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From the Pastors Dear Church, We want to acknowledge how very difficult and scary 2020 has been for us individually, for our congregation, our nation, and our world. This past year has contained much suffering: a world-wide pandemic, the exposure of systemic racism, civil conflict, political feuding, violent protests, sickness, death, and social isolation. We also know that God is with us in our struggles. The Apostle Paul taught the Christians in Rome that “suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us” (Romans 5:3-5). And, we are encouraged to see God continuing to work through the people of Holy Trinity and the ministries of our church. As you look for God in this annual report, and reflect on the blessing of 2020, we hope you are encouraged, too. Some of the blessings that stand out to us include: COMMITMENT • Your faithful stewardship and generosity giving has been wonderful. We asked you to keep the ministry of God’s church strong – and you did! • Thanks to you, we fulfilled our Synod Mission Support and gave $10,000 extra to our community partners and helping agencies. CONNECTION • You have stayed connected to God through virtual worship and connected to each other through ministry programs and organic groups. • Your faith keeps you resilient and your care for others overcomes isolation with loving relationships. CREATIVITY • Your outside-the-box ministry ideas have sustained the faith of our members: virtual worship, Lent and Easter devotions, Bible studies, music rehearsals, take-home Vacation Bible Camp curriculum, outdoor youth activities, and Zoom book discussions. • Your ministry staff continues to stretch their creative muscles to find new ways that help our congregation connect, worship, learn, serve, pray, and love one another.

YES! God is certainly with us in our struggles and once again, God is acting through the flexibility, creativity, and tenacity of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. As we begin another year of life and ministry together, let us continue to “Go in peace to love and serve the world!� Thanks be to God! Your siblings in Christ and partners in ministry,

The Lutheran Prayer of Good Courage Lord God, you have called your servants to ventures of which we cannot see the ending, by paths as yet untrodden, through perils unknown. Give us faith to go out with good courage, not knowing where we go, but only that your hand is leading us and your love supporting us; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Church Council This year, 2020, will always be remembered as the year of The Pandemic that created much stress and change in our lives. Church life was also deeply affected by the effects of this pandemic. Much has been done this year to accept these challenges and continue to worship our God who has stood fast beside us in all of this difficulty. We have been blessed with strong pastoral leadership and, through that leadership, Holy Trinity has continued strong in the faith that God is with us through thick and thin. Our staff has worked diligently to keep the ship afloat and to find ever-unique ways to provide worship and learning experiences for our members. It has been an honor to serve as council president this year, and as we move into 2021, we go forward with thanks and praise for all we have been blessed to receive from God. Jonas Moretz, Council President

2020 Annual Congregation Council Report Summary of Actions

January 21 • Approved amended motion for the Amended Minutes of the December 16, 2019 Congregation Council Meeting: The approved Proposed 2020 Budget included line items for Senior Pastor Webb’s housing allowance of $49,200 and for Associate Pastor Tesdahl’s housing allowance of $30,000. January 26 – Annual Congregation Meeting • Adopted the Proposed 2020 Ministry Budget of $1,227,000. • Ratified the changes to the HTLC Constitution and Bylaws adopted at the November 24, 2019 Called Congregational Meeting. February 18 • Heard a presentation from Emily Edwards on the installation and how to use the new Shelby Next app. • Adopted the newly revised Funeral Guidelines.

March 17 • Approved to accept three new members: Hubert L. and Mary T. Collins and Larry Eugene Hollar as of February 16 and to accept four Associate members: Alex Ballard, Alex Mock, Megan Shackelford, and Katie Tonneson as of March 8. • Heard the announcement of members of the newly formed Audit Committee: Cally Barger, Chr., Doug Dickson, and Jeff Gniadek. March 26 – Called Congregation Council Meeting • Heard a discussion on the HTLC Financial Contingency Plan during 2020 Covid-19 Restrictions. Approved that starting in April 2020, the Holy Trinity Council: 1) Ask the Stewardship Team to inspire generosity and increase monthly giving by approximately $10,000, 2) Ask the Finance Team and Financial Administrator to reduce monthly expenses by approximately $17,756 (following the options below), 3) Approve up to $20,000 to be used from Reserve Funds each month (5 months available), and 4) Give 10% of actual gifts received or budgeted amount, whichever is less, each month in Synod Mission Support. Options to reduce monthly expenses (all amounts are estimated monthly numbers): ◊ Reduce Pastor Webb’s salary and benefits to original call level ($500) ◊ Eliminate Nursery/Fellowship and Play ($750) ◊ Preschool (hourly) teachers at ½ pay (April-May) ($6,000) ◊ Reduce Custodian hours ($550) ◊ Reduce Financial Administrator hours (3 days vs. 4) ($850) ◊ Reduce Ministry Coordinator hours (5hrs/week vs. 10) ($450) ◊ WCN chef not needed (April) ($1,409) ◊ Hostess not needed ($247) ◊ Property/utilities/maintenance savings ($5,000) ◊ Reduction in ministry programs ($2,000), estimated totals of $17,756. April 21 • Approved the creation of a special Covid-19 offering and invite contributions from the congregation for approximately three weeks. Funds collected will be dispersed among our budgeted agencies beginning with the Soup Kitchen, CCM, and then others. May 19 • Approved recommendation from the Executive Committee to form a HTLC Covid-19 Task Force. June 16 • Approved recommendation from the Evangelism and Worship & Music Committees to use $8,820 (funded from the Endowment Foundation) to fund the Chapel Web Streaming Proposal. July 21 • Approved recommendation from Finance Committee to change base Synod Mission Support on YTD rather than individual monthly receipts. • Approved giving authority for the Property and Finance Committees to spend up to $5,000 for the home inspection, survey, lawyer fee, and repairs needed for the house on 7th Street.

• Approved new members: Ina Braun, by letter of transfer, and Amy Honeycutt (former member), by letter of transfer. • Approved to accept the 2020 newly confirmed members (June 28, 2020): Callie Caldwell, Riley Caudle, Toby Schwiebert, Colby Thompson, and Wade Van Horne. August 18 • Approved that Holy Trinity Lutheran Church serve as an internship site for Emily Edwards in support of her program through the Lutheran Diaconal Association starting in September 2020. • Approved recommendation from Finance Committee to reinstate all of Pastor Webb’s salary/benefits that were reduced as part of the Covid-19 Contingency Plan. This would be starting with August payroll as well as retroactive (Apr.-July). • Approved recommendation from Finance Committee to have Sharon Milligan as the new HTLC Treasurer when Cindy Daniels moves later this year. • Approved recommendation from Personnel Committee that we follow the FFCRA guidelines in paying preschool teachers if they are out because they or a family member are diagnosed with COVID-19. • Approved recommendation from Personnel Committee, if the Preschool is closed due to a COVID-19 outbreak, the Preschool Directors would remain in a paid status. For the Lead Teacher position, and other teacher positions, if no work is available, no pay would be administered. • Approved new member, Katie Mitchell Schenck, by letter of transfer. • Approved to adopt the HTLC COVID-19 Protocol for Staff, Employees, and Volunteers. September 15 • Approved to have a Called Congregational Meeting to approve the sale of the Hambrick House on 7th Street. • Approved new member, Rebecca Moser Sellers, by letter of transfer. October • Approved recommendation from Evangelism Team, to say yes, to the Hickory Farmers Market to be considered for their Winter Venue on Saturdays from December 2020 to the end of March 2021 from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. • At the request of the Executive Committee, the team discussed potential options for the proceeds of the rental house should the proposed sale be approved by the congregation at the upcoming Congregational Meeting on Sunday, October 25, 2020 and recommends each of the following: 1) Other than recovering the costs incurred for the maintenance and sale of the house from the general operating fund, we recommend NOT using the proceeds for other general operating expenses, 2) Following the sale, we recommend putting the proceeds in a Future Fund until the final decision is made on how to use the funds, and 3) Recommend a group make up of members of the Executive Committee, Finance, Property, and Long Range Planning Teams convene to recommend to Council a plan based on the previously identified ministry needs and wants list and the previously identified long-term property need we are unable to fund in our normal budget process. All recommendations were approved. • Approved motion to accept Eugene, Jasmine, Harvest, and Aspen Tesdahl as new members. • Approved recommendation from Property Committee, to present to the congregation at the Congregational Meeting on Sunday, October 25, 2020, to grant the Executive Officers of Holy Trinity

Lutheran Church, or its assignees, the authorization to sell the property parcel with the existing house, located at 530 7th St. NW, Hickory, NC. This authority includes, but is not limited, soliciting buyers, overseeing negotiations, and executing closing, such that the new proceed of the sale are no less than $190,000. The church retain ownership of the second (vacant) parcel. • Approved recommendation from the Executive Committee, that an Ad Hoc Committee shall be formed to recommend staff compensation adjustments each year, and this information will be forwarded to the Finance and Personnel Committees in a timely fashion for the annual budget process. This committee will be comprised of the members of the Executive Committee plus the Chairs of Finance Committee and Personnel Committee. • Approved motion that we, on behalf of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, vote via email, to accomplish the following: 1) To accept a $10,000 grant from the Foundation in support of building an Outdoor Ministry Pavilion and establish a fund entitled, “Outdoor ministry Pavilion Fund” to collect monies to provide completion of this project, and 2) To accept a $5,000 grant from the Foundation in support of constructing a Covered Drop-Off extension to our building and setting up a fund entitled, “Covered Drop-Off Fund” to collect monies to provide completion of this project. October 25 – Called Congregational Meeting • A motion was presented to the congregation from the Council: to grant the Executive Officers of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, or its assignees the authorization to sell the property parcel with the existing house, located at 530 7th St. NW, Hickory, NC. This authority includes, but is not limited to, soliciting buyers, overseeing negotiation, and executing closing, such that the new proceeds of the sale are no less that $190,000. The church shall retain ownership of the second (vacant) parcel. The motion was tabled. November 17 • Senior Pastor Chris Webb and Associate Pastor Jasmine Tesdahl led a special Service of Farewell and Godspeed for Cindy Daniels. • Approved motion to accept Diane Hawkins as a new member (returning from Florida). December 15 • Approved recommendations from Finance Committee: 1) Immediately, HTLC provide a $5k donation to the “Go Camp” campaign, designated to NovusWay for use to support Lutheridge/Lutherock and 2) Dependent upon final year-end results, we will catch up on our Synod donation with any amount of surplus over $20k or our total budgeted amount, whichever is lower. • Approved recommendation from Personnel Committee, to close the Church Office for Staff on Monday, December 28 and return to work on Monday, January 4, 2021. • Approved motion to accept Don and Karen Miller as new members. • 2021 Congregation Council Officers, elected by a Zoom ballot, are: President-Elaine Myers, Vice President-Kimberly Vegter, Treasurer-Sharon Milligan, and Secretary-Kathy Starnes.

Community of Faith New Members We are overjoyed that, even in the midst of a pandemic, we were able to welcome new members into our community of faith. We’re so glad that these siblings in Christ have made their church home with us. Hubert L. and Mary T. Collins Katie Mitchell Schenck Larry Eugene Hollar Rebecca Moser Sellers

Ina Braun Donald Alan and Karen Grace Miller Amy Leigh Honeycutt Diane Hawkins

Associate Members Alex Ballard Alexandria Mock Megan Shackelford Katie Tonneson

Baptized Children of God With the parents of these children, we have committed to uphold the promises made at baptism: to live with them among God’s faithful people, bring them to the word of God and the holy supper, teach them the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed, and the Ten Commandments, place in their hands the holy scriptures, and nurture them in faith and prayer, so that they may learn to trust God, proclaim Christ through word and deed, care for others and the world God made, and work for justice and peace. Eri’Onna Patrice Carson

Anderson Augustus Sellers

Affirmation of Baptism Five youth affirmed their faith and were confirmed at an outdoor worship service this year. We celebrate their committment to continue growing as disciples of Jesus and live out their faith in the world. Callie Lynn Caldwell Riley Swaim Caudle Tobias Keith Schwiebert Colby Elizabeth Thompson Wade Bradham Van Horne

Marriages Wedding plans were challenging in 2020, but these couples, determined to begin their lives together, were joined in holy matrimony. We pray that by the power of the Holy Spirit, God will pour out an abundance of blessings on these newlyweds and that their lives together will bear witness to God’s love. Malinda Bollinger and Lawrence Cauble Sarah McBride and Ron Smith Tony Beatty and Pam Holt Kathryn Ruth Hord and Roger Lee Crabtree II Riley Bollinger and Megan Downey Zachary Allan Huffman and Amy Danae Rhoads

In memory We give thanks and praise for these saints who entered the Church Triumphant in 2020. Harriet Travis Galloway Black E. Davidson Deal Donald Clinton Clapp Marilyn Jean Davis Sandy Porter Arthur H. Little Mary Anne Beaver Milholland Margaret Grace Perry Miller Billie Starnes Hicks Martha Jane Abernethy Wolfe Rachel Moretz Jones Helen Lowell Hill Norman Andrew Punch Lynne Carpenter Sparks Ina Marie Bailey Braun Dorothy Oyler Illig Betty Gantt Troutman

Personnel Holy Trinity continues to have a dedicated staff that is always willing to meet challenges as they arise, and this year has certainly been a challenge. Staff have adapted to new ways of working in the office and from home and learned to do ministry during a pandemic. The Personnel Team has worked to make sure staff are compensated fairly and have a safe environment in which to work. The team also helped determine the staffing needs of the congregation in the wake of COVID-19. • Improved employee anniversary benefits and recognition • Redeveloped 9 new Position Descriptions and a new Employment Application form • Made necessary operational changes to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic ◊ 3 part-time position lay offs ◊ Pre-School teacher pay reduction or unemployment/Cares Act and while school was closed ◊ Voluntary pay reductions • Input to the COVID-19 Task Force, Pre-School operations, and church staff compensation • Partnered with Council to express appreciation to our talented and dedicated staff who continues to overcome challenges to creatively provide worship and ministry during the COVID-19 pandemic

Making it official We installed The Rev. Jasmine L. Tesdahl as our Associate Pastor at an afternoon worship service on Sunday, January 26. The service was a beautiful celebration of the ways God calls us, leads us, and gifts us for ministry. The Rev. Naomi Garber from First English Lutheran Church in Platteville, Wisconsin offered the message. The Reverend Dr. Christy Lohr Sapp, Dean of the Catawba Conference of the NC Synod, presided over the installation. The members of Pastor Tesdahl’s Call Committee also participated in the service.

Internship begins for staff member Communication Director and NewSong Worship Leader Emily Edwards began a year-long internship at Holy Trinity in September. The internship is part of the education and formation program she is completing with the Lutheran Diaconal Association (LDA) to become a deaconess. During this year, Emily will continue in her roles on staff, but will explore additional ways to serve in public ministry (for example: preaching, leading Bible study, etc.).

Worship & Music January to March, 2020 During the first three months of the year, music ministry programs were underway as usual, including: • 7 vocal choirs • 5 handbell choirs • Liturgical dance • New Song band • 4 Volunteer choir directors • 4 Music staff

March to September, 2020 • Pivot to online streaming worship services with staff only • Music in worship provided by staff, soloists, or family groups • Weekly publication of musical selections on Holy Trinity’s YouTube channel

September to December, 2020 • Family Choir, offered virtually through Zoom. There were 22 participants. Family choir anthems were used in worship in October, November, Advent, and Christmas Eve • Youth Singers, Luther Choir, Notabells, Luther Ringers, and Liturgical Dance resumed rehearsals outside on Sunday afternoons, in conjunction with Youth activities. • Trinity Ringers ensemble and Chapel Ringers began rehearsals on weekday evenings, first outside and then moving into the Nave after Daylight Saving Time ended. • Adult vocal ensembles worked on music independently using the choir website and came together to rehearse briefly and record anthems. • Soloists and small ensembles continued to appear frequently in morning worship, including 11 instrumentalists and 17 vocalists, in addition to youth choirs and bell ensembles • NewSong band resumed some rehearsals

Special Worship Services/Outreach Installation Service for Associate Pastor Jasmine Tesdahl Parking Lot Services 3 services in July 1 service each month August - November Catawba Conference Services Hosted Easter & Pentecost, Participated in Holy Week services Virtual Youth Sunday Virtual Advent Lessons and Carols Virtual Christmas Eve services 3 online services Christmas Eve Communion 9 in-person services Virtual Christmas Coffeehouse Blessing of the Animals in the Outdoor Worship Center

Drop-in communion in Trinity Chapel September, October, November ALCM Virtual Hymn Projects Pentecost and Christmas recordings

Thank YOU

• Bobby Barger for helping with chapel equipment installation • Emily Edwards, Jeff Cline, Trinity Black, and Barbara Mahnke for recording, editing, and livestreaming help • Gordon Hicks for providing the trailer for parking lot worship • Janet Hassing and the altar guild for helping with communion in multiple settings • Pete Mahnke and his usher team for helping with parking lot services and Christmas Eve communion • Patrick Abernathy and the Liturgical Arts Team for decorating our worship spaces and delivering poinsettias to 17 shut-ins • Wade Poust and Larry Shuford who have been in the balcony every Sunday making sure the livestream services look and sound good, who have spent endless hours installing, maintaining, and upgrading software and equipment, and who have answered innumerable questions and requests for help and technological innovation. • The people of Holy Trinity for giving generously so that we could purchase what we needed, and for joining us faithfully in online worship every Sunday. We are the church together.

During covid-19, we have... • Learned how to use technology to keep us connected (Zoom, web streaming, choir website, YouTube channel, Soundtrap) • Learned how to have rehearsals in a variety of spaces, including outside • Learned how to sing in masks • Learned how to worship in non-traditional spaces • Learned how to serve communion in safe ways • Searched for and purchased new music for socially distanced, small ensembles and soloists

Other May Upgrade of web streaming software to allow pre-recorded content July Purchase and delivery of new choir room piano September Installation of chapel cameras and livestream capability

Worship Attendance After March 15, worship was largely held online. Services were livestreamed, pre-recorded, and held via Zoom. Worship was led in the Nave and Chapel and from your homes. Drive-In services were introduced in the summer. We figured out how to offer communion in small groups and even on Zoom. We relied on the resources and talents of our staff and congregation to make worship meaningful and engaging. And, the good news is...our congregation continued to worship faithfully!

Average Weekly Worship Attendance 2019 2020 In-person 308 In-person (Jan. 5 - March 15) 315 Online (11:00 a.m. only) 58 Online (Jan. 5 - March 15) 75 Online (March 22 - Dec. 27) 293 Drive-In Worship 42

Services with the highest number of views (live and/or recorded) Sunday, March 22 Easter Sunday, April 12

376 911

Youth Sunday, August 2 347 Christmas Eve (all services) 912

Unique online services Not only were our regular services offered online in 2020, a number of other services were shared on our website. Those included: • Midweek Lenten Services • Weddings • Funerals • Quillow Presentations • Affirmation of Baptism (Confirmation) • Presentation of Bibles to 5th graders

Did you know? 48.04% viewed worship on a desktop computer 51.96% viewed worship on a mobile device

Holy Trinity Pre-School The 2019-20 Holy Trinity Pre-School year ended early (in March) with full classes and waiting lists for the 2020-21 school year. However, throughout the summer and into the fall our numbers started to decrease a little due to COVID-19. We opened preschool back up in October (without any extra curricular activities, like Stretch ‘n’ Grow), and at the end of 2020 we had 40 children enrolled. Although many of our activities were cancelled and teachers and students learned to adjust to a new way of teaching, learning, and playing, Holy Trinity Pre-School remained the loving, cheerful place it is has always been.

Youth & Families January DEFY Trampoline Park & Devos 14 Holy Trinity Rainbow Kids plus 7 Friends from Calvary Lutheran, Morganton

February Blessing Bags 45 bags delivered to Hickory Soup Kitchen Faith Alive @ Lutheridge 8 participants + 2 adults Souper Bowl of Caring $752 raised for Outreach Meal Packing Super Bowl Party 8 youth joined in the fun LYO Assembly in Greensboro 16 participants + 2 adults

March Jr. High Lock-In 15 participants for the overnight event Sr. High Lunch A meal together before pandemic lockdown

April Donations for Living Waters Youth loaded boxes of food for this partner in mission in Cherokee, NC

May Faith Formation Kits Youth volunteers delivered these packets to families

July Vacation Bible Camp Kits Youth volunteers delivered backpacks to families Youth Sunday Youth led all aspects of worship in this pre-recorded service

August Back-to-School Blessing Students and teachers received prayers for the start of school

September Hickory Soup Kitchen 5 volunteers served the homeless & food insecure “God’s work. Our hands.” project 8 youth picked up litter at Lake Rhodhiss Youth meetings resume Jr. & Sr. High resume meeting under COVID-19 guidelines

October “Glory & Thanks” Video 3 youth submit videos for our stewardship emphasis Family Movie Night More than 40 enjoyed a movie & popcorn in the lower parking lot Trunk or Treat More than 70 ghouls & goblins stopped by for Halloween fun

November Sr. High Movie Night 16 teens watched a scary movie on the Crawdads stadium field Wreath Fundraiser More than 100 wreaths were sold to buy Pre-School Staff appreciation gifts and fund future youth events

December Faith Formation Kits & Devotionals Youth volunteers delivered materials to families Salvation Army Bell Ringing Volunteers rang the bell to help those in need

It has certainly been “different” this past year. Youth Ministry had its obstacles for sure. No lock-ins or retreats. Restrictions from the Synod and state as to how much contact we were able to have. I spent a lot more time on my computer than I would have liked to. I also spent much more time on my phone for voice calls and texts. I tried to contact our youth often to just see how they were doing. It was a challenging year for sure, but most adapted better than many adults did. As most of you know, those teenage years are amplified. Every grade on a test, every relationship made or lost, every interaction with a parent is put through a heart that makes it so much bigger than maybe you and I would think. “Lost” time with friends and life benchmarks has been terribly difficult for this group to work through. It is tough being on the phone with them or having lunch with them and just feeling like I don’t have many answers to their questions. Let’s face it, none of us have experienced a time quite like this in our lives. I did a lot of listening and a lot of reflecting what I heard. I shared a lot of “if it was me” moments. We shared a lot of hope and love. We have an amazing group of young people in our midst. I am honored to be a part of their ministry journey in life. —Van Van Horne, Youth & Family Ministry Coordinator

Van’s ministry in 2020 included: • Leading Children’s Messages & Pre-School Chapel • Supervising Fellowship & Play, Nursery, and Children’s Church • Weekly meetings with Synod Leaders & Youth Directors • Team Building for Church Council Retreat • Vacation Bible Camp planning • COVID-19 Task Force • Writing references for youth for jobs and college applications • Wednesday Church Night on Zoom • Synod Planning Team for Confirmation on Zoom • Managing usher and traffic flow for Christmas Eve communion services • More than 60 lunches with college students

Faith Formation 2020 Highlights: Making Sense of the Cross Lenten Bible Study led by Pastor Webb and Pastor Tesdahl First Thessalonians Resurrection Class Bible Study; more than 20 people participated First Communion instruction Began in March pre-COVID; finished in November At-Home Vacation Bible Camp 93 participants from Holy Trinity and the community Drive-thru Backpack and Mask Blessing Teachers and students received prayers before the beginning of school Faith Formation Kick-Off This event included games and carabiner pick-up K-5 Faith Formation Packets Packets were delivered 5 times between March and December (each containing multiple activities and supplies) Children’s Church Activities were distributed for 14 Sundays Faith Stepping Stones (FSS) • Quillows were presented at an outdoor service on June 14 • Confirmation was celebrated at an outdoor service on June 28 • 12 different FSS activities were held in 2020 (only 2 fewer than in 2019) Confirmation Classes 6th-8th grade classes met 5 times in person, and 5th grade students met 3 times ‘Prayers for Faithful Families’ This resource was distributed to each family with children in our congregation (approximately 75)

Continuing our 2019-2020 Faith Formation theme of “Heroes of Faith,” we have been extremely creative in ways to deliver faith-based activities to our members of all ages. We began the new faith formation year in August, using the same key Bible verse as our at-home Vacation Bible Camp curriculum, based on Ephesians 6:10: ”Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His power.” We are thankful for the continued support from HTLC as we continue to shape faith, beginning from birth and continuing through all stages of life. This year has been challenging due to COVID, but it has enabled us to be creative!

Care & Prayer Stephen Leaders Maxine Barnhardt • Training • Continuing Ed • Communication to Stephen Ministers Jan Jolly • Assignment Coordinator • Communication to Stephen Leaders and Referrals Skip Pearce • Supervision Leader • Assignment Coordinator Sandra Annas • Scheduling • Coordinating • Leading Meetings

Stephen Ministry by the numbers: 13 Stephen Ministers 19 Care Receivers 4 Stephen Leaders 2 Pastors 14 Eucharistic Ministers 14 Homebound 14 Telecare

The Pastors, Stephen Ministry Leaders, and Stephen Ministers met in January and February in person. From March to December 2020, we met by Zoom. Due to Covid 19, Stephen Ministers continued their ministry through Telecare, notes, prayer, and FaceTime. The Stephen Ministry Team has had Continuing Ed classes on Grief, and Taking Care of the Caregiver via Zoom. New Stephen Ministers were commissioned in February. Pictured below (l-r): Vernon Mahaffey LeAnne Mahaffey Bob Kapellusch Beth Shoffner Bob Johnson

Parish Life The Parish Life Team serves as host for fellowship events for the entire congregation during the year. We hosted the annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper in February, just prior to the pandemic (photos at left). Due to COVID-19 we were not able to hold any of our planned activities. Our team has missed our HTLC family and we look forward to hosting our many fellowship events as soon as we are able.

Shrove Tuesday is celebrated the day before Ash Wednesday (the beginning of Lent). It is a day when, traditionally, people eat at all the “rich” foods in the house before fasting for the 40 days of Lent. It also known as Mardi Gras (or “Fat Tuesday”). At our Shrove Tuesday celebration, we enjoy a meal that includes pancakes and sausage, as well as cake! Typically, our NewSong Worship Team provides music. You’ll often see folks singing, dancing, and clapping along.

Service & Outreach 2020 Projects • Hosted 6 Warming Stations at the Salvation Army (pre-COVID) • Collected $5,000 for a special COVID-19 offering benefitting Hickory Soup Kitchen and the Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministry • Shared needs of local service agencies via the Community Bulletin Board on the Holy Trinity website • Encouraged members to share photos of enjoying and caring for creation for Earth Day • Shared conversation about race with a study of So You Want to Talk about Race by Ijeoma Oluo • Provided snacks once a month for teachers at Oakwood Elementary School • Hosted 4 Red Cross Blood Drives with more than 150 units of blood donated

Ways YOU served in 2020: • Donated eye glasses for SEE the Difference • Made face masks • Volunteered at and donated desserts and chicken to Hickory Soup Kitchen • Tutored students and sent encouraging messages to teachers • Donated cards and snacks to the Brian Center • Played music for shut-ins • Celebrated with a member who finished chemo treatments • Cleaned the Outdoor Worship Center • Participated in the Pushup Challenge to raise awareness of veteran suicide • Donated food to Carolina Caring for clients who are food insecure • Played Pig Skin Pick ‘Em to raise funds for NovusWay (15 participants raised $250; the winner was Randy Kauffman)

Evangelism In our report on our 2020 activities, the Evangelism Team at HTLC would like to highlight the ways that God has been using our team, and also places where we see God has been visible and moving at HTLC: • The members of the team are grateful for the musicians who have kept the music program active during this year and the gift this ministry is to the community. • We note from our own personal experience and the testimony of others that HTLC members have been a blessing to one another with their words of support. • We have been blessed by the stories of faith and caring that members have shared in The Servant and through the Grace & Peace blog. • We see the presence of Christ in the flexibility, creativity, and willingness of all of those who have made it possible for us to continue in remote worship during an unprecedented year. • The team continues to provide care and support to our neighborhood school, Oakwood Elementary. Early in 2020, the team served as lunchroom monitors to gift a duty-free lunch hour to teachers. A lunch was provided to

Oakwood teachers, and school supplies were collected and delivered to the school. • The Evangelism Team supported an effort to bring visibility to HTLC's online worship service by providing members with promotional “Worship With Us” yard signs. • The Evangelism Team has contributed to the success of online worship broadcasts, including the completion and use of a “Welcome to Worship” video that is used frequently as an introduction to Sunday worship. • The Evangelism Team is using this sociallydistanced season as a time to reflect, pray, and listen for the Holy Spirit to lead our next steps. In 2020 the team began a multi-part study of what evangelism is, and how we might be able to make Christ more visible to others. The text being used is Martha Grace Reese's book Unbinding Your Heart: 40 Days of Prayer & Faith Sharing. The study will continue into 2021.

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations... Matthew 28:19a • The Servant newsletter has 648 subscribers. • The Holy Trinity Facebook page had 715 likes at the end of 2020, an increase of 69 likes for the year. People who like are page are from 17 countries. You can like our page at facebook.com/HTLC.Hickory. • Holy Trinity joined Instagram in 2020. Our page has 58 followers. You can follow us @holytrinityhickory. • Holy Trinity’s online worship services have been viewed in 30 states and 7 countries. • The Holy Trinity YouTube page has 129 subscribers. “This Is My Father’s World”—a duet by David Lail, piano and Daniel Lail, cello—has had 1,227 views. • The Grace & Peace blog has 21 subscribers and has had 427 views.

Building & Grounds Planned Capital Improvement Projects • Restored bathrooms next to the Community Rooms (lower level) • Replaced carpet with vinyl tile in children’s choir room and improved exterior roof flashing to prevent water intrusion into this room • Constructed Gaga Pit

Miscellaneous Repairs & Improvements • • • • • • •

Installed air purification units in offices and preschool rooms Upgraded HVAC filters from MERV-8 to MERV-13 Removed of first row of pews in Nave Miscellaneous mechanical system repairs Maintained Grounds (and selected a new landscape provider for 2021) Electrical improvements and light replacements Sewage pump repairs

Stewardship Glory & Thanks The Holy Spirit’s impact remains strong at HTLC! In a year of great upheaval, the people of our congregation continue to keep God’s work a priority in their lives. The main task of the Stewardship team every year is the annual commitment campaign. Planning and carrying out this effort take over half the year of the team’s focus. The challenges of lack of in-person worship and other personal contact have caused our team to utilize innovative approaches to communicate the congregation’s mission and needs. Video messaging and vibrant print materials played a prominent role this year. Thanks to the staff and creative team members, we shared a spirit of “Glory and Thanks” to HTLC, praising God and thanking Him for sustaining His people in trying times. God’s people responded generously, and our mission will remain vibrant in 2021. In the coming year the team will emphasize legacy stewardship to the congregation, ways that we can support HTLC long past our ability to make financial contributions. We also hope to encourage acts of stewardship by our gifts of skills, time, and energy in our congregation and community. Thanks to an enthusiastic and innovative team for all their efforts. Thanks to a devoted congregation for their response to the Holy Spirit’s inspiration.

2021 Pledge Goal: 200 2021 Pledges Received: 170 (by December 31, 2020)

2021 Ministry Funding Goal: $950,000 2021 Total Pledged to date: $797,489 Good News for 2021: • 70 pledge to increase their giving • 71 pledge to give the same amount as 2020 • 13 pledge to give as generously as they can • 13 are new Pledges (who did not pledge in 2019 for 2020)

Endowment Foundation This report is for the October 1, 2019 –September 30, 2020 fiscal year. Officers and a new director are elected annually in September. The Council approves these elections. Members of the 2019-20 Foundation Board were:

General Fund Non-budgeted ministries $1,663,994.22

President: Ken Sigler Vice President: Mark Huggins Secretary: Tiffany Brittain Treasurer: Micaela Cuda Directors: Bonita Ferretti and Adair Bowman Ex officio: Pastor Webb

Moser Fund Seminary Scholarships $116,881.26

The Foundation’s funds have been accumulating since 1978 from estates, donated insurance policies, and gifts of individuals. These gifts are either unrestricted for the General Fund or restricted for designated funds. According to the current spending policy, 4.5% of the General Fund balance is made available to spend, if needed, using an average of the last three years’ ending balances, as of the year ending September 30th. Expenditures from unrestricted funds are for outreach ministries beyond our congregation and unique ministries or projects within our congregation. Restricted funds are used for college and seminary scholarships and for special projects, technology, music, and other designated purposes. New officers for fiscal 2021 are as follows: President: Mark Huggins Vice President: Tiffany Brittain Secretary: Adair Bowman Treasurer: Micaela Cuda Directors: Ken Sigler and Jeff Gniadek Ex officio: Pastor Webb The external accountant for the Foundation for this year will be Darrell Keller, CPA and Isthmus Partners, LLC will continue as fund manager. The Foundation board encourages gifts to the Foundation for the enhancement of the ministries of Holy Trinity, the support of scholarships and outreach ministries. Respectively submitted, Micaela Cuda, Treasurer

Life Insurance (2019 Cash Value) Designation to be determined $58,036.00

Ramsour-Troutman College Scholarships $64,302.10 Music Fund Special worship and music program needs $60,200.22 Walker Fund Annual Ministries $204,490.85 Speagle Fund Seminary & College Scholarships $129,104.30 Purkey College Fund College Scholarships $146,519.12 Purkey Seminary Fund Seminary Scholarships $138,265.27 Purkey General Fund Non-budgeted ministries $278,534.57 Technology Fund New technology to support ministry $118,191.46 Bob Holland Fund Seminary & Other Scholarships $182, 902.65 Total Fund Balance (9/30/2020): $3,161,422.02

Grants Distributed for Ministry 2018 2019 2020 Scholarships for HTLC members (20-26 recipients) $8,500 $14,000 $9,500 19 students Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary $12,500 $21,763 Centro Latino (Day camp) $4,870 $4,897 $3,000 27 children 19 children Costa Rica Mission Trip $5,000 17 youth/adults HTLC Worship Video Web Streaming Project

$10,000 11 youth/adults



NC Synod Lifeline Fund $3,000 Lutheridge/Lutherock Outdoor Ministry $4,000 Habitat for Humanity $2,500 Ecumenical Outreach Food Drive (5 churches + 74 volunteers) $2,000 $2,025 $1,000 Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministry $5,000 Hickory Soup Kitchen $5,000 Family Care Center (Capital Campaign)



Exodus Works/Ministry $2,000 HTLC New Phone System $3,500 HTLC Outdoor Ministry Pavilion $10,000 HTLC Gaga Ball Pit (Youth) $1,000 HTLC Covered Drop off Extension $5,000 Malawi Lutheran Church $3,000 Patrick Beaver Learning Resource Center


HTLC Stephen Leader Training $2,000 HTLC Pre-School Directors Continuing Education


HTLC Office Furniture + Computer (Technology Fund)


ELCA World Hunger $5,000 ELCA Youth Gathering


Honorarium to Rev. Dr J. Robinson

$ 250

Total Funds Distributed




547 6th Street NW | P.O. Box 9580 Hickory, NC 28603 828-322-2536 | www.htlchickory.org

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2020 Annual Report  

This annual report For Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Hickory, NC celebrates the many ways God has been a part of the life and ministry of...

2020 Annual Report  

This annual report For Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Hickory, NC celebrates the many ways God has been a part of the life and ministry of...