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September, 17th,

Winners of the Hamilton South Public School carnival head off to zone.

Hamilton South Public School is better then Tighes Hill Public School. Exposition page 40.

Star runners: Lachlan M , Oliver A , Kyle T and Bailey B.

Interviews Page 36.

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The B.E.R: For better or for worse?


The majority of people at Hamilton South Public School are in favour of the new additions that the school has received, including a brand-spanking new hall, canteen and Smart Boards, but did they ever wonder where they came from? The answer is the B.E.R. But what exactly is it?

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IN 2010, the community of Hamil- some people have held a nega- Contrary to this negative view, ton South Public School attended the opening of their fantastic new hall; but questions were left unasked about its origin and why they got it.

Ms Potts, the Principal of Hamilton South Public School, stated that the B.E.R. was: “A government incentive to stimulate the economy so we could avoid much of the GFC (Global Financial Crisis)” She went on to say, “It has meant that we now have the support unit connected to our school via a Covered Outdoor Learning Area (COLA) and a rooved walkway, a much needed new canteen, an upgraded hall, 2 new classrooms and our oldest classroom block refurbished into 2 modern classrooms. We also have improved storage and office space.” Later in the interview she told reporters, ”It has been of great benefit offering new classrooms and better facilities.” Ms Potts went on to say, ”‘Money was also received under the federal moneys called National Pride and through these cash grants our school was able to install 11 interactive white boards. The Smart Boards are a marvellous resource in our classrooms.”

tive opinion on the topic. It has been alleged that the B.E.R. is a waste of tax money, regardless of the spending being for a good cause.

according to Ms Potts and the wider Hamilton South School community, the B.E.R. is a great scheme that has happened to Australian schools. “The B.E.R. has updated our school,” expresses Jo It has also been alleged that the Potts enthusiastically. B.E.R. is not needed because it is not concerning the current _______________________________________ problems in Australia, such as By Will Sim obesity.



Men at work:

The special education walkway being built (left) and Even though the B.E.R sounds great, finished (right).

A Spectacular Star struck AN audience of thousands watched Hamilton South Public School perform at the annual Star struck concert at Newcastle Entertainment Center on the 17th -20th of June 2011.

Photo taken by Matilda B Caption: Annabelle Cl (left) Millie G (right)

The performance was a truly aweinspiring spectacle according to the performers from Hamilton South Public School.

“It was an amazing performance,” said Star Struck is an extravaganza of singing Ava Nesbitt, another Star struck perand dancing. Hundreds of students from former. “I can not wait to perform again all over the Hunter region performed at next year. “ this event. “It was a fantastic experience and every- ________________________________ one involved, enjoyed the time they had” , stated Jessica Avard, a Star Struck per- By Matilda Brame former.


Shooting stars: Sophie M (right) and Chloe B (left), Star struck performers in costume

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September 10, 2011 By Stella L and Catherine Grandparents flooded the playground to join in the fun as Hamilton South Public School celebrated Education Week with a twist. Hamilton South Public School combined Education Week with Grandparents Day in a huge celebration of learning. As the grandparents entered, the school band played Advance Australia Fair to welcome the guests. When all the guests were seated, the choir began their performance. Many of the guests being reduced to tears because of the emotional music. The school choir produced a wonderfully entertaining sequence of popular music, as many hummed along blissfully to the tune. Another piece of entertainment for the grandparents were the Year Six Star Struck Dance group, who performed a dance routine to the Mary Poppins song “Step In Time”. A piece enjoyed by many. To add excitement to the day, Principal Ms Potts and the prefects

Bringing Old to New

Jack and his grandmother Jan enjoying Grandparents Day in the sunshine.

organised a competition to find out which of the grandparents was the oldest. The female winner of this competition was 93 year-old Margaret and the male winner was 89 year-old Max. The champions were presented with trophies of Toblerone and Cadbury bars. The generous school community donated pairs of reading and

sunglasses. These glasses were then given to the Newcastle Lions Club to distribute in overseas areas where many people cannot afford a pair of glasses. A popular part of the day was when grandparents were invited into the children‟s classroom for a lesson in modern day learning. Grandparents took a short trip down memory lane as they sat in classroom chairs and participated in learning with their grandchildren. “Things have certainly changed in here, I can‟t believe all this technology” said Dianna Ward. “What happens if the computer crashes?” questioned Bev Whitehead. The Parents and Citizens‟s (P&C) out did themselves by producing the „sell out‟ Hamilton South Public School cookbook. This cookbook was made up of recipes donated by many of the parents and grandparents at the school. Because of the high demand, another order of cookbooks had to be made. To end the wonderful day, the grandparents and grandchildren indulged in a delicious morning tea provided by the school canteen and P&C. “Congratulations to the Hamilton South community, this school is very proud of the memories shared and new memories created with our beloved grandparents,” said principal Jo Potts.

Lego Comes Alive By Jacqui F A group talented young engineers of the future, from Hamilton South Public School we successful in gaining first place in the Robotics Competition held in Sydney last month. Five children from Hamilton South Public (picture beside) volunteer their time each Friday morning for one hour, where they are given quality teaching from parent helper, Jason Flood in programming,

designing and creating real life, Lego robots. Mr Flood is excited about Robotics and stated that “it‟s great for children at such a young age to be interested in learning skills that will certainly help in their future careers in engineering.” Jason also said that he was only eight years old when he decided he wanted to become an engineer. “It is a great opportunity for children to learn about what they can do in the future and this group of children outshined themselves in the Regional Com-

petition,” said Mr Flood. The Hamilton South Team dressed their robots in costume and danced to the Michael Jackson song „blame it on the boogie‟. This gave an entertaining and humourous edge the team‟s performance, which lead them to first place. “We couldn‟t believe we‟d won and were screaming our heads off,” commented Natasha. The team will compete in the State Robotics Championships later in the month and will be fighting for a place in the National competition in Hobart.

(L to R) Tristen O, Campbell. M, Jessica.A, Natasha.M, proudly holding their Regional Finalist Robotics Awards.

Hamilton South School Fete Sock Wrestling, Trash and Treasure, Music and Water Fights! Produced by Group 47: Catherine, Stella, Elliott, Zac, Blake, Liam and Jacqui

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Issue 1 Saturday 17th of September 2011

Canteen Prices Hit the Roof! Are school canteens across Australia pricing themselves out of the food market?

THIS year has seen a massive increase in school canteen prices. At Hamilton South Public School prices have shot up 25% more than last years. An opinion poll conducted at the school, showed that reasons for the dramatic increase include a decrease in canteen popularity and a rise in stock prices at suppliers. The new Hamilton South Public School canteen has been described by Kirsty

McLachlan, the canteen supervisor, as popular, however will increasing prices spell the end of the canteen? Even though profits have increased, the future of the Hamilton South canteen remains undecided due to the price increase.

“The Hamilton South canteen has certainly been popular. Popularity has gone up which means the cost has resulted in no or little conflict in popularity. The 5 extras including a roll, wrap, mayo or dressing, sauce and also 1 to 2 special products change weekly.”

Ms McLachlan stated that the price rise due to the bigger food variety. “There has been more children buying food from the canteen than ever before,” said Ms McLachlan. She adamantly denied a loss in popularity as claimed in the student opinion poll taken on the 30th of August 2011.

Prices at all canteen suppliers have become more expensive making canteen prices inflate. Ms McLachlan buys her products at Enthica, National Foods, Thompsons, Parma Foods and normal green grocery stores. .Ms McLachlan stated that the price increase was also because of what she calls

“Correct costing.” Unfortunately this means that families have to pay more for canteen lunches. Ms McLachlan has the only paid job in the canteen and therefore has a greater responsibility in making the prices acceptable. The price hikes have sent a shockwave through customers, although Ms McLachlan didn’t accept the popularity decrease which is reflected in the student poll.

Charlie Keenan buying his lunch– Photo taken by Jessica Avard

2010 2011

Students and families are aware that although prices have risen, Ms McLachlan is doing her best to keep prices down where possible.



Story by Jessica Avard & Patrick Dowzer

This picture shows how much price has increased

Lego, Lego and More Lego A storm of applause was heard all over of Sydney on the 26th of August as the Hamilton South Public School Dance Robotics team concluded their performance, taking the Gold and becoming NSW champions.

The winners from RoboCup. From top left-right , Tristan Oswald, Campbell Moore, Bottom Left–Right Jessica Avard, Jacqueline Flood, Natasha Moore

Rescue. Jessica A, winner of her Jason Flood, the groups mentor, division, stated, “Winning the was overwhelmed by the unexrobotics dance competition was a pected win. thrilling experience.” The girls are now considering Jessica worked collaboratively on competing in the National Compeproducing and choreographing her tition to be held in Hobart on the robot routine with teammates 24th of September 2011. Ms Potts, Students representing the school Jacqueline F. and Natasha M. Principal of the School, stated, “I entered 2 events including the Jacqueline commented, “Winning am so thrilled because I saw the Robot Dance and the Search and state was simply fantastic!” girls in Sydney for their perform-

Do You Want A Better Future For Your

ances. Mr Flood is a marvellous mentor and has guided the students with encouragement and skill.” By James Farley

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Charlie K & Tom S playing Footy. Photo: James Farley

Saturday 17th of September 2011

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S U N D AY 1 2 T H 2 0 1 1

CHARITIES across the globe are being soaked in fortune thanks to the continued support of Hamilton South Public School students.

Ms Potts also stated, “The biggest benefit for the school includes us working as a team to support others and being inspired to be aware of other needs in our community, such as the Fred Hollows Foundation, which students have been working hard to support. Some students also decided to start supporting the R.S.P.C.A.”

Students of the school have been interviewed by The Scoop and have confirmed that Mufti days are a fantastic way to raise money. Jessica A., a senior student at the school, answers, “I like mufti days because you are doing something fun for yourself but at the same time you are helping somebody else.”

Ms Potts reported that the school usually raises between $300-$480 for each fundraising event. This makes thousands of dollars each year for charities supported by the school . These charities include the Fred Hollows Foundation, Camp Quality, the R.S.P.C.A, Stewart House,

Ms Potts, the Hamilton South Principal, said, “Most philosophies in our school include the belief of helping others. That could be a kind word, a meal for a family or fundraising, like how we raised money for the flood appeal this year.”

ON Tuesday the 2nd of August 2011 twenty three students from Hamilton South Public School went to Glendale Sports Centre to compete in some highly competitive events to advance to regional level. In total, there were seven track and field events. Field events included shot put, long jump, high events featured 100 metre, 200 metre and the relay.

Showing love by raising money

Cancer Council and UNICEF. On top of whole school support, individual classes also raise money for charity. For example, 5F raised money for Oxfam. Rory S. (a student in 5f) stated, “ Buying a chicken from

“I think most people with conscience believe that we can help others. Some people volunteer their time and others donate money,” Ms Oxfam to give to the third world counPotts reflected. tries in Africa made me feel good.” By Annabelle C

Molly Williams surprised the Hamilton South students with her performance at the school carnival and she went to Zone to compete in 100m & 800m. She said, “I am very proud of my achievements and I had a fantastic day at the zone carnival.”

Athletes Mia Nash and Anthony Nugune have been selected to go to represent the school at regional. The represent athletes had a great time, Congratulations to all the Hamilton South athletes. By Annika D. & Henry C.

Picture: Callan F and Annika D

As usual Tom Stewart & Sebastian MCcomb competed in many races and field events. Standout

Here are some examples of the sports that are played at zone. Annika D shot putting at full pace.

Alec M doing long jump. Hamilton South public school students. They collaborate and enjoy to learn.

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Hamilton South Herald Canteen Prices Sky High CANTEEN prices have gone up recently at Hamilton South Public School and the students want to know why.

“We can buy healthier food the school. This means that with the extra money the canteen is providing a that we make, such as sal- bargain for students. ads.”

According to a survey, conAccording to information ducted by Hamilton South by reporters Herald reporters, 78% of the gathered

Kirsty McLachlan, Hamilton South Canteen Manager, told reporters, “They have put the prices up on food because the business would crash if they weren't to earn enough money weekly.”

chicken nuggets were 30c last year and now prices have risen to 40c. This is a 25% increase. However, to even out prices, the canteen offers more healthy and nutritious options for all students such as tuna The canteen Manager also salad for only four dollars stated, “By putting prices up and garlic bread which is a on fast food, parents will not big hit at recess. be willing to pay as much therefore children will be The Canteen Manager told healthier and more fit be- reporters that the children cause the much healthier are overlooking the fact that at the supermarket they sell food costs less.”

students said that the canteen prices are too high.

Kirsty Mclachlan (Canteen Man-

Holly Foot, a Hamilton ager) packing away frozen pizzas. South Public School teacher, said, “I think the canteen is extremely well Free Surf poster priced, a salad sandwich from the shop down the of Kelly Slater inroad costs double.” side. P. 23

One of the Hamilton South senior students, James F, stated, “Some of the prices are too high!” However many disagreed saying that almost the exact same thing prices were reasonable.

Mrs McLachlan then went as the canteen for almost double the cost of things at on to say,

By Louis H.

Mackellar Scores A Win! Mia Nash, drove Mackellar to vic- Said, “I was quite shocked tory. when I found out that we had won.” Mackellar has congratulated all of the other teams for their persistence Rhylee Dodds agreed that she to in the sports carnival. However, was shocked when she found celebrations over the news are con- out that Mackellar had won. tinuing. Next year Mackellar will be Hamilton South Public Henry Clarke, a Hamilton South striving to win again. School’s Junior Champion, student and Mackellar member,

Photograph By Jeordie.G

MACKELLAR has leapt, ran, cheered and sprinted to victory this year at the Hamilton South Public School’s Annual Sport Carnival on the 17th of June 2011.

Hamilton South Public School Fete

17th of September 2011.

Bronte N & Rhylee D holding the Mackellar flag with pride.

Two packets of Smith Chips for the price of one at Coles.

THE DAILY SUNRISE September 11, 2011

By Georgia and Harry School students are off to a flying start in their journalism career as they participate in middle schools writing project. Nine schools from the Hunter Region have been given the opportunity to participate in the Middle Schools Writing Project, ran by Hunter Literacy Consultant Mrs Kelly Deakin. The project aims to develop literacy skills in students in the middle year (years 5-8). Newcastle High students as well as Year 5 students from the feeder schools have all been invited to participate. The writing project involves schools working on a collaborative project where they have to create a newspaper front page. “students work

in small groups during class time with their teachers as well as with me during weekly visits,” explained Mrs Deakin. The project involved producing a front page of a newspaper which includes a masthead, major and minor articles, teaser, advertisement, photographs and consideration to the layout design. Students looked at their own skills when deciding who would be the best for the job. Mrs Deakin is excited about the learning benefits of the project “it will be a great opportunity for the students to work as a group and master literacy skills,” she said. Primary school students are designated a Year 8 mentor from Newcastle High to support them in creating their newspaper front page. “Mentors provide support through face to face visits and through the online workspace,” explained Mrs Deakin.

By Georgia and Harry SCHOOL’S BEST: Harry and Brock play soccer for their school. READY TO PLAY: Gabi, Maddy, and Georgia.

Student from Hamilton South Public participated in a different kind of sport this term. The PSSA Non-competitive sport competition was held each Friday for 10 weeks at National Park. Students played netball and soccer non-competitively, with the aim of developing new skills. Maddison of Year 5 really enjoyed playing netball each week, "I like that we get an opportunity to learn new sports and skills," she said. Sports coordinator Miss Churches said. “students who wouldn’t usually make a sport team get the opportunity to

One of the online workspaces is a Moodle, which is an interactive learning website where students can communicate with their year 8 mentors, without seeing them face-to-face. Students from Hamilton South Public were very excited about the project. “I liked going to the library every Tuesday morning to work with other groups to see how they were going,” said Georgia. Harry (pictured beside) said “I liked how we got to see the other school’s projects and we got to learn from our mistakes.” Students met with their mentors and this was an opportunity to present their progress in the project and gain valuable feedback. On the 14th October students will present their finished project to the community in a Celebration Night held at Newcastle High School.

play sport for their school”. Students learn about the sports that they have never played before such as netball and soccer. “Our school entered the completion so children could learn a new sport in a fun and supportive environment,” Miss Churches said. Students were excited about sport each week. “I love playing soccer against other schools,” said Ryan. Teachers noticed benefits in their students learning to love sport for fun and not just for winning. Cottee's Cordial are the main sponsors for the program and have provide players with balls and bibs, to make sure the program ran smoothly. The same competition will run again next year.

Produced by Group 40: Georgia, Harry, Gabi, Maddy, Brock and Ryan

HARD AT IT: Harry G and Ms Kelly Deakin working on making a newspaper front page at Hamilton South Public School.

This newspaper was made from recycled paper.

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September 17th 2011

Volume 1, Issue 1

Vandalism Strikes Back! Mystery vandal captured on camera before doing a runner.

This Photo goes to show how hard it is to remove Permanent marker - Photographers: Rhylee Dodds and Nick Abend. THE students at Hamilton South Public School have started to notice vandalism and graffiti upon the school property.

cipal Jo Potts. The alleged perpetrators are timing their performances well. Ms Potts said that she was surprised by the way they take action without being caught. This prompted her to question the student body.

Ms Jo Potts, the School Principal, noted that a few years ago Hamilton South erected a high fence that surrounded the school.

School Captain, Sophie Midwinter, suggested that whenever a student goes to the toilet they have to take a responsible student along with them preferably a person of the same gender. Jo Potts claimed that she was startled by the extreme idea and has decided not to put the permanent rule in place.

This significantly reduced the incidents of break-ins and vandalism. “Currently the vandalism we are experiencing is from within the school, such as destruction and graffiti on walls and poles,” remarked Ms Potts. Ms Jo Potts explained that one of the hardest things to remove is paint or permanent marker on brick work.

Hamilton South school students have questioned who was bold enough to do this vandalism with the school’s zero tolerance policy in place. The only thing Ms Jo Potts could

“In some cases the school will paint over the words but in extreme cases professional graffiti removalists will be contacted; this will easily cost over $150,” stated Prin-

say was that when the culprit is found there will be consequences to come. A senior student, Natalie Cox said, “Luckily the vandalism has decreased in our school and we will make sure it is kept this way.” Ms Potts commented, "I am always upset about the act of vandalism in our school environment and I hope that the person sorts things out in the future. Very few students feel the need to vandalise as this is a great school community. At the end of the day what we are trying to achieve is students having and showing respect for their school environment so they don’t feel the need to vandalise.” By: Jimmie Rees and Anna Cummins

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Now that one of the most popular children’s fiction series has ended, fans are starting to It is packed with billions of users so it may be hard to access ( lose interest in the Potter phenomenon. “Losing fans is not an option so I have cre- Potter More opens to all from1st of Octoated a new website which I will update ber 2011. daily,” ranted J.K Rowling. Some may call this a panic reaction, but she has explained she just doesn’t want to lose her “precious” By Jimmie Rees and Anna Cummins fans.

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Free, in colour Rugby World Cup pull out. Saturday 17th September 2011

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5f's Writing Project  

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