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Spring 2015


INSIDE Courtyard Cat Custodian Loving Luna New Staff Welcomed Cheryl Owen’s Legacy Saving One Cat Colony at a Time

From the Board of Directors By Susie Salmon, BOD Chair

Spring has arrived in Tucson, and as usual, brought change, growth, and joy. We just celebrated another year of serving the pets and people of Southern Arizona with our 17th annual Puttin’ on the Dog event at the Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Golf and Tennis Resort. As always, the generosity of our donors, our volunteers, and our community headlined the show, but we also have many successes to celebrate. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona continues to support the drive to make Tucson a No-Kill community by transferring pets from other organizations and finding them forever homes through adoptions at our main campus, select PetSmart locations, our off-site adoption events, and our signature PAWSH stores. On April 11th alone, we found forever homes for 45 pets at the massive “Adopt Love, Adopt Local” event held at the Tucson Expo Center. Some pets need a little extra boost to find their forever homes. We’ve had great success prepping pups with our Canine College program for several years. For over a year now, thanks to adoption counselor Pam Glantz, we’ve offered a socialization program that helps keep our kitties from getting too cranky in the challenging shelter environment.

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Spring means litter season.

Between that effort and our fabulous fosters, even some of our longer-term residents have found forever families. We love to celebrate the happy adoption stories, and we have many, but as a community, we still have more pets than there are homes. Thanks to the generosity of PetSmart Charities, we’ve been able to reach out to some of the more underserved areas of our community through the Fix It, Tucson! free spay/neuter campaign. We’ve spayed and neutered over 826 dogs in the 85705 zip code, and we will reach 507 more dogs before the end of the initiative, preventing tens of thousands (potentially hundreds of thousands) of animals from needless suffering. As you know, we could not accomplish all of this without the generosity of our donors, and our donors more than stepped up to the plate for this year’s Arizona Gives Day – you knocked it out

of the park! Smashing our goal of $35,000 in donations for the day, you gave more than $60,000, earning us second place overall in the state in total dollars raised, and garnering us a $10,000 bonus. Thank you so much for your unwavering support, and special thanks go to those folks who sponsored matching gifts and other challenges over the course of the day. Amidst all of this growth and joy comes change, and we bid farewell to our CEO, Maureen O’Nell. In her years with HSSA, Maureen honed our vision and mission, gave us more powerful ways to think about and talk about what we do, and was a fearless advocate for the animals. We thank Maureen, and wish her well in all her future endeavors. As Southern Arizona’s oldest and largest animal-welfare nonprofit, we’ve made a great deal of positive change for pets and people over the past seventy years. We’re so glad to have you with us.

Susie Salmon Chair HSSA Board of Directors

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Courtyard Cat Custodian By Pat Brayer, Clinic Director

Last November, I received an email request from a gentleman who desperately wanted to have a trio of kittens who were born in his small bungalow complex spayed and neutered. We spoke about the surgery itself and programs that were offered at HSSA that could assist him with cost. He was ecstatic that we could help, and he was anxious to book their appointments. I was sure he’d want to bring them in at the same time, so I offered him an appointment. After a moment, he told me he’d need three separate appointments because he would need to take them on the bus (well, actually 3 buses, since they lived quite a distance) and thought he could only manage one at a time. “Cats on a bus”, I thought? There was definitely a better way to get the kittens here, as well as assist this kindly, caring man. Reaching out to our ever supportive Volunteer Department, they quickly had two wonderful volunteers willing to pick up, and deliver, these precious kittens for their “spay day”! He was touched beyond words, and the transport was scheduled. Leia, Loki, and Emma arrived and everyone was so proud of our organization and the level of support that we could provide to our community in need. Not only did we spay and neuter this litter of 3, but this wonderful gentleman rallied his neighbors (who had all taken in the kittens born in their complex) and we transported and spayed each and every one of them – including their “Tortie” mom! But that’s not the end of the story. Just the other day, Thor, one of the most handsome “red boys” from transport number two, attended our Vaccination Clinic for his FRCP booster. His proud dad was beaming from ear to ear, thrilled that we remembered “his The courtyard cats are thriving now! boy”, and then blushing when we told him how proud we were of him and the loving care he bestowed on this precious little furry one. It’s all in a day’s spay (and neuter)!

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Humanely Speaking • SPRING 2015


Board of Directors


Susan Salmon - Chair Chris Slaney - Vice Chair Elizabeth Fella - Treasurer Tom Spendiarian - Secretary

Board Members Terra Benson Larry Lang Sheryl Lewis Chantal McCaman Brian A. Seastone Jordan S. Simon Marissa Sites Bruce L. Skolnik Sheri Trinchero Lora K. White

Cooper is now a cover model! Sweet Castiel (now Cooper) was adopted back in June of last year! This handsome man has been living the dream ever since. Here is an update from his loving owner: “We are doing well. As you can see he is very cherished. He gets to roam around free on three acres. He loves exploring. My friend and I have entered the contest for the cover of Tucson Lifestyle. We both purchased the ticket that will give us a mock magazine cover with our dogs. We are very excited. As always, thank you all for all you do for these precious creatures, helping them to find their forever home.” Joyce

Last month, sweet Mouse (now Trixie) was adopted to her forever family. In that family is also her brother Bandit, another HSSA alum that was adopted back in June of 2012! Here is a note from their adoring mom: “I just wanted to say a quick thank you! We got Bandit three years ago, he was abused and took some warming up, but he couldn’t be happier and is a great family dog. We got him a friend, also from The Humane Society, and they are bosom buddies! Trixie is the sweetest, most cuddly pup and the kids, Bandit, and two parents couldn’t be more happy! Thank you so much!” Heather

Trixie and Bandit are best buddies!

Daisy’s lucky number is 39!

We think that’s a great idea! The HSSA could not exist without the hard work of its volunteers. Check our website at for information session dates and times. Questions? Please contact our Volunteer Department at 321-3704, ext. 126, or

Daisy found her forever home back in August of 2013. It is clear that this precious girl is as happy as can be! Here is a note from her loving owner: “I adopted Daisy a little over a year and a half ago. I had been planning on getting a dog for a while, but the day I went into the Humane Society I wasn’t expecting to adopt. She was in kennel number 39 and they were just setting her in the kennel when I saw her and knew that she was the dog for me. I could not have asked for a more perfect companion. She has brought so much joy into my life and I feel so lucky to have her! Thank you to the HSSA. Without you, I would have never found my best friend!” Caitlin

Sweet Cammie was a staff and volunteer favorite when she was at HSSA! It is a joy to see this sleeping beauty happily ever after in her forever home. Her owners sent this update: “My boyfriend and I adopted Cammie about 5 months ago. When we first got her she was pretty shy; she laid at the front of her kennel and never barked - just laid and watched. Well she’s done a complete 180. She’s such a sweetheart and so full of energy. Adopting her was one of the best things we could’ve done.” Konner

Cammie is living the good life!

Cheryl Owens’ Legacy


By Lindsey Jones, Director of Marketing & Communications

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona received a $400,000 gift from the estate of a woman with a generous heart and a love of animals. Representatives from the Cheryl Owens Charitable Remainder Trust presented the HSSA with the donation, explaining that Ms. Owens was devoted to her own pets, and the welfare of others. A native of Long Island, NY, Ms. Owens moved to Tucson in the early 1980s. Ms. Owens passed away over the summer of 2014 at the age of 66.

and believed in responsible pet care. She believes all pets should be vaccinated, spayed, neutered, and was always upset when homeless animals suffered for lack of space or lack of medical care.

September-December 2014 Pets Received at the Humane Society:

“The Humane Society of Southern Arizona truly appreciates this generous gift from Ms. Owens, and will live up to her legacy as we work to ensure that all pets in our community are cared for and loved,” says HSSA CDO Diana Cannon.

Cats.......................................... 813 Dogs...................................... 1046. Other.........................................41 Total..................................... 1,900 Pets Adopted:

Bequests such as this from the Cheryl Owens Charitable Trust are a wonderful way

Cats..........................................856 Dogs......................................... 774. Other.........................................45 Total.......................................1,675 Live-release rate*: 97 percent The remaining pets are in our care, still awaiting their forever home or in foster care. Lost/Found Reports Taken: 2,162 Pets Reclaimed by Their Owners:

Former HSSA CEO Maureen O’Nell, Kathleen Brooks, Shannon Bennett, & Board Member Larry Lang Kathleen Brooks, a cousin, said Ms. Owens’ best friend was her poodle, Beau. She said Ms. Owens’ family always had rescue dogs when she was younger. “Her passion was animals,” Brooks says. “No pet was a stranger to her.”

to continue supporting a cause you believe in. The HSSA has a wide variety of options for legacy gifts, including stock transfers, charitable gift annuities and life insurance gifts. Please contact HSSA for more information or visit

Brooks said Ms. Owens wanted to donate to the HSSA because she dearly loved animals

85 Spay/Neuter Surgeries: Cats........................................ 1,454 Dogs....................................... 1,281 Other........................................... 8 Total....................................... 2,743 Vaccinations Given: 11,369 Pets in Foster Care: 325

Happy with your adopted pet? Pleased with the services you received at the shelter? Let us know! Write to HSSA Letters, 3450 N. Kelvin Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85716, or e-mail: editor@ Letters should be brief; all letters are subject to editing or may be condensed for publication. Please include a phone number where you may be reached during the day.

*based on industry standard calculation to measure number of animals that leave the shelter by adoption, transfer or return to owner

Humanely Speaking • SPRING 2015


Making A Difference

Staff Spotlight All her life Katherine Fisker has had a deep love of animals. Throughout her childhood she has brought any helpless, homeless animal she found wandering the streets into her home. You could say that Katherine was truly born to save the lives of animals. Katherine has been with the Humane Society of Southern Arizona since August of 2013. She started out as an adoption counselor for our offsite locations, but eventually moved to the shelter. As Katherine’s talents with helping out the more challenging dogs became very apparent, she was promoted to be the Behavior and Enrichment Technician for HSSA.

It is not uncommon to catch Katherine taking a high energy dog out for a bike ride on her lunch break, coming in early to spend some extra time with a shy pup, or practicing manners and tricks over and over again with an intelligent pooch during some down time. It is no wonder why this amazing worker is our go-to for our tough dogs, and the dogs simply love her back! Katherine, thank you for all that you do. Not only do you serve our deserving homeless pets, but you also care for the other staff members and customers around you. It is evident that your commitment and dedication to this organization and the pets you love, runs deep!

Volunteer Spotlight Julie Coulumbe is a volunteer who decided to become a foster when one of her dogs passed away. A friend told her about HSSA’s Foster Program, and Julie has made an incredibe contribution as a foster parent ever since. Julie says her favorite part of being a foster is knowing that the animals she takes in leave her house a little better than when they arrived. Her children and three dogs (all adopted from HSSA) also love having new dogs around, and all the dogs who are in her foster care become wellsocialized. Julie is “forever foster” to 2 dogs that she adopted from HSSA. Avery was found starving and pregnant as a stray. Julie and 6

her family fostered her with her 6 little pups. The family fell in love with sweet Avery, and she was adopted into the family permanently. Viggo is “a fat old man with stinky breath” says Julie. The family fostered him for four months while he healed from two leg surgeries and teeth extractions. Julie says he makes them laugh so much, they just had to make him a permanent part of the family. Julie does such great work with the animals in her care. She makes a difference in the lives of animals every day, and we thank her for her time, her efforts, and her love for all animals!

Humanely Speaking • SPRING 2015

DEPARTMENT EXTENSIONS (520) 321-3704 Brandy Burke Chief Operating Officer 183 Diana Cannon Chief Development Officer 117 Clay Bacon Chief Financial Officer 124 Christian Gonzalez Animals Services Director 108 Lisa Gagnon Director of Human Resources 127 Lindsey Jones Director of Marketing & Communications 146 Pat Hubbard Outreach & Education Director 138 Randy Peterson Director of Development 116 Pat Brayer Clinic Director 176 Rich Laguna Operations Manager 178 Kim Holley Events Manager 174 Inge Koopman-Leyva Manager of Education 142 Jane Clark Offsite Manager 133/154 Sara Velderrain Thrift Store Manager 520-327-0010

Paws for the Holidays

Tucson Subaru at River & Oracle

November 28-29, 2014

Did you know that Santa is a dog lover? At our Paws for the Holidays event, Santa took photos with babies and children (fur and human alike) and had the best time ever! There was no better way to kick the holidays into high gear than a fun photo session where photos were printed out on the spot! The evening at La Encantada also featured an Enchanted Snowfall and live music with lots of fun under the stars. Santa had a blast, and judging by the looks on these pups faces, so did they!

December 13, 2014

Subaru extended a hand to help current dog owners in need of vaccinations the opportunity to come by and keep their canine companions healthy! The first 150 dogs received free DAPP and rabies, a $25 value. Subaru also covered the adoption cost for the first 10 dogs that found their forever home!

Dogtoberfest for Handi-Dogs October 26, 2014

The Gregory School on Craycroft held a day to celebrate the special relationship that people have with their dogs. It was a day filled with fun activities and contests for people and their dogs, plus live music, food, soft drinks and yes, even a beer garden – after all it’s a ‘fest.’ Best of all, 100% of the proceeds benefitted Handi-Dogs which assists seniors and people with disabilities of all ages live more enriched and productive lives.

Golf for Gatos

September 13, 2014

Tucson’s premier golf party helps homeless pets in countelss ways. The day was complete with a hole-in-one prize of a Harley Davidson from Harley Davidson of Tucson. Attendees enjoyed ice cold Fat Tire beer breaks along the course, complete with Tex Mex BBQ lunch, raffles and prizes!

Walgreens Cares Once again, our amazing friends at Walgreens have raised money to help the pets in our care stay healthy and happy.

Randy Peterson, Director of Development, receiving a check for $5,700!

Humanely Speaking • SPRING 2015


Saving One Cat Colony at a Time By Brandy Burke, Chief Operating Officer

Welcome our new Director of Marketing & Communications, Lindsey Jones.

In June 2013, while driving through my neighborhood, I noticed a man watering his lawn…..and cats, a whole lot of cats. I pulled over, introduced myself and we started chatting. His name was Joe and he had lived in this home for more than 20 years. He and his wife Liz had been caring for homeless, dumped, and unwanted cats for as long as he could remember. They would spay and neuter when they could catch them and when they could afford it. They would buy food weekly, and that bill would add up quickly – there were a lot of mouths to feed. They would see kittens born every year, some survived and some didn’t. They hated to see these kitties suffering year after year.

Joe with one of the cats after TNR.

unaltered cats. I would pick them up, deliver them to the HSSA clinic for surgery and drop them back off in the evening. Something amazing happened. The population started to stabilize and fewer and fewer kittens were being born. This colony of cats is happy, healthy, well-fed and pretty lazy. Unaltered cats still show up or get dumped on their property, and while there is still TNR work to be done, it feels manageable. Joe and Liz love those cats. As do I. And I adore Joe and Liz too, because of the care they provide to some very special, and very fortunate, felines.

A before photo of one of the feral cats in this colony.

We talked about the TNR program and possibly trapping these cats for spay and neuter. We talked about prevention and stopping the cycle of suffering. Those weren’t the exact words I used then, but looking back, it was the essence of our conversation. Over the course of summer 2013, Joe and Liz trapped close to 40

Learn more about how you can get involved with TNR efforts in your neighborhood or community at

Lindsey Jones, Director of Marketing and Communications, joined the Humane Society of Southern Arizona in September 2014. With 25 years of non-profit experience Lindsey is thrilled to put her media relations, events, advertising, promotions and marketing experience to work executing a communications plan which helps the public access the many programs and services provided by HSSA. A Tucson native, Lindsey spent much of her early career working in the areas of HIV/AIDS and women and children’s services at the Tucson AIDS Project, CODAC Behavioral Health, Shalom House and the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation. She worked for ten years in San Francisco as the Event Director of AIDSWALK San Francisco and as the Executive Director of the San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade. When she isn’t at work, she enjoys taking her dog “Chance”, from HSSA, on walks and hikes, and drinking coffee in the morning while watching Chance play chase with his cat, Tiger. Lindsey has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Arizona.

These feral cats are much healthier and happier since their TNR adventure. 8

Humanely Speaking • SPRING 2015

Loving Luna, an Extra Special Mom

By Samantha Nichols, Public Relations & Social Media Coordinator Welcome our new Director of Development, Randy Peterson.

Darling Luna is still waiting for her forever home, months after her puppies have been adopted.

Every pet that enters through the front doors of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona has a unique story and a safe place to stay until they find a forever home. Occasionally though, a pet will need a little extra medical or emotional care due to the circumstances in which they come to us. Luna is one of those extra special stories. Luna arrived at our main campus on a January morning in serious distress. Luna was in labor and had delivered one puppy, but was struggling to birth the rest. Her owner knew that to save Luna and her puppies, they needed to seek immediate emergency medical attention. Our clinic team rushed to assist Luna and provide the life-saving surgery needed to save her and her 10 puppies. Luna’s owner was not able to keep her, and now sweet Luna is looking for a

forever home. All of her puppies found homes before she did, and this extra special momma needs someone extra special to accept her into their heart and home. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona is passionate about prevention. Whether it’s through vaccinations, spay and neuter, or our education and outreach efforts. Prevention can and will help end the cycle of pet suffering and homelessness. Sadly for many dogs and cats, a happy medical ending is not the case. Too often, help comes too late, or not all. HSSA urges everyone to spay and neuter, make sure animals have the proper vaccines, and become educated about how they can help our pets stay healthy. For more information, visit our website at

Randy Peterson joined our team in February as the new Director of Development. He brings more than 15 years of non-profit fundraising and management experience to the position, all with organizations here in Southern Arizona. The proud papa of two dogs adopted from HSSA (Cleopatra and Lucille Fur Ball), Randy is also a long-time Big Brother and a one-on-one tutor at Imago Dei Middle School. Contact Randy at with questions on planned giving, the Guardian Angel program, the auto donation program, and other ways to support HSSA.

Humanely Speaking • SPRING 2015


Dog Days in the Desert 2015 Dog Days in the Desert summer camps provides children with in-depth, hands-on education about animal care and the human-animal bond while instilling kindness and compassion. HSSA’s summer camps shadow our three pillars in order to realize our mission and vision. The pillars consist of Shelter and Placement, Prevention, and Education and Outreach, of which Education has an impact in all areas.

About the Program

The History of Animal Welfare: Animal Sheltering in Southern Arizona FULL

Our curriculum - based activities require a high level of participation from enrolled children. Participants enjoy a variety of classroom activities, creative and artistic exercises; hands-on animal care and character-building lessons that will stimulate their minds and consciousness. During Dog Days 2015 camps, children will be divided up by age groups and topics. Themes and topics will vary depending on the program for which children are registered. Topics will include but are not limited to: •Pet Ownership and Responsibility •Animal Handling and Bite Safety •Fostering Kindness and Compassion •Animal Welfare History •Veterinary Careers •Dog Identification and Breed History •Domestication of Cats and Dogs •Humane Treatment of Wild Native Animals •Exotic Animals as Pets •Animals in Entertainment •Life Skills for My Pet and I •Character Development A large part of the daily curriculum will include foster care of a variety of Humane Society pets including litters of young kittens and smaller companion animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and snakes. Dog socialization is also an important part of the daily animal interactions as we provide safe and meaningful connections with numerous dogs from our Pet VIP Therapy and Visitation program. “Our camps not only provide humane education lessons, but are also designed to teach children positive consequences of appropriate touch, play and boundaries with animals while building compassion, empathy, foster identity formation, develop healthy relationship skills and reinforce their own basic right to be treated with dignity and respect. The use of pets as a metaphor addresses the unique needs of children who may not only benefit from the interaction with pets as a non-threatening learning tool, but also will learn to prevent violence towards animals, reducing the repetition of the cycle of abuse, a known precursor to greater problems with crime, substance abuse and violence,” says Inge KoopmanLeyva, Manager of Education for the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. At the finalization of the four day program, participants will celebrate their completion of the program with a fun recognition party. 10

This camp is designed to introduce participants to the world of animal welfare, prevention, education, placement and sheltering. Campers will discover the history behind our local HSSA as well as other animal rescues. Additionally, campers will tour several local animal rescue organizations that help various types of animals.

2015 Camp Themes: Ages 6-8 Young Animal Advocates Monday – Thursday June 1 – 4, 2015 from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. This program is designed to teach campers about important animal welfare concepts including preventing overpopulation, kindness to animals, and responsibility. Kids will learn these concepts through hands-on animal care while forming meaningful and safe bonds. Pet Vet: Caring for Furry & Four-Legged Friends at the Children’s Museum Tucson FULL The HSSA and the Children’s Museum are teaming up to focus on our wonderful furry friends. Campers will explore animal careers and animal care using the Children’s Museum Pet Vet and Bodyology exhibits. On the last day participants will enjoy a behindthe-scenes tour of HSSA.

Ages 9-11 When Dogs Were Wolves and Cats Were Wild FULL Take a walk on the wild side of pets as we compare domestic companion animals to their wild counterparts. How are our pets’ needs different from their wild relatives’? And how do zoos best care for their animals? Spend two days exploring the habitats and ecology of our pets’ wild relatives at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum followed by two days at the Humane Society.

Humanely Speaking • SPRING 2015

Ages 12-14 Exotic Pets and Animals in Entertainment Monday – Thursday June 8 – 11, 2015 from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. This camp will explore the concerns with exotic animals kept as pets as well as how the use of animals in entertainment reflect a belief that animals are here for human entrainment and exploitation. Topics will include illegal capture of wild animals, zoos, circuses, racing, poaching and more. Children will be provided with the tools to make educated decisions regarding their views of these sensitive topics. Registration is now available online at www., click on the Education link. For more information on HSSA’s summer camps call Inge Koopman-Leyva at 520.321.3704, ext. 142 or email .

Scratching Post For our H.I.P. Kids Club Members

Kids helping pets The Humane Society of Southern Arizona would like to thank the following Kind Kids and Schools for their support and care of our homeless companion animals. These individuals created and worked on community service projects to benefit the animals in our care. These include birthday parties, bake sales, Dollars for Dogs and Cash for Cats Campaigns, pet supply drives, penny drives and many more creative ways to help animals. For more information on community service projects to benefit animals in our care, call (520)321-3704, ext. 142, or email

Academy of Tucson High School Junior Civitan Club Addison Aiden Arianna Ayden Brandon Carbin Corbin Danny Delaney Dolan Dylan Lederer Elaina Hall Emberlynn Emilee Girl Scout Troop # 322 Girl Scout Troop #393 Jaysa Jonah

Jordyn Laura Layla Lucas Milana Naemi Old Vail Middle School Rio Lederer Ss. Peter and Paul Parents Club Santino The Gregory School Tucson Country Day School Veronica Bush Zufan

In Loving Memory Our Friends and Family Jerri Allen Adam & Anne Weiss Teresa Allen Roberta Christensen Margaret Molloy Lois Birchard Susan Bodenhamer Wilfred Wong Walter Birkby Carmen Birkby Raymond Cole, Ray Mooney, Pa & Staff Gloria Fenner Ned & Eola Hedges Harvey & Barbara Traub Judith Burrows Filis Cardieri Joan Mueller Melinda Carrell Joan Muller Estella Cech Carol & William Emmerich Lucille Childers Sheila Clayton John Chivers Nina, Dave & Brett Bossert Morris Conecoff JoEllen Leeber John Crawford Barbara Gelband George & Shelby Halverson Douglas Haines Lori Iaconis Marilyn Murray James Sumwalt Hazel Culver Marla Berry Judy DeKeyser Darlene & Bernie Keegan Michael D. Edwards Peter Guild Kathy Karl James & Sylvia Pfersdorf Southwest Gas Corporation Kellie Webb Beverly & Barry Weissenborn June Ewing Cindy Ewing 12

Marsha Fluhr Cheryl Capotosto TMC Coding Team Edith Frederick Carol & William Emmerich Frank A. Gonzales Mario’s Friends at TMC Alice Greenberg Cheryl James Michelle Haldeman Mary Beth Edmonds Marilyn Hansen Dorothy Englund Permelia Harden Don & Shirley Arendell James & Jeanette Broshears Joan Carter Robert Wilson William & Ruth Harrington Judith & Greg Hamre Lelo, Chance & Turtles Jennifer Hoffmann Roberta & Buzz Hoffmann Maria Elena Jaramillo Chantal McCaman Your Friends at HSSA Donald Jensen Mary Lee & Charlie Etchells Reynold (Ray) Johnson Jeanette Magnusson James L. (Jimmie) Johnston Balwant Cheema CPA Team George Fellner Cynthia Heath-Smith Jean Hoag Jim L. Johnston Investments Ron & Janice Kester Roger & Judy Kirschman Artie Kirchner-Burton Audrey & John Finley Norman J. Luzier Alison & James Luzier Carol Lyons Barbara Cunningham & Diane Worthington Tom Maricic Alison & Mike Maricic

Humanely Speaking • SPRING 2015

Memorials received Sept. 8 through Mar. 7, 2015.

Frank Miller Erin & Jeff Bridge Dorinne Buffington David Chasney JoAnn & George Couchman Albert Eichelberger Richard Finley Sarah Kim Joseph Martinich & Vicki Sauter Debra Rich Julie Ryan William Schoening Christine Swinford Robert Nelson Jennifer Vance Dr. Nolte Kathleen McNeal Donald O’Berto Peter Bazzoni John & Ellen Lange Jack & Erika Ostrander Neil Ostrander Parents of Greg & Susan Bryson Mary Fahey Stewart Powell S. Burton Ross Ruth Rainwater Meredith Bode Your Friends at HSSA Jane E. Rhudy Kathie Kalmowitz John Roads Henrietta Roads Herbert Rockfeld Michael Rockfeld Marvin Sablosky Amy Charles & Steve McMillan Helen Seader Mary Lee & Charlie Etchells William Sellers Alison & Mike Maricic Kenneth Shaw Dolores J. Shaw Helen Shinevar Mike & Roberta Shinevar Rachel Shironada Luis & Clarissa Costillo III

Jim Still Dawn Darkes Guy Stodard Irene Topor Betty J. Strong Loren Runner & family Elizabeth Stover Nancy Whitney Donna Tagg Marty Tagg Carol & Scott Thorstenson Karen Kraetz Stella Topielec Victoria Massaccesi Thomas Nawara Ken Topielec & Mike Sythe Mark A. Trombley Friends of the Kirk Bear Canyon Library Fred Walker Willie & Corky Boisvert Doyle E. Ware Karen Brauer Jean Eberle Dustin Mets Cynde Trulson William Wetzel Carl & Maureen Luikart Leslie Wheeler Bruce & Delores Sandburg Dan J. Wineinger Jennie Dodd Patricia Wolfarth Ellen Murphy Phyllis Wright Sandy Brocavich Evelyn Youngberg Otto Budig Jr. Lori Taniguchi Charles Tollefson Kim Zonge Darlene & Bernie Keegan Rosalinda Boyea Don & Corrine Casey, Babe & Anita Chester, Randy & Kris Gensler, Lee Miller, Mark & Mayre Miller Karen Pound Ruth Adelstone Allison Axelrod

In Loving Memory

David Baker Ellen Kwader-Murphy Lisette McIntosh Deborah Tinajero & Family Teresa J. Allen Western Blend Inc. Katy Lou Andrews Sharry Biediger Kathy Rosenbaum Pauline Anthony Gail Bunch Joyce Hayes Father of David Arzouman Judith Driscoll Lois U. Banes Julia Faltin Fay Roos Betty Barlow Sharon Giddings Donna Baxter Wendy Ostrander Nancy Blackwell Dalton & Lois Blackwell Stanley & Norene Blackwell William Blackwell Vince & Adrienne Dastole Thelma Davis Jacqueline & Douglas Freel, Dalton & Terri Blackwell, Hale & Kathleen Steurer, Penny & Steve Pratt, Robert & Iv Blackwell and Deborah & Mark McDaris Mark & Kimberly Papak Don & Helen Stephens Michael Welborn Betty Bouchard Myriam Neuts Crowell R. (Rick) Boyce Judith Derry Sally M. Brooks Rosemary Morrison Patricia Cahill Mary Shea John Callender BKW Farms Norleen & Daniel Brown Lance & Jennifer Burns Anthony (Tony) Carrillo Christine Casey Charlene Cavender Marge & Albert Sheppard

Lee Cayson Jane Powers Judy Dekeyser Susan Zonge & family Sheryl Deloria Connie Leber Remo DiCenso Sven, Lynda & Andrew Gunn Molly Dodd Barbara & Brett McGee Flora B. Dunn Presidio Group Wealth Management Frank Edmond Kathy King & Zoe Deb Emert Sheila Clayton Elizabeth (Dolly) Fallwell Linda McKean & Sarah, Hazel, Gary, Larry, Bill, Terri & Bonnie,Our precious Aunt Dolly: An animal’s guardian angel Earl W. Fernelius Albert Mast Agnes Reducinda Sinohui (Inez) Fontes Willie Boisvert Ogan Gajdos Barbara Bruns Christopher Gleeson Donald & Cheryl Brown Daniel & Kathryn Foster Alice Greenberg Dale Adamsbaum Jane Klein Dennis I. Greene David Deibel Margaret Kusian Ivar Hamre, Jr. Judith Hamre-Lelo Permelia Harden Ellen Abrams Janet & Louis Fox Becky Potter Charlene Stonebraker & family Sue Warnock Cindy Hartshorne John Ogle Gerald Williamson Karl Hamel Ann Buhl

William Hawley Ernest Oertle Janet M. Harmon Patricia Mitchell Vicki Howard John Howard Rick Krivel Patty Krivel Shelli Lehner Conrad & Vicki Warren John Leonard Faith Vilas Patty Liccione Dawn Liccione Victor Lynn Dorwin Newman Ronald Peterson Ken Porter Carol M. Lyons Jean Emrick Peter Sanborn Family and Nancy Helmbold Sally Marcavage James & Lynn Lichtenstein John D. Marshall Ron Wilson Elaine Meyer Jackie & Randy Baker Floyd Berk Anita & Jim Dover John & Sue Gigax Nick & Sharon Mansour Martin Meyer, Lois Miller & Mary Lu Paulson Christine & Michael Morgan Sharyn Rosenbaum Wilber & Sondra Voss Charles & Ruth Waldron Martha Miller Cynthia Collins Barry A. Mulligan Marianne Hamilton Walter Nebesny Staff at Research Support Services Lary Nichols Nikki Borradaile CFSD Administrative Team Mike & Sheryl Deconcini Elizabeth Peak

Steve Penton Chantal & Brock McCaman Shirley Poulin Margaret Gagnon Francis R. Quinn Lily Meijer John P. Robbins Norman & Marjorie Landry Frances Russell Daniel Konen Larry Sarachene Connie Nikolaidis LaQuita J. Siqueiros Paulette Pauley Leslie Reingruber Roger Slonecker Mary Slonecker & Bette Grosse Pearl J. Smith TelecomPioneers – Arizona Chapter #66 Sandra Smith Donna Dominguez Leota (Otie) Sneed-Strong Linda Foye Richard B. Standish Laurel Thorpe James Edmond Still Marilyn Brown Christy Powers & the Blackpak Anita & James Dover Eileen & Ray Weick Ben Storek Betty McCullen Elizabeth Stover Jim & Bobbie Barg Robert (Bob) Stratemeyer Kara Connatser Betty Stuehm Marianne Leis Sue Tantlinger Arthur & Alice Lundeberg Leila Vladich Trudy & David Black John Kornfeld George McGrady R. P. Young Dennis Williams

Humanely Speaking • SPRING 2015


In Loving Memory Our Beloved Companions “Adi” Samberg Judy Samberg, Robin, Corey & Elli “Arvey” Valenzuela Lorenia Valenzuela “Ashlee” Wiener Ann Wright “Atilla” & “Molly” Weekes Brigitte Weekes “Bandi” Hartman Renate Krompasky “Bart” Molina Leyla Molina “Belle” Quick Michelle Herman “Bentley” Trinchero Sheryl Lewis “Bertie” Fry Patrick Schifano “Blue Eyes” & “Snow White” Winegrad Bernard Winegrad “Brinca” Horowitz Sumner Milender & Edith Michelson “Bruce” Herman Lynn Bianchi “Bubbie” Martin Lynn Martin “Cakes” Waters Joy Waters “Candy” Thompson Fred Thompson “Carley” Simmons Rebecca Simmons Ventana Animal Hospital “Chester” Duveback Hannah Sainz “Chucha” Barrios Pam Tilden “Coco” Nash Julianne French

“Dallas” Treat Dorothy Treat “Desi” Miller Norma Arnow “Dieter”, “Emma”, “Ernesto”, “Ivan”, “Gracie” & “Marsha” Meyers Gary Meyers & Christina Melnykovych-Meyers “Elsa” Casey Rita Hartman “Ernie” Bradley Diane Bradley “Finn” & “Kiva” Snedaker-Mainz Susan Snedaker “Fonzi” Hogue Ashley Hogue, Our little rescue dog. “Fraidy Cat” Schultz Marilyn Schultz “Fuzzy” & “Sasha” Neuts Myriam Neuts “George” Mendonca-Johnson Jay, Ainsley & Jenny Johnson “Hercules” Phillips Joan Phillips “Howie” Gilbert Susan Bacal & Diane, Sheba & Moses “Ivy” Simonson Renee Claddock,Juli, Mindy, Jonna, Giselle, Debbie J., Kathleen P., Sue, Melissa & Mimi “Jake” Weekes Brigitte S. Weekes “Kodiak” Cornelius Patti Van Leer “Lady Z” Jill Hofer “Lily” Shivack Ian & Ina Shivack

Memorials received Sept. 8 through Mar. 7, 2015.

“Lola” Palacios Patricia Palacios “Lucy” Dalton Nancy Buchanan “Meena” Wilson Marilyn Lee Wilson “Merlin” & “Peabody” Nellis Edwina Nellis “Missy” Jacobs Steve & Dolores Jacobs “Molly” Weekes Brigitte Weekes “Murphy” Giese Susan Ahrens “Nitro” Marshall Jeff Bell “Nutley” Storie Kitty Storie “Oli” Nelson Robert & Sheryl Greenberg “Omie Alice” Becker-Lusk Linda Lewis “Opie” McKee-Estrada Suzanne McKee & Hector Estrada “Otis Hambone” & “Rugby” Samson Daniela Lax & Linda Snyder Dave Sisk “Pepper” Blum Penelope Blum “Phoebe” Euler Debbie Elver “Phoenix” Vaillancourt Katherine Sawyer “Polly” Clark Cathy & John McGowan “Pun” Hitzerman Helen Cates “Quincey” Baugher Jamila Baugher

“Reina” Altschuler Janet Altschuler, I hope you are slurping snacks in heaven! “Roya” Roberts William Golden Rob Martin “Sadie” Drummond Debbie Wong “Sailor” Putnam Fay Beauchine “Snickers” Raschke Jay & Elise Raschke “Sophie” Powell Stephen Powell “Sophie” Topmiller Mary Topmiller “Spunk” Gillman Marilyn & Tom Gillman “Tasha” Mirabent Sofia Mirabent “T-Bone” Skinner-Kovacs Julia Skinner Linda Skinner “Tyler” Jarzembinski Paul Butler “Veda” Carlson Sandra Boesswetter “Wylie” Hartle Erika Hartle-Schutte “Amy” Saul S. Fran Hubbard “Annie Elaine” Smith Lois Van Valkenburg “Baby” Denham Mary Beth Noonan & Tiny “Bailey” Sanders-Silverman Robert Kafes “Bailey” Thorstenson Karen Kraetz

Humanely Speaking Memorial Donations Memorial donations made to HSSA are acknowledged with a card to the designated recipient. Because of space constraints, only memorial donations of $50 or more per person/pet listed will be included in the Memorials section. Additional sentiments may be included as space allows.

For more information, please call Brooke Myers at 321-3704, ext. 120, or email


Humanely Speaking • SPRING 2015

In Loving Memory of “Keli” Powell

In Loving Memory of

“Howie” Glattke

In Loving Memory “Beau” Moffett Joan Moffett “Blue” Zipf Craig Barker “Bronx” Lizardi Rosemary Lizardi “Buddy” LaDuc Wilma LaDuc “Buddy Blue” Sprinkle Christian Sprinkle “Candy” Lewis Brock & Chantal McCaman “Carson” Brooks Sheryl & Allen Freed “Chestnut” & “Muggs” Smolinski Lois & Frank Smolinski “Chica” Bedier-Freebourn Lisa Wagenheim “Cooter” Schultz Wade Schultz “Corkie” Miner Brooke & “Cheyanne” Miner “Daisy” Nelson Gloria & Vickie Radoye “Deimos” & “Ife” EckertMaggert Naomi Pang “Dogpatch Max” (Brownie Boy) Hayden Kay Aldridge & Tucker “Don Segundo Howard” (Howie) Glattke Theodore & Jean Glattke “Einstein” Hennelly Annemarie & Richard Zimmerman “EmilyAnn” Kathleen McNeal “Gerti” Beal-Miller Barbara Beal-Miller & Mark Miller “G.G.”, “Irish” & “Shauna” Welch Harold Welch

“Gilmour” Leuders Sandra Lueders “Glory La Purisma” Dudley Dieter & Beth Berninger “Gracie” Kleinhans Virginia & Patrick Carrillo “Gus” Hutchins C. Jane Decker & Betty Donnelly “Heidi” Esperti Michael Keating “Heidi” Muzzy Kay Lowe “Henry” Wattis William Zachau “Jimmy” Ackermann Michael, Nan & Bob Salmon “Joey” Gallagher-Schaffer Theresa Shaw and Bella, Baby & Scooter “Kaley” Fuller Sue Ahrend & Joe Ciaramitaro “Keli” Powell Maryann Powell “Koby” Zespy Kelli Zespy “Kona” Randall Kate Randall “Lady” Kline Gay Kline “Lance” Josephine Lai & Frances Morgan “Lance” Simon-Winslow David Collins Josephine Lai & Frances Morgan “Lelee” McClellan Oak & More “Lexi” Salvestrini William & Maria Salvestrini “Lucy” Ahrens Joseph Ciaramitaro Maria Johnston

In Loving Memory of “Clark” Clark was a sweet cat with a HUGE personality. He was a long term resident in the HSSA cat palace where he lived in the largest kennel and was given time to free roam. He loved to bask in the sun and tell you about his day. He even liked to be helpful, jumping on laps to “assist” with paperwork. Clark was definitely the king of the clinic , and we all miss him very much.

“Maddy” Mathieu Oak & More “Maddy Mae” Carbeck Daphne Lingon and Bob Jr., Dennie, Chris, Mark, Katie, John & Jen “Madeleine” Hughes Jo-Ann Munderloh “Margaret” SchuchartPlymyer-Thatcher Robert, Jeff, York & Derby Barto “Noah” & “Penelope” McSally Martha McSally “Nora” Liska Terence DeCarolis “Opie” McKee-Estrada Sandi McCullar Suzanne McKee & Hector Estrada “Oscar” & “Velvet” Mills Eric Mills “Paddy” Schaeffer Bernadette Schaeffer “Peaches” Puntenney Jerrold Puntenney “Pearl” & “Pete” Williams Sandra Rutherford “Rooster” Hanlon Jeff Hanlon “Roxy” Wood Larry Davies “Rvca” Riggs Deborah & Jim McLaughlin

“Sadie” Hall Mary Ayre, Barbara Angerhofer, Edgar, Peanut, Priscilla & Tiggie “Sadie” Rich-Schumuker Terral, Greg & Abbey Rich “Sage” Kallevig Richard & Barbara Rintala “Salsa” Still Dawn Darkes “Sasha” Allen-Gruenwald Jean Allen & Tom Gruenwald “Shady” Chatfield Richard & Bobbie Chatfield “Smoky Kitty” Olmstead Cathy Olmstead “Spunky” Garatti Mary, Don, Bearon & Justice Pope “Sugar” Rothschild Barbara Dexter “Tiffany” Bodzioch Your Friends at HSSA “T-Bone” Skinner-Kovacs Julie Hall “Teddy” Riffle Michael Riffle “Trooper” Boyd-Wegener Nancy Wall “Willie” Damento Richard & Brenda Evans “Winnie” May Hella & Alicia Nordberg

Planning for your estate? You can plan for your pets, too.

We often receive pets from the relative of a deceased person. Sometimes this is the wish of the deceased, but often it is not. Without proper planning, pets who suddenly find themselves grieving over their guardian also find themselves homeless. Our Guardian Angel Program ensures that pets whose owners provide for them in estate planning are guaranteed safe, loving homes. • 3450 N. Kelvin Blvd. • 520-327-6088, ext.116 Humanely Speaking • SPRING 2015


You may not match, but your employer might! Double Your Dollars! Thank you for supporting the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Want to do more? How about DOUBLING or even TRIPLING your gift! Many companies match employees and retirees gifts. Please call us at 321-3704, ext. 116 to see if your company is a match. If so, we’ll send you the forms you need to secure your employer matching gift.


Please consider making a tax-deductible donation of gently used housewares, electronics, books and clothing.


All proceeds benefit homeless pets in your community, plus your purchases are tax free!



one Thrift Store item on your next visit with this coupon

Expires June 30, 2015

5311 E. Speedway Blvd 520.327.0010 FOR PETS AND THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEM

Call 321-3704 ext. 116 or visit With Gratitude Gifts from wills and trusts help ensure that HSSA’s charitable programs will continue serving people and animals in our community. We gratefully acknowledge, in memoriam, gifts from the following estates received in recent months:

Estate of Joseph Augustine Estate of John Mallen Estate of Kurt Stoerrlein Estate of Rosemary H. Engler Estate of Bonnie S. Forunato Estate of Marva L. Gordon Estate of Phillip Harris Estate of Laura Hollander Estate of Margaret Leitch Estate of Lynne M. Whitcomb


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ADOPTION • PET SUPPLIES • TOYS & TREATS GIFTS FOR ANIMAL LOVERS LA ENCANTADA PARK PLACE Skyline & Campbell Broadway & Wilmot (520) 327-6577 (520) 881-7406 MAIN CAMPUS 3450 N Kelvin Blvd (520) 327-6088

Tax-free shopping benefits pets waiting for their forever homes.

Thank you to all of our Faithful Friends of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona who have set up monthly giving. Your support of this charitable option raised $17,802 this past quarter! For many people, providing a sustaining monthly gift as a Faithful Friend allows them to make a larger show of support over time. For example, a $10 per month gift is 20% larger than a one-time gift of $100. For information on becoming a Faithful Friend, or if you are already a Friend who would like to boost your gift by $2, $5 or $10 a month, please call 321-3704, ext. 120.

Our Top 5 Donation Banks this quarter


you Thank

Ace Hardware 6959 E 22nd Street Ace Hardware 4751 E Sunrise Dr Papa John’s Pizza 6860 E Sunrise Dr Ace Hardware 5722 E Broadway Blvd Ace Hardware 745 E 9th St

Purrs & Wags

Our Sincere Thanks PetSmart Charities Petfinder Canyon Ranch Build-A-Bear Hugs Foundation The Maids of Tucson/BFJS Enterprises Mr. Beer Diana Madaras Tucson Kino Rotary Club Pedigree Foundation Tucson Federal Credit Union

Keep an eye out for an HSSA donation box at more than 70 locations throughout Tucson. Even your small change can help us make a big difference! Want to add a donation bank at your business? Call 321-3704, ext. 184, or email

Tucson Hebrew Academy Greenfields Country Day School 5th Graders Gentle Ben’s Brewing Buffalo Exchange Tanque Verde Lutheran Church Barrio Brewery

Flowing Wells High School bake sale UA Derby Cats Skyline Woman’s Golf Association Saints Peter & Paul Catholic School 6th Graders

Piccaretta Davis PC St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School Designlines, Inc. WoofTrax

Weakender’s Camp Club St. Michael’s Parish Day School James K. Marvel, Slosser Struse PLC. The Law Offices of Kay Richter Elizabeth Spilotro, Karp & Weiss Denice Shepherd Law Office Tucson Lifestyle La Encantada

Employee giving campaigns at: Fry’s Food Stores BBVA Compass Bank IBM Bank of America Carmax Aetna Tucson Airport Authority AT&T Wells Fargo Raytheon Allstate UnitedHealth Google Sorenson Communications Levovo

Robby Adamson, Duffield Adamson & Helenbolt PC Tucson Country Day School Nicky’s Dress Down Day

Humanely Speaking • SPRING 2015


THANKS TO OUR FOREVER HOME SPONSORS! Alison Maricic wanted to sponsor a Maine Coon in memory of her friend’s Maine Coon, “Buddy.” Honey came to HSSA along with her sister, Penny, back in September of last year. Both originally stray cats, they were surrendered due to the owner having too many to care for. Luckily for these two sweethearts, they found their loving forever home just a little over a month after being relinquished!

a-half-year-old lovebug that was surrendered to HSSA because his owner’s health was declining. Cali has medical issues that her owner could not afford to treat. Cali’s been waiting for her forever family since last April. Patti also sponsored a litter of 6 kittens: Boots, Cali, Pearl, Jake, Sammy and Meeka. Charlie, Laurel and all 6 kittens have since found their forever homes!

Linda Dills followed the progress of Phoenix that was transferred from PACC. She was one of the several dozen cats that unfortunately contracted ringworm at HSSA. Linda’s generous contribution allowed Phoenix to receive the proper care while she was in quarantine. Now she waits at our PAWSH store at La Encantada to meet her new loving family!

Gabriel and Jessie Bustamante brought in a litter of 6 kittens that they found and sponsored! They immediately went into foster care so they could grow into healthy and adoptable kittens. Gabriel and Jessie’s generous donation helped offset the cost of any medicine, vaccinations and food that they would need during their stay with their foster parent. As soon as they reached the adoptable age and weight, Sophia, Tyla, Mylo, RyRy, Peter and Zachy went to our PAWSH store at La Encantada where they were all adopted within a few days!

Once again, our devoted donor of our sponsorship programs, Patti McKee, sponsored three adult cats and a litter! Charlie is a 10-yearold sweetheart whom had to be relinquished due to her owner moving out of state to be closer to their children. Laurel is a four-and18

Laurel with her new mom!

Lynn Hurst was devastated when she relinquished Sydney, a loving senior—so devastated that she wanted to sponsor her through Forever Home to help her chances in getting adopted. She was transported to PetSmart Irvington where someone adopted her within a couple of days.

Even though Michael and Janice Smith moved to Oregon, they still support HSSA by sponsoring two cats at a time! In October, they sponsored Peaches and Chelsea—bonded sisters that were relinquished to HSSA due to the owner having too many cats. They have formed quite an inseparable bond after living together for five years. They were finally adopted together at our PAWSH store at Park Place Mall in January. In December, Michael and Janice Smith sponsored Puma and Missy. Missy

Humanely Speaking • SPRING 2015

is a loveable senior that was at HSSA for 4 months before finding her forever home. Puma, currently with a temporary guardian, has been with the HSSA since May. Puma has never really had anyone care about her, until she came to HSSA. She is very shy. She has a favorite stuffed white kitty that she sleeps with every night and grooms. This sweetheart loves to play, cuddle and will surely steal your heart! Puma and Missy have benefited from being a part of the Cat Socialization Program at HSSA, which is where volunteers dedicate time towards helping them become more comfortable and confident in a shelter environment to help their chances in getting adopted!

Ron and Patricia Coghlan, devoted HSSA volunteers, fell in love with three darlings that had been in the shelter for an extended period of time. Jordan was a stray that quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite. It wasn’t but two weeks after his arrival that he was adopted into a loving home! Deuce is a completely deaf pitbull mix that stole the heart of many, including the family that adopted him. Though he is deaf he is extremely motivated, focused and eager to impress. Poor Benjamin had been at the shelter since May of last year. Since he has food allergies, he is on a strict diet and will need a lifetime of veterinary care. After being at the shelter for nearly 11 months his lucky day finally came at the end of February!

Cynthia Johnston sponsored two adult cats, Smokey and Barney. They are 8 year old lovebugs that were relinquished to HSSA when their former owner died, and had no one else to care for them. After waiting at the shelter for almost three months, they were transferred to our PAWSH store at

Park Place Mall for a change of scenery. That ended up working in their favor as they were adopted shortly after!

Russ Baker wanted to specifically sponsor Little Gray, a threeyear-old darling he relinquished because his other cats did not like Little Gray. Luckily, she did not have to wait long at all as almost two weeks after coming to HSSA, a loving family adopted her!

Elizabeth Geuder sponsored one dog and one cat. We’re happy to report that Calypso, a curious and playful kitty, was adopted! This beautiful girl loves to explore the world around her and come back for cuddles! Moe is one sweet old man, but don’t let his age fool you. This handsome guy is full of energy! Moe is participating on our UofA study right now, but is looking for a loving adult home that has a quiet lifestyle, and can offer hikes or daily walks. This goofball loves to run around and play and then end his day lounging with you by the TV. Moe is a snuggler and though he is quite large, he wants to be your lap dog! Mary Wohlrabe sponsored a pitbull named Julie. Julie is one vivacious girl. This darling is full of energy and craves attention. Julie needs an active lifestyle that can help manage her weight and meet her hyperactive needs. Julie now has a home where she can be the only pet to soak up all the love her adopter can give her, which she is happy to give right back!

was in need of surgery for his knee, but needed a place to recover afterwards, preferably a comfy foster home to kickback in! Unfortunately, there were no foster homes suitable for all of Orion’s needs. So HSSA and our amazing veterinarians decided not to make Orion wait any longer for his surgery and to provide all the post-care he needed right at the shelter. This loveable hunk has persevered through it all and has now found his forever home! Orion is playful, full of energy, and loves to give kisses and snuggles! Baby Cat, a senior love bug, is reserved and independent. She has come a long way at HSSA and has worked very hard in our Cat Socialization Program! We are happy to report that Baby Cat was adopted, along with her bonded buddy, Tiger Woods.

Mary Lebron always likes to sponsor senior dogs—this time, she wanted to sponsor Shaggy, a 6-year-old shepherd. Shaggy is bonded with Bruno whom Mary also sponsored. They were placed into an Almost Home after being in the shelter environment since last May. After getting a break from the stressful shelter environment, they came back to the shelter and got adopted immediately!

Be a Forever Home Sponsor The Forever Home program, which allows you to sponsor a specific dog or cat during its stay at HSSA, is a great way to individualize your donation and directly help the pets in our care. Find out more at, or contact a Development Coordinator at 520.321.3704 ext. 184.

Home for the Holidays Report: November 1, 2014 to January 2, 2015 Tremendous thanks to our wonderful donors that contributed to last year’s Home for the Holidays adoptions and fundraising campaign. During November 1, 2014 to January 2, 2015, you raised $26,000—this included the sponsorship of 110 cats and 111 dogs. Because of you, we far exceeded our goal of $22,000. All of the money raised goes back to helping pets and the people who love them. Thank you!

Janet Bennett sponsored a dog, Orion, and a cat, named Baby Cat. Orion is a handsome man and has experienced his fair share of hardship since coming to HSSA 10 months ago. Orion

Shaggy and Bruno found their forever home!

Humanely Speaking • SPRING 2015


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At GEICO, we know the only way to build stronger communities for tomorrow is to invest our time and energy today.

Keeping pets and their people together in Arizona and across the United States. Learn more at:

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Grandma’s House Dog Boarding LLC

Small breed specialist offers free roam care. Clean, cozy home • Secure, outdoor play Hourly… Daycare… Extended stays. Referrals - Licsensed - Bonded - Insured

520-979-2539 See details and fun at

Caring with Love NOT cages!

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Support Spay/Neuter Programs: Order Your Pet-Friendly License Plate Today! Find out how by visiting or call the ADOT Motor Vehicles Division office nearest you:

Tucson area – (520) 629-9808 Elsewhere in AZ – (800) 251-5866 Thanks to the Arizona Pet Plates program, the HSSA received $10,000 for its Lifesavers Spay/Neuter Fund!

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Pam, David, and the Freedom Smoke USA family are proud to support the Humane Society’s mission of serving pets, and the people who love them. WE LOVE OUR PETS TOO!!

Valid at all Freedom Smoke USA locations *Limit one coupon per customer 10/1/14 ExpiresExpires: Sept 15, 2015

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We are here to help twenty-four hours a day, every day. • Surgery • 24-Hour Emergency • Oncology & Critical • Dentistry Care • Behavior

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4909 N La CaNada dr TuCsoN arizoNa 520-795-9955

Party Animal Birthday Paw-ty! Looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate your child’s birthday?

Recognition does not imply endorsement by the HSSA

Have a party with some animal friends – and make a difference in the lives of Southern Arizona’s homeless pets! 3 hours of party time Downloadable invitations Visits with Pet VIP dogs and Monty the Python Craft activity and party game Decorations Tablecloths

You get:

Plates, forks, napkins & cups Goodie Bags for up to 20 kids Up to 20 guests plus 2-4 adult chaperones. Activities are geared for children 6 and up.

Call 520.321.3704, ext. 171 or 142, for details!

Rincon Vista

Veterinary Center 1122 S. Pantano Rd. • Tucson, AZ • 520-298-3319

We offer a full line of services including wellness care, vaccinations, surgery, illness diagnostics & treatment. We also offer acupuncture & cold laser therapy. Call us today to schedule an appointment! Bring this ad to your appointment and receive 10% off of an exam!*

Find us on Facebook! *Limit of one coupon per family, one use only. Not combinable with any other offers.

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Offering the promise of hope to Logos those who stationary need shelter, sustenance invitations and comfort, Brochures and the commitment packaging to serve signage the needs of the sociaL media communities WeBsites in which we work and / / susan @ / 520.369.2072 / SmartPoPCreative.Com live.

Have an old car?

Did you know you can donate your vehicle to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona?

Do you have an old car or truck that you no longer need?

1-877-721-PETS that’s 1-877-721-7387

Donate it to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s Vehicle Donation Program in exchange for a tax deduction. We’ll schedule a free pick up of your car, truck, RV, motorcycle, golf cart or boat from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, auction it off, and put the proceeds to work supporting our programs. It’s another great way to support HSSA, and you don’t have to figure out how to get the dog and cat hairs off the seats!

Recognition does not imply endorsement by the HSSA

Call for your FREE tow and tax deduction:

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Tucson, AZ. Permit No. 1361

M a in Phone: (520) 327-6088

Web: hssa

HSSA Main Campus– 3450 N. Kelvin Boulevard

Adoptions, Admissions, Administration Offices

Open 11 am-6 pm, Monday - Saturday; Noon-5 pm, Sunday

Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic (on Kelvin, just south of the shelter)

Open Tuesday through Saturday by appointment only.

Call our clinic at 881-0321 to schedule an appointment.

Vaccination Clinics (Held at the HSSA Clinic, 3450 N. Kelvin Blvd.) 9:30 a.m., Wednesdays, limited to first 35 animals 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m., Saturdays, no limit on number of animals PAWSH at La Encantada

2905 E. Skyline Dr., Suite 208 (Skyline/Campbell) HSSA Animal Adoptions, Pet Supplies, More! Tax-free shopping 327-6577

PAWSH at Park Place

5870 E. Broadway Boulevard

Outside between Sears and Dillard’s

HSSA Animal Adoptions, Pet Supplies, More! Tax-free shopping 881-7406

PAWSH at Main Campus 3450 N. Kelvin Boulevard Inside adoptions lobby

HSSA Animal Adoptions, Pet Supplies, More! Tax-free shopping




HSSA Main Campus

3450 N. Kelvin Blvd. (North off Fort Lowell between Country Club and Dodge)


327-0010 Great finds, tax-free shopping, donations accepted Open: Tuesday-Saturday 10 am-6pm Sunday noon-5 pm

Fort Lowell Rd.

Companions For Life Center 3465 E. Kleindale (North side of street)

Dodge Blvd.

5311 E. Speedway (West of Craycroft)

Kelvin Blvd.

Country Club Rd.


HSSA Thrift Store



Humanely Speaking - Spring 2015  

Humane Society of Southern Arizona's quarterly publication. (Cover Critter - Speckelo)

Humanely Speaking - Spring 2015  

Humane Society of Southern Arizona's quarterly publication. (Cover Critter - Speckelo)