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TREATMENT: 15-year-old JIMMY and his two friends ZACH and ALEX are on the bus on their way home from school. They make plans to play their video game as soon as each of them gets home. This is a daily routine for them. Jimmy is the last one off the bus. He runs in his house with plans to immediately start playing the game. His MOM stops him as he is grabbing a soft drink and looking for a bag of chips from the kitchen. She tries to converse with him, but he is not paying attention, but is rushing to go to his room. She grabs his arm and tells him he has things to do, and that he spends too much time playing video games. He gets mad and runs upstairs. Jimmy’s mom followings him to his room, then he slams the door in her face. Jimmy doesn’t care as he yells at his mom to go away. He turns on the game and his headset and starts talking to Zach and Alex. They play the game for a few minutes when suddenly Jimmy’s electricity goes off. He gets mad and yells at his mom to fix it. After trying to turn the television on he is sucked into the video game! Jimmy looks around his video game world and realizes that he is in the game. Then Zach pops up, and a few seconds later Alex appears too. They talk about what happened to them and where they are. After overcoming the shock of what happened, the three friends become excited that they are in the video game, and think that it is going to be a lot of fun. The video game they are in is a war type game between humans and aliens. The setting is in the fictional universe, taking place during the year 2552. Jimmy, Zach, and Alex are in the spot of the game where they were before they got sucked into it. They begin to walk around exploring the game world. Then one of the enemy aliens runs towards the boys from a distance. They saw it and knew that they had to run or they would be killed. They took off running. As they run away they discuss a plan as to how to get away from the enemy. Then they find a vehicle. They get in it and drive off.

TREATMENT: As they drive around. They are now a little scared because they realize that they are really in the game and somehow have to stay alive. They also wonder how they are going to get out of the game. They find some guns lying on the ground and grab them to defend themselves. Enemies come and start attacking the boys. They are in a battle. Alex gets shot and Jimmy goes to help him. He puts him in the vehicle. Jimmy and Zach kill the group of enemies around them and go to help Alex. The three boys talk about how bad they want to be out of the video game and just want to go home. They team up and say they are going to beat the level of the game and hopefully return home. They leave Alex in the vehicle and go out into the world on a mission. We see Jimmy and Zach grab their guns and run to defeat the enemies. A big battle happens and it ends with Jimmy and Zach killing all the aliens. Since they have played this game, they know that they have beaten the level. They return to Alex. They drive to where the next level should begin, and once they get there they hope to see a way to get out of the game. They see nothing, and start to get worried, especially because Alex is hurt and in pain. They all keep saying how they promise that they will not play video games as much and will spend more time with their families. Then suddenly a bright light appears and the screen goes white. We now see Jimmy wake up sitting in his chair in front of his television. He snaps out of what seems as a trans, and looks around very confused. His video game is on, and his player is in the spot of the game where he was when he was in it. He is in complete shock. Jimmy calls Alex and asks him if he just experienced the same thing, and Alex says no. Jimmy does the same with Zach, who responds the same. We see Jimmy walk downstairs with a very confused looked on his face. His mom is cooking dinner and looks at him angrily. Still with a confused look, Jimmy apologizes and hugs his mother. He said he is not going to play videogames for a while.

Project 1- Treatment  

15-year-old JIMMY and his two friends ZACH and ALEX are on the bus on their way home from school. They make plans to play their video game a...

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