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Cobram Estate, Australia's leading provider of olive oil, and the Australian Olive Association (AOA), have begun a partnership to educate HTN Apprentices and Trainees about the quality and benefits of Australian extra virgin olive oil. With a portfolio of award-winning oils, including 'Best in Show' at the AOA's National Olive Oil Awards last year, Cobram Estate is Australia's largest olive oil producer. The Estate grows fourteen different olive varieties at its groves in Victoria, allowing the brand to have a number of different oil styles to suit different tastes and dishes. Together Cobram Estate and the AOA are embarking on a series of activities, including tastings at HTN events, to raise awareness of the quality of ‘home grown’ extra virgin olive oil. Most of Australia’s olives are grown in the east, south and west of the country, with Victoria producing a significant majority. Most of the world’s major olive varieties are grown in Australia and the extra virgin olive oil from each grove tastes different because, like fine wine, it takes on the flavours and aromas of its particular region. Tim Smith, Sales and Marketing Manager of Cobram Estate, said: “We have invested for many years to build a world class Australian extra virgin olive oil business. As a result, we produce some of the world’s best olive oils. We’ve developed a whole range that can be used for all types of cooking, not just on salads!”

The Cobram Estate range is 100 per cent Australian extra virgin olive oil. This means it's cholesterol free, packed with antioxidants and loaded with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It also has a high proportion of monounsaturated fat, which is good for heart health, and is virtually free of trans fats. From Light & Delicate, the ideal companion when stir-frying, baking and roasting, to Rich & Robust, great for marinating or drizzling or adding to casseroles to Fresh & Fruity - a multi-purpose oil that’s great for salad dressings and dipping with crusty bread, Cobram has an oil for every dish. HTN trainees and apprentices will get an opportunity to try Cobram Estate oils and learn more about the range at the upcoming HTN and MARS Food Australia Apprentice Chef Culinary Competition Grand Final.

Cobram Estate – An oil for every taste and dish

Cobram Estate is a signatory to the Australian Olive Association’s Code of Practice, which guarantees the quality and authenticity of Australian extra virgin olive oil. To be certified and display the code of Practice logo on the bottle, every drop of oil in a bottle labelled extra virgin olive oil must meet or exceed standards for quality and must be free of smell and taste defects with a free fatty acid level of less than 0.8 and a peroxide value under 20. Additionally products must have undergone organoleptic and chemical testing and be Australian. For more information visit and

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