenty of space for family. As can be seen the European kitchen in this house. Many of tropical plants and trees around the area. This is a truly stunning home and must be seen to be appreciated. Beds: 3 Living Area: 153 Sqm 10.5 M. THB : 3 Land Area: 691 Sqm Phone :+66(0)818593118

Private Sale; Please call : 086-369 3604 Visa. (HFSS 2007) Modern Pool Villa In Hua Hin Modern 2 Stories Villa New Modern Pool Villa boasts private villas all fitted with a private pool, a garden and a terrace for relaxation. The villa is approximately 2 km from Khao Tao Beach. Fitted with floor-toceiling windows; the air-conditioned villas offer plenty of natural light. The kitchen is fully equipped with all the necessary tools and appliances for indoor cooking. These villas represent excellent value-for-money especially considering that each property has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths. opening out to the balcony overlooking pool and garden. Beds: 3 Living Area: 285 Sqm 13.9 M. THB: 3 Land Area: 584 Sqm Phone :+66(0)818593118 (HFSS 2008) Luxurious Pool Villa for Sale The fabulous,luxury Villa for rent, in a very popular area of Hua Hin. Decorated to an exceptionally high standard, this 3 bedroom (plus maids room) villa sits only 1km from the beach and 2km from the centre of town. A fully fitted European kitchen is one of the benefits of this beautiful home, but the crowning feature is the folding doors that stretch the entire length of the living and dining room, opening on to an enormous terrace area making the entire living space open plan for a wonderful outdoor living feel. The swimming pool is 7 x 4 meters with a jacuzzi, which adjoins to the master bedroom. Beds: 4 Living Area: 240 Sqm 7.5 M. THB : 2 Land Area: 600 Sqm Phone: +66(0)818593118 (HFSS 2009) Bambo Gardens This lovely bungalow is located on the West of Hua Hin, with easy access to the main road area. It has a modern fitted European kitchen and only the best quality luxury furniture. The rooms all have tiled floors and there are many personal improvements made by the owner, including a walk in closet as well as a Buddha room adjacent to the master bedroom and increased terrace roof area to create ample shade on Hua Hin’s sunny days. There is air conditioning in all bedrooms . Lovely landscaped garden and car port, with wonderful pool area built at the center of the home’s entertainment area which includes a state of the art barbecue. Beds: 3 Living Area: 156 Sqm 7.5 M. THB 4 Land Area: 720 Sqm Phone :+66(0)818593118

(HFSS 2010) Beautiful Villa For Sale Hua Hin 88 Beautiful Villa For Sale Hua Hin 88 This fantastic property is located in a complete estate within 7 minutes of the centre of Hua Hin, soi 88. The house is a brand new villa has a nice living room with a kitchen corner. There are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. With a good swimming pool and a jacuzzi. Beds: 3 Living Area: 160 Sqm 5.5 M. THB: 2 Land Area: 465 Sqm Phone :+66(0)818593118 (HFS 2011) Small Pool Villa for sale , 7 year old in peacefully area ,safe and secured village up the way to black moutain in soi 56, only5 minutes to city , beach, golf course and market village, 3 bed, 3 bath, living room , stores, thai kitchen and private pool ! Good for young couple or older retirements ! for sale only 1.473000.00 THB only. Please call to 0801892926 or mail to for views. -(HFR 2012) Beautiful Bungalow for sale @ 7 Million THB, this exquisite home is situated in Soi 112 just 7 minutes south of Hua Hin town center. It’s a wonderfully mature home with a beautiful garden, especially on the beautifully large covered terrace area facing the swimming pool and , furnished with a great standard, European kitchen. To views please call: 062 232 2998 (HFSH 2013) New Lotus Suites open for sale. Price started from 2.49 Million THB, 1 beds with 2 baths.60 sqm, separate bedroom and living room with kitchenette. Private garden with access to swimming pool,300,000 THB discount .if you Register your purchase of a Lotus Suit during September 2016 to views please call: 092 787 8845. (HFS 2014) Bungalow for quick sale@ 3.6 M. THB, in town centre at Hua Hin 58 ( Samorpong)3 bedroom, 3 bathroom,car park and garden. This price very affordable sold below new project price, owner moving back to home town, furnished. Plot size 280 square meter (70.00 Wah2) please call: ++66 (0)86 369 3604.

23 22 Electrical Service Hua Hin

Sea Ridge Penthouse for Rent Amazing Khao Takiab condo with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 ensuite with bathtub), great balcony, private rooftop pool area plus large communal pool.

...any problems with electric? Washing machine, aircondition, dishwasher, lights , pump or other electric appliances are on strike ? Need new cables, plug ins, switches ? We can help with everything around electrics, quick, reliable, convenient. Please call or send us a LINE for our experienced team of electricians, and we will try to help as quick as possible !


Electrical Services Hua Hin Pornchanok Loewen 234/39 Moo 15, Hin Lek Fai, Hua Hin Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110

Tel. 09 270 16 998 (dtsch./engl.) Line 09 271 48 998 (thai/engl./dtsch.) (HFSH 2015)House for sale in soi 116, 175 Sq.Wah, selling price:@ THB 16 M or negotiable ,the house is only 5 minutes from Hua-Hin Town including Bluport and Market.Villa , convenient to go every where, only 10 mint. from Takeap Beach, big swimming pool and fully furnish Call at +66 (0)86 369 3604. (HFSS 2016) Hua Hin North: Pool-Villa for sale Location: Soi 6, Taragon Villageliving area 120 sqm indoor, land 420 sqm, 2 bed, 2 bath, pool 8 x 4 mpartly furnished, walkin closet European kitchen, store rooms beautiful garden with huge covered terraceplus roof terrace 111 sqm, covered are 57 sqm offering a wonderful view chanote, sales price 6,95 Milon THB. call 082 586 5050 E-Mail: (HFSS 2017) Hua Hin, 2 km to city: 2-storey House for sale Location: Soi 114, little village, 24/7 security living area 330 sqm, land 1200 sqm, Spacious 2-storey villa, double walls, 2 living rooms, 150 sqm ground floor, 3 bed, 4 bath Tropical garden with grown trees, pool 14 x 5 m, Furnished Sala, carport for 2 cars. Exclusively fully furnished, built-in cabinets European kitchen, many indoor & outdoor store rooms huge covered terrace and balconies on Thai Company, sales price 12 M. THB call 082 586 5050 E-Mail: (HFSS 2018) Hua Hin West, serial /town house at the pool Location: Smart House Village, 24/7 security Perfect holiday home or for a single resident, also good for 2: studio/ land area: 50 sqm fully fitted bathroom, European kitchen covered terrace 5 x 2 m jump from your terrace direct into the huge and winding community pool chanote, sales price 2.2 million THB. call 082 586 5050 E-Mail:

CONDO FOR SALE Hin Nam Sai Suay 45 sqm Renovated excellent one bedroom apartment for sale in great location next to Anantara Hua Hin and close to the centre of Hua Hin and short walk to the beach. Offered now at an excellent price 1,85 million THB. Contact Kh Supranee on 0819812997 for viewing

(CDFSL 3001) Nice condo, T2, for resale 120 Sq.m. 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom. 11.5 Million THB. Baan Chai Talay is located 5 minutes from Hua Hin Beach and downtown. Spacious flat with a terrace and sea view. Residence with good services (swimming-pool, fitness, tennis…) To view please call 08 61 70 02 95 (THAI/EN) or 09 22 70 83 38 (FR/EN)” (CFS 3002) Baan Lonsai high rises condo for sale, with full-front sea view, high ceiling, 2 large bedrooms, 2 large bathrooms, 3 large terraces, 1 large living room, 5 teak doors, and wooden floors, and 3 air cons, not furnished, allowing for your own selfstyled furniture designs, only 5-minute drive from downtown Hua Hin, including shopping centers. If you are looking for a wonderful home and also a far-sighted investment. Please call: 062-787 8845

(CFSRH 3003)Condo Hua Hin Blue Lagoon for sell price@ 8.5 million THB or negotiable (approx. USD 243 k) or Bt 58 k per sqm. Bathtub and Shower, fully furnished,beautiful view of 1.3km-long lagoon pool, parking space in front of unit ,facilities such as Fitness, swimming pool, Spa and restaurant, discount at Sheraton is available at as lower fee as Bt. 4000 for a family of 2 adults and 2 children or for rental price@ Bt 40 k per month, minimum one year with two months deposit: Call at :+66(0)86 369 3604

(CES 3003) Luxury Condo for sale at “Black Mountain Golf Resort” , 4th floor corner unit, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 184 sqm. With open terrace 30 sqm with glass sliding windows, builtin wardrobes , aircons and ensuite baths , European Kitchen, covered parking lot, golf cart, incl. 2 life time memberships for “Black Mountain Golf Club “, for quick sell at ONLY 15.9 Mio THB. For personal viewing please call. SPECIAL OFFER on demand: Lifetime Family Membership in the Springfield Golf Club inclusive. Call or LINE 0927148998, K. Pornchanok

Rent 50,000 THB per month with long term reductions available. To view please Call 086 7944551 (Khun Aoi) English / Thai. (CFSR 3004)Condo for sale at Baan Sansaran. This condo is convenient to go everywhere. on Pethkaseam Road, 102 Sqm. 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Big Living Room, Swimming Pool View, facilities such as Fitness, For sale @ 9 Million THB or long trem rental price@ Bt 40 k per month, minimum one year with two months deposit :Call at 086 369 3604

CONDO FOR RENT (CDFRL 4001) Condo beach front studio for rent. 25 Sq.m. A nice room, with a modern bathroom. 21,000 THB/month. Located just next to the Market Village and Blu Port. Fully equipped. Ideal for long stays. To view please call 08 61 70 02 95 (THAI/EN) or 09 22 70 83 38 (FR/EN)

LAND FOR SALE (LFS 4001) ขายทีด ่ น ิ เปล่า จังหวัดประจวบคีรข ี น ั ธ์ Nice piece of Land at Prachoupkirikan for sale, 115 Tarangwha or 456 M2 (with Chanot) , at Ko Lak area, on Rural Road, about 15 min from the sea. Please call: 096 231 1559 for info. Or email: (LFS 4007)Land for sale @ Koh Lak ,Prachuab Khiri Khan , 15 Rai, 2 Ngan 22.9 Sq. Wah, selling price @ 62 Million THB or negotiable (Approx. USD 1M 778K) or THB 10K per sqw, 260, exclude the public roads. Total land include the public road is about 22 Rai : Call at 086 369 3604

Crossword Answer for


ACROSS : 1 Matricide. 8 Spoons. 10 Hernia. 13 Regrets. 18 Chomp. 21 Lit.

6 Nib. 9 Adult. 11 Needful. 16 Scenic. 19 Nobody. 22 on the trot.

DOWN : 1 Map. 3 Instant. 5 Engulf. 8 Spherical. 14 Grotto. 17 Ember.

2 Thorn. 4 Innate. 7 Battle cry. 12 Essence. 15 Expect. 20 Dot.

Crassword Answer for


ACROSS : 1 Chorizo.

5 Joke.

7 Rue.

8 Delicate.

9 Icing.

10 Nail.

13 Ease.

14 Glen.

18 Rage.

19 Apple.

21 Lacrosse.

22 Out.

23 Stew.

24 Wealthy.

DOWN : 1 Carriage. 3 Indigo. 5 Jackie. 11 Lamppost. 15 Narrow. 17 Camera.

2 One-liner. 4 Oblong. 6 Kite. 12 Recently. 16 Seesaw. 20 Want.

Phantom Chopper for sale

BUSINESS FOR SALE (BFS 5001)Showroom at Lam Luk Ka Pathum Thani ,9 Rai 1 Ngan 50 Sq.Wah. Selling price @ 300 Million THB or negotiable (Pending). It is currently rented until 2563 for Isuzu Car Dealer for 558,334 Bt per month or 6,650 m per year, 70 m. from PTT, 800 m. from Tesco Lotus, 300 m. from Home Mart : Please call at 086 369 3604.

In Hua Hin great condition asking price 49,000 THB. Contact Dale on 081-1483467 086-369-3604 HUA HIN TODAY, April March 2017 HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

24 Revealed at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show: European Car of the Year

The big automotive news in Europe in March was the announcement of this year’s European Car of the Year at the Geneva Motor Show Seven cars made the shortlist, and after a series of tests in February, the winner was revealed as the Peugeot 308, taking the crown from the Vauxhall Astra. while Toyota GB claims it stands for ‘Coupe High Rider’. Whatever, the C-HR is one of the sharpest looking cars of recent years. Volvo S90/V90

Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO of Peugeot since September 2016 was visibly very touched:” We are so happy. It is a great moment and I am very proud to receive this prize for our Peugeot 3008.”

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Volvo has never lifted the European Car of the Year trophy, although the XC90 came pretty close in 2016. If the award is based on interior ambience and a sense of calm, the Volvo S90 and V90 met that requirement.

A Taste of Things to Come; the Volkswagen Sedric Concept Car

The criteria taken into consideration for the award are, in addition to the innovation and the security, the design and the value for money. And the runner’s up were?

Alfa Romeo Giulia The only German car to make the cut just happens to be one of the best new cars of the past 12 months. There’s a Mercedes-Benz E-Class to suit all tastes, from the standard saloon through to the forthcoming All-Terrain estate.

Nissan Micra

The last Alfa Romeo to be named European Car of the Year was the 147 in 2001. Sure, the 159 finished third in 2006 and the Giulietta finished a close second in 2011, but it’s been a while since an Alfa finished top of the tree.

Citroen C3

Meanwhile Ledorga, the organisers of the European Gay Car of the Year since 2005, have announced the winner of this year’s award of the 2017 European Gay Car of the Year, won by the Fiat 124 Spider.  In 1993, the Nissan Micra K11 was named European Car of the Year. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, as the Micra evolved into a shadow of its former self. The fifth generation K14 represents a radical change of direction for the Micra.

Toyota C-HR

Citroen has played a canny card with the new C3. Its chunky styling – complete with C4 Cactus style Airbumps – gives it the look of a crossover, while the innovative Connected CAM is likely to appeal to younger, tech-savvy audience.

According to Toyota Japan, the C-HR name is derived from ‘Compact High Rider’ and ‘Cross Hatch Run-about’,

ADVERTISE WITH US 087-911-1977 HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

Matthias Müller, CEO of the Volkswagen Group said “We are convinced that fully-automated vehicles will make life in our cities better, more eco-friendly and above all safer. Sedric gives the first concrete foretaste of that today. Sedric is a trailblazer and idea platform for autonomous driving. Many elements and functions of this concept car will reappear in vehicles from our brands in the coming years”

We’re not sure what makes up the criteria for this award or what makes a car ‘gay’, but convertibles have featured very prominently over the years and this year is no exception.

25 Dengue Vaccine for Travellers and Foreigners in Thailand: Should You Get it?

Dengue vaccine has been registered and is now available in some hospitals in Thailand. Some travelers ask whether they should get dengue vaccine or not and what is recommended. dengue virus was around 65%. That means even you get the vaccine you still have a chance to get dengue infection, it could actually reduce to risk approximately 65%. Before the vaccine became commercially available, it was been used in more than 30,000 healthy volunteers who were mainly children. Researchers found that younger children (age less than 9 years) responded poorly to the vaccine when compared to older children or adult. Moreover, during the study, researchers found  a warning signal that might suggest that giving the vaccine to young children may not be good. So this is why the FDA set the lower age limited for dengue vaccine to 9 years old. 

The simple answer to this question is for those who live/ work in Thailand (the expat), you should have lived in Thailand (or in the tropics) at least 9 years in order to get the vaccine, but generally not for travellers. Scientists believe when people get primary (1st time) infection with dengue virus, the disease is usually mild and self-limited. However, if that patient gets dengue infection again (secondary infection), there is an  increase risk to develop more severe disease. However, it doesn’t mean that all patients with secondary dengue infection will be severe. In fact, the majority of the cases is still mild, but chances to develop severe disease is higher than primary infection.  Ideally dengue vaccine should create a lifelong immunity against all four serotypes of dengue virus. If we have that kind of vaccine, that’s  fantastic. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. However, when talking about the efficacy, it is not excellent. The overall efficacy of vaccine against all serotypes of

This research result can apply to traveler groups. For someone visiting Thailand for the first time who has never been exposed to dengue virus it is not recommended to give the vaccine as the benefit is less and there may be a safety concern as well.

Dengue vaccine trials in Thailand Research also showed that children who have been exposed to dengue virus actually responded better than those who never exposed to dengue virus before. It is likely that children at age less than 9 years may never been bitten by an infected mosquito (i.e. never exposed to virus). This group of children will get less benefit of the vaccine. So it is not recommended to use in this group.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends dengue vaccine in people age 9-45  years old who  live in the dengue endemic area. There is no recommendation for travelers. For those who live in Thailand (Expat), the vaccine is given only to those who have stayed here at least 9 years. This group of expats might already have been exposed to dengue virus (equivalent to local children age 9). If they just live here in Thailand for 1 year, we will not give (equivalent to children age 1).

Affordable Elegance In Town

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Office Address : Mil Pool Villas Address : 158, Hua Hin Soi 102, Nong Gae, HuaHin, Prachuapkhirikhan HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017 77110, Thailand

26 A Complete Guide to The EP Summer 2017

Let’s March on to March together. This summer 2017 collection talks about a friendship between women of all ages. We believe that everybody has their own way of expressing themselves through dressing up. In a group of women, each of them has a unique and interesting character. EP wants to focus on the importance of each character that makes an entire group attractive.

We call this friendship “Best Friends Forever or BFFs.”

6 friends; Sophia, Gigie, Sasha, Ruby, Emily and Kate.

Have you ever thought about how your best friends are? You friends can be those who you have grown up with since childhood or they can be those whom you met in the recent years. Have you ever realised how each of you is quite different?

As mentioned, everybody has their own way of expressing themselves through dressing up. Some might prefer specific colours such as pastels, some might prefer to wear a skirt, some might prefer to invent their own distinctive style.

Normally, a group of friends consists of 5-6 friends. In EP BFFs, we are a group of

This collection will take you on a journey of learning characters of these 6 beautiful

women and how they dress. What’s so special about the collection is that illustrated cartoons of the 6 characters are printed onto the fabrics. The cartoons will be the identity of EP summer 2017. We also feature the old-school stripes, polka dots, slip-on dresses over tees, bows, a peter pan styled collar, cardigan and colourful printed dresses in order to make the collection much more fun!

Here is a Brief Description of Each Character for her because she knows how to do it fashionably. She will find an opportunity to shine wherever and whenever she goes. All the eyes will be set upon this girl “Gigie, The Fashionista.”

Sophia is a dreamer. She is full of generosity and has a gentle heart. Sophia tends to have a taste of sweet (ice cream or cakes) in times of stress. Many of Sophia’s friends call her “The Hi-so girl”. The colour tone of her outfits is mostly in pastel colour. She is an expert at mixing & matching clothes and accessories, which makes her a very attractive sweet girl.

Gigie is what we call “a trend seeker.” If you ask her about newest trends – straight and fresh from runways, she knows it all. She has a great talent for mixing & matching outfits – which makes her stand out of the crowed. Colourful & Bright clothes pair with printed or stripes never create a fashion disaster

Sasha is an heir of an automobile business family. She spends much of her time travelling with her father overseas for business. Because of her business, it automatically create a reliable & good personality. She never leaves her house without a blazer, which she usually pairs it with pants or skirts – a perfect combination. She can also carry an expensive look by wearing a dress to a gala dinner & becomes a center of the attention everytime.


Ruby is a nature lover. She likes to think of effects on nature and how to preserve it. If there’s a non-profit organization for saving 087-911-1977

HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

trees, she is a member of it. Ruby travels a lot with her best friend, a pug dog in her vintage car. Her car has become a favourite item for many people – they all want the same type of car. Ruby may seem to be easy-going but you should never pick on her. She would never hesitate to take it back on you. She has her own sense of style, doesn’t follow a mainstream trend. A nice fitted shirt or blouse with fitted pants are just enough for her to wear on daily basis.

She is an attractive woman and that’s what makes her popular and is always invited to all the cool parties. Her outfits focus on her curves and shapes to create a sex appeal. Accessories are worn to increase the attention too.

Emily is the most creative girl in the group. She dreams to be a successful interior designer – by aiming to install automatic switches for house chores in every households. This idea is inspired by her laziness. She thinks that we all should spend our time doing creative things rather than doing house chores. When she leaves her house, she chooses a loose tee-shirt with cool prints and pair it with a nice pair of jeans – an active look, ready for any occasions. Kate is friendly & has a very persuasive personality. Whoever gets to chat with her, always tends to believe what she says. Because of her special skills, she started her small business since she was in school.

Reading isn’t the same as experiencing it for yourself. In order to get a taste of EP summer character, please join us at our stores & corners nationwide . EP offers a variety of promotions and discount. We look forward to seeing you soon!


28 Around Cha-Am Daybreak at the Fishing Boat Harbour

Many people who visit Cha-Am take the time to go to the breakwater which shelters the fishing boat harbour. At the end of a one kilometre breakwater pathway, they find the twin giant squids; a real landmark to celebrate Cha-Am’s fishing industry.

The twin squids mark the harbour entrance

At the entry to the fishing village, on the nearby beach front and within the village there are many restaurants where ocean delicacies can be enjoyed from morning ‘til night. You can be assured that this is about as fresh as seafood can get! Many of the families who are operating these seafood restaurants have been involved in the fishing industry over generations; they really know their seafood!

Sorting the day’s catch

At daybreak every morning fishing boats return to the sanctity of the harbour with their catch of squid, fish and a variety of shellfish. This is one reason why Cha-Am is so popular with visitors whether they are Thai people or foreigners; really fresh seafood.

Seafood restaurants at the harbour Where To Go The fishing harbour is at the northern end of the Cha-Am Beach. Just follow the beach road north then cross a small bridge and you will see the entry. It’s an easy bicycle or motor bike ride or you can just walk along the beach, you won’t miss it! Unfortunately the entry is not inviting, with an unsealed road in some disrepair. We hope rumours of a significant improvement to this entry will soon be realised! However it’s only a few hundred metres to the harbour ahead. Fishing boats as the work-horses of the fishing industry This is a working fishing village, not built as a tourist attraction or contrived in any way, but well worth a visit if you want to see how the ‘catch of the day’ arrives. Boats of various sizes and shapes ply the inlet before offloading their catch. The catch is sorted on the spot and may be quickly sent on its way to Bangkok markets but is also purchased for local consumption. Anyone who is looking for seafood fresh from the ocean can bargain for their preference straight from the boat.

To visit the twin squids, turn right and the path to the breakwater may be followed out to sea. Another option is to turn left then cross a narrow bridge across the inlet to the Northern breakwater. This part of the fishing village is not often considered by visitors but may give you an even more authentic taste of the fishing village. A Final Word Every year in September Kin Hoy Doo Nok Tok Meuk, Cha Am’s annual seafood festival, celebrates this local industry with live music and concerts every night, as well as a large number of food stalls offering a great range of seafood cuisine. The challenge is include the fishing harbour and village as a tourist experience without disturbing the simple and untainted lifestyle of the local people and their way of life. We hope that careful and well considered management results in the retention of this traditional lifestyle but also allows visitors to enjoy this important part of the Real Thailand!

Deep Blue Skies Over The Kite Festival

‘Deep Blue Sky’ was the theme of last month’s 2017 Thailand International Kite Festival featuring many marine creatures hovering over the Cha-Am beach.

‘Snow White’ with a bird’s eye view; one of many high flying creatures Visiting families welcomed picture-perfect blue skies, cooling breezes and soaring muticoloured kites in the festival which was an unfortunate non-event last year. The International festival with participants from many Asian nations, including Taiwan, Malaysia and China, included demonstrations, choreographed displays, concerts and the opportunity for the young to get into the scene with their own hand-made ‘flyers’ after attending workshops.

Three days of fantasy in the skies over Cha-Am was family-friendly tourism at its best; a great way to showcase the Cha-Am beach as a premier Thailand attraction. Long tentacled octopus joined mythical monsters and schools of colorful tropical fish HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

Let’s hope that this event continues in years to come. Wind-powered kites in the bright blue skies just couldn’t be more visitor or environmentally friendly.


30 Cambodia’s Battambang; a Gem Being Discovered Battambang is situated in North West Cambodia, not far from the Thai border. It is a town with a turbulent past as the provincial capital of the Siamese province of Inner Cambodia from 1795-1907 and part of Thailand between 1941 and 1945. The last actions of the Khmer Rouge regime occurred nearby.

The line is clearly warped in places and with speeds of up to 40km per hour adding to a terrifying ride. You might experience a mild rush of adrenalin as you rattle over small bridges and wiz past rice paddles. The 20-minute ride will take you to a halt, then you return, if you meet another Norry coming towards you, the Norry with the least passengers is required to give way. The Norry train still shuttles, people, rice, and livestock. No visit to the town is complete with a visit to the human circus or Phrase Ponleu Selpak. This is an NGO arts school that helps disadvantaged children and young people escaping from poverty, including begging or trafficking. Born out of the ashes of the Civil War and the Khmer Rouge era, Phare Ponleu Selpak is an extraordinary initiative that aims to provide a channel and a future for young Cambodians through the arts. Battambang refers to the legend of Preah Bat Dambang Kranhoung

The circus has a quaint big top, and spectators sit very close to the action. You will be enthralled by the performers with their unusual and engaging acts, which include acrobatics, dance and juggling. It is lively, noisy, funny, and death-defying, but above all fun. Themes include traditional tales, the dark days of the Khmer Rouge, cabaret, and dance. The next day, hire an English-speaking driver to take you to a temple or two near town. View the rich red ochre soil, vivid-green paddies threaded with lazy streams, which arguably produces Cambodia’s finest rice, tastiest oranges, and sweetest coconuts. Along the roads you might even see stalls selling rat meat!

Until recently, Battambang was considered an undiscovered gem. But now it is in that precarious period of grace where what makes it special has not been swamped by a tourist influx, but the comforts and facilities you might want to make it a comfortable stay are all in place. It may well stay that way given that Battambang will never see the same kind of flood of visitors justifiably attracted by the capital city Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, (Angkor Wat) and the beach resort of Sihanoukville. However unique attractions and plenty of the best-preserved French colonial architecture in the country, coupled with a lively and diverse arts and restaurant scene, makes Battambang worthy of a few days stay. The central part of the town is easy to get around, by foot. The Sangkae River is a good reference point, this tranquil, small body of water winds its way picturesquely through the province and town, of the same name. Around town there are some fine examples of French colonial architecture along the roadsides.

Visit Phnom Sampeau, (Ship Mountain) situated at the summit of a limestone outcrop some 12kms South West of the city. There are stunning views from the top, you can ride for part of the journey up, or climb the 700 steps! There are 3 natural caves when you reach the pinnacle. Now after all that sightseeing enjoy Battambang’s, culinary delights. There is a fusion of Thai and Khmer dishes on offer, tempting cakes and freshly baked baguettes, and the waft of coffee around a number of lively arty restaurants and cafes. Wander around the quiet side streets, the town is a gastronomic heaven. Travel Details There is no civilian airport at Battambang. Overland Bus daily from Bangkok (Morchit), to Siem Reap, you can exit after border clearance at Aranyaprathet/Poipet and then negotiate for a taxi to Battambang. Train from Hua Lamphong; 5 hours to the Ayranyapet/Poipet border and then as above. Alternatively stay overnight in Ayranyapet (Thailand) then bus from Poipet.

The railway line around Battambang has long been redundant. This unmaintained line has many kinks and cracks and you ride the ‘Norry’. This quirky train is made from a platform of bamboo, on bogies, with a 6HP engine for power. A wooden stick is used as both brake and accelerator. A mat is laid on the wooden platform, where you are invited to sit. When aboard the brakes are released, and you are propelled, hurtling through the lush countryside. HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

The passenger ferry between Battambang and Siem Reap (5 - 8 hours) crosses the north western corner of the Tonle Sap Lake, but spends the majority of the journey on the Sangke River. It is considered by many as the best boat trip in Cambodia. Visas: Thais none required. E Visa and Visa on arrival at Poipet can be obtained. A pre arrange e-visa is advised to avoid long queues.


HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017


A “DREAM” YOU CAN AFFORD Welcome to The Park Hua Hin where we not only operate in luxury, but deliver some of the most memorable eco-friendly experiences to guests and an outstanding level of care and return on investment to owners. Facts • Price from: 4.700,000 • Location: 5km from city • Include: Fully Furnished • Garden: Landscaped • Walls: Smart Frame • Walls: Magnesium Board • Windows: Double Glazed • Lights: LED & Solar Led • Solar & Electric Heaters • 30,000 litres Water Tank • Finance: Available • Maintenance fees: Low

Facilities • Reception: 24 hours • Security: 24 hours • Club House: Completed • Restaurant: Completed • 2 Bars: Completed • 2 Large Pools: Completed • Fitness & Salon: Completed • Spa & Massage: Completed • Mini Mart: Completed • Reception: Completed • Free Shuttle Bus: Operating • Internet: Free Wi-Fi • Common Area: 10,000 sqm

Address: Tap Tai, Soi 112, Hua Hin, 77110 Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand Tel: 032 510 518 Thai: +66 (0) 83 088 6772, +66 (0) 62 232 2998, +66 (0) 86 369 3604 German, French, Dutch, English: +66 (0) 83 006 1300

33 Hua Hin, Cha-Am, Pranburi

April 2017

The ‘Baby Boomers’ Are Heading For Black Mountain Hans Van Steertegem has joined Sansara Development Ltd as General Manager of the Sansara 50+ lifestyle project to be launched this month; taking its place in the Black Mountain Master Plan.

Sansara has progressed past the concept analysis, research and external consultation stage and will now open an on-site sales office mid-April and display properties. Hans is a Belgian national with a background in the hospitality business and that’s what he’s eager to offer the future residents of Sansara – hospitality. His CV includes stints with the Marriott and InterContinental groups in management positions in Bali and China apart from Thailand.

Hans is also in the 50+ age bracket, so he’s part of the target group; they’re the ‘Baby Boomers’! Many countries around the world are embracing the notion of giving the 50+ age group an opportunity for a lifestyle experience that is tailored to their particular needs. These facilities and standards are yet to be established in Thailand but in collaboration of IMG, experienced Australian consultants, Australian standards have become the Sansara benchmark. Apart from financial security, wellness options will include health insurance, on site assessment and treatment services, a modern Hua Hin hospital will be available should more specialised medical treatment be required. We asked Hans some important questions about what Sansara is about; Here are his answers.

Question If prospective residents have partners or children who are younger than 50+, can they still be accommodated? Answer Yes, other family members will be welcome to share the Sansara facilities with lease holders. However the age of lease holders being 50+ ensures a like-minded community with many common interests. Other family members and friends are welcome to visit. Question Which nationalities are likely to become residents? Answer We have had enquiries from many different nationalities including Scandinavians as well as from German, French, Thai and British nationals. Question What activities and amenities will be available nearby so that trips to Hua Hin aren’t always necessary? Answer Black Mountain is rapidly becoming a complete community. The golf course already offers dining options, a spa and everyday items for sale. Other daily shopping, coffee shops and casual dining will soon follow. Question What will be available for residents to spend their time around Sansara each day? Answer Imagine you are actually living at a resort where you can swim or laze around the pool, enjoy a massage, join special interest groups or even play pétanque. There will also be the opportunity to join excursions to nearby attractions or regional events

Question What is the price range of leases and the monthly fees? Answer Expansive villas can be purchased for 18 million THB, apartments for 8.5 million THB. The monthly ‘club fee’, which covers every imaginable maintenance and amenity on site, will be 18,000 THB per month.

delivers security, low maintenance and a great community atmosphere for those that are and wish to remain young at heart.”

From Hans “We believe that Sansara is the way of the future. Sansara is providing a new offering for people who are 50+ that

In the meantime check out www.sansara. asia or contact GM Hans by email at hans@ for more information.

Mid April will see a sales gallery open at Black Mountain where Sansara will soon overlook the newest nine holes of this renowned international golf course.

HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017


353 A Light Bulb Moment for Khun Pornchanok

Imagine, you are a newcomer in Hua Hin, you have just moved into your nice little house or condo, everything went smooth and easy. Finally it’s time to enjoy Hua Hin’s sunshine and beaches, what a perfect world!

Thai Hotels Face Stiff Competition

The airconditioner runs almost silently, in the background you can hear your washing machine and dishwasher doing their cleaning jobs while the water pump takes care for a constant jet stream out of the shower. But suddenly ....silence. Not a single sound from the machines, no light in the fuse box, everything is dead. What happened ? What can I do ? Ok, asked the neighbours if they know somebody who can help. Yes, the third one gave me a telephone number of a handyman he had worked with in the past, very good, I told my husband George, he’s German, to make an appointement immediately . He dialed the number and after a short while an answer with a friendly “sawasdee krup” and a flood of Thai words that he did not understand. I am sure the guy on the other end of the line did not understand a single word of what my husband tried to explain. Nobody can expect a Thai handyman to be multilingual, just somebody with enough experience and equipment to do his job. That was the moment, when I first got the idea of

building a bridge between different languages to help people understand each other in these situations. The handyman and his team did a good job and solved my problems within a couple of hours convincing me to work on my idea to solve langauage difficulties when there is an electrical problem. After researching the internet, newspapers and forums, I found out that there is nobody doing any promotion of electrical services in Hua Hin, I started with some thousands of leaflets distributed to farang communities Not an easy job in the heat of the day and hard to calculate the results. Hua Hin Electrical Service was born! But the success really came after I announced my services in the well known Hua Hin Today newspaper. The staff is very helpful to young entrepreneurs like me and gave me the opportunity to introduce myself in this article. Now I work with two teams of real electricians; we can handle almost everything electricrical from repairs of a small kitchen appliance to replacing cable networks.

Kasikorn Research Centre estimates Thailand’s hotel sector will generate 560 to 574 billion THB this year in gross revenue, an increase of 3.7% to 5.5% year-on-year, despite growing competition. Growth in 2016 came in at 6%. The bank’s think-tank said competition in the hotel business continued to heighten in 2016, with more hotels in the pipeline. It said there are more newcomers who are seeking

opportunities to cash in on Thailand’s success in tourism, there are also large-scale conglomerates in the property sector making plans, as well. “This group will be pivotal to hotel investments during 2017,” the bank said, predicting more new hotels will open and this will intensify competition. Occupancy rates and room rate hikes will therefore be under pressure in 2017. For three-star or lower hotels, the competition is already fierce, since they all seek to attract mid-level tourists. To aggravate competition in the hotel market, certain conglomerates in the energy and retail businesses – as well as others – are also investing in new hotels, it said. “Tourism in 2017 is expected to continue its momentum for both Thai and foreign visitors. The recovery of events, meetings, seminars and weddings could bring in good earnings for venues.” –

Khun Sumalee Wilaiprasert Celebrates her Birthday at Le Bar

A great night was had by all in attendance at one of the top night spots in Hua Hin, Le Bar., Local entrepreneur Sumalee of Star Property hosted the evening themed in white with a vibrant ambience at Le Bar where many of her personal friends, clients and family were there to celebrate

her birthday on 6th March. Guests were welcomed by friendly staff offering top notch service as well as world class wines from around the globe. Look out for the next big event at Le Bar on Poosuk Road opposite Burger King, and be sure not to miss out!

ADVERTISE WITH US 087-911-1977

HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017


ADVERTISE WITH US 087-911-1977 HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

375 Bangkok Real Estate Market Outlook 2017

CBRE Research has released a special report on “Bangkok Real Estate Market Outlook 2017” which covers residential, office, retail, capital markets and industrial and logistics sectors. The overall economic outlook for Thailand looks set to mirror that of the past year, with the Bank of Thailand (BOT) maintaining its economic growth forecasts of 3.2% for 2016 and 2017. External factors pose greatest challenges to Thai economy The prospect of protectionist US trade policies towards China represents one of the major risks to the Thai economy over 2017, with a lower volume of Chinese exports to the US in turn reducing Thai shipments of raw and manufactured products to China for re-export. Greater foreign Investment While no fundamental shift in the dominance of prominent local developers is set to occur over 2017, market interest shown by foreign groups in Thailand, combined with cautious domestic bank lending, has created a favourable environment for increased activity from overseas investors and a clear catalyst for greater inbound investment in the Thai property market over the year. Demand for prime land sites to continue CBRE Research believes that the price of prime Central Business District (CBD) land in Bangkok will continue to increase as downtown condominium demand continues to remain strong with prices projected to increase further over 2017.

CBRE Research is confident that the land price record will be broken again in each CBD location. Residential buyers more selective, developers to increase overseas project marketing CBRE believes demand for high-end and above condominium projects will remain strong over 2017 although buyers will become more selective. Demand will continue to be driven largely by Thai buyers, accounting for 85% of the buyers. Developers are expected to continue to explore overseas sales opportunities, building on the success of projects actively marketed internationally in 2016 , with units priced below 10 million THB proving popular among international buyers. Thailand has the added benefit of no punitive stamp duties for foreign nationals, unlike markets such as Singapore and Hong Kong, which serves to heighten the appeal of Bangkok property. Growth in office rents CBRE Research expects rents to continue to rise over 2017 as healthy demand and limited new supply act as drivers to growth. Take-up rate is anticipated to remain strong at the level of 200,000 square metres per year. CBRE observed rising occupier interest in workplace strategies. Pre-leasing demand will continue for high-quality office projects. CBRE believes that overall occupancy will continue to grow and that office rents will rise in the region of 5-10% over the coming 12 months.

Retail landlords to focus on Bangkok’s profile as food destination Retail landlords will continue to focus on creating experiences that cannot be replicated by online sales. Competition will be fierce and only the strongest centres in each location will prove viable moving forward. The expanding food and beverage sector is going some way to support this, with Bangkok building a reputation as a food destination, in addition to becoming a luxury retail hotspot, regionally. Growth in CLMV region and e-commerce bode well for logistics sector

Due to Thailand’s geographical location at the centre of CLMV region, CBRE Research believes that Thailand has the potential to develop into a regional logistics hub, capitalising on high regional GDP growth rates. While currently accounting for a small proportion of overall retail sales, the continued growth of Thai e-commerce will create greater demand for logistics space. Online retailers typically require three times the physical space of a conventional retailer, due to greater product offerings, larger inventory and the need to facilitate reverse logistics, where customers return goods.

HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

38 Thai: +66 (0) 86 369 3604, +66 (0) 83 088 6772 German, French, Dutch, English: +66 (0) 83 006 1300

39 Thai: +66 (0) 86 369 3604, +66 (0) 83 088 6772 German, French, Dutch, English: +66 (0) 83 006 1300

40 Hua Hin, Cha-Am, Pranburi

April 2017

MENA Tour’s Thailand Swing to Feature Three Events in 2017

‘Rhodes Rules School’ Questions & Answers For golfers of all abilities who wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of the Rules of Golf; provided by Rules guru and author Barry Rhodes. Each month 5 new Questions & Answers will be shown; here are numbers 36 - 40.


Question 36 A water hazard that dries up and has no water in it is no longer a water hazard. True or False? Answer: False. Definition of Water Hazard. Note: Water hazards are defined by stakes and/or lines and do not necessarily contain water.

Mohamed Juma Buamaim, chairman of the MENA Tour (centre), with His Excellency Pasan Teparak, Jakraphonng Thongyai, the Commissioner of the All-Thailand Golf Tour with Stacey Walton, General Manager and Director of Banyan Golf Club (far left) and Veeranat Limprasutr, Head of Business Development and Director of Operations at MahaSamutr Country (2nd left) at a press conference in Bangkok The Thailand swing will start with the MahaSamutr Masters, sponsored by MahaSamutr Country Club in Hua Hin, a 54-hole tournament hosted by the Banyan Golf Club from May 2nd to 4th. The MENA Tour, whose ambassador is Ryder Captain Darren Clarke, is an initiative by the Sheikh Maktoum Golf Foundation. Last year, professional and amateur players from more than 20 countries competed, and in 2017 the tour will include 16 tournaments held in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Pattana Golf Club and Resort in Chonburi will be the newest stop on the tour that first visited Thailand in 2016 with Banyan Golf Club in Hua Hin and Mountain Creek Golf Resort in Korat playing host to one event each. The tour will visit Korat for the Mountain Creek Open the following week on May 8-10 at the Seve Ballesterosdesigned course. The final of this year’s Thailand swing will be the 72-hole Pattana Golf Championship, sponsored and hosted by the Pattana Golf Club and Resort in Chonburi on May 16-19. All three tournaments will be shown on TV across the world, including Fox Sports and True Sports in Asia.

Veeranat Limprasutr, Head of Business Development and Director of Operations at MahaSamutr Country Club in Hua Hin, said: “We are honoured to be sponsoring the MahaSamutr Masters for the second year. To support this year’s event, MahaSamutr Country Club will also be offering a special promotion for new members competing in the Pro-Am tournament on April 30, to get the chance to win a spot at the Dean & Deluca Invitational Pro -Am at Fort Worth in Texas. Stacey Walton the General Manager and Director of Banyan Golf Club, said: “Banyan GC is proud to be host venue for a second edition of the MENA Tour to build on the success of last year. We have two objectives in mind and that is the commercial aspect from the media exposure MENA tour provides our club and CSR to promote the development of golf in Asia by providing players the opportunity to compete at a professional standard in Thailand.” The MENA Tour’s official 2017 season runs from March to December, and culminates with the Tour Championship in Al Ain. For more information check out

Question 37 A player may remove an easily removable out of bounds stake from its hole if it interferes with their swing. True or False? Answer: False. Decision 13-2/17. Note: Objects defining out of bounds are deemed to be fixed and may not be moved. Question 38 A player is not permitted to use his hand to bend a branch obscuring his ball after his stance has been taken. True or False? Answer: True. Decision 13-2/1. Note: A player is not necessarily entitled to see his ball when making a stroke and must not move anything growing other than is necessary to take his stance. Question 39 A player may touch his line of putt when repairing ball marks on the putting green. True or False? Answer: True. Rule 16-1c. Note: This is one of seven exceptions to the Rule that the line of putt may not be touched. Question 40 In match play, a player picks up his ball thinking that he has won the hole and then finds out that he hasn’t. He loses the hole. True or False? Answer: False. Decision 20-1/8. Note: The player incurs a one stroke penalty and must replace his ball. The above content has been provided to Hua Hin Today by Barry Rhodes ©2016 and may not be copied without permission. The answers to the questions have been referenced to the Rules of Golf 2016 ©2015 and the Decisions on the Rules of Golf 2016-2017 ©2015, as approved by R&A Rules Limited and The United States Golf Association. The answers do not carry the official approval of the R&A or USGA. Check out

Proposed Modernisation on the Rules of Golf

Starting in 2019, the Rules of Golf, authored jointly by the United States Golf Association and the R&A, and used by millions of golfers worldwide, will look very different than it does now.

Currently there are 34 rules, and the proposal is for a smaller and easier-to-understand book with 24. To do this, USGA and R&A officials want to consolidate many of rules sections. Officials also would like to take the rules related to the committee out of the book and put them in a separate “procedural” document. The proposal includes publishing a simpler version of the rules called the Players Handbook. It will be a reference guide to the most common rules situations encountered during a round. It will be written in language more recognized by golfers around the globe, instead of the legalese found in the current book. And if you’re wondering what becomes of the voluminous Decisions on the Rules of Golf, it will now be known as The Handbook. “The guiding principle for everything we propose is that it should be easier to understand and put in play,” Bodenhamer says.

ADVERTISE WITH US 087-911-1977 HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

So what’s missing from the proposal? If you were hoping stroke-and-distance penalties for losing a ball or hitting it out-of-bounds were going away, the rules makers are not proposing changes. They could have treated an out-of-bounds situation the same as if you had hit into a lateral water hazard, so you wouldn’t have to return to the previous spot to play your next shot. That being said, Bodenhamer says the decision to leave stroke-and-distance penalties in the book is not final. “We’re not decreeing it from on high. We’re really curious to hear what people think and offer as solutions for stroke-anddistance.”


10 42 The Royal (& ‘nearly ancient’) Hua Hin Golf Course; Thailand’s First!

In 1834 King William IV agreed to become Patron of the Club and the Society of St Andrews Golfers became The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, Scotland. The R & A built the New Course in 1895. Accordingly St Andrews is considered to be the ‘home of golf’ and revered by golfers worldwide. In Thailand there is some evidence that golf was played at the Royal Bangkok Sport’s Club Golf Course in 1906 as accounting records show green fees stood at 74.17 THB. However Royal Hua Hin is accredited with being the Kingdom’s first ‘real’ golf course.

Not as ‘ancient’ as St Andrews but no less ‘royal’

The history of this Course states that construction commenced in 1919 however it is also stated that royal permission for the construction was given in 1923. However the ‘official’ version is best presented by the course itself with many photos in the Clubhouse to verify events. One very ‘grainy’ photo shows the inauguration ceremony of the initial nine holes presided over by His Majesty King Vajiravudh the Great (Rama VI) on June 28th 1924.

With the Railway Station almost on the course it’s not hard to imagine golfers, including Members of the Royal Family, disembarking from the train golf bags in hand. One of the features of the Railway Station remains the Royal Waiting Room used to welcome the King and his Court when visiting town. A Scottish Railway Engineer who was working on the new railway line is accredited for the Course design. He is described as Mr A. O Robin (also referred to elsewhere as O.J. Robin and A.O Robins). Little other information is available about Mr Robin. Perhaps he was familiar with the R & A or perhaps his name was ‘A’ for Andrew, as in Saint Andrew’s, but that’s just a guess! The original clubhouse has been preserved next to the 10th tee and the 18th green with the current premises being completed in 1985 along with some other ‘modernisation’ of the Course. This coincides with the Boon Rawd Brewery (Singha Beer) assuming management of the Course which remains to the present date.

GM Senior Captain Chao Pobtasnapong (Rtn.) on the clubhouse balcony overlooking the original clubhouse About The Course It would be futile to compare Royal Hua Hin with other contemporary resort style courses that are recognised as amongst Thailand’s best. This Course does not pretend to offer that sort of experience but something quite different. Perhaps a bit like trying to compare an old Scottish links course with Pebble Beach, one is not necessarily better, just different. Although you are playing right next to the city, the atmosphere is very tranquil. The Course wanders through tree lined fairways with gentle contours, an easy walk. Some of the trees are very old and large, spanning between the fairways and often extending their limbs and foliage to narrow your shot options. Many trees are over a hundred of years old and have their horticultural names affixed.

Thailand’s golfing history on display in the clubhouse The King’s younger brother was assigned to supervise construction and was also the Patron of the Thailand Golf Association. The Course was completed in 1928 during his reign as King Prajadhipok (Rama VII). HM King Rama IX is also pictured on a practice putting green although This was not taken on the course.. One of the reasons for the Course construction was that in the 1920’s Hua Hin’s popularity had increased as the railway line from Bangkok was completed and Klai Kangwon Palace became a Royal summer retreat.

Hua Hin town behind the Royal Hua Hin final holes and club house At the Western end of the Course a backdrop of the nearby Hin Lek Fai hillside comes closer and some panoramic views towards the ocean add to the scenic experience. Location Royal Hua Hin is located as close to the City of Hua Hin town as you could imagine with only the railway line and station separating it from the city centre. Even if you can’t play, a visit to RHH will give you a real taste of Thailand’s golfing history.

The Royal waiting room is behind the First Tee HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017

Royal Hua Hin Golf Course Tel: +66 (0)32 512 475.




+66 98-891-6551 +66 99-425-9645

45 April 2017

A Sweet Way to Spend a Sunday Afternoon Ob Oon Deli Boulangerie-Patisserie is well known in Hua Hin for freshly baked breads, great coffee and sweet treats. So how good will the Sunday Sweets Buffet be?

On entering the newly expanded, light filled atrium you are welcomed by the dulcet tones of a solo violinist and warmly greeted by a Putahracsa staff member. After a brief explanation of how the buffet works, you are shown to your table and offered a cup of coffee or tea. For an additional 100 THB, a glass of sparkling wine is a perfect way to start the afternoon. The selection of sweet treats is tantalising, with over 25 items available. There are also savoury items on offer; a great way to bring your taste buds to life. Spaghetti Carbonara was wonderfully creamy and full of smoked bacon. Mini bagels and croissants were filled with a selection of charcuterie or smoked salmon. Tom Yum Gai was an unexpected, yet welcome addition and in true Putahracsa style, it was a flavour sensation.

The selection of sweets ranged from passion fruit crème brûlée to mini lemon meringue tarts, vanilla panna cotta with mango jam and éclairs. The vast array of slices and cakes has been chosen so ensure that everyone can find something they love. You could not try sweets at Ob Oon without sampling their famous macaroons. A great macaroon is crispy and chewy, yet creamy all in the one bite. It is also almost impossible to stop at one. You won’t be disappointed with 3 flavours on offer; your sweet yearning will surely be sated. The biggest challenge with any buffet is to sample everything, yet enjoy seconds for those items you really loved. My suggestion is to come early, pace yourself and just relax in the delightful surroundings. About the Ob Oon Deli BoulangeriePatisserie Sunday Sweets Buffet When: every Sunday from 13:00 – 16:00 Where: Putahracsa Hua Hin, 22/65 Nahb Kaehat Road Price: The buffet including TWG tea or coffee is 699 THB (Net Person). Add a glass of sparkling wine and pay just 799 THB (Net Person)

Reservations and Information: Phone: 032 531 470 Website:

FOOD & Entertainment, April 2017

2 46 Grand Opening of the Chocolate Factory Hua Hin is the location of the latest Chocolate Factory Restaurant to follow the success of establishments in Khao Yai (Nakhon Ratchasima) and Pattaya.

Unveiling Wora Bura Resort & Spa’s New Look

The Wora Bura resort has completed a rebranding and refurbishing project. This includes a new logo and corporate identity.

This new branch is a spacious venue catering for those who come alone, as a couple but also to cater for large groups to feel welcome. Comfortable chairs and sofas encourage you to sit and enjoy freshly made chocolates, cakes, patisseries or take a selection or a gift set home. This is your opportunity to embrace the company suggestion to ‘Make Chocolate Yours’. For the launch, a variety of chocolates had been prepared as ‘tasters’. The wine menu then offered recommended the ideal combination of wine selection for each chocolate taste. Premium quality chocolates are made every day with the best ingredients imported from Belgium, France, and Switzerland. There are more than 30 entries created by Chef Eric Perez, who has been praised as one in 10 of top dessert chefs of the USA. After the tasting, guests were able to consider a delectable sculpture made of chocolate by Chef Eric to demonstrate his skills as a celebrity ‘chocolatier’.

The sculpture was created as a coral reef with many aquatic creatures to reflect Hua Hin’s seaside location. Opening remarks were then made by the honorable M.R. Pridiyathorn Devakula, the company owner who welcomed guest to this new Chocolate Factory. When the opening ceremony was concluded dinner was a seafood buffet with international cuisine. The dinner showed that the Chocolate Factory offers much more than chocolate as the launch buffet was not specially prepared for the opening event. During the dinner there was music with a violinist and even a choir to set the scene and atmosphere for a very sweet and grand opening of the Chocolate Factory Hua Hin. The Chocolate Factory Restaurant is centrally located in Hua Hin next to Soi 65 on Phetchakasim Road.

FOOD & Entertainment, April 2017

Chomluck Karnsombat, General Manager says “It does not only reflect the original look but also represents the modern image, identity and positioning. The resort increase unique services such as a free mini bar in all room types. Thai cultural activities for guests include flower garland and dried flower instructions as well as Thai dessert cooking and napkin or towel folding classes.” The refurbishing provided new decorations such as wallpaper, wooden flooring and furniture. Some room name types have been changed such as deluxe (formerly Superior) and Grand Deluxe (formerly Deluxe).

The new look enhances the Wora Bura’s unique charm with a blend of a colonial feel and an old-time Siamese residence. Phone 66(0) 32655333

473 Chef of the Month

Hua Hin has many fine dining venues with chefs-in-residence to ensure your experiences are memorable with outstanding cuisine on offer. However there are times when you may wish to dine at home and present a dish with just as much appeal. Our Chef of the Month offers this opportunity with a favourite menu item; but also an insight into what is available at the restaurant concerned should you prefer to dine out.

The Chef’s Favourite Menu Item to Impress Your Dinner Guests Name: Australian Rack of Lamb with Grape and Mango Chutney Description: Rack of Lamb, grape and mango chutney, roasted summer vegetable and red wine reduction sauce. Ingredients: Rack of lamb, mango chutney, carrot, pumpkin, potatoes, shallot, bell pepper, zucchini, rosemary and red wine sauce, salt & pepper

Name: Kitti Kantiwong Home town: Bangkok Restaurant: The SALA, Monsoon Valley Vineyard Position: Head Chef Preferred cuisine: Thai and Western Fusion

Method: sprinkle salt and pepper on the rack of lamb and put them on the grill. sautĂŠ carrot, pumpkin, potatoes, shallot, bell pepper, zucchini and rosemary in a hot pan until they are cooked; test them! place them in to the oven for about 5 minutes plate up the lamb, mango chutney and roasted vegetables drizzle red wine sauce and garnish with rosemary serve immediately.

HUA HIN TODAY, April 2017



Sheraton Hua Hin Pranburi Villas

Centara Grand Beach Resort and Villas Hua Hin

MONDAYS Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa

Daily Cocktail & Mocktail Happy Hours Seize the perfect time with the like-minded while the changing sky on sunset ahead of you during daily Buy 1 Get 1 Free Cocktail & Mocktail Happy Hours from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. at Al Bahr Beach Bar. Enjoy exotic flavor fusions between East and West with al fresco easy-listening music performed live every night (except Wednesdays) by the fabulous Filipino duo. Al Bahr Beach Bar at Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa is open daily from 11a.m. – 2a.m. please call 032 616 777

Throughout April, the famous Pranburi Squid takes a big stride ahead of other sea delicacies. Every bite of this locally produced ingredient is artfully prepared by our talented chefs and crafted to highlight its soft, chewy and sweet flavor in various cooking styles. Indulge in eminently delicious Pranburi Squid, a sea treasure you won’t find at any other shores. SPG members enjoy 20% off on food Gusto etCosy Beach Restaurant

Centara Grand Beach Resort and Villas Hua Hin

Culinary Treasures of Japan every Monday, from 7:00 p.m. 10:30 p.m. at Hagi Japanese Restaurant. Discover the dining treasures of our Japanese Buffet. Enjoy a wide variety of Japanese specialties such as Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, live Teppanyaki and more. Price: 1,300++ THB per person

Hello; buy one get one free from 4 pm – 7 pm.More information each day, ask at the restaurant. La Botte

Everyday Buy 1 pizza and get 1 beer free from 12 noon to 17.00 hours

Daily, 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m Refresh your skin and experience the curative benefits of Aloe Vera through our exclusive Spa Ritual,90 minutes : Baht 2,290++ per person


No 1 Italian Pizza in Hua Hin 12.00 to 17.00 Every Pasta 199 baht More than 30 kinds off pizza Homemade pasta Sea view from 2nd floor Open Daily : 12.00 hrs. – 10.30 p.m. Sheraton Hua Hin Pranburi Villas




Rest Detail Hua Hin

InterContinental Hua Hin Resort

Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa

SIGNATURE BBQ AT AZUREAzure Restaurant offers an elegant culinary journey along with the soothing sounds of live jazz and the cool sea breeze under the stars from 6.30 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. except Saturday, 29 April 2017. THB 1,599 net per person

At Sundara, Join us as we turn an average sandwich menu into delish wraps. Enjoy every bite of Wrap N’ Roll, made using soft flatbread tortillas rolled around succulent and flavorful fillings. This light & healthy creation makes the perfect lunch or even take-out and comes in 4 varieties, including vegetarian. SPG members enjoy 20% on food

Soak up the night with live jazz music every Friday; Meat Me @ Rest Scene from 6.30 -10 .00 p.m. Centara Grand Beach Resort and Villas Hua Hin

InterContinental Hua Hin Resort

THE TASTE OF THAILAND AT PIROM Make your own selection and choose as much as you like of the most popular Thai and original specialties prepared by our Thai Chef Lek from 6.30 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.THB 890 net per person including soft drinks and fresh juices.

Private treatment room at Spa Villa Daily 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM THB 3,350 for single occupancy and THB 6,500 for double occupancy. This 150-minute treatment allows you to choose from our selected ingredients of each collection and customize your menu to what you love. InterContinental Hua Hin Resort

Reef & Beef Friday - 7th from 7:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m. at COAST Beach Club & Bistro Discover the variety of coast side dishes and a wide assortment of tempting appetizers, fresh fish, seafood, prime quality meats and live entertainment. Price: Baht 1,350++ per person Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa

Centara Grand Beach Resort and Villas Hua Hin

Caviar & Vodka Every Wednesday from 6:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m. at COAST Beach Club & Bistro Buy 30g of Caviar and get free flow of Ketel One Vodka or Vodka Cocktails! Baht 4,990++

S O N G K R A N BEACHCOMBER BBQ Celebrate Thai New Year in style Our delicious dinner buffet offers an array of premium BBQ along with international dishes, live cooking stations as well as tempting desserts. THB 1,599 net per person including soft drinks and fresh juices. Thursday, 13 April 2017 from 6.30 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.

‘Pay for 2, Stay for 3 Nights’ promotion at Hyatt Regency Hua Hin and THE BARAI. Enhance your stay by booking a minimum of 3 consecutive nights stay and receive the third night as c o m p l i m e n t a r y. Booking period: Now until 30 June 2017 Stay period: 20 April until 30 June 2017 Rate:Rate starts from THB 5,000++ for Hyatt Regency Hua Hin and THB 18,000++ for The Barai Suite Special code:HUA082

Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa ‘Egg-Citing’ Family Easter Celebrate your Easter holidays with family while keeping your kids entertained with ‘Egg-Citing’ Family Easter fun and goodies at Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa treat your kids to the sweet flavors of exotic Easter eggs collection specially created by the inspirational Executive Chef at 850 net THB per set from Thursday 13 – Sunday 16 April 2017, 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. at Al Hamra restaurant.

The Colonial Afternoon Tea Set 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday – Saturday Baht 550++ per person, including glass of sparkling wine Baht 1,100++ per two persons, including two glass of sparkling wine Specail Day

Amari Hua Hin Songkran Special Buffet Dinner at Mosaic Restaurant 13 April 2017 Time: 18:30 to 22:00 Showcasing an array of truly distinct and traditional Thai culinary delights, as well as a BBQ seafood buffet and mouth-watering desserts. Don’t miss the chance to win a free night’s stay and other lucky draw prizes during dinner! THB 999.- per adult, 50% off for children aged 6–11 years Vintage Songkran Fair by the Pool 13 and 14 April 2014 Time: 12:00 to 17:00

PHONE NUMBERS Rest Detail Hua Hin

: 032 547 733

Gusto et Cosy Beach Restaurant : 096 015 0500

InterContinental Hua Hin Resort : 032 616 999

Da Mario Restaurant

: 032 530 170

La Botte

Dusit Thani Hua Hin

: 032 520 009

Centara Grand Beach Resort and Villas Hua Hin

Baansillapin Huahin Artist Village : 087 047 7125

Putahracsa Hua Hin

: 032 531 470

Amari Hua Hin

Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa : 032 616 777

March 2017 HUA HIN TODAY, April April 2017

: 032-521234

“Organic Argan Oil Therapy” Spa Package This summer, Package, 90 minutes at THB 1,999 net, Or, Argan Oil Therapy Package, 120 minutes at THB 2,599 net with Black Soap Body Scrub, daily from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Friday BBQ by the Sea at Luna Lanai 6:30-10:00 PM Every Friday spoil yourself with a wide selection of freshly-grilled meat or even fresh seafood on ice that will be cooked to perfection Adult : THB 1,490 net per person Child : THB. 745 net SPG members enjoy 20% on food

PHONE NUMBERS Hyatt Regency Hua Hin

InterContinental Hua Hin Resort

Centara Grand Beach Resort and Villas Hua Hin

Specail Day

Hyatt Regency Hua Hin & THE BARAI

Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa

: 032 616 600

: 032 655 078

EASTER BRUNCH Celebrate the joy of Easter time with your family and friends here at Azure Restaurant with our special Easter Sunday Brunch. Discover a wide array of seafood, generous salad bars, dessert station and much more. Bring along the kids for a wonderful family spread featuring the Easter Egg Hunt. THB 1,990 net per person including half bottle of Chandon Brut or Rose Sunday, 16 April 2017 from 11.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

Dusit Thani Hua Hin

“Magnificent Seven” in all restaurants at Dusit Thani Hua Hin. Try one of the tasty creations by the Magnificent Seven Chefs, each dish inspired by famous song titles


30% VIP Alphabetical list

Discount up to 30% for Hua Hin Today VIP Card holders

Sansara Black Mountain For residents of Sansara, the idea that life can get better as they get older is more than just a welcome thought, it’s a distinct possibility. Address: 565 Moo 7, Nong Hieng Road, Hin LekFai, Hua10% Hin Tel: 02 683 0088 VIP Email: Web:


Natee International Law Office

The 160 spacious guest rooms and suites are tastefully furnished, offering spectacular sea views and are thoughtfully designed to ensure guests maximum satisfaction. Address: 222/2 Petchkasem Road , Hua Hin Tel: 032 511 499 Email: Web:


Kiteboarding Asia Hua Hin

NILO is a full-service law firm providing bi-lingual (Thai and English) legal and paralegal services to clients throughout the Kingdom of Thailand. Address: 788/58 Sea Sand Ville, Petkasem Rd, KM 211, Cha-Am Tel: 032 772 647, 032 772 648 Email: Web:

Hua Hin Grand and Plaza Hotel

Book kitesurfing & SUP lessons, buy kites, kiteboards.. หนังสือ ไคท์บอร์ด และบทเรียน ซับ, ไคท์บอร์ด 预定冲浪活动,SUP课程,风筝以及冲浪板...



Address: 143/8 Soi 75/1, Hua Hin Tel: 081 591 4593 Email: Web:

10% VIP


MahaSamutr Country Club

เปิดสอนหลักสูตรบริหารธุรกิจดุษฎีบณ ั ฑิต และหลักสูตรรัฐประศาสนศาสตรดุษฎีบณ ั ฑิต วิทยาลัยนวัตกรรมการจัดการ มหาวิทยาลัยเทคโนโลยีราชมงคล รัตนโกสินทร์

MahaSamutr Country Club & Luxury Villa will be the first private country club for the town of Hua Hin. Providing a focal point for the community, with a wide-range of sporting, recreational, social and entertainment components.

Tel: 02 441 6067, 088 255 0847 Email: Web:


Address: 70/152-153 Soi 112, Hua Hin Tel: 032 510 314 Email: Web:


True Arena

Saga Tailor Custom Tailor Saga Tailor has been Hua Hin’s favorite custom tailor ร้านตัดชุด ซากา เป็นทีช ่ น ่ื ชอบของผูร้ ก ั การตัดเย็บ 西服裙,西服,外套,礼服均出自华欣最受欢迎的裁缝之手。

True Arena Hua Hin is Asia’s premier tennis, sports and recreational center, located in the heart of Thailand’s seaside resort town of Hua Hin.

Address: 82/1 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 515 373 and 081 831 6267 Email: Web:

Address: 52/52 Petchkasem Road, Nong Kae, Hua Hin Tel: 032 909 633 Email: Web:



My Style Condo Hua Hin

Water Jungle Vana Nava Hua Hin

Beautifully located at the heart of Hua Hin คอนโดสสวยใจกลางเมืองหัวหิน

Tropical environment, amazing slides, rides ... สภาพแวดล้อมเขตร้อนสไลด์ทน ่ี า่ ตืน ่ ตาตืน ่ ใจ, ขี่ สถานทีท ่ อ ่ งเทีย ่ ว 热带环境,绝色美景,游乐设施和景点...

Address: Huahin 102, 800 meters from Phetkasem Road Tel: 098 891 6551, 099 425 9645, 099 692 5242, 099 441 4152 Email: Web:

65 Slimher Hua Hin


Banyan Golf Club Hua Hin

Fitness Center, Gym, Weight Loss for Women ... ฟิตเนสเซ็นเตอร์, ห้องออกกำาลังกาย ลดน้าำ หนักสำาหรับผูห ้ ญิง 健身中心,健身房,女性减肥 Address: G Hua Hin Resort & Mall - Shop A205, Hua Hin Tel: 032 900 529 Email: Web:

Address: 129/99 Soi Moo Baan Nong Kae, Hua Hin Tel: 032 909 606 Email: Web:

The Banyan is set in a valley basin with some spectacular views and Golf East, the Thai design company 自 2008 年俱乐部开业以来,Banyan 高尔夫已经连续三年被《 亚洲高尔夫月刊》评选为最佳三大球场之一


Address: 68/34 Mooban Hua Na, Nong Gae, Hua Hin Tel: 032 616 200 Email: Web:


Yamsaard Hua Hin School

Black Mountain Golf Club

The Yamsaard Hua Hin School is dedicated to the happiness of all of its students.

It is the only course in Thailand ever named in Golf Digest’s Top 100 Courses Outside the US. Black Mountain高尔夫球场建立于2007年,在4年的营业中获 得“亚洲最好新球场”的美誉

Address: Soi Hua Hin 94 Bongai 4 Hua Hin Tel: 087 694 6420-1 Email: Web:


Address: 565, Moo7, Nong Hieng Rd, Hin Lek Fai Tel: 032 618 666 Email: Web:


Baan Sillapin Artists Village

Springfield Royal Country Club

Art works include woodcarving, clay sculpture, jewelry and costume designing, antique art decorations, photography, watercolour and oil paintings. 艺术作品包括木雕,泥塑,珠宝和服装设计

The golf course designed by a master, Jack Nicklaus. We guaratee the enjoyment on this impressive 27 holes course (Mountain Lake and Valley)

Address: Moo 14 Hinlekfai Subdistrict, Hua Hin Tel: 032 534 830 Email: Web:


Address: 208 Moo 2, Sampraya, Cha-am, Petchburi 76120 Tel: 032-709-222 Ext.4 Fax: 032 709 233 20% Email: Web: VIP


Black Mountain Water Park

Hua Hin Golf Tours

Slider, Pool, Facilities, Food & Beverage, Souvenir ...

Hua Hin Golf Tours was founded in 1992 and is Thailand’s first registered golf tour company. Offer golf packages throughout Thailand, but especially Hua Hin. 高尔夫套餐

สไลเดอ, สระว่ายน้าำ , สิง่ อำานวยความสะดวก, อาหารและเครือ ่ งดืม ่ ร้านของทีร่ ะลึก

滑冰,泳池,各类娱乐设施,吃喝玩乐以及纪念品专卖店... Address: 1 Moo 2 Tambon Hin Lek Fai, Hua Hin Tel: 032 618 444 Email: Web:



Hua Hin Carpets

Cha-Am ATV Park Activities: ATV Park, Archery, Paint Ball กิจกรรม: สนามรถ ATV , ยิงธนู, บอลสี ATV公园, 射箭, 彩弹射击

Address: 2/136 Naebkehardt Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 530 476 and 032 530 477 Email: Web:

Expert for New fringing, stretching, fixing Strapes behind carpets for hanging purpose, removing stain spoilt by coffee, wine, Rain water, Dog Urine and alsoi Fixing new color on silk & Woolen Carpets & kilims

10% VIP

Address: 760/7 Soi Borkam, Petkasem 212 Km. Rd., Cha-am Tel: 081 893 3938 Email: Web:


Address: #A7 Villa Market 218/1-4 Petchkasem Road Tel: 032 533 608 Mobile: 081 373 4602 (David) Email: Web:


HUA HUA HIN TODAY, HIN TODAY, February April 2017

8650 Alphabetical list

30% VIP Discount up to 30% for Hua Hin Today VIP Card holders

Al Bahr at Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa

Coco 51 Restaurant & Bar

Cuisine: Mediterranean Seafood, Pizza & Pasta, Burger, Party Food, Desserts ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารทะเล, พิซซ่า, พาสต้า, เบอร์เกอร์, ปาร์ตฟ ้ี ู ด ้ , ของหวาน 15% 招牌菜肴&鸡尾酒

Cuisine: Seafood, European, Thai ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารทะเล, อาหารยุโรบ, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 海鲜, 欧洲菜, 泰国菜

Address: 63/411 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 616 777



Address: Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin, Soi 51 Tel: 032 515 597 Web:

Air Space Khao Takiap Hua Hin

Cool Breeze Cafe Bar Hua Hin

Cuisine: Thai, Seafood, Coffee, Drinks, Comfort Food, AllDay Breakfast ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารไทย, อาหารทะเล, กาแฟ, เครือ ่ งดืม ่ , อาหาร เช้า

Cuisine: Spanish, Tapas, Mediterranean, Thai ประเภทอาหาร: ทะเลเมดิเตอร์เรเนียน, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 西班牙菜, 塔帕斯, 地中海菜, 泰国菜

Address: 12/399 Hua Dorn, Nong Kae, Hua Hin, Prachuabkhirikhan 77110 Tel: 063-916-0999 Email: Web: 2

Address: 62 Naresdamri Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 531 062 and 083 317 3152 Email: Web:

Azure at InterContinental Hua Hin

Coral Restaurant & Bar

Cuisine: Seafood, Mediterranean, Thai, Grill ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารทะเล, ทะเลเมดิเตอร์เรเนียน, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 海鲜, 地中海菜, 泰国菜

Cuisine: Thai ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารไทย 菜肴: 泰国菜

Address: 33 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 616 999 Email: Web:

20% VIP



Address: Banyan The Resort, 68/223 Hua Na, Hua Hin Tel: 032 538 888 Web:

Home for Creative Bakery, Pastries, Coffee, Drinks by the Sea อร่อยเพลินริมชายหาดกับเบเกอรีม ่ ด ี ไ ี ซน์แห่งใหม่ลา่ สุดของหัวหิน

Address: 63/411 Petchkasem Road (between Soi Hua Hin 83/1-85), Hua Hin Tel: 032 616 777 15% Email: Facebook: VIP Web: 4

10% VIP

Cuisine: Italian ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารอิตาเลีย ่ น 菜肴: 意大利菜 Address: Naresdamri Road 20/24 Hua Hin Tel: 085 473 1441 and 032 530 170 Web:


Doi Chaang Coffee

Bakery Terrace Hua-Hin

Pride of Thailand, World Class Speciality Coffee 100% SHB Arabica, open from 8.00 to 21.00 10% 100% 世界顶尖级阿拉伯咖啡, 营业时间: VIP 8:00 -- 21:00

The First-Ever Resort Mall in Hua Hin The new iconic anchor of Hua Hin, completed with quintessential ingredients for a pleasurable lifestyle. Address: 5/17 Hua-Hin Soi 37, Hua Hin Tel: 099 251 1342 Web:


Address: Soi 55, Hua Hin (next to Big C Hua Hin) Tel: 081 774 4669 Web:

Cuisine: European, Thai, À la carte Saturday Night Entertainment on the beach front ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารยุโรบ, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 欧洲菜 , 泰国菜

15% VIP

Address: 1349 Petchkasem Road, Cha-am Tel: 032 520 009 Web:


Blu Port Hua Hin Resort Mall

Address: Petchkasem Rd., Hua Hin Tel: 032 905 111 Web:

Address: 858 Jumnong Poomivej Rd., Cha-Am Tel: 032 709 300 Web:


EAST Rooftop Bar & Lounge

The First-Ever Resort Mall in Hua Hin The new iconic anchor of Hua Hin, completed with quintessential ingredients for a pleasurable lifestyle.

We are focusing on quality cocktails and other drinks. The motto is ‘quality over quantity’, meaning we take time to prepare every cocktail. Come in and try our special Chili Caipirinha or Wasabi Martini. 10% 天台酒吧&酒廊


Cafe Mekong

Address: G Hua Hin, Soi 94 Phetchkasem Rd, Hua Hin Tel: 099 389 8675



Greek Taverna Hua Hin

Cuisine: Mexican, Pizza, Thai, Vietnamese 菜肴: 墨西哥菜, 披萨, 泰国菜, 越南菜

Cuisine: Greek, Thai, Vegetarian ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารกรีซ, อาหารไทย, อาหารมังสวิรต ั ิ 菜肴: 希腊菜, 泰国菜, 斋菜

Address: Petchkasem Road, Soi 94, Hua Hin Tel: 032 532 833, 081 857 5301 Email: Web:

Address: 58 Naresdamri Road, Hua Hin Tel: 098 463 3622 Email: Web:

ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารเม็กซิกน ั , พิชซ่า, อาหารไทย, อาหารเวียดนาม


COAST Beach Club & Bistro

20% VIP


Gusto Et Cosy Beach Restaurant

Cuisine: International Cuisine & Authentic fresh-made Pizza, Grilled meats and Seafood ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารนานาชาติ, พิชซ่า, อาหารทะเล 菜肴: 国际菜, 披萨, 各类烧烤, 海鲜

Cuisine: European, Thai, Seafood ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารยุโรบ, อาหารไทย, อาหารทะเล 菜肴: 欧洲菜 , 泰国菜, 海鲜


Address: Khao Tao, Hua Hin Tel: 093 887 7688 and 032 900 500 Email: Web:

10% VIP


Hua Hin Hills Bisto and Wine Cellar

Coca Restaurant Cuisine: Asian, Chinese, Thai, Comfort Food ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารเอเชีย, อาหารจีน, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 亚洲菜, 中国菜, 泰国菜

Cuisine: Italian, European, Wine Bar ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารอิตาเลีย ่ น, อาหารยุโรบ 菜肴: 意大利菜, 欧洲菜, 红酒馆

Address: G Floor, BlúPort Hua Hin Resort Mall, Petchkasem Rd. Tel: 032 908 369 Web:

Address: Khomphat Building, 2 floors, Hua Hin Tel: 032 511 496 Email: Web:


HUA HIN TODAY, TODAY, April February 2017 2017


Emotion at Springfield @ Sea Resort & Spa

Ban Benjarong Royal Thai Cuisine

Address: 1 Damnerkasem Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 512 021 Email: Web:


Da Mario Italian Restaurant

Bakery Shop at Marrakesh Resort & Spa

Cuisine: Thai ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารไทย 菜肴: 泰国菜




30% VIP Alphabetical list

Discount up to 30% for Hua Hin Today VIP Card holders

InAzia Restaurant, Sheraton Hua Hin

On The Rocks Bar at Cape Nidhra

Cuisine: Asian, Chinese, Indian and Japanese อาหารเอเชีย, อาหารจีน, อาหารอินเดีย, อาหารญีป ่ น ุ่ 菜肴: 亚洲菜, 中国菜 , 印度菜, 日本菜

A nightspot in Hua Hin, views of the Gulf of Thailand จุดกลางคืนในหัวหินทีม ่ องเห็นวิวทิวทัศน์ของอ่าวไทย 华欣的一个夜总会,拥有泰国湾的景色

Address: 1573 Petchkasem Road, Sheraton Hua Hin Tel: 032 708 000 Email: Web:

Address: 97/2 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 516 600 Email: Web:



La Birra Hua Hin

Putahracsa Oob on bakery shop

Cuisine: Thai ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารยุโรบ 菜肴: 泰国菜

Hua Hin’s newest French-style bakery and pastry shop ใหม่ลา่ สุดในหัวหินของเบเกอรีส ่ ไตล์ฝรัง่ เศสและร้านขนมพาสตี้ 华欣最新的法式面包糕点店

Address: 155/7 Moo Baan Takieb Road, Hua Hin Tel: 084 567 6989 Email: Web:

Address: 22/65 Nahb Kaehat Rd. Hua Hin Tel: 032 531 470 Email: Web:


La Botte Ristorante & Pizzeria Cuisine: Italian, Pizza ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารอิตาเลีย ่ น, พิชซ่า 菜肴: 意大利菜, 披萨

Cuisine: Seafood, European, Thai ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารยุโรบ, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 海鲜, 欧洲菜, 泰国菜

10% VIP


Le Bar Hua Hin We’re just right across the way from Burger King on Poonsuk Road. Great for couples, romance, a calm and refined spot to relax in a beautiful atmosphere with wine in mind. Address: 12/3 Poonsuk Road Hua Hin Tel: 032 516 318 Email: Web:

Coffee, Drinks, European Comfort Food



Rest Scene at Rest Detail Hotel Cuisine: Thai, Mediterranean ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารยุโรบ, ทะเลเมดิเตอร์เรเนียน 菜肴: 泰国菜, 地中海菜

10% VIP

Address: 174/16 Soi 80, Amphoe Hua Hin Tel: 032 547 733 Email: Web:


Cuisine: Thai ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารยุโรบ 菜肴: 泰国菜 Address: 43/1 Phetkasem Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 520 250 Email: Web:

20% VIP

10% VIP


Address: 117/74 Takiab Road, Nongkae Hua Hin Tel: 032 616 600 Email: Web:

10% VIP

Cuisine: Thai ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารไทย 菜肴: 泰国菜 Address: Hyatt Hotel 91 Hua Hin - Khao Takiap Road Hua Hin Tel: 03 252 1234 Email: Web:

Mozza Mia

The Garden Restaurant & Lounge Bar

Cuisine: Burrata, Cold cuts, Fresh and hard cheese, Wine, Italian coffee and Croissants no Service Charge ประเภทอาหาร: ชีส บูราโต้ทข ่ี น ้ึ ชือ ่ และเป็นแห่งแรกในเมืองไทย 菜肴: 红酒, 意大利咖啡, 羊角面包 Address: G Mall, Shop A106, Soi 94 Phetkasem Tel: 032 900 250 Email: Web:


Ocean Front Restaurant Baan Laksasubha Resort Hua Hin

Address: 53/7 Naresdamri Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 514 525-3 Email: Web:


Talay Thai Restaurant & Bar, Hyatt Regency

Address: 8/4 Naresdamri Road, Hua Hin 5% Tel: 032 512 250 and 081 852 2136 VIP Email: Web:

Cuisine: Thai, International ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารไทย, อาหารนานาชาติ 菜肴: 泰国菜, 国际菜


Shoreline Beach Club located directly on the Khao Takiab beachfront, this BBQ beach side lounge offers simple, grill favorites by day and a more extensive barbecue choice in the evening.

Mamma Mia Cucina Italiana & Pizza Cuisine: Italian, Pizza ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารอิตาเลีย ่ น, พิชซ่า 菜肴: 意大利菜, 披萨


Shoreline Beach Club

Lotus Villas Restaurant

Address: Tab Tai, Soi 112, Hua Hin Tel: 032 510 106 & 081 943 1732 Email: Web:

Address: 264/2 Ruamchit Road, Cha-Am South Soi 5 Tel: 032 472 641-2 Email: Web:

Rim Nam at Anantara Hua Hin

5% VIP

Address: 245/11-12 Narathyip Road Cha-Am Tel: 032 470 205 Email: Facebook: (Love Bread Chaam)

Cuisine: International ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารนานาชาติ 菜肴: 国际菜


Raya Restaurant

Address: 123/56 Nongkae Close to Cicada Market Tel: 032 655 078 Web:

Love Bread

10% VIP


Cuisine: Pizza, European, Thai, Pasta ประเภทอาหาร: พิชซ่า, อาหารยุโรบ, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 披萨, 西餐, 泰国菜, 意大利面 Address: 174/16 Soi 80, Amphoe Hua Hin Tel: 032 908 680 Email: Web:


Villazzo Restaurant at V Villas Hua Hin

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Cuisine: Thai, International ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารไทย, อาหารนานาชาติ 菜肴: 泰国菜, 国际菜 Address: 63/39 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 616 039 Email: Web:

Oceanside Beach Club Restaurant

White Lotus Restaurant at Hilton Hua Hin

Cuisine: Seafood, Mediterranean, Barbecue, Thai ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารทะเล, ทะเลเมดิเตอร์เรเนียน, อาหารไทย 菜肴: 海鲜, 地中海菜, 烧烤, 泰国菜

Cuisine: Chinese ประเภทอาหาร: อาหารจีน 菜肴: 中国菜

Address: 22/65 Nahb Kaehat Rd., Hua Hin Tel: 032 531 470 Email: Web:

Address: 33 Naresdamri Road, Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa Tel: 032 538 999 Email: Web:

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HUA HUA HIN TODAY, HIN TODAY, February April 2017

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Dayspa at Putahracsa Hua Hin Body Massages, Spa Packages, Hand and Foot Care ... นวดร่างกาย, แพคเกจสปามือและการดูแลเท้า ... 全身按摩,水疗套餐,手部和脚部护理

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Address: 22/65 Nahb Kaehat Rd. Hua Hin Tel: 032 531 470 Email: Web:


Wilaiwan Hua Hin Bakery, café, sandwiches, Breakfast, Burgers, French, Italian, Pizza, Sandwiches, Steakhouses and Thai ร้านอาหาร เบเกอรี่ กาแฟ และเครือ ่ งดืม ่ , บ้านสไตล์อเมริกน ั คอทเทจ ตกแต่งสวยงาม - 面包店,咖啡室,餐厅和殖民风格的建筑 Address: 121/10 Soi Moobaan Nongkae, Hua Hin Tel: 032 536 442 and 084 458 6622 Email: Web:


Devarana Spa at Dusit Thani

Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin

Massage Oil, Body Treatments, Water Treatments ... นวดน้าำ มัน, นวดบำาบัดร่างกาย, กายภาพบำาบัดในน้าำ ... 按摩油,全身护理,水疗

A total of 43 hospitals throughout Thailand & Cambodia รวม 43 โรงพยาบาลทัว ่ ประเทศไทยและประเทศกัมพูชา 43家医院遍布泰国和柬埔寨 Address: 888 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 616 800 or 1719 (local calls only) Email: Web:

Address: 1349 Petchkasem Road, Cha-am Tel: 032 520 009 Email: Web:



In Balance Spa Novotel Hua Hin Resort

Boonthavorn Hua Hin

In Balance Spa by Novotel is designed according to the concept of Hua Hin. Where you can relax and replenish your health.

Your centre for tiles, bathroom, kitchen, furniture and living. 200km free delivery. บุญถาวรหัวหิน จุดเริม ่ ต้นของการ สร้างสรรค์อนาคตสะอาดใส และหลากหลายไอเดียแต่งบ้านทีค ่ ณ ุ สรรค์สร้างได้ดง่ั ใจ เปิดให้คณ ุ สัมผัสแล้ววันนี้

Open Daily: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm Address: 854/2 Burirom Road Cha Am Beachfront Tel: 032 708 300 Email: Web:


Open: 8:00 am. - 20:00 pm. Address: 4/48 Moo Ban Bofai, Hua Hin Tel: 032 522 555 Fax: 032 520 141 Web:

Noora Spa at Marrakesh Resort & Spa

Camp Palapon

Hammam Spa with finest argan oil from Morocco, Hot candle massage with gold powder, Red wine bath. ฮัมมัมสปาตำารับอาร์แกนออยล์จากโมร็อกโก, นวดเทียนร้อนผสมผง ทองคำา, แช่ไวน์แดง 30% SPA套餐包括按摩浴缸和桑拿

Martial Arts & Holistic Fitness Camp ศิลปะการต่อสูแ ้ ละการออกกำาลังกายแบบองค์รวมค่าย 武术馆&健身训练营

VIP Address: 63/411 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin Email: Tel: 032 616 777 Web: 44


Address: Between the famous Thai resorts of Hua Hin and the fabulous Takiab Beach Tel: 086 803 9085 Email: Web: 54

Spa at Rest Detail Hotel Hua Hin

Fit Station

Body Treatment, Signature, Special Treatments ... รักษาร่างกาย, การบำาบัดประจำา, พิเศษตามรายการ ... 全身护理,局部护理

New Zumba, Piloxing & Yoga Studio. We have a locker room, bathroom and showers. Joining us and get fit together!! ซุมบ้า, พิลอ ๊ กซิง่ และสตูดโิ อโยคะ เรามีหอ ้ งล็อกเกอร์และ ห้องอาบน้าำ ฝักบัวในสตูดโิ อของเรา

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Address: 19/119 Soi Hua Hin 19, Hua Hin Tel: 032 547 733 Email: Web:


Address: Soi Cholprathan 16, Canal Road Samorprong, Hua Hin Tel: 087 407 3977, 082 564 4564 Email: Web: 55

Shine Spa at Sheraton Hua Hin

Health Lab Hua Hin

Eastern and Western traditions inspired by Earth, Water, Air and

Medical Laboratory, Blood Testing บริการเจาะเลือดและสารคัดหลัง่ 放血、刺穿及试样处理

Plants, from tranquil massages to luxurious facials.

นวดสยาม, นวดเท้าออเรนทอล , ไวท์แซนด์ ... 暹罗按摩,东方脚底按摩,白沙...

Address: 1573 Petchkasem Road, Thambol Cha-Am · Hua Hin Tel: 032 708 000 Email: Web:


Spa & Wellness at InterContinental Hua Hin The serene environment of InterContinental Hua Hin Resort is an ideal place for wellness therapy, whether you would like to detox, relax, energize, or simply recharge. Address: 33/33 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin Tel: 032 616 999 Email: Web:

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Address: Soi Hua Hin 45 and Soi Hua Hin 45/1 Tel: 032 515 920, 094 494 5649 Email: Web:

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Nadpob Dental Clinic Esthetic Dentistry, Implant etc. ตกแต่งทันตกรรมรากเทียม และอืน ่ ๆ 牙科美容,植入手术等 Address: Huahin Market Village, floor 1 st Tel: 089 910 1033 Email: Web:

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Bliss Bakery & Coffee House

Beautiful World

A Taste Of Heaven’s Bakery has come to Hua Hin. Homemade goodness. 面包店和咖啡店,自制商品

Furniture packs and interior design is at the forefront of our offerings with a wide range of collections aimed at giving your Western home a feel of the exotic.

Address: 178/221 Soi Hua Hin 82, Phetkasem Road Hua Hin Tel: 098 712 8368 Web:

Address: Showroom & Office, 17/63-64 Baan Bor Fai, Hua Hin Tel: 032 520 639 Email: Web:

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Hua Hin Bakery

Hyatt Regency Hua Hin

Start your day with good bread and breakfast เริม ่ ต้นวันใหม่ดว ้ ยขนมปังมีประโยชน์สาำ หรับอาหารเช้า 完美的选择:美好的一天应由散发着面包香气的早餐开始。

Slick rooms come with open-air or enclosed balconies and sofabeds. All provide flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi and iPod docks, as well as minibars and coffeemakers.

Address: 63/15-16 Chomsin Road Hua Hin Tel: 032 512 503 Email: Web:

Address: 91 Hua Hin Takiap Road Nong Kae, Hua Thanon 3 Tel: 032 521 234 Email: Web:



Ford Jor. Charoen Prachuabkirikhan

HH Home Living

Ford Car Service Center Hua Hin

Bathroom, Decking Fencing, Furniture, Hotel & Restaurant Supplies, Jacuzzi, Kitchen, Lighting, Stone, Swimming Pool, Window, Ceramic, Linen & Towels

Address: 6/143 Soi MooBaan Borphai, Petchkasem Rd, Hua Hin Tel: 032 547 367 Email: Web:


HUA HIN TODAY, TODAY, April February 2017 2017

Address: 62/69 Soi Moobaan Hua-Na, Nongkae, Hua Hin Tel: 061 815 2680 Email: Web:

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539 Stylish Dining at the Greyhound Café @ Blúport Hua Hin

Greyhound is best described as a place where fashion meets food as the original fashion café of Thailand with the newest branch now open at Blúport Hua Hin. Run by the hip Thai fashion store, the Greyhound chain retains its quirky minimalist style, handwritten menus and tailor-made crockery. Since 1997 the Greyhound Café has been more successful than just being a restaurant. It is the original of the clear concept restaurant that focus on a total dining experience. The Greyhound at Siam Paragon has been awarded the Thailand’s Best Restaurants Award from Thailand Tattler for seven consecutive years.

Today, Greyhound Café has expanded to 15 branches including overseas at Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Malaysia and Singapore. From the music they play, books they display, menu design, décor, to the individually-designed uniforms, you know there is pride in the things they sell. including flowers, music and the staff uniform. It is the place for the fashion conscious new generation. Design Concept Greyhound Café maintains the atmosphere and design concept of a

modern and contemporary style at every branch. The interior of the Greyhound Café’s consists of stoneware, iron and wood that gives a rustic look and a cool feeling. It is definitely the place to enjoy fine food while chatting and relaxing with good company. Greyhound Café is designed with a uniquely elegance personality to give the restaurant a bit of spice. It is modern and stylish atmosphere yet easy and welcoming.

Food Concept The Greyhound Café’s brand style reflects style with a ‘simple with a creative twist of raw materials and flavours offered in a creative way. The menus are mostly Thai and fusion Asian as a favorite with both Thai and foreign customers. It is evident that every Greyhound Café menu is filled with stories with a taste guaranteed not to disappoint.

Miss Grand

Prachuap Khiri Khan 2017

The Tourism Business Association of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province has held the Miss Grand Prachuap Khiri Khan 2017 at BluePort Hua Hin Shopping Mall.

There were 19 ladies in the final judging round. Many experts and the media were involved in the decision, and all the beautiful girls have received many cheers from their fan club with Thai and foreign tourists joining the occasion. The winner of the award of Miss Grand Prachuap Kirikan 2017 is Ms. Sarucha Ninchan, 26 years old, a beautiful young woman from Sam Roi Yot. She also won the skin preparation prizes and was the focus of many photographers.. Miss Sarucha also received a cash prize of 50,000 THB and was presented with a shoulder sash by the Prachuap Kiri Khan Governor. The first runner-up was Miss Phataraporn Saipreeda 23 years old and the second runner is Miss Preawvadee Wongsatarasai who is 21 years old. As Miss Grand Prachuap Khiri Khan, Miss Sarucha ill now compete in the national contest for Miss Grand Thailand.

Miss Grand Thailand will then represent Thai women to compete in the Miss Grand International.

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54 10 GET OUT

Now that Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), have reached the meet-the-parents milestone of dating, she invites him for a weekend getaway upstate with Missy and Dean. At first, Chris reads the family’s overly accommodating behavior as nervous attempts to deal with their daughter’s interracial relationship; he does his best to smile through the usual awkwardness of meeting the white family and dealing with white people’s polite racism.


Oscar winners Morgan Freeman (“Million Dollar Baby”), Michael Caine (“The Cider House Rules,” “Hannah and Her Sisters”) and Alan Arkin (“Little Miss Sunshine”) team up as lifelong buddies Willie, Joe and Al, who decide to buck retirement and step off the straight-and-narrow for the first time in their lives when their pension fund becomes a corporate casualty, in director Zach Braff’s comedy “Going in Style.” Desperate to pay the bills and come through for their loved ones, the three risk it all by embarking on a daring bid to knock off the very bank that absconded with their money. Rating: PG-13 (for drug content, language and some suggestive material) Genre: Comedy Directed By: Zach Braff Written By: Ted Melfi In Theaters: Apr 6, 2017   Runtime: 97 minutes Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures

While navigating the long weekend, he has strained interactions with the few black people he encounters. but as the weekend progresses, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead him to a truth that he never could have imagined. Rating: R (for violence, bloody images, and language including sexual references) Genre: Comedy, Horror, Mystery & Suspense Directed By: Jordan Peele Written By: Jordan Peele In Theaters: April 06, 2017   Studio: Universal Pictures Runtime:  104 min


Pictures Animation’s hybrid live action/ animated family blockbuster comedy The Smurfs, the evil wizard Gargamel creates a couple of mischievous Smurf-like creatures called the Naughties that he hopes will let him harness the all-powerful, magical Smurfessence.

Morgan Freeman: as Willie Michael Caine: as Joe Alan Arkin: as Albert Ann-Margret: as Annie Peter Serafinowicz: as Murphy  Joey King: as Brooklyn 


entangled couples - struggling songwriters Faye (Rooney Mara) and BV (Ryan Gosling), and music mogul Cook (Michael Fassbender) and the waitress (Natalie Portman) whom he ensnares - chase success through a rock ‘n’ roll landscape of seduction and betrayal.

Initial release: March 17, 2017 (USA) Director: Terrence Malick Production company: FilmNation Entertainment Editors: Keith Fraase, Hank Corwin Distributor: Broad Green Pictures Rating: R (for some sexuality, nudity, drug use and language) Genre: Comedy, Drama Directed By: Terrence Malick In Theaters: April 20, 2017  Limited Runtime: 129 minutes Studio: Buckeye Pictures

But when he discovers that only a real Smurf can give him what he wants, and only a secret spell that Smurfette knows can turn the Naughties into real Smurfs, Gargamel kidnaps Smurfette and brings her to Paris, where he has been winning the adoration of millions as the world’s greatest sorcerer. Rating: PG (for some mild action and rude humor) Genre: Animation, Comedy, Kids & Family Directed By: Kelly Asbury Written By: Stacey Harman, Pamela Ribon In Theaters: Apr 6, 2017 Studio: Sony Pictures CAST: Julia Roberts: As Smurfwillow (voice) Demi Lovato: As Smurfette (voice), Rainn Wilson: As Gargamel (voice), Joe Manganiello: As Hefty Smurf (voice), Jack McBrayer: As Clumsy, Clumsy Smurf ( voice), Danny Pudi: As Brainy Smurf (voice), Mandy Patinkin: As Papa Smurf (voice) n this sequel to Columbia Pictures/Sony

Cast: Natalie Portman: as Rhonda Michael Fassbender: as Cook Ryan Gosling: as BV Rooney Mara: as Faye Cate Blanchett: as Amanda Set against the Austin, Texas, music scene, two

Fast & Furious 8 trailer review: a reassuring, obscene platter of murder Death! Statham! Market stalls hair! The Fate of the Furious is an explosive return to the Fast franchise’s hoariest old tropes

The Fast & Furious series will soon be eight films long, which means that nothing it can offer will be remotely surprising any more. Over the course of the last seven films, a formula has been devised and rigidly stuck to and – even though I’m writing this before I’ve pressed play on the new Fast 8 trailer – I already know what to expect.

There will be much talk of “family”, all of it delivered in an indecipherable sub-bass rumble. There will be good guys who turn bad and bad guys who turn good. There will be sequences where Ludacris says “Oh shit” into a walkie talkie. And, naturally, there will be an obscene platter of endless joshing murder. So, can the Fast 8 trailer actually surprise me? Let’s break this thing down. The word family is mentioned four times over the course of this three-minute trailer, with inflections that range from “Hooray, we’re a family” to “How dare you do this to your family?”. Also, just to underline the point, the word appears in text. Extrapolating from this, given that this film is likely to be two and a half hours long, we can expect the film to contain upwards of 180 usages of the word family. Right. OK. The main thrust of the film seems to be that Vin Diesel has gone from being the good guy to being the bad guy. To help bring him down, the Fast family enlists the help of former bad guy Jason Statham, who is now a good guy. The person who enlists him is The Rock, a good guy who was once a bad guy. And let’s not forget  Michelle HYPERLINK “ apr/01/michelle-rodriguez-feminism-sexismfast-furious-film-industry-hollywood ”Rodgriguez, who was good and then went bad and is now good again although we probably shouldn’t rule out the possibility of

FOOD & Entertainment, April 2017

her temporarily turning bad to win the trust of Vin Diesel (who is now bad). It would probably be more expedient to simply list all the instances of murder in this threeminute trailer than to put them in any sort of context. So, clockwise from top left: a demolition ball smashes into between five and seven cars, each likely to be carrying a minimum of two people. Jason Statham smashes a man’s skull against a wall as hard as he can. Four jeeps, again carrying a minimum of two people each, are blown up. Three more jeeps are destroyed by a submarine. A man is blown up. A multivehicular road collision. A man with a machine gun opens fire on at least 12 cars, many of which are taxis. Several cars are taken out by a gigantic slow-motion arctic explosion. Estimated murders within three minutes: 65, plus the negligible effect that last explosion is likely to have on the environment. So far, so inevitable. However, despite all these hoary old tropes, the Fast & Furious franchise is still capable of surprising its audience. To conclude, here are the two biggest surprises to be found in the Fast & Furious 8 trailer: CAST : Vin Diesel : as Dominic Toretto Dwayne Johnson : as Hobbs Jason Statham : as Deckard Shaw Michelle Rodriguez : as Lettie “Ortiz” Toertto Tyrese Gibson : as Roman Pearce

Rating: Genre: Directed By: Written By: In Theaters: Studio:

PG-13 (for prolonged sequences of violence and destruction, suggestive content, and language.) Action & Adventure, Drama F. Gary Gray Chris Morgan Apr 13, 2017 Universal Pictures

11 55 Discovering Hua Hin’s Chat Chai Fresh Produce Market Every Thai town has a heartbeat; usually in and around the food or market district. Hua Hin is no exception; with the Chat Chai fresh produce market alive and pumping. Take in the sights, sounds and the smells of this almost 100 year old market.

Built in 1926 during the reign of Rama VII, it was designed with 7 adjacent semi-circular roofs; a symbol that it was built during his reign. These roofs are visible on the Phetkhasem Road side of the market. The best time to fully experience the morning market is, naturally, in the early morning. By midday, many vendors have shut up shop.

Vendors start early, before 5am, setting up their stalls to ensure they are ready for the wave of customers to follow. There are 4 sides to the market with a number of entrances on each side; pick one and explore. Inside you will find everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to every manner of protein, including fish that are still alive in tubs. There are stalls grinding up fresh coconut to make milk and cream, as well as vendors selling the already prepared version in cans. Inside the market you will also see fresh curry pastes ready for sale and Salma Spice - the perfect place to see the vast array of fresh curry pastes used in Thai cooking. Run by a husband and wife team, Salma sells only the finest quality curry pastes and are very passionate about what they do. A person who knows the Chat Chai Market intimately is Leigh Higgins. “I believe that fresh produce markets give you a real insight into the variations of produce available in each area.

Nigel Tovey; Ananda Hua Hin Resort & Spa’s ‘Seasoned’ GM A press release provided about Nigel Tovey, the General Manager launching the Ananda Hua Hin Resort & Spa this month referred to him as a “veteran Hotelier”

I suggested that words such as seasoned, experienced or perhaps knowledgeable may have been more appropriate. After all veteran is derived from the Latin vetus, meaning “old” and Nigel just doesn’t qualify!

As well as Hua Hin, there are also fantastic markets to explore in both Cha-Am and Pranburi. One of the real highlights of any trip to the market is meeting the local people who are there daily, vehemently proud of what they are selling. Stop and have a chat, as it will be much appreciated,” says Leigh. If you want to join one of Leigh’s Feast Thailand’s tours to learn about and savour in REAL Thai Food, contact them on 032 510 207, or connect via the web at Chat Chai Marke is located in the centre of Hua Hin in a square block bounded by Phetchakasim Rd, Hua Hin Soi 70 and 72 as well as Sa Song Rd.

Thailand to Continue Dual Pricing at National Parks

The Tourism Ministry has reached a decision about the level of the national park entrance fee for foreign visitors.

for the benefit of guests, he has found that this way then tend to forget that he understands their Thai conversations. It’s clear that Nigel has been very influential in the design and features of the Ananda. This includes the resort intending to have a high profile in the community and being ready to cater for events and venues that will appeal to other locals. One of the features is the separation of private guest facilities from other more public zones. A large frontal grassed area will be a venue for markets and similar gatherings. There’s also the Blue Biscuit, a bar destined to be a haven for lovers of live blues and jazz. Of course guests will be more than welcome, but the aim is to set-up a venue that local music lovers can call home.

After 35 years in the hospitality industry worldwide and the last 25 in Thailand, Nigel is certainly seasoned, but he’s really a babyboomer with a young-at-heart attitude to life and to hospitality. Nigel is from England but he has definitely made Thailand his home with a Thai wife, speaking (and reading) more than adequate Thai. He has settled for the long term in his own home in nearby Cha-Am. Unlike many General Managers who understand that they will move on after several years, Nigel has found his ideal long term position; he’s already a ‘local’. Incidentally Nigel has a personal policy of not usually speaking Thai to his staff. Apart from encouraging staff to speak English

Blue Biscuit? The annual Blue Biscuit Festival takes place across the street from the B.B. King Museum in the late King of the Blues’ hometown of Indianola, Mississippi. Under Nigel’s tutelage the Ananda will become a very different venue than many 5 star resorts in our region. This doesn’t mean the standards of service and luxury will be compromised in any way however it will also offer very accessible activities and events to the local population and feature as a community venue for us all to enjoy. Hua Hin Today will be able to report further on what’s happening at the Ananda in the near future and we hope to see you there soon. The resort is on the ocean side of Phetchakasem Road about 8 kilometres north of the Hua Hin town centre. For more information see

Tourism Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, recently held a meeting with executives from various state offices and representatives of the private sector in Krabi Province to discuss a resolution from the advisory committee on national parks and tourist safety.

Kobkarn said that the committee’s latest resolution recommended the national park entrance fee for foreigners remain at 400 THB, but that an updated, standard system to ensure the efficient administration of all parks should be introduced. She added that the new system would also help the authorities bring order to the country’s tourism management and improve the quality of the tourism industry by controlling the number of tourists, the number of ferries visiting relevant islands and their safety standards, as well as the allocation of the collected entrance fees to the local governments. – NNT FOOD & Entertainment, April 2017

56 12 The Peace of Tibetan Buddhism Near Hua Hin Dr Krisadawan Metavikul, or to use her adopted Tibetan name of Kalsang Dawa, is one of those extraordinary individuals who seem to surface from time to time in Hua Hin. consecrated by Kundrol Mongyal Lhasay Rinpoche, a highly respected senior Dzogchen master in the New Bon tradition of Tibet. The centre welcomes students of Buddhism but also those without an appreciation of that following who just want to learn more about how they can achieve a state of wellbeing and a compassionate approach to life. Students are typically Thai people who stay for periods of days or in some cases months with Dr Krisadawan as their leader and teacher.

Dr Krisadawan at peace with Tibetan Buddhism and culture

The symbolism and culture of Tibetan Buddhism is very evident in sculpture and art. It’s a very colourful scene with multi-coloured prayer flags on display including on multiple tent-like structures, Tibetan tongdars or ‘mantra stupas’ used as an inspiration for meditation or prayer.

Dr Krisadawan has travelled the world and discovered Tibetan Buddhism over 12 years during her research. She then adopted that country’s religion and culture. For her, surfacing in Hua Hin means returning to her place of birth, her home town. Very simply put, anthropological linguistics is the study of the relations between  language  and  culture. That’s the discipline that lead Dr Krisadawan to gain her PHD at an Indiana University in USA. It’s also a discipline that lead to her passion for Tibetan Buddhism and culture, the formation of the 1,000 Eyes Foundation, the acquisition of some 68 Rai of land around 50 kilometres from Hua Hin and then establishing a retreat and meditation centre given the name ‘Khadiravani’. The Thousand Stars Foundation was established in 2005 as a non-profit, nonsectarian organisation with no political affiliations. Since then the Foundation has organised meditation retreats to cultivate loving kindness and compassion as well towards rendering inner happiness in people’s minds. Pilgrimage to sacred sites in Tibet and the Himalayas is an essential activity of the Thousand Stars Foundation. The main purpose is not for tourism, but for accumulating life experiences. Mount Kailash in Tibet is one such pilgrimage destination, regarded by Tibetans as the centre of the universe and needing three days to circumnavigate at high altitudes.

Tibetan Buddhist Deities ready for their new home Our visit was all too brief with Dr Krisadawan with providing her insights into the complex traditions and culture of Tibetan Buddhism in a serene and thoughtful manner. However much more time is needed to even scratch the surface and to gain a real understanding of her passion. The Khadiravana Centre is not a tourist attractions although in the future and with the establishment of ‘zones’, curious visitors will be welcome. Dr Krisadawan is very capable of providing her teachings in English so that the possibility of English language student groups rather than the current Thai language focus is also possible by arrangement.

A Mantra Stupa with the Great Stupa under construction A very important project of the Foundation taking shape is the building of the Tara Great Stupa for Peace and Harmony (Shanti Tara Maha Stupa) at the Khadiravana Centre. A stupa or jediya is a symbol of the enlightenment. This will be an immense structure with the foundations and concrete pillars already in place. However when asked about a completion date, the answer was that it is all dependent on funds.

If the intriguing world of Tibetan Buddhism is something that you may wish to explore, make contact with Dr Krisadawan to discover what is possible. For More Information Email: Phone: 0822 999 002 Website: FOOTNOTE: Yaks are synonymous with the Himalayas and one of their uses is Hard Dried Yak Cheese known as Himalayan candy. A Tibetan guest at the Centre had provided these rock solid sweets which were offered to us as a very special and unusual treat. They are made from the whey squeezed from Yak milk before being strung and left to dry and harden. Don’t try to break them with your teeth; your teeth will likely break. Put them in your mouth and suck .............................for hours!

Dr Krisadawan has a special interest in preparation for the inevitability of death. Not only intended for those in the latter stages of their life but as a subject that many dwell upon as a source of uncertainty affecting their inner peace. The name of ‘1,000 eyes’ is linked to Tara. A Tibetan Buddhist deity said to have had eyes that shone with the light of 1,000 stars. Khaditavani has blossomed into a retreat centre situated amongst idyllic surroundings amongst lakes and fields at the base of a line of hills not far before reaching the Pala-U waterfall. The sanctuary has been blessed and

The Grand Design for the Great Stupa In the meantime, various statues and artifacts are being stored in less auspicious buildings before they can be moved to the Great Stupa.

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Himalayan Rock Candy

Hua hin Today April 2017  

Hua hin Today April 2017

Hua hin Today April 2017  

Hua hin Today April 2017