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Message from the CEO Promoting careers in the hospitality and foodservice industries will always be the primary motivation for HTN’s promotions and events and upon reflection, 2012 has been somewhat of a packed calendar. Australia’s most successful Apprentice Chefs Culinary Competition, The HTN Apprentice Chef and Apprentice Butcher Team Challenge, The HTN Youth Skills Showcase, Master classes, Tours of P&O Pacific Pearl and HMAS Kuttabul, Inter-Schools Culinary Challenges and the HTN Peter Howard Culinary Scholarships are just some of the highlights of 2012. All of which would not be possible without the tremendous support of some wonderful organisations – I would therefore take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of HTN’s sponsors for their continued support.

Our promotions and events will undoubtedly be even bigger and better in 2013 with even more “exclusive” experiences planned for HTN apprentices/trainees and Host Trainers. Be sure to keep an eye out for our regular “Pour Print” email communications and check out our Facebook for more 2013 event information and dates to note in your diary. I do hope that despite the fact that this is the busiest time of the year for our great industry that you get five minutes to read through the latest edition of HTN’s e-zine to catch up on some of the news within our network and as always, I

welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions at any time - Feel free to email me at We look forward to being of service to industry in 2013 and on behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire Team at HTN, I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and a happy and healthy 2013. Yours sincerely,

Michael Bennett Chief Executive Officer

A message from HTN’s Official Patron Peter Howard

Christmas and very hard work are synonymous – and as usual, all your customers are out there having the good time over Christmas and where are you? In the kitchen, making their Christmas even more Christmassy and that is what we do, we Chefs...we cooks...we apprentices. We cook to make our customer happy and make our bosses profits...some of which goes into your pay. Even in retirement I am thinking I should be at work – and for the last few years of my career, Christmas was taken up with planning for my part in the annual G’day USA in which Australian foods and wines were promoted to the USA in January.

However, while so many see Christmas as being challenging, we in the kitchen have a pretty well planned out time over this busy period in that we know what we will be doing. Also there are challenges for us in designing dishes that suit this time of year and while many will want traditional fare, there is an increase in the number of customers who are over the usual and want something different and at this time of year and with the products and produce we can get, it is good to try out new dishes.

I am never too old to learn and while I was in Hawaii just recently (there for Thanksgiving which makes a Turkey dinner compulsory) I found another way of preparing turkey and that is to brine the turkey whole in a salt and aromats solution for 2 days.

Remove from the brine, dry and then roast. The Chef I spoke with Chef Bev Gannon of Gannon’s restaurants on Maui in Hawaii and she swears by this process and she would know as her kitchens prepared more turkey that you could think possible with the three restaurants combined serving over 1200 customers and then there was the catering to homes as well. Oh and the other thing she did was to separate the breasts from the hind quarters and cook separately. And the stuffing? All done in trays not inside the birds. So while I won’t be working over Christmas this year, I will be trying a new method of cooking the turkey. And that’s the joy of cooking – we are always trying new methods, trying new ingredients and how the combine to provide, yet again, another innovation to thrill your customer’s taste buds.

Let me reassure you that I know you’re working your butts off now for this important time of the year, and there are people out there that recognise and appreciate you’re doing the hard yards, and one of them should be you. Happy Christmas to you all and all the best for 2013 and beyond!

HTN Apprentice Profile: Peter Tavernese, 1st Year Apprentice Chef HTN: Tell me a little bit about yourself. Why did you become an Apprentice Chef and choose this industry? Peter: I became an apprentice chef because I love to cook. Also coming from an Italian heritage I was heavily influenced in food from a young age, which lead me to take up this industry. I choose the hospitality industry because I love to cook for people; the joy of cooking for people every day had a significant impact on me. HTN: What do you enjoy most about working at Ripples at Chowder Bay? Peter: I enjoy working at Ripples at Chowder Bay because from when I first started I always felt welcomed. Also we have good kitchen staff and we all get along with each other which helps make the kitchen run smoother. I have also been given great mentoring and guidance from my Head Chef Kristian Gamble. He has helped me to further food knowledge and gave me advice when needed.

HTN: What are you currently learning there? Peter: Currently I am on Hot and Cold Larder section, which currently involves me learning how to make puree’s, sauces, octopus Carpaccio, cleaning soft shell crabs and prawns, sous vide, also a number of small garnishes for the remaining dishes on the section. HTN: What are your plans once you complete your apprenticeship? Peter: Once I complete my apprenticeship I plain to go over to Europe and work in Michelin star restaurants, because I believe the training and skills picked up in Michelin star restaurants would further help my career. Also I would come back to Australia and work in some of the best restaurants to gain more knowledge and experience and eventually open up my own restaurant. HTN: What piece of advice would you give someone just starting out in the industry? Peter: The piece of advice I would give to someone starting in the industry is to have lots of love and passion for cooking and work hard, try and get involved in a culinary competition to see where your skills are and where you need to improve on. Also become a HTN Apprentice as they look after you and make sure you are getting the sufficient training and learning you should be.

HTN: Recently you participated in the 2012 HTN Apprentice Chef Culinary Competition Grand Final. What did you enjoy most about the day and the whole competition series? Peter: I enjoyed the 2012 HTN Apprentice Chef Culinary Competition because I was able to test my skills ability against other apprentices and to see where I was. Also I was given many ideas from seeing what other people did and create. I also enjoyed the series because I got to meet and connect with new people. HTN: Would you recommend this competition to other apprentices? If so, why? Peter: Yes, I would recommend this competition to other apprentices because you can gain a lot of knowledge and experience from this completion and become a better apprentice from it, as you can gather new ideas and presentation styles that you may not of seen if not competed. Also you can see where you are with you skills compared to other apprentices and where you need to gain more knowledge and experience.

HTN: Recently you were selected to participate in the Fonterra Proud to be a Chef Program 2013. How did it feel to be selected as one of the 32 apprentices? Peter: To be honest I was completely shocked at first and in a bit of disbelief as I thought I wasn't good enough and there were so many applicants, but I was really happy and excited as I believe this could be a big step in my career and to gain lots of experience

HTN: What do you hope to learn from this experience? Peter: I hope to learn new and modern techniques and to gain as much knowledge and experience possible, also to connect with chefs that could further help my career. HTN: You were also recently nominated for the Ryde Rotary Apprentice / Trainee Award 2012. How were you nominated for this award? What did the process involve? Peter: I was nominated for this award by TAFE NSW Northern Sydney Institute, Ryde College. I actually received a phone call from my teacher asking if I would like to be nominated as my name was tossed up from a couple of staff at a meeting of who the college would like to nominate for the award. The process involved a 15 minute interview with 3 members of the Ryde Rotary Club, being asked questions about social life, community life and work life and what your plans are for the future.

Service Industry Legal Services

Dru Gillan is the principal solicitor with Service Industry Legal Services (‘SILS’). SILS is a boutique law practice specialising in employment law and liquor licensing. To discuss this article, please feel free to contact Dru directly on (02) 8215 1584. Dru’s profile can be read at Liquor licensing up-date: ‘Small Bar’ licences in Kings Cross Under the current legislation, small bars are licensed under what is known as a general bar licence. On September 2012 George Souris MP, Minister for Tourism, Major Events, Hospitality and Racing Minister for the Arts declared that the Government plans creating a new class of ‘small bar’ with a maximum of 60 patrons in the Kings Cross precinct. According to Mr Souris, through new legislation the Government will create a category of bar that would be exempt from the liquor freeze which has now been extended to three years. Presently the Kings Cross entertainment precinct has a freeze of new liquor licences, including small bars of any size. The freeze means that no new liquor licences can be issued in the Kings Cross precinct.

Mr Souris said the plan was to create a new specific ‘small bar’ licence category limited to 60 patrons, exempt from the Kings Cross freeze, to create a different business model for the industry. Mr Souris said the new ‘small bars’ category would be introduced next year. HTN Sponsor: Hennessy Coffee – Hennessy’s Bean About Series Hennessy’s Bean About is a series of shows that offers a review of what is happening out in licensed premises, cafes and hotels. The team at Hennessy Coffee loves to travel and work with cafes across the country. Hennessy’s Bean About is a video review of what Hennessy Coffee does when they are on the road as well as the places they visit and the things they see. Part info-tainment, part documentary the Hennessy Bean About concept was created based on their customer’s interest in where they visit and what they do during the course of their daily journey of coffee. To view the Hennessy’s Bean About Series please visit the HennessyCoffeeAU page at For more information on Hennessy Coffee please visit

Hunter Chefs & Co Hunter Chefs & Co is a not-for-profit association originally formed by some of the regions acclaimed chefs and now guided by some of the industry’s most passionate professionals, who work collaboratively to promote the region, its culinary excellence, outstanding produce and thriving talent. Established in 2006, the association has worked to empower young talent, chefs of the region and local producers, developing their culinary skills through education and training. Hunter Chefs & Co strives for absolute quality in delivering a superior culinary experience for visitors to the Hunter Region. This is achieved through exceptional world class chefs, internationally acclaimed local produce and outstanding service regimes, established by some of the finest restaurateurs in the country. To ensure absolute excellence and high standards of service, the association also works closely with front of house professionals through workshops and onsite training. The Hunter Region experience allows visitors to enjoy mouth-watering food and produce grown locally in the region married with local world-class wines.

Produce includes fabulous cheeses, fruit and vegetables, olive oils and olive products, breads, chocolates, beef, poultry, game and local seafood. Ben Neil, Chairman of Hunter Chefs & Co believes in encouraging people from across the nation to experience not only the incredible wine the Hunter Region has to offer, but to become immersed in its exceptional produce, lifestyle and culture. Hunter Chefs & Co attracts people to the region by showcasing its unique assets through events such as its annual ‘Food Fight’, golfing days, workshops and luncheons. Hunter Chefs & Co also value developing and assisting talented young chefs to reach their potential. As part of this strategic goal, Hunter Chefs & Co, run several competitions and awards for Hunter Region apprentices to ensure the future hospitality industry in the region.

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Profile: HTN Payroll and Administration Officer – Lucy Trevaskis HTN: Please give us a bit about your career background. Lucy: Studied a Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management at The Hotel School Sydney and my first job was working at the Hotel Intercontinental on the switchboard. For the last 12 years I have worked in every hotel department except engineering. I have worked in Restaurants, Hotels & on an Island Resort. Before I came to HTN I worked in Human Resources for Orient Express Hotels in their 2 Australia properties The Observatory Hotel and Lilianfels. This is where I first started doing payroll as part of my role. HTN: What inspired you to choose this industry and work in all these roles? Lucy: My family all work in the hospitality industry, My Mum had her own catering business, my Dad worked for Qantas for 35 years and even my brother is now working in the Casinos in QLD. If I didn’t choose the industry I wouldn’t have anything to talk about with my family!! – the role I have loved most was when I worked in Human Resources, because I had experience in most departments of the hotel I could empathise with all the staff knowing what it was like to start at 5:30am and finish at midnight and work every public holiday!!!

HTN: What do you enjoy most about working for HTN and in the role of payroll and administration officer? Lucy: What I enjoy most about working for HTN are the people I work with and also the company it is – I love the hospitality industry and like working for a company that is passionate about growing the industry. HTN: What piece of advice would you give someone wanting to start a career in Hospitality? Lucy: You need to be passionate about what you do and what the Hospitality Industry is about – You have to want to make every guest happy regardless of who they are and if you are passionate about that I think you will go far. The hours aren’t great but it’s always a fun environment!

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HTN Molecular Gastronomy Master Class Recently HTN presented a Molecular Gastronomy master class to over 30 Apprentices, Trainees and Chefs and was held at TAFE NSW Hunter Institute – Hamilton Campus. This master class featured award winning chef Nenad Djuric who specialises in Molecular Gastronomy and completed his apprenticeship with HTN.

Finalists announced for Fonterra Proud To Be A Chef 2013

The finalists have been announced for the Fonterra Proud to be a Chef 2013 mentorship program, which will see 32 Apprentice Chefs from Australia and New Zealand attend three days of master classes delivered by world leading chefs and industry experts in Melbourne from 25th to 28th February 2013. HTN would like to congratulate the following HTN Apprentice Chefs who will be participating in the Fonterra Proud to be a Chef 2013 mentorship program: • Jesse Dylan Oakley • Peter Tavernese • Sebastian Vella This year the finalists will have the opportunity to learn from: • Teage Ezard, Owner of Ezard, GIngerboy and Black by Ezard • Leigh Power, Head Chef at Gingerboy • Peter Wright, National President of the Australian Culinary Federation Applicants were evaluated based on their demonstrated passion and commitment to food servicing as well as their goals, aspirations and an original recipe.

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HTN Host Trainer Profile: David Ross, General Manager at The Sebel Resort and Spa Hawkesbury HTN: Tell me a bit about yourself and how you became the GM at The Sebel Resort and Spa Hawkesbury. David: I have been in the trade for 25 years, however the last 9 years with Mirvac hotels now Accor hotels have been the most dynamic. I joined Mirvac starting in the Sydney Marriott and Hyde Park Plaza (dual responsibility as F&B Manager) working with a well-known international brand and a well-known national brand simultaneous kept me on my toes. Transferred to Sebel Pier One as Operations Manager, where I saw 2 New Year’s Eves in one of the busiest locations in Sydney, again a very busy social/leisure hotel. Then I transferred to Mount Panorama, Bathurst to open Citigate Mount Panorama (my first hotel opening from scratch as General Manager). This hotel was in receivership when Mirvac Hotels was approached to help ensure it opened. “Open day” was three weeks before the Bathurst Supercheap 1000 in 2009 and yes all went well. I then transferred back to Sydney Marriott till my transfer to Sebel Hawkesbury.

HTN: What made you decide to choose this industry as a career? David: I fell into it. I always liked the image it projected 25 years ago. There was a real feeling of dedication in this trade then and thankfully we still see it in most cases today.

HTN: How long have you been working there? David: I transferred here 18 months ago. HTN: What do you enjoy most about your role and working there? David: The number 1 reason I like working here is the high level of social business and conferencing we look after, I constantly meet new people. The Sebel Hawkesbury is a busy hotel we look after 170 weddings a year and 15 conferences a month. It is a real Food and Beverage hotel. Some of the changes introduced over the last year have seen our culinary creativity grow in the kitchen with all cuisines possible. The hotel sits on 20 acres of landscaped gardens so we capitalise on this and look for opportunities to do outside catering within our grounds, it’s a real WOW for events. This is also the first time I have managed a Day Spa too so I’m constantly learning! Luckily it’s a busy operation……

HTN: Tell me a bit about The Sebel Resort and Spa Hawkesbury and what it has to offer. David: The number 1 thing we offer is a surprise. Most guests often comment that they never expected the hotel to look like this when they arrive again, a WOW! We have recently won a few major awards three of them being the Greater Sydney Tourism Awards for Best Deluxe Accommodation for 2012, Best Event Sales team for Accor Pacific NSW and ACT for 2012 and Outstanding Tourism at the Hawkesbury Business awards for 2012. We are also Tqual accredited so we do see how our guests get a pleasant surprise. Our Day Spa (Villa Thalgo) is one of the largest in NSW with 15 treatment rooms, the layout and look of the spa is sure to always impress and yes there is always a waiting list.

HTN: What kind of menu do you offer there? David: Our a la carte has taken a major change and its always changing from locally infused Asian flavours meets Western styles to hints of classical, this is one of the most exciting challenges ahead, to get the local market to see we are very creative and innovation is all we care about, mediocre is not in our book! HTN: What piece of advice would you provide to someone who is just starting out in the industry? David: Don’t move around every 4 months! It’s a turn off! Stay committed to your employer and it will pay off in future opportunities. It’s simple but honest!

Fuji Taukatelata is announced winner of the Aqua Dining Young Culinary Achiever Scholarship The 2012 Young Culinary Achiever Scholarship established by Aqua Dining Group principal Bill Drakopoulos was recently won by Fuji Taukatelata. The scholarship recognises young culinary students with a commitment and passion to excel in the hospitality industry and is open to 3rd year apprentices who are undertaking trade training in commercial cookery.

Judges Lyndey Milan, Simon Thomsen and Kurt Van Buren were unanimous in their decision to award Fuji the coveted prize of work experience in London with renowned Australian chef Brett Graham at his 2 star Michelin restaurant The Ledbury, $1,000 spending money, airfares and accommodation. The Awards were held at Aqua Dining with the popular broadcaster Jonathan Coleman as MC. The two runners up were Kyiah Jones and Tommy Ly. The trio each created starter dishes in a 5 course degustation dinner.

HTN Sponsor: Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA)

The Red Majesty Chef Program, Beijing China MLA has supported fourteen Beijing Chinese Master Chefs in a year-long educational culinary journey to learn about Australian beef and lamb, cutting skills, new cooking techniques and product applications through a series of training workshop under the “MLA Red Majesty Chef” (RMC) program. On 22 August 2012, the RMC program was launched at the Regent Beijing with a grand gala dinner in conjunction with the celebration of the 40th Sino-Australia diplomatic year of 2012 for 200 guests. The dinner was attended by the Australian Ambassador who officiated the night with MLA South East Asia and Greater China Regional Manager, Aaron Iori by dotting the lions’ eyes following a ritual Chinese culture lion dance. This program provided an opportunity for this selective group of Chinese master chefs to participate in exploring, experimenting and experiencing quality Australian beef and lamb in Chinese cuisine. The launch dinner showcased an “Auspicious Red Majesty Chef Feast” of 8 course menu of signature dishes specially created with Australian beef and lamb by the Red Majesty Chefs who are prominent Chinese master chefs from

renowned restaurants, 5 star hotels and major catering companies in Beijing. These 8 dishes presented in avantgarde Chinese cuisine presentation were personally prepared and cooked by the Beijing Chinese Master Chefs following a 5-day preparation. Since the beginning of the program, these 14 Beijing Chinese Master Chefs went through a year-long series of training on red meat cutting techniques and new cooking techniques. Part of the program requires these Chinese master chefs to create 12 signature recipes of beef and lamb following the training program. Through this program with MLA supporting the development of Chinese chefs through product education, development and innovation, it creates Australian beef and lamb marketing opportunities in a potential foodservice area where high volumes of food are served each day.

How to manage user generated content

With social media usage continuing to develop and increase, businesses need to pay attention to its third party user generated content. Here are simple things to increase your protection: 1. Social Media Policy Make sure your organisation has a social media policy which is being followed. Attach this policy to your social media platforms and website so that third parties are aware of what your guidelines are. This way your organisation has a consistent structure of procedures.

2. Moderate There are certain levels of moderation that you are able to achieve through logging in as a page administrator. For example, Facebook has a feature that allows particular words to be blocked from appearing in comments on the page. This is a good starting point.

3. Monitor

It is important to check what individuals are writing on your pages not because you are required to but because it is a sensible approach. If some third party content is possibly inappropriate, then as soon as you become aware of it, it is practical to remove the content. 4. Act Promptly When business receives a complaint in relation to third party content it is important to act quickly. Such complaints make the business aware of a particular issue so they should act to review immediately and remove the content if necessary. Although user generated content can be difficult to manage particularly if your organisation has thousands of likes or followers, it is something organisations should be actively doing. Most people who submit content have the very best intentions, however, there will always be someone who wants to air negative grievances just to cause trouble. So organisations need to be on the lookout for inappropriate or misleading content. Ideally, all posts should only be published once they have been reviewed and moderated by the organisation.

Christmas lunch for single mothers Chef Zigi Ozeri, owner of Zigi’s Personal Chef Services, recently cooked a gourmet Christmas lunch for homeless people in Sydney as part of a documentary called ‘My Christmas’. This random act of kindness will be featured on Channel 9 on Christmas Day. HTN Apprentice Chef Tommy Ly assisted him on the day and they cooked enough for more than 20 people in his restaurant. Zigi is especially keen to serve single mums and their kids this Christmas. Running a busy Cooking School and Restaurant in Chippendale, Zigi Ozeri has seen how hard it can be for single mums. He wanted to show them that their hard work throughout the year does not go unnoticed.

Zigi opened the doors to Zigi’s Restaurant on Abercrombie Street, Sydney and treated mums and their children to a fourcourse gourmet Christmas meal.

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