2022 Annual Report

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Annual Report 2022


Dear friends and followers of our Lord Jesus Christ,

As God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, we are called to be compassionate, kind, and forgiving. We are encouraged to bear each other’s burdens…cloth ourselves with love…let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts…and be thankful. With the word of Christ dwelling in us and gratitude in our hearts we sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to God. And whatever we do, in word or deed, we do it in the name of the Lord Jesus (Colossians 3:12-17 paraphrased).

These words are a wonderful reminder of what it means to be Church. As we reflect on another year of God’s ministry at Holy Trinity let us take this scripture reading to heart and be thankful!

In these pages, I hope you see the face of Christ and feel inspired to be active disciples who carry on the legacy of faith and welcome new people into our life and ministry together.

In 2022, God inspired our congregation to reconnect in worship, refresh our faith, rejuvenate our ministry, reach out to our community, and renew our vision for the future.

• More people are engaged, visitors feel welcome, and active participation is growing in Worship, Faith Formation, Music Ministry, and Fellowship events.

• Mission support remains generous and outreach was expanded to more local agencies during the God’s Work. Our Hands. week of service.

• Long Range Planning Focus Groups developed a new 3-year strategic plan “Vision 2025”—with goals and outcomes that will enhance our ministry.

• A new Building Team was organized to plan needed restoration, renovation, and upgrades to our building/campus that will support our mission, ministry, and Vision 2025.

• And our church is blessed by your generous gifts, caring ministry, service to others, and array of talents that give glory to God!

I pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire us to share the Gospel in new ways and build relationships with new people—for the Lord Jesus and his Church.

Your brother in Christ and partner in ministry,

Pastor Chris Webb The Reverend Christopher D. Webb

When Pastor Webb informed me Pastor Jasmine Tesdahl was leaving Holy Trinity and requested I consider serving as Interim Associate Pastor until a replacement for her could be found, I was humbled and honored. In spite of circumstances that turned an anticipated part-time ministry here into full time ministry immediately upon my starting in September, to have the opportunity to return to a faith community I had come to love while serving as the Interim Senior Pastor prior to Pastor Webb's becoming Senior Pastor, I was humbled that the congregation wanted me back during this vital transition time. And I was honored to be able to work with a good friend, Pastor Webb, and an outstanding staff. While certainly testing these old bones, having the opportunity to start off with a bang was less a burden than a joy.

The past three months have been for Shirley and myself a genuine homecoming experience. We love Hickory, we love Holy Trinity, and we love y'all! Now I pray for the wisdom and stamina to provide the congregation with what is needed as the exciting programs of ministry you have embraced grow and develop, and as the Spiritled search for the next Associate Pastor moves forward. It is a blessing for me to be part of the exciting "God-things" happening in the life of our church in 2023!

Christ came that all who listen to him might have life (John 10:10b). Live it up!

—Pastor Richard Graf

As I reflect on 2022, I am reminded of the tagline from Vacation Bible Camp this summer….”Awesome God!” As we celebrated each of our daily Bible points—God loves you no matter what; God is with you everywhere; God is in charge; God is stronger than anything; God is surprising—all 150 participants and volunteers would shout Awesome God! I continue to be grateful for our amazing Holy Trinity Family as we navigated through many uncertainties and changes in 2022 and am thankful for our Awesome God. We have many reasons to celebrate!

• We were able to worship, sing, play, pray, and fellowship in a near “normal” manner, due to decreasing Covid numbers. We celebrate everyone’s patience as we navigated through the constant changes and thank the Covid Task Force for their leadership. Awesome God!

• We were able to continue our ministries at Holy Trinity, despite some full-time vacancies, due to wonderful additions to our staff and our dedicated volunteers. We celebrate all of the programs HTLC has to offer! Awesome God!

• We were able to surprise Pastor Webb for his 25th anniversary of his ordination. What fun it was to celebrate this milestone occasion together! Awesome God!

• We have dedicated call committee members who are working hard to find the right person to serve as our new Associate Pastor. In the meantime, we have Pastor Graf with us. Both are reasons to celebrate! Awesome God!

• We ended 2022 strong, with increasing attendance numbers, many visitors, baptisms, an adorable preschool pageant, and joyous Christmas Eve services with wonderful music and messages in a beautifully decorated sanctuary. We celebrated Jesus’ birth in a magnificent way. Awesome God!

I am incredibly grateful for all of you: our church staff, volunteers, executive team and church council, preschool, and all of our committees, ministry teams, and programs. It has been a privilege to serve as your council president in 2022.



No actions to report


Annual Congregational Gathering Congregation adopted the Proposed 2023 Budget of $1,224,750


Approved the reception of new members: Todd, Sara, and Amelia Cutter; Tom and Karen Smith; Lisa Anderson, Nick Byers; Betty Houston; Maude Shaw and Associate member, Nathan Shackelford.


Approved a Congregational Retreat available for members on September 16-18 at Lutheridge.

Approved the formation of a committee with a couple members from Finance, Council, Property, and Long Range Planning along with a Pastor to discuss how to fund ongoing projects/requests.

MAY 17

Approved the position description for the Director of Youth and Family Ministry.


Approved Wyatt Hager’s Confirmation Faith project— “Blessing Box.”


No actions to report


Approved the reception of new members: Sherry Lynn Johnson by Baptism, Regis Marie Gilman, Daniel John Voelkert, Stephen Ross Hume. Others who may join: Bradley and Eileen Zins, Jill Holt and baby, Gary Eckley, Derek and Tammy Eckley, and Kenya Davis.


Special Council Meeting Approved the Ministry Transition Agreement for the termination of the call ministry relationship between Pastor Jasmine Tesdahl and Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Hickory.




Approved a contract with Trademark Land Services to perform the survey work outlined in Trademark Proposal No. P20220126 Rev (dated August 15, 2022) for $15.712.50 with funds available from the sale of the house on 7th St NW, Hickory.

Approved to continue following CDC guidelines, with exceptions (see at the end), while mindfully mitigating risk. While local transmission levels are high, masks are encouraged indoors for worship, pre-school, faith formation classes, meetings, group settings, etc. CDC guidelines will be used to determine when to quarantine and when to return to work/church. Exceptions: Senior High Youth may have food/lunch on Sundays (outside is preferable, indoors is acceptable). In-person

Wednesday Church Night Suppers (held in Fellowship Hall) will be made available starting September 7 with tables being spaced apart and chairs around each table limited to 4-6 people. Merv 13 filtration will continue to be used, doors and windows will be opened, and box fans used to move fresh air from outside into and through Fellowship Hall and kitchen. Please note: WCN drive-thru will be discontinued. Other food/fellowship events will be scheduled outside whenever possible.

Approved the Letter of Agreement between the Congregation of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Hickory, NC and the Rev. Dr. Richard Graf who agrees to serve as Interim Associate Pastor of HTLC beginning September 19, 2022, and continuing in this position

until a new Associate Pastor, or Word and Service Minister, has been called and begins services, or until the Congregation Council of HTLC determines Pastor Graf’s services are no longer required, or until August 31, 2023, whichever comes first.

Approved to give Laura Thomas and Pastor Webb the authority to send in application to the Seminary for approval in order to pursue a Seminary Student that would participate in a Collaborative Learning Program with HTLC.

Approved that solicitation and/ or fundraising activity on Holy Trinity premises is limited to groups and individuals sponsored by Holy Trinity Ministry Teams. The funds shall further benefit and support the mission and vision of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.


Approved a sentence change in the Letter of Agreement for Interim Associate Pastor Graf: For this, the Interim Associate Pastor shall be compensated annually the total sum of $55,000. $15,000 paid as annual salary and reported to federal and state authorities as taxable income and $40,000 paid as a non-taxable housing allowance




Approved partnership with The Counseling Group to provide EAP (Employee Assistant Program) to provide services to all employees for the cost of $1,000 year for all staff, with deidentified data being provided after one year by The Counseling Group.

Approved the HTLC Ministry Site Profile, (updated October 2022), to be submitted to the NC Synod Office to begin the call process for a new Associate Pastor.


Heard a presentation from special guest, Pastor Phil Tonnesen, from the NC Synod, about the steps taken during the Call Process.

Approved amendment to Interim Associate Pastor Graf’s Letter of Agreement as follows: adding Leadership to Service & Outreach, compensation will increase from $55,000 to $60,000, and increasing his 20-30 working hours to 30-40 working hours.

Approved the artwork print presented to HTLC from the Sigler family.

Approved the following as members of the Call Committee: Laura Thomas-Chair, Seth Caudle, Elaine Myers, Cheryl Arnold, Jim Wold, Pastor Webb, and Sara Davis.


Approved Brad Zins as a new Foundation Board Member for 20222023.

Approved that HTLC is willing to be the reunification site for University Christian High School (UCHS) in case of emergency. HTLC is also willing to be the emergency classroom location for 5 classrooms from the UCHS North Campus in the case of a catastrophic event where they are unable to have classes at St. Andrews.

Approved Pastor Webb’s Sabbatical Proposal.

President Vegter thanked the outgoing Council members: Elaine Myers, Bobby Barger, Jennifer Beard, and Katherine Rogers.

Approved, by written ballot, to elect the following as Council Officers for 2023: President: Jason Arnold, VicePresident: Rachel Nichols, Treasurer: Sharon Milligan, and Secretary: Kathy Starnes.

Submitted by Kathy Starnes, Congregation Council Secretary


The Long Range Planning Team used 2022 as the feedback year to create the Vision 2025 plan. The plan called for us to look up, in, and out, and it centered on Worship (up), Discipleship (in), and Service & Outreach (out).

Early in the year we held several focus group meetings, each targeting one of those areas. Rachel Nichols, Kyle Lotier and Nathan Bowman ran the groups, and we took that feedback and used a planning tool to compile it into a short list of goals for us to target in the Vision 2025 plan.

We will be presenting the Vision 2025 plan and the resulting goals for adoption in the January 2023 Annual Congregational Gathering.



With joy, we welcomed these new disciples to our community of faith in 2022. We look forward to sharing the life of faith with them in ministry, worship, and service.

Lisa Anderson

Todd, Sara, and Amelia Cutter

Tom & Karen Smith

Kathy Yonce

Maude Shaw

Regis Gilman

Steve Hume

• Dan Voelkert

Jill Holt


Ten youth affirmed their faith and were confirmed in 2022. Additionally, two infants and one adult were baptized. Confirmed:

R.J. Caldwell

Alex Cardwell

Cole Caudle

Wyatt Hager

Jack Osborne

Autumn Sullivan

Henry Thompson

Jackson Wuest

Johnston Wuest

Stephen Wuest

Austin Michael Lehman

Baine Von Holt

Sherry Johnson

Baptized: •
Bill Davis
Margie Davis & Kyle Lotier
Betty Houston
Nathan Shackelford
11 COMMUNITY OF FAITH Membership Report Membership Baptized (active): 844 Confirmed (active): 694 Baptized (inactive)*: 212 Confirmed (inactive)*: 194 TOTAL Baptized: 1056 *We have no record that these members have communed or made a contribution during the previous two years. In memory We remember these saints who joined the Church Triumphant this year: • Betty Propst Eckard • Norma Jean Yount Moser • Maude T. Shaw • Bekri Mumme Suliman • Greta Anita Lint • John David Wilfong • Ralph Cunningham • Mary Kathryn Frye Hemphill
Los Angeles, CA Phoenix, AZ Brooklyn, NY
Spring Hill, FL Phoenixville, PA
Gainesville, FL Savannah, GA Charlottesville, VA Atlanta, GA
Did you know? On Christmas Eve 2022, worshipers joined us online
Social Media 793 Facebook Followers facebook.com/HTLC.Hickory 109 Instagram Followers instagram.com/holytrinityhickory
pics 932
Average Worship Attendance 234 In Person 94 Online Total Worship Attendance Easter Sunday 595* Christmas Eve 916* *In-Person & Online (live and recorded views)
Lawrenceville, GA
places around the United States.
are the 10 furthest locations.
Facebook Posts (# of people reached):
Vacation Bible Camp
Senior Adult Ministry Cinco de Mayo Party pics
Blessing of the Animals pics
Bobby Barger: Volunteer Spotlight article
God’s Work. Our Hands. pics
Youth Sunday pics
Advent pics
Easter Sunday pics
Godspeed & Farewell for Pastor Tesdahl (The Servant newsletter)
Faith Formation Team pic


The Evangelism team works to make Holy Trinity more visible in our community and to build relationships with guests and lifelong members alike. Here are a few of our projects from 2022:

• Coordinated with staff to support new member orientation

• Reviewed attendance statistics to identify trends and opportunities

• Participated in God's Work. Our Hands. Sunday by doing clean-up of the entrance and lobby at the Children’s Advocacy & Protection Center

• Maintained name tags

• Launched the Holy Trinity Welcome Team to help us connect with guests and foster relationships with our new members. Volunteer roles include Welcome Desk Guide, Welcomer, Encourager, and Shepherd.

• Team members shared a devotion at other ministry team meetings to help facilitate conversation about how we can all use our various gifts and ministries to share the Good News of God’s love for us in Christ Jesus.

• A sub-committee of the team has been researching ways to upgrade and refurbish Saints’ Hall with a more purposeful area to serve coffee and new furnishings. The group will be working with the Construction Team to put a plan in place going forward. The intent is to make the space more welcoming and functional.

• Participated in the Harvest Welcome Center on Halloween, providing a photo booth for guests, handing out reusable bags with the Holy Trinity logo, and serving as docents to help answer questions about our congregation and worship spaces.

Submitted by Emily Edwards


The Personnel Committee is grateful for the dedicated staff at Holy Trinity, who continue to demonstrate great flexibility, competence and patience not only through a pandemic, but especially this past year during staff transitions and vacancies. We hope to become fully staffed in 2023 as we prepare to call an Associate Pastor, and Director of Youth and Family Ministry. The committee continues to support staff by advocating for fair compensation, providing a safe environment, and implementing consistent employment policies.

During 2022, the Personnel Committee:

• Revised the Director of Youth and Family Ministry position description; assisted in planning for interim coverage during the vacancy.

• Clarified staff exempt/non-exempt classification for consistency with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

• Created a “Work from Home Policy” for appropriate staff, for short-term use during unexpected and extenuating circumstances.

• Signed an Employee Assistance Program agreement for all staff, with approval by the Executive Committee and Finance. The program will be evaluated on an annual basis.

• Continued an ongoing review of the Employee Handbook, with updates and revisions as necessary.

Many thanks to committee members Mark Davis (Council liaison), Charlie Griffin, Tanya Honeycutt, Julie Huffman, Gail Summer and Pastor Webb for sharing their time and thoughtful input.

Submitted by Maryellen Paton
Congratulations! These staff celebrated milestone anniversaries in 2022:
Michelle Rowland | Pre-School Teacher | 5 years Lori Trimm | Pre-School Co-Director | 15 years

Music Ministry

7 vocal choirs:

Chancel Choir—Adults

Chapel Choir—Adults

Youth Singers and Luther Choir—Youth, grades 6-12

Joy Singers—Children, grades 2-5

Cherub Choir—Children, age 4-grade 1

Carol Choir—Children, ages 2 and 3 with caregiver

Volunteer Choir Directors: 3

Staff: 2

5 handbell choirs:

Trinity Ringers—Adults

Chapel Ringers—Adults

Luther Ringers—Youth, grades 9-12

Notabells—Youth, grades 6-8

Prime Chimes—Children, grades 3-5

Staff: 1

Liturgical Dance:

Youth grades 5-12

Volunteer Choreographers: 2

NewSong Worship Team:

Adults and youth

Staff: 1



Worship Leader Participation:

serving as worship assistants and volunteer coordinators; choirs and other musicians; ushers; sound technicians; camera operators; crucifers, acolytes, “Lift High the Cross”, and parent coordinators; valet parking attendants; liturgical arts team members; altar guild; greeters; bulletin proofreaders and printers; and staff.

Special Worship Services and Outreach

Advent Lessons and Carols Christmas Coffeehouse

Youth Sunday Stations of the Cross Church Music Sunday Caring for Creation Sunday Celebration of Pastor Webb’s 25th Anniversary of Ordination Blessing of the Animals

Thanks to:

Worship and Music Team for your wise guidance

All participants in vocal, instrumental, and handbell ensembles for your faithful service

Cathy Lail, Linda Sigmon, Kimberly Vegter, Cheryl Arnold, and Tiffany Brittain for serving as volunteer choir and dance directors Sue Moore, Rachel Nichols, and Janine Webb for coordinating the Altar Guild teams

Pete Mahnke and Kathy Starnes for coordinating the usher team Liturgical Arts Team for decorating our worship spaces

Wade Poust and Larry Shuford for coordinating video and sound operators

Rachel Nichols and Gail and White Iddings for assuring that our Worship Assistants have everything they need to lead worship

All Worship and Music participants for helping provide multiple meaningful funerals and memorial services throughout the year

The people of Holy Trinity for giving generously so that we could purchase what we needed, and for joining us faithfully in worship—in person or online—every Sunday. We are the church together.

How did you experience God while serving in the Worship and Music area this year?

I experience God in several ways: Singing a beautiful piece of music along with fellow choir members. The quiet times during the service for reflection. The fellowship of worshiping with choir members, worship assistants and the congregation. I especially feel that when sharing communion with others.

---Gail Iddings, Chancel Choir member and Worship Assistant Coordinator

Singing in the choir deepens my understanding of scripture each week as we sing our way through the annual lectionary. When singing an anthem, I often experience a “now I see” moment that shines a new light on readings for the week. So while I thoroughly enjoy the act of singing, that enjoyment is more than doubled from the scriptural enlightenment.

—Chancel Choir member (anonymous)

I like singing in the choir because it’s a shared, group effort. It’s like singing with the angels!

—Janet Leinbach-Poust, Chancel Choir member

Submitted by Karen Shuford, Director of Music Ministry

It is the goal of the Service & Outreach Team to reach out personally or with the congregation’s benevolences to the poor, disenfranchised, and struggling to be a witness of God’s grace. Our purpose is discerning how best to use the church’s resources to support the local and distant ministries. Team members put their faith in action and invite other members in the congregation to join them. Our responsibility as a team is to highlight gaps in services and needs within our community, be attuned to circumstances as they occur, acknowledge nudges to act in uncomfortable circumstances, and pray for one another.

2022 Actions

• Supported the Community of Welcome in bringing an Afghan family of 6 to Hickory. Along with other community organizations, members of Holy Trinity offered many services to assist the family in setting up a home here, ESL classes, transportation, etc.

• Spearheaded the awareness and an effort for Caring for Creation Sunday on June 12, 2022. Sermon and song reflected God’s creation and our responsibilities to maintain it.

• Led the efforts for the God’s Work. Our Hands. event in September. Congregation members participated in providing a variety of supports for programs supporting those in need, including:

Field trip to The Dwelling in Winston-Salem (for worship and to serve a meal)

Provided a meal at the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club

Spread mulch for Hickory Soup Kitchen

Shared hospitality gifts with residents of Family Care Center

Helped prepare food and serve guests at The Corner Table

Cleaned the entrance and lobby at Children’s Advocacy & Protection Center

Collected donations of items needed for patients and families of Carolina Caring

• Provided support and supplies to Oakwood Elementary School and Lenoir-Rhyne University students.

• Provided needed items for Living Waters ministry in Cherokee.

• Led the effort to provide 50 needy children with Christmas gifts through the Salvation Army Any Tree.

• Distributed additional money provided by the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Foundation to five local organizations providing services for diverse populations.

• Implemented a system to conduct due diligence on all organizations to which funding is provided to ensure they are good stewards and meeting goals that mirror those of Holy Trinity and to evaluate and place emphasis on organizations that best fit the goals of our congregation.

Submitted by Tony Beatty

Continuing our 2021-2022 Faith Formation theme of “Disciples—Love One Another,” the Faith Formation Team has been extremely creative in ways to deliver faith-based activities to all ages. We began the new Faith Formation year in August, using the Bible verse Ephesians 4:2—“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient bearing with one another in love.” We are thankful for the continued support from the congregation as we continue to shape faith beginning from birth and continuing through all stages of life. The beginning of this year was still challenging with Covid and with changes in staffing, but it has enabled us to be creative!


January: Building Blocks of Faith for 2 year olds

March: Stewardship for 3rd grade

April: Lock-In for 8th grade Care for Creation for 4th grade Stories of Our Faith for 4-year-old

May: Sanctuary Crawl for 1st grade Quillow Presentations for 12th grade

August: Lift High the Cross for 1st grade

October: Unbridled Faith for 7th grade Mentor Activity for 6th grade Faith as a Journey for 11th grade Bible Presentations for 5th grade God as My Co-Pilot for 10th grade

November: God as My Co-Pilot for 9th grade


• 2 youth attended Kairos/ Campfirmation at Lutheridge in July

• 16 youth went to Faith Alive at Lutheridge in the fall

• Lutheridge Day Camp was held in June, and 27 kids participated. Holy Trinity partnered with Centro Latino and St. Stephens Lutheran (ELCA). Five Lutheridge staff were at Holy Trinity for the week.

• Monumental Vacation Bible Camp: 108 participants (up 22 from 2021); more than 50 volunteers; more than 200 attended closing lunch


Affirmation of Baptism was held on Pentecost Sunday on June 5. Nine students affirmed their faith and were confirmed.


April 16 Easter Adventure August 28 Backpack Blessing with distribution of carabiners




• Faith Formation Kick Off was held on Sunday, August 28. Children enjoyed games in Fellowship Hall based on the “Fruits of the Spirit.”

• A NEW class for 5th graders began in the fall.

• Cross+Generational Events were held in September (art project based on the 2022-23 Faith Formation theme) and December (Chrismons).

Resurrection Class

Studies included: Book of Proverbs taught by a rotation of leaders Grace taught by Pastor Graf Afterlife-Heaven-Resurrection taught by the Rev. Dr. Tom Colley

Activities: Grounds Cleanup at Holy Trinity Planting annuals Vacation Bible Camp prep work Bingo Night Ringing Salvation Army Bell Christmas party

LIFE Class

Studies included: Daily Discipleship The Wired Word

Activities: God’s Work. Our Hands. service project at Hickory Soup Kitchen


The Christus Victor and Rainbow libraries provide information, inspiration and entertainment through carefully chosen books and DVDs for adults and children. Both libraries are always open when the church is open and are frequently used for meetings and informal gatherings.

Submitted by Linda Sigmon


2022 has been a busy year at Holy Trinity PreSchool! Our school has been enjoying more of a sense of “normalcy” since the beginning of the pandemic, and we have been able to resume special visits from the Hickory Museam of Art, Catawba Science Center, and Stretch & Grow.

Throughout our spring semester, the Ones and Twos played and learned through their teachers’ creative, multi-sensory curriculum. Some favorite lessons were about farm animals, shapes, colors, story book characters and cooking.

Our three-year class kept busy with fun and educational units including dinosaurs, growing flowers, fun with numbers, and a class favorite— ‘Creepy Crawlies’—about insects and spiders.

Our Fours collected items for the Catawba Humane Society in February as part of their ‘Share the Love’ unit. They also had a visit and performed an original song about Hickory for mayor Hank Guess, which was included in a Geography unit. The alphabet is always a big part of the fours daily lessons, and they also got to experiment with science projects and baking.

In December, the school collected non-perishable food items for the CCM pantry. We were also excited to have our annual Christmas pageant.

Submitted by Kristy Edens and Lori Trimm

Youth & Families

The Youth & Families program continues to offer activities and fellowship for all elementary, middle school, and senior high students even as the search continues for a Director of Youth & Family Ministry. Under the leadership of Pastor Webb, as well as Lenoir-Rhyne stuents Nathan Shackleford and Jenna Ramsey, our Youth & Family Ministry remains strong.


• Weekly youth meetings with lunch provided by parent volunteers

• Lock-in

• Back to school party at the Webb home

• Spent week at The Dwelling in Winston Salem learning about ministry for the homeless


• Weekly youth meetings

• Back to school party at Webb’s

• Faith Alive retreat at Lutheridge in the fall


• Monthly activity with lunch

• Trip to Defy Trampoline Park

• Youthquake

Submitted by Terri Boone
26 Stephen Leaders Sandra Annas Maxine Barnhardt Jan Jolly Bob Kapellusch (commissioned in 2022) Skip Pearce Pastor Richard Graf Pastor Jasmine Tesdhal (commissioned in 2022) Pastor Chris Webb 25 Active Stephen Ministers 2 Inactive Stephen Ministers Stephen Ministry Assignments 20 Stephen Ministers made approximately 956 or more weekly visits to care receivers Tele-Care Phone Calls Approximately 5 calls per week = 240 calls made in 2022 Caring Phone Calls Approximately 22 calls per month = 264 calls made in 2022 Eucharistic Ministry Approximately 24 visits per month = 144 visits made in 2022 (from June-December)


Submitted by Jan Jolly Stephen Ministry collected personal hygiene items, sheets, towels, and snacks for patients and families of Carolina Caring for God’s Work. Our Hands. Day.


The Parish Life Team serves as host for the many Fellowship Events held for the entire congregation during the year. We were able to resume most of our events in 2022, and our community of faith has enjoyed being together for fellowship.

• Coffee Fellowship has continued in Saints’ Hall. It follows the 8:30 a.m. service and continues until the 11:00 service begins. Thanks to Parish Life team member Maria Register for the new coffee sign, “GOOD DAYS START WITH COFFEE & JESUS.” Look for it in Saints’ Hall!

• We offered a continental Easter Breakfast in April.

• We had a wonderful cookout in May to celebrate the close of the Wednesday Church Night (WCN) season. Music was provided by Men in Black.

• We support Senior Adult Ministries when needed.

• Summer months continued with Lemonade fellowship after the 10:00 a.m. services. We offered an ice cream social in July.

• With joy we celebrated Pastor Webb’s 25th Ordination Anniversary with a covered dish luncheon in June.

• A celebration of Pastor Tesdahl’s ministry with uswas held in August, as she and her family transitioned to a new call.

• We had a cookout to launch the beginning of another WCN year in August.

• In September our team participated in God’s Work. Our Hands. Day. We prepped and cooked lunch at The Corner Table in Newton.

• A beautiful fall night in November played host to a movie night held in the upper parking lot.

• We celebrated a day of thanks on the Sunday before Thanksgiving with a wonderful meal of turkey and ham and all the fixings!

It has been another busy year filled with food, fellowship and fun!

Thank you to a wonderful team that is eager to share their time with our Holy Trinity family!

Submitted by Carol Dickson

Thanks to additional funding from the sell of the Hambrick house and support from the Endowment Foundation, the Property Team was able to complete many improvement projects this year.

Planned Capital Improvement Projects

• Replaced the Fellowship Hall Roof

• Painted the interior of the fellowship hall

• Painted the first floor of the education wing including all stairwells

• Replaced the lights in upper parking lot light poles

• Installed new light wall packs on the exterior of the building

• Repaired the exterior spotlights that illuminate the northeast corner of the nave

• Sealed and striped the upper and lower parking lots

• Replaced water fountains with bottle fill stations in the Pre-School hallway, Saints’ Hall, Office, and Community Rooms hallway

• Performed a full re-evaluation appraisal of the facility

• Professionally cleaned the chairs in Trinity Chapel

• Restored and relocated the china cabinet from Community Room C to spare office

• Added hand railing in the lower-level hallway

Misc. Repairs/Improvements

Various repairs to minimize water intrusion

• Gutter repair in the columbarium area

• Gutter repair along the north side of the Nave

• Caulked the base of the wall around Fellowship Hall

• Caulked under the stone cap on the office parapet wall

• Spot repair/replace slate on Nave roof

• Replace the wall-to-roof flashing on the breezeway entrance

• Various roof leak repairs

Misc. mechanical system repairs

• Quarterly maintenance

• Replaced blower motor • Fixed chiller

• Repaired Unit #7 serving the choir room • Replaced pump seal • Maintained Grounds

• Removed the chain-link fence and cleaned the area on the west side of the lower parking lot • Electrical improvements

• Replaced lights with LED throughout the facility

• Replaced various light fixtures with LED throughout the facility

• Replaced lights in the Nave

Respectfully, Steve Triplet Ryan Hager

Submitted by Ryan Hager | Steve Triplett


The first objective of the Stewardship Team was to assess how the congregation felt about our recent Stewardship campaigns via a survey. Results from this survey led us to continue with very little changes to our campaign format. We analyzed the needs/wants of the church and committees to create goals for our 2023 campaign. Once the goals and objectives came to light, we identified a need to create more excitement around Stewardship, not only in giving but also a need in expediting the return of pledges. Through this process, and given the current state of uncertainty around our economy, we were led to select the campaign slogan of “Trust in the Lord and do Good.”

To help motivate members to offer pledges we highlighted October as the month of giving. We wanted to clearly define a start and end to the campaign, although pledges could still be turned in after October. We also tried to make the slogan and the opportunity to give more visible through signage and a variety of ways to offer a pledge (physically and electronically). The team was on hand in Saints’ Hall to share stickers and pens as both a reminder and thank you. A celebration was held on the last Sunday of October to close the month of giving.


Stewardship $7,125 Youth Ministry $6,998 Parish Life $5,633 Pre-School $5,355 Evangelism $2,785 Caring Ministries $2,618 Communication $2,450

33 ||||||||| | | | | | |||||||||||||||| | | | |||||||||||||||| | | | | | ||||||||||||||| | | | | |||||| Salaries & Benefits $726,100
Wednesday Church Night $25,182 (cost offset by meal fees)
Property $190,953 Benevolence $127,794
Worship & Music $13,216 Faith Formation $14,350
Total 2022 Budget $1,130,559 Total Offerings Received $1,159,600 2022 Actual Operations
34 OUTDOOR MINISTRIES Lutheridge/Lutherock Outdoor Ministry $5,000 Lutheridge New Van $5,000 SCHOLARSHIPS College scholarships (18 awarded) $16,400 FAITH FORMATION Congregation Retreat at Lutheridge $5,000 TECHNOLOGY Computers $3,200 PROPERTY Restoration & Painting $25,000 Passenger Van $15,000 Water Bottle Filling Stations $5,000 Cleaning of Upholstered Chairs $1,972 SERVICE & OUTREACH Holy Trinity Outreach Program $15,000 Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministry $5,000 Centro Latino $5,000 The Dwelling $3,000 OTHER NC Synod Lifeline Fund $3,500 HTLC Operating Ministry (Walker Fund) $3,105 Trinity Village (Piano Dolly) $1,205 $10,000 $16,400 $5,000 $3,200 $46,972 $28,000 $7,810 TOTAL Grants Awarded in 2022 $117,382 ENDOWMENT FOUNDATION This report is for the October 1, 2021 –September 30, 2022 fiscal year. The Foundation’s funds have been accumulating since 1978 from estates, donated insurance policies, and gifts of individuals.
gifts are either unrestricted
the General Fund or restricted for designated funds. According to the current spending policy,
of the General Fund balance is made available to spend, if needed, using an average of the last three years’ ending balances, as of the year ending September 30. Expenditures from unrestricted funds are for outreach ministries beyond our congregation and unique ministries or projects within our congregation. Restricted funds are used for college and seminary scholarships and for special projects, technology, music, and other designated purposes.

Fund Value

General Fund

as of 9/30/2022


Life Insurance (2021 Cash Value) $59,115.00

Moser Fund $137,562.04

Ramsour/Troutman Fund $67,725.94

Music Fund $69,856.88

New Technology Fund $72,358.92

Robert Holland Fund $132,352.38 Walker Fund $210,784.85

Paul S. & Virginia H. Speagle Scholarship $108,417.32

Purkey College Scholarship $143,322.21

Purkey Lutheran Seminary $143,334.96

Purkey General Endowment $288,787.99

Capital Improvent Fund* $68,654.08

TOTAL Funds Balance $3,350,598.69

*The Capital Improvement Fund supports capital improvements and repairs at Holy Trinity.

Officers for 2022

President: Tiffany Brittain Vice President: Adair Bowman Secretary: Jeff Gniadek

Directors: Mark Huggins, Susan Quinn Treasurer: Micaela Cuda Ex Officio: Pastor Chris Webb

Officers for 2023

President: Adair Bowman Vice President: Jeff Gniadek

Secretary: Susan Quinn Directors: Tiffany Brittain, Eileen Zins Treasurer: Micaela Cuda Ex Officio: Pastor Chris Webb

Officers and a new director are elected annually in September. The Council approves these elections.


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