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This conversation is between a woman who works in the library (A) and a man who is the manager of a little store (B). There was a movie playing in the library that they talked about, and their conversation topic changed quickly. I only listened to this conversation for about 3 or four minutes. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

(A) Oooo just a little bit left, thank you. (B) No problem. (A) This is weird. (A) You ever watch the movie Last Samurai? (B) Yess! (A) Yeah that one was really good! (B) Yesss. (B) Wonder who would watch this movie? (A) You married? (B) Yes. (A) Watch it with you wife shell love it. (B) No I’m not married… (A) I hate that movie but most women love it. (B) No that’s definitely not on the top 10. (A) Haha! (A) Samuellllll! (A) I got some Valentines Day decorations. (A) They gave me bad stuff. (B) Garlin is cute. (A) You what? (B) You guys need that big flat screen. (A) Haha. (A) We can’t even get a battery for the clock. (B) Maybe we can talk to the RAs about getting one. (A) It would be nice if we could get one. (A) I wont hold my breath though. (B) Who buys it? (A) RPS library management. (B) Who’s the manager? (A) Sean Wilson. (B) Ohhh… (A) He’s a really nice guy. (A) Do you manage that coffee shop too? (B) Yeahh. (A) So you have the students running that too? (B) Yea 90% percent students. (A) Wowww interesting. Yeah I work here; I’m a student, just an old student. Haha. (B) What’s your major? (A) Library science. (B) Well you’re in the right place then.

• • • • •

(A) Yeah but I’d rather work with the technological side. I’m going to move to Miami once I graduate. (B) Why? That’s so hot. (A) Well that’s where the husband is. (B) Ohhhh… how does that work? You see him every 3 months? (A) Oh just when we can. It’s hard.

This is a conversation between a guy (A) and a girl (B) in a lounge watching The Bachelor. They were very talkative during this show and had a lot of comments to make towards it. I listened and took down what they were saying for about 10 minutes. There were some moments where they didn’t talk for some seconds, but then they would pick the conversation back up. Also, they would talk about random topics too. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

(B) You didn’t even wanna look at her. (A) What’s he doing? (B) She told him he couldn’t say a word. (A) She’s like trying to seduce him. (B) He didn’t even wanna kiss her, she might like that shit though… (A) Did he say, “we should?” (B) He said, “we should.” (A) Look at his face. (B) That’s that black-eyed girl. (A) Is she legit? (A) It would be awesome if he booted her. (B) What? (A) If he kicked her out. (B) It’s her. (B) Is that all the girls that are left? (A) Can’t believe you were staring at that girl like that. (B) I wasn’t even staring! (A) You wouldn’t stop looking at her… (A) That girls always with a different dude. (B) That girl was staring me down in the elevator today. (A) You not bout to fight her though… (B) I’m not gunna fight her! (A) You should be able to woop her ass… your way bigger. (B) I know but…. (B) I never said I wanted to fight her! (A) Yes you did… (B) Whatever. (A) If they get a rose does that mean they go home or stay? (B) Stay. (B) Omg she got the first rose. (A) What if he was like deuces??!?!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

(B) He’s actually mean to the nasty girls on here. (A) Damn that girl is huge. (B) That one girl is really young though. (A) Look at the butt on her though. (A) Commercial… (B) She needs to pick a different dress. (B) What is that? (A) Ugly. (A) That’s gotta be her… she looks like kirstin… (B) Who? (A) Kirstin. (B) That girl? (A) Yeah. (A) That sucks getting cut though. (B) That’s only half of em because that blond chick isn’t there. (A) Yeaahhh I thought that there weren’t that many… (A) I don’t see how you can get that much feelings for one person when there are like 20 other people the same. (B) She’s ugly. (B) Read what he said. (A) (Mumble mumble mumble) “heck yes.” (B) I don’t like her. (A) I didn’t know he had a tattoo. (B) I know, it’s huge… I don’t like it. (B) Ehhh… (B) That’s so pretty with the water clear! (A) Yeahhh… (A) Ahhhhh shit, schools cancelled tomorrow! (B) Who said that? (A) Natalie. (B) Natalie who? (B) Our school better be cancelled! (A) Tomorrows gunna be the first time I had a class cancelled. (A) I still gotta write a paper tomorrow anyways. (B) Uhhhg I don’t wanna watch Castle.

Assignment #3  

Dialogue betweeen two different conversations.