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INtroduction ASOS Plc is an affordable and fashionable online retailer offering the global community an endless selection of fashion and beauty products. The report aims to inform about the brand, its competitors and the future range concept and range plan for ASOS’ own brand collection for A/W 2013.



Company Analysis ASOS (As Seen on Screen) is the UK’s largest fashion and beauty retailer selling exclusively online offering a wide collection of branded and own-labeled products aimed towards fashion-hungry16 to 34 year olds. The company is targeted towards the UK, USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and most recently Australia, additionally shipping globally to over 190 countries.

globally inspired, fashion forward & digitally-led

brand essence

modern breaking the barriers of fashion creativity

stylish allowing users to globally connect with one another

inspiring consumers through the latest street style, trends, celebrities & music. offering a wide variety of fashion labels & own range collections

brand values


delivering the ultimate, fast and easy online shopping experience selling merchandise at an affordable price

brand personality

The website attracts over 17.5 million visitors a month and has been rated the second “most visited fashion website on the planet”, attractive 749 users daily. In order to understand and have a clear guide of the company, a brand onion1 is used to achieve this.

young tech-savvy diverse vibrant bold creative quirky

sold exclusively online and ships to over 190 countries worldwide. offers over 50,000 brands, including their own brand collections ASOS Collection prices range from as low as £8 up to £200

brand in action

uses various platforms for easy online accessiblity such as ASOS apps, mobile sites and ASOS magazine has various more social and active websites such as an ASOS blog (Style News), Marketplace and Fashion Finder garments designed incorporating the latest trends in fashion continually offers exclusive discounts and deals, and has free global shipping

online success collecting many awards for their business. Notably, ASOS created their own collection in 2004, which has gained their own credentials as a fashion brand. ting-edge, exciting pieces to their consumer. As well as gaining popularity amongst its consumers (sales growth by 45% on last yearii), ASOS Collection has grabbed the attention of celebrities such as Lana Del Rey, Sacha Obama and Beyoncé Knowles.

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Brand Positioning Analysis Despite ASOS offering a range of products ranging from high street to luxury products, looking at their own range, it is considered to belong in the mass-market sector. There are various brands that ASOS compete with and must continue to stand out within this sector, however they must all consider the macro environmental factor in a PESTLE Analysis2.

High Fashionability

Looking at external factors highlights and can help identify trends that lie within the level of the market. Fast fashion has become a massive consumer want, however, consumers are starting to now look for timeless, versatile and high-quality pieces to invest in, as they have less disposable income. The mass market is set to suffer declining sales unlike budget and middle market retail sectors, so it is vital that ASOS continue to strategise a SWOT analysis against its competitors.


ASOS Collection River Island


Miss Selfridge

Republic New Look

Low Price

High Price

Low Fashionability

Above, ASOS is positioned against 10 different competitors highlighting that although; it is considered to be more highly price than quite a few of their competitors, its fashionability is one of the highest, therefore it is assumed is reputable amongst consumers. The map shows that most competitors have an edge over ASOS due to the lower prices, something that ASOS should be weary of, however they respond well via discounts and offers. This combined with the SWOT Analysis3 gives a clear view of ASOS main rival competitors and what could be done to stand out from the crowd; these being Topshop and H&M, due to their distinctive image, growing global success and digital innovation. ASOS must be very weary of the more recent online retailers such as and as they are starting to gain more public interest and are using TV advertising, social networking etc to get consumers talking more about them.

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Consumer ProFile ASOS creates collections for both men and women, however within this report focuses on a range plan for womenswear. Researching their target audience is vital for ASOS, to stay successful. Fundamentally, looking at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs4 helps understand the core motivations of consumer behaviour. Through establishing the basic motives, ASOS can research further about their consumer and develop a pen portrait to


A conventional ASOS consumer is a woman of 21 years old who has a thirst for fashion and looking stylish. She is potentially in her last year of studying at university living away from her family, and in a student house with a few of her friends. She takes pride in looking her best and looks to her friends, celebrities, fashion magazines and social media for further inspiration where she wants to remain fashion-forward. Celebrity icons are most likely to be Alexa Chung, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham nights out, watching Youtube videos and having a cup of coffee at Starbucks are her favourite things passtimes to enjoy herself when she has not got any university work to do. She also has a gym membership because she likes to look after her body and stay in shape. Social networking is vital for her where she has accounts with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram, where she regularly uses these sites on her laptop, smart phone and iPad – using the latest technology is second nature to her. Her Lana Del Rey and other mainstream artists; she also has a hint of more indie music like Ed Sheeran and Two Door Cinema Club. She is quite impatient and always has something she lusts after from her favourite stores such as Topshop, ASOS and looks to Primark and H&M for cheaper, fast fashion.


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Predictions for the consumer in 2013 must also behaviour. The upcoming year will supposedly have an air of optimism where the consumer has a great urge to evolve and move forward. The buzzword for fashion is “contemporary” where creativity and something quirkier is coveted. Although wanting to de-tech parts of their life, consumers want a simplicity when browsing with a cleaner, readable format. ASOS tries their best to respond to what a consumer would want such as providing them with a convenient, fast shopping experience with the latest trends available to buy and a free fast delivery service. They take advantage of how tech-savvy their consumer is where they have accounts with all the popular social networking sites and communicate personally one-to-one via Twitter for customers with queries. Their mobile site accounts for10% tion, they offer a year-round student discount so their young consumer can buy for less, and they continually try to be innovative looking at various sources to produce high-quality, statement pieces for every season.


Micro Trend Direction

In order to create a successful collection for A/W 2013, exploring the zeitgeist and determining a macro sen to lead the design inspiration behind ASOS’ future range. Innerchild stems from the idea of relating back to the former child within yourself and celebrating it; buzzwords are ethereal, imagination, outlandish, regression, dreamlike and wonderland. Fantasy plays a major role of this macro trend; it is all about blending the real with the surreal. It captures the freedom and beauty of a person’s imagination and self-expression. It Tim Walker5, Damien Hirst6, Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby7, developing countries’ growing talent and 8 . Also looking at StyleSight’s F/W 2013 megatrend “Marvel”9 has been a great inspiration to really developing this macro trend further.



Emerging from Innerchild and looking at consumer demand, the fashion cycle, the particular season, and relying on gut feeling, a micro trend can be pulled from this. Micro trends focus more so on the garment built

from the focal macro trend, favouring some elements of being a fast micro trend and also some being slow. This trend looks towards the more sickly-sweet fantasy aspects for inspiration to create something playful and quirky yet has a bit of a seductive edge. ASOS should consider bringing out certain pieces that are considered as timeless and high in style because they can afford to charge prices slightly higher than its competitors due to its high fashionability, yet also more fast-fashion pieces to favour their fashion-savvy consumer.

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