Soft Capping Vol 1

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The author would like to acknowledge the generous support of the many people who have assisted in this research project, including: Susan Bain, National Trust for Scotland, Lars Båkman, Statens Fastighetsverk (The National Property Board of Sweden), Lawrence Begg, Historic Scotland, Karin Blent, curator Skansen open air museum, Stockholm, Sweden, Graham Brown, Mason, Michael Burgoyne, Historic Scotland, Alan Cathersides, English Heritage, Jan Cassel, AIX Arkitekter AB, Sweden, Steve Cowsill, Historic Scotland, Roger Curtis, Historic Scotland, Sam Dennis, National Trust for Scotland, Torsten Eklund, Mason at Gotland, Sweden, Richard Fawcett, Historic Scotland, John Fell, Historic Scotland, Martin Gregory, Janusz Grenberger, Grenbergers Byggnadsrestaureringskontor, Sweden, Martin Hadlington, Architect, Sharon Haire, Historic Scotland, Leslie F Hunter, Architect, Bob Heath, Architect, Haraldur Helgason, National Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland, Darren Helmsley, Scottish Natural Heritage, Ulf Hofstedt, Riksantikvarieämbetet (The National Heritage Board of Sweden), Isse Israelsson, curator, Ajtte Sami Museum, Sweden, Karna Jönsson, Riksantikvarieämbetet (The National Heritage Board of Sweden), Kenneth von Kartaschew, Statens Fastighetsverk (The National Property Board of Sweden), Robin Kent, Robin Kent Architecture & Conservation, Noel Kingsbury, Prof. Dr. Klaus Kreuziger, Henrik Lindblad, Riksantikvarieämbetet (The National Heritage Board of Sweden), Rebecca Little, Rebecca Little Construction, Thomas Löfberg, Lund & Valentin arkitekter i Göteborg AB, Sweden, Chris McGregor, Historic Scotland, Jane MacKintosh, Scottish Natural Heritage, Iain McNair, Longannet Power, Michael Nädele, GAJD Arkitekter, Sweden, William Napier, National Trust for Scotland, Jordan Peden, Mike Penderey, Historic Scotland, John Pollitt, Scottish Borders Council, K. Pytasz, Waterman HDC, John Renshaw, Architect, Gordon Rutherford, Historic Scotland, Jörgen Renström, The County Museum of Gotland, Sweden, John Sanders, Simpson & Brown Architects, Douglas Speirs, Fife Council Archaeology Service, Adrian Stanger, Historic Scotland, Duncan Strachan, Mason, Eiwe Svanberg, Kommendant, Carlsten Fortress, Sweden, Alun Tarr, Blackdown Horticultural Consultants, Marie-andrée Thiffault, Historic Scotland intern, Rachel Tilling, Perth Kinross Heritage Trust, Ben Tindall, Ben Tindall Architects, Heather Viles, Oxford Brookes University, Kolbjörn Waern, Landscape Architect, Sweden, Steven Watt, Historic Scotland, Stina Wedman, Wedman Arkitektateljé, Sweden, Robbie Wilson, Historic Scotland, Stuart Witten, Chris Wood, English Heritage.

Some photographs included in this digital report may not be clear when printed but have been included for illustrative purposes due to their relevance.