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Chaitram masam

April 9 - May 8


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Matru Bhasha Videos

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Lord Rama

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Namaste! My dear balas,

As you are reading this Balamitra edition, you must be looking back at busy April with astonishment So much has happened in April

On the school front, most of you had your STAAR test completed. Also, major assignments as well as presentations were due in April. Also, various classes outside school also had their annual events showcasing what you have learned during year I am sure you have done your best in that After all, in this phase of life acquiring knowledge and skills is your Dharma!

We started April by celebrating Hindu New Year in shakha through Varsha Pratipada Utsav A sweet and bitter combination of taste of pachadi teaches us to remain balanced during happy and sad times Isn’t it amazing that the same festival is called with different names and different ways in different part of Bharat. How did you celebrate it in your home? Are we not lucky that in shakha we get to experience different traditions. At least speaking for me, I would not have known pachadi’s significance if I had not come to shakha Balas, did you attend the fun fair at DFW Ekata Mandir? There were lots of cultural programs to watch and our friends in Ghosh (Shakha musical band) also performed there There were lots of fun games and yummy food too This annual fair is becoming in routine that we all look forward to April month is also full of our festivals like Ramnavami and Hanuman Jayanti Bhagwan ShriRam teaches us how we can be an ideal son, sibling and student. Hanuman ji which is favorite of most of us teaches how to be strong and humble at same time As we enjoy listening to stories of ShriRam and Hanuman ji and we should learn to put the qualities exhibited by them in our life Just like ShriRam was taught by Rishi Vasistha and Vishvamitra, your teachers are trying to teach you in school Respecting Gurus and teachers for their knowledge and efforts in educating the society is important part of our Hindu culture I hope you were able to attend the recently concluded Guru Vandana event and express your appreciation towards teachers. As your teachers become more familiar with our Hindu culture, you should confidently express our Hindu culture through Yoga, Surya Namaskar, Indian clothes, and food, etc in school You could see that such an organized event would not have been possible without a lot of planning and execution efforts of many in our shakha family including you and your parents Ever wonder how this is made possible? Well, the clue is in Naara we say frequently in shakha which means “Strength lies in Unity”

As you look forward to relaxing during the summer holidays after the busy April month, work with your parents to plan one or two activities that of interest to you. Let’s avoid falling into a trap of not planning anything and ending up spending significant time in front of digital screens. If you are the lucky ones whose family happens to visit Bharat, please meet new people, and visit new places with open mind

Finally, I want to congratulate to all Balas and Balamitra team members who have contributed to this newsletter in spite packed month and Guru Vandana efforts

Hindu Heroes

Art Work

Crossing The Ocean Skit

Our skit which displayed the part of Ramayan where Hanuman Ji crossed the ocean to find Maa Sita, was an incredible experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was exciting to be part of such a fun and engaging cultural activity that allowed us to showcase our love for our culture. All 14 kids did amazingly well. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been part of such a memorable event on the occasion of Ugadi (celebrated on April 5th in Shakha).

When we started and we had our parts all 7 to 8 kids got excited, but we weren’t sure if we would be able to perform because none of the Balas (including me) had memorized their lines. On top of that, we were working with very young Balas, so it was hard to get them to focus. As we moved forward, more Balas joined us, and our instructor had to change up the skit a bit to accommodate the new Balas. We had a very good time practicing and our instructor kept guiding us on stage presence through the practices. On the final performance day, we did great and graced the stage.

“Overall, my experience was outstanding, and I hope we get to do such a cultural project again."

Art Work

Matru Bhasha Videos
~By Isha Gramle, Chetana Shakha ~By: Shreesh Dani, Chaitanya Shakha

Art Work

~By: Harleen Rohit, Prerana Shakha

Lord Rama

~By Suksha Basavaraj, Prerana Shakha

Lord Rama's story indeed exemplifies numerous virtues. He was a very good human being and many people admired him for his bravery and kindness. Rama always did what was right, even when it was hard. He believed in treating everyone fairly, no matter who they were.

Rama was also a great warrior. He fought against bad evils and protected people from danger. He had special weapons that helped him defeat evil creatures. One time, he fought a powerful demon named Ravana and won, showing how brave and strong he was.

But Rama wasn't just strong on the outside, he was strong on the inside too. He stayed calm even when things got tough, which showed how wise and patient he was. Even when he was angry, he didn't let it control him. Instead, he used his feelings to do what was right.

Rama's story teaches us to be kind, brave, and fair, just like him. He inspires people to do good things and follow their hearts.

Art Work

Art Work

~By: Nimit Garg, Jagruti Shakha


Happy Birthday!

SamhitaDinakurti April24

anjanaBoggavarap April23

SanviSingh April24

janma dinamidam ayi priya sakhe santanotu te sarvadä mudam prärthayämahe bhava satäyusi isvarah sadä tväm ca raksatu || punya karmanä kirti marjaya jivanam tava bhavatu särthakam ||

AradhyaKuncham April27

Birthdays Hindu Heroes

B. R. Ambedkar

April 14, 1891

One of the Architects of the Indian Constitution

Sam Manekshaw

April 3, 1914

The First Indian Army Officer to be Promoted to the Rank of Field Marshal

Rana Sanga

April 12, 1484

(Ruler of Mewar)- Maharana Sangram Singh I, better known as Rana Sanga, is remembered in history as a fierce Rajput king of the Sisodia dynasty.


April 14, 1675

Tarabai reigned as the Queen Regent of the famous Maratha Empire from 1700 to 1708.

Guru Nanak Dev

April 15, 1469

Founder of Sikhism

Dallas East Vibhag Shakha Details

Agni (Kishor)

Sunday 9:30 AM - 11:15 AM

Children's Garden Montessori 8565 Gratitude Trail, Plano, TX - 75024



Friday 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM #479-866-2575




2751,SouthStonebridgeDr #1

MckinneyTX-75072 #972-207-9137


Sunday 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM 6205 Coit Rd, #168 Plano TX 75024



Friday 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM 635 W Campbell Rd, Richardson, TX 75080 #972-482-8584


Sunday 9:30 AM - 11:15 AM

Children's Garden Montessori 8565 Gratitude Trail, Plano, TX 75024



Saturday 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

KJ Dance 5444 FM 423 #700, Frisco, TX 75034 #617-756‐9204


Sunday 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Heritage Montessori School 1222 Alma Dr, Allen TX 75013 #650-283-3300. #425-229-7206


Sunday 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Children’s Garden Montessori Academy 8565 Gratitude Tr, Plano TX 75024 #626-200-5913

Prithvi Kishor

Saturday 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM #469-666-8966

Shaurya (Kishor)

Sunday 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Children’s Garden Montessori Academy 8565 Gratitude Tr, Plano TX 75024 #214-697-5663

Unnati Shakha

Friday 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM 12465 FM 428, Celina, TX 75009 #201-637-4983

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