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October 2015 Inaugural High Table Dinner To celebrate the completion of RCs and kick start RC life in the new academic year, an Inaugural High Table Dinner of RCs and the Old Hall was organised on 28 October 2015, which provided an opportunity for student residents, Masters, Associate Masters and Tutors to get to know each other, establish the RC culture of dining together and getting exposure to different perspectives and life experiences of invited guest speakers and develop a sense of belonging to the RCs. The Guest of Honour for the occasion was Ms Rose Lee, Chairman of the Board of Governors, who delivered a speech to encourage participants to appreciate the different challenges in life and to press on with perseverance and a sense of commitment to serve the society, and share her experience on establishing personal and professional goals.

November 2015 HSMC Information Day 2015/16 The HSMC Information Day 2015/16, one of the many significant annual events of the College, was held on 21 November 2015. The event attracted over 1,000 students, parents and secondary school career teachers to participate in a variety of activities, including exhibitions of academic programmes offered by the College, seminars on study paths and career choices, campus tours and game booths which showcased the varied and colourful life of students on campus and in the RCs and information on student support, such as scholarships, exchange and internship opportunities, career guidance and counselling. 25

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HSMC Review 2015-2016  

HSMC Review 2015-2016  

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