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Launch of the “HSMC Teaching Excellence Awards” (December 2015) To recognise and reward distinguished teachers who demonstrate outstanding performance, a passion in teaching and dedication to continuous improvement in pedagogy, the “HSMC Teaching Excellence Awards” was first introduced in 2014/15. A total of seven academic staff members were selected to receive the Awards at the Graduation Ceremony held in December 2015 and a series of teaching experience sharing sessions was organised for the Award recipients to share their teaching insights with colleagues.

HSMC President Forum: “Leadership – Elite Leadership and Liberal Education” (January 2016) Following the success of the first HSMC President Forum held on 31 July 2015, the second HSMC President Forum was held on 19 January 2016 with around 200 participants from various sectors. The second forum featured presentations by both President Ho and Dr Michael Lindsay, President of Gordon College of the US, on “Leadership – Elite Leadership and Liberal Education”, followed by an active exchange of views and ideas with the audience. Both Presidents shared common education ideals and insights that liberal education plays an important part in nurturing students to become future leaders with a good balance of perspectives and judgement based on ethics and personal integrity.

“Symposia in Data Science” (January 2016) “The Symposia in Data Science”, organised by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics on 20 January and 28 January 2016, were fully funded by the RGC under its Inter-Institutional Development Scheme. The symposia aimed at providing a platform for knowledge exchange among scholars and professionals from different institutions and the industry all around the world and promoting the importance and applications of data science in the insurance and medical industries to the participants.


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HSMC Review 2015-2016  

HSMC Review 2015-2016  

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