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nurture our children and help our youth grow and mature in their faith. Or, we can opt to ignore the need, relying upon other people and other influences to fill the void. Please earnestly consider whether you would like this church to actively encourage the spiritual

Our Children A Compelling Call to Service The Spiritual Nurture and Development of our Children & Youth is the responsibility of the entire Holy Trinity family. My message is simple -- it takes a village to raise a child. Everyone will have an opportunity this August to participate in this valued undertaking as the church sponsors Vacation Bible School (VBS) for the community from August 10th through August 14th. VBS has an education component, a worship component, a service/mission component, and an evangelism component as it reaches out into the community to share the good news of the Gospel through the VBS experience. Please share with Amanda Iacovino, our VBS Coordinator, how you can help out with the VBS preparation and activities in a ministry area that appeals to you. With your involvement and the Lord’s blessing, this promises to be an engaging and exciting time for our church. This fall also affords us an opportunity to share in the spiritual growth of our youngsters. We are in desperate need of a number of teachers, sponsors, and mentors to work with our children and youth, whether on Sunday morning or during various activities throughout the year. If you care about our children, you have the most essential qualification necessary to accept a role as a mentor or teacher.

growth of our children and youth. If you would, you are asked to take a step forward and accept this call to help out in this endeavor. I do believe that God is calling many of us (perhaps you) to serve. If you sense the call to work with our children and youth, you are invited to confer with Pastor Dick, Cheryl Serrato – the incoming chair of the Christian Education committee, or with me. Even if you feel ill equipped or inadequate for that type of service, we are reminded that those God calls, He also equips for that call. So again, please do not be hesitant or shy, take that step forward in faith and become involved in the Christian education and development of our children and youth. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we truly can make a difference by joining together and increasing our service in ministry to the children, youth, and young families in our midst. Blessings to the Family of Faith at Holy Trinity, Mark Widmer Lay Pastor for Education and Youth Ministry

We appear to be at a crossroads where we can overwhelmingly support the need to encourage and

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"The summary that follows was presented by the Finance Committee to Session on May 27th. Session asked that it be published in the Grapevine to share with all members of the congregation. Questions may be directed to Dru Cessac, outgoing Finance Committee Chair/incoming Trustee, or to Mark Widmer, Trustee."

A Discussion of Our Midyear Financial Situation As we approach the halfway point of this fiscal year, the Finance and Administrative Committee along with the Trustees thought it prudent to share an update on our current financial situation as a congregation. Before reviewing our financial status, there are a couple of factors that merit mention as they have directly influenced this year’s expenditures and allocation of resources. First, Session has directed that we strive to maintain some of our funds in a reserve account that can be drawn upon in the event of major non-budgeted or emergency expenses, to alleviate temporary shortfalls in the operating account, and/or to accumulate funds for future building expansion, renovation, or development. The guideline has been to try to maintain as a minimum, roughly 3 months of operating expenses or the equivalent of at least 25% of our annual budget in a reserve account. Essentially, that equates to maintaining our reserve account at minimally $125,000. Ideally, we would prefer to maintain closer to four months’ worth of expenses or approximately $167,000. Second, our church’s exterior has experienced an overdue, highly necessary facelift with the completion of the exterior painting and repairs. We are confident that everyone can agree this was an essential improvement, although it was an unbudgeted major expenditure. As such, monies

were transferred from the reserve account to our operating account to the tune of approximately $27,500 to cover this expenditure. Given this significant non-budgeted expense, our expenses for the first four months of the year have exceeded our income from pledged and non-pledged giving by approximately $20,000. At first glance this seems alarming; however, when we consider the painting and renovation expense, it is clear we have reduced expenses elsewhere to help offset this added expense. We are, however, approaching the time of the year where giving is historically lower during the summer months. To compensate for this, we have transferred an additional $23,000 from the reserve account to the operating account to ensure we are able to meet all programmed expenses through August. Last year we routinely made deposits into the reserve fund. This year income and expenses have not allowed us to replenish the reserve fund on a monthly basis. To the contrary as noted above, we have had to drawdown on the reserve account to meet expenses. Our reserve funds are maintained in two separate accounts – a Schertz Bank Money Market account and a USAA Money Market account. Prior to the adjustments above our Schertz Money Market account had a balance of approximately $105,000 and the USAA Money Market account $45,000 for a total reserve balance of roughly $150,000. With the adjustments noted above, our Schertz Money Market account will be reduced to $55,000 and our total reserve fund accounts to $100,000. In addition to our separate daily operating account, we have an endowed USAA brokerage account of slightly more than $53,500; however, given the stipulations placed on this endowed account neither the principal donated to establish this account or the interest accumulated can be withdrawn for a specified number of years.

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As a brief aside, Day School enrollments, which generate the funds necessary to operate the Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church Day School, were initially lower early this fall, but have recovered nicely. With the added enrollments and the implementation of some difficult cost conscious measures, the Day School appears on track to cover its annual budgeted expenses of slightly more than $800,000. The Day School’s annual budget runs from August thru July to coincide with their school year. Two significant expenses not included in this year’s budget for the church will require some future adjustments. The Finance Committee is addressing how best to resource our new associate pastor should that call come within the next couple of months. Moving expenses, salary, and benefits for a half year are estimated at approximately $50,000 depending on any specified moving allowance, approved salary, and the timing of selection. A second non-budgeted expense that does not require immediate attention, but will require attention in the very near future is the platting of the land purchased in 2011. The land must be platted within five years of purchase to preclude additional real estate taxes. Platting is required before any improvements can be made. It will also take some time to acquire all the permissions necessary to complete the platting of the land. The cost estimated for platting is currently $20,000 to $25,000. Recognizing these financial considerations, we are encouraging members to please stay current with their pledged giving to offset any summer dip in income while the finance committee continues to explore ways to economize in each of the ministry areas and identify the funding needed to meet the call of a new associate pastor which will hopefully occur later this year.


Seven members of the congregation recently completed the required 50 hours of training required to become Stephen Ministers (SM). Five of them were commission on Easter Sunday and the other two were commissioned 25 May 2014. Instructors for this training were Steven Leaders the Rev. Al Hockaday, Joe Lopez and Len Gray. Pictured above are Al, Dennis Bennett, Bob Parks, Laura Agee, Keith Green, Glenna Solley, Karen Armstrong, Trish Doyscher, Joe and Len. If you would be interested in having a Stephen Minister provide Christian Care to you or someone you believe could benefit from it, please contact one of the Stephen Leaders. The next class of Stephen Ministers will commence training this fall. If you are interested in becoming a Stephen Minister, please contact one of the Stephen Leaders.

Respectfully Submitted, On Behalf of the Finance Committee Mark Widmer, Trustee

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Vacation Bible School Scheduled for August Planning is now well underway for this summer’s Vacation Bible School (VBS). VBS will be held this year from Sunday night through Thursday evening, August 10th through August 14th. Please note these dates on your calendar as this is an all church event for our children and the children in our neighboring community. We will need a host of volunteers to assist. If you are willing to help with VBS, please contact Amanda Iacovino, this year’s VBS Coordinator. She is reachable via cell phone at 5699224 or via email at

Congratulations to our Graduating Seniors We want to again congratulate all our graduating high school seniors and wish them well in their future endeavors. Our graduating seniors were recognized during the Youth Leadership Sunday on May 18th at the 11:00 a.m. service. We hope all of you will continue to worship with your extended family here at Holy Trinity as often as your schedules and travels permit.

Anchors Away for Joseph Garcia We would like to wish Joseph Garcia safe travels as he departs this month to enter the Navy. Joseph graduated high school last year and is the son of Andi Matt and the grandson of Joe and Jackie Lopez.

Adult Youth Advisors Needed We have openings for adults willing to serve on the youth advisory team. We try to plan at least one mission/service activity, one fun activity, and one dinner & devotional activity each month during the school year for our high school and middle school youth. In addition, we also assist in planning and coordinating sponsorship of summer mission trips and service activities, summer social outings, and various retreat events and presbytery gatherings throughout the year. Our youth are involved in the planning of these activities while the adults comprising the youth advisory team assist with the scheduling, coordination, preparation and supervision of these activities. Specifically, adults are needed to assist with the coordination of (1) the monthly mission or service activities, (2) monthly fun events, (3) periodic fund raising activities, and (4) summer trips & outings. Parents of our youth are especially encouraged to become active volunteers and participate as an adult member on the youth advisory team; however, anyone interested in sharing time with our young people is welcome to volunteer and accept one of the responsibilities noted above. The adults on the Youth Advisory Team normally meet on the second Tuesday of the month from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. in Pastor Mark’s office immediately preceding the 7:00 pm Christian Education Committee meeting. Anyone interested in devoting some time in support of our youth is encouraged to convey that interest by contacting Mark or Pastor Dick.

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Children’s Recognition on Pentecost Sunday On Pentecost Sunday we will recognize several of our young children for their active participation in this past year’s Sunday school program. Additionally, we will celebrate with those children who have participated in children’s church and are now graduating from children’s church to join us in the sanctuary for worship. Please join us in worship that day as we celebrate not only these children, but the birthday of Christ’s church.

Children’s Church Celebration Any children who have attended Children’s Church during the past year and their parents are invited to attend a Children’s Church Celebration at Zach & Cheryl Serrato’s home on Saturday, June 28, 2014. Lunch will be provided and begins at 11:30 am, after lunch we will head to Pickerell Park to swim until 3:00 pm. If you have any questions please contact Cheryl Serrato at 210-860-3413.

Women’s Luncheon

KeenAgers When: Thursday, June 26, 2014 @ 11:30 am Where: Schoebels on the River 1515 Koehler Ave, New Braunfels 830-626-2200 When: Thursday, July 24, 2014 @ 11:30 am Where: Golden Corral, 2921 Pat Booker, Universal City 210-658-7270

Book Divas The HTPW Book Divas will meet on Jun 5, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the church. The book for discussion is “Half Broke Horses” by Jeanette Walls. Bring a small snack for six people. Beverages and paper goods will be provided. The Book Divas will not meet in July. The August 7, 2014 book for discussion is “The Glass Castle” by Jeanette Walls. Do you have a good book that you would like to recommend? Let Sheila Clark, Beth Davis, Elaine Hutchinson, or Mary Lavender know about it. These are just a few members of the book group. Join us for a lively discussion of some very good books. For more information contact Sheila Clark at

When: Monday, June 9, 2014 @ 11:30 am Where: The Bistro 900 Pat Booker 210-658-2200 When: Monday, July 7, 2014 @ 11:30 am Where: Bracken Café 18415 Bracken Dr. 651-5515

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Upcoming Events at HTPC The Fellowship committee has been very busy so far this year and we have really big plans for the remainder of this year including a new exciting event planned for August 17. Make sure you put the dates for the upcoming events on your calendar so you don’t miss out on the fun and fellowship. June 8, 2014


Join us in celebrating the Birthday of the Church! The Fellowship Committee is planning lunch after the service.

August 17, 2014

Thank You! I am greatly honored to have been awarded the 2014 Honorary Life Membership in Presbyterian Women, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Diann Arnold and Marion Griffin presented the award at the May meeting of the HTPW Evening Circle Bible Study. What a surprise! What a perfect setting! That group has been very meaningful to me in my faith journey at HTPC. After the stress of going through cancer surgery earlier this year (results were amazingly good), this honor really lifted my spirits. So, the Lord chose the event, the place and the time and with Him all things are Perfect.

Intergenerational Event

This is a new event for the Fellowship Committee which will include a meal and a lot of fun and entertainment. We will be looking to members to share their talents with everyone. This should be a fun filled afternoon for your entire family. Watch for more information in the coming weeks!

Thanks again HTPW Betts Miller -------------------------------------------------------

Thank You Holy Trinity Friends,

October 19, 2014

Church-Wide Picnic

Plans are already in the works to make this the Best Picnic Ever!! Watch for more details in the upcoming months.

December 14, 2014 All Church Christmas Party

We would like to thank you for the support, cards, prayers and words of comfort during Ken’s hospitalization and recovery. With all of our family out of state it was a blessing to have the church family for support and strength during a very difficult time in our lives and I know Ken and I both felt your prayers. We feel truly blessed by each of you who have touched our lives. Blessings, Ken and Kathy Piere

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