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What is CONFLICT? CONFLICT‌ problem, disagreement, opposition, clash, fight, battle, controversy, argument


Here are SEVEN types of CONFLICT i n N arrative Fiction

1. Character vs. Self

When the main character has a problem with him/herself EXTERNAL

2. Character vs. Character

When the main character has a problem with another character 3. Character vs. Society (the Way the World Is)

When the main character has a problem with social traditions or expectations 4. Characte r vs. Nature

When the character fights against nature to survive 5. Character vs. Supernatural

When the character has a problem with a supernatural force he/she can’t understand (monsters, aliens, etc)

6. Character vs. Machine/Technology

When the character is against man-made things 7. Character vs. Fate (or Destiny)

When the character tries to break free from a path chosen for him (before he/she realizes it)

Created by Heather Taxis Greene, 2010

Conflict Notes  

Conflict Notes, studied during our Elements of Fiction Unit

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