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Summer 2015


Meet Our Cover Dog, Mallow Gabi’s Story Rescuing the “Clown” of the Canine World Wolves M.C.’s Smashingly Successful Howlin’ For Hounds

From the Board of Directors By Susie Salmon, BOD Chair

The numbers are in for fiscal 2014/15, and I’m so proud of what they say about the role the HSSA plays in the lives of the pets and people of Southern Arizona. A leader in the No-Kill movement, the HSSA had a live release rate of over 96.2% last year, but that’s just the beginning of the story. Of the 6,122 total pets the HSSA sheltered, it transferred 1,172 of those animals from other shelters and rescues. 4,799 pets found forever homes, and the HSSA’s amazing fosters nurtured another 1,323 animals who needed a little extra time to find their places. Sheltering and adoption is just one piece of the puzzle, of course, and the HSSA’s prevention efforts touched more than 15,000 other pets. The clinic spayed or neutered 8,185 pets, saving countless animals from needless suffering. Our Trap, Neuter, Return program spayed/neutered 1,129 feral cats and returned them to their communities. Still another 9,705 pets received life-saving vaccinations, and 2,331 got

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microchips that may help reunite them with their loving families someday. This year promises to be even better, and we have a number of exciting events on the horizon. We’ll close out the summer with the HSSA Pledge for Pets Telethon, August 24 through 28 on KGUN’s The Morning Blend. The program will feature wonderful pets from our shelter, foster care, and forever homes, as well as animal experts, staff, and volunteers from the HSSA. Don’t miss it, and don’t forget to pledge! Our pets bring so much to our lives, but the bittersweet truth is that they’re with us for such a short time. I lost my Phoebe, my canine companion of over thirteen years, just this past spring, and although a moment of grief still catches me off guard now and then, it can never erase the many joys she brought to my life. National Pet Memorial Day is Sunday, September 13, and the HSSA will mark it a day early with our Pets Remembered event on Saturday, September 12 from 5:30 to 8pm. I hope you’ll join me as we celebrate our new Pet Memorial area and beautiful sculpted-metal, pet-memorial tree—donated by sculptor Pat Frederick and her son Liam Frederick—with an evening of music, children’s activities, and

other fun. We’ll have a Blessing of the Animals service. You also can share photos and other memories of your pets, decorate memorial river rocks to be placed under the memorial tree, and place a tag on the tree with your pet’s name on it. And we’ll have a small raffle to benefit the design of the Pet Memorial at our new campus. It should be a lovely evening and a nice opportunity to honor those sweet friends who are no longer with us. The next day, the HSSA Golf Classic (you may remember it as Golf for Gatos) will return to the world-renowned Gallery Golf Club – Dove Mountain. Singles, doubles, and foursomes will enjoy the gorgeous course, delicious meals provided by the Gallery Grill, VIP gift bags, and so much more! And mark your calendars for November 1: Sweat for Pets— Walk, Run & Roll debuts on the UA Mall! Look for more information at and Like us on Facebook! Chair, HSSA Board of Directors

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Targeted Spay/Neuter Campaign Makes Huge Impact



By Pat Brayer, Clinic Director

Spay/Neuter Campaign ...............3 Meet Mallow ................................... 3 Feedback........................................... 4 Shelter Statistics ............................ 5 Department Extensions .............. 6 Making a Difference ..................... 6 Howlin’ For Hounds .......................7 Fosters Save Lives............................8 Upcoming Events........................... 9 Star Bars ............................................ 9 Gabi’s Story .................................... 10 We’re No-Kill ................................. 11 Out & About ................................. 13 Memorials ..................................... 14 Boxer Luv......................................... 16 More Than Just Vaccines!.......... 17 Purrs & Wags.................................. 19 Top 5 Donation Banks................. 19 With Gratitude............................... 19 Our Supporters............................. 20


n 2014, HSSA was the recipient of a one-year PetSmart ‘Targeted’ Spay/Neuter grant. The ‘target’ was dogs in the 85705 zipcode, which had historically been the source of a high number of stray and unwanted dogs taken in by Pima Animal Control. In 2012-2013, PACC took in 706 stray dogs. The 85705 ‘Fix It’ grant, as it would come to be called, began on July 1, 2014, and just recently concluded on June 30, 2015. Through HSSA outreach and education efforts targeting this at-risk zipcode, our Spay/ Neuter Clinic spayed and neutered a total of 1,112 dogs over a twelve-month period from this zipcode. And just how did this targeted grant impact the ‘05’? In 2013-2014, only 538 dogs were taken in by Pima Animal Control, and in 20142015 that number dropped to 466. That is a decrease of 34%! But a further impact was made as a result of our outreach and education efforts – HSSA also spayed and neutered over 400 cats from the 85705 zipcode, resulting in over 1500 pets spayed and neutered! Pillar One – Outreach and Education – Check! Pillar Two – Prevention – Check!

, T I X FI ! N O S C U T

Meet Our Cover Dog, Mallow By Mariah Hugson, PR & Social Media Coordinator

Editor-in-Chief: Lindsey Jones Assistant Editor: Vanessa Ford Production: Katty Davis Published Quarterly By: The Humane Society of Southern Arizona, Inc. 3450 N. Kelvin Boulevard Tucson, Arizona 85716 (520) 327-6088 Tax ID# 86-0112798 HSSAZ.ORG Vi e w s e x p r e s s e d h e r e i n b y n o n - H S S A contributors are not necessarily those of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. HSSA does not endorse nor guarantee any products, services, or vendors mentioned in Humanely Speaking. HSSA reserves the right to edit or

Mallow is a sweet, energetic 5 yearold girl who would make a great outdoor adventure companion! She loves tug-of-war and with some training, could make a great agility dog. Mallow has a wonderful personality and loves affection. She was found as a stray in April of this year and is looking for a forever family that likes the outdoors and will offer her lots of playtime. If you think Mallow is your perfect match, please stop by the Main Campus to meet her!

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Mallow - #804004 Humanely Speaking • Summer 2015


Board of Directors Susan Salmon - Chair Chris Slaney - Vice Chair Elizabeth Fella - Treasurer Tom Spendiarian - Secretary Board Members Terra Benson Kelle Campbell Larry Lang Dr. Michael Lent, DVM Carol Martin-Bowman Brian Seastone Melissa Seida Jordan Simon Marissa Sites Lora K. White

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though some of the most Ean ven epic stories have to come to end, they at least provide

us with a beautiful journey to remember. Precious Blue came to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona 13 years ago as a young pup. He quickly stole the heart of a young man who made him a family member known as Mogely. Over the years, Mogely transformed from a homeless pup to a beloved pet that changed lives. HSSA would like to say thank you to Mogely’s owner for coming in 13 years ago to adopt him, and for giving him the greatest adventure he would ever embark on; the adventure of being your best friend. Here is a note from Mogely’s loving owner:

Mogely and Ricky, the truest & best of friends.

“I’m writing you because I wanted to thank you guys for what you do and to let you know what you do not only changes the lives of these precious animals but those who adopt them as well. 13 years ago, I was a 19 year old student at the University of Arizona. I came to your site with the hopes to adopt a dog. Fate stepped in and delivered to your facility, an 8 week old Siberian Husky named Blue, and I would come to know him as Mogely. Recently, I had to say goodbye to my friend that stood by me through the toughest times of my adult life. There were times that I didn’t know how to go on, but he pulled me through. I got a little in over my head at times with some of the things I was doing in college, and when I felt like I couldn’t live for myself, I lived for him.

We think that’s a great idea! The HSSA could not exist without the hard work of its volunteers. Check our website at for information session dates and times. Questions? Please contact our Volunteer Department at 321-3704, ext. 126, or


I’m now 32 years old with two beautiful daughters, and a lovely, lovely wife. I graduated from the University of Arizona, and have a good job. None of this would have likely happened if you guys hadn’t taken in Mogely, and allowed me to adopt him. I write this as a way to thank you for what is likely the many thankless things you guys do. I write to you to let you know that because of you, Mogely was able to touch so many people’s lives. If you ever felt like you weren’t making a difference, or weren’t appreciated, or weren’t sure about a potential dog owner, please think of this and know that you are appreciated and that people are capable of great things, especially when they are partnered with the right animal. Happy with your adopted pet? Pleased with the services you received at the shelter? Let us know! Write to HSSA Letters, 3450 N. Kelvin Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85716, or e-mail Letters should be brief; all letters are subject to editing or may be condensed for publication. Please include a phone number where you may be reached during the day.

Humanely Speaking • Summer 2015

Feedback was with us on and off Lhalf.ola for almost a year and a She is a high-energy girl

who was just waiting for the perfect family to come along. Jax had been with us on and off for 6 months and though he didn’t know it at the time, he was going to be an incredibly Lola and Jax are living the dream! important part of Lola’s transformation. When Lola began her journey at HSSA, she had many difficulties. She wasn’t trusting of other dogs or people, and would often start fights. Through plenty of training and slowly introducing her to new things, she transformed into the gentle, playful, excited dog she is today. The day Jax was brought into Lola’s yard and she initiated play time with him was a very emotional day for our staff. It meant what we were doing was working, and Lola was going to finally be able to find her home. What was waiting around the corner was even better than anything we could have imagined. On June 20th, a wonderful family came in and after looking through the dogs available in the shelter they decided they had to have both Lola and Jax. These two pups were not only being adopted, but they were going home together! There wasn’t a dry eye in the room when they were adopted and we frequently receive wonderful updates from their new family. “We adopted Jax and Lola on Saturday and they are fantastic! Thank you so much! They are both doing SO well! They are absolute love!!!” -Bart


e love a good happy ending story, and Trina’s story is definitely a happy ending! Little Trina was just 14 weeks old when she was abducted by two bobcats in July of this year. Happily, two good Samaritans found Trina and brought her to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) where staff members assessed her condition and discovered she had, thankfully, been microchipped. Her injuries were miraculously few, and not life-threatening.

STATISTICS January-March 2015 Pets Received at the Humane Society: Cats..........................................505 Dogs........................................ 830. Other........................................ 66 Total...................................... 1,401 Pets Adopted: Cats......................................... 440 Dogs.........................................687. Other........................................ 48 Total....................................... 1,175 Live-release rate*: 98 percent The remaining pets are in our care, still awaiting their forever home or in foster care. Lost/Found Reports Taken: 966 Pets Reclaimed by Their Owners: 78 Spay/Neuter Surgeries: Cats....................................... 1,051 Dogs.........................................945.

The owner and her mother were happily reunited with Trina at HSSA in the early afternoon of July 4th. Tears of joy flowed and Trina was once again safe and secure in the arms of her family. “From the bottom of our hearts, my daughter and I want to thank these great neighbors who brought Trina to the HSSA. And a huge thank you to the staff who went out of their way on the Fourth of July holiday to reunite Trina with her family.” -Barb


Other..........................................0 Total......................................1,996 Vaccinations Given: 4,675 Pets in Foster Care: 197

Plucky little Trina, reunited and adored!

*based on industry standard calculation to measure number of animals that leave the shelter by adoption, transfer or return to owner

Humanely Speaking • Summer 2015


Making A Difference

Staff Spotlight Have you ever worked in an organization that had that “It” person? The person that no matter what they were doing had the time to take care of your urgent need, or had the answer to most problems, who was the pulse of the organization? We have such a person at HSSA and his name is Christian Gonzalez. Christian started in July of 2003 as a kennel tech cleaning out dog runs and feeding the dogs in our care. Like most HSSA employees his love and compassion for animals didn’t start the day he started working here. As a child he would often sneak small, stray animals into his bedroom and nurse them back to

health. This still continues today as is evident by the five dogs, one cat, one turtle, and many snakes he has currently living with him. More than just a friend of animals, he is also an allaround great guy. He more than likely has a smile, kind word, or joke to offer any of his coworkers. He helps out every department in the organization in whatever way he can by lending a hand, giving historical information, imparting his wisdom, or just bringing his charisma to the occasional spay and neuter commercial. His official title is Animal Services Director but around here he is our super hero and unofficial “it” guy.

His two favorite things about volunteering at HSSA are looking at the dog walking board and seeing that every dog got walked for the day, and when a dog he’s been working with in Canine College gets adopted. Frank owns 2 dogs: Missy, a 2 year old shepherd mix adopted 6

(520) 321-3704

Brandy Burke Chief Operating Officer 183 Diana Cannon Chief Development Officer 117 Clay Bacon Chief Financial Officer 124 Christian Gonzalez Animals Services Director 108 Lisa Gagnon Director of Human Resources 127 Lindsey Jones Director of Marketing & Communications 146 Pat Hubbard Outreach & Education Director 138

Volunteer Spotlight Frank Arciuolo is a an HSSA volunteer extraordinaire! A dog walker, afternoon dog showcaser and Canine College volunteer, he also teaches dog walking classes! Frank says he was motivated to volunteer at HSSA because he “likes dogs better than most people”.


from HSSA in 2013, and Fenway, a 5 year old American Bulldog Mix that was found on the desert last summer in Picture Rocks. They are BFFs. Frank is also a certified Flight Instructor and has been playing saxophone since he was 10. You can catch him playing with The Coolers and Giant Blue, and sitting in regularly with the Bryan Dean Trio on Monday Nights at Boondocks. Frank does so much for the pets at HSSA, and we are so thankful for his committment to making the lives of our animals happier and healthier. Thanks, Frank!

Humanely Speaking • Summer 2015

Randy Peterson Director of Development 116 Pat Brayer Clinic Director 176 Aaron Fisher Volunteer Services Manager 126 Kim Holley Events Manager 174 Inge Koopman-Leyva Manager of Education 142 Jane Clark Offsite Manager 133/154 Sara Velderrain Thrift Store Manager 520-327-0010

Howlin’ For Hounds Raises Over $31,000 By Steff Hunter, Events Lead


rank A. Clark once said, “Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out.” These words of truth shine like a beacon for the Wolves Motorcycle Club. The countless animals awaiting their forever homes will remain forever unaware of the incalculable efforts put forth by this pack of kindness. Saturday May 9th marked the eighth year the Wolves M.C. have utilized their hearts and wallets to organize “Howling for the Hounds,” a day of entertainment, raffles, food and fun. Held at Truck and Trailer Parts, Inc. located at 2702 N. Flowing Wells Road, this location also holds the clubhouse, which stores a medley of all their philanthropic awards and accomplishments. It’s easy to lose track of the many fundraising vehicles popped into 5th gear for this celebration. From the ticket sales, to the raffle profits, all the way to the t-shirt sponsorships sales, 100% of the proceeds benefited the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Witnessing the construction of this event, it would have been an exercise in futility not to notice the deep rooted comradery displayed in preparation. The 40 x 40 tent was hoisted with the help of kind and helpful muscles of the Sacred Bones Club, who continued to aide with the construction of the event. The incredible array of edible goodness was prepared by Choo’s BBQ on one of the most amazing smokers known to man-kind. Tables and chairs were set for over 500 people, the stage brought in, and the bar readied. This orchestra of preparation could not have been played without the supervision of Jack Minor, Wolves President; Guy Parker, Wolves Vice President; Deborah (Debbie)White, Wolves Associate; Chuck McCoy, Wolves Treasurer; Triumph, Wolves Secretary and Smoothie, Wolves Associate, to name a few. Their combined efforts raised a whopping $31,026 this year, and for that, we salute you. ‘Times they are a changing,’ but some things stay the same; in this case, the stigmas that align with the perceptions of motorcycle clubs. The latter, often morphed into ‘gangs,’ which dampens not only their likeness, but cause as well. Be not intimidated by the their leather vests and Harleys. Instead, share the road and a story; unlike some of the many animals the Wolves Motorcycle Club have saved, they won’t bite. Humanely Speaking • Summer 2015


Foster Volunteers Save Lives By Aaron Fisher, Volunteer Coordinator


he Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) loves its volunteers. Without them, we simply couldn’t do all the amazing things we do for our pets and our community. This past year alone, more than 1,300 volunteers gave nearly 147,000 hours of service on behalf of HSSA, a number equivalent to 74 full-time employees. HSSA currently has fewer than ninety total employees, so essentially, our volunteers double our work capacity as an organization – a truly impressive feat when you think about it in those terms. While there are many ways our volunteers generously give of their time, one of the most demanding, rewarding, and gratifying is by fostering our animals in their homes. So often, pets come through our doors that are in need of some serious TLC. And whether they’re recovering from a medical procedure, just had a litter of puppies or kittens, are entering their golden years, or are simply overwhelmed by the inevitable stresses of being in a shelter environment, our Foster Care program gives these animals a far better chance to thrive, survive, and eventually make their way to a loving forever home, which is our goal for every single animal in our care. Whether an animal is fostered for a week or for months at a time, our fosters truly help to save these precious animals’ lives. Oftentimes, our volunteer families report that fostering is one of the most rewarding and

enriching activities they engage in as a family, as doing so helps develop a greater sense of responsibility, empathy, and togetherness – all qualities we hope to instill in future generations. This past spring, as southern Arizona was being overwhelmed by litters of kittens, and shelters and rescue organizations were being overrun, HSSA’s volunteers stepped up in a major way. In less than a week’s time, not only did 23 members of the public become new foster volunteers, but we also put into Foster Care four momma cats and 93 kittens over that same duration – and that’s on top of our “normal” fostering efforts. Year to date, HSSA’s volunteers have fostered an astounding 1,335 animals, of whom 924 have already been adopted. While we still have a ways to go toward finding a loving forever home for every animal that comes our way, we know that we couldn’t be the leader in the No Kill movement that we are without a thriving Foster Care program. HSSA had a 97% live release rate last year, a figure we’re extremely proud of. But we hope to continue to raise that bar, and only by growing our Foster Care program will we ensure that each and every HSSA animal finds its forever home, a goal we know we couldn’t accomplish without our amazing fosters volunteers.

Want to help, but can’t foster? Become a Forever Home Sponsor! The Forever Home program is a great way to donate directly to an animal in our care. This program allows you to sponsor a specific dog or cat during their shelter stay. Your donation helps offset the cost of their adoption and pay for the care the animal receives at HSSA while they wait for their Forever Home family. For $250 you can directly sponsor a dog or cat. A pet will be selected by our staff based on their age and how long they have been in the shelter (you are welcome to recommend an animal, too). This sponsorship includes a sign on the kennel, and the animal will be featured on our website and social media, along with information on its half-price adoption fee. You will receive a letter with a photo of your sponsored animal. A second photo is sent once your animal is adopted. Your generous sponsorship is also listed in our Humanely Speaking newsletter. Donate to the Forever Home program online or, for more information, call 520-321-3704 for Liz Turner (ext. 141) or Linda Krause (ext. 184).

HSSA Foster Care volunteers are vital to our No-Kill mission. We’re so grateful to them all! 8

Humanely Speaking • Summer 2015

Phoenix – Sponsored by Linda Dills.

Upcoming Events HSSA Golf Classic

Pledge For Pets

September 13 The Gallery Golf Club – Dove Mountain The HSSA Golf Classic (formerly ‘Golf for Gatos’) returns to the Worldrenowned Gallery Golf Club! Start off with Gallery breakfast burritos and 7:45am shotgun start. After your round enjoy the Gallery Grille’s famous Tex Mex Buffet Lunch, silent auction, raffle prizes, VIP bags and more! Enjoy the gorgeous course, tournament-style games, food and fun and feel great about putting for paws! Only room for 144 players, so REGISTER TODAY at Sponsorships also available.

August 24- 28 11:30 AM on KGUN 9 TV’s “Morning Blend” Pledge for Pets is a fundraising telethon to support the services and programs of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Wonderful pets, animal experts and captivating segments will not only keep you ‘glued to the set’ but bring the heart-warming stories of these animals to life. Each day will also feature prize drawings and donor incentive gifts. Go to for more information.

SWEAT FOR PETS - Walk, Run & Roll November 1 University of Arizona

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SWEAT FOR PETS – Walk, Run & Roll, a 3K noncompetitive fundraising event, brings the community together to support the care of Southern Arizona’s homeless animals, prevention services and education and outreach programs of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.

Formerly ‘Mosey for Mutts’, SWEAT FOR PETS has a new location at the UA Mall, and for the first time HSSA walkers will be able to fundraise online from their own personalized web pages!


There will also be fun games for the kids and pet costume contest (it is Halloween weekend, after all!) Every registrant raising $100 receives a t-shirt! Register today at! Your well-mannered dog is welcome, too!

Star Bars

@hssaz Stay Connected! Never miss an update or an event!

By Steff Hunter, Events Lead

“Tails & Ales”


he 7th Annual Tails & Ales dog wash fundraiser, in collaboration with the Tucson Derby Girls, was a success on April 12th. A $15 donation ensured your pooch would walk away springtime fresh with a fabulous bandanna! Owners also received an engraved pint glass marking the occasion. We also made available 800 E. 16th Street, Tucson 85719 the Humane Society’s new “Yeah, I Care” merchandise--aluminum water bottles, tote bags and shot glasses. Barrio Brewing Co. also offered $1 off beer (with the purchase of a pint glass), and a basket of Barrio goodies for the raffle. The bar’s prime parking spaces were filled with a vet station, washing cages, and a flurry of four-legged friends. A live band set the tone, and all that was lacking was the sun! Barrio Brewing Co. surprised us with a $600 donation, which was an unexpected ray HSSA Chief Development officer Diana Cannon of sunshine. A special thanks goes out to the Barrio Brewery team, & Board Chair Susie Salmon especially the managers, Brennen Young and Mallory Kalgreadou. Humanely Speaking • Summer 2015


Therapy Dogs & Unconditional Love Help a Young Woman Heal By Brandy Burke, Chief Operations Officer

small crowd of people A stands outside of PAWSH at the La Encantada Mall, exchanging hellos and introductions for a bit too long. Gabi, the bright and beautiful young woman we are here to celebrate, has to remind us that she needs to sit. Gabi’s enthusiasm and zest for life belies the fact that she lives with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), which causes a sudden drop in blood pressure and a subsequent loss of consciousness (fainting). Standing for long periods of time is not advisable. Just a few years ago, Gabi’s goals were set. She studied Spanish and wanted to become a geriatric nurse, but shortly after embarking on her schooling path, her life took a dramatic turn.

In 2011, Gabi was involved in a car accident. A long process of treatment did not alleviate the accident trauma, and she was diagnosed with a brain tumor that required immediate surgery. After the tumor 10

extraction surgery, and before being able to completely recover, Gabi’s pre-surgery symptoms reappeared. During an additional period of hospitalization, she was diagnosed with POTS. Instead of being a student in a higher learning institution, her time was spent in medical institutions, learning how to live life with a condition both unpredictable and debilitating. Occupational therapy, physical therapy, and diagnostic testing became the tasks that took over. The gathering at La Encantada Mall is for Gabi to share her experience of the human animal bond and what that bond means to her. Gabi and her mother are volunteers at PAWSH-

Humanely Speaking • Summer 2015

Humane Society of Southern Arizona at the La Encantada Mall, and have been for many years. They are a part of the HSSA family and are well versed in the critical relationship animals play in our lives. While we talk, Gabi sits with two of her three little dogs snuggled comfortably on her lap. Each dog holds a special place in her heart, and plays an important role in her continuing recovery process. Sassy, a white Chiweenie adopted from the HSSA, was her beacon during many long weeks of care at the MAYO Clinic and Hospital in Phoenix. Coming home to Sassy over the

Do you think your pet would make a great comfort animal? Pet visitation is a wonderful and vital therapeutic mode of promoting and maintaining wellness in our community. Dogs aren’t the only therapy pets. Cats, rabbits, birds and horses can also qualify with proper training! Please contact our Pet VIP Coordinator at 321-3704, ext. 153, for more information on the Pet Visitation Program.

weekends was Gabi’s motivation to make it through the exhausting week. It’s clear that when they are separated, Sassy misses Gabi as much as Gabi misses her.

confident that Gemma’s love and Sassy’s unconditional devotion and cheerfulness are giving her the extra strength to relearn how walk and cope with daily tasks.

When Gabi was able to come home from the hospital for good, and learning how to walk again, Gabi and her mother decided to continue volunteering at PAWSH La Encantada. That is when she met Gemma, a Chihuahua mix. Instantly, Gemma settled into Gabi’s lap and took on a role of a protector. Gemma is by Gabi’s side or on her lap nearly all the time. When Gabi’s blood pressure begins to drop, Gemma warns Gabi to sit down. When Gabi does faint, Gemma stays by her side, licking her back to consciousness. Gabi is

Gabi delights in tending to her dogs. She grooms them and even paints their nails - all in the name of therapy! There is no doubt when you see them all together that the relationships they’ve formed have a very special, positive and reciprocal effect

physically, mentally and emotionally. When Gabi is asked what Gemma means to her, she says, “She is my breath. I cannot breathe without her.” When asked what she feels people should know about dogs and their meaning to humans, Gabi states simply, with wisdom well beyond her years and from deeply personal experiences, “Dogs Save Lives.” She is convinced that her dogs saved hers! Now that is a bond worth talking about.

Humanely Speaking • Summer 2015


What it Takes to be a No-Kill Shelter By Kim Wilson, Admissions Supervisor

hen HSSA made the decision to become a No-Kill W organization, it changed the way we do things significantly, and definitely for the better. One of the most significant changes we’ve made is to increase the work we do in transferring pets from other shelters. Last fiscal year, 20% of the pets we took in to our facility were transferred from other organizations. When we began to actively transfer in pets from other organizations, there were some big questions that came up as a result. Why manage your admission and transfer instead of being open access? Why go outside of Tucson for pets instead of just taking from the local animal control?

When we started making the changes to be a No-Kill facility, it became clear that managed intakes (where we decide if an animal will do well in our facility) were an absolute must. As an open-access facility, we had to take in all pets whether they could be safely or responsibly adopted back out or not. The change in admissions also changed length of stay, often increasing it, as the pets taken in have no time limits; we care for them until the day they are adopted. Managing the admissions, while allowing us to remain No-Kill, allows us to make sure we have the space and resources to care for every pet we commit to. What we find is that it opens up our facility to help other organizations. When space and resources allow, animals from overwhelmed facilities can be brought under our wing and placed into loving homes. Many of our transfers also come from veterinary hospitals. When a pet is relinquished to them, they can bring the pet to us for adoption. The reason we transfer in pets from areas other than Tucson is encompassed in our name. We are the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. We worked with over 30 organizations/agencies/groups all over Southern Arizona to help more than 1,100 pets this year! One of our great success stories comes from Casa Grande Animal Control. We began working with their facility in March of this year. When they compared their euthanasia rate from the same time last year, it had decreased 27 percent! That is why we want to work with as many organizations as possible. If we have the ability to help lessen the burden and help facilities euthanize fewer and fewer pets, we are marching forward towards becoming a community that can truly be called No-Kill. Our goal is a No-Kill community, not just in Tucson, but in all of Southern Arizona. It may be clichĂŠ, but teamwork makes the dream work! When we collaborate we can help our entire community move towards a No-Kill future. 12

Humanely Speaking • Summer 2015

Out & About Coffee and a Cuddle Thursday May 6: U of A Mall

From offering cuddles to coloring books, we at the Humane society of Southern Arizona have been out in the community, raising awareness and funds with the help of a flurry of friends. Check out how and where!

Puppies and caffeine. What’s not to like? That was the idea behind the stress-relieving fundraiser hosted by the University of Arizona’s business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. Held on the last day of classes, students reveled in our puppy play-pen, letting go of finals and signing up for puppy breath. Dogs from our VIP Pet Therapy program were on hand, so all attendees were cured of classes with cuddles! The event raised $400, to which we say, keep the grades up and we’ll keep the stress down!

Veteran’s Stand Down Friday June 12th: Days Inn

Everyone needs a helping hand. This was the case for over 150 homeless veterans who attended the 16th bi-annual Veteran’s Stand Down event on Friday June 12th at the Days Inn off of Congress Street and I-10. A flurry of organizations offered their services and products to those who attended. From free hair cuts, dentist appointments and court services to clothing and legal aide, attendees were given the opportunities to prosper. For those veterans seeking services for their 4-legged companions, the Humane Society was there offering free spay/neuter coupons along with bags of food, dog treats and toys. We shared the space and effort with PAC and a collective of volunteer groups who shared the same mission. If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to foster it.

Second Saturday Saturday June 13th

If anyone needs a reason to head downtown, Second Saturday’s is probably your best excuse. This monthly meeting of sorts, transforms 4th Avenue and Congress Street into a fair that rivals any bustling metropolis. Street vendors offer everything from art to cotton candy. On June 13th, the fine folks at Tierra Antigua hosted our booth. With the help of a few Moorehead volunteers, the Humane Society gave out free water, informational packets and coloring books. We held a competition of sorts, offering the public a chance to vote with donations, in this case cats vs dogs. While K9’s won this battle, the question of is your wallet for wags, or your pouch for purrs will be asked again!

Microchip Madness Saturday June 27th

Just because you’ve found your forever pal, doesn’t mean that our mission is over. We held our first Microchip Madness event in conjunction with Bookmans on Grant. With the approaching fourth of July fireworks and monsoons, protecting your thunder buddy was our first priority. We offered microchips for $15 and a free engraved pet tag from PAWSH, while Bookmans donated a $5 gift certificate for every participant. The first-come first-serve lines started early and lasted through the afternoon, answering the question, should we do this again? Stay tuned--missing out on the next event would be madness indeed. Humanely Speaking • Summer 2015


In Loving Memory Our Friends and Family Barry Basleshta Thomas Neumann Kenneth L. Berger Joachim Hsu & Sirinee Tippakorn Carmen Birkby Donald & Marilyn Schroeder Walter Birkby Mark, Ellen & Katie Baumler Dr. Ray Cole & staff James Jackson Cyndi Wallace David Winston Lynn F. Borden-Brunelle Joan Mueller Judy Burrows Clarke & Shirley Duncan Marlene Chuvala Mary Whaley Steven F. Clark Marjorie & Frank Swiatowiec Bert Cohen Joan Cohen James (Jimmie) Cooper The Thursday Breakfast Group Kimler D. Corey Sr. Mary Gibbins Leslie Crosby John Crosby Hazel Culver Marla Berry Patricia Empey Charlese & John Howe Doris Derry Dennis & Judith Derry Kerman Dubash Thomas & Nancy Knab Ann Silva Larry Dunn Paula Tellez Michael D. Edwards Susan & Ed Vesely Louise M. Ellis Rita Slovan Jeffrey J. Ewing Julius & Sue Alexander Sydney & Kerry McCauley Barbara Merill Monta Phillips & Fred 14

Martin Renate Schulz Vicki Howard John Howard Alice Johnson Mary Lee & Charles Etchells Las Villas de Granada HOA Lois M. Johnson Oak Park HOA Natalie Johnson Dorothy Kaiser Joe G. (Jose) Keeline Marianne Keeline Marnie Kleindienst Janet Bostwick Elizabeth (Libby) Kuhn Randal & Maureen Dutra Nancy Hammell Howard & Marlies Terpning Matthew LePree Cindy Barrett Ellen Davison Adam & Kris Frey James & Myrna LePree Larry Levey Teresa & Oscar Araiza BlueCross BlueShield of Arizona Diane & Bill Brennan Shannon Howe Gwendolyn Kurtin & Family Nextrio LLC Joseph & Maurya Palmer Sharon & Ron Megdal Ellen San Buenaventura Cynthia Schechter Suzanne Schrater Miles Thompson Sandy Livingston Bonnie & Michael CohenGreenberg Lucille (Lou Lou) Lomax Karen Cabber & Tucson Neighbors Elaine McCauley Edward Garrett Coralie Lim John Montano Shirley & Vernon Dickerson

Humanely Speaking • Summer 2015

Memorials received March 8 – June 30, 2015.

Tom Moore Joan Mueller Jean Noel Josefina Berghuis Steven & Sally Cooperman Pamela Fine David & Chrys Jallo Gregory & Jen Noel VHA Family (Rx Networks) Helen Palmer Tucson Social Singles Ann M. Pardo Joel & Sandy Bergman Susan Boylan David Brown Jane Cobb Paul Connolly Henry & Peggy Tazelaar Kathleen Tolzman Robert (Bobby) Partain Jr. Marjorie & Herbert Person Opal C. Pool Joyce & Ed Santiago Eleanor Pugnea Gary & Joan Rosenthal Frank Raeder Susan Antonelli, Ramona Galindo, Vern Goedel & Sherry Jacobs Galen Reimer Douglas & Grace Davidson Scott Rhude Kyle, Sharon & Nancy Krause Donna Riesgo Vicki Calandra Tim & Jane Garigan Jill Riesgo, For her love of pets. Randy Roach Judi Putnam Carol Rods Jean Zimmerman Patricia Rogers Mary Lee Etchells Ruth Schumaker Phyllis Park Elizabeth & Walter Seastone Elizabeth Buckner Helen Shinevar Joanna Grantham Karen & Wilma Shinevar

William Sibley Dean & Linda Wingert Patricia L. Sigmund Laura Connell Geri Smith Mark Wagner Gloria Spratt St. Mark’s Animal Ministry Team James Sprawls Frances Walker Margaret Strong Elaine Livermore Betty & Danny Stuehm Marianne Leis Ron Sullivan Jodie Marx Linda Thorne Sarah Martens Beatrice Toth Janet Bostwick Aline Vassallo Corky Boisvert Fred Walker Willie, Frank & Corkie Boisvert William & Mildred Walter Claudia Walter Lucille Weber Nancy Urias Sharon Weiskopf Ronnye Bertoglio Betty Whitmore Jana Cruzen Kyna Snyder Julie Vetter Jessie Wilkie John & Janet Horsman Martha Mott-Gale Procurement Dept. at NAWCWD China Lake Charlotte Roberts Karen & Norm Sasse Melissa Walsh Ariana Withers Ross, John & Amy Burnett and Matt Williams Ranches Jane Rojas & The Rojas Group Bernice Welch Patricia A. Wolfarth Timothy Miller Eugene & Fayanne Ochs Sally Ohlfest

In Loving Memory Our Beloved Companions “Ariel” Rusnak Victoria Gibbons “Baby” Keeth Richard & Sue Keeth, Our beloved cat, Baby. “Bailey” Paulos Kiki Paulos “Bandit” Stuthard Pamela Hoagland “Bantu” Bracht John, Audrey & Murphy Finley James & Mary Hall “Bentley” Marilyn Klepinger “Bert” Ayres Martha Ayers “Boone” Corrales Christine & Wally Menza “Buster” Harmon Dianne & Michael Winslow “Charlie” Mehmert Tina Wiseman “Chloe” Schneider-Lasham Tracy & Karl McEntee “Clancy” Emmerson Anita Katz “Coco” Young Thomas Young “Devin” Karpiscak Judith Bassnett “Ditto” Pascoe-Bowman Sheila & Guy Merrigon “Duchess” Berg Chris & Laureen Rivet “Dudley” Slotten Peggy, Bob & Emma Nemetz “Geoffrey” Lund Dieter & Beth Berninger “Ginger” Rich Dani & Mickey Duniho “Gracie” Henderson Stephen Henderson “Guinness” Bunner Heidi Pura & Chris Simon “Happy” Englehart Jane Ciulo

“Jag” Raghavan JoAnn & Dave Becker Nicole, Ken, Chloe & Asher Zuckerman-Morris “Jamie” Harman George & Sondra Newman “Jasper” (JCat)” Werner James & Anastasia Virden “Jayz” Al-Ghurab Nancy Buchanan “Jazz” Bradshaw Bradford Ruth & Marvin Kea “Jesse” Koch Carol Koch “Jimmy” Ackerman Nan, Michael, & Bobert Salmon “Jinx” Thompson Roberta Howard “Keegan” Bowden Carolyn Mayne “Kiva” De La Cruz Laura & Emily Kabay “Lo” Batik Michael & Leah Bracht “Macabee” Wilson Sandra & Bernie Simon “Maddox” (Bruce) Swinford Christine Swinford, We love you and miss you so much! “Marley” Gordon Debbie Wong “Marty” Strong Elaine Livermore “Melba” Carter Carolynn & Dean Carter “Moleque” Sorrensen Vicki Mills & Robert Mitchell “Nala” Barnhill Marie & George Wormell “Neo” Versluis Julie Versluis “Norman” Butler Ed Butler “Penny” Carlos Maria Carlos “Phoebe” Marks Leslie & Stew Dorris

Memorials received March 8 – June 30, 2015.

“Prince” Trubee Bee, John & Aidan Schlotec “Rico” Paoli Steve Cooke “Roxy” Parlett Sally & Robert Ohlfest “Royce Max” Kempton-Pratz Drew Pratz& Jace Kempton “Rutherford” Fennesy Friends at United Way of Tucson & Southern Arizona “Samantha” Delbalso Joe & Joan Delbalso “Scout” Ellenberger Beth & Deiter Berninger “Shadow” Jellison-Poe Michael & Leah Bracht

“Skeeter” (Mr. Fluffs) Decker C. Jane Decker “Sophia” Maisch-von Destinon JoAnn Sullivan “Stinker” Jeney Ed & Fran Jeney “Summer Breeze” Comer Thomas & Una Bowman “Sweeney” Segel Harold & Jeannette Segel “Willie” Jackson Paul & Shirley Jackson “Zeke” Lund Dieter & Beth Berninger

In Loving Memory of “Baby” Keeth

Humanely Speaking Memorial Donations Memorial donations made to HSSA are acknowledged with a card to the designated recipient. Because of space constraints, only memorial donations of $50 or more per person/ pet listed will be included in the Memorials section. Additional sentiments may be included as space allows.

For more information, please call Brooke Myers at 321-3704, ext. 120, or email

Humanely Speaking • Summer 2015



Luv: T

Rescuing the “Clown” of the Canine World By Vanessa Ford, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications

he Humane Society of Southern Arizona is proud to work with some amazing rescue groups in Southern Arizona. The partnerships these rescue groups provide mean that we can save even more homeless, abused or unwanted animals. The work these groups do is critical to achieving the No-Kill mission of HSSA. Founded in 1998, Boxer Luv Rescue is one such rescue group. Boxer Luv is managed and run entirely by volunteers, who number over 400! They are an amazing group of people, whose love for the Boxer breed is unmatched. Boxer Luv is committed to fulfilling their mission of giving new life to homeless Boxers in need. They take in Boxers from local humane societies (including HSSA) and animal shelters, and welcome stray, lost or injured Boxers into their homes. They provide medical care, rehabilitation and fostering to help the Boxers in their care find loving forever homes.

Boxer Luv, like HSSA, is a 501(c) (3)nonprofit organization run on private donations. They, like HSSA, receive no government funding or tax dollars to run their operations. Organizations like Boxer Luv and HSSA are entirely funded by local donors who want to make a difference in the lives of homeless, often abused or neglected animals, who desperately need love and care. Boxer Luv’s volunteers are truly committed to the animals they help. They consider animal welfare an important part of human welfare, and want to end euthanasia of unwanted pets. They know that part of the way we accomplish this is to stop the over-breeding caused by unspayed/unneutered dogs. Most of all they want to help their favorite breed – “a wonderful family pet and clownish companion” – the Boxer.

Do you love Boxers and want to help? There are many ways you can get involved with Boxer Luv. To find out how, visit their website at 16

Humanely Speaking • Summer 2015

Vaccination Clinic – More Than Just Vaccines! By Pat Brayer, Clinic Director

accinating pets’ certainly fits within the definition V of our Prevention pillar, but in so many more ways than just the ‘prevention’ of diseases in our pets and shelter pets. How, you ask???? Vaccinating our pets and shelter pets not only gives them the protection they need from communicable diseases they may get from each other or may have unknowingly been exposed to, but also helps them live longer, healthier lives. Vaccinating also goes a long way in ensuring a forever home, and also ensuring unwanted litters and a future filled with more unplanned, unwanted, homeless companion animals. Is there a vaccine that can sterilize our pets? No, not yet – although there are Veterinary medical professionals and researchers who strive to discover that ‘sterilization’ vaccination and hopefully, one day, they will. So how then, you ask, can vaccinations help prevent more homeless animals?

People who vaccinate their pets, especially at a young age and then booster them annually, are invested in the health and welfare of their pet for their lifetime. A very high percentage of our spay/neuter appointments come from our Vaccination clinics. It is so rewarding to see a puppy or kitten begin their vaccinations with us, on their way to a healthier life, and actually see them through their spay or neuter. Knowing that they’ve begun their lives protected from disease is only part of our message of prevention – that we can offer affordable spay/neuter to not only prevent unwanted litters, but also help prevent many of the reproductive cancers that can beset unsterilized pets. Neutering a male cat or dog, if done before six months of age, prevents testicular cancer. There’s that ‘Prevention’ word again! Spaying a female cat or dog helps ‘Prevent’ pyometra and breast cancer. Yup – ‘Prevention’ message again. So, how do vaccinations do more than keep our pets healthy? Healthy pets stay in their homes, which means a forever home. Vaccinations lead to spaying and neutering which leads to preventing unwanted litters, which helps our Community prevent homeless companion animals!

Did somebody say SHOTS?

Humanely Speaking • Summer 2015


You may not match, but your employer might! Double Your Dollars!


Thank you for supporting the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Want to do more? How about DOUBLING or even TRIPLING your gift!

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation of gently used housewares, electronics, books and clothing.


All proceeds benefit homeless pets in your community, plus your purchases are tax free!



Many companies match employees and retirees gifts. Please call us at 321-3704, ext. 116 to see if your company is a match. If so, we’ll send you the forms you need to secure your employer matching gift.

one Thrift Store item on your next visit with this coupon HS0815

Expires Sept. 30, 2015

5311 E. Speedway Blvd 520.327.0010 FOR PETS AND THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEM

Call 321-3704 ext. 116 or visit

Planning for your estate? You can plan for your pets, too.

We often receive pets from the relative of a deceased person. Sometimes this is the wish of the deceased, but often it is not. Without proper planning, pets who suddenly find themselves grieving over their guardian also find themselves homeless. Our Guardian Angel Program ensures that pets whose owners provide for them in estate planning are guaranteed safe, loving homes. • 3450 N. Kelvin Blvd. • 520-327-6088, ext.116 18

Humanely Speaking • Summer 2015

ADOPTION • PET SUPPLIES • TOYS & TREATS GIFTS FOR ANIMAL LOVERS LA ENCANTADA PARK PLACE Skyline & Campbell Broadway & Wilmot (520) 327-6577 (520) 881-7406 MAIN CAMPUS 3450 N Kelvin Blvd (520) 327-6088

Tax-free shopping benefits pets waiting for their forever homes.

Thank you to our Faithful Friends supporters who have set up monthly giving. Your support of this charitable option raised $18,955 this past quarter. For many, providing a sustaining monthly gift as a Faithful Friend allows them to make a larger tax-deductible gift over time. For example, a $10 per month gift is 20% larger than an annual gift of $100. For information on becoming a Faithful Friend, please call Brooke at 520.321.3704, ext. 120 or visit the “Get Involved” area at

Our Top 5 Donation Banks this quarter

k you!


Ace Hardware 4722 East Broadway Ace Hardware 11921 North 1st Avenue Ace Hardware 8600 East Broadway Ace Hardware 4751 East Sunrise Drive New Life Health Center 4841 East Speedway

Your change makes a big change in the lives of our animals. Look for HSSA donation boxes at more than 70 locations in our community. Want to add a donation bank at your business? Call Linda at 321-3704, ext. 184 or email

Purrs & Wags

Our Sincere Thanks

Freedom Smokes USA PetSmart Charities Petfinder Canyon Ranch Tucson Federal Credit Union Long Realty Company Mr. Beer Girl Scout Troop 17 American Red Cross, Southern AZ Chapter Fry’s Naylor Middle School students Congregation Or Chadash students Well Done Landscape Caldwell Construction LLC

Ames Diversified Services Century Park Place 20 Theatres Tagline Media Group Thoroughbred Paint & Body Treehouse Design Group Larry H. Miller Volkswagen Greenway Pet Clinic Harelson Elementary Entrepreneur’s Club Architectural Design Associates Barrio Brewing Company Kino Learning Center BlueCross BlueShield of Arizona Voyager RV Park Tucson Miniature Auto Club

Tucson Coin & Autograph Hendricks Elementary students Moorehead Communications/The Cellular Connection Canyon Del Oro High School Paws-itive Cause Title Security of Arizona Albertsons Banner Diamond Children’s Hospital And employee giving campaigns at: IBM Retirees, Aetna, American Airlines, IBM, Tucson Airport Authority, Raytheon, Bank of America, Intuit, Allstate, Morgan Stanley, BBVA Compass Bank, Levovo, Wells Fargo, AT&T, JP Morgan Chase

With Gratitude Gifts from wills and trusts help ensure that HSSA’s charitable programs will continue serving people and animals in our community. We gratefully acknowledge, in memoriam, gifts from the following estates received in recent months:

Estate of John & Eleanor Ford Estate of Kurt Stoerrlein Estate of Arthur Stern Estate of John Mallen Estate of Mary J. Lindsay Estate of Patricia L. Davis Estate of Jay Tate Humanely Speaking • Summer 2015


Our Supporters

proudly supports


At GEICO, we know the only way to build stronger communities for tomorrow is to invest our time and energy today.

Keeping pets and their people together in Arizona and across the United States. Learn more at:

We call it our insurance plan for the future, and it’s a policy we’re proud of.

For an auto quote 24 hours a day, visit or call 1-800-947-AUTO (2886).

Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not available in all states or all GEICO companies. GEICO is a registered service mark of Government Employees Insurance Company, Washington, D.C. 20076; a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. GEICO Gecko image © 1999-2014. © 2014 GEICO

Recognition does not imply endorsement by the HSSA

Grandma’s House Dog Boarding LLC

Small breed specialist offers free roam care. Clean, cozy home • Secure, outdoor play Hourly… Daycare… Extended stays. Referrals - Licsensed - Bonded - Insured

520-979-2539 See details and fun at

Caring with Love NOT cages!

Our Supporters

Support Spay/Neuter Programs: Order Your Pet-Friendly License Plate Today! Find out how by visiting or call the ADOT Motor Vehicles Division office nearest you:

Tucson area – (520) 629-9808 Elsewhere in AZ – (800) 251-5866 Thanks to the Arizona Pet Plates program, the HSSA received $10,000 for its Lifesavers Spay/Neuter Fund!

Diversified Print Solutions Proudly Supports the Humane Society of Southern Arizona

Pam, David, and the Freedom Smoke USA family are proud to support the Humane Society’s mission of serving pets, and the people who love them. WE LOVE OUR PETS TOO!!

Valid at all Freedom Smoke USA locations *Limit one coupon per customer 10/1/14 ExpiresExpires: Sept 15, 2015

Our Supporters

Specialty Vets for Special Pets

We are here to help twenty-four hours a day, every day. • Surgery • 24-Hour Emergency • Oncology & Critical • Dentistry Care • Behavior

• Dermatology • CT/MRI • Integrative Medicine

• Neurology

• Internal Medicine

• Companion Animal Rehabilitation Therapy

• Radiology

• Neurosurgery

• Valley Fever Center for Excellence

4909 N La CaNada dr TuCsoN arizoNa 520-795-9955

Party Animal Birthday Paw-ty! Looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate your child’s birthday? Have a party with some animal friends – and make a difference in the lives of Southern Arizona’s homeless pets!

Recognition does not imply endorsement by the HSSA

You get: • •

• • •

3 hours of party time Downloadable invitations Visits with Pet VIP dogs and Monty the Python Craft activity and party game Decorations

Rincon Vista

Veterinary Center 1122 S. Pantano Rd. • Tucson, AZ • 520-298-3319

• • • • •

Call 520.321.3704, ext. 171 or 142, for details!

Tablecloths Plates, forks, napkins & cups Goodie Bags for up to 20 kids Up to 20 guests plus 2-4 adult chaperones. Activities are geared for children 6 and up.

We offer a full line of services including wellness care, vaccinations, surgery, illness diagnostics & treatment. We also offer acupuncture & cold laser therapy. Call us today to schedule an appointment! Bring this ad to your appointment and receive 10% off of an exam!*

Find us on Facebook! *Limit of one coupon per family, one use only. Not combinable with any other offers.

Our Supporters

Offering the promise of hope to Logos those who stationary need shelter, sustenance invitations and comfort, Brochures and the commitment packaging to serve signage the needs of the sociaL media communities WeBsites in which we work and / / susan @ / 520.369.2072 / SmartPoPCreative.Com live.

Have an old car?

Did you know you can donate your vehicle to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona? Call for your FREE tow and tax deduction:

Do you have an old car or truck that you no longer need? Donate it to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s Vehicle Donation Program in exchange for a tax deduction. We’ll schedule a free pick up of your car, truck, RV, motorcycle, golf cart or boat from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, auction it off, and put the proceeds to work supporting our programs. It’s another great way to support HSSA, and you don’t have to figure out how to get the dog and cat hairs off the seats!

Recognition does not imply endorsement by the HSSA

1-877-721-PETS that’s 1-877-721-7387

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Tucson, AZ. Permit No. 1361

M a in Phone: (520) 327-6088

Web: hssa

HSSA Main Campus– 3450 N. Kelvin Boulevard

Adoptions, Admissions, Administration Offices

Open 11 am-6 pm, Monday - Saturday; Noon-5 pm, Sunday

Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic (on Kelvin, just south of the shelter) Monte #798646

Open Tuesday through Saturday by appointment only.

Call our clinic at 881-0321 to schedule an appointment.

Vaccination Clinics (Held at the HSSA Clinic, 3450 N. Kelvin Blvd.) 9:30 a.m., Wednesdays, limited to first 35 animals 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m., Saturdays, no limit on number of animals PAWSH at La Encantada Kelvin #794363

2905 E. Skyline Dr., Suite 208 (Skyline/Campbell) HSSA Animal Adoptions, Pet Supplies, More! Tax-free shopping 327-6577

PAWSH at Park Place

Sebastian #800520

5870 E. Broadway Boulevard

Outside between Sears and Dillard’s

HSSA Animal Adoptions, Pet Supplies, More! Tax-free shopping 881-7406

PAWSH at Main Campus 3450 N. Kelvin Boulevard

Sprinkles #809016

Inside adoptions lobby

HSSA Animal Adoptions, Pet Supplies, More! Tax-free shopping




HSSA Main Campus

3450 N. Kelvin Blvd. (North off Fort Lowell between Country Club and Dodge)


327-0010 Great finds, tax-free shopping, donations accepted Mama #779385

Open: Tuesday-Saturday 10 am-6pm Sunday noon-5 pm

Fort Lowell Rd.

Companions For Life Center 3465 E. Kleindale (North side of street)

Dodge Blvd.

5311 E. Speedway (West of Craycroft)

Kelvin Blvd.

Country Club Rd.


HSSA Thrift Store



Humanely Speaking - Summer 2015  

Humane Society of Southern Arizona's quarterly publication. (Cover Critter - Mallow)

Humanely Speaking - Summer 2015  

Humane Society of Southern Arizona's quarterly publication. (Cover Critter - Mallow)