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Ever since I was in middle school I’ve run an interactive world on the web. It was a sanctuary...a way to have complete control in at least one aspect of my adolecent existance. i’m now a busy student in college and am finding it increasingly hard to keep up my promises to the citizens of bita. I once had control control over my own little universe...but nowadays it seems that it is the one controlling me...

miss chizu...

thanks, bagel... you have some new starmails.

oh, come on...

TO: chizu FROM: prettypony5638 3 ---Y HAEVNT U UPDAETD TEH HAR FASTIVAL YAT?!??? OM G U R LAZY!!!!!11!1 OM G WTF LOL AERNT U SUPOS3D 2 B DA OWN3R OF THES SIET?? !?!??? OMG IF U DONT UPDA ET IMM JUST GONG 2 LEAEV AND IT BAD RATNGS!1 and they’re all like. that too.

sorry, but you did not add the “block user” script back in when you upgraded from starbits version 2 to 3.

can you block this person from mailing me?

ARGGGGG!! oh wait...i could totally just freeze their account. That would teach them a lession. Heh.

i don’t think that’s a good idea chizu...

oh my go...

oh, it’s just


you ...



fin, why are you wearing that creepy mask?

you put it on me a while ago, but you forgot to code a way to take it off.

anyway, you can’t

it says so in the

just freeze some-

terms that you

body for spamming.

yourself wrote.

that’s only for larger offences.

you dropped the ball chizu. If you can’t balance both design and Starbits you’ll have to pick once cause you’re failing at trying to do both at the same time.

well what if I chose design over you guys? what would you do then?

well fine then.

lets see how you do without me.

I doubt anyone would notice seeing as how you’re hardly here in the first place.

I was just trying to motivate her.

y’know how she always likes to prove people wrong. wow. She left.

whatever. come back.


one month later...

Well, it’s been a month and nothing has pened.


air cuddlefish!

Air Cuddlefish  

This is a quick Starbits Pets related comic that I did for fun in December has a lot of inside jokes from the game, it was mostly...