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ELECTIONS 2012: CERTIFICATE OF CANDIDACY GENERAL INFORMATION Michelle Wendy Goque Te Full Name of Candidate: 2 Number of Semesters in HSS: 3.41 Cumulative QPI: Are you running as a Central Board x No and/or Executive Board Member of Yes another organization? Organization: Position: Positions Held in the Health Sciences Society (Please check all that apply.) [ ] Project Head Project Name/s: Date/s of Implementation: [X] Batch Representative/Program Head Committee/s: Finance(Fundraising) Year/s: 1 [ ] Vice President for Specific Committee Committee/s: Year/s: List your 3 most significant contributions to the HSS: 1.Project: Health Sci Shirt (Design Contest and Production) Contribution: I served as temporary project head before there was one and I was the one responsible for communicating with the contestants and also the shirt supplier. I helped consolidate the orders and distribute the purchases. 2.Project: Freshmen EB Elections Contribution: Together with the rest of the COMELEC team, I helped recruit new freshmen to be part of the EB. I was present in the planning phase and also for the execution of those plans, I was in charge of designing and producing the ballots and making promos for the announcement of winners. I facilitated some of the voting as well. 3.Project: Health Sci Night Contribution: I was part of the core team, this being a batch project. I was mainly (but not officially) part of the logistics team. My job was very flexible, from coordinating with possible venues as well as the final venue, going to oculars, creating events pages, and even picking out outfits for the fashion show.

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ESSAY. Explain in 150 words or less why you want to run for the Executive Board of the Health Sciences Society, and the key points of your platform. The HSS has been my family in the Ateneo. It has helped me hone my skills and also grow outwardly, being in service to the HSS community. Having been a batch rep!"#$%&"seen how much the HSS is progressing, and for my last year of stay here in the Ateneo, I want to still be part of it to continue its good practices while trying to improve upon its problem areas. It actually excites me to see what the new EB can bring to the HSS! I want my HSS family to be able enjoy all that the org can offer to the fullest of its abilities. My platform includes working towards open and more efficient intra-org communication, quality over quantity in projects, and bringing back a sense of community in the HSS. We are one big family, after all! !

CERTIFICATE OF INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION. Candidates must consult with any of the incumbent Executive Board Members prior to filing for candidacy. This certifies that this candidate is aware, accepts, and commits to the roles and responsibilities required of all elected HSS Executive Board members throughout their term. Signature of Incumbent Executive Board Member Date CANDIDATE!S PLEDGE I, Michelle Wendy Goque Te, attest to the facts contained in this Certificate of Candidacy and in all other documents required by the Commission on Elections of the Health Sciences Society (HSS). I hereby give the Commission on Elections permission to evaluate and reproduce the facts contained in all the documents I have submitted to them. I swear to uphold the rules stipulated in the HSS Electoral Regulations and by the HSS Commission on Elections with full awareness that the violation of the said rules would result to possible sanctions as stipulated in the Electoral Regulations. It is my sincere intention to promote a free, honest, and clean election. Signature of Candidate Over Printed Name Date ! !!!

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Candidate: Michelle Wendy Goque Te   

Running for the position: HSS Executive Board Member 

Vision for the Organization: I want Health Sciences Majors to actually feel that they belong to a home  organization. The HSS is first and foremost a home organization, after all. HSS is unique in that all Health  Sciences  students,  by  the  very  nature  of  their  major,  become  instant  members.  It  is  up  to  the  organization  how  to  go  on  from  here.  Therefore,  my  vision  for  the  organization  this  year  is  primarily  community‐building,  to  go  back  to  its  roots,  to  what  Health  Sci  is  famous  for—being  a  family.  The  projects, the avenues for the  creative self‐expression and growth  of its members, will not only follow,  but also aid, in the realization of this primary goal. My dream for the org is that we may one day become  the  type  of  community  who,  together,  will  form  our  own  HSS  brand  and  deliver  it  to  the  rest  of  the  Ateneo community and beyond!  Focus areas for the year:  1. Community‐building.  I  believe  that  an  organization is  not  just  about  the  work  that  it  does.  An  organization  IS  its  members.  It  binds  its  members  together  to  perform  common  goals,  the  binding  being  a  goal  in  itself.  An  organization  should  be  engaging.  It  should  be  fun!  Everyone  should have the right to speak their minds and ideas.  Success  Indicators:  voluntary  participation  of  the  members  in  HSS  activities,  more  projects  allocated for bonding, easy and open inter‐org communication.    2. Quality over quantity in projects. The HSS has organized a lot of diverse projects in the previous  years.  Weren’t  there  a  select  few  that  you  still  remember  long  after  they’ve  been  executed?  These projects were full of impact. I want the EB to think carefully about which ideas to make  real. This “filtering” of projects will not only help make our projects more memorable, it will also  help brand the HSS and show the world what we’re really here to do.  Success Indicators: enthusiastic member participation, large participant turnouts for every event,  very  little  or  no  cancellation  of projects,  even  distribution of  projects  throughout  the  year,  and  maybe even a feature by non‐HSS members such as the Guidon, etc.    3. Better intra‐organizational communication. I want the organization to be able to communicate  freely and openly, whether EB to EB, member to member, or member to EB. This will help foster  community‐building as well. Communication systems will have to be improved for this, which I  hope  the  EB  will  be  able  to  do.  Communication  shouldn’t  be  completely  reliant  on  social  networking sites but also involve effortful but effective grassroots communication. Everyone in  the org should be able to voice out their concerns and ideas and be heard.  Success  Indicators:  effective  promotion  of  activities,  ease‐of‐access  of  EB,  establishment  of  effective and long‐term means of communication.   Synergy for me is getting a bunch of different people to work together and reach a common goal. It’s  like having lots of diverse ingredients stirred in a pot but coming out with one great taste. Community‐ building is the key to synergy in an org. Regular EB bonding is my way for fostering synergy! Community  must exist in the EB itself, as we must learn to trust each other’s skills and ideas to accomplish our goals. 

COC Wendy Te  

Cerificate of Candidacy and Platform HSS EB Elections 2012

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