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6th Fairtrade Cooking Competition Saturday 1st March 2014 - 11.30 to 15.30 Cranborne College, Basingstoke.

Entries are invited from teams of 4 Scouts, Guides or mixed, aged 11 to 17, for our 2014 Fairtrade cooking competition which will be held during Fairtrade fortnight. During this time many shops including food shops promote extra Fairtrade products during this time. So if you do your survey some weeks in advance, you could ask the store manager to request some extra Fairtrade products for your team. The food preparation rooms at Cranborne College are very well equipped, so it is possible to produce a good meal of the same quality as you might do at home. Whilst the variety of fair trade products grows each year, neither fish nor meat is suitable for this type of labelling so it does mean that dishes have to be vegetarian in nature. Whilst this might seem to be a handicap, for many people in developing countries they devise recipes around what’s available locally. The challenge is for teams to source their own fair trade ingredients wherever possible and bring along all the necessary ingredients. If you undertake the survey, design and display a poster advertising Fair Trade fortnight, take part in the competition and write down your recipes then you your team will qualify for the Scout Global Challenge award.

The competition consists of the following actions:

Survey • • • •

Survey the availability of fairtrade products in at least 3 local shops. Enquire from each store manager why they stock certain fairtrade products. Why they think people buy fairtrade products. Complete survey form and email to Rayner Mayer.

Poster •

Make a poster advertising Fairtrade fortnight 2014 and display in your meeting place and one place in your village.

Competition • • • • • •

Devise a 3 course meal. Purchase your fairtrade ingredients to serve 4 people (either your team or invited guests). Arrive between 11.30 and 12.00. Prepare your meal. Serve your meal to 4 persons between 14.30 and 15.00. Tidy up as the rooms will be used on Monday morning by school.

Judging • • • • •

Range of fairtrade ingredients. Innovative and balanced menu. Methods of preparation. Team work. Serving and quality of meal.

To enter or get further information contact Rayner Mayer, Global Adviser, t: 01252 873564 e: Space only available for 14 teams so don’t delay , enter today! 16

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Hampshire Scout News (HSN) Dec 2013  

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