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Medical Tourism & Global Trends

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Zdeslav Radovcic

Choose Croatia Airlines for your business and leisure travels Croatia Airlines, the Croatian flag carrier, is a mid-sized European airline in constant growth. In its more than twenty-five year existence, it has connected Croatian cities to major centres throughout Europe and the world. Croatia Airlines’ fleet consists of 12 aircraft: six Airbus jet airliners - two A320 and four A319 models, as well as six new turbo-prop aircraft: Dash8 - Q400. Special attention is paid to the maintenance of aircraft, one of Croatia Airlines’ most important business segments, which is an additional guarantee of passenger safety. Croatia Airlines has been using Miles & More as its own frequent-flyer programme. Frequent-flyer members from all Star Alliance programmes can collect award miles and use award tickets on Croatia Airlines' flights. Croatia Airline passengers can also enjoy a new mobile application, which can be downloaded on their mobile devices and used to purchase airline tickets, check in and receive boarding passes in the form of a bar code. This new application also provides other important information regarding the trip, such as the option to check flight schedules, flight status or view special offers. The afore-mentioned features are also available on the company’s mobile website at: The web check-in service, i.e., the possibility of checking in for a flight via the company website at:, has also been improved. On all Croatia Airline flights, passengers are offered food and beverages free of charge, which may vary depending on the class of travel, flight length and the time of day. In Business Class, the airline offers quality traditional food such as purica s mlincima, pašticada, viška pogača or splitska torta... The best way to present Croatian specialties is to use autochtone ingredients and recipes. The utmost attention is paid to ensuring passenger satisfaction and confidence, which is why the company has been continuously working on improving and developing the quality of its service - both in the air and on land. Croatia Airlines connects Croatia with the following major European cities: Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Belgrade, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Lisbon, London, Lyon, Milan, Munich, Paris, Prague, Prishtina, Rome, Saint Petersburg, Sarajevo, Skopje, Tel Aviv, Venice, Vienna and Zurich. In Croatia, the airline has flights to Zagreb, Bol, Dubrovnik, Osijek, Pula, Split and Zadar.

Discover Croatia with Croatia Airlines

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My airline.

Issue 1• February 2017 • Year I

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14 Medical Tourism and Global Trends

20 Interview Zdeslav Radovčić 49 Marketing in Health Tourism

58 Krapinske Toplice WELLNESS & SPA

76 Historical Thermal Towns

66 Take Your Brand to the Next

100 Luxurious Spa Treatments

86 Secrets of a Successful




124 Role of Media in Health Tourism


24 Croatia – European Gem of Health Tourism


32 Zagreb – Centre of Medical Excellence

36 Kvarner – Healing Garden of Europe


44 Lošinj – Island of Vitality

90 Tailor-made Luxury


106 From the Kitchen to the Stars 110 Seductive Tastes of Istria 116 Nutritionism in Tourism 122 Mediterranean Diet


„I believe that making business deals “face to face”, at B2B meetings, has no adequate alternative” Zdeslav Radovčić p. 20




106 100




ear readers, Did you know that as much as 94% of participants at the last year’s HTI Conference, held in Vienna, stated that B2B encounters at the HTI Conference event had directly contributed to the growth of their business? The HTI Conference, the largest European event dedicated to health tourism, is an ideal opportunity for B2B networking, meeting new business partners and getting inspired for future business advancement. – Health tourism is a substantially complex industry that includes a great number of accompanying elements like luxury hotel (hospitality) industry and healthy eating – says Zdeslav Radovčić, HTI organizer, expressing his contentment for the fact that this year, two additional events are joining HTI Conference - ILHA (International Luxury Hotel Association Summit) and Taste the Mediterranean Festival, which will most certainly

contribute to perceiving improvement in health tourism and its collaboration with related fields. However, this is not the only novelty this year’s edition of HTI Conference is bringing. In fact, you are holding another one in your hands right now. We are happy to present you with the special edition of HTI News Magazine, in which we will introduce the huge potentials of the Croatian health tourism and plans for its further development. In addition, we are bringing you tips on product branding, taking you to Europe’s most beautiful thermal cities and visiting most luxurious European hotels. We are also introducing life and business philosophy of two chefs who never considered Michelin stars to be their goal, only a confirmation that they are on the right path. In like manner, we hope to be on the right path with this magazine’s very first issue and that you will enjoy it.

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News & Trends


Through academy to service improvement

World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress

Bagatin Academy was a logical continuation of Bagatin Polyclinic’s mission – providing services of the highest standard and aiming at superior quality through investing in the development of its employees. It is known that customers do not only compare the quality of the service, but also the communication and organization skills. This is the reason doctors are also trained in the area of the so-called soft skills, such as stress management, conflict resolution and managerial and marketing skills. Bagatin Academy five-year project, with lectures from leading trainers and workshops on soft skills, offers the possibility of personal and professional development focused on creating world-class communicators and team leaders.

This year’s World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress will be held in Los Angeles from October 2 – 4, 2017. The tenth edition of the Congress is the central event of the American Medical Tourism Association, an international organization promoting health tourism and global healthcare industry. World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress is the most comprehensive international healthcare conference and tradeshow in the health tourism industry, gathering over 2000 participants, 10 000 professional networking meetings and over 200 qualified buyers of healthcare.

New generation of dental implants Oral cavity infections are the main reason for dental implants failure – about 10% of implants need to be removed due to infection or failed osseointegration. Spanish scientists have succeeded in developing a coating that prevents a potential bacterial infection and enables its elimination. Besides, such implants have improved osseointegrative properties that facilitate osseointegration.



Black PVD-coated stainless steel case. Directly derived from the thin film technology originally developed by NASA, Physical Vapor Deposition enables practically any inorganic material to be bonded with metals.

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News & Trends

HEALTH TOURISM News & Trends Zagreb has recently become enriched with another classy urban place: ZUU-BAR, the first dental spa bar. Dr Zdenko Trampuš, DDS, is the creator of Ortoimplant Dental Spa concept that, through an integrative approach to patients, enables faster and easier recovery after dental procedures. This especially refers to more extensive procedures, like All-on-4 and Zygoma All-on-4. ZUU-BAR thus became part of an integrated Ortoimplant Dental Spa concept and the first bar in which they truly care about your beautiful smile.


UNIQUE TRAVEL SET No more hassle about what to pack for a trip! The famous Croatian fashion innovator and entrepreneur Katarina Džale and entrepreneur Rašeljka Maras present the Unique Travel Set, smart solution for all women who want to travel comfortably and carefree, without having to worry about their luggage. The set contains seven garments for women. The combination of these garments provides comfort, elegance and functional styling for the majority of occasions on a several days trip. It includes two types of trousers, dress, shirt, hat, belt and removable sleeves. The whole set weighs 1.3 kilograms, which makes it an ideal travel companion.

Italian Ti Sana Detox Retreat & Spa is the first health spa with WellHotel certificate. Located in Lombardy, Ti Sana is a multi-awarded centre that includes a holistic approach to wellness. With beautiful rooms and landscaping dating back to the 18th century, Ti Sana offers a medical spa programme that includes a detailed analysis of the visitor’s physical condition and other diagnostic tests, as well as stress and pain relief treatments and colon hydrotherapy.



For the second year in a row, the Croatian region of Istria has been named the best olive growing region in the world according to the Flos Olei Guide for 2017. The renowned Flos Olei, the world’s leading magazine for extra virgin olive oils, has included as many as 61 Istrian olive growers in its latest guide - Olea B.B., Belci, Ipša, Stancija Meneghetti, Zigante, Tonin, Basiaco and Chiavalon.


discover your story at

Full of health

photo by damil kalogjera

photo source loĹĄinj hotels & villas

Don´t fill your life with days, fill your days with life.



and Global Trends

Medical tourism industry is expected to grow by 25% annually for the next 10 years, and it is assessed that as much as 3% to 4% of the world’s population will travel abroad in search of health treatments


AUTHOR Andrea Šitum

hile borders are more frequently crossed in search of quality healthcare, it becomes clear that health tourism is not just an accompanying phenomenon. Medical tourism is experiencing a rapid growth as more and more travellers search for new treatments, lower prices of medical procedures or higher quality of services unavailable in their home country. A recently published report by VISA and Oxford Eco-


nomics confirms this as well. It is projected that medical tourism industry, currently valued at $100 billion, will grow by 25% annually for the next 10 years. It is also assessed that 3% to 4% of the world’s population will travel abroad in search of health treatments. The United States is currently in the lead in terms of market share for health spending, but the share of Asian countries, such as Thailand, Singapore and South Korea will continue to grow. Moreover, the report suggests that China could also impose itself as one of the leading health tourism service providers within the next decade.


TOP 12 by Medical Tourism Index According to the 2016 MTI Report, the very best medical tourism destinations are: CANADA GREAT BRITAIN ISRAEL SINGAPORE INDIA GERMANY FRANCE SOUTH KOREA ITALY COLOMBIA SPAIN JAPAN


Medical Tourism Index (MTI) Report for 2016, created within the research implemented by the International Healthcare Research Centre, ranks 41 medical tourism destinations taking into account three key dimensions: the state, industry and healthcare system. The MTI Report also projects the growth of medical tourism, thus creating unique opportunities for investors looking for new challenges and investment prospects. 2016 World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress is also indicative in this context, as the most comprehensive international healthcare conference and tradeshow in the healthcare tourism industry. It was held in Washington on September 25-28, 2016. Last year, more than 3000 participants from over 50 countries generated profit of one billion USD, with the promise of continuing business cooperation and investment in the coming years. As for the European destinations, for seven years in a row Europe has shown an increased interest in the sphere of medical tourism. According to the 2016 MTI Report, the European countries that were included among the 41 destinations increasingly attractive to medical tourists include Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Italy, Poland, Malta and Turkey.

Who is a medical tourist? Any person travelling from their home country to another country to receive a better quality or lower priced medical, surgical or dental treatment is a medical tourist. Terminological confusion over the concepts of health tourism further increases, especially if the terms like “wellness tourism“, “spa tourism“ or “medical tourism“ are used interchangeably. Health tourism is a package of services that includes tourist and healthcare services and products linked with travel and change of the place of residence, and all for one reason – to improve health. The concepts of “wellness tourism“, “spa tourism“ and “medical tourism“ describe different forms of health tourism, or tourism sub-areas, with health tourism as an umbrella (superior) concept. Medical tourism is a travel of an individual outside their place of residence to find a satisfactory level of healthcare. It is often motivated by financial reasons, meaning that for the same or lower price they want to find a more professional and higher-quality service or service they cannot find in their place of residence. Wellness tourism is a travel of an individual to another place in search of ways and services to maintain health and raise their quality of life, with the aim to achieve physical and spiritual well being. Spa tourism is one of the oldest forms of health tourism, and it includes services and treatments based on the benefits provided by the natural conditions of the location.




74,87 Great Britain is the leading European medical tourism destination

Great Britain As the leading European medical tourism destination, Great Britain attracts a large number of tourists coming for specialist medical examinations. Quality healthcare centres and highly trained medical staff also ensured Great Britain the second place in the global ranking of health tourism destinations. The government provides all British citizens free or low cost care under the National Health System. Healthcare services of a small private sector are available to people that do not want to wait in line for medical services, or are not British citizens or residents.





France has one of the best healthcare systems in the world

Germany Germany, the largest European and the fourth largest economy in the world, provides free healthcare to its citizens through public health insurance system. This system is based on contributions paid to the fund by employees and employers. Along with the public insurance, there is also private health insurance – all those who, according to regulations, are not obliged to stay in the public system can replace public insurance with the private one. This includes students, civil servants and employees whose annual income exceeds the defined limit.


million tourists visit Germany each year

France French tourism accounts for a large part of its economy – France is the most visited country in the world, receiving over 84 million international tourists in 2016. This health tourism destination invests over 10% of its GDP in healthcare, which, according to the World Health Organization’s assessments, makes their healthcare system one of the best ones in the world. France has a mix of public and private healthcare services, and many doctors work in both sectors. This includes public hospitals, non-profit independent hospitals (linked to the public sector) and private institutions. The government refunds its citizens and permanent residents the majority of healthcare costs, even up to 100% in case of costly or long-term diseases.


71,22 17






Italy’s healthcare system is regionally organized and provides universal healthcare coverage to all citizens and permanent residents through the system of public and private services. Anyone can opt to use the private medical sector for specialized examinations and diagnostic tests, but these are not covered by the National Health Service. However, the attractiveness of Italy as a tourism destination, despite the cost of medical services, makes Italy competitive against other European destinations. There is still a lot of potential for improvement – with new international certificates and raising the quality of healthcare staff, Italy can gain a better reputation among the potential medical tourists.

International certificates and raising the quality – are the factors for the further improvement of medical tourism in Italy 18

Spain has a combination of private and public healthcare systems, with the public system free of charge for citizens and permanent residents funded through taxes. Even the Constitution of the Kingdom establishes the right of all citizens to healthcare protection, which leaves the private sector catering to people who do not want to wait for healthcare services, employees with high income and medical tourists. Although higher-ranked destinations surpass Spain in terms of the quality of service in the private sector, the prices of medical services and attractiveness of the destination could be the key factors to make Spain an even more popular medical tourism destination.

The prices of medical services and attractiveness of the destination – will make Spain an even more attractive destination




HTI Conference

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


Zdeslav Radovčić, the founder and director of the HTI Conference, remembers the beginnings and reveals his plans for the future

n just seven years, the HTI Conference has grown into the biggest event in Europe dedicated to health tourism and become a number one meeting place for all health tourism stakeholders. Recently, two more events joined the Conference – the ILHA (International Luxury Hotel Association Summit) and Taste the Mediterranean Festival. - The beginnings of the HTI Conference, gathering several dozens of participants, mainly members of the Health Tourism Association of the Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE), were modest. However, only a few years later, we established ourselves among the most important international events in the sector – Zdeslav Radovčić, the director of the HTI Conference, reminiscences about the beginnings. Who were your partners from the beginning, and which ones joined along the way? - I would first like to mention the Croatian Chamber of Economy, which recognized the potential of the project from the very beginning and has been coorganizing it ever since. For years, we have also cooperated with the biggest world Medical Tourism Association, in order to gain an even better insight into the global health tourism market. This year, they were joined by the ILHA, the biggest B2B association in luxury hotel industry. Today we have a number of partners who follow and support us, enabling the implementation of such a demanding event – from the hotel chain Maistra, to the Croatian National Tourist Board, Zagreb Tourist Board, Bagatin Clinic and many others. Our new partners – prestigious commercial brands, such as Mercedes Benz and Moët Chandon, also testify to the status of


AUTHOR Andrea Šitum

the conference. From the very beginning the official sponsors have also been the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Health. This year, the President of the Republic of Croatia, Ms Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, also became our sponsor. It is interesting that in the present Internet era, the majority of participants find it especially useful to be able to present services and make business deals face to face, at B2B meetings. What does it look like when it comes to the HTI? - Despite the development of technology, partnerships still largely depend on mutual trust between stakeholders, and making business deals ‘face to face’ has no adequate alternative. The HTI Conference puts a special emphasis on the B2B aspect of the conference. In this respect, we are bringing the key buyers of health tourism services to Rovinj in order to offer the service providers an opportunity to make new business deals and expand their business in foreign markets.

“Despite the development of technology, partnerships still largely depend on mutual trust between stakeholders – I believe that making business deals 'face to face', at B2B meetings, has no adequate alternative“

Since you were among the first in this area to start a career in wellness tourism, can you compare the capacities and quality of the offer in this segment then and today? - I have to say that Ms Ondina Šegvić, the then director of the tourism sector in the Croatian Chamber of Economy, played a big role in this. She propagated selective forms of tourism, especially health tourism, on all levels of strategic decisionmaking in Croatia. Thus the Wellness Group, over which I presided for years, grew organically at an unexpected rate. From about ten members, the section now has almost 90 members. Health Tourism Association of the Croatian Chamber of Economy is still the largest and most respected cluster of this sector in Croatia, including medical, spa and wellness tourism. The fresh impetus to wellness tourism came from the positioning of hotel companies that decided to turn some of their hotels with wellness facilities into wellness hotels. I believe that our golden sponsor, Istrian Maistra, will be the leader in this respect. New Croatian brand, “ Croatia Full of Health“, positioned by the Ministry of Tourism and Croatian National Tourist Board, is also a great support to establishing Croatia as a wellness destination. HTI is one of the rare projects that united public and private employees in practice – what is the experience of cooperation in organizing the conference? - You have just mentioned one of the important things we wish to improve with the HTI Conference. Public-private partnership is the basis for future development of health tourism. One successful example is the long-term cooperation in organizing the HTI Conference with the

6th HTI Conference in Vienna 2


Jonathan Edelheit at the 6th HTI Conference in Vienna

Zdeslav Radovčić, Leila Krešić Jurić (Croatian Chamber od Economy) and Linda Abdullah at 6th HTI Conference in Vienna

Croatia Full of Health New Croatian brand, “Croatia Full of Health“, is also a great support to establishing Croatia as a wellness destination. It is positioned by the Ministry of Tourism and Croatian National Tourist Board



See You in Rovinj!

“This is a unique event, the only one in Europe that is bringing together the key stakeholders from hospitals and government, but also more importantly, bringing in health-care buyers” Jonathan Edelheit, CEO of Medical Tourism Association and co-founder of Global Healthcare Resources

“Public-private partnership is the basis of future health tourism development“ Croatian Chamber of Economy. Our wish is to bring public officials and private sector representatives together in the same place in order to work together on developing the industry. We also have very good experience with the officials from the European Commission and EU Parliament who are aware of health tourism potential. For the first time two other events are joining the HTI Conference – the ILHA (International Luxury Hotel Association Summit) and Taste the Mediterranean Festival – how much will these two events contribute to creating a bigger picture of health tourism? - Health tourism is a very complex industry, including a large number of supporting elements, such as luxury hotel industry and healthy diet. How important health tourism is for the industry is witnessed by the fact that the biggest international luxury hotel association decided to position its European summit precisely along the HTI Conference and hold it in a parallel period. We will also host the president of the ILHA, Mr. Barak Hirschowitz. Taste the Mediterranean Festival will present Mediterranean diet, considered to be the healthiest in the world by the World Health Organization and included


on the UNESCO list of intangible heritage. This diet will be presented through theoretical and practical workshops, lectures and seminars held by the best Michelin chefs and nutritionists. Therefore, this segment truly completely integrates with the health tourism industry. The novelty at this year’s HTI Conference are the awards to the best of the best. How many award categories are there and what are the criteria for awarding? - For the first time, the awards have been given in cooperation with the prestigious MTI Medical Tourism Index (www. At a formal Gala Dinner, the awards to the first three countries will be handed out to the representatives of Great Britain, Germany and France. Awarding system and methodology were developed by the renowned American audit institutions. I hope that in the near future Croatia will also become a part of this destination evaluation system. How do you see the future of the HTI Conference? Tell us, will the 8th HTI Conference be held again in Croatia or abroad? - Many destinations have recognized our product, important for the positioning of their city or country on the world health tourism map, but we have decided to stay in Croatia next year as well. I can exclusively announce that the HTI Conference 2018 will be held in Zagreb.

“This February in Croatia I will be speaking at Europe's largest health care tourism industry conference. Join me, world leaders and other top health care professionals at this exciting event” Lanalee Araba Sam, Medical Director of Elite Obstetrics & Gynecology

“It is really a great opportunity to not just advance your knowledge in luxury hospitality, but also to have fun with some of your colleagues from this field. I hope to meet you in March in Croatia” Barak Hirschowitz, President of International Luxury Hotel Association

“We are really looking forward to HTI Conference in Rovinj, Croatia. It is great that the world’s best buyers and professionals from medical tourism field are going to be there. See you in Rovinj, Croatia!” Ognjen Bagatin, CEO of Bagatin Clinic

CROATIAN CHAMBER OF ECONOMY Croatian Quality: The “Croatian Quality” trademark is granted to the products of above-average quality, manufactured on the territory of the Republic of Croatia. The “Croatian Quality” trademark is an award for the product and its manufacturer and at the same time it provides a guarantee to the consumer, confirming that this is a product which meets the highest quality demands and belongs to one of the top quality products in the world.

Croatian Creation: The “Croatian Creation” trademark is granted to the above-average quality products, produced on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, as a result of Croatian tradition, R&D activities, innovations and inventions. The “Croatian Creation” trademark is an award for the product and its manufacturer and at the same time it can be viewed as a guarantee to the consumer, confirming that this is a product which meets the highest quality demands and belongs to one of the top quality products in the world.

#BuyCroatian Croatian Chamber of Economy hgk Hrvatska gospodarska komora

Editor's Choice || CROATIA


Editor's Choice || CROATIA


Besides its beautiful landscapes and the Adriatic Sea sparkling in all shades of blue, there are some other important advantages to consider when choosing Croatia as your partner in health, including world-class medical, rehabilitation or wellness & spa services


he majority of tourists who visit Croatia are mostly enchanted by its natural beauty, simplicity and warmth of its people, pleasant Mediterranean climate and excellent food. However, the sun and the sea are not all Croatia has to offer – natural healing factors, combined with quality health services, contribute to the positioning of Croatia as an increasingly popular year-round health tourism destination in the European context. Along with these recognizable assets, Croatia has also done a lot to develop and strengthen health tourism capacities in the public, as well as in private sector during the past decades. Nowadays, Croatia is becoming an increasingly attractive health tourism destination, with a very complex set of wellness, spa and medical tourism service providers, both along the Adriatic coast and inland.


With top medical staff, state of the art equipment and procedures that do not lag behind the world’s leading destinations, one of the main advantages when choosing Croatia as your partner in health

AUTHOR Andrea Šitum

are definitely affordable prices for an excellent quality of service. Additionally, in 2016 the Ministry of Tourism headed by the Minister Gary Capelli, made it clear that it was not giving up on implementing the Action Plan for the Development of Health Tourism of Croatia until 2020, as an integral part of the National Tourism Development Strategy. Recent researches of the world’s leading portals have shown that Croatia is one of the ten tourist destinations in the world with the fastest growing popularity. This is certainly result of the hard work by local tourism professionals who have made great efforts to present the potential of Croatia in the segment of health tourism as well.


Some of the most important Croatian assets are certainly an excellent geographical location, but also a good road, air and maritime connections, as well as unspoiled nature, long tourist tradition and widely known Croatian hospitality. Tourists now can choose between 80 hotels with wellness facilities, 14 spas and specialised hospitals, and a number of clinics and polyclinics with high quality medical services. There are 6000 beds

available in spas and hospitals, which have over million stays per year. It should be noted that Croatian spas and specialised hospitals for medical rehabilitation employ highly qualified medical staff and are equipped with state of the art equipment. In terms of medical technologies and methods they use, they do not lag behind the world’s leading centres.


In Croatia, this gem of health tourism that is just being discovered, you can get support of top quality cardiologists, reproductive medicine physicians, orthopaedists and sports medicine physicians, dermatologists, gynaecologists, ophthalmologists, dentists and plastic surgeons during your treatment or recovery. It also offers excellent preventive programmes for raising physical and spiritual balance. Do not worry about accommodation – you will find accommodation according to your affinities – in bustling cities or in the ones with peaceful streets at night, along the beautiful Croatian coast or on the green hills of the continental Croatia, in luxurious hotels or small family inns in which your hosts will treat you like a family member.


Editor's Choice || CROATIA Croatian National Theatre

Advent in Zagreb

Did you know?

In 2016, for the second time in a row, Zagreb Advent won the title of the most beautiful Advent in Europe. Its summer offer, on the other hand, would not put to shame even much larger European centres – Zagreb is thus the ideal tourist destination, regardless of the season

The irresistible charm of Zagreb

The Church of St. Mark

If you are coming to Croatia, do not miss to visit Zagreb. At least for a short while. You will be delighted by its European charm with nicely preserved traces of Austro-Hungarian tradition, beautiful parks and promenades close to the city centre, and vibrancy of the streets, especially during the holidays or summer months. Zagreb’s charm has been intact for centuries and you can easily imagine, as early as during your first visit, what it was like to walk around its streets during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but also much earlier, when the first Zagreb walls were built. However, the tourist offer of the Croatian capital is complemented by health tourism services – numerous private and public polyclinics and health centres with professional staff and exquisite quality of service, along with competitive prices, make the capital of Croatia the centre of medical excellence.

Green hills of Zagorje

Green Croatia’s healing spas Zagreb is a perfect starting point for exploring the surrounding area that will win you over with dreamy forts and castles, picturesque villages and wine roads, but also with healing spas. Only a half hour drive from Zagreb, near Ivanić-Grad, there is Naftalan Spa. It is the only spa in Europe known for its deposits of rare natural healing factors – healing crude oil, Naftalan and thermal mineral water that have been successfully used in the treatment of psoriasis. The oldest spa in Croatia, Varaždin Spa, located near the Baroque town of Varaždin, is not out of range. Other destinations in the continental Croatia offer the possibility of relaxation in nature combined with benefits of healing hot springs – Tuhelj Spa, Aqua Vivae in Krapina Spa, Sveti Martin Spa, Daruvar or Stubičke Spa, to name a few.


Editor's Choice || CROATIA

Did you know?

Opatija or the Nice of the Adriatic, as it was affectionately referred to at the time of Austro-Hungarian Empire, hosted almost the entire European aristocracy of the time, including writers James Joyce and Anton Pavlovič Čehov and the unforgettable dancer Isadora Duncan Mali Lošinj

Opatija Riviera

Enjoy all four seasons in Istria and Kvarner In less than two hours’ drive from Zagreb you can be in Kvarner: the region connecting Istria and Croatian coast with islands, including Lošinj, the island of vitality, a beautiful aroma therapy oasis for people suffering from respiratory problems and for those who wish to relax from everyday stress and responsibilities in world-class hotels. Some of these hotels have won awards for their design or wellness and spa offer. The long tradition of spa tourism in Opatija, Crikvenica, Lošinj and Gorski Kotar, dating back to the 19th century, has continued until today. This earned Kvarner the title of “the leading health destination“ in Croatia. And not without reason – here you will see one of the two cleanest seas in Europe and enjoy the mild and pleasant climate, extremely suitable for holidays throughout all four seasons. Do not miss to visit Istria either, the Croatian Tuscany, luring visitors with its gastronomic, oenological, as well as excellent wellness offer.

Arena in Pula

Did you know?

Daruvar Spa is a member of EHTTA - European Historic Thermal Towns Association. It is known for treating infertility and “The Joy of Life“ programme that, with the help of natural healing factors, helped many couples to achieve their dream of becoming parents

The Old Town of Varaždin

Castle Trakošćan


Editor's Choice || CROATIA

One of the TOP 10

Recent researches of the world's leading portals show that Croatia is one of the ten tourist destinations in the world with the fastest growing popularity

Old City of Dubrovnik

Dalmatia is always a good idea Visits to Split and its surroundings in all fours seasons, as well as trips to the islands of Brač, Hvar, Mljet, Vis or Korčula, will enrich you with memories and images that could feed your soul for a good part of the year. Besides being the largest city in Dalmatia, Split also became the leading health tourism centre in Dalmatia. Be sure not to miss Zadar, Šibenik, Trogir or Primošten either, or one of the most beautiful Croatian gems – Dubrovnik. These cities are an excellent choice if you enjoy visiting heritage sites, if you like fish, good wine or world-class spa treatments that will enrich your body and soul. Truth be told, even the view of the open blue sea has a beneficial impact on health, not to mention the number of sunny days responsible for vitamin D production. Add to this the healing effect of the sea that is also one of the most beautiful seas in the world – is it any wonder we believe that Dalmatia should be on your bucket list? The Emperor Diocletian did not

Stari Grad on Hvar

Did you know?

Split, Capital of Dalmatia


pick Split as a place to stay without thinking. Namely, the archaeologists have found that at the site of the present-day palace there was a real Roman wellness centre with pool filled with sulphuric and spring water

Romanti c Medi t erranean ROVINJ ROVIGNO Rovinj is a romantic destination for all those who seek a sentimental atmosphere of a time that has gone forever. Developed on the fishing tradition under the vigilant eye of its patron St. Euphemia, the town’s beauty was especially valued by artists who painted the most beautiful motifs and exhibited their artwork on the “Grisia” - Artists’ Street. Many possibilities are available to visitors: beautiful nature walks, recreational sports, discovering hidden beauties, cultural heritages, archeological sites, tasting specialties from Rovinj, and, above all, a comfortable vacation in numerous highly-rated hotels and tourist resorts. Romantic and mysterious, but full of possibilities for an unforgettable vacation, Rovinj has become and remains a town that you will want to visit again.

Obala Pina Budicina 12, 52210 Rovinj, Hrvatska, Tel.: +385/52/811 566, 813 469, Fax: +385/52/816 007, e-mail:,


Numerous private and public polyclinics and health centres with professional staff and outstanding quality of service, paired with competitive prices, make the capital of Croatia the centre of medical excellence


Roman Martin, Zagreb Tourist Board Archive

Destinations || CITY OF ZAGREB

Destinations || CITY OF ZAGREB

ZAGREB Centre of Medical Excellence


Joint activity of the health and tourism sectors creates a climate in Croatia that enables further development of the City of Zagreb as an important medical tourism destination

ealth tourism is one of the oldest specific forms of tourism that involves the use of comparative natural and healing benefits conditioned by climate, along with high professionalism and quality of service, all with the aim to maintain and improve health and improve the quality of life. In the present times characterized by stress and declining quality of life, this type of tourism has become increasingly important. Along with it, we have also seen the development of a modern type of medical tourism, where Zagreb occupies an increasingly important place. Numerous private and public polyclinics and health centres with professional staff and outstanding quality of service, paired with competitive prices, make the capital of Croatia the centre of medical excellence. Its comparative advantage includes the proximity to large emissive markets, excellent transport links, but also the overall offer that meets the needs of even the most demanding clients. The majority of health tourism services have a high added value, and joint activity of the health and tourism sectors creates a climate in Croatia that enables further development of the City of Zagreb as a medical tourism destination.


Qualified medical staff and modern equipment guarantee an excellent health service. There are many accommodation options, thus Zagreb now has 57 hotels with 7397 beds, 47 hostels with 2209 beds


and 2172 apartments, studio apartments and rooms with 3418 beds. Cooperation with all branches that complete the health tourism offer, from health institutions to many various tourist attractions and hotel and catering facilities, is of the utmost importance, and make the capital of Croatia one of the leading destinations in this segment. It should be mentioned that, all year round, there are many other attractions in the Croatian capital that complement the health tourism offer, thus creating an added value to the overall experience. There are limitless possibilities of music and theatre performances, art shows and museums, sports events, and one can also enjoy pleasant walks, interesting architecture, many parks in the city centre, pedestrian zones and the overall atmosphere.


There are also extremely beautiful and attractive Zagreb surroundings, with rich vineyards and wine roads, interesting

Today, Zagreb has 57 hotels with 7397 beds, 47 hostels with 2209 beds and 2172 apartments, studio apartments and rooms with 3418 beds

Zagreb Card Zagreb Card is your ideal travel companion that saves your precious time and money. The card is available in two versions; a 24hour and 72-hour version. With its purchase you get a free ride on public transport and the inevitable city attraction “The Funicular“, as well as a completely free entrance to the four prestigious city museums, the observation deck “Zagreb Eye“ and the Zoo. You also get discounts at 70 different places, including many city museums, restaurants, shops and various services

museums, medieval and baroque castles and many healing spas. Naftalan Spa, located a half-hour drive from Zagreb, is the only such spa in Europe, and the second one in the world, known for its deposits of rare and powerful natural healing factors – healing crude oil, Naftalan and thermal mineral water. If you choose Zagreb as your medical tourism destination, except quality, you are also choosing competitive prices and the experience offered by the Croatian capital.


Destinations || CITY OF ZAGREB


Davor Rostuhar, Zagreb Tourist Board Archive

Sanjin Kaštelan, Zagreb Tourist Board Archive

Second year in a row, Advent in Zagreb won the title of the best Advent in Europe

Do not miss in Zagreb! Exhibition “The Challenge of Modernism – Zagreb/Vienna at the Turn of the 19th Century“ It is well known that almost all Croatian painters of the early 20th century studied painting in Vienna. This exhibition in Klovićevi Dvori Gallery, taking place from February 09 to May 08, 2017, presents some of the most famous works by the Viennese and Croatian modernist painters. Precisely due to their interaction, Zagreb became the centre of Modernism – one of the most prolific, original and innovative periods in the history of art and architecture, music and literature, psychology and philosophy. Zagreb Time Machine From late April to early October, every weekend at various locations around the city you will be able to enjoy a number of events that aim to evoke the traditions of the Zagreb past and its surroundings. From old ladies in traditional costumes at Dolac market, promenade concerts at Zrinjevac, changing of the guard of the Cravat regiment, to costume characters from the Zagreb past you will meet around the city. Zagreb Time Machine will take you to the days of the past, different customs and beautiful memories. Strossmartre Over one hundred days, from the end of May to September, Strossmayer Promenade in the Upper Town will


capture the spirit of Paris. A magnificent view of Zagreb is complemented with a carefully selected music programme, art installations, cinema in the open and market stalls with a rich offer. Very romantic event imbued with a nostalgic spirit. Advent in Zagreb Every year before the holiday season Zagreb shines in its full beauty, and this was the reason the Advent in Zagreb – for two years in a row – in 2016 and 2017 won the title of the best Advent in Europe. Bells chime, city streets, bustling with people, are filled with events organized in more than 30 locations around the city. Christmas lights and decorations in the streets, on the buildings and in parks, create a magical atmosphere everywhere. Christmas fairs, choirs, concerts on balconies, stands, singing Christmas songs, market stalls, ice rinks, live Nativity scene and a rich offer of artworks and artefacts are only a part of what awaits you in Zagreb. A glass of fragrant and aromatic wine will warm your cold hands, and the overwhelming smell of sausage will draw you to one of the stands. This Advent truly prepares us for all that Christmas brings in the best possible way.

Sanjin Kaštelan, Zagreb Tourist Board Archive

Zagreb picnic Maksimir Park is one of the favourite destinations of people of Zagreb who want to spend their free Saturday in the sun and fresh air. Join them, relax and enjoy in nature (on the meadow near the Second Lake – stone throne) from 10 to 17 h, from May to September. If necessary, you can buy a basket with everything you need for a picnic in nature, there is also a small library in the open and you can read while listening to music played for you by DJs.

Julien Duval, Zagreb Tourist Board Archive

Petar Kurschner, Zagreb Tourist Board Archive

Destinations || CITY OF ZAGREB


Zagreb Tourist Board Archive

If you do not want to miss the magnificent view of Zagreb, visit Strossmayer Promenade in the Upper Town

WHY CHOOSE ZAGREB? • Zagreb guarantees quality with competitive prices • Zagreb is close • Zagreb offers more


KVARNER The Healing Garden of Europe

Destinations || KVARNER

Beautiful beaches, walkways, fragrant gardens, hundred years old parks, places where one can relax and re-energize, all of this is a beautiful background for a rich Kvarner’s medical, spa and wellness tourism offer PROMO KVARNER HEALTH TOURISM CLUSTER



iversity is the main characteristic of Kvarner, which includes the area between the two large mountain ranges – Učka and Velebit – as well as the coast and islands. This is where the coastal areas of the Opatija Riviera, the city of Rijeka and Crikvenica-Vinodol Riviera meet. There are also the Kvarner islands: Krk, Rab, Cres and Lošinj, as well as the mountainous Gorski kotar. This is an invaluable combination of sea, islands and mountains concentrated on a very small area of land, so you can enjoy the pleasures of the sea and retreat into the forest shade in the interior all in one day. Thanks to this diversity – a touch of mild climate of the coast and islands,

Destinations || KVARNER


Kvarner is a famous destination suitable for the treatment and rehabilitation of heart and respiratory diseases

and fresh air from the interior, as well as sea and wild plants – Kvarner became “a healing garden“ of Europe. Beautiful beaches, walkways, fragrant gardens and hundred years old parks, are all great places to relax, re-energize and awaken the joy of life. Also containing places for an active holiday and entertainment, Kvarner truly has an ideal tourist offer.


Although famous as a destination suitable for the treatment and rehabilitation of heart and respiratory diseases, Kvarner is also visited by those who want to prevent or treat many other health issues. Kvarner Region Tourism Board has used this idea of “wellbeing“ as the basis for the project of branding health tourism entitled “Kvarner Health & Wellbeing“.

Kvarner Region Tourism Board is also one of the founders of the Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster. Opatija Tourist Board, in line with the long tradition of health tourism, is also of great support to this project as well as Rijeka Tourist Board, Crikvenica Tourist Board and Mali Lošinj Tourist Board. The Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka and Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Opatija are also Cluster members and together they initiated and launched a Postgraduate Specialist Study in Health Tourism with the aim to educate professional staff.


One of the crown jewels of Kvarner’s health tourism offer, Thalassotherapia Opatija, is a special hospital for medical rehabilitation of heart and lungs diseases, as well as rheumatism. The hospital successfully keeps pace with the current trends in the treatment of cardiovascular and rheumatic patients. The hospital of the

same range, Thalassotherapia Crikvenica, achieves remarkable results in treating respiratory diseases and movement disorders with the combination of sea air, climate and sea water. Veli Lošinj Spa is the leading spa in terms of treating respiratory diseases, asthma and psoriasis; its approach is based on the therapeutic effect of pine forests and unique microclimate of the Island of Lošinj, combined with the modern methods of physical medicine. Specialty Hospital Medico offers specialized clinical examinations, advice and consultations, as well as laboratory and radiological diagnostics in the field of dermatology and venereology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, cardiology, nephrology, endocrinology, gynaecology, urology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, otorhinolaryngology and neurology. It also has two operating rooms for minor procedures and general and plastic surgeries.


Destinations || KVARNER



Although famous as a destination suitable for the treatment and rehabilitation of heart and respiratory diseases, Kvarner is also visited by those who want to prevent many other health issues

Terme Selce, Hospital for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, also has a high reputation due to its knowledge and protocols for the prevention and treatment of locomotor system diseases and injuries. Dr Nemec Special Hospital, dedicated to the treatment of locomotor system diseases and injuries, also became internationally recognized. Its special services include cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery and a total knee and hip endoprosthesis. Dental Polyclinics “Dr Jelušić“ in Opatija and Rident Polyclinic (in Rijeka and Poreč), as well as dental medicine centres Orto Nova in Rijeka, Kalamar Implant Dentistry (in Rijeka and Dramalj) and “Smile“ Clinic are an important part of the overall health tourism offer. Public institutions are also an important link, such as the Community Health Center Rijeka, Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka, Emergency Medicine Institute and Teaching Institute of Public Health. The Cluster was also joined by Interdial, Polyclinic for Hemodialysis located in Opatija, which provides hemodialysis and hemodiafiltration and operates as a part of the clinics for dialysis within the Fresenius Medical Care Group.


It is easy to find worldclass accommodation near these institutions. Three

29 members of the Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster gathers 29 members from the medical, tourism and university sector and accompanying services. Established in November 2014, the association organizationally merges preparation and placement of a recognizable and competitive health and tourist, as well as scientific and educational product, designed according to global trends, tradition, resource base and destination specificities. The Cluster is focused on strengthening and development of Kvarner health tourism in accordance with the strategic documents that define this tourist destination as “The destination of health“


hotels owned by the Jadran Company are the symbols of the city of Rijeka. These include: Jadran Hotel located on the coast in a residential part of the city; Continental, the oldest hotel in the city, found in the centre of Rijeka, and Neboder, which offers amazing panoramic view of the city and the whole Kvarner Bay. Lošinj Hotels and Villas, a brand owned by the leading hotel company Jadranka, offers a range of four and five star accommodation in hotels, villas and apartments on the Island of Lošinj. They have also been developing their own health tourism programmes since 2014, aimed

at pulmonary rehabilitation and healthcare wellness. Milenij Hotels in Opatija - Milenij and Sveti Jakov, Design Hotel Royal, Grand Hotel 4 opatijska cvijeta and Continental and Agava Hotels – offer a perfect holiday experience in line with the highest standards. All of these institutions invest a lot of attention in high quality education and continuous training of employees in wellness professions, in which a special role is played by the Lovran College – Wellness Academy, established in 2004. If they need help with organizing their stay, Kvarner visitors can contact one of the leading incoming tour operators, Mediteran Adrija in Rijeka, represented on the market by its brand name MedAdria, or travel agencies and Travelana from Rijeka.

info Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster Email:


t c e f Per

Health and Wellness Destination Thalassotherapia Opatija is positioned as a regional and leading brand of Kvarner health tourism


halassotherapia Opatija is a special hospital for medical rehabilitation of heart and lung diseases, as well as rheumatism, founded by the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. Since its establishment in 1957, it has taken a leading role in diagnostics, prevention and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases in the region.


Systematic investments in infrastructure development and training of medical staff resulted in achieving high professional standards and positioning of Thalassotherapia Opatija as a modern professional medical institution. In 1998, Thalassotherapia Opatija

Thalasso Wellness Centre Opatija offers the usual wellness and spa facilities with the use of sea water and sea ingredients 40


became a Reference Centre for Healthcare Tourism and Medically Programmed Recreation of the Ministry of Health. It also acquired the status of the teaching base of the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka and Faculty of Medicine in Osijek. Today it has a status of the Clinic for the Treatment, Rehabilitation and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka. In 2012 Thalassotherapia Opatija was expanded by adding the Reference Centre for the Rehabilitation of Cardiac Patients of the Ministry of Health and from the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports it received a permit to engage in scientific and research activity.




Thalasso Wellness Centre Opatija, built in 2005 on 2500 square meters, offers the usual wellness and spa facilities (pools, saunas, massages, beauty and fitness) with the use of sea water and sea ingredients. It also offers medical and wellness programmes under the supervision of excellent doctors. Along with the award “The Tourism Flower – Quality for Croatia“ in the best spa category, earned in 2016 for its merits in developing the wellness offer, Thalassotherapia also won numerous other awards and acknowledgments of Kvarner County Tourist Board, Croatian Chamber of Economy and Croatian Tourist Board. This year the institution celebrates 60 years of existence and positions itself as the regional health tourism brand by opening Plastic Surgery Centre within Thalasso Wellness Centre, which already offers state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments - blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, liposuction, lipofilling, abdominoplasty, removal and analysis of skin tumours, surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, Botox, dermal filler and mesothreads.

Thalassotherapia Opatija Maršala Tita 188/1, 51410 Opatija, Croatia Thalasso Wellness Centar Opatija T: +385 (0) 51 202 855 Plastic surgery T: +385 (0) 51 202 615/+365 (0) 91 763 1701 Private medical examinations T: +385 (0) 51 202 620 Email:,

March an oasis of wellness

Take advantage of the special offers in selected wellness centres, clinics and medical practices!

11/3/2017 Villa Angiolina



Croatia’s best health destination in 2015



Sea and Air

IN THE SERVICE OF HEALTH A perfect healing combination of fresh sea water and clean air make Thalassotherapia Crikvenica an esteemed resort for respiratory and musculoskeletal system diseases


he forerunner of Thalassotherapia Crikvenica, special hospital specialized in medical rehabilitation of respiratory and musculoskeletal system diseases, was established near Rijeka back in 1895, in an area valued for its very favourable climate and geography. Even then, Crikvenica was esteemed for its extremely beneficial climate, mild winters and moderately hot summers, as well as restorative air currents, mixing of sea and mountain air streams, rich in marine aerosol, and incredibly clean and shallow sea. Today, on over 2000 square meters of the new Medical and Rehabilitation Centre, clients can use the services of professional interdisciplinary medical teams and state of the art diagnostics, which, combined with natural healing factors, results in exceptionally successful treatments of respiratory and musculoskeletal system diseases.    


Thalassotherapy has a complex, beneficial effect on the human body. The use of fresh sea water induces the exchange of minerals and toxins between the body and the water. Its beneficial effect on the



body is also greatly helped by staying by the sea. Salt particles in the air (aerosol) penetrate to the smallest lung alveoli and result in a beneficial physiological effect. Ultraviolet sunrays have a beneficial effect on calcium metabolism. Trace elements and minerals such as magnesium, manganese and cobalt from the sea and air stimulate the natural defences of the body. The absence of allergens and environmental pollution is especially useful for those with allergies.

Inhalation therapy is carried out in a specialized inhalation room, unique in the entire Adriatic, even Europe



Due to all this, Thalassoterapia Crikvenica is recognized for the treatment and rehabilitation of respiratory system diseases, especially for treating and relieving asthma symptoms, COPD, pneumonia, bronchitis, chronic allergic and vasomotor rhinitis, as well as chronic and acute inflammation of the larynx, trachea and throat, occupational lung and upper airway diseases, vocal cord disorders and post-operative conditions, radiotherapy and chemotherapy of the respiratory system. Change of lifestyle, stress relief and a total commitment to one’s own health, further emphasize the effect of therapeutic procedures and complete the results of treatment, also increasingly recognized by Western medicine.

Thalassotherapia Crikvenica Gajevo šetalište 21, 51260 Crikvenica, Croatia T: +385 (0) 51 407 666 Email:

Health tourism || LOŠINJ HOTELS & VILLAS


on the Island


of Vitality Years of investments and several generations’ work turned Lošinj into a destination offering a healthy vacation and natural recovery with a holistic approach to health

he island of Lošinj has become a top destination where guests of all preferences can meet their specific needs – from family to active vacation or even a luxury five star getaway. Since 1892, Lošinj has also been known as the perfect place for finding balance between body and soul. Declaring the island a climatic health resort, all around the island Austro-Hungarian aristocrats built impressive villas and summer houses that are nowadays one of the Lošinj’s trademarks. With a breath of their old flare brought back to these Austro-Hungarian villas, as well as hotel packages with the best this island has to offer, Lošinj is further distinguished by natural aromatherapy that starts the minute you set foot on the island - thanks to beneficial influence of the sun, the sea and dense pine forests. Those who are looking for an active vacation can enjoy 250 kilometres of walking trails all year round, experiencing


The antique bronze statue of an athlete, 192 cm tall, taken from the sea bed between the islet of Vele Orjule and the island of Lošinj on 27 April 1999, is the only large bronze found to date on the eastern coast of the Adriatic. The original statue is kept in the Museum of Apoxyomenos in the center of Mali Lošinj.



everything that makes the island of vitality so special.


Long known benefits of the sea, the sun and the plants to human health continue to attract to Lošinj a great number of guests who want to spend their holidays in harmony with nature, which is a principle deeply set in the islanders’ lifestyle. Mediterranean climate encourages verdant vegetation, the coexistence of numerous animal species in a wonderful biodiversity, with mild changes between the seasons, clean beaches, crystal clear sea and unpolluted air. The water from Lake Vrana boasts the highest quality, reflecting the impeccable purity of the entire surroundings, made even more special by the incredible 2600 sunshine hours throughout the year, in combination with clean air and the essences from over a thousand different species of aromatic and medicinal plants.


Award winning hotels of Lošinj Hotels & Villas brand have in fact used the full potential of natural benefits of the island in order to provide their guests a unique holiday. Čikat Bay holds many treasures, among which is an exclusive five star beauty, Bellevue Hotel, offering a vast selection of completely personalized health

programs within its SPA Clinic, the best new spa and wellness in the world according to Spafinder Wellness company. Doctors, nutritionists, kinesiologists, physical therapists and spa therapists, all joined in a team creating prevention and regeneration SPA & Health programs that can completely change your life habits and metabolism.


Vitality concept is what differentiates Vitality Hotel Punta from other hotels – it’s a perfect place for guests looking for an active, eventful vacation, with carefully designed gastronomic, relaxation and wellness offer. Regarding their health the guests have the opportunity to consult an internist or a nutritionist, who will create a completely personalized program for their diet and activities. The offer also includes a unique respiratory rehabilitation program, specially created for guests with respiratory problems. Lošinj and Punta are in fact the best destinations for such programs – research has shown that three weeks on Lošinj Island can stimulate a significant improvement on spirometry tests. Furthermore, Vitality Hotel Punta became the first hotel in Croatia with a prestigious certificate EuropeSpa given by the European Spas Association (ESPA) in 2014, confirming the highest international quality standards in wellness, spa and vitality services at the hotel. Vitality Hotel Punta also holds the ECARF Seal, certifying that its products and services have been fully adapted to guests with allergy problems.

Natural aromatheraphy

Health tourism || LOŠINJ HOTELS & VILLAS

With Austro-Hungarian villas and hotels, and their programs including the best this island has to offer, Lošinj is further distinguished by natural aromatherapy that starts the minute you set foot on the island Vitality Hotel Punta


Long known benefits of the sea, the sun and the plants to human health continue to attract to Lošinj a great number of guests who want to spend their holidays in harmony with nature


Lošinj Hotels & Villas T: +385 (0) 51 66 11 11 Email:


Health tourism || BAGATIN CLINIC


The cooperation with the prestigious non-profit organization Medical Tourism Association® resulted in a unique Destination Guide, 92 pages of which cover the services of the clinic and the destination – Zagreb and Croatia


and Excellence During its 20 years of existence, Bagatin Clinic has become a synonym for the quality of service and innovative approach to health and beauty


perfect synergy of the latest technology and modern, non-invasive methods of treatment and surgical procedures, combined with the work by highly trained specialists, has brought Bagatin Clinic services in the segment of plastic surgery, dentistry and dermatology to the international level, making it a recognizable leader in Croatia.




The story of the today’s Bagatin Clinic begins in 1995, when the first private practice for maxillofacial surgery was established by the world-renowned cosmetic surgeon Marijo Bagatin, MD, DSc. This, at the time still small-scale and family-run clinic, was taken over by his two sons. Today, both Dinko and Tomica Bagatin are prominent and highly successful cosmetic surgeons. The practice saw rapid growth following the appointment

of Ognjen Bagatin, a graduate economist and a member of the MBA Croatia Association, to the position of the clinic Director. Through permanent education and investment in his business skills and knowledge, in combination with a clear vision, he is now leading the clinic towards development, constant investments and progress. The clinic management was soon joined by the executive director Bojan Pintarić, a marketing expert with an extensive experience in the sector of

Health tourism || BAGATIN CLINIC

The clinic is focused on the culture of learning and continuous education and training of its employees, which motivated the establishment of Bagatin Academy luxury products and services marketing, and excellent knowledge in the field of beauty market. The “new era” initiated by this management duo has been marked by diversification and expansion to other segments of medicine – firstly to dermatology and cosmetic treatments, and finally to dentistry, with an emphasis on cosmetic dentistry, when the first dental studio was opened in 2015.    


During the 20 years of their existence they have become a synonym for service quality, and stood out among the other clinics and institutions with their unique and comprehensive approach to health and beauty, which has been recognized by numerous national and international

clients. Today, they boast more than 12.000 satisfied clients and an average annual growth of 55% during the last five years, the fact making them a leader in the cosmetic surgery and dermatology market. In 2015, this success was also recognized by Deloitte, a prestigious consulting and auditing company, when they presented Bagatin Clinic with an award for the most successful fast growing company in the sector of health care and pharmacy in Croatia and the region.


Behind the quality of Bagatin Clinic services, there is a large team of 70 employees, with a tendency to grow even beyond this number. Renowned medical

staff consists of general and cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, dentists, anaesthesiologists and excellent cosmetologists with years-long experience. The successful team also includes marketing, PR, sales, HR and logistics experts, as well as receptionists, administrative and call centre employees who facilitate smooth and successful business operations. The organization pays a lot of attention to the culture of learning and education, with commitment to permanent professional training of the employees in order for them to realize their business and personal potentials. This lead to the creation of Bagatin Academy that, year after year, is becoming a real centre of business excellence and education. The Academy offers all of the clinic employees unique training in the


Health tourism || BAGATIN CLINIC Medical Tourism Association®, a unique Destination Guide has been created, bringing together the information on the clinic services and destination (Zagreb and Croatia) on 92 pages. The Guide was officially introduced at the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress in Washington D.C. in 2016, the clinic being the silver sponsor of the event.


Service at the level of five-star hotels

Since its beginning, the clinic’s business strategy has been focused on providing services aimed at delighting their clients and on setting service quality standards in the Croatian market. The client is always the priority. From the first contact with the clinic through a call centre or reception staff, to the service provided and saying goodbye, the client can rest assured that the whole staff is fully dedicated to them and that the service is at the level of a five-star hotel

Activities and efforts to put Croatia and Bagatin Clinic on the global medical tourism map are continually under way ANUAL with the support of key GROWTH OF 55% institutions, such as the Bagatin Clinic prides itself in Ministry of Tourism, more than 12.000 satisfied Croatian Chamber of customers and an average Economy and other field of so-called “soft crucial state bodies. annual growth of 55% in the last skills”, with specially The goal is to presfive years, making it a leader in tailored workshops and ent the institutions of the plastic surgery lectures designed to meet strategic importance, and dermatology their specific needs. advertise the services market available on the market INNOVATIVE APPROACH and recognize Croatia as a top From the very start, Bagatin Clinic saw tourist destination. Clinic ended the year the importance of using new forms of 2016 with two significant nominations by communication in the market. Innovative the International Medical Travel Journal: approach to marketing set a standard of one for marketing initiative regarding its excellence, which starts with good compositioning and branding, and the other munication with the client and is distinfor the best international cosmetic surgery guished by an individual approach. The clinic in 2017. result is visible in a high number of followers on Facebook, over 120.000 of them, while the company is also active on the increasingly more influential Instagram and their own blog. A lot of hard work and effort is paid to the quality of the content, as well as to client education, which has proven to be very successful with more than 260.000 annually downloaded copies of the online service brochures. This type of individual approach in communication Bagatin Clinic has successfully attracted new clients, Green Gold Tower while securing the retention of the existGrada Vukovara 269a/10, 10000 Zagreb, ing ones.



Medical tourism is one of the key products in the hospitality industry with a primary role in extending the tourist season and dispersing tourist activities, the fact leading to the introduction of the newest department within Bagatin Clinic – the medical tourism department. In addition to offering medical services to their clients, they assist with transfer, accommodation and learning about the cultural and gastronomic offer of Zagreb and its surroundings. In cooperation with the prestigious non-profit organization


Croatia Downtown - Centre Kneza Višeslava 14/2, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia T: +385 (0) 1 46 10 225 Email:

MARKETING in Health Tourism

Interview || MARKETING

Ognjen Bagatin, MBA, Bagatin Clinic General Director, talks about the marketing strategy that has positioned his clinic on the world map of health tourism


hen we decided to reach out towards the international market and turn to medical tourism, the first goal was to position Bagatin Clinic as the leading private clinic in the region, with service equal to those in luxury five star hotels. The first step in receiving global recognition of the clinic was to present Croatia as a pro-health destination - says Ognjen Bagatin, MBA, Bagatin Clinic CEO. - Cooperation with local and national institutions, such as Croatian Chamber of Economy, Ministries of Tourism, Health, Foreign and European Affairs, as well as the Office of the President, Croatian National Tourist Board and Zagreb Tourist Board, proved to be the key step. Within this cooperation we created the Destination Guide, a guide in English with information about Zagreb as a major tourist destination and the services at Bagatin Clinic. The printed edition of the guide was promoted at World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare congress in Washington, one of the most important events in health tourism in the world. That was an excellent opportunity to present the clinic. We received support from Medical Tourism Association (MTA), the most famous global non-profit medical tourism association that promoted our guide through its communication channels and social networks reaching over 1.5 million members.

What other steps would you single out as important in brand positioning? - Last year we established contacts with Croatian National Tourist Board in Benelux countries, United Kingdom, Sweden and the USA. We became members of American Dental Association, MTR and Global Clinic Rating. Back home, we teamed up with numerous partners, such as Svjetlost Eye Clinic and St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, and established cooperation with a number of international facilitators. We concluded the year with a couple of successful

AUTHOR Andrea Šitum

study tours for foreign partners and health care clients, opening towards the Swiss, German, Italian and Israeli market, as well as Middle East and USA markets. So, 2017 started off well. - Yes, with two prestigious nominations from international association IMTJ (International Medical Travel Journal), the first for marketing initiative in clinic branding and the other for the most successful international cosmetic surgery clinic. We’re still in the process of planning study tours, wrapping up some web adjustments and POS materials for Slovenian market. I cannot reveal all of our plans, but you will be able to see us on different fairs and congresses in Rovinj (HTI), Celje (Altermed), Opatija (IMTJ Summit), Milan (Intercare), Los Angeles (WMTC), Ljubljana (Narava Zdravje) and Abu Dhabi (ITW).

“Back home, we teamed up with numerous partners, such as Svjetlost Eye Clinic and St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, and established cooperation with a number of international facilitators”

Ognjen Bagatin, MBA, Bagatin Clinic CEO


Health tourism || AVIVA POLYCLINIC


THE HEALTHIEST DECISION The quality of service Aviva Polyclinic provides is based on complete dedication to understanding users’ needs and an individualized offer of integral health solutions PROMO AVIVA POLYCLINIC


viva Polyclinic in Nemetova Street in Zagreb is the first polyclinic facility that started operating independently in the market – throughout 39 years of tradition it has positioned itself as one of the recognizable symbols of healthcare, primarily due to referrals by numerous satisfied and loyal customers within this time period. The polyclinic owes its recognition in healthcare primarily to its dedicated medical employees. Twenty five full time doctors, their specialist knowledge, proven results and true team work initiate positive internal changes. High quality results and diagnostics are ensured by modern diagnostic equip-


ment, making it possible to detect changes in the earliest phase of illness, prior to its development.


Aviva Polyclinic covers nearly all specialties of modern medicine: internal medicine with subspecialties - cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology and immunology - radiology, dermatology, urology, oncology, neurology, minor surgery, pulmonology, gynaecology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, nuclear medicine, orthopaedics, physical medicine with rehabilitation, psychology and hematologic and biochemical laboratory. The quality of service Aviva Polyclinic provides is

based on complete dedication to understanding users’ needs and an individualized offer of integral health solutions, together with multidisciplinary approach through Centres of Excellence and development of the widest spectrum of specialist diagnostics, in particular in relation to the leading risks of contemporary lifestyle.


Aviva manages state-of-the-art medical equipment, making it possible to detect

Health tourism || AVIVA POLYCLINIC

Multidisciplinary approach through Centres of Excellence:

• Centre for Dermatology and Venerology • Centre for Women’s Health • Centre for Body Weight Regulation • Anti-aging Centre • Centre for Pain Treatment • Centre for Vertigo • Centre for Radiology Diagnostics • Centre for Thyroid • Centre for Heart Health • Centre for Ultrasound Doppler Diagnostics

• Centre for Cerebrovascular Disease Prevention

• Centre for Gastroenterology • Centre for Ophthalmology • Centre for Physical Medicine,

Rehabilitation and Medical Fitness

• Privately owned Medical-Biochemical Laboratory

AVIVA Polyclinic manages state-of-the-art medical equipment, among which is the latest open-type MRI machine, used for examinations devoid of claustrophobia, with an exceptionally short duration time

changes in the earliest phase of illness, prior to its development. The polyclinic is distinguished for its supreme medical equipment, including the latest ultrasound and radiology diagnostics; the latest open-type MRI machine, used for examinations devoid of claustrophobia, with an exceptionally short duration time as well as 4D ultrasound for monitoring pregnancy that enables detailed estimating of foetus anatomy.



In addition to diagnostics and treatments, we must highlight the importance of maintaining health and disease prevention through physical (systematic) examinations. Aviva Polyclinic points out the priceless importance of physical (systematic) examinations. Quality health care starts with a regular annual examination whose purpose is early discovery of risk factors for developing chronic and malignant diseases, as well as early disease symptoms that enable timely and successful treatment.

Poliklinika Aviva Nemetova 2, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia T: +385 (0) 1 4693 111 Email:




Time for a Check-up

With cutting edge diagnostic, therapeutic infrastructure and dedicated staff, Specialty Hospital Medico offers complete check-ups on your time off – all in one place and in one day


pecialty Hospital Medico is situated in Rijeka city centre, in close proximity to the main pedestrian street, Korzo. With an experienced and educated medical staff, Specialty Hospital Medico today has over 16 registered services with 24 specialties and subspecialties. Today, Medico is a regional leader in providing private health care, due to dedicated staff and modern diagnostics. With 95 employees, among whom 45 are physicians, the hospital provides top quality health care to its patients, in one day and in one place, affirmed by the fact that it treated over 40 thousand patients in 2016. From the very beginning, Medico has proven to be a leader in introducing and applying cutting edge technology in diagnostics and treatment, continuing its strong investments by acquiring new diagnostic equipment.


In 25 years of existence, Medico has become a true centre of top quality health care with modern diagnostic and therapeutic infrastructure on over 2.000 m2. First floor accommodates patient reception area, department of radiology (MRI, CT, X-ray, ultrasound, mammography) as well as modern medical biochemistry laboratory performing over a hundred different examinations of general and specialized medical biochemistry. On the second floor, there are 14 specialized clinics opened each day from 7 AM until 9 PM. Third floor accommodates a hospital department with daily hospital and modern opera-



tion theatre with two operation rooms, postoperative monitoring unit (POMU) and comfortable rooms for recovery and treatment.


Medico is the only private hospital in Croatia with an integrated complete diagnostics and minimally invasive surgical procedures. From collecting samples for laboratory tests, clinical examinations and diagnostic procedures to final physician's opinion, it will take you no more than two or three hours to do all this in Medico. Complete individual approach to each patient is assured through quality centres such as Centre for Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures (spinal, urological, gynaecological and abdominal), Breast Centre, Centre for Women’s Health, Centre for Health and Beauty, Centre for Vein Care, Sleep Disorders Centre and Laser Medical Centre. With an ascertained and certified business quality, Medico proved its position on foreign markets as well. Medico operates according to the ISO quality system since 2001, and since 2013 it owns the Temos Certificate “Quality in International Patient Care“.


Medico's primary mission is raising awareness of the importance of lifelong active health care, especially through regular preventive and complete checkups the hospital is distinguished for. Considering everyday tasks and modern lifestyle, one of the biggest advantages is that Medico truly offers a complete check-up in one day and in one place. Standard complete check-up includes

blood and urine laboratory tests, ECG, spirometry, abdominal ultrasound, specialist examination by an ophthalmologist and final examination and opinion of the internist. For women there are breast ultrasounds and gynaecologist examinations with transvaginal ultrasound and PAPA test, while for men there is a urological specialist examination with prostate ultrasound and PSA test. Managers mostly turn to stress related preventive examinations, thus preventive check-ups are most common, as well as cardiovascular or circulatory system examinations by cardiologists and neurologists, followed by musculoskeletal and nervous system examinations, as well as consultations with orthopaedists and neurosurgeons.

info Specialty Hospital Medico Agatićeva 8, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia T: +385 (0) 51 263 109 Email:

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standard check - up

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final opinion


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abdominal ultrasound

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ophthamology specialist examination

Medico's mission is raising awareness of the importance of lifelong health care through regular preventive and complete check-ups. Run a complete check-up, tailored to client’s needs, in one place and in one day.


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Time for holidays is time for a check-up!

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Specialty Hospital Medico is the only private health institution in the Republic of Croatia with a complete integrated diagnostics and minimally invasive surgery

Specialty Hospital Medico offers the following services:

• anaesthesiology, reanimatology and intensive treatment • dermatology and venerology • endocrinology • gastroenterology • gynaecology and obstetrics • internal medicine • cardiology • general surgery • nephrology • neurosurgery • neurology • ophthalmology • orthopaedics • otorhinolaryngology • plastic surgery • pulmonology • radiology • urology • vascular surgery • medical biochemistry laboratory • hospital treatment • daily hospital for all listed services­ • complete check-ups • individual health programs




of Health Tourism

Meet Terme Selce Polyclinic that has been nurturing the tradition of health tourism for over 25 years – so far it has treated patients from 86 countries, 6 continents and even 120 Olympic and World champions



Primarius Vlasta Brozičević, M.D., spec. physical medicine and rehabilitation, as well as rheumatology, has been caring for athletes for years – she is the official doctor of the Croatian Ski Team, Croatian Olympic Committee, as well as a member of FIS Medical Committee. She has created Top Sport Professional Programme based on her own method

Safe and efficient rehabilitation

The Polyclinic is recognized for its fast, safe and efficient rehabilitation and numerous innovative methods it uses. Their experience of treating more than 30.000 patients is world-renowned – Terme Selce cooperates with 22 medical institutions in 8 countries. Polyclinic Selce is Biodex Isokinetic Reference Centre for Croatia


hen a person is ill SPORTS ELITE Prim. Vlasta Brozičević is an interand under stress, nationally acclaimed expert in sports they mostly retreat medicine. She says that thus far 120 within the famworld champions and Olympic medalily circle because lists have been treated in Selce, includthey feel better ing also Croatian world-renowned surrounded by athletes – Luka Modrić and Mateo the ones they love. On the Crikvenica Kovačić, Janica Kostelić, Ivan Rakitić Riviera, in Terme Selce Polyclinic, there and Filip Ude, Olympic champion in is such a family – the founders of gymnastics. Along with the rethe polyclinic, Prim. Vlasta habilitation and treatment Brozičević, M.D., Head of of injuries, Terme Selce Department of Physical SPECIALTIES Polyclinic also works Medicine and Rehaon the prevention of bilitation, and her Diagnostics, physical therapy athletic injuries and husband Prim. M. and rehabilitation, sports psychological and Sc. Ivan Brozičević, medicine and wellbeing physical readiness for specialist of internal programmes are the trainings and compemedicine - cardiolospecialties of the polyclinic titions. gist and director. For that performs 40 diagnostic more than 25 years and 250 therapeutic UNIQUE they have been buildprocedures METHODS ing their knowledge - Terme Selce Polyclinic and developing special has also been recognized by protocols in diagnosis, physipeople suffering from back pain, especal therapy and rehabilitation, sports medicine, medical wellness, weight loss, cially discus hernia and osteoarthritis, as well as osteoporosis. Terme Selce’s health and beauty programmes. Prof know-how, paired with cutting-edge Iva Brozičević Dragičević, M. Sc., clinical technology such as: guided computerand sports psychologist, is also part ized 3D decompression, MBST, Orthoof the team. She participates in mankine – autologous conditioned serum aging a special programme, Healthy Living by IBD, and special weight loss programmes. Terme Selce Polyclinic is located 18 km from the airport on Krk, 140 kilometres from Pula, 168 km from Zagreb and 150 km from Ljubljana. Transfer to the polyclinic is organized by its friendly staff. Polyclinic has 44 experts of different specialties. Its clients describe their stay and achievement of objectives as “more than expected“.


and educational workshops on ergonomics, guarantee speedy recovery – says Prim. Vlasta Brozičević. She explains that MBST is a unique method that induces the regeneration of cartilage and bone formation, the fact also confirmed by scientific studies. - This method is a real aid in stopping the progression of a disease and preventing serious complications – Prim. Brozičević points out.


- We want to make our clients and patients feel at home. It is one of the ways for our joint efforts invested in solving health issues to have a successful outcome and for them to quickly regain health and vitality, to be able to overcome demanding tasks, both at workplace and at home – concludes Prim. Brozičević. Individualized revitalization programmes, as well as an extremely successful weight loss programme are

some of the important factors why it is good to choose Terme Selce. Companies that invest in the health of their employees also have the possibility to organize systematic checkups combined with various wellbeing programmes.


Terme Selce Polyclinic 1. prilaz I.L. Ribara 8, 51266 Selce, Croatia T: +385 (0) 51 764 055 (Selce), +385 (0) 51 400 420 (Rijeka) Email:



ZYGOMA ALL-ON-4 Changing the Face of Implantology

Lack of bone matter in the upper jaw is no longer an obstacle for implants - the new zygomatic implants have successfully managed to overcome that barrier



“From my experience, I believe this method, that requires excellent surgical skills, takes precedence over other methods for dealing with tooth loss. That includes six or eight implants in the upper jaw and sinus lift, a bone augmentation procedure“ Zdenko Trampuš, DDS

ou may have been told that you are not a suitable candidate for upper jaw implants and that your only option is the outdated and uncomfortable prosthesis or more implants plus bone augmentation (sinus lift). We believe that anyone who is convinced there is no other option will be glad to hear that is no longer the case, thanks to the Zygoma All-On-4 method. Now everyone with lack of bone matter or complete bone resorption in the upper jaw can get implants. Thanks to this state of the art dental method, implemented in only a few offices in the world, dealing with missing teeth will never be the same.


It has been a long journey for dentistry, one that took us from uncomfortable prosthesis, to All-on-4 concept. Luckily, now patients with a completely toothless jaw can say goodbye to their old prosthesis, thanks to All-on-4 – a method where both jaws can be implanted with four implants made on the basis of digitally designed teeth. The best dental implants on the market, combined with a state of the art treatment concept, result in a fast and painless treatment. In a couple of hours, the patient gets teeth

Meet Zdenko Trampuš, DDS

Zdenko Trampuš, DDS, graduated from The School of Dental Medicine at The University of Zagreb. He received further training in the field of implantology at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles, USA) in 2008. He is a member of American Dental Implant Association (The Implant Prosthodontic Section of ICOI), co-founder and member of the European Academy of Piezosurgery, member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and co-founder and member of GFDT (Functional Diagnostics and Therapy Association). Also, he is a member of Croatian Society for Maxillofacial, Plastic and Reconstructive Head and Neck Surgery, as well as Croatian Medical Association. Zdenko Trampuš, DDS, is known in Croatia for his constant search for and introduction of state-of-the-art dental technology and methods in the dental practice.


prototype implants as a temporary solution, while the permanent solution takes two and a half months to be ready. The result is a fixed prosthesis which does not appear different from natural teeth. The greatest obstacle for dental implants has always been a lack of bone matter where the implant should be placed. If the root is missing for a longer period of time, the location of the tooth loses bone matter. Until now, this was treated by a long and sometimes uncomfortable bone augmentation procedure. Luckily, that obstacle is no longer present because now you can implant zygomatic implants in the upper jaw. Zygoma implants or zygomatic implants are a revolutionary new type of implants for the upper jaw. The method was developed by Per Ingvar Brånemark, a Swedish professor, biologist, orthopaedic surgeon and scientist who dedicated a huge part of his scientific work to osseointegration (functional joining of the bone and implant).


Zygoma All-on-4 protocol has almost a 100 percent success rate and there is no need for artificial bone implants or sinus lift. Patients respond well to the protocol, especially because the procedure is entirely painless and quick. The procedure can be done on patients with diabetes, osteoporosis or another condition which can be contraindicated for bone augmentation. Also, patients can maintain oral hygiene more easily since it is identical to the care needed for natural teeth. Unlike All-on-4 method with a traditional procedure, the procedure with Zygoma implants is two times more expensive and is done exclusively by dentists with exceptional manual skills and training necessary for them to learn this operativeprosthetic method of dealing with tooth loss. So, if you were told that you are not a suitable candidate for implants, don’t hesitate to call for a free initial check up and consultation.


“Zygoma All-on-4 enables us to implant four zygomatic implants even to a completely dysfunctional upper jaw, giving permanent teeth to people who have lost all hope, just after a few hours in the chair“ Zdenko Trampuš, DDS


Ortoimplant Dental Spa Ilica 283, Zagreb, Croatia T: +385 (0) 1 37 03 498 Email:,



Krapinske Toplice A Real Health DESTINATION Krapinske Toplice have recently turned into a big construction site – with projects worth 30 million euros already carried out and the dredgers warming up for five more private investments


rapinske Toplice (SPA) is situated in the heart of Croatian region Zagorje, about 50 kilometres from Zagreb. In addition to everything spas usually offer, another advantage of this one is that the major previously worked in tourism, starting as a dishwasher and ending up as spa manager. He considers the town’s touristic development his lifetime project, aware that only new investments can guarantee survival in the globalization game. The list of “his“ ongoing projects is impressive, thus inspiring us to talk to Ernest Svažić, municipal mayor of Krapinske Toplice. What is your vision for Krapinske Toplice? - Our desire is to become the best Croatian health destination recognized worldwide, and we have excellent predispositions to achieve that. We have thermal waters of


AUTHOR Andrea Šitum

proven quality at our disposal, and we also use it as the energy-generating product which is important in branding Toplice as green destination. Our tradition in health tourism development is more than 150 years old. Europe has only a small number of places where you can find such concentration of professional medical staff such as here. Furthermore, we are a unique example

of the symbiosis between private and public health investments. How did you manage to combine private and public interests? - The first private hospital in Croatia was the Hospital for Cardiovascular Surgery and Cardiology Magdalena, nowadays holding the prestigious Canada International Accreditation. Special Hospital for Orthopaedic Surgery Akromion was opened next. They both grew on the foundations of a renowned public rehabilitation centre,

“Our desire is to become the best Croatian health destination recognized worldwide, and we have excellent predispositions to achieve that”

Ernest Svažić, municipal mayor of Krapinske Toplice


“The first construction site soon to be opened concerns the renovation of famous Bellevue, gastronomic villa and our pride from the Austro-Hungarian times. Unfortunately, its last guest was served in May 1945.“ Ernest Svažić, municipal mayor of Krapinske Toplice

Aquae Vivae

Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation. They are developing complement services and attracting similar type of investments. In that regard, the construction of an exclusive retirement home is about to start soon, as well as a residential facility that follows the principle of residential care. What other investments would you stress out? - The first construction site soon to be opened concerns the renovation of famous Bellevue, gastronomic villa and our pride from the Austro-Hungarian times. Unfortunately, its last guest was served in May 1945. Afterwards, the construction works move to the hotel for which a Russian investor ordered a detailed study by best consulting firms that recommended him to invest precisely in Krapinske Toplice. We are the county’s leader in family housing, the segment we keep investing in. I would also like

to mention new luxurious apartments in town’s centre. Construction works start in spring. There are other investors besides local entrepreneurs? - We stepped outside for the first time in Moscow in 2010. In a tough international competition we managed to attract the attention of Russian investors to build their first international helicopter pilot training centre right here. Local administration supported the project and facilitated its quick realization. Shortly after, they decided to invest in the hotel. Bellevue is a German investment, family entrepreneurship project, which will become our new oenologicalgastronomic Mecca. Villa Magdalena is also being renovated and upgraded by local entrepreneurs, while the new residential facility is built by entrepreneurs from the island of Krk.

What is the municipality doing in the meantime? - We’ve defined our development strategy, prepared town-planning documents and a catalogue of desirable investments, thus sending a message that we know what we want. Then we’ve prepared regulations enabling maximum reliefs to our investors. We also prepared a number of projects complementing private investments. We’ve renovated the historical Avenue “Aleja kestenova”. We are also preparing new and renovated access roads, with the ongoing project of a multifunctional market with tourist info point offering local products. In the evening it will turn into a stage for film, dance and theatre. Sports hall will be a public project, and we’re already using European funds to finance the biological filtration system and the expansion of drainage system. This is an important segment of environment protection, in that regard this year we’ll also start working on a recycling centre. How important is the newly opened water park in terms of development? - Aquae Vivae put us back on the map of the most popular thermal rivieras. Last year they sold 110 thousand tickets, this year they expect 180 thousand visitors. Ground for optimism is surely Croatian National Tourist Board award for the best attraction in 2016, in the category of recreation and fun, with a big sauna world already planned. Aquae Vivae is also preparing to build new outdoor pools. Another thing that makes it special is that it’s full of innovations. For example, the thermal water is also used as an energy-generating product. In Krapinske Toplice today we have thermal water in 227 households. Most guests want more than just wellness and thermal water, how about additional attractions? - Our winning combo is that we combine the best Zagorje has to offer, complemented with local attractions. Our surrounding has hundreds of faces. You can visit numerous castles, such as Trakošćan, Veliki Tabor, world famous Krapina Neanderthal Museum, Kumrovec, Marija Bistrica, wine roads, numerous festivals of film, song or dance. In addition, there are festivals offering authentic experience such as monodrama festival or summer Bald Fest bringing us back to lively times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at its best.


Enjoy the freedom of pain-free movement The Akromion Special Hospital for Orthopaedics and Traumatology is the largest private orthopaedic hospital in Croatia.

It is equipped with the latest equipment, operating block with three operating rooms and 11 rooms and suites of high standard, which ensures maximum comfort to the patients.



The hospital has acquired a reputation of “hospital without pain”. All possible types of anesthesia, primarily the techniques of regional anesthesia, are aimed at reducing postoperative pain to a minimum.



The hospital is fully computerized and networked with all its clinics in Zagreb, Split and Zadar. There are no patients’ charts, paperwork and waiting lists. It is the first such e-hospital in Croatia. In addition to operating theaters equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment, patients have hotel accommodation; each patient’s room has its own bathroom, television, Internet access and telephone.

Krapinske Toplice Zagreb

Bosnia and Herzegovina



Hospital in Krapinske Toplice CROATIA Ljudevita Gaja 2 49217 Krapinske Toplice Croatia Telephone: +385 49 587 487 Fax: +385 49 587 488 Clinic tel: +385 49 587 477



for Cardiovascular Diseases Magdalena Clinic offers a unique continuity of prevention, diagnostics, treatment and at-home-monitoring of cardiovascular patients



The Telecardiology Centre Magdalena was founded on September 16, 1996. It is located in the town of Krapinske Toplice, in the idyllic landscape of the Zagorje County, as well as in the Croatian capital Zagreb. With the aim of quality improvement and availability of care to cardiovascular patients, Magdalena started the first Telecardiology Centre in Croatia, which provides remote diagnostics, monitoring and treatment of an even higher number of heart patients.


agdalena Clinic for Cardiovascular Diseases has become one of the leading regional centres for cardiovascular diseases. Within the same facility, and under the same premise, work and closely collaborate cardiology, cardiac and vascular surgery, anaesthesiology, intensive care and telemedicine departments – all placing the patient at the centre of their attention and activities. Expert teams perform all non-invasive and invasive diagnostic procedures, as well as percutaneous and surgical cardiovascular interventions. New technologies are continuously being implemented with treatment results comparable to the best European heart centres. A vast number of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, shorter hospital stay, good organization, new technologies implemented in daily work and constant quality control guarantee premium quality of service. Since 1996, more than 100,000 patients have been treated in Magdalena Clinic, more than 10,000 cardiovascular surgeries and more than 20,000 percutaneous coronary interventions with stent implantations have been performed. This great experience is a guarantee of a minimal complication rate.


One of the most advanced procedures in the world today, TAVI (Trans catheter aortic valve implantation), was performed for the first time in Croatia at the Magdalena Clinic in January 2011. Indications and planning of TAVI procedure is the assignment of Magdalena heart team (invasive cardiologist, anaesthesiologist, cardiovascular surgeon). This procedure is a therapeutic option for patients with severe aortic stenosis, which are for some reason considered very high risk or inoperable for classical surgical aortic valve replacement (advanced age, comorbidities, patients which had aortocoronary bypass operation done before...). In 2011, new technology was implemented for 3D mapping (Carto3) enabling pulmonary vein isolation for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation treatment and ablation of focal atrial and ventricular tachycardia. Electrophysiology studies of the heart (EP) and radiofrequent (RF) ablations for different arrhythmia treatment started in Magdalena Clinic in 1998. Over the years, number of ablations is constantly increasing. Total number of patients treated with RF ablation during 17 years is now near 2.000. Since 2000, Magdalena is practicing telemedicine, standing as the digital health leader in Croatia. The Telecardiology Centre offers the service of distant patient monitoring through the implementation of an ultralight, mobile ECG device that delivers high-quality results. In this manner, the patients can send their ECG at any time, no matter where they are, and contact Magdalena’s experts 24/7 to obtain specific recommendations.


International quality certificates

EVAR (endovascular aortic/aneurysm repair) and TEVAR (thoracic endovascular aortic/aneurysm repair), procedure involves the placement of an expandable stent graft within the aorta to treat aortic disease without operating directly on the aorta HIGH SUCCESS RATE

Magdalena’s cardiovascular team performs more than 500 cardiac operations and more than 300 vascular operations per year with a high level of success rate. Vascular

surgery of the aorta, carotid and other peripheral arteries is performed with excellent results. More than 12,000 patients are checked yearly into the cardiology and cardiovascular surgery outpatient clinic, including echocardiography exams and pacemaker follow-up exams. More than 14,000 cardiology consultations are carried out following a transtelephonic ECG and/or blood pressure monitoring in the call centre, which operates 24 hours a day. An extraordinary system has been developed for the protection against in-hospital infections. Significant efforts have been invested to minimize the need for perioperative donor blood transfusion. Magdalena Clinic is a part of Croatian Primary Percutaneous. Coronary Intervention (PPCI) Network, meaning that urgent coronary interventions are performed 24 hours a day for patients with acute myocardial infarction.

The client and their needs have always been and will remain to be the focal point of Magdalena Clinic. Through its dedicated work and introducing new medical methods and technologies into its daily practice, Magdalena medical team ensures the best results of the highest quality and high patient safety. Three independent certificates: ISO9001, ISO EN 15224 and Accreditation Canada International, guarantee Magdalena’s systematic efforts in ensuring quality of service, as well as continuous service improvement.

info Magdalena - Clinic for Cardiovascular Medicine Ljudevita Gaja 2, 49217 Krapinske Toplice, Croatia T: +385 (0) 49 244 444 Fax: +385 (0) 49 244 040 Email:


Health tourism || ST. CATHERINE HOSPITAL


of Excellence

St. Catherine Hospital has been envisioned as a Center of Excellence for sports medicine, orthopedic surgery, radiology, neurosurgery, neurology and physical medicine and rehabilitation, both in terms of expert staff and equipment


t. Catherine Hospital is a European center of excellence for advanced diagnostics, orthopedic procedures and spine surgery, pain management, sport medicine as well as in the implementation of innovative diagnostics methods and personalized treatment strategies. The concept of integral healthcare, where expert teams from radiology, orthopedics, surgery, anesthesiology, gastroenterology, neurology and physical medicine take a multidisciplinary approach, using the newest equipment and the latest treatment options, providing superior diagnostics in one place, the best treatment options and individualized rehabilitation protocols) is what underlines the uniqueness of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital. Hospital closely collaborates with numerous European and U.S. clinics including Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin (Germany), Regiomed-Kliniken (Germany), Diagnostikum Graz (Austria), Carolina’s Pain Institute (USA), Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University (Thailand), etc. In ad-



dition, St. Catherine Hospital is the official medical institution of The Croatian Olympic Committee, The Croatian Football Federation, The Croatian Taekwondo Federation and of many sports clubs in the region.


From the very first day St. Catherine Hospital has been envisioned as a Center of Excellence for sports medicine, orthopedic surgery, radiology, neurosurgery, neurology and physical medicine and rehabilitation, both in terms of expert staff and equipment. In addition, we are focused on “PatientCentered Medicine”, a form of practice, that seeks to focus medical attention on the individual patient’s needs. In order to achieve that goal, we carefully work on care processes, improving the service process and repositioning care programmes aimed at local, regional or international patients. Besides, we are currently applying significant efforts in order to be among the first European hospitals to apply integrative concept of personalized medicine. There is no any doubt, the value of health

care can be increased tremendously through individualized (personalized) medicine.


St. Catherine Hospital is among a few European institutions that started with applications of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) in clinical practice. St. Catherine’s orthopedic team for the first time in the region made a new medical alternative: the meniscal transplant, an hour-long, outpatient, arthroscopic procedure that uses donor tissue to replace damaged meniscus, which can dramatically slow the onset of arthritis. In addition to meniscal transplant since recently we are also successfully applying a new biological treatment: meniscus replacement with the synthetic implant. Furthermore, we are currently in the process of introducing pharmacogenomics into routine clinical practice. St. Catherine Hospital is the member of the PainOmics consortium that include 9 different countries. The total budget for this study is Euro 7,8 mil. while EU is supporting project with Euro 5,9 mil.

Health tourism || ST. CATHERINE HOSPITAL

The Tenth ISABS Conference To achieve planed goals, in June of 2017, St. Catherine Hospital together with Mayo Clinic and International Society for Applied Biological Sciences are organizing The Tenth ISABS Conference on Forensic and Anthropologic Genetics and Mayo Clinic Lectures in Individualized Medicine which is considered to be one of the most important scientific events in the biomedicine in 2017. The conference topics include: personalized and regenerative medicine, pharmacogenetics, molecular diagnostics, stem cell therapy, etc. More than 50 invited speakers (including 5 Nobel prize laureates) as well as 500 participants from more than 40 countries will attend the Conference (

Scientific Center of Excellence

On November 2015., Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia announced that the St. Catherine Hospital become Scientific Center of Excellence for the Personalized Medicine in the Republic of Croatia as a part of Consortium that includes the top healthcare and scientific institutions in country. Hospital is ISO 9001 accredited and a member of prestigious The Leading Hospitals of the World family. In June of 2015, International Certification Association (ICERTIAS) announced that the St. Catherine Hospital won the Top-Quality medal (QUDAL - QUality meDAL) and that St. Catherine Hospital according to the customer’s/patient’s opinion is the best private hospital in the Republic of Croatia. Superbrands organization based in the Great Britain in July of 2016 announced that St. Catherine won Croatia Superbrands 2016/2017 Award for its quality, reliability and distinction. Also, St. Catherine Hospital has been named a National Champion for Republic of Croatia 2016/2017 in The European Business Awards, Europe’s largest business competition set up to celebrate business excellence and best practice in the European business community.

Numerous of overseas patients

info N Ch atio


20 am na 16 /1 pio l 7

Because of unique approach a numerous of overseas patients and World’s top athletes have been treated or diagnosed in hospital including: Garry Kasparov (former World Chess Champion), Marin Čilić (Winner of the US Open 2014), Aleksandr Viktorovich Khoroshilov (the first Russian male to win a World Cup race (Schladming, 2015) since 1981) Gordan Giriček (NBA player: Memphis Grizzlies, Orlando Magic, Utal Jazz), Bojan Bogdanović (NBA player: Brooklyn Nets), Mario Mandžukić (football player: Juventus, Italy and Croatian National Soccer Team), Luka Modrić (football player: Real Madrid, Spain and Croatian National Soccer Team), Ivan Rakitić (football player: Barcelona, Spain and Croatian National Soccer Team) etc.

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital Bracak 8, 49210 Zabok, Croatia Phone +385 49 296 600 Fax +385 49 296 699 E-mail:

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, Business unit Zagreb Trpinjska Street 9, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia Phone +385 1 2867 400 Fax +385 1 2867 499 E-mail:


Health tourism || BRANDING

Take Your


TO THE NEXT LEVEL How to stand out in health tourism, in the mass of similar services and stories?

B Know who you are, and be clear with how you want to be perceived by others

AUTHOR Marijana Brdovnik/Magic 4 Club

randing in health tourism is almost like branding in any other area in tourism but with one important exception: it involves a health element, one of the most personal and sensitive aspects. This is why branding of health care services should be done with the trust element as a key factor of any brand story. To be successful in branding and promoting of health services you need to tell a story, an emotional story, that will not only inspire and motivate loyalty, but also make potential clients feel the service even before they try it. Unfortunately, conventional marketing of health tourism is too often based on selling medical services and room nights at spas and resorts when it should be based on branding. Without a powerful brand, all the advertising, sales promotion, web designs and public relations won’t help you achieve your objectives. What makes medical tourism true in the mind of consumers is the promise of a health care solution, and the perceived value of an experience they will get. The global medical tourism market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 19.38 percent by 2019. (Source: Market Research Store), which gives a great potential to this area mostly not discovered enough. More and more patients will be traveling for better quality care, shorter waiting times and more personalized care. The question is: How will you stand out in the mass of similar services and stories?


Starting point of the branding process is always planning followed by a vision and strategy. Know


who you are, and be clear with how you want to be perceived by others. At the beginning of your brand journey take time to analyse the competition, and from time to time invest in research of innovations on the market and how they change your business. But don’t go running after your competition and be obsessed how they do the business - instead find your own way on the market and try to establish a point of difference from the start, as well as a value for your clients. For any brand in health tourism it is vital to communicate with clients - patients, train its staff to be fully able to understand patient’s needs, and have good communication skills. It is important for every employee involved in the process to be aware of brand standards, and know what the brand stands for and how to represent it properly. If you are the owner of the business, consider inviting a health tourism branding expert to do a brainstorming with the key stakeholders in your company in order to create an effective promotion strategy, action plan, and budget allocation with timeline. Marketing is a crucial element of any hospital, clinic or spa’s business development strategy. Successful brands identify their potential customer base and present the product in an innovative and appropriate way; they try new approaches and come up with integrated marketing strategies in order to increase awareness.


People’s health is always going to be an emotional subject. Medical companies need to understand those emotions, and follow them up with their comprehensive approach and uniqueness of ser-

Health tourism || BRANDING


Marketing is a crucial element of any hospital, clinic or spa’s business development strategy

Much more than just a logo Branding is much more than bringing together a nice logo, attractive brand name and slogan, and presenting the key services through a nice brochure

vice. Reaching for health and wellness, tourists can differ from standard approaches in tourism and it takes specific communication strategy planning, due to very personal, and sometimes very risky, nature of services, to tailor a specific offer. However, growth of health tourism makes it clear that globalization of health care is imminent. Patients are no longer limited to local providers and high prices. Today’s patients can discover high quality medical and dental specialists in neighbouring or far away destinations at a much better price and service than at home. Always have in mind that you can make a fantastic spa zone or dental studio with amazing facilities and hire the best doctors or masseurs in the world, but if you don’t have a real vision with a strong difference point from the other providers, and are not committed to positioning your business, all you’ve got is a building with no clients, and with no loyalty perspective.


Health tourism || IVF POLYCLINIC

Regional Leader

in Infertility Treatments IVF Polyclinic, renowned for an extremely high success rate in artificial insemination, closely follows world trends and develops its own methods in infertility treatments


ach year of our efforts results in about a hundred newborn babies - we are informed by IVF Polyclinic, the first private polyclinic for gynecology, obstetrics and reproductive medicine in Croatia, which also performs in vitro procedures – IVF and ICSI. Since its founding in 1997, the polyclinic has established itself as a centre offering all-around care, treatment and therapy to infertile couples, owing to the thirty years of experience of its founder Prof. Velimir Šimunić, MD, PhD, one of the world’s pioneers in IVF treatments. Significant attention is paid to the latest ideas and trends worldwide, as well as to the clinic’s own practice and research of causes of infertility in men and women and developing treatment methods. In 2013 IVF Polyclinic team was joined by Igor Maričić, MD, gynecologist specializing in human



reproduction and a leading expert in outpatient hysteroscopy in Croatia.


Joining Prof. Velimir Šimunić, MD, PhD, and doctor Maričić on the team are Prof.

In 2016 IVF Polyclinic became an International Accredited Clinic of Global Clinic Rating

Srećko Ciglar, MD, PhD, also a subspecialist in human reproduction, Prof. Mirko Koršić, MD, a renowned endocrinologist and diabetologist, and member of the British Academy of Medical Sciences, radiologist Edita Parac Blažević, MD, and gynecologist Mihajlo Strelec, MD. Clinical embryologists Danko Dobec and PhD Igor Matić, and IVF Polyclinic’s general manager Anita Šimunić, LL.M., Ec.S., also contribute to the polyclinic’s outstanding results. The elegantly designed IVF Polyclinic occupies almost 400 m2 of the ground floor of a new modern building. It features a spacious modern waiting room and two large gynecology clinics, fully equipped for complete diagnostics and minor surgical procedures. IVF Polyclinic not only offers a variety of outpatient treatments in the areas of gynecology, obstetrics and reproductive medicine, but functions as a day hospital as well. There are two patient rooms, an

Health tourism || IVF POLYCLINIC

More than 4000 babies born in Croatia

 Prof. Velimir Šimunić, MD, PhD, IVF Polyclinic owner and medical director, a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics with a subspecialty in human reproduction, was the head of the Institute of Human Reproduction at the Women’s Health Clinic in Zagreb for over 25 years. He is a regular member of the Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences and a professor of gynecology and obstetrics at the Zagreb Faculty of Medicine. Prof. Šimunić, MD, PhD, is a pioneer in gynecological endocrinology and human reproduction on the territory of former Yugoslavia. He started an IVF program at the hospital in Petrova Street as far back as in 1982/83 and headed the team responsible for the conception and birth of the first IVF baby – Robert Veriga. Robert Veriga was born as the first IVF baby in former Yugoslavia and third in Europe. Since then, doctor Šimunić has enabled more than 4000 IVF children to be born.

operating room and an IVF Center in a completely separate and protected area.



Clinical pregnancy rate 2015 y 2016 y

Ovulation induction 3 - 4 cycles





AIH / ITI - IUI 1 cycle / all patients IVF - ICSI / per ET * all patients



* ≤ 35 yr age



Cryo ET / FET * oocytes or embryos *all patients



Spontaneous abortion rate 17,2%


Multiple pregnancy * twins


Complications (OHSS..)




Table 1

The IVF Center is set up according to all modern principles and rules of the Croatian Ministry of Health EU regulations and ESHRE guidelines. The IVF Center is divided into four units – an andrology laboratory for outpatients, an embryology laboratory with special rooms for sperm processing, and gamete and embryo cryopreservation. IVF Polyclinic works closely with and is a part of organizations of the most esteemed medical experts in Croatia. Owing to the physicians’ outstanding expertise, their world-class level of experience and exceptionally attentive approach to patients, as well as the quality of service and affordable prices, there is no doubt that the polyclinic is equal to leading infertility treatment centers in Europe and worldwide. What distinguishes this polyclinic from its competition is primarily the exceptionally high success rate of artificial insemination procedures (see Table 1*).


fallopian tubes and ovulation disorders. Infertility treatment also includes an outpatient hysteroscopy procedure, which can be diagnostic or surgical. When it comes to diagnostics in gynecology, IVF Polyclinic treats preinvasive lesions of cervix (HPV, CIN, colposcopy, LLETZ conization), diagnoses tumors, diagnoses and treats endometriosis, treats endocrine disorders and polycystic ovaries, menorrhagia and abnormal bleedings. The polyclinic offers comprehensive ultrasound diagnostic services, check-ups of normal and pathological pregnancies, repeated miscarriage treatment and diagnosing fetal normality. As for preventive female health care services, the polyclinic also diagnoses breast diseases.


IVF Polyclinic Polyclinic for gynecology, obstetrics and reproductive medicine Babonićeva 121, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia T: +385 (0) 1 46 78 600 Email:

The polyclinic’s main service is infertility diagnostics and treatment, which includes various procedures: semen analysis, sperm DNA fragmentation and determining chromosome anomalies. In diagnosing infertility in women, the polyclinic checks for uterine anomalies, treats endometriosis, damaged


Health tourism || AFFIDEA

Nothing is More Important


Affidea Croatia stands out for its continuous investment in new cutting edge technology and equipment and for hiring top medical professionals


avka Polyclinic in Zagreb and Dr. Kalajžić Polyclinic in Split recently became members of the Affidea family, the largest and most experienced healthcare service provider in Europe. After 20 years of operation and developing top quality healthcare services, both polyclinics continue to operate under the new name. This name is based on the long established values and new business philosophy – nothing is more important than health.


Affidea Group has more than 180 centres in 15 countries, receiving over 4.5 million patients per year. It stands out for its continuous investment in cutting edge technology and equipment, and for employing top medical professionals. For this reason, when it comes to diagnostics and laboratory services and cancer treatments, Affidea is the patients’ first choice in the countries it operates in. Adapting to patients’ needs and harmonizing them with the highest international and European standards of the profession is


Affidea Croatia Affinity with doctors and patients. Trust and fidelity in everything we do. Constant progress through ideas and innovation.

gynaecological, orthopaedic and neurological examinations, examination by a specialist internist and dermatologist (with treatment) and preventive medical check-ups, individually or in a group (for companies). The results are analysed by the renowned specialists and members of the Croatian and European Association of Radiology.


Here we should mention Ksenija Nikolić, MD, radiology specialist and the director of Because nothing is more Affidea Kalajžić. Her closest team, along with important than health! external associates, includes Vesna Čubrić, MD, radiology specialist. The director of Affidea Čavka is Krešimir Čavka, primarius D.Sc., radiology specialist, who closely cooperates in the focus of Affidea’s activity. The Affidea with the radiologists Igor Skljarov, M.Sc. and team stresses the importance of precise Mislav Čavka, Doc.D.Sc. as well as with the communication and nurturing, a trustbased relationship with the partner doctors, dermatovenerologist Vlatka Čavka, D.Sc. With its new business philosophy and especially surgeons and oncologists. newly renovated space, Affidea Croatia Affidea’s clinics in Croatia, as well as the stands out with the cutting edge equipones worldwide, constantly invest in keepment – which, along with the equipment ing up with the trends and new technolofor magnetic resonance gies. Patients thus can get a CT, MRI and imaging, also includes a ultrasound diagnostics, X-ray, mamnew 64-slice CT, new mography, jaw and teeth X-ray, have digital mammogram a specialist ABOUT AFFIDEA and X-ray, digital dental X-ray, the Affidea Group has more than newest ultrasound 180 centres in 15 countries, equipment and

receiving over 4.5 million patients per year


Health tourism || AFFIDEA


When it comes to diagnostics, laboratory services and cancer treatments, Affidea is the patients' first choice in the countries it operates in

new multifunction dermatology laser system. This equipment placed these two polyclinics among the polyclinics with the most cutting-edge equipment in this part of Europe.


The new 64-slice CT uses the most advanced software, allowing multiple types of imaging, shorter duration and reduced radiation. Affidea’s doctors use it as the primary tool for a more complete diagnosis, by relying on extended diagnostics and better accuracy. Digital mammogram, the only of its kind in the region, provides Affidea’s female patients more precise and comfortable breast imaging. With a computer image that enables a more visible contrast between healthy and changed tissue, and additional image processing options, this digital mammogram also allows for the dosing of the amount of breast compression with reduced radiation exposure. Same goes for the digital X-ray, where the radiation is reduced by approximately 40%. Multifunction laser system - Fotona SP Dynamis for dermatology, is used for removing scars, pigmentation, vascular lesions, acne and scars, as well as

for face and body lifting, treating onychomycosis and laser hair removal.



Affidea Centres in Croatia are certified by Det Norske Veritas Association, in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standard, which also proves the high quality of service. Affidea pays special attention to investing in top quality equipment, developing innovations and adopting the latest trends. Thus the members of the Group regularly exchange the knowledge of new procedures, practices and experiences, to always ensure that diagnostics and treatment offered to Affidea’s patients are of superior quality. They particularly point out that the key to every successful treatment is a good doctorpatient connection, as well as mutual trust. Affidea Croatia believes that, besides state-of-the-art equipment, the passion of medical experts plays the major role in treatment. These experts are driven by the fact that they primarily work for the benefit of health, at the same time being compassionate towards the ones who are sick and in need of support and quality healthcare, in order to recover as soon as possible. - Affidea Croatia - Affidea Group in Europe Affidea Čavka Jordanovac 99, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia T: +385 (0) 1 2316 704 Email: Affidea Kalajžić Moliških Hrvata 4, 21000 Split, Croatia T: +385 (0) 21 453 310 Email:


Experience and Love for

Health tourism || DR RITZ POLYCLINIC

Ophthalmology Dr Ritz Polyclinic, the place where health and beauty go hand in hand, following the latest trends in ophthalmology



ven as a little girl, I dreamed about becoming an eye specialist. After completing my studies and serving as a substitute doctor in paediatrics for three years, I got a chance to specialize in ophthalmology in the then Military Hospital, now Dubrava Clinical and Hospital Centre in Zagreb. I knew that this was my chance to make my dream come true – says the ophthalmologist Liana Ritz Mutevelić, PhD. Recently, Dr Ritz made her other dream come true as well – she opened her own ophthalmology practice at which she continues to educate herself and follow the latest trends in anterior eye segment surgery, plastic and aesthetic surgery in the area around the eyes and non-surgical facial aesthetics.

“There are more and more people who have not developed cataracts, but they opt for lens implants to get rid of glasses“

ophthalmologist Liana Ritz Mutevelić, PhD


To what extent did your specialization in Dubrava Clinical Hospital Centre leave its mark on you? It was the best ophthalmology centre of the time in former Yugoslavia. - Yes, everything we did at the time was in line with the global developments in the field. We performed our first lens implant surgery in Zagreb in the late 1970s. In the early 80s, during my specialization, I started performing eyelid surgeries because it turned out I was good at it. We travelled the world a lot, adopting novelties, and young doctors had a lot of learning opportunities. Dubrava Clinical and Hospital Centre, the then Military Hospital, was a pioneer in performing many procedures in this region. For example, Ljerka Henč-Petrinović, Docent PhD, introduced electrophysiological tests. Emil Skrt, Prim. MSc., was a pioneer in intraocular lens implantation and he also introduced some diagnostic procedures. While I was a resident, all these doctors devoted their time to teach and encourage me to improve myself. I also spent 15 years as an ophthalmologist at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery in Dubrava Clinical and Hospital Centre.     How much has ophthalmology changed since you

completed your specialization? - Cataract surgery is the most frequently and most successfully performed surgery in the world, and the development of technology has significantly improved the effect of these surgeries. Lenses that were previously implanted did not correct astigmatism, so a patient still had to wear glasses, at least for reading, and sometimes even for distance. Today, in our practice, patients have the option to choose lenses that completely replace glasses, and with more advanced lenses there are no accompanying issues that sometimes occurred in the past. What types of procedures are you performing today and do you manage to follow the trends? - I perform cataracts surgeries, as well as plastic surgeries of periocular area. There is always something new being discovered in these fields, and I enjoy the challenges and adopting changes in the technology of procedures. I feel that, on the one hand, my experience gives me security, whereas the love for ophthalmology makes it seem like nothing is an obstacle and I simply enjoy following new trends. I am very fortunate that, in both offices; in Krešimir Square and in Kranjčevićeva Street, I managed to form a great team of people our patients can trust. How often do you perform eyelid surgeries at your office? Are these exclusively aesthetic surgeries or do eyelid surgeries impact eye function as well?

Court Expert Witness for Ophthalmology Liana Ritz Mutevelić, PhD, attended a postgraduate study and numerous courses in Croatia and abroad in order to improve her knowledge. It is interesting that Dr Ritz is also a Permanent Court Expert Witness for Ophthalmology

Health tourism || DR RITZ POLYCLINIC


Dr Ritz Polyclinic Krešimirov trg 19-5, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia T: +385 (0) 91 400 5432 Email:

“In case of drooping eyelids, it may seem like eyelid surgery solves “only“ an aesthetic problem, but this condition can also reduce the field of vision“ ophthalmologist

Liana Ritz Mutevelić, PhD

- Outpatient eyelid surgery does not only solve aesthetic problems, but also treats problems related to the weakness of eyelid muscles, eyelid skin diseases or infections, scars, as well as benign or cancerous eyelid tumours, even the paralysis of part of the face around the eye. However, even the purely aesthetic procedures are important to many – drooping eyelids with excess skin, droopy eyebrows or baggy lower eyelids make the face look tired and old. The overall impression after such treatments can be a refreshed and rejuvenated face. You also offer Dermatude Meta skin rejuvenation therapy. What is it about? - It is a skin treatment method that boosts natural processes, with an external application of active ingredients in the form of special serums. A highly advanced digital device makes invisible micro-perforations on the skin of the face, neck and décolleté invisible. This results in the activation of natural skin rejuvenation processes and collagen and elastin production that repair these micro-perforations. Results can be seen pretty quickly - fine lines and wrinkles fade, pores refine, the blood circulation is stimulated - the face looks refreshed and rejuvenated. So, can we say that in your office health and beauty go hand in hand? - Yes, always. We always try to give the maximum to our patients. It makes us even happier when patients contact us and say that, after so many years, they finally can see the blue sky. Or when someone says that there are no words or presents to express their gratitude. This is when I also feel grateful and I know that my mission, both as an ophthalmologist and human being, has been completed.



Alongside the Best

an e p o r Eu Hospitals

Quick and effective medical solutions for orthopaedics, painful spine, varicose veins, hemorrhoids or cosmetic procedures are just a small part of Zagreb Arithera Specialty Hospital’s offer



amous names of the Ariand joint [ZS1] system diseases. After thera’s medical team and diagnosis and surgeries, patients are probest treatment methods are vided with high-quality physical therapy the reason so many and rehabilitation and accommopatients from the dated in comfort hospital single EU choose Zaand double apartments. greb as their The Centre for Spine Anterior scoliosis treatment destination. performs minimally surgery, performed by By coming to Arithera, invasive diagnostic and Vladimir Kovač, DSc, results patients can solve a therapeutic Spine Pain in correcting deformity number of health probManagement methods to about 90% in severe lems, from diagnosis and and all forms of lumbar deformities with distortion treatment to rehabilitaspine surgery, revition – all under one roof. sion spine surgeries and of up to 140 degrees Medical procedures are surgeries for degenerative performed on over 2000 spine diseases. m2 of superbly designed and In the field of orthopaedics, equipped space with about ten clinics, Arithera is a one-stop medical centre two operating rooms, recovery rooms, that offers examinations by specialists, dihospital ward with single and double agnosis, endoscopic surgeries, large joint rooms, as well as halls and a swimming replacement surgeries (knee, hip, shoulpool for physical therapy and rehabilitader) and other orthopaedic surgeries, as tion. well as physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Innovative, personalized and intensive RAPID POST-SURGERY physiotherapy programmes enable RECOVERY unusually fast recovery. This is important Arithera Specialty Hospital is a for all patients, especially professional and well-known orthopaedic cenrecreational athletes who have to rehabilitre for treating tate quickly after surgery and get back to all muscle sports activities.


Arithera pays special attention to diseases caused by the modern lifestyle, such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids. They use state-of-the-art, improved UGFS method of ultrasound removal of varicose veins with foam, continuously being developed and improved in cooperation with the British Vein Institute. The procedure is non-surgical, completely painless and 100% effective – in an hour varicose veins are removed and patients can resume normal daily activities immediately. In 8 years of experience in applying the UGFS method, the hospital has successfully treated 5000 patients. With DG-HAL and DG-RAR methods, hemorrhoid removal is minimally painful and quick, has a high success rate and it enables patients to resume daily activities several days after surgery.


Besides its natural beauty and tourist offer, Croatia also attracts tourists with cosmetic and plastic surgeries and minimally invasive beauty, skin rejuvenation and wrinkles treatments. Cosmetic and

“We have been recognized as a hospital with excellent service and equipment, wide range of specializations and renowned doctors, thanks to which more and more patients from abroad choose our services. Thus we position Croatia as an esteemed medical tourism destination in this part of Europe“ The Director of Arithera Specialty Hospital, Arijana Hegediš Došen, BPT; Vice-President of the Medical and Health Tourism Cluster of the City of Zagreb




By introducing new specializations, the highest medical standards and highly professional staff, Arithera Specialty Hospital positioned Zagreb as an ever more prominent medical tourism destination of Europe

plastic surgery in Arithera is led by an experienced surgeon, Bukovačka cesta 1, Petrova 128, Zagreb, Croatia sub-specialist in plastic, reconstructive T: +385 (0)1 23 04 074 and cosmetic surgery, Prof Rado Žic, DSc. He performs oncologic and reconstrucEmail:                                                     tive breast surgeries, as well as aesthetic breast correction (breast augmentation and reduction, breast lift); eyelid surgeries; ear and chin surgeries; buttock and hip liposuction; abdominal corrections; thigh lift and cosmetic and functional corrections of the genital area. Competitive prices and high-quality procedures make Croatia an increasingly desirable destinaArithera Specialty Hospital

tion for this ever-increasing segment of medical tourism. More and more patients from abroad recognize Arithera Specialty Hospital as a hospital with world-class service and equipment, wide range of specializations and renowned doctors. The majority of patients come from Italy, Austria, Germany and the region. Just a one or twohour flight to Zagreb stands between the European patients and top professionals, state-of-the-art technologies and excellent treatment results at lower prices, less waiting time and equal, if not even higher, level of quality.      


Wellness & Spa || THERMAL TOWNS


The 5

Wellness & Spa || THERMAL TOWNS

Most Beautiful

HISTORIC THERMAL TOWNS Even the ancient Romans enjoyed the benefits of healing thermal waters, and some of the most beautiful historic thermal towns in Europe emerged along the famous hot springs


he benefits of thermal water are well known – it is primarily used for serious skin irritations associated with dermatological conditions, and more often in everyday skin care. But, what is it that gives thermal water its healing properties? By definition, healing mineral waters include underground waters that, thanks to general mineralization,

AUTHOR Marijana Matković

ion composition and content of some gases and therapeutically active components, possess physiological properties beneficial for the human body. Thermal spring waters are located deep under the ground, in specific geological conditions – water is heated by penetrating through the cracks at a certain depth within the Earth and springs to the surface at a temperature of 35 to 42˚C.     The use of thermal water for thera-

peutic purposes has a lengthy tradition, and even the ancient Romans enjoyed its healing benefits. This centuriesold tradition served as a basis for the establishement of the EHTTA Association (European Historic Thermal Towns Association) in 2009. And since every thermal water has its own peculiarities, we are bringing you an overview of the five most beautiful thermal towns in Europe. 


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Thanks to the use of thermal mineral water and mineral healing mud, spas are known for the treatment of rheumatic and female diseases, especially infertility

Daruvar Spa facilities are located in the heart of the historic landscape park, Julius Park, one of the oldest protected parks in Croatia. The old Romans were also familiar with the healing quality of hot springs of Daruvar, called Aquae Balissae at the time, when they constructed first spring-water intakes in this city in 288 BC. From that time onwards, this miraculous gift of nature has been restoring people’s health and vitality. Daruvar spa can boast with several hot springs, their temperature ranging from 39° to 47 °C. Along with water rich in calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate, the treatments also use mineral mud, fango. Thanks to the use of thermal mineral water and mineral healing mud, the spa is famous for the treatments of rheumatic and female diseases, especially infertility.



“Rimske Terme is synonym for timeless elegance of ambience,

high standard suites, warm hospitality, superb cuisine and unique medical and wellness services.

RIMSKE TERME, Toplice 10, 3272 Rimske Toplice, Slovenia | 00386 3 574 2011

Wellness & Spa || THERMAL TOWNS



Budapest has an almost two millennia long bathing culture, as witnessed by various archaeological excavations from the Roman times. The second important period of bathing culture was at the time of Turkish rule (1541-1686), and it flourished in the early 18th century and the time of the Enlightenment, when the first studies on the benefits of hot springs of Buda were published. In 1762, during the reign of Maria Theresa, it was decided that mineral waters should “be analysed and registered at the expense of the treasury“. In the early 1930s Budapest was becoming increasingly famous as a thermal town, with most healing hot springs. The fact being reflected by numerous spas – the biggest Széchenyi Spa, Art Nouveau Gellért Spa, Lukács Spa, Rudas and Király spas, to name only some.


Therapeutic effects of Karlovy Vary spring water were allegedly first discovered by Charles IV Holy Roman Emperor while deer hunting, and it was precisely this discovery that led to the establishment of the spa. It is assumed that the city developed around Charles IV’s hunting lodge in the mid-14th century. The most famous and the hottest of its 12 hot springs is the 12-meter high Vridlo with temperatures TH reaching 72 °C. Unlike the 16th-century practice, which Karlovy Vary is a city famous required one to stay in the for its “13th hot spring“, or also water for up to ten hours known as stomach remedy a day, the use of thermal – Becherovka, a liqueur made water is nowadays strictly from 32 herbs and water from regulated in terms of time and the hot springs frequency of use.


Maria Theresa was the first one to order the analysis of thermal waters in Budapest, at the expense of the state treasury




It is assumed that the tradition of using hot springs dates back to Roman times, but the discovery of the healing properties of natural springs in the 14th century marked a major change in the history of this Italian town. The first baths were built in 1530, and after two centuries of rivalry with neighbouring towns, Montecatini Spa flourished in the 18th century. The famous town’s spas, Bagno Rejio, Leopoldine Spa and Tettuccio Spa were built in that period. These spas are supplied by the four natural springs, each with unique therapeutic properties. As the main bathing city of Tuscany, each year Montecatini Spa attracts thousands of visitors who enjoy the healing properties of thermal water for the benefit of body and soul.

Wellness & Spa || THERMAL TOWNS


Enchanting Bath, with its world-famous 18th century architecture and impressive Roman baths, is the only spa town included in the UNESCO world heritage list. Although the first traces of human settlements date from the 8th century BC, the legend has it that around the year 863 BC the baths were discovered by the Prince Bladud, banished from the kingdom of his father because he contracted leprosy and was forced to wander the land as a swine herder. After he cured himself by bathing in the warm mud around the hot spring, he founded Bath as a sign of gratitude. Since that time, Bath has been a popular place for relaxation and healing water treatments, with the warmest water in the UK. In 2006 the new Thermae Bath Spa opened its doors, continuing the rich tradition of bathing culture.


Health tourism || DARUVAR SPA


on the Springs of Health Even the ancient Romans were familiar with the healing properties of Daruvar Spa thermal springs – from their time onwards, this miraculous gift of nature has been restoring health and vitality


hen you visit Daruvar Spa, you will see for yourself that the old Romans adored this healing spa for a good reason. They saw it as a place on a human scale that heals the body and soul. Numerous healing thermal water springs, deposits of healing mineral mud, preserved historical buildings and beautiful historical landscape parks, as well as natural beauty, numerous sports and recreational, wellness-spa and medical facilities, still make Daruvar Spa a perfect place for treatment, relaxation and rehabilitation.



HELP IN TREATING INFERTILITY With the application of thermal water and mineral mud (fango), a team of top specialists and physiotherapists, and state-of-the-art equipment, Daruvar Spa offers successful treatments of rheumatic diseases – inflammatory rheumatism, degenerative diseases of the spine and large joints, as well as medical rehabilitation after surgical procedures, injuries and fractures of the extremities, and treatment and rehabilitation after sports injuries. Treatments with thermal water and mineral mud proved to be useful in treating infertility and as an excellent basis for wellness and spa programmes.

Generally speaking, you will find peace, relieve stress, strengthen and prepare to return to everyday life with the power of healing thermal water for the body and untouched nature for the soul.


You will find a pleasant accommodation in the spa hotel “Termal“*** and wing “Villa Arcadia“*** located in the most beautiful part of the landscape garden, only a few minutes walk from Daruvar city centre. They are surrounded by Julije’s Park, one of the oldest protected parks in Croatia, with beautiful historical buildings,

Health tourism || DARUVAR SPA


Historical sights Aside from rehabilitation, relaxation and recreation, Daruvar also offers numerous cultural and historical sights, including Antun’s bath from 1772, Central Mud Spa from 1909, Villa Arcadia from 1870, Swiss Villa from 1860 and the castle of Count Janković from 1777. In front of the castle there is one of the oldest Ginkgo biloba trees in the world, a tree of exquisite beauty and great value. While walking through history, toss a coin for luck into “Ivan’s well“, the largest healing thermal-water intake or take a walk on the Educational Trail of the Roman Park Forest, all the way to “Julius Brum“, the spring of love

• treating rheumatic diseases • rehabilitation after surgeries, injuries and fractures of the extremities • treating and rehabilitation of sports injuries • treating infertility

healing thermal-water intakes, park forest and well-kept walkways, ideal for long walks. Along with “Arcadia“, there is also a wing with 12 exclusive apartments, connected with a Baroque restaurant “Terasa”, which has been included on the list of 100 best Croatian restaurants for years in a row. In short, along with medical treatment, spa and wellness programmes, you can also count on a high-quality culinary offer.


With the power of healing water, surrounded by the untouched nature, you will find peace and relax your body and soul

“Termal Hotel” has indoor and outdoor pools with healing thermal water, a superb fitness centre, wellness-spa centre with Finnish and infrared sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi, face and body treatment zone and tanning bed, so everyone can find something for themselves. The complex also contains a sports hall, tennis and mini-golf courses, paintball field, hanging bowling alley, and three fully equipped conference rooms, making Daruvar Spa an ideal place for team buildings.

Villa Arcadia 1870


Photo: M.Turbić

Daruvar Spa Julijev park 1, 43500 Daruvar, Croatia T: +385 (0) 43 623 632, +385 (0) 43 623 624 Fax: +385 (0) 43 331 455 Email:



NAFTALAN Health From the Depths

of the Earth

Naftalan Special Hospital is unique for the use of healing oil, Naftalan, successfully used by medical experts for 27 years for the treatment of psoriasis, neurodermatitis or inflammatory rheumatic diseases



pecial Hospital Naftalan, located only 30 kilometres from Zagreb Airport, is specialized in treating skin diseases, especially psoriasis and neurodermatitis, as well as the inflammation of the joints, such as rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis. It is also specialized in rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgeries and healing burns. This healing oasis, located in a picturesque town of Ivanić-Grad in Croatia, is attracting more and more visitors from Russia and other countries, due to the healing properties of Naftalan and saline thermal water. Naftalan, a petroleum mineral oil, is one of those precious natural healing factors with a positive effect in preventing and treating already existing diseases and injuries. For people suffering from psoriasis, neurodermatitis or inflammatory rheumatic diseases, Naftalan therapy significantly improves the quality of life.


Special Hospital Naftalan is unique precisely for the use of healing oil, Naftalan, successfully used by medical experts for the treatment of the abovementioned diseases for 27 years. This is also an international medical phenomenon. Naftalan is health from the centre of the Earth, and its deposits near IvanićGrad, along with the ones in Azerbaijan, are unique in the world. After the initial examination and consultation with a doctor, the patients of Naftalan Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation attend 8 to


10 therapies a day within a 14-day programme. The treatments also include some specific and unique procedures – baths in tubs filled with healing oils; Naftalan, iontophoresis with Naftalan, masticotherapy (healing combination of Naftalan, paraffin and camphor), ultrasound with Naftalan and phototherapy. There is also a pool with saline mineral water, used for therapeutic purposes due to its similarity with sea water.


Along with the spa programme, one can also enjoy the benefits of spa and wellness recreation in the modern wellness centre with a pool with saline thermal water, saunas, whirlpool, manual and underwater massage, and various cosmetology services performed by dermatologists. For thousands of years, natural healing factors have been used for treating various conditions. In contemporary medicine, it is precisely this combination of modern treatment methods, i.e. physical therapy, and natural healing factors that gives the best results in treating numerous diseases. Along with all the features and benefits of Naftalan treatment, top medical experts, numerous therapies and medical or wellness programmes are also the reason for the trust and satisfaction of the many visitors from Croatia and abroad.

There are only two Naftalan deposits in the world – the one near Ivanić-Grad, and the other in Azerbaijan


info Naftalan Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation

Omladinska 23a, 10310 Ivanić-Grad, Croatia T: +385 (0) 1 2834 555 Fax: +385 (0) 1 2881 478 Email:


After the initial examination and consultation with a doctor, the patients of Naftalan Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation attend 8 to 10 therapies a day within a 14-day programme



Secrets of a


Be a competitive and reliable market player – the entrepreneur Žana Goić Petričević reveals the skills a successful facilitator must have


AUTHOR Marijana Matković

fter an extensive career in the corporate sector, Žana Goić Petričević now owns a medical tourism facilitator agency Travel4Treatment, and is a certified medical tourism professional and Co-Active coach. Žana also works with Ambitio College from Zagreb on the development of the first Croatian national certified programme for facilitators in health tourism.

“A successful facilitator understands the significance of the customer experience in terms of ensuring satisfaction, loyalty and eventually advocacy” Žana Goić Petričević

You are the owner of a medical tourism facilitator agency - is the popularity of this profession on the rise in Europe? - The popularity is directly linked to the demand for medical tourism services. Only then will it be meaningful and sustainable. I’m convinced that it’s always more efficient from the client’s perspective to select one reference point for organizing services in this very sensitive sector. Who cooperates most with the facilitators? Are dental services providers still on top of the list? - In the Croatian market, dental services providers still have the leading role when it comes to providing services in medical tourism. However, professionals in other medical fields are very much open to cooperate in becoming medical tourism service providers to international clients. What are the skills that a successful


facilitator must acquire or possess? - Medical tourism facilitator indeed needs to be skilled in a number of areas, including sales and marketing, communications, risk management, stress tolerance, etc. However, I would like to stress the importance of understanding the overall positive experience of a customer. A successful facilitator by all means understands the significance of the customer experience in terms of ensuring satisfaction, loyalty and eventually advocacy. What do you find most challenging in your work? -To remain inspired and dedicated in business circumstances in which it seems you may not have control over how things will develop. Why is it important for medical tourism facilitators to get certified? - My opinion is that the certificates are primarily important in terms of the knowledge available within the certification programme that one has to pass in order to get them. Therefore, I believe in the importance of a certificate as a final stage of a quality certification programme that offers the industry’s best practices. Such a certificate most certainly guarantees a high level of credibility and competitiveness for the facilitator, while it creates a sense of confidence and security with both service providers and clients who believe that, by selecting a certified facilitator, they selected a highly reliable partner.


SUPERIOR QUALITY Rehabilitation Centre

Special Hospital Varaždinske Toplice is located in the most beautiful part of Continental Croatia. It has been known under the name Aquae Iassae for more than 2000 years



pecial Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Varaždinske Toplice is found in the most beautiful part of Hrvatsko Zagorje. Thanks to a rich source of thermal water and healing mud, the spa has been known under the name Aquae Iassae for more than 2000 years. Its activity is presented through medical rehabilitation and health tourism services.


Physical therapy is based on different possibilities of healing thermal water and mud application, and some of the most common procedures include hydrotherapy, kinesiotherapy, electrotherapy and different types of massage. The beneficial properties of all of these therapeutic procedures help with rheumatic and neurological diseases, injuries and spine diseases, orthopaedic diseases and deformities. They are also used in medical programmes aimed at labour active population for achieving better overall fitness, as well as in athlete preparation programmes. Within the Special Hospital there is the Reference

Centre for rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injuries. The Centre keeps track of and develops the latest achievements in physical medicine and rehabilitation following the models of the leading European rehabilitation institutions.


An integral part of the Special Hospital is Minerva Centre, whose offer also includes the services in the sector of tourism and hospitality industry. Minerva is a favourite place for business and social gatherings of all generations. It also contains a state-of-the-art equipped Minerva Medica Health Centre, whose employees provide tailor-made medical wellness and physiotherapy services. The Centre offers massages, aromatherapy, pearl baths, medical fitness aerobic, shockwave therapy, kinesio taping, lymphatic drainage, reflex therapy, incontinence therapy, ultrasound and laser therapy, TENS and movement kinesiotherapy. The Centre’s services are combined with specialist examinations and consultations with medical doctors and assistants in healthcare, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic services.

info Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Varaždinske Toplice

Special Hospital Varaždinske Toplice is located in the southeast part of the Varaždin County – 15 km from Varaždin, 68 km from Zagreb, 205 km from Ljubljana, 152 km from Graz and 297 km from Trieste

Trg slobode 1, 42223 Varaždinske Toplice, Croatia T: +385 (0) 42 630 000, +385 (0) 42 630 831 Email:


Perivoj Josipa Vrbanića 8 47000 Karlovac, Hrvatska

tel: +385/ 047/ 60 90 90 fax: +385/ 047/ 60 90 91

For true gourmets and nature lovers a luxurious experience in the heart of Croatia, in the boutique hotel Korana Srakovčić ****

Boutique hotel Korana, the most beautiful hotel in Karlovac, was built in 1908 on the banks of the Korana River in the heart of the most beautiful Croatian park – “Vrbanićev perivoj”. Renowned spa, swimming, picnic place ... and a favorite gathering site for the city dwellers situated on the edge of Karlovac old town center “Zvijezda”, is one of the symbols of the city that has adorned many postcards of Karlovac. Built as a small castle, this adorable boutique hotel has recently celebrated its 100th anniversary and will forever be ingrained in your memory, together with the surrounding flora and fauna. The Korana, crystal clear and clean, is a lure for all lovers of swimming, rafting and canoeing. The chirping of birds and fresh air, will welcome you in our luxurious rooms that are decorated in traditional style. In addition to the charming interior and exceptional location our guests are attracted

by excellent international cuisine combined with specialties of the Karlovac region based on local and natural foods. Reward your taste buds by enjoying the homemade pasta, mushrooms, duck, venison, steak... If you’re in the mood for some adventure on two wheels, a bike tour will be provided in the countryside, you can visit wine roads, or the old city center of Karlovac and Aquatika. Sport facilities and off road activities are also available. Your boutique hotel Korana.

Health tourism || LIPIK SPA

Centuries-old Tradition OF SPA TREATMENTS Listen to your body and choose a holiday you deserve, in the serenity of a historical Lipik garden at the source of healing thermal water


urrounded by a century-old garden, near the natural thermal and mineral water sources, rich history of Lipik Spa in its preserved original architecture introduces you to the benefits enjoyed even by the ancient Romans. Centuries-old tradition of spa treatments is primarily based on the healing properties of the water with a permanent source temperature of 60°C, which, due to its chemical composition, has extraordinary balneological properties in terms of temperature, amount of fluoride and content of dominant ions: sodium, bicarbonate and chloride.


The combination of natural factors, modern medical achievements and professional staff provides rehabilitation programmes tailored to the specific needs of each individual. Lipik Spa offers rehabilitation of neurological diseases and conditions, rheumatic diseases, posttraumatic conditions, postoperative rehabilitation. It achieves ex-


Health effects of Lipik thermal and mineral water:

• reduction of neck and back pain • reduction of pain due to osteoarthritis and inflammatory • rheumatism of various types • positive effects on pain reduction caused by neurological diseases - and after joint and spine surgeries • increased mobility of the joints • strengthening of muscles and reduction of painful muscle tension


cellent results in the rehabilitation of people affected by multiple sclerosis and poststroke conditions. In addition, Lipik Spa is the right place for preventive treatment and health tourism services. For relaxation and recreation there are waterfalls and geysers massages in the pool, hand and underwater massages, as well as pearl and marble baths. Lipik Spa offers accommodation in the serenity of the one of the most beautiful spa gardens in Croatia, a protected monument of landscape architecture. Depending on the condition of each individual, there is a choice of accommodation from the ward with 24-hour care, rooms equipped in accordance with the highest hospital standards to “smart rooms“ and four-star apartments.

Toplice Lipik Ulica Marije Terezije 13, 34551 Lipik, Croatia T: +385 (0) 34 440 700 Email:


Luxury & Wellness || TOP 6 HOTELS

Tailor-made LUXURY T

Top quality service, attention to detail and innovative design solutions characterize all the luxury hotels, but only some of them have been recognised as the best according to the European Guest Experience Award


AUTHOR Viktorija Antolković

oday’s travellers largely rely on online reputation when choosing their next destination. In fact, a recent study shows that 95% of travellers rely on recommendations and reviews by previous guests when deciding where to book. This is why the International Luxury Hotel Association (ILHA), a leading world organization for luxury tourism and travel industry, in cooperation with TrustYou, a global leader in hotel reputation feedback, awarded the 2016 European Guest Experience Award to six hotels. They LUXURY THAT TrustYou Meta-Reviews that rank FEELS LIKE HOME used hotels on the basis of verified comIn Lindos Blu Hotel in Rhodes ments collected through review and each member of the staff booking sites. This approach resulted in the selection of best luxury hotels in cares for the guest just like six categories. they would for a visitor in

their own home

90 countries, 250 000 members Best hotel: Lindos Blu, Greece

Built like an amphitheatre overlooking the picturesque Vlicha Bay, Lindos Blu Luxury Hotel & Suites is a peaceful retreat for those wishing to relax on the cosmopolitan Island of Rhodes. Unique architecture and minimalist, yet opulent interior design, together with impeccable and personalised service create an ideal setting for an idyllic couples’ holiday in the Mediterranean. Each member of the staff cares for the guest just like they would for the visitor in their own home, with a warm and sincere welcome and top quality service and attention to detail that goes far beyond the average hotel experience. From a simple request for more pillows to a birthday or anniversary party, the awarded Lindos Blue Hotel team puts additional efforts to put a smile on your face.


ILHA, The International Luxury Hotel Association, is the leading organization promoting and enhancing the superior service of luxury hotels. Registered as a non-profit organization based in Palm Beach, Florida, today ILHA connects professionals from the field of luxury tourism around the world. It provides its members an insight into global trends in order to achieve or maintain high standards of luxury hospitality. ILHA brings together over 250 000 members from 90 world countries.


Luxury & Wellness || TOP 6 HOTELS

Best wellness: Le Regina Biarritz Hotel & Spa, France

Completed in 1907, Le Regina Biarritz is one of the city’s architectural gems. This iconic Art Nouveau building with 65 elegant rooms furnished in the historical spirit of the Belle Époque invites its guests on a journey filled with unforgettable moments. Its spa programme is a true ode to relaxation! Steal some time for yourself and spend it in luxury treatments dedicated to the well being of body and mind. The rich offer of treatments and massages, Relax in a true sanctuary of combined with a number of luxury and relaxation and exclusive beauty products, treat yourself with a true provides all the ingredients Sothys experience by indulging for a complete happiness and in relaxing facial and body comfort. treatments


Located in the heart of London, this classicist hotel connects French chic design with English tradition. The concept of the awarded Rose Lounge is very specific. Its beige and pink decor reveals the English garden and floral theme inspiration. The design is a subtle blend of two cultures, French and English, also depicted by the paintings by French and English masters. The lobby is an inviting and welcoming place, perfect for relaxing with a book or a cup of tea. The unique atmosphere Inviting and welcoming lobby, is achieved with floral motifs and floral fragrances, as well perfect for relaxing with a as the candle-lit evening rituals book or a traditional English that completely transform the cup of tea atmosphere of the lobby.



Best Lobby Lounge: Sofitel St James Hotel London, Great Britain


Luxury & Wellness || TOP 6 HOTELS

Best room: Villa Honegg, Switzerland

Hotel Villa Honegg, built in 1905 in Art Nouveau style, is located in the heart of Switzerland above Lake Lucerne. It was reopened in 2011 after a complete renovation, in which it managed to preserve its historical charm. What is it that makes Hotel rooms only round up the its rooms so special? Villa Honegg’s rooms are extremewhole experience of staying ly comfortable, with quality at Villa Honegg, with its beds and bedding, and beautiimpeccable service, delicious ful marble bathrooms, which food of local origin and an make any guest feel at home. A incredible view mixture of natural materials, such as wood and leather, and top quality furniture also contribute to the winning room design, as well as a discrete and userfriendly technology.



Best service: Mountain Resort Feuerberg, Austria At the height of 1765 meters there is a place that combines comfortable rooms, a 3000 square meters large spa and an incredible holiday experience above the clouds: Mountain Resort Feuerberg. Feuerberg is an ideal place for all skiing, nature and wellness lovers, whose “Spirit & Spa“ holiday philosophy makes each stay unique. The blend of active holiday in the snow and mountain air with relaxing moments of peace and contemplation in the spa centre offers the perfect mind and body balance. And there is an extra bonus for families with children: professional child care, playrooms, a Top quality service and family sauna, ski school and dedicated staff take good school ski lift. care so you could make



the best of your holiday above the clouds

Relais del Nazionale Hotel offers its guests a warm welcome, warm and intimate ambiance and a typical atmosphere of the Alps – a cosy chalet, rich in enchanting details, which perfectly blends with the serenity and harmony of the surrounding nature. Rooms in a traditional style, with rustic beams, wooden floors and antique furniture, are an ideal blend of the old-fashioned spirit and all the benefits of the modern times. Hardly anyone will be indifferent to the hotel restaurant offering buffet breakfast and an afternoon tea and snack in front of the fireplace. The one thing all the guests


joyfully remember is an abundant offer of fresh products typical of this area and local specialties prepared with special care and love Photos:


Best food and beverage: Relais del Nazionale Hotel Vernante, Italy

y a B t a k i C LUXURY OASIS

Destinations || LOŠINJ HOTELS & VILLAS

Čikat Bay on the island of Lošinj offers its guests a new dimension of holiday – renovated five star hotels, combined with natural wealth, create a unique holiday oasis PROMO LOŠINJ HOTELS & VILLAS


ikat Bay is one of Lošinj’s finest bays, declared a climatic health resort back in 1892. Crystal clear sea, 2600 sunshine hours and the air rich with essences from over 1100 aromatic and medicinal plants, make Lošinj a favourite holiday destination.


In a 100-year-old pine forest, merely a few steps from the sea, lies Bellevue, a unique five star hotel with every corner designed to meet even the most demanding guests’ expectations. Simplicity, harmony with nature and ultimate comfort characterized the old Bellevue, and the renowned architect Andrija Rusan and his team were governed by the same principle in turning the hotel into one of the most exclusive hotels in the Adriatic. Hotel’s quality has been recognized and awarded – Bellevue Hotel won the World Luxury Hotel Award in 2016 in the Best Luxury Hotel category, as well as the best luxury hotel title according to TripAdvisor. In 2017 it won the first prize in the category

Boutique Hotel Alhambra


Suite in Boutique Hotel Alhambra

of hotels and luxury hotels in Croatia, according to TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Awards. Bellevue was declared the best hotel and the best luxury hotel in Croatia in 2017.


Hotel Bellevue’s offer is enriched with SPA Clinic, the best new spa and wellness in the world according to Spafinder Wellness company. SPA Clinic offers each guest a possibility of complete relaxation according to their own choice, with a vast selection of health and wellness programs and a thorough enjoyment of the pools, relax zone, fitness and yoga studio and a SPA garden, under watchful eyes of doctors, nutritionists and physical therapists at the SPA Clinic. Next to Hotel Bellevue, in a dense forest of Aleppo pine right by the sea, lies the Austro-Hungarian Villa Hortensia, renovated and turned into a five star villa that opened its doors in June 2015. Villa Hortensia is the place where traditional architecture meets modern design, with services such as your own private concierge, chef and butler, as well as a private beach, offering a new dimension of a luxurious getaway.


Another gem in Čikat Bay rich crown is definitely Alhambra, a sophisticated five star boutique hotel and a member of a prestigious group Small Luxury Hotels. Alhambra is an Austro-Hungarian villa dating from 1912, designed by a renowned Viennese architect Alfred Keller and renovated in 2015. Next to Alhambra lies Villa Augusta, a magnificent classicist building with Art Deco details. Today, Alhambra and Villa Augusta represent an ideal combination of luxury with a breath of history, meeting every guest’s preference with their personalized concierge service. Alhambra’s premium service is completed with carefully selected wine & dine a la carte offer in Alfred Keller Restaurant, listed among the best restaurants in 2017 in Gault & Millau restaurant guide. Top quality wine & dine offer at the Alhambra is widely recognized thanks to Masterclass events presenting winemakers from Croatia and around the world to a selected group of guests. Each piece of furniture is carefully selected while decorating these two luxurious beauties, boasting exclusive materials and cutting edge design, such as Louis Ghost

Destinations || LOŠINJ HOTELS & VILLAS

Villa Hortensia Hotel Bellevue

Modern Austro-Hungarian villa Villa Hortensia is the place where traditional architecture meets modern design, with services such as your own private concierge, chef and butler, as well as a private beach, offering a new dimension of a luxurious getaway

Chairs, Artisan wood furniture, Sartori carpets and brocade linen, complete with lighting design by Dean Skira. All of this certainly contributed to the awards Hotel Alhambra is proud of, such as World Luxury Hotel Award in 2016 in the Best Luxurious Boutique Hotel category.

The very heart of Bellevue Hotel consists of a spacious atrium with aromatic herbs while the hotel itself is nestled in a 100-year-old pine forest

ČIKAT BAY GEM Designing the Boutique Hotel Alhambra, architect Alfred Keller found his inspiration both in Spanish architecture and Villa Alhambra that gave the hotel its name

info Lošinj Hotels & Villas T: +385 (0) 51 66 11 11 Email:


Luxury & Wellness || CASINO HOTEL MULINO


With a Hint of Charm The luxurious Casino Hotel Mulino is designed for guests expecting a high-quality and distinctive service



he luxurious Casino Hotel SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS park and a historical monument. The hotel has 67 rooms and luxury suites Mulino is designed for guests EXCELLENT LOCATION decorated with Swarovski crystals and expecting a high-quality Casino Hotel Mulino’s great advantage equipped with state of the art technoland distinctive service. It is is its location and extremely good conogy. Each room is special in its own way, located in the west of the nection to Trieste (Italy) and Portorož, as but they are all characterized by charm, beautiful Istrian peninsula, elegance and luxury. Spacious and well as the vicinity of several international near the Slovenian airports. The distance to Trieste and Friuli comfortable, decorated with and Italian border. Built on a - Venezia Giuglia Airport is 35 kilometres. floor mosaics, marble and hill overlooking the Gulf of The third international airport in Slovenia is Swarovski crystal details, Piran, it is surrounded by WHERE DREAMS located in Portorož, the city close to Casino they provide ultimate the nature park of the BECAME REALITY Hotel Mulino. Marco Polo Airport in Venice comfort. salt pans, olive groves, is approximately 2 hours drive away, and In a setting where vineyards, orchards Surrounded by the Piran Jože Pucnik Airport in Ljubljana is 130 km tradition meets moand old Istrian towns. Salt Pans Nature Park, away, or 90 minutes drive from the Hotel. dernity, surrounded Architecturally elegant Casino Hotel Mulino offers an by the glitter of silver and luxurious, the unforgettable vacation, where and crystal, skilled chefs MOMENTS TO REMEMBER Hotel blends in perdreams become a part of the The unforgettable moments of your vamake the best of selectfectly with the traditional perfect reality cation await you in the elegant and peaceed fresh ingredients and Istrian environment. Mild ful ambience of the Prestige Wellness and blend all the flavours into a Mediterranean climate, Spa Centre. Soothing and warm ambience fascinating meal. Dishes served peaceful and quiet surroundat Gourmet Restaurant Mulino provide at Prestige Wellness & Spa is achieved with ings, high-quality service, luxurious inminimalist decor and stylish details. Here an unforgettable guest experience. teriors and an intimate atmosphere, make you can enjoy the best Oriental and modMulino Restaurant is sophisticated and Casino Hotel Mulino a special and unique elegant, furnished and decorated with care ern massages, different types of sauna, destination for the perfect getaway, vacaface and body beauty treatments, indoor tion and entertainment, for all those want- down to the smallest detail. Its à la carte menu is a blend of Mediterranean tradition and outdoor pools and a fitness studio, all ing to spend their leisure time in style. spreading over 1500 m². Enjoy it in one afand Istrian delicacies, with truffle as the PINE FOREST AND BEACH diamond of the kitchen. Tropicana Restau- ternoon or throughout your vacation, the Distinctive karst landscape of the Buje decision is all yours – the intimate atmorant, with a VIP room, is ideal for special area opens up towards the sea along the sphere of Prestige Wellness & Spa is there occasions, birthdays or anniversaries. You Kanegra coast, whose thick pine forest to give you a unique relaxation experience will dazzle your guests with a spectacular blends into a pebble beach. The spacious in an unforgettable oasis of pure luxury. view over the Sečovlje salt pans - nature resort overlooking the Gulf of Piran and salt pans features a disco bar, supermarket, post office and an exchange office. The sports centre has tennis courts, ping pong Casino Hotel Mulino tables, mini golf and rent-a-mountainŠkrile 75a, 52460 Buje, Croatia bike. It also offers a variety of water sports: T: + 385 (0) 52 725 300 canoes, paddle boats, windsurfing, motor boats, watercrafts, sport fishing and the Email:, possibility to berth your own boat. Part of the beach is reserved for nudism, in a secluded area near the resort.



Luxury & Wellness || CASINO HOTEL MULINO

Place your bet and enjoy the game The exclusive Casino Mulino is known as one of the most important and attractive casino clubs in Europe. Its elegance and magical luxury provide its guests the perfect environment for fun and games at 20 tables and 260 slot machines, 24 hours a day. Continuously following the newest games and trends, the world of slot machines makes sure you are always welcomed with surprises and novelties.

UNIQUE DESTINATION Mild climate, peaceful and quiet surroundings, high-quality service, luxurious interior and an intimate atmosphere, make Casino Hotel Mulino a special and unique destination for the perfect getaway


Wellness & Spa || HOTEL SPLIT


WELLNESS EXPERIENCE Wellness experience begins already in Hotel Split guest rooms, since it is completely sea-oriented and the immense blue horizon can be thoroughly enjoyed from every room



ocated on a beautiful pebbled beach in Podstrana, on the very city limits of Split, Hotel Split is a family-run boutique hotel featuring prominent and award-winning architectural design, constructed according to environmentally friendly principles, which define its day-to-day business operations as well. Completely sea oriented, Hotel Split offers its guests stunning views of the sea and the nearby islands from every room and from the comfort of their bed. Family ownership, a small competent team and boutique features allow the staff individual approach to every guest and tailor a personalized, unique experience.

What makes Hotel Split unique and different is the individual, a la carte approach to every single guest


Sea L’Aroma is a wellness concept paying special attention to aromatherapy, allowing you to test and select favorite scents and essences for the range of available treatments, massages and activities. Sanarium Spa Suite is the pearl in the crown of Sea L’Aroma Spa & Wellnes offer – a VIP corner featuring whirlpool, sauna and relaxation area. The space is closed and reserved for private use of up to 4 persons – for you and your selected company. The intimate atmosphere will allow you to relax and enjoy the pleasures of wellness with refreshing drinks, light snacks, music or reading according to your wishes.


Aroma Body & Mind for two, a unique experience available on the spectacular Lobby bar terrace, is not to be missed. Surrounded by the blue skies and the sea, reflected in the walls and terrace ceiling, you can enjoy a relaxing aromatic massage with your partner. The Lobby terrace will be reserved especially for you for this particular treatment, becoming your private relaxation haven. Vacation time can also be the time you and your partner indulge in medical, physical, cosmetic and anti-cellulite treatments. Our skilled team of kinesiologists, physiotherapists and beauticians are here to meet all your wishes and needs. And, following treatments and relaxation in our wellness & spa zone, Hotel Split pebbled beach, proudly flying the White flag, Perun hill and the pristine blue sea invite you to discover the magic of outdoor activities. Savor your vacations and wellness experience tailored especially for you – experience Hotel Split!


Hotel Split Strožanačka 20, 21312 Podstrana, Split, Croatia T: +385 (0) 21 420 420 Email:


Wellness & Spa || LUXURIOUS SPA


We are slowly turning back to nature, on all levels, including luxurious spa treatments


AUTHOR Viktorija Antolković

ometimes we all need to rest and relax without the stress and worries of everyday life, and luxurious spa treatments raise the definition of relaxation to a whole new level. If you need pampering in the true sense of the word, the diverse range of the most luxurious treatments is slowly going back to nature, taking the very best from it. Namely, the latest trends look for inspiration in nature and when it comes to skin care and revitalization they only choose superior natural ingredients, including expensive herbal extracts or gold and crystals.


For centuries, caviar has been known as an almost magical source of nutrients that enriches and regenerates the skin. Therefore, from the depths of the sea comes skin care rich in omega-3 fatty acids, nourishing vitamins and proteins, yet another inspired discovery in the eternal quest for timeless beauty.


Gold is a symbol of wealth and luxury, and it is thus not unusual that gold massage is seen as the ultimate professional care. The body slowly absorbs tiny particles of gold, leaving the skin radiant and


hydrated. The massage also has anti-stress and relaxing effect.


Our body has the power to regenerate and heal, and stem cell therapy uses precisely this ability to turn back the biological clock. Plant stem cells stimulate the formation of new collagen and blood vessels, renovation of damaged skin, and slow down and reverse the signs of aging. They are, therefore, very welcome in spa treatments.


Bee venom is yet another ally in rejuvenation and a new star of spa treatments – its formula stimulates the creation of collagen and elastin for smooth and tight skin, leaving only fresh and rejuvenated complexion.


Many cultures and religions believed crystals and precious stones had magical powers, and today they are used in spa treatments for relaxation and revitalization. According to the ancient teachings about the smooth flow of positive energy, each crystal has its own energy vibration. More recently, crystals have become part of luxurious cosmetic product lines.

Wellness & Spa || LUXURIOUS SPA

15 years of luxurious treatments Energy Clinic has been offering its clients luxurious wellness and spa programmes for 15 years, combining the revitalizing energy of healing and the feeling of complete relaxation. Following the opening of the first centre in London, the largest Croatian and one of the major European chains today combines wellness and spa centres in more than ten five-stars hotels in Croatia, Montenegro, Switzerland and Germany. With the slogan “15 years relaxing in luxury“, Energy Clinic focuses on the promotion of a lifestyle recognized by Mick Jagger, Richard Gere, Donatella Versace, Pierce Brosnan and many other celebrities.


Made by

Wellness & Spa || AROMARA

PROFESSIONALS for Professionals

Aromara Ltd., a pioneer of aromatherapy in Croatia, has drawn on its knowledge, vast experience and its enthusiasm to offer top-quality products


romara Ltd., the pioneer in aromatheraphy, has been active for 25 years. The company’s vast professional experience guarantees the high quality of its products and services. Aromara


edge about personal health. products are created with love, It is our deepest wish to adhering to ethical prinraise the awareness for ciples and high-quality the responsibility for standards. The com25 YEARS OF personal health. By pany offers products AROMATHERAPY choosing first-rate at affordable prices, The Aromara Ltd. has been natural ingredients for ensuring the wide availactive for 25 years, and it is its products, Aromara ability of the benefits acts as an ambassador of aromatherapy. This the pioneer of aromatherapy for health and natural is why Aromara remains in Croatia beauty. the first choice for - The SPA industry is numerous wellness flourishing, and a need and SPA centres, as well for top-quality as well as useras for individual professionals who offer superior services to their friendly products emerges. We wish to guarantee our and your clients’ satisfacclients. tion – says Mrs Doljak and in response to this, she created the unique line AROMATHERAPHY Aroma Essence Professional. This body AMBASSADOR care line includes four different masMrs Doljak points out - Our mission is sage oils. Each oil offers a distinctive to convey basic and profound knowlexperience and enables an individual approach to the client. All of these oils are safe for use.


The founder states that Aroma Essence Professional body care oils enhance both the client’s and the therapist’s mental and physical health. They contain cold-pressed carrier oils and combinations of 100% natural essential oils. The oils’ unique ingredients stimulate blood and lymph flow


Wellness & Spa || AROMARA

info The First Lady of Aromatherapy

Mara Doljak, MPharm, started the company back in 1991, discovering little by little a lack of education in this field. Later on this led her to form Aroma Academy, which has educated generations of professional aromatherapists and wellness therapists in Croatia and its neighbouring countries. All of the ingredients incorporated into Aromara’s final products are chosen by the owner who also formulates all products for care, beauty and well-being products.

and nourish the skin and organism with rich minerals (Se and Fe), vitamins (A, E and D), saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Aromara products are not tested on animals, they do not contain animalderived ingredients, preservatives,

Aromara Ltd. Ivana Perkovca 19, 10292 Harmica, Ĺ enkovec, Croatia T: +385 (0) 1 3704 005 Email:

fillers, colorants, aromants or any other synthetic ingredients. This reflects the company’s vision of a healthy planet, where families and individuals live consciously and in harmony with nature.

Custom-formulated massage oils

Inspired by the flourishing wellness industry, Aromara Ltd. created Aroma Essence Professional, a body care line containing four custom-formulated massage oils. Not only do these oils offer a unique experience, they also enable an individual approach to every client!


Luxury & Wellness || GRAND HOTEL DRAMALJ


With a Bit of Luxury Grand Hotel Dramalj inherits a 100-year-old tradition of the Crikvenica Riviera tourism



ituated in a sunny Crikvenica Riviera, bathed in the green of various Mediterranean plants, Grand Hotel Dramalj lies close to numerous beaches. In the shade of a 100-year-old Mediterranean garden, you can find spacious rooms and apartments with stylish handmade furniture bringing a breath of history into this special place. Rooms have minibar, satellite TV, wireless internet, telephone and safe. The apartments are big and spacious, alongside kitchen, they also have satellite TV, minibar, wireless internet, telephone and safe. The apartments range from 35m2 to over 100m2. This “big-small” hotel also offers a wonderful mini wellness satisfying all your senses. What makes a stay in a smaller hotel special is certainly a close relationship with each guest, thus creating more comfortable, relaxed and – in the words of its guests – a warm cosy atmosphere, with a bit of luxury. Friendly hosts will always find time

for each guest to speak about their eating habits and adjust the menu to their needs. Grand Hotel Dramalj invites guests to grant themselves some time to enjoy its 100-year-old tradition, healthy Mediterranean microclimate of the Crikvenica Riviera and visit a place that treasures a long-time tradition of health care and cordial welcome. The hosts are sure that Grand Hotel Dramalj will meet every need of your mind and body.

Grand Hotel Dramalj will meet every need of your mind and body

info Grand Hotel Dramalj Braće Car 6, 51265 Dramalj, Croatia T: +385 (0) 51 787 160 Fax: + 385 (0) 51 787 170 Email:





From the

Kitchen Stars 

to the

Both Chef Xavier Boyer and Chef Fernando Perez Arellano agree on one thing – Michelin Stars are not the goal, but a recognition of hard work and effort to please the guests AUTHOR Andrea Šitum

Photo: Fernando Perez Arellano


he taste of Mediterranean would not be the same without them, especially the homonymous Festival that is a part of the HTI Conference in Rovinj. Two superb Chefs, Xavier Boyer and Fernando Perez Arellano, are the culinary geniuses who have undoubtedly raised the Mediterranean diet to the ultimate artistic level. Boyer built his culinary career in some of the most famous French restaurants, obtaining the Michelin stars along the way. He has been working in the renowned Gaddi’s Restaurant in The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong since February 2016. He terms himself a ‘modern classic’ who likes to refer to the well-proven flavours. Fernando Perez Arellano mastered his culinary art in several top-notch restaurants in Dublin, London and Naples, opening his own restaurant Zaranda in Madrid in September 2005, winning the prestigious Michelin stars during its first year. Five years later, he opened Zaranda on Mallorca, recapturing the success. Today, Zaranda is renowned as one of the top 10 gourmet restaurants in Spain. However, the main incentive for creating interesting tastes is always a satisfied guest, while the stars serve as a mere acknowledgement that the effort pays off. 

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10 questions for Chef Xavier Boyer


How did your culinary career start and why did you want to become a chef?

- My career started at the age of 15, when I became an apprentice for Mr Robuchon. I was always passionate about food and my mother had a restaurant in the Caribbean when I was a child. Therefore, I always liked to help her and be surrounded by food.


You have worked in many restaurants around the globe and with many famous chefs. Who among them had the biggest influence on you?

- Yes, I worked in many restaurants around the world, but since I worked for Mr Robuchon for more than 14 years, it was him who influenced my work the most. Author’s note: Joël Robuchon is a famous French Chef and restaurant owner, proclaimed the “Chef of the Century” by the Gault Millau Guide in 1989.


How difficult is the path towards the Michelin Star award?

- Michelin star is not a goal, but a recognition. We always work very hard

in a way to respect the season’s products, and for the customers’ satisfaction. The happiness we can provide to the costumers is the reason that makes us work harder. If we have the Michelin Guide recognition, it is a plus for the whole team.


Did your work change, and how?

- Receiving remarks from the Guide does change us since they come from relevant professionals and we always keep them in mind.


What is your signature dish?

- I do not have a signature dish, because I do not like having one. This is the reason I can always find inspiration in the dishes that I made in the past, and which I can modify as I want.


What inspires you in your work and how would you describe your culinary philosophy?

- I am primarily inspired by travels, because I can discover new flavours and new combinations. My family comes from the south of France, so the Mediterranean influenced me as well. I

would describe my cooking philosophy as ‘less is more’.


What is the secret of a good restaurant?

- For me, the secret of a good restaurant is the integrity of the chef and the welcoming staff.


What future challenges and developments do you foresee in the restaurant business?

- Right now, the challenge I am facing is to take Gaddi’s to an even higher level of excellence than the one it is currently at.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a chef?

- The first advice I would give to a person who wants to become a chef is to work hard and to taste as many various flavours as they can.


What do you like to cook the most when you are not working – just to eat at home?

- I like to cook roast chicken, mashed potatoes with olive oil and with the perfect chicken jus.

“Michelin star is not a goal but a recognition. We always work very hard in a way to respect the season’s products, and for the customers’ satisfaction” Chef Xavier Boyer



10 questions for Chef Fernando Perez Arellano


How did your culinary career start and why did you want to become a chef?

- I started to wash dishes in a restaurant when I was 18 because I tried to support my stay in Dublin where I spent few months in order to improve my English. Working in the kitchen, and also the fact that I was living by myself, and therefore had to look after my own meals, gave me an interest in cooking.


You have worked in many restaurants around the globe, with many famous chefs. Who among them had the biggest influence on you?

- All of them are very present in who I am and in my style of cooking nowadays. There are also many other chefs whom I did not have the chance to work with but who, nevertheless, have an impact on the way I approach food. It would not be fair to name one in particular.


How difficult is the path towards the Michelin Star award?

- I can say I turned from a teenager into a man the day that I first felt the pressure of having to deliver quality food, cleanly and neatly presented, at the right temperature and at the right time. After a few weeks of doing that, I realised that I had to get used to that pressure and

routine for the rest of my life. Since then, it has become my lifestyle and passion, forgetting about any former hobbies I had as a youngster. I guess Michelin Stars are a consequence of this.

4. 5.

Did your work change, and how?

- Absolutely not. Stars are the consequence, never the cause.

What is your signature dish?

- The black egg is most probably the best known and recognised among all our dishes…


What inspires you in the kitchen and how would you describe your culinary philosophy?

- Inspiration varies. Certainly, my surroundings, the seasons, my background, my trips, my lifestyle, all play a very important role in my creativity. Therefore, my cooking has a traditional soul, an academic heart, a vanguard character and a global influenced personality.


What is the secret of a good restaurant?

- There are many parameters to take into account and every restaurant has its own assets and reasons for the people to go there.

“Generally, I can say that there is no good restaurant without a happy staff, happy food and happy customers” Chef Fernando Perez Arellano

Generally, I can say that there is no good restaurant without a happy staff, happy food and happy customers.


What future challenges and developments do you foresee in the restaurant business?

- Cooking and restaurants are becoming more and more popular at all levels. I believe the industry is going towards the interaction when it comes to gastronomic restaurants and towards hybrid concepts (drinks, music, food, atmosphere), and also when it comes to friend and family restaurants (bistro, brasserie, etc.). The old luxury and silver service is out of fashion.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a chef?

- Make sure the lifestyle of this industry matches your personality. It is not all about passion for food… That is the main difference between a good cook and a chef.


What do you like to cook the most when you are not working – just to eat at home? - Paella, Pasta Amatriciana, Spanish omelette, a good steak or grilled fish.



e v ti c u d e S




Thanks to the largest concentration of the best Croatian restaurants and taverns, Istria imposed itself as the most desirable gourmet and wine destination in Croatia


AUTHOR Alma Radoš/Place2go

stria, the largest Croatian peninsula or, as it is affectionately referred to, the Croatian Tuscany, will welcome you with a cornucopia of local food, from the most modern to traditional, offered in taverns and restaurants around the peninsula. The lovers of authentic cuisine will enjoy all kinds of pasta or seafood prepared in a traditional way, while gourmets in search of innovations will choose something less typical, such as raw, freshly caught lobster or sea bass garnished with truffles and fused with the Istrian extra virgin olive oil, few grains of salt, pepper and a few drops of lemon.


It is, however, very difficult to master the essentials of the Istrian culinary terminology in only few days. Nonetheless, there are some basic elements you need to acquire to be able to enjoy its seductive flavours in the best possible way. Along with the popular truffle from the Motovun forest, regarded by many as the king of cuisine (although it is still unclear if


it is a spice or dish), one should also try the Istrian pasta, especially fuži or pljukanci, usually served with homemade žgvacet, an excellent Istrian goulash. Black and white truffles are offered in many different variants and with all kinds of dishes, thus you can enjoy fish or shrimp with white truffles, beefsteak with grated truffles, as well as a chocolate cake with olive oil and truffles or truffle ice cream... And there is still talk around Istria about the biggest white truffle in the world, found in the Motovun forest, weighing an incredible 1.31 kilograms, which thus earned its rightful place in the Guinness Book of Records.


A special place in the Istrian wine and gourmet story belongs to the Istrian prosciutto with its original aroma and quality, which – unlike other Croatian prosciuttos, has the skin removed, it is not smoked, and it also includes a pelvic bone. This is a product of the highest value and pride, affectionately called vijulin, or violin. The strict traditional rules of production have been passed down from one generation to the other, and two years ago the Istrian prosciutto was included in the register of the protected designations of origin. Every

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FOR THE GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS There is still talk around Istria about the biggest white truffle in the world, found in the Motovun forest, weighing incredible 1.31 kilograms!

October in Tinjan, a small town in Central Istria, the people of Istria organize an international festival in its honour. The last decade saw the renaissance of dishes prepared with the almost extinct Istrian ox, known as boškarin. Thanks to careful breeding, boškarin found its way back to Istrian tables, with a potential to become a new culinary icon. For starters, try boškarin sausage, continue with a medium rare beefsteak or Fiorentina (Florentine steak), žgvacet, goulash or šugo (sauce).    

well familiar with the Istrian wine offer, for other mortals it suffices to know that the rich vineyards of the largest Croatian peninsula are primarily known for the two grape varieties – Istrian Malvasia and Teran as its counterbalance. Istrian winemakers have cultivated these varieties for generations, bringing them almost to perfection in the last two decades. With the expansion of their product range, the Istrian winemakers have become equal competitors on the world wine scene. The middle generation of Istrian winemakers, such as Matošević and Kozlović, Arman (Marijan and Franc), Pilato, Coronica, Cossetto or Degrassi, was joined by the winemakers of the younger generation who have also found their rightful place in the wine world with great wines you simply have to try. Along with Bruno Trapan, with his excellent Malvasia, there is also Roxanich with excellent red wines - Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.


In the still-current seventh edition of Flos Olei Guide for 2016, Istria is referred to as the region with the best olive oil in the world. This is the only international guide on extra virgin olive oils, eagerly expected every year by all olive growing regions. With 50 Istrian olive oil growers and producers, the number included in the 2016 Guide, THE COUNTRY for the first time, Istria OF GOOD WINE climbed to the first place It would be a sin as the best quality olive to visit Istria without growing region in the world. trying its fine wines. Of possible 100, 98 was the Although true lovers highest number of points the are surely best olive growers earned last year. The high 97 points were given to Olea B.B. from Rabac, four Istrian THE TWO producers won excellent MOST FAMOUS 97 points: the Ipša Family, Stancija Meneghetti, MatGRAPE VARIETIES teo Belci Family Farm and The vineyards of the largest Tonin. Four points less, or Croatian peninsula are 95 points, were given to: primarily famous for two Chiavalon Franco Basiaco, grape varieties – Istrian Giancarlo Zigante and Enio Zubin. Malvasia and Teran


Slovenia Zagreb Croatia Momjan

Bosnia and Herzegovina

WINERY Kabola • Kanedolo 90, Momjan, 52460 Buje, Istra, Croatia • 00 385 52 779 208 • e-mail:


The Most Beautiful

STORY OF WINE Bornstein Wine Bar & Shop tells a tale of the finest Croatian and world wines for over 30 years


hirty years ago, just a short walk from the Zagreb Cathedral, the first Croatian wine shop (Vinoteka) was born. In a magnificent 200 year old brick vaulted cellar, Vinoteka Bornstein gave birth to a renewed Croatian wine scene. The pioneers of this enological project created a true wine temple to be enjoyed by wine enthusiasts and lovers from all over the world. At Vinoteka Bornstein, one can purchase fine wines and other gourmet delights to enjoy at home or as gifts for friends or business associates. Come in for a chat over a glass of wine and enjoy the ambience of this beautiful cellar.


Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the hosts will reveal their biggest pride: an archived selection of wines from Kutjevo and Belje cellars as well as a bottle of the oldest wine in Croatia – a white Burgundy dating back to 1947.


Feel at home in this relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and look over the wine list. You will have a choice of well over a 100 carefully selected wines from Croatia and around the world. Accompany your selected wine with a great selection of gourmet snacks such as, bruschetta,

The oldest bottle kept in Bornstein Wine Shop is white Burgundy dating from 1947


On the shelves of the wine shop you will find a fantastic selection of Croatian and foreign wines or select a souvenir from a large variety of gourmet delights. These include truffle products, the best extra virgin olive oils, wine accessories, spirits, cheese and cured meats. By reputation Vinoteka Bornstein is also known for their beautiful gift packaging, which is a popular choice at Christmas time, or for that special occasion. If you require assistance, the owners and their friendly experienced staff are happy to walk you through the whole selection.


cheese and meat platters and home made pate. If you are lucky enough to be in Zagreb on a Friday night you will find easy listening live Jazz or Bossa Nova music.


The owner’s passion for wine is evident through their extensive knowledge. This is shared with their guests through a variety of services and offers. Aside from coming and enjoying a glass at the bar, guests can participate in organized wine tastings, wine flights or even organized special events for family, friends and companies alike. Private and business functions are enjoyed all year round at Vinoteka Bornstein. Enjoy the wine tasting dinners that are often presented by special guest Winemakers and Chefs who advise on food and wine pairings. So why not let them help you make, your own memorable wine experience at Vinoteka Bornstein, during your stay in Zagreb. Worth a visit!

Bornstein Wine Bar & Shop Kaptol 19, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia T: +385 (0) 1 481 2363 Email:




Hotels that want to position themselves in the field of health tourism should provide nutrition counselling service


AUTHOR Marijana Matković

lthough media is nowadays full of good health advice and it seems that people invest in health more than ever before, statistics deny that the Western civilization is also a healthy civilization. If we look at the statistics on the global level, as many as 15% to 37% adults have high blood pressure, whereas at the age of 60 these percentages go up to as high as 50%. The incidence of diabetes has strongly increased in recent decades, and it now amounts to 5% to 10%. What is especially worrying is that diabetes increases the risk of ischemic heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease. Today, there are 600 million people with hypertension and 150 million with type 2 diabetes worldwide, and an almost identical number is glucose intolerant, which also increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, epidemiological studies conducted in Europe and the USA show that the prevalence of celiac disease in the general population is approximately 1%, while the prevalence of food allergies is present in 1% to 3% of adults and 4% to 6% of children. Since food has always been in the focus of interest of every tourist, and especially the ones who need to adhere to

Gluten-free only!

Celiac disease is a unique example of a disease for which the only treatment is a strict gluten-free diet, a lifetime requirement for patients suffering from this particular condition. And since the number of patients in the European Union is growing, hotels should certainly consider having gluten-free menu options.


certain dietary recommendations, applied nutrition has just began to occupy an important place in health tourism. Hotels and spas often opt for certification to provide their guests an additional guarantee of safe food. We have therefore talked with Alenka Brozina, M.D. who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka, Croatia, and specialized in internal medicine. She studies the impact of diet on human body and health, and has attended numerous foreign and domestic postgraduate courses in diet therapy, clinical nutrition, sports medicine and sports cardiology.

“A nutritionist is precisely the person who should act as the main link between a guest with special dietary needs and hotel kitchen“ Alenka Brozina, M.D.

Can diet therapy be used in tourism nowadays? - Of course. Special dietary needs are actually an integral part of diet therapy, or treatment with a proper diet. So for example, people with diabetes have to comply with special dietary guidelines to regulate blood sugar levels or to keep their disease under control. Likewise, cardiac patients also have to adhere to certain guidelines. And these are just few diseases that can be treated with proper diet. You often mention celiac disease as a unique example of a disease for which travel is a true “adventure“? - It is true. Celiac disease is a unique example of a disease for which the only treatment is a strict gluten-free diet, which is a lifetime requirement for patients suffering from this condition. In case of celiac disease everything seems very simple, but

Interview || NUTRITIONISM this is not the case. Gluten is added to most products, and there is also a high risk of secondary gluten contamination of food that does not normally contain it. People who suffer from this disease, in general, always carefully think about their travel destination and choose hotels and spas in which all their dietary habits are met and where they feel safe. This is certainly a good opportunity for hotels to think about their business plans and consider diet therapy as a part of their future offer. You mentioned the feeling of safety. How crucial is it when planning a journey? 
 - Sometimes these people feel the safest at home and in their own kitchen. However, occasionally they have to travel to an unknown destination, be it for business or pleasure. And this causes problems because only a few hotels are certified. Nowadays, some hotels have “allergy friendly“ certificates, such as for example ECARF certificate (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) which gives an overview of allergens and offers meals based on the presence/absence of the most common allergens (“nut free”, “gluten free”, “lactose free”, “vegan”). There are some good examples on the local level as well because there are some new certificates that guarantee food safety in accordance with the European standards, such as the Croatian Healthy Meal Standard. According to you, is it time for expert nutritionists to deal with hotel menu options? Should such hotels have their own nutritionists who could create individual menus according to guest’s needs? - I absolutely agree. A nutritionist is precisely the person who should act as the main link between a guest with special dietary needs and hotel kitchen. Hotels that want to position themselves in the field of health tourism should provide nutrition counselling service in accordance with the guest’s needs, work on educating their staff and supervise the implementation of certified standards. Could you give some examples? - In Croatia, my home country, there are hotels with ECARF certificate, such as Vitality Hotel Punta in Veli Lošinj, then Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa in Crete, do Sado Business & Nature Hotel in Setúbal, Portugal; Tirler - Dolomites Living Hotel, Alpe di Siusi in Italy, Nana Beach Hotel in Crete, etc. In general, if we look at the hotels that earned this certificate – the majority of them are located in Greece and Portugal. I believe these are good examples we should follow, both in terms of nutrition and tourism.


w w w. p l a c e 2 g o . o r g

17. - 19. 3. 2017. Z a g r e b - H R V AT S K A


Informacije i rezervacije: tel.: +385 1 4618 898, +385 1 4618 190

BOSK New Gluten-Free Standard

Nutrition || GLUTEN-FREE


More and more people are on gluten-free diet. Are you ready to serve them? PROMO BOSK

ecent researches confirm that the protein gluten, which can be found in almost all food, is one of the main allergens. Although until recently it was believed that people with celiac disease are the only risk group, it is now known that the majority of the population reacts to gluten. Due to raising awareness about the harmful effects of gluten, food stores have stepped up their gluten-free offerings, and restaurants added gluten-free meals to their menus. Analysts estimate that the value of the gluten-free products market in Europe is worth over €1 billion, expected to grow by 40% by 2018. Statistics show sales increase of 12% to 15% in restaurants that have added gluten-free meals to their offer.

Zinfandel’s Restaurant at Esplanade Zagreb Hotel


The biggest challenge for people eating glutenfree diet is eating in restaurants and when away from home. There are two basic conditions for preparing gluten-free food – using gluten-free ingredients and avoiding gluten cross-contamination. Namely, floury ingredients are transmitted through air, steam and other methods of food preparation in the kitchen, thus gluten-free food must be prepared according to specific procedures that include the whole process and journey of food – from warehouse, through kitchen to serving dishes in the restaurant. Ana Grgić, Executive Chef at Esplanade Hotel Zagreb


BOSK Gluten Free Standard is aimed at people in hospitality industry, as it provides knowledge about preparing, serving and distributing gluten-free food. It has been developed on the basis of scientifically proven and globally accepted food safety protocols, and in accordance with HACCP system principles, good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and good hygienic practices (GHPs). Esplanade Hotel Zagreb, whose guests can enjoy excellent gluten-free creations on a daily basis, was the first one in Croatia to introduce this standard. BOSK Gluten Free Standard enables guests a safer restaurant experience and carefree socializing with friends and family while enjoying food and drink. It also enables the growth of hospitality industry with an effective entry into the new gluten-free market segment, as well as new, loyal guests.

BOSK Gluten Free Standard is aimed at people in hospitality industry, as it provides knowledge about preparing, serving and distributing gluten-free food

Protein that causes problems • 70 million people are gluten sensitive and intolerant • 190 million people avoid wheat and gluten • 11 million people suffer from celiac disease • 1 in 100 people have celiac disease • 60% of people who choose to eat gluten-free products do so because they believe they are healthier


4th International Festival

Taste the Mediterranean Ĺ ibenik, Croatia, 25-28/05/2017

good food good wine good fun

Gastronomy || HOTEL SPLIT


TASTES OF DALMATIA With the backdrop of a gorgeous pink sunset, enjoy the superb culinary art of the L’Aroma restaurant chefs in Hotel Split

Beautiful pebbled beach, spacious roof terrace with a pool and an unforgettable view of the sea and the nearby islands, luxurious Spa & Wellness treatments – everything is here to pamper you




n a beautiful pebbled beach in Podstrana, on the very city limits of Split, you will find Hotel Split – a family-run boutique hotel, featuring prominent and awarded architectural design, constructed by environmentally friendly principles. With its distinctive design and private, boutique atmosphere, Hotel Split offers its guests a unique experience tailored to everyone’s particular taste and wishes. Select the color and aroma of your room, and enjoy the stunning view of the blue sea and the sky from the comfort of your bed.

Hotel Split Strožanačka 20, 21312 Podstrana, Split, Croatia T: +385 (0) 21 420 420 Email:


L’Aroma Restaurant brings all the aromatically enchanting benefits of the Mediterranean and Dalmatia to your plate. Since Mediterranean cuisine is recognized as one of the healthiest in the world, Hotel Split pays extra care to this particular segment. Promoting local production and cooperating with local manufacturers serve as basis for the rich offer of organic and natural ingredients from local farming and of controlled origin. L’Aroma Restaurant offers a wide range of traditional Dalmatian dishes, as well as those from famous international cuisines, brought to you by the restaurant Chef who will be happy to prepare tasty food for every meal and occasion, be it an intimate dinner for two, a private party or a business dinner.


The Lobby Bar, with its unique terrace reflecting the horizon and the ceiling reflecting the beach, will make you feel like a pearl in a shell. Here you will find an exquisite cup of coffee, freshly squeezed juice, smoothie of your choice, club sandwich and sweet pastry temptations in a unique setting of the indoor or the protected outdoor dining area. Located at the top of the hotel, Sunset Terrace will take your breath away. Here you can immerse yourself in the pink sunset and the culinary artistry by the L’Aroma restaurant’s gastronomic virtuosos. And when the day finally gives in and stars start twinkling in the sky, a new story begins, bringing you relaxing cocktails, sparkling pearls and night time gastronomic tales. Experience relaxation and gourmet adventure tailored to suit your wishes – experience Hotel Split!



Mediterranean Diet for Him and Her The diet of the 21st century in the service of health - many studies have proven that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest diet


any clinical studies have proven that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest diet with many positive effects on health – this was the reason UNESCO included it in the list of protected intangible heritage in November 2010. - Mediterranean diet includes foods rich in plant fibre, such as cereals, various fruit and vegetables, nuts, legumes, different kinds of seeds and olives, and an increased intake of fish and seafood. Intake of red meat should be reduced, whereas organic eggs and dairy products, as well as poultry should be consumed in moderation. The main source of fat is olive oil, and the best sweetener is honey. Also, daily menu should be adapted to the specific needs depending on age, but gender as well – says Lejla Kažinić Kreho, M.D., the member of the British Nutrition Society and the author of the bestselling book 21st Century Diet.


As many organic fruits and vegetables as possible is the formula for the prevention of prostate cancer. – Broccoli and tomato are an excellent combination for the prevention of prostate cancer and it would be good to prepare them as a side dish with lunch or dinner as often as possible. Also, decrease the intake of saturated fatty acids of animal origin and increase the intake of foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. This primarily means oily fish, walnuts, almonds, sunflower and flax seeds. Walnuts and almonds are a good choice for a snack. You can add walnuts to your chicken breast and seasonal vegetables salad and bring it to work as a light lunch, or to your morning oat porridge. Whole grains are generally very


AUTHOR Marijana Matković

healthy and we should consume them two to three times a day, whereas oats are one of the most desirable grains – says Lejla Kažinić Kreho, M.D.


Oats are an excellent source of magnesium, manganese, selenium, iron, calcium, zinc and copper. Due to beta-glucan fibres, they are also popular as food that ‘irons out’ the wrinkles from the outside, they help women with hormone imbalance, so their intake is recommended in perimenopause and menopause. Oats are also excellent for lowering cholesterol. Also, due to their low glycemic index, they are useful in reduction diets. They help in maintaining optimal levels of blood sugar.

In general, whole grains reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes by 20% to 30%, and have a positive impact on the prevention of colorectal cancer, polyps, hormonal cancers, pancreatic cancer and other cancers of the digestive system. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are especially recommended for a healthy heart and blood vessels. This includes food such as oily fish, which should be on the menu at least two to three times a week. Buckwheat, tomatoes (that lower the level of bad cholesterol), green tea, dark chocolate and a glass of red wine are also beneficial for the heart. These are foods that middle aged and elderly people should include in their diet.

Mediterranean shake for testosterone boost for Him Oats also impacts testosterone levels, and in combination with the other ingredients, they become an excellent breakfast. Put in a blender: •  250 ml of organic soy or cow milk, •  3 tablespoons of oat flakes, •  pinch of cinnamon powder, •  2 teaspoons of honey (best would be manuka honey), •  1 banana, •  1 apple, •  1 teaspoon of flaxseed, •  1 teaspoon of pumpkin seeds •  1 teaspoon of sesame seeds. Mix well and drink immediately!


“Whole grains reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes by 20% to 30%, while broccoli and tomato are a good combination for the prevention of prostate cancer and should be prepared as a side dish with lunch or dinner as often as possible“ Lejla Kažinić Kreho, M.D.


Extra virgin olive oil is especially recommended for women, as it was proven that it decreases the risk of breast cancer. When it comes to women, one should also emphasize the importance of foods rich in phytoestrogens, including legumes (lentils and chick peas), vegetables, nuts, flax, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, as well as berries, such as blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. Soy is also a good source of phytoestrogens, as well as soy products and alpha sprouts. All these foods will also alleviate the symptoms of menopause, but one should avoid red meat and poultry that is not free range. If you want to lose weight, dig into celery, and use green leafy vegetables, such as chard and spinach, to fight wrinkles. - In addition to being effective as anti-depressant and for boosting concentration, avocado is also an excellent aphrodisiac. Asparagus, garlic and nutmeg also have a similar effect, and if you wish to enrich your love life even further, eat watermelon – says Kažinić Kreho, M.D. Thanks to the amino acid citrulline that expands and relaxes blood vessels, watermelon is a natural substitute for erectile dysfunction treatment drugs.

Supergreen Mediterranean juice for Her

Drink this juice as a snack – it is strongly alkaline, and thyroid & diabetic friendly. Cold press 1 sliced cucumber, 4 chopped green celery sticks, 1 organic zucchini and 2 medium handfuls of arugula and drink immediately.


Interview || 4 SEASONS CROATIA

Role of Media in Health


The clients always have to think about what makes them special because this is the best foundation for promotion - says Andrea Šitum, Nativa Media CEO AUTHOR Marijana Matković


Seasons Croatia magazine and its online edition ( are both original projects by Nativa Media company director Andrea Šitum who launched them in order to shed light on Croatian potentials in health tourism. The magazine is published in English, Russian and Slovenian, with the website in Croatian and English. Andrea Šitum, author of one of the most read lifestyle websites in Croatia,, says the success exceeded her expectations. Nativa Media company started the year preparing the first edition of HTI News Magazine, created and published by the company itself. This was a reason enough to talk with its CEO. How did you become HTI Conference partner? - To put it simply, professionals easily recognize other professionals, people who they’d like to work with. This was our case as well. Last year, when we were presenting our project and the 4 Seasons Croatia magazine during the HTI Conference in Vienna, Zdeslav Radovčić and I discussed new possibilities and concluded that the similar magazine concept could work equally well in promoting HTI Conference as well. It’s an honour for me that Mr. Radovčić considered us serious and professional enough for this kind of task. In my opinion, it’s an excellent synergy. What makes this project special? - We wanted to tell a story of health tourism in Croatia and Europe, and provide as much information as possible on recent developments in our profession. Therefore we’ve given enough space to marketing experts, branding and certification in health tourism. Even though the magazine aims at B2B marketing, it was designed in the form of lifestyle magazine in order to facilitate the contact between like-minded people. It’s a subtle promotion; I believe it’s much easier to find a person you’d like to cooperate with through a newspaper article, a story or an interview. Furthermore, if you are in need of an urgent info or a contact, you can find it in the info box, together with the QR code 


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ISSN 2459-7309

ISSN 1849-9368

-9368 ISSN 1849

Revija za zdravstve ni turizem in wellness

Журнал об оздоровительном туризме и велнесе

Издание 2 / Март 2016 / Год 1 / Бесплатный экземпляр

Корпоративный велнес Issue 1 / m Health Touris

& Wellness

Year I / Free


4 ns o Searosatia C

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e Welln


/ March 2016



Busines Great Results

.com roatia asonsc urism w.4se h To ww o Healt llness N 1 & We ine Magaz

2016 logy


4 and All-on- a Zygom

TOP 10

1. izdaja / Novembe r 2016 / Letnik I www.4seasonscroat Revija št. 1 za zdravstveni turizem in wellness

spa trend report turizem na

HRvaškem Implantologija

All-on-4 in Zygoma

Jadransko m orJe


ns zine 4 Seaso The Magasponsored Croatia is ian Chamber by the Croat my of Econo

ТоП 10

/ Brezplačen izvod

4 Seasons Croatia

najboljši wellness center АдриАтическое море лучший велнес-центр Luxury & A TO E P 10 Wellness hotelov IC S

T re RIA AD lness cent e best wel Th




Оздоровительный туризм в

in Tourism



4 s Season Croatia sonscroati www.4sea ал об 1 Журн ом выпуск ельн есе оздоровит и велн туризме


ends Spa Tr Report Health

для лучших деловых результатов

Korporativni wellne ss

najboljše poslza ovne rezultate

Спонсор журнала 4 Seasons Хорватия Хорватская Торговая Палата

Projekt podpira Hrvaška gospodarska zbornica

Luxury & Wellness отелей

& Luxury s Hotels es Welln



Interview || 4 SEASONS CROATIA

“Readers’ emotions are triggered by the story and the people behind it, not the interior, regardless of its luxury” Andrea Šitum

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Nativa Media Company won the Greenovation award and the Green Mark certificate for its project

How about the challenges you were faced with? - The biggest challenge was the responsibility and the worry whether we would manage to wrap up the financial construction or not. This is, in fact, entirely private investment. However, when we noticed our clients’ positive reaction to promotion of such quality, I knew we were going to make it. The other challenge was me always wanting to deliver „more, better and stronger“. Therefore we decided to modernize our design even further. The third challenge, for me as an editor, was to combine health tourism topics with luxury tourism and gastronomy topics because this year, along with the HTI Conference, there’ll be two more events – ILHA Summit and Taste the Mediterranean festival. What are the recommended characteristics for a health tourism magazine editor in chief? - Just like any other editor, you need to stay cool at all times and follow the rule: „No matter how things look at the moment, it will all turn out great.” It usually does. You need to know how to make quick decisions, organize your work, be visual. Most of all, an editor must be well-versed in the topic written about in the magazine. Writing about health is very demanding because you need to understand even highly complicated medical terms, know your way around nutrition, dermatology and cosmetology topics, wellness industry etc.


Fortunately, you have a lot of experience in that regard. - I honestly do, I specialize in topics of health and health tourism. It all stems from my previous education, years of work on website and the latest 4 Seasons Croatia, with experts in health and health tourism. Furthermore, I also worked as an editor of a pharmaceutical lifestyle magazine.

What about the clients? Do you always obey their demands? - Information is of highest importance. I refused certain clients looking for promotion based on false information – magic potions for losing weight or hair regrowth, margarine as a healthy nutrient... We don’t accept things like these. For no money in the world would I promote such a thing. What would you say about media promotion in health tourism to your future clients? - First of all, they have to think about what makes them special because this is the best foundation for the promotion. Afterwards, professional photos, staff pictures, professionals whose expertise proves the quality of the clinic, this is what triggers readers’ emotion. At that point we take over and offer you an a la carte promotion. The best we can deliver. Plans for 2017? - We have a lot of good ideas, plans and energy to promote Croatian health tourism. We’ll continue working on our websites, organizing promotions on world fairs, and in November we’ll publish new Slovenian edition of 4 Seasons Croatia magazine. I believe that 2017 will be similar to last year – a lot of work but having fun as part of the deal.

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Lifestyle || TOP 5 MARINAS


Mediterranean Marinas


Drop the anchor in a safe harbour and stay in one of the most beautiful Croatian, Italian, Montenegrin, French or Spanish marinas


AUTHOR Viktorija Antolković

few days of sailing can be a perfect way to have a good time with friends or family. And when you grow tired of the endless expanse of the open sea, drop the anchor in a safe harbour and stay in one of the five most beautiful European marinas.


With an enchanting blend of old wooden sailing ships and sparkling superyachts, fishing village of Saint Tropez is one of the most famous marinas in the world. Located in the heart of the city, Port de Saint-Tropez has 734 berths in two pools that can accept yachts up to 75 meters in length. Due to its celebrity clientele, Saint-Tropez port is known as the gathering place for the rich and famous. Innovations and top quality


services make it one of the most exclusive world marinas.


With its charming scenery and rich cultural heritage, Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular destination for superyachts looking to cruise a bit further than the traditional French Riviera. Split offers something unique and original for guests and crew, including the exploration of the famous Diocletian’s Palace.


The picturesque Bay of Kotor, a natural harbour under UNESCO’s protection, is the home to Porto Montenegro that is slowly but steadily becoming one of the most attractive new marinas of Europe. After a recent renovation, this Montenegrin

When you dock your yacht or sailboat in Split, be sure to visit Diocletian's Palace. Built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in 300 AD, the palace served as his home after withdrawing from the throne

marina now offers berths for superyachts up to 250 m in length.


Seen as the new generation marina for superyachts, Marina di Stabia fascinates with its location – situated only 20 minutes from the international airport of Naples, the marina is located close to the popular tourist areas, such as Sorrento, Capri and Amalfi.


The overview of the most beautiful among the European marinas would not be complete without this marina in Spain. Originally built for the 1992 Olympic Games, OneOcean Port Vell has recently undergone multi-million renovations. It now offers five-star accommodation and 148 berths for superyachts up to 190 m in length.


HIGH QUALITY FUELS SLO Marina Izola Mandrač - Veliki trg 1a, 6310 Izola, Slowenien

Coordinates - Latitude: 45.53854400 Longitude: 13.65630400

Marina Tribunj - Jurjevgradska 2, 22212 Tribunj, Kroatien Coordinates - Latitude: 43.75273500 Longitude:15.74885300

Marina Kremik - Splitska 22-24, 22202 Primošten, Kroatien Coordinates - Latitude: 43.56976900 Longitude: 15.94263200

MNE Marina Bar - Obala 13 Jula Bb, 85000 Bar, Montenegro

Coordinates - Latitude: 42.09921700 Longitude: 19.08766000

HTI News - Special Edition HTI Conference 2017  

HTI News is 1st European Health Tourism Industry Magazine, published also in a luxurious glossy variant.

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