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EE MDO exploitation

Selena is the biggest ever Naturella news! Tier 1 initiative Will bring 348MSU incremental volume and 9.4MM$ NOS in EE Great GBU toolkit which allows us breakthrough the clutter!

Emotional bonding via feminine look

Product demonstration

Total reach 75% both in RU / UA

= Local Top-spin Disp. share - 30% RU, 40% UA Feat. Share - 30% RU 9 POSMS – 80% ACV

Print, Factories, Postnatal: coverage RU-6%, UA-18%

Search, banners, social networks, Coverage 25-30% in RU, 15-20% in UA

Direct print: coverage 45-50% in RU, 40-45% in UA. RU: up to 50 issues nationally, 30 regional UA: 35 issues

Nonstandart SP + booklet

In - store Objective: to paint stores green! POSM menu: 9 items - 80% ACV Targets WD - 97 (+2ppts.) in RU WD- 90 (+6ppts.) in UA Disp. share - 30% RU, 40% UA Feat. Share - 30% RU, Shelf share – 15%

Flower distribution: Modern Trade: + 1 SKU to list on top behind upgrade Traditional Trade: Naturella Thick and Ultra in each store

Glorious shelf : Do not lose shelf behind transition. Fix Shelf via Trays Communicate superiority via Shelf decoration

Power display Decorated Naturella Pads + Liners display in every store

Drive trial - sampling Increased sampling scale twice vs. regular (2MM samples) New targeted channels:



Coverage 6% in RU and 18% in UA

New beauty samples with educational info

Immerse in Naturella world Selena is the first Naturella initiative with big Digital support!

Exploitation of locally relevant touch-points‌

Establish Expecting up to 1MM visitors!

MBCI project Special edition of Summer booklet

Partnership with main female portals and i-media campaign 402MM impressions in EE

‌ and Non-standard execution

PR support The biggest ever PR support since launch! Up to 47MM impressions Educate on product change Press tour to Schwalbach Innovation Center

Emotional bonding with the brand Celebrating Day of Caress with journalists Consumer events in regions Flower platform in UA

What is the next for Selena?

Ready Selena  

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