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On Your New Forever Home!

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A Letter From The Senior Leadership Team The first few months of the new year are bringing with it hope for a brighter future for HSSA. With the schematic design phase of our new campus completed and the detailed design work beginning, there is a sense of excitement at seeing the process unfold. One question we hear from our supporters is, “Will the new Humane Society be bigger?” The answer is yes. The current 71-yearold campus is just shy of 29,000 sq. ft. (this is a combination of several outdated, remodeled and free standing buildings and trailers). The new campus, at 635 W. Roger Road, will be 36,960 square feet on 5.2 acres. More important than a bigger footprint is a need for multi-purpose/multi-use spaces to support our three pillars: Shelter & Placement, Prevention, and Education & Outreach. The new design will concentrate on proper flow to increase staff and volunteer efficiency, and separate buildings to control and manage animal health and well-being. HSSA’s new campus is a thoughtful design, from on-going operational expenses, to long term maintenance and care. One term used in animal welfare and sheltering is “length of stay” or LOS. The LOS period is calculated from the time a pet enters a shelter to the time it leaves. Lowering length of stay is crucial in maintaining healthy canine and feline populations, lowering long-term animal care costs and helping animals find homes more quickly. Length of stay will vary per animal, depending on medical care needs, age or weight concerns, holding times and surgical needs. A larger footprint won’t necessarily help more pets, however, implementing efficient processes and lowering the length of stay can. HSSA is committed to improving our processes without compromising the health or safety of the pets in our care. We accomplish amazing things every day at our 71-year-old campus, but it is time for us to move. We are excited about our future and want to share it with you. Now, more than ever, we need your support to make our new campus a reality. It is important for us that our supporters know and understand the good and important work HSSA does. From our Education and Outreach efforts, to Prevention, Shelter and Placement, we are a comprehensive animal welfare organization serving pets and people in Southern Arizona. Please contact Diana Cannon, Chief Development Officer,, 321-3704 ext. 117 or Brandy Burke, Chief Operations Officer,, 3213704 ext. 183 to schedule a “behind the scenes” tour and discuss how you can get involved with our capital campaign.

The HSSA Senior Leadership Team: Brandy Burke, Acting CEO/Chief Operations Officer Clay Bacon, Chief Financial Officer Diana Cannon, Chief Development Officer

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Humanely Speaking • Winter 2016


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Who Says Old Dogs Need To Learn By Brandy Burke, COO New Tricks?


f you have ever thought about inviting a senior dog into your home, it can be with a sense of trepidation. Will they get along with the other dogs? Do they like cats? Are they housetrained? How much time do they have left? All of these are valid concerns for a potential adopter getting ready to open their home and heart to a senior pet. Meet Roosevelt, a 12 year old German Shepherd, transferred to HSSA from a Phoenix area shelter. Roosevelt was on one of those dreaded deadline emails. You know the one I’m talking about. All pet lovers hate to see it, but it is a call to action. “Sweet, gentle dog, medical concerns, needs rescued by X date and X time”. I understand the reason behind those emails and posts. There are too many pets entering our shelters in Arizona, leaving less and less space for the older pets with medical concerns. Their care costs more, they stay longer, they are harder to find placement for. I admit it. I am a sucker for an old grey muzzle. There is something soulful and all knowing in those eyes. They have seen something of the world, only to end up homeless near the end. Back to Roosevelt…12 years old, unneutered, a horribly untreated ear infection leaving him partially deaf, severe case of upper respiratory infection, undiagnosed walnut sized lump on his side. Basically, he is a shelter’s worst case scenario of a medical mess. Roosevelt got lucky. He came in under HSSA’s second chance program. He received the care and treatment that he had needed for a very long time. Roosevelt is home now. He has a place until the end of his life. It may be a year, it may be two. The average life span of a German Shepherd is 10-12 years, so who really knows? What I do know is that he’s happy. He likes his dog friends. He LOVES his cat friends (he likes to herd them, so I think he feels useful again). He likes his new humans, too. He gives the swetest, most gentle kisses. He is also a complete goofball and runs around the yard like a puppy at times. He sleeps the most sound of sleeps, like he knows he hasn’t got a worry in the world (because he doesn’t). He is over the moon about food and treats. Oh yeah, he’s housebroken (bonus)! If you have ever thought about adopting an older pet, but have had concerns, please reconsider. There is something very peaceful about this old dog snoring at my feet as I type this up. I love him like he has been with me forever. My heart will break when his time comes. I wouldn’t change a thing.

HSSA has many wonderful senior pets, waiting for new homes. Please consider adopting an older cat or dog, or a pet with medical needs. Visit our website at, our main campus, or any of our offsite adoption locations. Humanely Humanely Speaking Speaking •• Winter Winter 2016 2016


Board of Directors Susan Salmon - Chair Chris Slaney - Vice Chair Elizabeth Fella - Treasurer Tom Spendiarian - Secretary

Feedback ”I’d say Biscuit’s pretty happy we found him at your location. LOL.... blanket thief, indeed! Had him for 15 months so far!” -Sara

Board Members Terra Benson Kelle Campbell Larry Lang Dr. Michael Lent, DVM Carol Martin-Bowman Brian Seastone Melissa Seida Jordan Simon Marissa Sites Lora K. White

Congratulations, Kayla!

“These brothers were found as strays, wandering along the Santa Cruz River path three years ago. Although planning to adopt a dog, after losing my Mollie a few years before, adopting two hadn’t even entered my mind until I saw these guys. Truly bonded and inseparable, they joined my family and settled in nearly seamlessly. Matt (don’t call me mutt) and Jeff have yet to meet a person or dog they haven’t greeted with warmth, acceptance, and an excited tail wag. Often mistaken for Ewoks, they are truly the sweetest little creatures that I’ve ever had the privilege to know and love. Thanks to HSSA for keeping them safe until I could meet them. It was love at first sight!” -Mary

Happy with your adopted pet? Pleased with the services you received at the shelter? Let us know! Send us a note on any of our Social Media outlets, or write to us at: HSSA Letters, 3450 N. Kelvin Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85716. Or, you can always e-mail Letters should be brief; all letters are subject to editing or may be condensed for publication. Please include a phone number where you may be reached during the day. 4

Humanely Speaking • Winter 2016

“So blessed to have adopted this goofy fella (Rocky) from the HS. He is a lover and we are definitely a bonded pair!! He has even managed to get my husband to give him is own pillow in our bed! (Totally unheard of!!!!)Thanks for all the awesome staff and volunteers who walked, fed, loved, played and hung out with him until I was destined to meet him!” -Lily

“Emma, formerly known as Maria, is doing great! Making herself more and more at home every day!” -Holly

“We just arrived home with Titan! We are completely smitten!” -Jennifer

Saving Two Lives At Once By Gina Hansen, Education & Outreach Lead


t is estimated that on average, 22 veterans take their own lives per day. Nearly 50 percent of returning soldiers experience combat-related issues ranging from loss of limb to substance abuse and post-traumatic

stress disorder (PTSD). They may also be suffering from depression and loneliness, or having a hard time transitioning back to civilian life. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona took in an estimated 3,300 dogs in 2014 and that number will likely increase. Many of these dogs are also having a hard time transitioning to their new lives. By pairing up veterans and shelter dogs, we can save two lives at once. PATH (Pets and Their Heros) provides a unique opportunity for veterans to continue a tradition of service. This program was developed for veterans who may still be adjusting (upon their return from duty) to civilian life, and for shelter dogs in need of socialization and enrichment. By training, exercising, and socializing adoptable dogs at HSSA, the veterans enable these dogs to find forever

homes faster, which allows the veteran to witness the positive effects of his/ her efforts. Veteran volunteers can experience the joy, satisfaction, and sense of mission accomplishment that guided them in their prior uniformed service by helping out a four legged friend. The positive impacts continue; as training progresses, a comforting bond is created between animal and human, providing a unique therapeutic opportunity for both. Our first PATH program started this October and lasted 6 weeks. We met twice a week for a period of an hour and a half. It was a real treat to see such positive changes, not only in the dogs, but all the positive changes in the veterans who participated in the PATH program. Our focus was to train the dogs with positive reinforcement, but so many other lessons were taught: patience, communication, trust, behavior and understanding body language. This class provides each veteran with much needed camaraderie and feelings of worth and well-being. D

The dogs did so well that 3 out of the 4 found new homes!

If you know of a veteran who may benefit from this program, please have them contact the PATH Program Coordinator at 520-321-3704 x153 or Humanely Speaking • Winter 2016


Why I Volunteer at HSSA I read somewhere that you wanted to know why people volunteered for the Humane Society. I sort of brushed it off as someone else can do that, but...I cried a lot last night. Tears of joy for the good news that one of my foster kittens had found a good home and tears of sadness, remembering all the many pets I’ve cared for along the way. There were tears of pride after a call from my son who also rescues dogs and wildlife. It did make me think about your question: “Why do you do it?” There are several answers. All end in “it makes me feel better.” The first reason is that it brings my family into contact with other good people. To see the folks at PAWSH and HSSA helping clean kennels, transport animals and process adoptions, shows me what wonderful folks make up the staff and volunteers at HSSAZ. It is just nice to be around such generous and caring people! Then there is the selfish part. By taking care of babies, I get to share in the fun without the pain that goes with an older animal. I don’t have to face that they are old and dying and need help passing on. That is really hard to do and takes a special courage—one that the HSSA staff shares and is able to help us with. Each animal we love serves a purpose and takes a place in our hearts, and they leave such a big hole when they pass. It’s easy to raise babies. After our Shasta died of cancer, we raised many Guide Dog puppies. They had a purpose and went on to help others, and they gave us time to heal until Napi came along. He just wasn’t going to make it as a service dog. His time here was short and it was difficult to watch as lupus took him. Again, there was a big hole to fill. Now we have our little rescue Packer and Loveable Louie to care for. Of course we want them to stay young forever! My family always had animals in the house. One of my earliest memories was of Mom waking me (about 3yrs old) to show me the kittens that had been born in my bed while I slept. Then there is the old 3-D slide with special viewer that I still have of me with a big black cat (Inky) jumping into my arms, taken by my Dad with his new camera. Oh, and I have a funny old movie of a little girl named Amy Interested in pushing a baby carriage decked in ribbons and filled with kittens as we marched the local Veterans Day parade. And on my bookshelf sits a somewhat chewed volunteering at HSSA? in on children’s book called Scat, Scat Little Cat signed by the author and given to me by a favorite Aunt; which must have driven Dad nuts as I had to read it to We think that’s a great idea! him every night for years. Of course the little girl who “saved” the cat was HSSA could not exist without the renamed from Rosie to Amy each time I read it. hard work of its volunteers. Names are special and hard to come by. My son named his cat Misty Mt. Visit our website at Traveler as she enjoyed our many camping trips across the country, and our daughter had her Princess Fritha of Wickeldroth, named after her favorite for heroine in the sad war story, The Snow Goose. There were many more pets to more information, session dates, love us, and they all have happy memories associated with them. and times. My favorite memory is from one of my last visits with my Dad. He was now an old man sitting in a chair in the sunshine with a little striped alley cat named Questions? Emily cuddled in his big hands; the same hands that held footballs and babies, put up tents and paddled canoes, gave away brides and sent a son to the Please contact our service. Now it was Emily was doing her job helping him stay comfortable. That’s Volunteer Department why it’s hard for me to come up with names for the little rascals that we send at (520) 321-3704, out into the world to do their job helping give love to some other person. I know ext.126, or they will get their own special name from their new person. Yet, in my mind they are all named Emily. I want to thank HSSA for allowing me the privilege of sharing the lives of the little ones until they can find a home. And I thank all the marvelous people who share in the mission and make these good things happen.

~Amy 6

Humanely Speaking • Winter 2016


Clay Bacon Chief Financial Officer 124 Brandy Burke Chief Operating Officer 183 Diana Cannon Chief Development Officer 117

Off and Running: HSSA’s New Jog-A-Dog Program I

By Aaron Fisher, Manager of Volunteer Services

f you’ve been to the Humane Society lately, you may have noticed some changes to our regular routine of early morning dog walkers. Recently, we’ve added a jogging component to provide some much needed additional exercise, enrichment, and socialization to what the dogs are already being provided by our cadre of dedicated and highly qualified dog walkers.

The program currently takes place Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings from 7:30-10. On a typical day, our runners will provide a 20-30 minute jog for four-five dogs each. Two of our most dedicated volunteers are Brian and Melinda Moreno, who, between the two of them, haven’t missed a day yet. A staff member or highly experienced volunteer retrieves the dogs from the kennels and hands them off to the runners who await the dogs at the top of the Rillito, and then off they go. D

Pat Brayer Clinic Director 176 Aaron Fisher Manager of Volunteer Services 126 Vanessa Ford Director of Marketing & Communications 177 Lisa Gagnon Director of Human Resources 127

A few of our jogging alumni (dogs, that is!) who’ve recently been adopted are:

Christian Gonzalez Animals Services Director 108 Kim Holley Events Manager 174 Pat Hubbard Community Outreach & Education Director 138 Inge Koopman-Leyva Manager of Education 142 Karen Loudon Offsite Manager 133/154 Randy Peterson Director of Development 116 Sara Velderrain Thrift Store Manager 520-327-0010

Tucson community. Through this program, we’re hoping to not only provide some of our more energetic pups with en extra outlet to channel their energy, but also to give the Tucson community a fun and engaging way of getting their exercise. Who knows? We might even make a forever match with one of our runners and their four-legged HSSA jogging buddies.

Jaina, Rubio, Barlow, Red, Koa, Chip, Charlie, Yukon, Bruce, and Chips.

Through our two Jog-a-Dog orientations (in early November and December), we had more than 30 volunteers--both current and new--in attendance. Our recruiting efforts at local running shops, on HSSA’s website and via social media, were directed at local running groups such as Southern Arizona Roadrunners (SAR), the Tucson Runners Project and Tucson TriGirl. Those efforts have yielded a diverse and energetic group of volunteers from current HSSA staff, to University of Arizona professors and students, medical professionals, ROTC instructors, and other members of the

If you’re interested in joining this fun, rewarding, and innovative new program, please contact our Volunteer Office for details! (520) 321-3704 ext. 126 or 134.

Humanely Speaking • Winter 2016


Vaccination Clinic

It’s More Than Just Administering Vaccines! by Pat Brayer, Clinic Director


accinating pets certainly fits within the definition of our Prevention pillar, but in so many more ways than just the prevention of diseases in our pets and shelter pets. How, you ask? Vaccinating our pets and shelter pets not only gives them the protection they need from communicable diseases they may get from each other or may have unknowingly been exposed to, but also helps them live longer, healthier lives. Vaccinating also goes a long way in ensuring a forever home, and also ensuring unwanted litters and a future filled with more unwanted, homeless companion animals in our community. Is there a vaccine that can sterilize our pets? No, not yet – although there are Veterinary medical professionals and researchers who strive to discover that ‘sterilization’ vaccination and hopefully, one day, they will. So how then, you ask, can vaccinations help prevent more homeless pets? People who fully vaccinate their pets, especially at a young age and then booster them annually, along with regular checkups, are invested in the health and welfare of their pet for their lifetime. A very high percentage of our spay/ neuter appointments come from our Vaccination clinics. It is so rewarding to see a puppy or kitten begin their vaccination series with us, on their way to a healthier life, and then actually see them through their spay or neuter. Knowing that they’ve begun their lives protected from disease is only part of our message of prevention – that we can offer affordable spay/neuter 8

to not only prevent unwanted litters, but also help prevent many of the reproductive cancers that can beset unsterilized pets. Neutering a male cat or dog, if done before six months of age, prevents testicular cancer. There’s that ‘Prevention’ word again! Spaying a female cat or dog helps ‘Prevent’ pyometra and mammary cancer. Yup – ‘Prevention’ message again.

So, how do vaccinations do more than keep our pets healthy? Healthy pets stay in their homes, which means a forever home.

Humanely Speaking • Winter 2016

Vaccinations lead to spaying and neutering, which leads to preventing unwanted litters, which helps our Community prevent homeless companion animals! And new this season, the HSSA Vaccination Clinics are also offering Canine DNA testing. So often we’re asked “do you know what breed my dog is?” We could take a guess, but now we can offer canine pet parents a more definitive answer through DNA testing. While testing may answer the ‘mix’ questions (all the way back to grandma and grandpa) – with sometimes very funny results – it can also give a pet parent insight into their dogs’ behavior and traits that are really useful to know for manners and behavior training. Is there a breed that might have a bit of a stubborn streak? Is there a breed that really likes the water? Is there a herding breed in there somewhere – they’ll want to ‘work’ and have a job to do every day. Or maybe they just want to be a couch potato! This will help tailor training and activities to fit the dog, which keeps them happy, their pet parent happy, and in their forever home for life! HSSA’s Vaccination Clinics also provide Deworming for puppies and kittens, Heartworm testing and preventative medication, FeLV/FIV testing, and Flea, Tick and Ear Mite Treatment. So, Vaccination Clinic is really much, much more than just vaccines! D

Come to one of our 3 Weekly Vaccination Clinics: Tuesday - 1:00 PM Wednesday - 9:00 AM Saturday - 9:00 AM

The Team at HSSA Melissa majored in astronomy at Cornell (class of 2012) and will graduate with her PhD, also in astronomy, in 2017. She volunteers in dog walking and cat enrichment, participates in the Jog-a-Dog program, and sews adopt-me vests and blankets for HSSA.

Let’s meet volunteer

Melissa Halford

Andrea probably looks pretty Public Relations and Social familiar to you! As HSSA’s Public Relations and Social Media Media Coordinator Coordinator, Andrea makes many public appearances. But public appearances are only a small part of what she does at HSSA.

Andrea Mitchell

From starring in our commercials, to taking professional photos of our adorable animals, to managing our social media presence on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, Andrea is truly the “face” of HSSA. She makes sure the animals in our care get the best possible attention they can, telling their stories to the public to help them find their loving Forever Homes.

Growing up, Melissa’s family had a dog. Missing spending time with animals, she thought volunteering would be a great way to do that, while also helping those in need. Melissa says that as a grad student, it’s easy to think there is no time for anything outside of school, but she finds that she’s more effective when she sets aside some time to do other things. Melissa enjoys several aspects of volunteering, but she loves coming in to walk dogs first thing in the morning, and seeing how happy the dogs are to see her and the other volunteers. It’s a great way to start the day. While Melissa doesn’t have pets right now, she hopes to have a dog someday.

We know if they could, every animal in our care would say “Thank you” to Andrea for the great work she does on their behalf.

Fun Facts about Melissa: When she was about five years old, she found a cat in her aunt’s yard. They called the cat’s owner and she told them they could keep the cat if they wanted to because she worked long hours and the cat was lonely. Her aunt decided to keep her and let Melissa choose a name. Being five, she named her “Zoogzy.” When not working or volunteering, she likes to quilt, hike, and go rock climbing.

Look for us on Social Media! Facebook “f ” Logo

CMYK / .eps

Facebook “f ” Logo

CMYK / .eps

One of her articles was recently published in an astrophysics journal!

SHELTER STATISTICS Pets Received at the Humane Society: Cats 552 Dogs 866 Other 46 Total 1464 (333 of this total was transfers from other agencies/organizations)

Pets Adopted: Cats 532 Dogs 703 Other 33 Total 1,268

July - September 2015 Lost/Found Reports Taken: 1,749

Spay/Neuter Surgeries:

Pets Reclaimed by Their Owners: 59

Dogs 759

Vaccinations Given: 6,793 Pets in Foster Care: 435

Total 1,602

The remaining pets are in our care, still awaiting their forever Live-release rate*: 97 % home or in foster care.

Cats 838 Other 5

*based on industry standard calculation to measure number of animals that leave the shelter by adoption, transfer or return to owner

Humanely Speaking • Winter 2016


s t n e v E A HSS

Here’s some of what we’re doing in the community to benefit animals and you!

Yoga In The Park - January 23

On January 23rd from 12-5pm, HSSA and Om Yoga Tucson are in partnership to have our first “Yoga in the Park” located in Armory Park. Purchase a $20 entry ticket or a $40 entry ticket that includes a t-shirt, a custom yoga mat and a raffle ticket! Raffle tickets will be awarded throughout the day plus a GRAND PRIZE. Please bring your well behaved pet for the last class. Please purchase tickets on our website.

Cover Dog & Pet Expo - February 20 Join us on February 20th from 9:30-2:00pm, HSSA and Tucson Lifestyle Magazine will host our Cover Dog Search located at La Encantada restaurant circle. The winning dog will be featured on the cover of the May 2016 Tucson Lifestyle Magazine. A minimum donation of $12 per dog entered will benefit HSSA. For additional booth information, please call (520) 321-3704 x174. To purchase tickets, visit

Tails & Ales - April 3 It has become a tradition for Barrio Brewing, Tucson Roller Derby Girls and HSSA staff to get together for some good, CLEAN fun. On April 3rd from 11:00 am-4:00 pm, the local derby ladies will be washing your well behaved dog and Barrio will be supplying the beer with custom HSSA pint glasses.

Adopt Love Adopt Local - April 16 Save the date and join us for the Community Foundation of Southern Arizona’s 2nd annual adoption event on April 16th from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. HSSA will have cats, pocket pets, and dogs available for adoption. For more information please visit:

Puttin’ On The Dog - May 6 The Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s 18th annual “Puttin’ on the Dog” event is on May 6th. This particular event has won Tucson Weekly’s “Best Charity Event” for 7 years in a row. This year’s event will be held at the Hilton El Conquistador outside on the 9 hole golf course, from 6 to 9 pm. We will have our very popular live and silent auctions along with celebrity guest MCs, great music and the best food in Tucson provided by the Tucson Originals. For sponsorship opportunities, please call (520) 321-3704 x174.

Purchase tickets at

For tickets to these events, or for more information, please visit:


Humanely Speaking • Winter 2016

Previous Events

SWEAT FOR PETS: Walk, Run, & Roll Dubbed ‘Mosey for Mutts” in 2014, this year’s fundraising walk took on a new name and purpose. SWEAT FOR PETS: Walk, Run & Roll was held on November 1st at the U of A campus mall. Participants were encouraged to form teams and raise funds. In-turn, a number of incentive prizes were awarded; including HSSA water bottles, duffle bags and 6-pack drink coolers. While our goal was to reach $35,000, the community and supporters outdid themselves and raised a whopping $35,556… Yeah, you care!

Paws for the Holidays 2015 marked the 8th year that La Encantada hosted HSSA’s “Paws for the Holidays;” our version of pet photos with Santa! Held on Friday November 27th and Saturday November 28th, the community came out with pets and children alike. For a $10 donation, participants braved the post-Thanksgiving shoppers and from 6pm-8pm, and posed with Mr. Claus. Perhaps next year there will be a Mrs.!

Coffee & A Cuddle ‘Stress be gone.’ That was the theme at the University of Arizona Campus on Tuesday December 8th. Droves of students waited in line to cuddle puppies and snuggle with our VIP therapy dogs. Charging $5 per “therapy session,’ our sponsoring organization UA Volunteer (headed by Nwaf Alghamdi) raised an astounding $1033.95. Now that’s a grade we’re thrilled with! Check out event photos on Instagram with #UACuddle!

Tuesdays for Tucson Hosted by the eclectic and delicious downtown eatery, La Cocina, their weekly “Tuesdays for Tucson” charity night on December 15th was dedicated to HSSA. Between the hours of 5pm-10pm, 10% of all dinner and drinks sales went to HSSA. Though the weather was somewhat cold and frightful, the community came out in support and was delightful. This was also due to HSSA’s very own Behn Wolfe, our Education Program Coordinator. His presence doubled as the nights acoustic entertainment.

Join us for our next night, Tuesday April 12th 2016, at La Cocina! 201 N. Court Ave., Tucson 85701

GOT STUFF? Help animals!

We want your... clothes furniture vehicles toys electronics

instruments antiques artwork jewelry housewares pet supplies

5311 E Speedway Blvd. (520) 327-0100 x 155 Humanely Speaking • Winter 2016


In Loving Memory Our Friends and Family Leonard J. Albert Mary Pope Marion Anderson Patricia Ventura & family Roger Bilyeu Richard & Kathleen Vanesian Jill Birdman Kathryn Hindmand Marnie Witmer-Gautsch & Cheryl, Carter, Keaton, Callie, Josh, Clay & Emori Walter Birkby Julie Ferdon Eileen Boisvert Frank & Corie Boisvert Regina Brown Diane & Dan Thompson, George & Kathy Randle and Roger & Karen Patterson Davis Burke Joan Mueller Carolyn Chilicote Mary Hillmon Walter Clayton Sheila Clayton Rose Marie Daley Andrew & Nancy Smith Doris Derry Dennis & Judith Derry John Duke Laura Burback Kerry Luck-Torry Marcia Fisher Deborah, Marty, Bernice & Mindy Bank & Steven Pawelko Todd Flynn Sally & Steve Copperman 12

Jan Harrell Jack & Jo Harrison Steven & Jenny Phillips Jean Froemel Britt & Terri Froemel Michael Griffin Friends at Sunrise Window Cleaning Irene Hoelzel Isobel, Ed, Ronwyn & Isabella Barnhill Nelda Chimienti Vicki Howard John Howard Diane Hutchison Evelyn Bean Kenneth Krieger Sharon & Michael Knutson Rick Krivel Patty Krivel Todd Lambert Nancy & Norman Katz Betty Malody Janet Jonak & family Tom Maricic Alison & Mike Maricic Beth Mayer Mary & Paul Bancroft & family Martin & Patty Fette Sheila McPherson Las Villas de Granada HOA, Inc. Robert (Bob) Morken Paul Baker Hoanne Helmer Sidney & Catherine Mendelsohn Jean Moore Partners & Staff at Regier, Carr & Monroe, LLP Susan & James Sellers

Humanely Speaking • Winter 2016

Memorials received Sept. 16 –Dec. 15, 2015.

Sonia Nakis Ken & Kay Wilson

Laureen Vines Laura & Douglas Haines

Galen Oster Coe & Martin Slattery

Edith Wallhead Sheila Clayton

Lisa Jo Palmer CARF Friends & Colleagues Wednesday Night West Coast Swing Dance Class

Karen Wdowiak Catherine Wdowiak

Richard Pannell Jr. Elliot Frank Patricia A. Patterson Martin Brown Stuart & Joanna Brown Sandra Frazier Jane Adam & Bruce Rosenzweig Nancy & John Saatkamp Karen & Merrell Wunderlin Patricia Penta Harry & Cheryl Cannici Shirley Johnson, Aunt Mary, and Debbie Clauson & family Loretta Hopwood Lorri & “JJ” Midtsatre Minerva Rein Arlene, Roy & Alyssa Roberg Diana Taylor & family Lisa & Brandon Wong Frank Russell Carl & Betty Stevenson Mukhi Singh Twisted Tandoor fans

Leslie C. Wheeler Arlene Stevenson-Booth

With Gratitude Gifts from wills and trusts help ensure that HSSA’s charitable programs will continue serving people and animals in our community. We gratefully acknowledge, in memoriam, gifts from the following estates received in recent months: Estate of Glenn & Mildred White Estate of John Mallen Estate of Kurt Stoerrlein Estate of Cheryl Owen Estate of Florine Hughes Estate of Floyd Goodman

David Skriletz Hemco Electric Motor Co. Wendy, Rob, William & Andrew McDowell

Estate of Maria A. Friel

Barbara Slay-McDevitt Rhoda Sokal

Estate of Marva L. Gordon

Ron Sullivan Amy’s Hallmark – Club For All Seasons

Estate of Peter J. Blackmore Estate of Rosemary H. Engler

In Loving Memory Our Beloved Companions

Memorials received Sept. 16– Dec. 15, 2015.

“Bantu” Bracht Nancy & David Edling

“Kenji” Staley Dale & Kyoko Staley

“Stella” Asher-Parker Kathleen McNeal

“Barley” Tyrrell Kathleen McNeal

“Lucy” Burrola The Wednesday Pottery Pals

“Stig Magnus” Magmusson Jeanette Magmusson

“Barney” Ozolins John & Cathy Ozolins

“Maggie” Lai Kristi Lai

“Sugar” Rothschild Barbara & Richard Dexter

“Braxton” and all the animals we couldn’t save William Duffy

“Mariel” Giltner-Wheaton Jan Bell

“Torre” Wagner Robin & Mike Steel

“Mazy” Collins Dianne Winslow

“Tucker” Cantrell Alison Clark & family

“Mollie” Radzymunski Kelly & Tom Radzymunski

“Tucker” Nicol-Jessen Jackie Nicol & Paul Jessen

“Monty” Maltby Sandra & John O’Donnell

“Tuesday” Reid Joyce Reid

“Caspa” Maxwell Amanda Iverson

“Mr. Dillon” & “Rambo” Krolls Carol Maywood

“Vickie” Behrens Camille & John Behrens

“Celeste” Johnston Clare Johnston

“Maya” Shiner Bob Kafes

“Chili” Vogel Deborah Wong

“Mimi” Pettis Craig Barker

“Christine” Robinson Friends at Shepherd Wealth & Retirement

“Nora” Miller Thomas & Kim Miller

“Buck” Ward Steven & Joan Cass “Buddy” & “Tinker” Somers Mark & Cathy Somers “Cakes” Waters Joy Waters

“Cisco” Packard Janine Allison “Colbie” Strong Carolyn Strong “Dakota” Moyer Georgeann & Verne Casey Yolanda Walsh “Dexter” Reinhard Christian, Krisha, Graham, Mathis, Togo & Maycie Howell “Disney” Lloyd Carol Koch & family “Elwood” Maricic Alison & Mike Maricic “Festus” Lawther Daniela Lax & Linda “Honey” Kornhaber Susan Kornhaber “Jack” Bolinger-Tomer Terence DeCarolis

In Loving Memory of “Otis” Kielsmeir Feb, 2009 - Oct, 2015

“Zachary” Criswell Patricia Crisman “Zoe” Bourne Cassandra Bourne “Zoe” Craddock Melissa, Pam & Juli Vinikoor

In Loving Memory of “Rye” Bishop

Cecile & Richard Bishop

In Loving Memory of “Riley” Richardson

“Ozzie” Drake Tim & Laura McKay “Pepper” Sholes Sara & Earl O’Neil “Piddles” Herman Marc & Sarah Herman “Rascal” Strand Jennifer Strand “Sammy” McCumber Gloria McCumber “Sammy” Pastor Virginia Wilson “Shimmer” Cooper Kate Cooper

A trooper to the end who was taken way too early from a Jubilant Life. It was a true joy to be a part of his life! Wayne, Jude, & Chris Kielsmeir

Barbara Richardson

Humanely Speaking Memorial Donations

“Sierra” Joseph Dean & Susan Ciarniello

Memorial donations made to HSSA are acknowledged with a card to the designated recipient. Because of space constraints, only memorial donations of $50 or more per person/pet listed will be included in the Memorials section. Additional sentiments may be included as space allows.

“Sissy” & “Sparky” Hess Ron Hess

For more information, please call 321-3704, ext. 120, or email

“Sidon” Fisher Mary Alexander

Humanely Speaking • Winter 2016


New Program For Adolescents By Inge Koopman-Leyva, Manager of Education


n January, the Education Department will be rolling out a new program for adolescents. The Hand in Paw Youth Internship program is designed for youth who have a serious interest in animals, animal welfare or being a role model to younger children. The program will not only provide practical volunteer experience for those planning on pursuing a career with animals or children, but it will also teach the value of compassion and care for all living things. The program was created to fill a need and want for youth who have outgrown of Hand in Paw kids club but are often too young to be general Humane Society Volunteers. Interested youth must be between the ages of 12 – 18, must be responsible, reliable and enjoy leading younger youth in fun activities while interacting with animals. Interns will assist with our HIP Kids Club events, summer camps, and birthday paw-ties, as well as other monthly kids events. Interns will also have the opportunity to care for resident Education animals. Most kid’s events include animals, animal care, and socialization. Interns will go through all the necessary volunteer training in order to better equip them as advocates and leaders in their roles at the HSSA.

Applicants must:

Typical Duties Include:

• Complete the youth internship application and essay • Volunteer a minimum of 5 hours per month with the Education Department • Must be able to make a 6-month to one-year commitment • Work with minimal adult supervision • Possess basic organizational, reading and math skills • Be punctual and responsible • Enjoy working with children and animals • Be comfortable speaking to groups, children and adults • Complete all necessary HSSA orientations and trainings • Follow HSSA rules and regulations • Understand the need of animal welfare • Display a high level of tolerance and compassion for animals and people of various backgrounds • Be willing to work hard to help animals and educate children • Behave in a professional manner

• Participating in presentations and activities, including summer camps, Kids Club events, Birthday Paw-ties, offsite events, fairs, classroom programs and more • Assisting staff with shelter tours or activities at our Companions for Life Center • Cleaning cages and kennels • Caring for animals within the Education Department • Exercising and socializing animals • Assist younger children with educational programs and crafts • Stocking and sorting supplies • Assisting with office-related duties • Helping set up for events and cleaning up afterwards

Benefits of Youth Internship: • Tracking of intern hours for high school CS requirements • Letters of recommendations for future employment or college • Job training • Hands-on experience with children and animals • Developing and instilling compassion and empathy for all living beings

This is a great opportunity for youth who really have an affinity for animals and children and are ready to develop their leadership skills, life skills, selfesteem, social and emotion development and knowledge of animal welfare. D

For more information, or if you are interested in the HIP Youth Internship program, please contact Inge Koopman-Leyva at or call 520.321.3704, ext. 142 or visit our website at 14

Humanely Speaking • Winter 2016

HSSA’s One-Stop Adopt-and-Shop Spot! By Christian Gonzalez, Animal Services Director n the fall of 2009, The Humane Society of Southern Arizona partnered with General Growth Properties to open our first retail adoption center, PAWSH, at Park Place Mall. This was a new and unique endeavor for Tucson and HSSA; bringing shelter pets into a busy, clean and vibrant shopping center to find them homes. Six years later, this little store is still going strong, with over 4,500 adoptions under its belt!


In late summer of 2010, our second PAWSH location was opened at La Encantada mall, in partnership with Macerich. This location offered visibility in North Tucson, bringing the plight of homeless pets to an upscale, outdoor shopping experience. This location also attracts thousands of vacationing visitors every year, and a dozen or so of our pets now call a state outside of Arizona home.

Over 3,300 pets have been placed since opening our doors. The partnership with both Park Place Mall and La Encantada Mall has allowed HSSA to “bring pets to the people”, seven days a week. It is a unique, fun and relatively stress-free environment. Sometimes, visiting a shelter can overwhelm even the most stoic personality. Having fewer dogs and cats to choose from seems to actually help them find homes more quickly. These retail and adoption centers survive 100% on the patronage of our Tucson and Southern Arizona community. Shopping is always tax free and goes back to sustain the operation of the stores and care of the animals. So stop on by, pick up a gift for a friend, a feather toy for the cat or a new collar for the dog …and who knows? You may just leave with your newest best friend! D

Park Place Mall

La Encantada Mall

Main Shelter

5870 E Broadway Blvd.

2905 E Skyline Dr. Ste 208 (Above Crate & Barrel)

3450 N Kelvin Blvd. (In front of Adoptions!)

PAWSH Opening Day, 2009

Cattery Opening at Park Place

(North of the Dillard’s Parking Garage)

PAWSH at La Encantada Mall Humanely Speaking • Winter 2016


FAITHFUL FRIENDS Thank you to our Faithful Friends supporters who have set up monthly giving. Your support of this charitable option raised $21,115 this past quarter. If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to be more charitable, the Faithful Friends program may be right for you! For many people, providing a sustaining monthly gift as a Faithful Friend allows them to make a larger tax-deductible gift over time. For example, a $12 per month gift is 44% larger than an annual gift of $100. For more information on becoming a Faithful Friend, please call Brooke at (520)321-3704, ext. 120 or visit the “Get Involved” area on

18th Annual

Our Top 5

Donation Banks this quarter



Ace Hardware 11921 North First Avenue Ace Hardware 4722 East Broadway Ace Hardware 6959 East 22nd Oroweat Entenmann’s Bakery Outlet 7535 East Broadway Ace Hardware 4751 East Sunrise Drive Your change makes a big change in the lives of our animals. Look for HSSA donation boxes at more than 70 locations in our community.

Want to add a donation bank at your business? Call Linda at 321-3704, ext. 184 or email 16

FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2016, 6-9PM


Purrs & Wags Our Sincere Thanks

Tucson Federal Credit Union

Accutax +

Che’s Lounge

Sabino High School Pom Line

The Cellular Connection

Sabbagh Tax & Accounting

Mike Parks, Farmers Insurance

Petfinder Foundation & BuildA-Bear Workshop

Silver Spurs 4H Club

Plum Windows & Doors Mr. Beer

Bookmans Entertainment Exchange

Gadabout Salon Spas

Green Fields Country Day School

Title Security Agency of Arizona

A Loyal Companion Central Pet

Arizona Picture & Frame Gallery

Twisted Tandoor

PetSmart Charities

Rubs Massage Studio

CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services Merck The Maids of Tucson Petco

Humanely Speaking • Winter 2016

Banfield Charitable Trust Innovative Mailing Services Coding Continuum John M. Simpson Foundation Antigone Books ScriptSave

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School O’Rielly Family Foundation Collar Me Charming Tucson Coin & Autograph Om Yoga DevelopmentPLUS Fundraising Counsel Chris Nanos, Sheriff of Pima County Barbara LaWall, Pima County Attorney And employee giving campaigns at: IBM, American Airlines, Bank of America, Raytheon, JP Morgan Chase, GEICO, IBM Retirees, Tucson Airport Authority, Freeport McMoran, Morgan Stanley, Johnson & Johnson, AETNA, Wells Fargo


At GEICO, we know the only way to build stronger communities for tomorrow is to invest our time and energy today.

Keeping pets and their people together in Arizona and across the United States. Learn more at:

Our Supporters

proudly supports

We call it our insurance plan for the future, and it’s a policy we’re proud of.

For an auto quote 24 hours a day, visit or call 1-800-947-AUTO (2886).

Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not available in all states or all GEICO companies. GEICO is a registered service mark of Government Employees Insurance Company, Washington, D.C. 20076; a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. GEICO Gecko image © 1999-2014. © 2014 GEICO

Specialty Vets for Special Pets

We are here to help twenty-four hours a day, every day. • Dermatology • CT/MRI • Integrative Medicine

• Neurology

• Internal Medicine

• Companion Animal Rehabilitation Therapy

• Radiology

• Neurosurgery

• Valley Fever Center for Excellence

Diversified Print Solutions Proudly Supports the Humane Society of Southern Arizona Humanely Speaking • Winter 2016 17

4909 N La CaNada dr TuCsoN arizoNa 520-795-9955

Recognition does not imply endorsement by HSSA

• Surgery • 24-Hour Emergency • Oncology & Critical • Dentistry Care • Behavior

Our Supporters

Party Animal Birthday Paw-ty! Looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate your child’s birthday? Have a party with some animal friends – and make a difference in the lives of Southern Arizona’s homeless pets! You get: • •

• • •

3 hours of party time Downloadable invitations Visits with Pet VIP dogs and Monty the Python Craft activity and party game Decorations

• • • •

Tablecloths Plates, forks, napkins & cups Goodie Bags for up to 20 kids Up to 20 guests plus 2-4 adult chaperones. Activities are geared for children 6 and up.

Call (520)321-3704, x171 or 142, for details!

5311 E. Speedway Blvd 520.327.0010


20% Off

Recognition does not imply endorsement by HSSA

One Thrift Store item on your next visit with this coupon. HSJAN16 Cannot be combined with any other offers. Expires 12/31/2016

All proceeds benefit homeless pets in your community, plus your purchases are tax free!


This coupon entitles you to

10% Off

your entire purchase. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Expires 12/31/2016 Code: HSJAN16 MAIN CAMPUS, 3450 N Kelvin Blvd LA ENCANTADA, Skyline & Campbell PARK PLACE, Broadway & Wilmot

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation of gently used housewares, electronics, books and clothing. FOR PETS AND THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEM 18

Humanely Speaking • Winter 2016


Our Supporters

Planning for your estate? You can plan for your pets, too.

We often receive pets from the relative of a deceased person. Sometimes this is the wish of the deceased, but often it is not. Without proper planning, pets who suddenly find themselves grieving over their guardian also find themselves homeless. Our Guardian Angel Program ensures that pets whose owners provide for them in estate planning are guaranteed safe, loving homes. • 3450 N. Kelvin Blvd. 520-327-6088, ext.116

Did you know you can donate your vehicle to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona?

Recognition does not imply endorsement by HSSA

Call for your FREE tow and tax deduction. 1-877-721-PETS that’s 1-877-721-7387 Do you have an old car or truck that you no longer need? Donate it to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s Vehicle Donation Program in exchange for a tax deduction. We’ll schedule a free pick up of your car, truck, RV, motorcycle, golf cart or boat from anywhere in the US or Canada, auction it off, and put the proceeds to work supporting our programs. It’s another great way to support HSSA, and you don’t have to figure out how to get the dog and cat hairs off the seats! Humanely Speaking • Winter 2016


Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Tucson, AZ. Permit No. 1361

HSSA Main Campus– 3450 N. Kelvin Boulevard

Adoptions, Admissions, Administration Offices

Open 11 am-6 pm, Monday - Saturday; Noon-5 pm, Sunday

(520) 327-6088

Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic ( 3450 N. Kelvin, south of the shelter) Forrest #688439

Open Tuesday through Saturday by appointment only.

Call our clinic at 881-0321 to schedule an appointment.

Vaccination Clinics (Held at the HSSA Clinic, 3450 N. Kelvin Blvd.) 1:00 p.m. Tuesdays, limited to first 40 animals 9:00 a.m., Wednesdays and Saturdays, limited to first 40 animals PAWSH at La Encantada Layla #788226

2905 E. Skyline Dr., Suite 208 (Skyline/Campbell) HSSA Animal Adoptions, Pet Supplies, More! Tax-free shopping (520) 327-6577

PAWSH at Park Place

Mallow #804004

5870 E. Broadway Boulevard

Outside between Sears and Dillard’s

HSSA Animal Adoptions, Pet Supplies, More! Tax-free shopping (520) 881-7406

PAWSH at Main Campus 3450 N. Kelvin Boulevard HSSA Animal Adoptions, Pet Supplies, More! Tax-free shopping

3450 N. Kelvin Blvd. (North off Fort Lowell between Country Club and Dodge)


(520) 327-6088

5311 E. Speedway (West of Craycroft) Great finds, tax-free shopping, donations accepted Open: Tuesday-Saturday 10 am-6pm Sunday noon-5 pm

Pumpkin #801913

“Take us home!”

(520) 327-0010

Kelvin Blvd.

Kleindale Country Club Rd.

HSSA Thrift Store

HSSA Main Campus

Fort Lowell Rd.

Companions For Life Center 3465 E. Kleindale (North side of street)

Dodge Blvd.

Ginger #661440




Inside adoptions lobby


Humanely Speaking - Winter 2016  

Humane Society of Southern Arizona's quarterly Publication. (Cover Critter - Ruby)

Humanely Speaking - Winter 2016  

Humane Society of Southern Arizona's quarterly Publication. (Cover Critter - Ruby)