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ELECTIONS 2012: CERTIFICATE OF CANDIDACY GENERAL INFORMATION Sheldon Walter V. Wong Full Name of Candidate : 5 Numbe r of Se me ste rs in HSS: 3.64 Cumulative QPI: Are you running as a Ce ntral X No Board and/or Exe cutive Board Yes Me mbe r of anothe r Organization: organization? Position: Positions He ld in the He alth Scie nce s Socie ty (Ple ase che ck all that apply.) Project Head Project Name/s & Dates of Implementation: • HSS Blue Christmas 2011 – Nov. 19, 2011 • Be Agit: Give Love from Within – Feb. 14-17, 2011 • Be Agit: Dengue Awareness – Sept. 2010 • Be Agit: Stress Awareness Week Daily Bulletin – Nov. 2009 Batch Representative/Program Head Committee/s: Externals and Advocacy (Partnerships for Health) Year/s: Batch Rep – 2009-2012, Program Head – 2011-2012 List your 3 most significant contributions to the HSS: 1. Project: Stress Awareness Week (2009) Contribution: From scratch, I made promo materials and a bulletin released and posted daily throughout the week-long project. I incorporated my own research on issues regarding stress, did my own Photoshop work, created my own template, and developed the bulletin’s theme and motif for the five days.

2. Project: Be Agit: Give Love from Within (2011) Contribution: This was my first experience as an official project head. I handled the coordination of the group members, budgeted delegation of tasks (considering the group was quite small), reservation of venue (SEC-B Foyer), organization of ideas, direction to meeting deadlines, formation of contingencies, and motivating the core team.

3. Project: HSS Blue Christmas (2011) Contribution: This was my second experience as a project head. I represented the organization in transactions with the Blue Christmas committees, assembled the team, delegated tasks, handled resources, facilitated meetings, formed contingencies, and helped motivate the core team.


ESSAY. Explain in 150 words or le ss why you want to run for the Exe cutive I want to run for the Executive Board of HSS because in my past experiences as part of it, my passion and friendship with the organization has steadily grown and grown. The HSS has been a huge part of my growth as a person, leader, and Health Sciences major, and through this, it has gradually made its way into my identity and priorities. In short, I want to run because the HSS is something that I care for intensely, and something that I know I am equipped enough to help develop. I dream to share the richness of HSS experiences with my fellow organization members, and I envision doing so through my platform: developing a sense of learning, of identity, of family, and of expansion – if ever I am elected into the Executive Board.

This certifies that this candidate is aware, accepts, and commits to the roles and responsibilities required of all elected HSS Executive Board members throughout their term. Signature of Incumbent Executive Board Member Date

CANDIDATE’S PLEDGE I, Sheldon Walter V. Wong, attest to the facts contained in this Certificate of Candidacy and in all other documents required by the Commission on Elections of the Health Sciences Society (HSS). I hereby give the Commission on Elections permission to evaluate and reproduce the facts contained in all the documents I have submitted to them. I swear to uphold the rules stipulated in the HSS Electoral Regulations and by the HSS Commission on Elections with full awareness that the violation of the said rules would result to possible sanctions as stipulated in the Electoral Regulations. It is my sincere intention to promote a free, honest, and clean election. Signature of Candidate Over Printed Name Date


HSS EB Elections 2012 - Platform Sheldon Walter V. Wong My vision for the Health Sciences Society is reflected in the main points of my platform; that is, nurturing a sense of LIFE in the organization: a sense of Learning, a sense of Identity, a sense of Family, and a sense of Expansion. In my opinion, it all starts with the learning. I envision a Health Sciences Society whose members are not afraid to learn new things and enter into new endeavours and experiences, all the while cherishing the value of old lessons. This applies to the systems within the Executive Board, in that past innovations in the system (e.g. financial procedures, communication procedures, constitutional amendments) will be evaluated, then revised or continued as will be deemed appropriate; and outside of the Executive Board, where members of the organization are given opportunities (mostly project-based) to step into new and relevant service-learning roles. Next, it is in this learning that I envision the members to slowly but steadily shape their identities as Health Sciences majors – a health agent in the making who is competent, innovative, and both socially aware and involved. This formation of identity will be mostly reinforced by the environment cultured and projects innovated or maintained by the organization. In this shared identity, I further envision interaction and relationships between the members, in the nature of a family. This is to cultivate the culture within the organization that is “tatak HSc,” one that is more tightly knit than the mostly individualistic cultures defaulted by other courses and organizations. This effort will mostly be exercised again through communitybuilding environment and project initiatives (communal events and experiences). Lastly, once the community has developed a healthy sense of oneness, it is here that I envision the organization to possess a sense of expansion, or going beyond its boundaries in the sense of external community involvement and growth in partnerships with relevant other organizations and individuals. I envision this because whatever experiences internalized by the members must not be limited to the immediate vicinity, because as health agents in the making, we members must also incorporate ourselves into the larger picture (that is, beyond HSS, Ateneo, etc.). This effort will be largely assisted by solid partnerships (both old and new) and projects collaborative in nature with external organizations. In envisioning carrying out these endeavours, I realize that synergy within the incoming Executive Board is of utmost importance. Synergy is defined as combined action or functioning. I know synergy to be the harmonious interweaving of individual efforts, such that the entire group is only as strong as its weakest member, only as passionate as its least passionate member. In this sense, the culture of synergy in the EB is important in realizing its collective vision. I hope to carry this out through more attention to the smaller aspects of each member, because I believe that these small aspects, as with any person, are what make up the entire personality. If elected, I hope to engage myself and fellow EB members in constant dialogue and sharing of significant experiences, may it be in the form of simple bonding sessions, individual relationship building, and the like, to know each one’s strengths, weaknesses, fears, and successes, so that we may synchronize our efforts more effectively as an EB. In this regard, the entire EB might also learn to do the same for its constituents in the organization.

COC Sheldon Wong  
COC Sheldon Wong  

Cerificate of Candidacy and Platform HSS EB Elections 2012