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The Growing Popularity of Facilities Management Outsourcing With increasing automation levels in today’s work environments, many firms in Dubai and the UAE are finding it tough to commit the time and resources required to manage their own facilities. Improving the quality of services while simultaneously seeking to increase efficiency gains is proving to be a difficult task for many out there. Companies are realizing that the job of Facility Management is best handled by an external agency, a contractor who is hired specifically for the task. Hiring an independent contractor to take care of your building maintenance is slowly growing in popularity in Dubai. Such an approach frees up valuable time and resources for the parent company, which can then focus on its core business activities that add value to the bottom-line. Innovative approaches to improving energy efficiencies, management of e-waste, etc. are some of the examples of the advantages that independent contractors bring to the table. Another key to customer satisfaction and driving up operating efficiencies is the adoption of technological solutions to tackle problems in new ways. Uninterrupted power supplies, lighting systems that never suffer from fade-outs, Heating, AirConditioning and Ventilation systems (HVAC’s), these are all part of the same Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) service group. Their smooth running is critical to be able to keep people in a comfortable environment. At HTS-UAE, we understand how critical your business facility really is to the bottom-line of the company. This is why; our dedicated team of trained professionals is always on call to cover all instances of breakdowns and any other emergency situation that may arise. We also follow forward maintenance techniques in addition to various preventative maintenance practices. From fire-detection and prevention systems, to high-security closed circuit television cameras and much more, our safety and security measures are benchmarked against the best units in the world. We continuously strive to create and maintain a safe environment that is aligned with your operational needs. In addition, well-qualified, trained security guards can also be stationed on premises to safeguard business interests from any hazardous situations that may arise unexpectedly. In addition to the above, our facilities management program is designed to add value to your premises in a number of ways. For example, our interior and exterior landscaping team is available at your service should you wish to improve and transform your premises from an aesthetic and ecological point of view. Business premises that are spic and span add another dimension of professionalism to the outlook of a firm. This is why, at HTS-UAE, we offer our clients a bouquet of services that include: Interior and exterior painting, External glass cleaning, Office maintenance programs, air conditioning maintenance and repair facilities, Cleaning and janitorial services, etc. To learn more about our Facilities Maintenance services and to receive your customized quote today, kindly visit: Toby Heldsen is a Handyman Management manager- HTS the leading provider of Home Maintenance Services in Dubai. Our expert team is trained to provide the entire range of Handyman services in Dubai. Some of our offerings are: Cleaning and janitorial services, Electrical and maintenance services, etc.

The Growing Popularity of Facilities Management Outsourcing  

From fire-detection and prevention systems, to high-security closed circuit television cameras and much more, our safety and security measur...

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