Intro To Adobe Illustrator

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A Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Humboldt State University Library

A short introduction into the basics of Illustrator In this guide we will work through Adobe Illustrator to learn the basic tools to be able to be able to do your own projects, such as Posters and Flyers, some drawings and logos!

Digital Media Lab Quick Guide This short guide will get you started with your project. For more information about this or with other digital media projects, visit


Step 1: It all starts with size! Pick a artboard (paper or print size) that will fit your design work. Although you may be able to change it afterword it can affect the final outcome of the project.

Step 2: Your Tools Matter Most of the time when opening a new Illustrator file your tools will be on the left side of the page (unless moved). All of the basic tools will be in this box. Selection Tool Text Box Tool

Rectangle (Shape) Tool

Eraser Tool

Eye Dropper Tool

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Step 3: Little short cuts If you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts this is for you. Although there are many to use, these few will help you get started. Ctrl & + = zoom in, Ctrl & - = zoom out F3 = copy, F4 = paste Command Z= undo/redo Command + X = cut Command + C = copy Command + V = paste

Step 4: PLEASE SAVE! DO NOT FORGET to SAVE! Sometimes Adobe Programs have a habit of shutting down or not working in the middle of projects. It is very important to remember to save constantly to avoid having your work deleted or unfinished and to prevent disruptions.

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Making Background Images the Text Color

*Overlaying text on a background to create or invert the background to the “color� of the image Please use, share, remix and distribute this guide. Created by Juniel Learson CC BY, 2017