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Towards evidence-based clinical supervision ... Cambridge Journals

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Clinical supervision in the workplace

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What counts as evidence in evidence‐based practice? Clinical supervision: A competency-based approach Evidence-based treatment and practice: New opportunities to bridge clinical research and practice, enhance the knowledge base, and improve patient care. Mental health provider attitudes toward adoption of evidence-based practice: The Evidence-Based Practice Attitude Scale (EBPAS) Evidence-Based Practice Evidence-based clinical supervision A survey of clinical practices and readiness to adopt evidence-based practices: Dissemination research in an addiction treatment system Getting evidence into practice: the role and function of facilitation Evidence-Based Practice Implementation in Community Mental Health Settings: The Relative Importance of Key Domains of Implementation Activity

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A comparison of policy and direct practice stakeholder perceptions of factors affecting evidence-based practice implementation using concept mapping

Clinical Ethics Support in the UK: A review of the current position ... ETHICS

NHS Evidence How does clinical supervision work? Using a “best evidence synthesis” approach to construct a basic model of supervision. The SATOL Project: an interdisciplinary model of technology transfer for research-to-practice in clinical supervision for addiction treatment. Clinical supervision in social work: a review of the research literature. What are residential childrens homes staffs perceptions of receiving clinical supervision and how does this influence their practice? Administering research and demonstration projects aimed at promoting evidence-based practice in child welfare: challenges and rewards. Clinical supervision in the workplace: guidance for occupational health nurses Appraisals and Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) made simple - a practical guide

A community planning process for the implementation of evidence-based practice Evidence-based training for clinical supervisors: A systematic review of 11 controlled studies Click here for further articles.

Articles: 1. Wallbank, Sonya. Hatton, Sue. Reducing burnout and stress : the effectiveness of clinical supervision. 2. Gonge, Henrik. Buus, Niels. Model for investigating the benefits of clinical supervision in psychiatric nursing: A survey study [ARTICLE] International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, vol 20, no 2, Apr 2011, p 102-111 3. Xavier, Kristina. Shepherd, Louise. Goldstein, David. Clinical supervision and education via videoconference: a feasibility project [ARTICLE] Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, vol 13, no 4, 2007, p 206-209 4. Cerinus, Marie. The role of relationships in effective clinical supervision. 5. Freshwater, Dawn. Storey, Les. Walsh, Liz. Establishing clinical supervision in prison healthcare settings. Developing Practice Improving Care : dissemination

series 2003; 1 (7)

HSJ Maggi Rose on clinical supervision | Opinion | Health Service Journal Bill Toy | Newcastle upon Tyne | Health Service Journal

6. Hyrkas, K.. Koivula, M.. Paunonen, M.. Clinical supervision in nursing in the 1990s : current state of concepts, theory and research. Journal of Nursing Management 1999; 7 (3): 177-187 (May 1999)

Clinical Leaders - Health Service Journal FRANK BOOTH's Comments - Health Service Journal


7. Winstanley, Julie. Manchester Clinical Supervision Scale. Nursing Standard 2000; 14 (19): 31-32 (26 January 2000)

Turning aspiration into action in medical education NICE Guidelines that recommend complex interventions may overlook systemic barriers and resource implications

Other Supervisory Tools for Enhancing Proficiency Clinical Supervision and Professional Development CEU Course Getting the Most Out of Clinical Supervision Strategies for COMING TO AGENCY NEAR YOU! GETTING READY TO BECOME Using solution-focused techniques in clinical supervision | Practice ... A guide to implementing clinical supervision Reflective Learning the Essence of Clinical Supervision? (CBT)

8. Wright, Stephen G.. Clinical supervision : making it happen. Elderly Care 1998; 10 (5): 10-12 , 14 (October/November 1998) 9. Severinsson, E. I.. Borgenhammar, E. V.. Expert views on clinical supervision : a study based on interviews. Journal of Nursing Management 1997; 5 (3): 175-183 (May 1997) 10. Fish, Della. Twinn, Sheila. Quality clinical supervision in the health care professions : principled approaches to practice. Oxford : Butterworth-Heinemann, 1997 11. Edwards, Deborah. Burnard, Philip. Hannigan, Ben. Cooper, Linda. Adams, John. Clinical supervision and burnout: the influence of clinical supervision for community mental health nurses [ARTICLE] Journal of Clinical Nursing, vol 15, no 8, Aug 2006, p 1007-1015

12. McFeely, Siobhan. Cutcliffe, John. Clinical supervision [ARTICLE] Practice Nurse, Sutton, Surrey, vol 21, no 7, Apr 6 2001, p 16, 18, 20, 23 13. Clinical governance and clinical supervision: working together to ensure safe and accountable practice [BOOK. FOLIO-PAMP] Manchester - Coupland III Building, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL: University of Manchester, 1998, 2 leaves 14. Jenkins, Emrys. Rafferty, Mic. Parke, Sian. Clinical supervision: What is going on in West Wales?: Results of a telephone survey [ARTICLE] Nursing Times Research, Ruislip, Middx, vol 5, no 1, 2000, p 21-36 15. Hughes, Robert. Morcom, Carolyn. Clinical supervision in a mental health in-patient area [ARTICLE] Nursing Times Research, Basingstoke, vol 3, no 3, May/Jun 1998, p 226-234 16. Mahood, Nicola. McFadden, Karen. Colgan, Linda. Gadd, David. Clinical supervision: the Cartmel NDU experience [ARTICLE] Nursing Standard, Harrow, Middx, vol 12, no 26, Mar 18 1998, p 44-47

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