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WELCOME What follows is the culmination of the research, analysis, and creative thinking we have put into this project in the last 10 weeks. We are excited to show you the brand solutions we have come up with, and we hope you have as much fun with them as we did.

bakery 3


situation analysis


Creswell Bakery isn’t just another bakery. While pastries and bread abound, Creswell Bakery also dishes up farm-fresh comfort food crafted by a trained chef and served by people who are passionate about the products they sell. The Creswell Bakery consumer knows that this is food worth going out of your way for. With the bakery’s commitment to sustainable, local food consumption, consumers know that they are eating artisanal, environmentally friendly food that is as fresh and natural as it can be.

bakery 5

Creswell Bakery Product: Creswell Bakery serves baked goods, breakfast and lunch items made primarily of local ingredients. All meats used come from Heidi’s family-owned farm and many of the other ingredients come from local farms. In-store products are displayed in glass cases and on open-air shelves behind the counter. Items purchased to-go are placed in boxes or paper bags with the Creswell Bakery logo stamped on them. Sales for Creswell Bakery peak around November (Thanksgiving), summer (4th of July) and September (Oktoberfest).

Promotions: Creswell Bakery has done one push of radio advertising through McKenzie River Broadcasting, and is about to start another campaign over 3 stations through KLCC. It also did a brief print advertising run in the Creswell Chronicle, the local daily newspaper that reaches a primarily older clientele. It has also used Google AdWords. Heidi has been written up in several publications in Eugene and Portland, primarily for her farm dinners and commitment to locally sourced ingredients. These came when she was still running the bakery under the name Heidi Tunnell Catering Company.


Word of Mouth is currently their primary form of advertising. They are relying on customers who have a good experience with the food and staff to pass this knowledge onto their friends and family.


They also have an email list with 1500 people subscribed. This email list is sent once a week with specials, announcements and deals. It has a 31% open rate and 1% click through rate.

Price: Prices range from $3.00-$11.00. Bakery items are generally between $3.00-$6.00 and lunch items are between $8.50-$11.00.

Place: Creswell Bakery is located in Creswell, OR. The building is a renovated church located a block off the main street through town, Cloverdale Road. This also contains many of Creswell’s other restaurants. Due to concerns about the quality of her food when served in other venues, Heidi does not serve her product outside her one Creswell Bakery location.

Direct Competition Hideaway Bakery

Eugene City Bakery

Sweet Life Desserts

Avg. ticket range: $3-12

Avg. ticket range: $3-14

Avg. ticket range: $2-7

Located in Eugene on East Amazon Dr., 12 blocks away from the University of Oregon. Hideaway Bakery sells wood oven breads, coffee, pizza, pasta, soups, salads and pastries. It gets fresh fruits and vegetables for products from local farms. Hideaway also has a Saturday farmers market that runs from April to November. Pizza nights on the patio are held on Tuesday nights starting in the spring and ending in the fall.

Located one block from the University of Oregon, Eugene City Bakery offers wood oven breads, espresso, pastries, sandwiches, salads, and pizzas. Eugene City Bakery also offers “blue plate dinners” that are a multi-course pre-made meal that changes weekly. It also has free wi-fi for customers, which is a hit with students. Eugene City Bakery buys products from local vendors such as Long’s Meat Market, Glory Bee Foods, Provista Specialty Foods, and Springfield Creamery.

Located in the popular Whiteaker restaurant district, Sweet Life specializes in sweet desserts. Sweet Life is known for their cakes, but also have a wide selection of other desserts including pastries, cupcakes, cheesecakes, tarts and pies. Sweet Life also serve gelato, coffee and tea. Sweet Life does a steady business in wedding cakes, so its sales for these pick up in the spring and summer wedding season. Whole cakes and wedding cakes can be considerably more expensive than the average ticket.

Indirect Competition Cresswell Coffee Company

TJ’s Family Restaurant

Avg. ticket range: $3-13

Avg. ticket range: $7-9

Located on the opposite side of the I-5 from Creswell Bakery, Creswell Coffee Company serves coffee, beer and wine, homemade soups and salads. Its soups and salads are homemade using local ingredients whenever possible. Its pastries, coffee and bread all come from outside vendors like Humble Bagel, Fleur de Lis and Cafeto Coffee Roasters. Live music is performed inhouse several nights a week.


TJ’s Family Restaurant is located one block away from Creswell Bakery. It offers traditional fare for breakfast (served all day), lunch and dinner. Breakfast items include scrambles, omelets, breakfast burritos, and eggs Benedict. Lunch and dinner items include sandwiches, burgers, steaks, soups, and salads. TJ’s has a full bar, wi-fi, and outdoor seating. It serves a Thanksgiving lunch and dinner, which has become a staple for many Creswell residents.



S.W.O.T. analysis


s w o t



Quality ingredients & products:

Brand confusion:

Livestock raised at Furrer family farm. Types of animals raised are for quality of meat and raised in a free-range environment. A quality-over-quantity mentality.

Customers and potential customers confuse Creswell Bakery and Heidi Tunnel Catering as one.

Source ingredients from local farms when not raised or grown at Furrer Farm. Seasonal ingredients lead seasonal foods and menu.



Transparency of local mission:

Local vs healthy

Customers are willing to pay more for food that comes from local sources.

Conscious consumers are aware of fat, calories, and gluten products.

Connect farm to table more clearly by publicizing the origins of all their foods.

However, consumers do view foods labeled “artisan,” “home-cooked,” and “farm fresh” as healthy choices despite the fat and calorie content.





target audience


Eugene Our target audience is 35-54 year old mothers living in Eugene who have at least one child under 18. These women lead busy lives, often juggling work and kids, and are constantly on the go. Mothers strongly value their children and this is expressed in the food they choose for their family. Moms want local, eco-friendly and healthy food and are willing to go out of their way to fulfill these wants. Transparency is equally important. Moms are more likely to patronize restaurants that publicize the sources of their ingredients, especially when they are local. We chose to target moms in Eugene because there is a bigger opportunity for growth in awareness for Creswell Bakery among this population rather than in Creswell.

bakery 11

50% try to buy locally sourced goods if possible

50% would go out of their way for a restaurant they like 75% of women say they have buying power in their homes

Our target demographic values local food and actively seeks it out when at restaurants and grocery stores. We interviewed several moms who all stated that the use of local ingredients was important to them. Creswell Bakery’s emphasis on farm-to-table ingredients encourage moms to view its food as a “healthier” choice to feed their family.


Moms are also likely to go out of their way for food they know is good. In the interviews, each mom mentioned at least one restaurant that she made special trips to because that venue offered delicious food that couldn’t be found anywhere else. This implies that the distance to Creswell would not present a barrier for moms in pursuit of good food.


As the primary spenders for their households, women wield a tremendous amount of spending power. Moms put their families first and actively seek out ways to show them that they care. In doing so they spend most of their household budgets on food, clothes and housing. Creswell Bakery has the opportunity to appeal to moms’ desires for good local food and indirectly influence purchases for the entire family.

Meet Bridget...

Bridget is the proud mother of two children, Christopher (8) and Mia (10). She lives with her husband in South Eugene and works part-time as a receptionist at a local dental clinic. She loves going out to eat and wants a restaurant that she can visit with her entire family.

She is interested in supporting local businesses and tries to go whenever she can, however her busy schedule often causes her to search out the most convenient option. Despite this, Bridget will sacrifice convenience if she knows a restaurant has better food or something she can’t get anywhere else.

bakery 13


creative brief


Advertising Goal Our goal is for our audience to see Creswell Bakery as a “destination bakery”—a restaurant/ bakery they are willing to go out of their way to patronize.

Audience 35-54 year old mothers living in Eugene who have at least one child under 18.


Bottom Line Reason to Believe

Currently, moms fail to see the benefits of driving all the way to Creswell for something they think they can get at a closer bakery. Creswell Bakery has the opportunity to appeal to choosy moms with the use of quality ingredients from the best local farms, including their own family farm.

You should know what goes into your food.

Creswell Bakery has a strong tradition of allnatural, farm-to-table food, sourcing meat from their family-owned farm and additional ingredients from other local farms. Moms increasingly associate foods labeled as “farm to table” and “local” with “healthy.” Additionally, as a mom herself, Heidi is committed to serving only the highest quality food that she would feed her own family. Creswell Bakery is also very transparent about their eco-friendly practices and sourcing which encourages consumer trust in their food. bakery 15

Media Plan


None of the competing area bakeries have put out any searchable or lasting advertising of any kind, which gives Creswell Bakery the opportunity to become a leader in local bakery marketing and dominate the attention of the mom market. Through a variety of traditional media concentrated in Eugene such as billboards, print and radio, Creswell Bakery can reach our busy moms in the places they frequent most. Gen X moms notice traditional advertising more than any other generation. Through smart creative messaging placed in the media moms engage with everyday, Creswell Bakery can increase awareness of their brand and drive traffic to the restaurant.


Through a year-long campaign beginning April 2014 and ending March 2015, Creswell Bakery will increase its sales, doubling daily average number of transactions by the end of the campaign. Through the impressions gained from our media outlets, Creswell Bakery will also increase its brand awareness among our target demographic - moms ages 35-54.

The success of our campaign will be judged by an increase in sales. The goal of this campaign is to increase sales from the current average of 100 transactions a day to an average of 200 transactions a day by the campaigns end.





Eugene Weekly


Mall Dash








J bakery 17


We will also place one-page, full-color ads in Eugene Weekly. Eugene Weekly speaks to both men and women, but reaches an audience who is active and interested in dining out. We will advertise in 4 food-themed issues of Eugene Weekly: Fall Chow, Winter Chow, Spring Chow, and Summer Chow. Eugene Weekly has a readership of 91,000 per issue.


We will place one-page, color ads in Dash. Dash is a monthly insert in the Register Guard that specifically caters its messaging towards women of our demographic. Dash specializes in lifestyle content for women including health, fitness, and well-being. It also profiles interesting people, places and things to do in Lane County. In the past, Dash ran a feature story on Heidi’s farm fresh cooking for her catering company. This suggests that the readers of the magazine are interested in farm fresh food and have an existing knowledge of Heidi. Dash has a readership of 55,000 per issue.


To reach on-the-go moms, we will place poster ads in two mall “tombstones� at Gateway Mall. Gateway Mall gets a lot of traffic from our intended audience because it has a Target, one of the one-stop shops that moms often favor during their errands, as well as two movie theaters, another popular destination for moms and their kids.


creswell 20

We will place a billboard on the Ferry St. overpass. This is one of the most heavily trafficked streets in Eugene and is the gateway from the University of Oregon campus – Eugene’s largest employer – to shopping centers such as 5th Street Market and Oakway Center. This board captures 130,506 impressions per week, ensuring a high reach for our messaging and branding.

RADIO SCRIPT At Creswell Bakery, we’ve worked to become more than just a bakery. We are a team of chefs and farmers who know that eating well begins with the ingredients. The best ingredients can stand alone, but why would they want to when, together, they can make something even better. We strive for nothing less than mouthdefying deliciousness.

We will continue to use morning and afternoon primetime radio spots, as Creswell Bakery has done in the past. We will place 30 second radio spots on two radio stations: 93.3 (KKNU) and 94.5 (KMGE). KMGE’s core demographic is women 25-54 and KKNU caters to both men and women ages 25-54.

60 second spot Music: folk guitar Voice: comforting + strong

With one foot in the kitchen and one foot on the farm, we see ingredients from all angles; from their taste to their seasonality to their growing requirements. This is why we search out the best ingredients from local farms, including our own family farm, to create bakery food unlike any you’ve ever tasted. bakery

To us great food is simple, it’s the ingredients that make the meal.




Eugene Weekly









Total $19,858


Kelly Vigil

James Van Langen



If you could only eat one food for the rest of your what would it be? Wet burritos. Carnitas (pork) to be specific. Of course I would request an endless supply of verde sauce to compliment the meal.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your what would it be? California burritos. There’s nothing more satisfying than a California burrito. Fries in a burrito… enough said.

What word would you play in a high-stakes hangman game? Jazz. I’m thinking probabilities and Js and Zs are low on my opponent’s priority. The A might be a given, but, for those consonants, I’ll bet my money that’s not top priority.

If you had a superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it? Freeze time. If I could freeze time, opportunities for practical jokes would be endless. Imagine freezing time in a bar, at a bank, or even at a sporting event.

Greg Yarabinec creative

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your what would it be? Sushi. You got the three main components of a healthy diet: protein, carbs, and dried seaweed. I would have to keep an eye on my mercury consumption though. Who would you cast for your biopic? The late great Philip Seymour Hoffman. He’s big, pale, and can act circles around anyone. I like to think he would be cast alongside Jessica Alba as my love interest.

Chelsea Peart

Hannah Tabor

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your what would it be? Simple. Ice cream. It imparts joy with every spoonful and I would never get bored of it because there are so many flavors.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your what would it be? I would go with the childhood classic, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It’s delicious, easy and appropriate for all meals.

account executive

Where would you hide if there was a zombie apocalypse? That’s convenient because I already plan on living in a pod of luxury on the Red Planet by the year 2023 as part of the Mars One Mission. No hiding necessary.

account planner

What Star Wars character would you be? Without a doubt, C3P0. Not only is he a talented (and braggy) polyglot, he has the constant companionship of trusty R2D2, everyone’s favorite droid.

bakery 23

thank you.

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