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HSMC Library Snappy Search on NHS-life sciences partnership A quick overview of the latest guidance and evidence on current issues including; Smoking, Sexual Health, Inequalities, Mental Health, Obesity, Bird Flu, Commissioning, MRSA, Child Protection, Falls Prevention, Substance Abuse, Women’s Health, For new topic suggestions email Rachel Posaner Thursday 8th December 2011

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Department of Health


The Government plan for a secure data service: strengthening the international competitiveness of UK life sciences research

The Future of Clinical Research Networks in the New NHS

New agreement launched to streamline research collaboration between life sciences industry, universities and the NHS 775 million million investment for new NHS research in a major boost for patients and the economy New research partnerships set to boost patient treatments and economic growth

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Record ÂŁ800 million for groundbreaking research to benefit patients


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HSJ How NHS buyers are connecting with life sciences SMEs for more ... NHS leaders' views sought on clinical research | News | Health ... An open letter from David Nicholson, chief executive of the NHS ...

In the news Huppert delighted by Government life sciences strategy

UK life sciences get government cash boost

Web site

Building a Smarter Future: Towards a Sustainable Scottish Solution ...

Government launches UK life sciences strategy

Investing in UK Health and Life Sciences.

The UK life-sciences industry Breathing life into life science


The Strategy for UK Life Sciences

PM to unveil radical NHS initiative

NHS Chief Executive’s review: Innovation Health and Wealth – accelerating adoption and diffusion in the NHS

Govt open data policy "set to boost UK life sciences growth"

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New Health Research Authority established


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Chancellor’s Autumn Statement highlights the key role of health research

1. Nicholson, David. NHS global. 2010, [2]p.

Office for Life Sciences

2. O'Neill, Sean. Needles in a cancer haystack [ARTICLE] New Scientist, vol 211, no 2819, Jul 2 2011, p 48-49

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Innovation, health and wealth: accelerating adoption and diffusion in the NHS. Strength and opportunity 2011 (PDF, 3.4 Mb) George Freeman MP announced as new Life Sciences Adviser

3. New agreement launched to streamline research collaboration between life sciences industry, universities and the NHS [BOOK. PRESS-REL] London: Department of Health, 2011, 1p

Plan for Growth - Healthcare and Life Sciences actions Growth Review actions - letter to stakeholders (PDF, 91 Kb) Publications and bulletins Strategy for UK life sciences (PDF, 2.0 Mb) Investing in UK health and life sciences (PDF, 3.1 Mb) Strength and opportunity 2011: the landscape of the medical technology, medical biotechnology, industrial biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors in the UK (PDF, 3.4 Mb) Taking Stock of Regenerative Medicine in the UK (PDF, 1.3 Mb) A Bibliometric Analysis of Regenerative Medicine (PDF, 472 Kb)

4. Denham, Giles. [Healthcare and life sciences growth review: life sciences questionnaire], Department of Health [BOOK. CIRCULARS] London: Department of Health, 2011, 8p 5. Abbott, Robert. Delivering quality-evaluated healthcare information in the era of Web 2.0: design implications for Intute: Health and Life Sciences [ARTICLE] Health Informatics Journal, vol 16, no 1, Mar 2010, p 5-14 6. Innovation pass pilot: a consultation on proposals for an innovation pass pilot [PRESS. ELECTRONIC] London: Department of Health, 2009, 32p

Regenerative Medicine: The Patent Landscape in 2011 (PDF, 1.7 Mb)

NHS Information Centre

7. Murphy, Suzanne P. The State of the Science on Dietary Sweetners Containing Fructose: Summary and Issues to Be Resolved [ARTICLE] The State of the Science on Dietary Sweetners Containing Fructose, p 1269s-1270s

Clinical Innovation Metrics Download the report - Clinical Innovation Metrics: Measuring the Uptake of Six Innovative Technologies into the NHS in England Download the report - Clinical Innovation Metrics: Process for the Sustainable Measurement of the Uptake of Innovative Technologies by the NHS in England

BBC NHS-life sciences partnership Everyone to be 'research patient' 21st Century medicine

The Guardians healthcare network Clinical research partnership zone

8. Jones, Julie M. Dietary sweetners containing fructose: Overview of a workshop on the State of the Science [ARTICLE] The State of the Science on Dietary Sweetners Containing Fructose, p 1210s-1213s 9. Life Sciences Blueprint to build a strong and healthy future for Britain [BOOK. PRESS-REL] London: Department of Health, 2009, 2p 10. Parkinson, Ruth. Nurses' attitudes towards people who are homeless : a literature review. 11. Barker, Richard. Smith, Steve. Health and wealth are partners.

Making the case for clinical research in the NHS The UK life-sciences industry Major increase in the number of network medical technology studies Clinical research boost for NHS Figures show NIHR CRN embedded in industry practice Understanding clinical trials

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