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Media Recognition

The Huntsville community is recognized worldwide as a thriving metropolitan area great for both business and living. We are proud of the recognitions we have received from major publications and media outlets, especially when compared and ranked with much larger cities. These headlines present a snapshot of what others are saying about us. For an updated list of headlines and articles, please visit

Huntsville ranks #7 for high-tech employment concentration (February 2020)

Huntsville International Airport named Best Small Airport in the U.S.

Huntsville earns “Straight A” Financial Report Card for the 11th consecutive year (May 2019)

Huntsville No. 1 on 2019 Best Affordable Places to Live (April 2019)

(January 2020)

Huntsville #2 for High Salaries and Low Costs of Living

Huntsville No. 11 on 2019 Best Places to Live (April 2019

(January 2020)

Teeming with engineers, Alabama’s Rocket City USA is luring hot new industries to town

Huntsville Top Metro Area for Opportunities for Game Developers

(November 2019)

(April 2019)

Rockets and intelligence: The FBI is building a $1 billion campus in Huntsville, Ala.

Huntsville among best cities for manufacturing jobs

Huntsville #2 for High Salaries and Low Costs of Living

Huntsville No. 40 on 2019 Top 100 Best Places to Live

(April 2019)

(November 2019)

(March 2019)

(November 2019)

Huntsville 11th Best Place to live in America

Huntsville No. 3 on Cities With the Most High-Tech Jobs

(September 2019)

Huntsville/Madison County Chamber 225 Church Street NW, Huntsville, AL 35801 • 256.535.2000 • •

(March 2019)

Media Recognition, continued

Huntsville: One of 52 Places To Go in 2019 (January 2019)

Huntsville: 6th in Nation for Job Growth in 2018 (December 2018)

Huntsville #3 on List of Where You Should Move to Make the Most Money (December 2018)

Huntsville among Top 25 Most Educated Cities in America (July 2018)

Huntsville among Top 25 Best Cities for Renters (July 2018)

Future of Tech is in Three Cities, including Huntsville (June 2018)

Huntsville Named #1 on list of the Top 10 Best Cities for STEM Workers in America (June 2018)

Huntsville ranks No. 7 Best Place to Live in the U.S. (April 2018)

Huntsville No. 2 of Up-andComing Tech Hotspots (April 2018)

Huntsville Grabbing Attention as City for Startups (March 2018)

The New Age of Aerospace is in Huntsville, Alabama (February 2018)

Huntsville tops “Best Places To Live” list for America’s New Tech Hubs (February 2018)

Huntsville Earns “Straight A” Financial Report Card for the 10th consecutive year (January 2018)

Huntsville No. 16 on MoveHub’s U.S. Hipster Index (December 2017)

Huntsville ranks #2: Best Places for Tech Jobs (October 2017)

Huntsville ranks No. 1 in job growth in the tech industry (September 2017)

Huntsville is one of 7 cities competing with Silicon Valley (August 2017)

Huntsville named the fastestgrowing tech city (June 2017)

Huntsville named among Top 10 Best Paying Cities for STEM Jobs (February 2017)

Study ranks Madison among the most affordable cities to buy a home in the U.S. (January 2017)

Media Recognition, continued

Alabama is among top 10 states in business climate rankings (November 2016)

Instead of Austin, Texas, Try Huntsville, Alabama (November 2016)

Huntsville is the least expensive U.S. office market (October 2016)

Huntsville is among The 25 Best-Paying Cities for Software Engineers (July 2016)

Huntsville: #1 STEM Growth Leaders, #3 Economic Growth Potential, #5 Best Cost of Living

Huntsville is among Most Educated Cities in 2016 (April 2016)

Huntsville named among top 50 Most Affordable College Towns in the U.S. (April 2016)

Huntsville ranked #1 for STEM Grads (April 2016)

Huntsville ranked #1 in Top 10 “Best Affordable Places to Live” (February 2016)

Huntsville ranked #3 Best Mid-Sized Cities to Make a Living (February 2016)

(August 2016)

Huntsville ranked #4 in “Top 25 U.S. Cities with the Lowest Cost of Living”

Huntsville area leads the nation in new construction job growth (February 2016)

(August 2016)

Huntsville is #2 City in the U.S. for Tech Jobs

Huntsville named top destination to get you psyched for hiking (January 2016)

(July 2016)

Huntsville named as one of the South’s Best College Towns

Huntsville is #3 City where your money goes the farthest (October 2015)

(July 2016)

Huntsville is among Top 17 Most Affordable U.S. Cities

Huntsville is one of top metros to “Power the U.S. Economy” (September 2015)

(June 2016)

Huntsville is #2 City in the U.S. for Tech Jobs (September 2015)

Media Recognition, continued

Huntsville is one of Best Metro Areas for Real Estate Agents (July 2015)

Madison named one of top 10 best small U.S. cities for working parents (August 2015)

Madison is NerdWallet’s second best city for veterans (June 2015)

NerdWallet ranks Huntsville the nation’s top Engineering City (February 2015)

Huntsville named one of the nation’s best towns for college students (October 2014)

Huntsville is ranked one of the Happiest Cities in the country (September 2014)

Huntsville is #1 in Employee Engagement by Forbes (August 2014)

Huntsville tops Best Cities for Employee Recognition list (May 2014)




Huntsville named one of the nation’s Most Educated Cities (April 2014)

Huntsville’s Rocket City Marathon named a Top Race Worth Traveling for (April 2014)

Huntsville is one of top 30 fastest growing major metros in the country (March 2014)

Huntsville is among the top 10 Most Promising U.S. Tech Hubs to watch (January 2014)

Huntsville/Madison County is No. 4 on the list of America’s high tech hot spots (October 2013)

Huntsville named one of the Best Places to Live (October 2013)

Huntsville ranked in NerdWallet’s top 10 U.S. cities on the rise list (August 2013)

Google names Madison digital capital of Alabama for 2013 (August 2013)

Madison County ranked No. 7 in the country of a great place to live and find a job (August 2013)

Huntsville named among top 25 cities for high-tech startups (August 2013)

Huntsville named No. 2 city in the South for computer programmers (August 2013)

Huntsville takes 4th in affordable apartment ranking (August 2013)

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Media Recognition Huntsville/Madison county  

Media Recognition Huntsville/Madison county