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March 2010 Monthly Planner Math in Motion Over in the Ocean Forty Carrots Wing Three: Miss Sonia, Miss Holly, Miss Kim & Miss Lisa Objectives – Observable Florida School Readiness Performance Standards 1. Approaches to Learning: Children will have the opportunity to create something new on their own by combining several materials provided in the writing and art centers, such as toilet paper rolls, streamers, tape, and string. 2. Cognitive Development: Children will practice counting 5 to 10 objects using 1 to 1 correspondence, and verbally count up to 30, during math activities such as collecting pennies, counting shells, “Listen and Do” math. 3. Language Development: Children will practice identifying rhyming words from pattern books, and participation in multiple rhyming finger play activities. 4. Physical / Motor Development: Children will practice starting and stopping movement in response to a signal when the dance and “swim” during multiple circle time activities. Students will also learn important sun and water safety information and demonstrate learning in dramatic play. 5. Socio-Emotional Development: Children will have the opportunity to show empathy and caring for others during participation in our Kindness Curriculum activities for the month’s focus, “Acts of Kindness.” Week of 3/1-3/5


Week of 3/8-3/12

Week of 3/15-3/19

Week of 3/22-3/26









Notes for the week

St. Patrick’s Day Wednesday 3/17

Circle Time Activities

Charlie Over the Ocean Who has the Ocean Creature?

Swat the Number Fishy Freeze Dance Ten Little Fish How many shells?

Feed the Shark Number Mystery Octopus Stew


Over in the Ocean

Ten Little Fish

Shark Trouble

Somewhere in the Ocean

The Ocean Is…

Commotion In the Ocean

Spring Break *School Closed* 3/29 – 4/2 Class fish story One fish, two fish, three fish, four…. The Sand Castle Contest Swimmy

The Rainbow Fish Max the Minnow

Music & Movement Kindness Curriculum Letter of The Week Writing Center / HWT

Fish is Fish Pass the Fish

Fish Alive

Fishy Pokey

Five Little Seashells

The Fishy Song Acts of Kindness Keeping our Beaches Clean

Five Little Fish

Musical Class Story

Acts of Kindness Raising Pennies for a Cause

Jellyfish Fingerplay Acts of Kindness How can we be kind in school?




Dd Number Words Number Writing Journal: If I were a fish… Letter Dd Activities

Acts of Kindness How can we be kind at home?

Tracing phone numbers Fish Names Book

Number Hunt Class Ocean Creature Book

Beach words Journal: In my yellow submarine!

Letter Pp Activities

Letter Bb Activities

Letter Activities

Literacy Activities Math Activities Science Discovery ART

Fishing for Letters Sea life Name Match Phone Number cover up Ocean in a Bottle Shark Teeth, shells, and sand with magnifiers Jellyfish Windsock Crayon Resist Ocean


Aquarium in a Cup

Dramatic Play Block Play Tactile Activities


Outdoor Play

Boats and “Water” Beach and Tidepool Beach Playdough Mats Number Relay

Matching Uppercase What do you see at to Lowercase the beach? Letters Beach Words Fish Counting Book Octopus tentacle Listen and Do Math match Octopus tentacle counting Sea Water vs. Salt Octopus Color Water Changes: Sink or Float Camouflage Activity Experiment Bubble Wrap Prints Handprint Octopus Sponge Fish/ Fish Prints Starfish Painting Colored Bubble Stained glass ocean Printing animal Aquarium Crackers Octo-dogs Shrimp Cocktail

Writing letters and numbers in sand Roll Dice Fish Race Find the friend: Matching numbers Diving “Fish” (Raisins) Play Clay Starfish Toilet paper roll Sandcastles Sand Art Tuna Fish Fish Taste Test

Beach & Sun Safety

Sealife Sea Urchin Math Blue Playdough & Fish

Making Waves Shark Took Hunt In the sand and water

Sandcastles Hidden Treasure Playdough “Sand” Castles

How long is the Whale? Fish, Fish, Shark

Sharks and Minnows

Swim Fishy Swim

Children over the Ocean, Children over the Sea, Children over the ocean, What will you find for me??

March 2010 PreK planner  

Thematic planner for Prek March 2010

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