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Owning a website has graduated from being an option to being a up most necessity in the present world. Utilization of internet, as a medium to access for information has increased manifolds and website is the only way one can target the flourishing online market. In order to attain a successful website, it is important that one must convert the design file into HTML. HTML is regarded as the language of internet and it is the HTML conversion which makes the design file fully functional and compatible with various web browsers. Reasons behind the success of hand coded PSD to H T M L websites: Professional PSD to H T M L conversion supplements the website with certain lucrative and highly beneficial features. The reasons why professional markup conversion of the design file ascertains the success of the website are discussed below: 1. SEO semantic coding of the website – The professional experts work tirelessly with precision to develop the website with clean and systematically arranged codes. SEO semantic coding particularly means, developing the codes in such a way that the search engine crawlers would crawl through the same easily and hence the website will gain high organic traffic and will be ranked higher on the search engine result pages. 2. Pixel perfect website – The software conversion does not conserve the aesthetics of the design file. However, with the help of precise slicing and coding, the website is made to look as close as possible to the original design file. The look of the website is kept consistent all through and you receive a unique looking and impressive website. 3. Quick loading website – PSD to HTML conversion is backed by PSD to CSS conversion as well. CSS or the cascading style sheet language, helps in making the website much more user friendly and accessible. Besides it makes the codes of the website really flexible, and reduces the extent of coding, by letting the users to call a particular code repetitively. This makes the website really light and flexible and hence it gets loaded quickly on the web browsers. 4. Cross browser compatibility of the website and W3C validation – The website is tested across various web browser and cross browser compatibility is ascertained. A cross browser compatible website carries W3C validation and hence turns out to be efficient and fully functional in the long run.

The two options available for PSD to H T M L conversion When it comes to PSD to X H T M L conversion of the website, the users have two options in particular. Either they can deploy a software to convert PSD to HTML or they can perform it manually. Software conversion, although is simple and takes really less time, but certain bugs are sustained in the final website and even the aesthetics of the design file are not conserved in the same. Manual conversion ensures pixel perfect and error free conversion. If you are looking for a successful website, opt for manual PSD to H T M L CSS conversion.

PSD to CSS/HTML Conversion: Method behind a successful Website  

Owning a website has graduated from being an option to being a up most necessity in the present world. Utilization of internet, as a medium...

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