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Why     should  I  choose  HSU?  


At Humboldt State University, you'll take what

you learn in the classroom and put it to work in the real world—applying your new skills in diverse settings, ranging from tribal social services to international programs. Our students form lasting partnerships with faculty and our professors are committed to mentoring. You can work side-by-side with faculty, face to face and online, on the kind of research that has generated recommendations for addressing homelessness in rural communities, evaluated mental health services in Tribal communities, and produced nationally-recognized educational videos on multi-culturalism and teen dating violence. In consultation with local Tribal communities,

our program curriculum maintains an emphasis on working with Indigenous and rural peoples and is designed to assist our students in decolonizing social work by maintaining a commitment to Tribal sovereignty and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples through acknowledging and respecting the strengths and wisdom of Tribal communities.

Well-trained social workers are in high demand today. Schools, hospitals, governmental and private agencies all require insightful, committed professionals. Our program gives you the experience you'll need to succeed in any field you choose. Humboldt State University is situated in a

geographic region with numerous community resources, including social and environmental justice organizations and movements with a long history of activism and involvement in local government. We believe that well-being and sustainability emerge from a deep connection to the natural beauty of the environment, partnerships with local communities, and engagement with Indigenous Peoples.  

The Department of Social Work is committed to educating students in meeting the stresses of contemporary life coupled with the challenges historically associated with rural communities by providing a curriculum with a

global perspective on social issues, diverse societal responsibilities, and mindfulness-based social work.

IMAGE: Dr. Michael Yellow Bird's presentation at Seventh Generation Fund’s Respecting the Rights of Mother Earth Forum

What   makes  HSU  unique?          

§  Our emphasis is on engagement and building relationships within the community to give students access and experience in the field.

“Through my clinical internship placement, I was able to gain experience in both emergency services and jail. It also gave me the clinical experience employers want such as crisis intervention, suicide risk assessment, comprehensive assessment/DSM diagnosing, developing client plans, and working in an inter-agency capacity. Once a mental health clinician position became open for the county, it was a smooth transition because most of the mental health staff knew me and the skills I was bringing into the mental health branch.” Cedric Aaron, MSW

§  Our program works with Indigenous and other Rural Peoples and actively supports sovereignty, well-being, and cultural, spiritual, and land rights.

MSW Student Community Project: Hoopa Soccer Field AmeriCorps TCCC work crew and 20 MSW students from HSU joined together to plant 90 Monterey pine trees around the edges of Hoopa’s soccer field. WATCH THE VIDE0:

§  You can complete your undergraduate and graduate social work degrees online at HSU. Our Distributed Learning (DL) Program was created to make Social Work education accessible for those already engaged in their communities and Tribes. “I chose the DL program because, living in a rural area and as a mother, I wanted to continue working, be present for my child and also pursue my educational goals while living in the community I love.  I work in the mental health field so it's a natural application – my learning enriches my workplace, my level of sophistication and my confidence.”

Jessica Ehlers, Distributed Learning (DL) MSW Student

Bachelor of  Arts  in  Social  Work    

The BASW program at HSU prepares students in professional generalist social work to:

The BA program is a professional preparation program rooted in the liberal arts. Beyond general education courses, 47 units are required for the major. The program is fully accredited with the Council on Social Work Education.

What will  I  learn?  






Work with individuals, families, communities, organizations, and policies in pursuit of social and economic justice; Recognize, support, and build upon the innate capabilities of all human beings; Assess, broker services, advocate, counsel, and educate;

BASW students have opportunities to: §  Work with local agencies through a highly individualized field experience program §  Develop knowledge, values, and skills to work with people from diverse cultural, ethnic, and personal backgrounds §  Utilize community resources §  Provide service intervention in rural and Indigenous communities

Engage in development and evaluation in order to ensure services are useful, effective, and ethical. BASW Application Process BASW Prerequisites

As a student with a passion for social work, the generalist perspective at HSU gives me options and connections to achieve my goal of working with domestic violence survivors.

BASW Transfer Students BASW Financial Aid Opportunities BASW Advising

Corina Martinez BASW Freshmen Please visit our website at or call (707) 826-4448 for more information.

Required Courses       the  MSW   for    

Foundation Coursework SW 530: Social Policy SW 540: Generalist Social Work Practice SW 541: Practice in Native American & Rural Communities SW 543: Macro Practice SW 550: Human Development, Diversity & Relationships SW 555: Foundation Internship SW 570: Dynamics of Groups, Agencies, Organizations SW 582: Research I - Philosophy & Methods SW 583: Research II - Data Analysis & Evaluation

Master in  Social  Work     The Master of Social Work (MSW) program emphasizes advanced generalist practice in rural and Native American Communities. The program teaches students how to achieve a disciplined, compassionate presence to a caring and ethical practice. The MSW program at Humboldt State is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

The program offers: § 

2 year full-time course of study.


1 year full-time Advanced Standing Program. Candidates with an undergraduate degree in social work from a CSWE accredited program can apply for the Advanced Standing Program.


3.5 year part-time Distributed Learning (DL) Program. The MSW DL Program is delivered through online coursework, annual on campus intensives, and other learning methodologies.


2 year part-time Advanced Standing DL Program.

Advanced Coursework SW 640: Child & Family Welfare SW 641: Integrated Clinical Practice SW 643: Communities and Organizations SW 648: Advanced Clinical Practice SW 649: Wellness & Sustainability SW 651: Advanced Practice with Indigenous Peoples SW 655: Advanced Internship SW 682: Masters Project Development SW 683: Masters Project Implementation

MSW Admission Process MSW Mission and Goals MSW Financial Aid Opportunities Advanced Standing Masters Project

Please visit our website at or call (707) 826-4448 for more information.

Quick Guide                               Financial   to   Resources,  Grants   and  Scholarships  

HSU  Financial  Aid  OfFice:   (707)  826-­‐4321    

Department of  Social  Work   Financial  Aid  Opportunities:   (707)  826-­‐4448 socialwork    

Free Application  for  Federal   Student  Aid  (FAFSA)    

Scholarship Tracking  and   Review  System  (STARS)   https:// stars/    

California Social  Work   Education  Center  (CalSWEC)   or   CalSWEC  Financial  Resources    

Can I  afford  it?   The Department of Social Work can guide you to the resources you will need to complete your degree. HSU’s Office of Financial Aid provides information on general financial aid opportunities and processes. For a list of department specific resources please visit the section connected to your chosen course of study: •  BASW Financial Aid  •  MSW Financial Aid (includes DL/Online)

Stipend Programs HSU’s Department of Social Work has partnered with the California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC) and County/Tribal organizations to strengthen child welfare and mental health workforces. Each of these stipend programs provide support and resources for students in exchange for a commitment to employment in a related setting postgraduation. BASW - Child Welfare: $15,000 stipend in the senior year; additional 1.5 unit seminar per semester required; one year post-graduate employment required. Pathway Program: Up to $10,164 for tuition, fees and educational expenses; part-time Distributed Learning students (BASW or MSW) who live in rural and remote regions of California and who are employed by a County/Tribal social services organization; need support from employer. MSW - Child Welfare: Full-time: $18,500 annual stipend; additional 1.5 unit seminar per semester required; postgraduate employment required. Part-time: Up to $10,164 for tuition, fees and book; for Distributed Learning students who are County/Tribal social services employees; need support from employer. MSW: Mental Health: $18,500 stipend in advanced year; additional 1.5 unit seminar per semester required; postgraduate employment required; only available for students local to Humboldt County. To apply, please visit:

How   can  I  apply  to  the  program?          

Prospective BASW and MSW students must complete two applications: The HSU application and the Department of Social Work application. Please see the links below for the BASW/MSW application process and important program information. BASW Admission Process MSW Admission Process Humboldt State University catalog For information on deadlines and requirements, please contact the Department of Social Work Admissions Coordinator:

More about  Humboldt  County:    Humboldt County is located in Northern California - 250 miles north of San Francisco. The county is densely forested, mountainous, and rural, with 110 miles of coastline. The county contains over forty percent of all remaining old growth Redwood forests, the vast majority of which are protected or conserved, within dozens of national, state, and local forests and parks,  totaling approximately 680,000 acres. There are 11 federally recognized and unrecognized tribes, rancherias and sovereign tribal governments within HSU's service area (Humboldt/Del Norte/Trinity Counties). These include:  Big Lagoon Rancheria, Blue Lake Rancheria, Elk Valley Rancheria, Hoopa Valley Tribal Council, Karuk Tribe of California, Resighini Rancheria, Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria, Smith River Rancheria, Tolowa Nation, Trinidad Rancheria, Wiyot Tribe and the Yurok Tribe.   HSU sits in the northwestern portion of Wiyot ancestral territory. The Department of Social Work respectfully acknowledges the Wiyot people and other Tribal communities on the North Coast and in the northern California region.

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