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Hi Fellow Ranchers, We share with you the satisfaction we have a way of life that allows us to pursue a love of the outdoors, a fondness for animals, and a commitment to growing things. But let’s be honest. We are in this business to make money. For decades, livestock producers have concentrated their efforts and hard-earned resources on good bulls. Bull power has been the key to this country’s impressive success in the cattle business. We have been no exception. We have bred our cows over the past several decades exclusively to Angus bulls, using what was considered some of the best genetics of the time. From this catalogue you can see that we continue to concentrate on semen and service from some of the best bulls in the country. The last several years we got particularly lucky. A relationship between us and Gardiner Angus Ranch has resulted in our extensive use of the great Prophet bull, Sunrise and others. Frankly, the impact has been astounding! As the nearby graphs show, we have greatly accelerated our progress at increasing calving ease direct and reducing birth weight, while actually increasing both weaning and yearling weights. At the same time, marbling scores have really taken off! In recent years, Gretchen and I have taken a special interest in how best to reinforce this genetic improvement by developing high performance females. We sought to produce the “super cow” emphasizing traits important to the success of the commercial producer. Did we succeed? Probably not. But we did produce females that have a remarkable package of genetics. They are known for docility, easy calving, strong maternal traits, high weaning and yearling weights, carcasses that command premiums for their grade and quality, reliable breed back with a calf a year and, with careful management, longevity. Of course, the younger females in this catalogue contain the most up-to-date genetics. But the older cows are the ones we relied on to meet our production goals and, when bred to the right bulls, can produce heifers capable of making their own contribution for years to come. We are pleased to offer these females as herd-improvement packages to you today.

Ed and Gretchen Yeo 1

10 Year Trend Line for Important Attributes Data Provided by Method Genetics

72% Reduction in Birth Weight EPD Over 10 years

20% Increase in Calving Ease Direct EPD Over 10 years 2

25% Increase in Yearling Weight EPD 30% Increase in Weaning Weight EPD Over 10 years

54% Increase in Marbling EPD Over 10 years


Combine to boost Retained Ownership Income(ROI) See Method Matters Below

“These improvements are not an accident or an anomaly. Documented performance is the result of a disciplined plan with a clear goal of gate-to-plate improvement.�



Table of Contents 7 Fall Pairs and Winter Calving Commercial Cows 10 Spring Calving Commercial Cows 16 Open Brood Cows 19 Commercial Heifers 19 Commercial bred heifers 22 Commercial Open Heifers 22 Winter breeding heifers 23 Virgin Heifers 26 Registered Angus Cows 28 Angus Heifers 28 Angus bred heifers 29 Angus open heifers 29 Fall breeding Angus heifers 30 Reference Sires 2016 Breeding Season 31 Pasture Breeding Reference Sires that also sell


Fall Pairs and Winter Calving Commercial Cows




Spring Calving Commercial Cows







Open Brood Cows As part of our plan to grow this herd, we started a fall calving group in 2015. The goal was to expand this group to 400 head, while allowing the spring calving group to top off at 600 head. As part of this plan, we did not breed on the late spring calvers this year, thereby tightening up the spring calving program and augmenting our fall program.





Commercial Bred Heifers


Commercial Bred Heifers



Commercial Open Heifers

Winter Breeding Heifers 5365


Commercial Virgin Heifers



ViraShield 6 VL5-HB at synchronization Clostridial 8-way at post-weaning preg. check Lepto 5-way booster and Hardjo at post-weaning preg check De-wormed with Safeguard Injectable Ivomectrin


Registered Angus Cows



*Cow 4074 and her twins sell with 4185, the surrogate to the one twin


Angus Bred Heifers


Open Angus 2-year old Heifers

Fall Breeding Angus Heifers


HTRanch Reference Sires 2016 Breeding Season


HTRanch Pasture Breeding Reference Sires that also Sell Bulls Sell Separate

All bulls passed the bull soundness examines(BSE) in Sept 12 and Nov 19 and all were evaluated as good to very good in the latest exam.


Thank you for your interest and support for our sale!

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