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ELECTIONS 2012: CERTIFICATE OF CANDIDACY GENERAL INFORMATION Diandra Lourdes D. Cembrano Full Name of Candidate : 5 Numbe r of Se me ste rs in HSS: 3.43 Cumulative QPI: Are you running as a Ce ntral X No Board and/or Exe cutive Board Yes Me mbe r of anothe r Organization: organization? Position: Positions He ld in the He alth Scie nce s Socie ty (Ple ase che ck all that apply.) Project Head Project Name/s: Date/s of Implementation: Batch Representative/Program Head

Committee/s: XX1 Block Representative (2010-2012), Information Gathering and Processing Head (2011-2012)

Year/s: 2 Vice President for Specific Committee Committee/ s: Year/s: List your 3 most significant contributions to the HSS: 1.Project: Constitution Team Contributions: Re-crafting of the HSS’ vision and mission Restructuring of the organizational structure Yearlong commitment to crafting the HSS constitution and internal procedures 2.Project: Photographers Pool and Watermark Contributions: Proper documentation of HSS Projects through pictures. Increasing HSS visibility through the creation of a watermark. 3.Project: HSS Promotional Posters and Videos Contribution: Strengthening the HSS pride and identity through media.


ESSAY. Explain in 150 words or less why you want to run for the Executive Board of the Health Sciences Society, and the key points of your platform. Right now, I cannot easily let go of HSS as I did in my other organizations because of the feeling that my work here is not yet done and that I can still contribute more. This is also an opportunity for me to actualize the vision that I have for HSS - to be the family that HSS has always been and to sustain it throughout the school year. To concretize this, my platform focuses on improving membership involvement through the creation of a family system within HSS. I believe that a Batch Representative alone cannot do this kind of vision and direction and this is why I am running for a Top 6 position.

CERTIFICATE OF INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION. Candidate s must consult with any of the incumbe nt Exe cutive Board Me mbe rs prior to filing for candidacy. This certifies that this candidate is aware, accepts, and commits to the roles and responsibilities required of all elected HSS Executive Board members throughout their term. Signature of Incumbent Executive Board Member Feb. 24, 2012 CANDIDATE’S PLEDGE I, (Diandra Lourdes D. Cembrano), attest to the facts contained in this Certificate of Candidacy and in all other documents required by the Commission on Elections of the Health Sciences Society (HSS). I hereby give the Commission on Elections permission to evaluate and reproduce the facts contained in all the documents I have submitted to them. I swear to uphold the rules stipulated in the HSS Electoral Regulations and by the HSS Commission on Elections with full awareness that the violation of the said rules would result to possible sanctions as stipulated in the Electoral Regulations. It is my sincere intention to promote a free, honest, and clean election. Signature of Candidate Over Printed Name Feb. 24, 2012


Platform People often value an experience not because they clearly  remember every single detail but because they associate it with  the emotion that they felt when they experienced it. This is the  main reason why the vision I have for HSS is to become a  community bound by relationships that are strengthened through  well‐established and sustained family foundations, through  opportunities for two‐way communication between the EB and  the HSS and through a unified EB  HSS is a home organization for all Health Sciences majors  who are unified by their passion for advocating health. It is through establishing relationships with  each other that we value individual visions. By valuing individual visions, we create more  opportunities to make them real through the support of one another. Through this community  bound by relationships, we set HSS apart from other organizations because we are a family.  As  abstract as it may seem, this concept of family is what I plan to focus on because I believe that it is  capable of increasing membership involvement within HSS. To concretize this vision, I plan to  strengthen relationships within HSS through:  1. Opportunities for two‐way communication between the EB and the HSS members    Focused group discussions (FGDs) will be conducted through the Batch Representatives to  expand the reach of the HSS family. The FGDs will become avenues to value members’ opinions,  concerns and needs, and act upon them accordingly.  2. Well‐established and sustained family foundations  Establishing strong foundations will be done by introducing a preparatory course (team‐ building) for freshmen alongside the reintroduction of the family system (known as UBE Family).  Trainings for the family system will be conducted to ensure commitment. To sustain these, the  projects that will follow will be designed to create opportunities for inter‐batch interaction.  As a family, we should recognize each other’s involvements even outside of HSS. The  creation and constant updating of a database of members’ affiliations can be done to appreciate  and value their effort in other fields. This may also provide opportunities for HSS to become more  visible to the Ateneo community through partnerships with other organizations.  3.  A unified Executive Board (EB)    The sense of family within HSS begins with a unified EB that cares for every committee and  not just his/her own. Making sure that everyone understands and agrees in decision‐ making  maximizes the potential of each other’s visions and ensures that one’s vision isn’t sacrificed for the  other.   Given these proposals, I acknowledge the fact that there are other areas to improve on but  I firmly believe in the capability of keeping HSS members connected as an instrument towards a  sustainable organization.  

COC Diandra Cembrano  

Cerificate of Candidacy and Platform HSS EB Elections 2012

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