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Photo by: Alx Guzman


Editor's Letter


ome, if not most or at least a substantial amount of us believe there is no beauty left in the world. Here in Angels Playpen, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a mantra we live by, a recurring daydream, a persistent source of motivation. Without beauty as a point of inspiration, providing a glimpse of heaven, what would we be left with? In typical heterodoxical fashion, HTM believes continuous encounters with beauty and intelligent design shape the world we live in, enhancing one’s quality of living. If beauty is a set of aesthetics used subconsciously and overtly as a point of comparison, who need argue that to be of a woman. This is part of our Weltanschauung. For us there is indeed ‘heaven on earth,’ one only needs to be receptive. It is said that beauty itself induces a response of satisfaction, we are in accord. Beauty not only has a positive affect on those who possess it but also on those who recognize it. As the interviews within these pages suggest, beauty is more than physical attributes. There is beauty in words and the way a person articulates emotion, showcasing their mindset and philosophies. A person’s philosophy can override any physical imperfections, making that person just as beautiful if not more beautiful than the person who is blessed physically. This is Angels Playpen and any ‘unpleasantness’ therein is considered ‘ugliness.’ Thoughtlessness, cruelty, moral depravity, and willful ignorance; each is an example of ‘ugliness.’ As a simple yet complex concept, beauty has social, spiritual and cultural implications that go far beyond the conventional or more widely accepted understanding of beauty.

Khalid “Bless Theangels” Bey




Khalid “Bless Theangels” Bey Creative Director

Carmelo Soberano Contributors Alx Guzman Anais Zanotti Scott Byler Pamela Jean Noble Mely Lee

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Heaven on Earth


f Belinda Carlisle is right, heaven is indeed a place on earth. There is even a collection of essays called “How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth” compiled by John E. Wade II. The book includes contributions by Barak Obama, George W. Bush, Warren Buffet, Ted Turner, and Tony Blair and touches on ten critical elements deemed necessary to the achievement of ‘Heaven on Earth’. Pleasure yourself, pun intended, its customary here. Be not afraid to do that which brings you joy; surround yourself with all that is beautiful, that which touches your heart, inspires you to become more. Pleasuring one’s self is the one thing I’ve notice humans do instinctively. No one wants to work hard for nothing; pleasure is most certainly a major part of its reward. It’s the only thing that we put effort into complaint free. Who doesn’t want to feel good as often as possible? Heaven on earth is a combination of all the things that bring us pleasure, welcome to Angels Playpen.




Photography by: Alx Guzman



hen you mix a hint of danger with promising pleasure the result can be unmetered desire. Following uncontrollable desire, a meager taste can be as unforgettable as sneaking your first kiss. Piercing eyes command you to obey your thirst, sex lingers like a balloon trapped indoors looking for an escape. Exotic appeal, immediate and pressing heightens your senses. Finally you give in. Welcome to this place of untold pleasure where angels like New Jersey’s Zenovia Lee tempt us with Danger and Desire.




hroughout our history, snakes as symbols have represented many things. It is said that serpents represent immortality, Egyptian and Greek cultures have long associated snakes with eternity. A snake swallowing it’s subsequently forming a circle became the symbol of eternity for the Greeks. Those ponderous souls of Ancient China, themselves connected the snake to life-sustaining rain and fertility. Last but not least, hopefully in explanation of man’s obsession with women and snakes, serpents have been known to evoke thoughts of male sexuality, specifically the sex organ. So having a sexy, exotic angel like Zenovia entangled in the writhing of a large snake touches us on so many levels, that this picto rial, shot by New York’s Alx Guzman is easily one of the visually engaging you will ever find in Angels Playpen Magazine. Hope you enjoy.



“My biggest love is traveling,” Pamela Jean Noble tells me, touching on one of my most enamored subjects. For I too love to travel. Whether it’s just a walk or drive, an exotic vacation or even if it’s only mental; remaining in one place too long acts upon my mind and body like a disease.


Pamela Jean Noble 15 ANGELSPLAYPEN.COM



iminishing my spirit; whether mental and physical, any semblance of restriction is compensated for, if not overly so. I love the idea of a fluid existence, nothing of note can fasten me with any permanence, though if loved I always return. I do have my favorite haunts. “Anywhere I have never been is my new favorite.” Cute, I think to myself as I type out these consonants and vowels. I wish I’d thought to express myself the same.



eaven on earth

would be two years out on the open sea, sailing from continent to continent with a loved one, exploring all the many wonders there are. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel internationally,” says the beauty from San Bernardino, California.

“I want to see everything our world offers!” Worthy ambitions for an angel, there is a place above all she wishes to be immersed in. “Anyone who really knows me knows I’ve been dying to go to Egypt for years now! Something about that place just fascinates me,” she says with palpable excitement. “Their culture, the land, the people… ahhh… seems amazing!” Traveling a lot makes home that much more of a destination itself. “I live right near the mountains so the best thing about it… is its quiet!! It’s so nice to get up in the mornings and hear the birds chirping, feel the wind on afternoon walks, and see the stars at night. Things you learn to appreciate when you’re used to being on the go all the time.” Originally from Fontana, she moved to San Bernardino when she was twenty. And she’s right about being on the go all the time, she recently went zip-lining in Puerto Vallarta. “I really want to do shark cage diving next,” she says plotting her next adventure. A rare genetic mutation, proving beauty is not all about perfection, adermatoglyphia afflicts our angel. Oh it’s nothing too serious, except when attempting to cross international time zones.

“I have very hard to read fingerprints since my mom has no fingerprints,” she says rather emphatically. This is easily the most unique hidden treasure I’ve ever encountered though these interviews. It is said that around sixteen family lines possess this ‘mutation.’ So yes, she is a rare angel in many ways. “I have my mom’s side [in] which my nana was 100% Indian and my grandpa was Swedish,” Pamela says of her lineage. “My dad’s side is Russian and English so I’m a mutt and proud of it!” To become the beauty and angel we see today, Pamela’s journey included a childhood where she admits she was far from the picture of femininity... 18 ANGELSPLAYPEN.COM

" I was a huge tom boy. I hated my hair being done. I'd just pull it out. I was always getting hurt playing, always in shorts and sneakers,"

...she says with a laugh. “My mom probably thought she had a boy until I was about thirteen.” Inevitably there came a point in her life where she had to change and draw on her feminine ways. “I definitely had to get in touch with my girly side which has been a process to figure out.” This was the only significant change for Pamela once she started modeling. “I live a pretty normal life. I just now know when it’s time to get out of the workout clothes and put on a dress and heels!” Though she knows to wear a sexy dress and heels on a Friday night out, she nevertheless feels sexier Sunday in an oversized tee. “Makeup only does so much,” she laments. I, for one am glad she got in touch with her girly side and sought out the world of modeling. She has already learned a valuable lesson.

“There will always be a shady people, but the ginuine ones make up for them!” 19 ANGELSPLAYPEN.COM


amela has experienced a ton in such a short time, both good and bad. “Thank goodness I have learned to accept and grow from each and every one of them,” she says, “I feel like I’m an old soul since I had to become responsible at a young age. Being able to see different sides to every story and assess each situation as it comes has definitely played to my advantage in modeling and life in general.” I would hesitate to call her an old soul… something more like a ‘wise’ soul. Some of the companies she would love to work with include Reef, Sports Illustrated and O’Neil. “I’d obviously love high[end] brands but I’m neither six foot tall nor a hundred pounds so I’m smart enough to know where my niches are.” Miss Jean Noble received her initiation after working on a music video. The makeup kept her in her portfolio and was consistently asked about Pamela. Only thing is, Pamela didn’t model at the time. The makeup artist then suggests she try glamour modeling and the rest is entertainment history. She’d become her main influence, but Pamela was already attracted to the images of the other models and still love to now.

"It inspires me to try new things and strive for the top and the best.”


Pamela’s answers to my questions are thoughtful yet immediate; there is an openness that draws you in. “My girlfriend told me the other day,” she says clearly pondering a past occurrence. “‘You’re beautiful because you’re beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. That’s what makes you shine.’” What her girlfriend told her that day is true; no collection of words could state a finer truth.

"Everyone is beautiful, There is no such thing as ugly. Some people may be unique and different but still beautiful.”

This she says is one of her favorite quotes and I completely understand her reasoning. She has such a commendable idea of beauty, it’s no wonder she fails to see the intimidating affects her own beauty has on others. “I’ve heard that but I don’t understand why,” she admits. “I’m pretty easy to talk to and [am] such a goofball.” For every person her outer beauty intimidates, I’m certain there are a hundred more who attest to the wonders of her inner beauty. She figures guys will always be attracted to her body, and it plain to see why. She has a body that screams… woman! “I work out a lot,” she says. “I’m always mixing it up. P90X, kickboxing, cardio, swimming and weightlifting. You have to keep your body guessing. I used to be a twig in school so it takes a lot of work to keep my body looking curvy and still in shape.” As for girls, they usually admire Pamela’s down-to-earth personality. “I’ll talk to anyone and I like making new friends. Girl power really is amazing! They lift you up, help you relieve stress and are just fun to be with! If all girls saw it this way we’d be unstoppable!” Hmmm… Thanks to our newest angel, Angels Playpen may have just found a worthy cause to take up. Angel Power. To the heavens…


Claudio Parentela’s LABYRINTH



talian artist, Claudio Parentela, has a very liber-

ating view of creativity. There seems to be no boundaries to his creativity, that which is only limited by the chosen medium of expression. He is an illustrator, freelance journalist, cartoonist, collagist, photographer and painter. He has provided his vision to numerous e-zines, traditional magazines of contemporary art, and comics in Italy and around the world. Born in the city of two seas, Catanzaro, the capital of Calabria at the southernmost tip of Italy, Claudio’s list of collaborations and contributions is impressive. He lives and works in his birthplace, from which his art reaches those who have come to love and appreciate his inspired works. His art is inspired by his life and the music that drives him. Books, fashion and underground comics add to his myriad list of inspirations. Ghedalia Tarzartes, Diamanda Galas, Coil, The Incapacitans, Merzbow, The Shadow Ring, the subversive works of Robert Crumb, the intellectual controversy of Pier Paolo Pasolini, the literary experimentation of Virginia Woolf, BAST, Ush, Judith Supine, Sten & Lex, Doe, Patty Waters, Shirley Horn, Charalambides – A Psychedelic band from Texas, all bolster Claudio’s creative dialogue.

“I just want to communicate my joy of living,” he says, “my madness, my colors; all the notes of my soul.” 23 ANGELSPLAYPEN.COM

Though all previously mentioned are inspirations, none are influences. “Only myself,” he says of what influences his work. “My desire to be free in all I do… my desire to be free and to be myself.” An artist’s legacy, what he leaves the world as a gift is an assortment of things he’s inherited and in turn is transformed by his creative spirit. “My colors my nightmares my dreams my natural madness my freedom,” he says of his legacy.

“My artworks are simple and twisted, they’re like labyrinths always different. I like to be discovered and chased in every labyrinth.”

Each time is different. His work frequently takes on a different meaning for him. “It’s a wonderful great game every time,” he says. “I use and experiment with everything I have underhand. I cut and paste, I draw and paint with a lot of colors. I’m always looking for new and particular papers and cardboards. I like to mix all colors and materials in always new and crazy ways,” Claudio insists, explaining his creative process. “I like much experimentation and to play with what I am doing. I never know what I’ll do and where I’ll arrive… and yes I love to mix colors with photos, with paints, with tarots, with Kabbalah… with Sai Baba, with G. Gurdieff and Aurobindo and Mere… with Vivienne Westwood, Moschino, Armani and Dolce & Gabbana… with Mickey Mouse and The Simpsons.” 24 ANGELSPLAYPEN.COM


xquisite custom-designed jewelry and watches. . . MK Jewelers: Designers for the Stars



Friends iw t h Benef its

Intimidated by her line of work, work that requires Money exposing her bare essentials and posing provocativemotivates ly before flashing cameras; Mely Lee causes men to me to get a bit self conscious in her presence. Shame. She work. is blessed to be naturally sexy, no need for a heavy s it sunny today?” workout regime. “I do yoga every now and then,” the question ini- she says. Mely’s chosen profession, intimidates men work tiates her day. so much, it’s difficult to maintain a real relationship. motivates An angel has awak- “Not many men like having a girlfriend that is a nude me to look ened and heaven has become glamour model.” I wouldn’t care about her proclivity for good nudity; loyalty is all I’m concerned with. When it comes reality to some blessed soul. to loyalty, Meyle admits that her commitment, un“I think an angel is a girl that is beau- shakeable as it should be, lies with her family and career. tiful inside and out,” says Australian glamour model Mely Lee. Looking “On my father’s side,” she says of her family heriforward to discovering what beau- tage, “my grandfather is English my grandmothers ty exists within our current angel, heritage is Spanish and Irish. On my mothI absorb the essence of her words. er’s side my grandfathers’ family is from Scot“I’m really into spirituality,” she says land and my grandmothers’ family is Polish.” stoking my interest. “I love Reiki, meditation and pottery.” This is only Fan mail has become much more of a concern these a preview. A broader view of who days signifying the change since choosing to model. She she is lay just a few questions away. writes back to her fans, fans I’m sure will follow their favorite sex symbol wherever she may go. Whether work“I am studying to become a yoga and ing for Playboy, Hustler, Mayfair UK, Georgio Armani meditation teacher,” she tells me. I or some popular bikini company, her fans will supam most impressed by this decla- port her. She won’t dance around what motivates her. ration. More so when she expresses her wish to also become a holistic counselor. Mely loves to cook, swim and dabble in arts and craft. Somehatever the motivation, I’m simply overjoyed to have her as thing most wouldn’t believe about an angel. “I saw an ad in the newspaper when I was twenty her is… “I have never bleached my years old for a photographer wanting to update his portfolio,” hair and I have quite a large freckle she says of her start. “I did the shoot with my girlfriend. It was so much fun; on my booty.” I look for evidence of I wanted to keep doing photo shoots. Now I won’t stop till I reach the top.” this freckle in her photos and fail.




Mely Lee






ying under a tree naked with a sexy man eating fruit and drinking wine next to a crystal clear river.


was born in Melbourne, VIC, I grew up in NSW,” she tells me of where she’s from, “now I live in Brisbane, QLD, and this is the place I represent.” Her city she adores because, “I love the beaches, the hinterland and it has some great places to go out at night.” She was a very active little angel having grown up in the ‘bush.’ “I was a bit of a rebel,” she says, “got into trouble a fair bit and didn’t go to school as often as I should have. Mely has been fortunate enough to travel beyond her city borders enjoying shopping, her favorite foods and discovering new treats. “Thailand was a great place to party, shop and eat!” says the girl who absolutely loves to eat everything from fine dining to market stall food. “I love Thai food. I love Melbourne in Australia for shopping and European food. Lygon Street is great, I love the atmosphere. Queensland is great for steak and seafood.” Anywhere like “Fiji and Hawaii” where it’s “warm and tropical” would be the ideal place to unwind.

“Lying under a tree with a sexy man, eating fruit and drinking wine next to a crystal clear river,” says Mely Lee describing her heaven on earth. The moment can only be made better, made into an unforgettable moment of love, “When a man tenderly kisses me from my toes to my face,” she confesses and I find myself wanting to grant her wish. Drinking wine naked near clear water, being kissed ever so gently everywhere imaginable can only be ruined, “When you drink too much and act a fool,” she says. If you’re looking to seduce a seductress you must remember a few things she says.



is the secret to an effective


Late-night urges can make for an interesting time when one of you is asleep. No problem for Mely though. She sees no reason not to take full advantage. “I like it because I feel in control.” Quite the adventurous angel, I like her. Mely is the type of girl that can turn an ordinary weekend into a ‘great adventure’ which suits me just fine. She admits she like guys who are a bit wild, this could work in my favor for once I think to myself with an internal smile. I would also have to be caring and compassionate which I am, just not all the time. 31 ANGELSPLAYPEN.COM

Down to earth, open and friendly, Meyle finds that both sexes like this about her. I asked her to describe herself in three words that best describe her; she chose five!”

“Cheeky, Crazy, Unpredictable,

Indecisive, Adventurous.


t’s the times when I’m consumed by something that become a strain on any relation I’m in. I get a tad neglectful. Should she and I become close and my actions upset her, I would want to do whatever it took for her to forgive me. “A hug, an apology and jewelry is always a winner,” she valiantly proclaims. All three seems the appropriate response. A little wild, caring and compassionate is the just the beginning of the equation, a guy needs to be understanding, funny, adventurous, spiritual and a great conversationalist. Before any of this can be learned about a guy, Meyle is first attracted to a guy’s smile and his hopefully bright eyes. “I love sparkly, friendly eyes,” she confesses. “Turn-offs are aggressive men, disrespect, stupidity, cockiness, immaturity and I don’t really like the hairy type.”


She prefers her time spent drama-free, drama can bring the ugly out of anyone. “Beauty comes from within,” she reminds me, “a beautiful person is happy friendly and compassionate. It is nice to be important but more important to be nice.” I like when she says this. It’s cute. In fact this statement is so close to her heart it appears to be what she wishes the whole world would undertake. “I would love to see the world become more compassionate and less judgmental.” “I am a Gemini, I love to meet people, I am witty, cheerful and flirty, curious and restless,” she tells me about herself. “Yes, I do have multiple personalities, which can make me indecisive and interested in many different things.” I consider the implication of her words, their combined meaning showing me what makes her different. Surprise to me how she feels about being any different from other models. “I don’t like to think I am separate I feel all beings are one.” Her words were more serious than I’d expected however I appreciated her honesty. Laughter comes easy for the angel; her friends and family are the main source of her spontaneous elation. She calls them hilarious. “My daughter makes me laugh every day. If I, for some reason can’t make her laugh, I would love to make her blush with a compliment. “I am a truly beautiful person inside and out,” she recites the compliment I should repeat to make her blush. It pales in comparison to the greatest compliment she’s yet to receive. Someone once told Mely that she has a ‘big heart’ and her smile would take her a long way.

Music for most of us set the tone of any particular instant, even going so far as characterizing it.

Ministry of sound makes me want to go out and party. I love all types of music from blues to rock and roll It just depends on what type of fun I want to have

I am a Gemini, I love to meet people, I am witty, cheerful and flirty, curious and restless.

Friday evening, pre-gaming before a night out, I can see Meyle dancing around in something skimpy and incredibly sexy listening to Ministry of Sound. She knows this is her sexiest time when compared to a Sunday afternoon where she’s dressed down but still sexy in a large tee. “Sunday morning I am usually very tired,” she says truthfully. “I have never really liked Sundays.There are people everywhere. A lot of shops are shut and there are lots of people about. Friday night is a lot sexier!” I feel blessed having learnt all that I have about Meyle Lee. Maybe one day we can be friends and I can tell her about me and my much storied past. Not everyone believes a true friendship can exist between a man and a woman. “Not really a pure friendship,” she says, unwittingly in agreement with so many before her. “I think girls like to have guys as friends but I find that the guy still wants something more, even if it is just one off sex.” Think that’s what they call friends with benefits. Ha.




acrifice has many meanings, but all share the point of surrender. In any sacrifice something is surrendered;

something of value forfeited. What matters most is what’s on the other end of this sacrifice; it’s always something of equal or greater value. When our newest angel, the beautiful Anais Zanotti made up her pretty mind to spread her proverbial wings as a model, she surrendered herself to that dream, flew across the Atlantic and here we are. My sacrifice, what many consider a normal life, is well worth it when charged with the purpose of highlighting beauty wherever I should find it. My purpose and her dream, neither without sacrifice, have brought us to Angels Playpen. “One of my biggest sacrifices was five years ago when I left France,” she tells me, “I came to the US by myself and didn’t know anyone, I didn’t know English either.” Anais’s sacrifice apparently was everything; she wanted to learn English and become an international model and actress. I can do nothing but appreciate her admission, partly because I would have never gotten a chance at this interview but largely on account of her courage. Anais is from St. Tropez, a former fishing village turned party town in the French Riviera. As of now she lives in another party town, Miami, Florida

but it doesn’t compare to St. Tropez. “St Tropez really is the best,” her words soaked with excitement she continues, “I love to go to Les Caves du Roy to party! It’s the best club ever! The DJ Jackie, [he] has been there for years and he is the King of the club! He is so damn good!” Nevertheless, the city she calls home today is not without its charms. “Miami has a wide variety of cultures,” she states declaring Miami’s preeminence, “and of course the weather.” Becoming a model, especially for one as beautiful as Anais, has not been without its drawbacks. “Well,” she says before a short pause,

“you can see who your real friends are.” True friends, she says, are there with you complimenting you for your work; showing their support. But she also endures the hate.

“The more you are doing well, the more haters you get.” This is exact for so many of us; we lose friends as success is achieved. And yes success is an ambition worth every sacrifice, even friends. 35 ANGELSPLAYPEN.COM

To hone her acting abilities she attended Miami Acting Studio, acting is a passion not just an activity or job, where she has a ton of fun and there is much to learn. “I want to be an actress and also do some commercials on TV as well.” I personally think she needs to be on television and movie screens with her exotic charm. We talk of her childhood; her hanging with boys, playing with cars and reenacting scenes from Miami Vice with her brother; toy guns and all. Then things began to change, fate took shape. At age fifteen while at Nikki Beach in her hometown of St. Tropez, she was approached by a photographer who asked her to participate in a photo shoot for a local magazine. Anais has been involved in the modeling world ever since, motivated by the “imagination and creativity” of the images she sees in photography books, inspiring her dreams of becoming a model and an actress. Her childhood ways still persist. “I am not just beautiful,” she tells me, “I have a lot of male friends. I go skydiving every weekend, I love shooting at the range and now I am doing kickboxing. I don’t care if I get on the floor and get dirty.” French and Southern Italian features shape her face; her mother a native of France, her father a product of Palermo, Sicily. Her sexy frame is lingerie acquiescent, sleek black dress suited and ever bikini ready. “I love my body to be toned,” she says, “so I workout everyday and it makes me feel good and energetic for the rest of the day.” 36 ANGELSPLAYPEN.COM

Laying eyes on her I can see the occasional chap being somewhat intimidated. “Some are,” she admits, “but when they get to know me and how fun I am they just forget about that.”Being as attractive as she is, guys are probably intimidated or falling in love with her all the time, making it hard for the French-Italian beauty to have male friends.

"I am always surrounded by men when I go skydive during the weekend,” says the thrill seeker, “they all treat me like a friend or [just] another skydiver. Well I never have the problem to find someone to jump with. It’s kind of an advantage to be a woman,” she finishes with a smirk. Yes beauty of any kind has its advantages… and compliments. Anais has gotten used to both, especially the latter. The best compliments are usually about her hair, questions about who did her non-existent extensions, wanting to touch and confirm its authenticity. Nice guns are attractive to Anais, by nice guns I assume a guy’s arms. A gentleman with a sense of humor, beautiful hands and a nice voice rounds out what usually starts with the eyes and the smile. A foolish man with bad breath, yellow teeth and dirty hands is too much to handle. If you happen to be that nice gentleman but is completely self-centered, there probably won’t be a second date. “I hate men like that,” she says, “I was on a date once, and the guy just kept talking about himself, and all I wanted to tell him was to date yourself then!” We both laugh at this; I picture this all too well. If you’re looking to seduce her or make her blush, and insisting the two of you are compatible, a perfect match; just do it with tact. “Number one key is class and the way you approach a woman,” instructs the dark haired angel.


The girl with the love-hate rela-

tionship with almond butter also loves listening to DJ Cedric Gervais when shooting, loves house music, R&B and old school hiphop. With loves like these it’s impossible not to like her, impossible not to want to be close to her, to revel in her beauty, consume some small part of her being. It’s not just how she looks that’s attractive, it’s her venerable ambition; that go out and get it spirit; appeals to both men and women.

“BEAUTY IS THE WAY YOU CARRY YOURSELF AND BEING FASHION AWARE.” Her self-analysis is “I am outgoing, fun and a little crazy.” A little crazy for jumping out of airplanes for fun, I think her assessment is accurate. As a Capricorn, she considers herself to be strong, ambitious and loyal; principally loyal to her friends and her word. “When I give my word, I keep it” says Anais stern and somber, “If I tell I am going to do something or be somewhere you can count on me.” Disappointment briefly touches my heart when I learn she is married and her husband happens to be her angel. After dating for a matter of three months, he proposed and three years later that unforgettable moment of love is one of her fondest memories.


We may all get to see her dressed up on a Friday night stun-

ning but it’s he who sees her first thing Sunday morning, simply sexy in an oversized tee-shirt, no makeup. It’s he who gets taken advantage of when asleep and she’s up, frisky and wants to play; something she finds irresistibly fun. Still, though she is married I would like to be someone she can count on, much like so many can count on her. Should we ever get close, I would regret any disagreement returning later, gift extended seeking forgiveness for my part. Anais tells me she has a thing for cute little bunnies. “Since I was little I always loved rabbits, so my nickname is Lapin, rabbit in English.” Her gift of choice; “The best would be a big bouquet of Roses with a lapin,” she says with a smilie face, “It happened in the past and it was very kind.” Having made the decisive sacrifice to leave a place she knows for a land unknown, I’m happy to have her in Angels Playpen and hope she finds her heaven on earth. Anais has a place that does come close. A place she has come to know and love. A place to unwind. Occasional paradise. “Barbados,” she says; appreciation in every word. “It’s not too far from Miami. I went already twice,” she tells me excitedly, “and it’s so beautiful. The people and the food are amazing; great getaway!” We each search for personal peace, whether permanent or temporary, and make conscious and unconscious sacrifices along the way. For Anais, peace is useless unless peace can be shared by all. This would be heaven on earth to an ambitious and strong-minded angel who’s sacrificed much for her peace of mind and of course… for her dreams.

“I am outgoing fun and

a little crazy.”



QOS Technologies

is the company engaged in design, research and production of cars. AQOS Technologies was founded to formalize many years long design research having thorough knowledge on tradition and philosophy of car construction. It is the product of years of work of the group consisted of independent experienced professionals from different fields: design, engineering, technology, architecture, etc.


AQOS is the car manifesto of the new business philosophy.



he AQOS program represents a step forward towards originality of design. AQOS program is based on conceptual solutions of already existing classes of cars and on forming new classes as an answer to the new market tendencies. AQOS Technologies approaches to the design as to the means of articulation of mechanical, technological, aerodynamical, ergonomic, philosophical, and economic aspects of car-construction. The main business occupation of AQOS Technologies is construction and production of „AQOS electro city car�, but another parallel business direction is the research in all aspects of auto-industry and the design (production) of low-volume high-performance sports cars. AQOS Technologies was built as a polygon for the realization of sophisticated solutions which will create strong and authentic AQOS brand (trade mark).






Concepts about the life and the world around us.

Keeping it Simple With the

Awarenes Institute


ver the past few months, the concepts of stripping back the superfluous, simplifying and pulling apart the true meaning of integrity have been strong personal themes. For many people, there’s a drive to again inspect old patterns that continue to run happily in the background despite years of self-examination. Perhaps under the direction of a new global energy, there’s a sense of being able to lovingly let go of those things that have served us all well on one level, yet have offered excuses to stay small on another. 

3. Don’t Make Assumptions: Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life. 

I came across Don Miguel Ruiz’ “The Four Agreements” the other day and it strongly resonated with this desire to pare back; to simplify; to become more real as a participant in this world and begin operating in a more authentic way.  4. Always Do Your Best: With these 4 simple tenets, we could literally change the way we as humans operate in this world. How do they resonate with you? Your best is going to change from Please feel free to share your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circum1. Be Impeccable with your Word: stance, simply do your best, and you Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your and regret. ~ Don Miguel Ruiz Word in the direction of truth and love. 2. Don’t Take Anything Personally: Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

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ver half of Americans in 2011 reported that they “exercised three or more days a week,” according

to a Gallup poll, yet nearly seven in 10 adults in West Virginia, Mississippi and Kentucky are either overweight or obese. Although the average is somewhere near the 55% range for the rest of the nation, it is clear that despite Americans’ best efforts to get themselves to the gym or to lace up the running shoes regularly, losing weight and getting in shape isn’t as simple as some people make it out to be. So how come your efforts to work out regularly aren’t being rewarded with a trim physique and sculpted muscles? Most likely, you’re not optimizing your time spent at the gym. Here are some tips if you are wondering how to get the most out of your workout, so that you can not only get healthy, but look better as well.

Make the Most of Your Time cites not having enough time as the number one reason that U.S. adults don’t exercise as much as they know they should. And if you have kids, you’re even more strapped for time; a 2007 study done by the University of Pittsburgh found that having just one baby can cause “men to work out almost 4.5 fewer hours per week, while women’s activity levels fell by 1.3 hours.” However, if you want to find out how to get the most out of your workout, you will be pleased to know that getting a great calorie-burn doesn’t have to mean logging hours and hours on a treadmill or on the bike. In fact, high-intensity resistance training has become the favorite workout regiments of New York business elites who simply don’t have enough minutes in a day to jog their way to better health.

The idea is that lifting weight and using resistance training will get you a better workout in just 30 minutes a week than conventional workout methods that can take 10 times as long. Emergency room physician Doug McGuff says that high-intensity resistance training can not only help you feel and look better, but it can help eliminate “diabetes, hypertension, gout, hypercholesterolaemia, and all the consequences of being sedentary and eating a diet of modern food.” Make up for Biological Deficiencies Keeping

Simple It’s no secret that your body starts to slow down as you age, causing tighter muscles, less endurance, muscular atrophy and slow weight gain. But what is a secret to many people is that the effects of aging don’t have to be inevitable. In fact, millions of dollars each year researching the most effective ways to beat the aging process and help you enjoy better health.


One of the products of this research is the advent of human growth hormone supplements into the world of workouts. Since your body slowly produces less and less of this hormone, causing a decrease in metabolism and the production of lean muscle mass, increasing your natural production of HGH has been found to exponentially increase the benefits you see from your workout. HGH supplements that use the same chemical triggers that your body uses to call for increased production and secretion of human growth hormone are definitely the safest way to boost your energy levels and help you get the most out of your workout. At, you can read about some of the most effective products, as well as articles regarding the pros and cons of implementing more HGH into your workout. S Keeping it Simple Make sure to keep moving

It might seem obvious that increasing the amount of movement you do, but many people wondering how to get the most out of your workout aren’t using their time efficiently in the gym. Rather than wandering from machine to machine, changing the playlist on your iPod and stopping to chat with someone you recognize could be doing more damage than just adding to the amount of time that you are spending away from home. This is because your heart rate is integral to the amount of calories that you are burning. Essentially, your body requires oxygen to convert adipose tissue into usable energy, and you can pretty accurately gauge whether or not you are getting a good workout with how heavily you are breathing. If you allow time for your heart rate to drop, you will notice that you aren’t breathing as heavily and you are out of the range that allows for maximum caloric burn. Start your workout with deep squats, holding dumbbells in each hand, doing them in quick enough succession that you get your heart pumping, and then try to make sure that your heart rate doesn’t drop too much throughout the rest of your workout. This will make sure that you go home with plenty of burned calories under your belt. Hopefully these tips helped you realize how to get the most out of your workout and you can start optimizing your time spent at the gym soon.


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The Cappuccini Wellness & Spa Center | Guggio, Italy The son of a painter and art teacher, Simone Micheli was

born in Tuscany and since birth seemed poised to create wondrous spaces out of innovative visions. “His creations, sustainable and always environmentally conscious, are characterized by strong identity and uniqueness,” Simone’s bio reads. Here we have his incredible Cappuccini Wellness and Spa fitness center in the Park Hotel ai Cappuccini, a meticulously restored XVII century monastery in Gubbio, Italy.



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Photography by: J. Scott 52 ANGELSPLAYPEN.COM

The times that are most taxing is when days go by and modeling has kept her from seeing her boyfriend and his two year old son; her two loves. It’s all worth it for Taylor who is motivated by the support she receives from family and friends. “That support is my biggest motivation,” she confides. It’s all worth it for Taylor who is motivated by the support she receives from family and friends. “That support is my biggest motivation,” she confides. She has even gotten to know a few popular bands along the way, going so far as to call them friends.

aylor Brynne he sun is rising after another restless night where my thoughts are relentless and demanding. They demand my time and attention, making sleep a hard-fought acquisition. On the flat-screen, CNN delivers both banal and impactful news, informing me of all that’s happening in the world. I need an escape… Angels Playpen. I head there mentally, searching for angels and a little bit of heaven when it dawns on me that there is an angel I made a promise to for her birthday. Her name is Taylor Brynne and as her birthday speedily approaches I only have one present to give… my gift of gab as I tell the world about her.

“I’m petite and have a Mohawk,” says the girl who has my complete attention at the moment; a hard feat indeed. She is telling me about what separates her from all the other angels. A non-traditional model, though petite, she has curves where necessary and is as cute they come.

“To be completely honest,” she says, “[modeling] just sort of fell into my lap.” Her body belies the fact that she’s only worked out about five times since graduating high school in 2007, a fact I almost refuse to believe. What it does is confirm her 15 years of gymnastics. Growing up she was as she says a “tomboy country girl. I am and will always be one of the guys. I was also always a huge fan of country music”. A quick decision -just for fun- to do a shoot with a photographer who happened to be a friend blossomed into a career and lifestyle. Thankfully she had friends who were modeling before her, they became her main influences.

Taking time to address the world around us… we open our hearts, exposing our desires; the things we would love to see materialize. “When it comes to modeling,” she tells me, “I would love to see more ‘unique’ models on the runways. In other parts of the world, where conspiracy theories abound and her mind wonders, she suppresses the need to voice these desires. “There are a lot of things that I would love to see happen in this world,” she says confidentially creating a bond between us. “But those are the things that I would prefer not to say as how quite a few people would disagree with me.”

Volcom, Deadly Dames, Monster, and Iron Fist are a just a short selection of companies from a personal list that Taylor would love to work within the future. Her career choice has brought with it increased recognition and random photos with strangers. Oh the life of an angel can be most taxing at times.

There are two things that truly command her loyalty, the love of her life and her work. In the morning, when sleep is losing its grasp and an awakened state looms, one thought consistently prevails,-



-“How Lucky I am to have someone in my life that loves me for who I am and doesn’t want to change anything about me,”-Taylor confesses. It’s the simple and intimate company of her boyfriend and his son that constitutes her heaven on earth. However, it’s her cell phone and Mac Book Pro that commands the rest of her attention as she couldn’t live without either item. Though it pains me to know she has a boyfriend, I am happy for her; love is important here in Angels Playpen, perhaps above all else. They recently moved in together, she moving out of her parent’s house, now living with the love of her life. Since she has a boyfriend, guys hitting probably isn’t much concern to her yet I know it happens, some guys proving intimidated by how sexy she is. “In fact, my boyfriend was very intimidated by my ‘level of sexiness’,” Taylor admits. “He thought that I was way too sexy for him.” The Sagittarius describes herself as “fun, outgoing and spontaneous” and says everything about her sign fits her perfectly. No question she has admirers, people whom see something about her they like.

“Guys are an easy one. Its either going to be my butt or my eyes,” she says affectionately. “Girls, well they are a bit harder. But most of the girls that I meet, tell me that they admire me for my confidence to have my hair cut into a Mohawk.” I love her confidence as well as her cute bottom and pretty eyes. Should we ever get close and discomfort presented itself because of me, I’d like to make it up to her with a gift. “One of two things,” thoughtfully she relays what that gift should be. “Either twelve long stem pink roses or a combination of red and white lilies and black roses.” I’m thinking I could handle such a request. When it comes time to define beauty, Taylor reflects and discerns that beauty comes from within. “I believe it’s what’s on the inside that matters. If someone has an amazing personality then I believe that a person is beautiful.”


Her outer beauty comes from being a mix of Czechoslovakian, Pennsylvania Dutch and English; her inner beauty comes from being the angel she is. And of course she knows what a great seduction entails, “It’s all about the eyes and the eye contact”. The best compliment she has ever received was something that resonated deep inside, told by a photographer; words she never forgot. “I am so glad you’re getting the recognition that you have worked so hard for,” he’d said. “Success without struggle is meaningless,” he’d uttered. “You have struggled and deserve the world.” The world she does deserve and if I could offer just a piece, just a section for her to go to and relax, leaving all worry and strain behind, I would send her to a place of her selection. “Barbados,” she insists. She should travel to all the cities that hold the best memories for her, cities like Columbus, Ohio and Daytona Beach, Florida. Columbus is actually the city she represent now. “I was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland but was raised in Hilliard, Ohio,” Taylor explains. “The best thing about this city,” she says of where she lives, “is the people that I know and the friends I have here.”

le g g u r t s t u o h it w “Success is meaningless.” d le g g u r t s e v a h u “Y o ” . ld r o w e h t e v r e and des

As an art director and lover of beauty who believes in the majesty of multiplicity, the magnificence of multicultural gorgeousness, the lure of variety, I feel especially accomplished with this interview. Taylor represents ‘difference’ and as a guy who’s spent his life being different, I celebrate her uniqueness, I applaud her audacity and hope she finds an alternative home here in Angels Playpen where she can sit on a cloud, pretty legs crossed playing Xbox 360, her favorite toy. Till next time. 56 ANGELSPLAYPEN.COM







Angel Anais Zanotti


Till next time. Keep exploring Heaven on Earth...

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