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College Officers

(1 September 2015 – 31 August 2016)


Dean of School of Business

Professor Simon HO Shun Man 何順文教授

Professor Raymond SO Wai Man 蘇偉文教授

Provost; Dean of School of Translation Professor Gilbert FONG Chee Fun 方梓勳教授

Vice-President (Academic and Research) Professor HUI Yer Van 許溢宏教授

Vice-President (Organisational Development) Dr Karen CHAN 陳羅潔湘博士

Associate Vice-President (Communications and Public Affairs); Dean of School of Communication Professor Scarlet TSO Hung 曹虹教授

Associate Vice-President (Student Development and Campus Services) Dr Tom FONG Wing Ho 方永豪博士

Associate Vice-President (Advancement and Industry Liaisons) Ms Ada LEUNG Wing Yee 梁穎怡女士

(Until 31 July 2016)

Dr Brossa WONG Yeuk Ha 黃若霞博士 (Acting Dean of School of Business from 1 August 2016)

Dean of School of Decision Sciences Professor TANG Man Lai 鄧文禮教授 (Acting Dean of School of Decision Sciences until 14 August 2016)

Professor Lawrence LEUNG Chi Kin 梁志堅教授 (From 15 August 2016)

Dean of School of Humanities and Social Science Professor Thomas LUK Yun Tong 陸潤棠教授

Director of Finance Mr Patrick LAM Man Ho 林文河先生 (From 13 January 2016)

Director of Student Affairs Ms Rebecca CHAN Po Yu 陳寶瑜女士

College Librarian Ms Sarena LAW Yuk Lin 羅玉蓮女士

College Registrar Dr Eugenia NG Mee Wah 吳美華博士 (From 20 January 2016)


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HSMC Review 2015-2016  

HSMC Review 2015-2016  

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