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“No matter what we come up with, and how we dress him, some other character with the same shtick, with the same styles of boots and the same doodad on his chest, is already out there... so... How? is not the question. What? is not the question. The question is Why?�

- the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay

account planner // comics scholar

By last count, I’m one of fifteen people with “Comics and Cartoon Studies” written on my degree. Not only does this minor allow me to justify my excessive comic reading as “academically necessary,” but it also makes me a better account planner. Sherlock Holmes said that “breadth of view is one of the essentials of our profession.” While he was talking about being a detective, it applies to both account planning and comics. To analyze a crime, advertising problem, or comic, one must understand everything from the details to the big picture. This means weaving minutiae (in planning, individual consumer feedback from focus groups; in comics, panel size or color choice) with grand-scale observations (planning’s consumer category landscapes and comic’s hero arc continuity schemes). This is the most valuable tool in our profession, and I’ve honed it well. Breadth of view, my dear Watson, is essential.

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Jackson Hole


National Bank Holdings


Man Therapy

jackson hole background The city of Jackson Hole is commited to sustainable tourism, recently becoming one of five destinations to be certified as an “Early Adopter” by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

objective Determine whether Jackson Hole’s commitment to ecotourism influences consumers to choose to vacation there.

target audience Existing Jackson Hole audience segments: Advanced Families, Successful Professionals, Authentic Baby Boomers, Outdoor Adventurists, Singles.

research Qualitative/quantitative survey and in-depth phone interviews.

insight Sustainable tourism is not a primary driver for tourism to Jackson Hole. Jackson Hole’s environmental practices work to further validate the consumer’s destination choice after they have made the decision based on other factors.

recommendation Publicizing the city’s commitment to sustainability by incorporating it into authentic experiences with the place rather than an overt marketing tactic would justify consumers choice to visit JH. This allows JH’s commitment to sustainability to become part of the stories consumers bring back to their friends.

national bank holdings background National Bank Holdings controls banks in Colorado, Kansas and Missouri. It sees itself as the bank “where common sense lives.” After a dive in popularity of home equity loans and lines of credit, NBH wants to bring them back to a top of mind position through their customizable HE/HELOC product line.

problem Post-recession consumers are wary about taking out any sort of loan or credit.

objective Build brand awareness and drive qualified leads for home equity loans and home equity lines of credit, as well as create a connection between NBH’s “common sense” business practices and the consumer home equity/home equity line of credit decision making process.

target audience “Goal Oriented Families” 30 - 64 years old, no gender skew, with children. Living in Colorado, Kansas or Missouri and have owned their home for more than 5 years.

research Secondary research and intercept interviews with NBH loan officers and loan officers at competing banks.

insight Nesting is the new flipping, our target market is renovating rather than buying new. Obtaining a home equity loan or home equity line of credit is a way to achieve responsible personal fulfillment - achieving your financial goals and paying it off is common sense.

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man therapy background Man Therapy is an online resource that encourages men to acknowledge and talk about mental health issues guided by a fictional “man therapist� named Rich Mahogany. It won Ad Age’s 2013 Pro Bono campaign of the year, and is being adapted into a campaign for college men.

problem College students do not strongly identify with the general market messaging of the original Man Therapy campaign.

objective Make Man Therapy accessible and interesting to students on the Colorado State University campus.

target audience 18 - 24 year old college males.

research Secondary and in-depth interviews with college males.

insight There are distinct stresses that come at each stage of college. Though the triggers are different, all college men face challenges to their mental wellness. Lack of knowledge and social stigma are barriers to seeking help. Publicizing this resource reduces stigma and increases awareness.

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hannah tabor account planner (303) 513-5860 •

experience Venture Dept. Strategist October 2013 - present • •

Conducted research to generate insights on the UO student audience Worked to find new ways for on and off campus brands to connect with an audience adept at ignoring advertising messages

Allen Hall Advertising Account Planner September 2012 - present •

Conducted in-depth research to develop a brand strategy for the Student Alumni Association and The Pond - UO Baseball’s Student Section

Cactus Marketing Communications Account Planning Intern June 2013 - August 2013 • • •

Conducted research for clients in the travel, mental health, lottery and banking categories Developed insight and research decks for creative reviews and client presentation Analyzed cultural trends to develop new business opportunities for existing clients

University of Oregon Ambassador Program Student Director April 2012 - June 2013 • • •

Supervised staff of 45 student ambassadors Represented UO as a national brand Organized staff training and several large student recruitment events

education University of Oregon, 2014 B.A. Journalism: Advertising Minor: Comic and Cartoon Studies

skills Quantitative & Qualitative Research • Focus groups • Ethnography • In-depth interviews • Intercept interviews Storytelling Adobe Creative Suite Keynote Encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture

tidbits I have skiied every season since I was 3 I collect Batman action figures and comics books (thusfar not a hinderance to my social life) I make a killer campfire

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