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Message from the Director of Student Affairs At HSMC, we aspire to nurture responsible global citizens and leaders with critical thinking, innovative minds, caring attitude, moral values and social responsibility. As one of the initiatives to achieve such mission, the Student Affairs Office (SAO) has launched the Student Exchange Programme and Global Internship Programme in 2012 and 2014 respectively to provide invaluable cross-cultural experience to students. Since the inception of both programmes, around 500 students have gained academic exchange and/or internship opportunities in more than 35 countries across 6 continents. This publication has captured 25 memorable stories of our students’ global experience all over the world. These overseas exposures have helped cultivating the whole-person development, global vision as well as the professional competency of the students, which are all fundamental cornerstones for their future success. These two meaningful programmes would not be made possible without the tremendous support from our partner institutions and internship organizations. Our appreciation also goes to the generous support of all honourable donors. The SAO will continue to make steadfast efforts to enhance our programmes in terms of diversity and geographical locations, providing more enriching international experience for our students. I look forward to your continued support to our offshore student programmes in the years to come. Rebecca Chan Director of Student Affairs Hang Seng Management College


Donors On behalf of Hang Seng Management College, we would like to give our heartfelt thanks to the followings donors:

CMG International Charity Fund Limited CMG International Scholarship for Global Internship

Dr. Patrick Y. B. Fung, JP Fung Yiu King Scholarship for Student Exchange

Hui Hoy & Chow Sin Lan Charity Fund Limited HSMC International and Regional Learning Award

The Incorporated Trustees of Ryoden Development Charitable Trust The Incorporated Trustees of Ryoden Development Charitable Trust Scholarship

S. H. Ho Foundation Limited Prof. Alice Tsang Exchange Scholarship for Students to Gordon College

Wei Lun Foundation Limited Wei Lun Foundation Scholarship for Overseas Learning in ASEAN Countries and Taiwan

Mr. and Mrs. Xiao Tan Ping Mr. and Mrs. Xiao Tan Ping Scholarship

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List of Student Exchange Partners (as at 1 May 2018) Asia China

Fudan University Shanghai University of International Business and Economics University of International Business and Economics Japan Aichi Shukutoku University Nanzan University Osaka International University Seinan Gakuin University University of Niigata Prefecture Malaysia Taylor’s University South Korea Chung-Ang University Hanyang University Korea University Sejong Campus Inha University Pukyong National University Sangmyung University SolBridge International School of Business Yong In University Taiwan Chung Yuan Christian University Feng Chia University Fu Jen Catholic University National Changhua University of Education National Taipei University National Taipei University of Technology National Taiwan University Yuan Ze University

Middle East Israel


College of Law & Business

Europe Austria Belgium

University of Applied Science bfi Vienna ICHEC Brussels Management School Universite Saint-Louis — Bruxelles Finland HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences Laurea University of Applied Sciences France Ecole de Management de Normandie EDC Paris Business School INSEEC Business School Institut de Management et de Communication Interculturels Lille University Universite Paris-Est Creteil University of Rouen Normandie Germany Hamburg School of Business Administration SRH University Heidelberg Latvia Riga Technical University Netherlands Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences HZ University of Applied Sciences The Hague University of Applied Sciences Norway University of Adger Romania Romanian - American University Sweden Linnaeus University Kristianstad University Switzerland ZHAW School of Management and Law

North America Canada Concordia University United States Albright College Carthage College Cottey College Gordon College Illinois Wesleyan University Whittier College

List of Internship Partners (2014 - 2018) Australia

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Bank of China, Sydney Branch Federation University Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences Sing Tao Newspapers Pty Ltd Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) Sydney Harbour Kayaks Cambodia ALLNISON Accounting and Consulting Co. Ltd China Liaoning Liaison Unit of the HKSAR Government Germany Bank of China, Frankfurt Branch Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Berlin) India Hong Kong Trade Development Council (Mumbai) Indonesia Hong Kong Ecomonic and Trade Office (Jakarta) Hong Kong Trade Development Council (Jakarta) Japan Bank of China, Toyko Branch Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Tokyo) Hong Kong Trade Development Council (Osaka) Hong Kong Trade Development Council (Tokyo) Kanezen Corporation Malaysia e1Net Sdn Bhd Hong Kong Trade Development Council (Kuala Lumpur) Okamizu International Sdn Bhd Penang Heritage Trust Taylor’s University Singapore ACP Computer Training & Consultancy Pte Ltd Bank of China, Singapore Branch BestTop Consulting Pte Ltd Globalcorp Capital Global Cultural Alliance Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Singapore)

Singapore Hong Kong Tourism Board, Singapore Jublia Pte Ltd KPMG Singapore OOCL Ltd Puma Sports SEA Trading Pte Ltd The Theatre Practice Ltd Spain Centre for Innovation in Transport Thailand ASEAN University Network Bank of China, Thailand Branch Hong Kong Trade Development Council (Bangkok) SEAMEO Secretariat Bank of East Asia United Kingdom British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Comms8 Ltd Grant Property United Pacific BMW States Vietnam New Indo-China International Logistics Co Ltd

External programme partners AIESEC: offers volunteering opportunities globally, e.g. Cambodia, Kenya, Peru, Poland, Romania, Sri Lanka, etc. Crown Institute of Studies - Study and Internship Programme: offers internship opportunities in Auckland, New Zealand Global-Y Trainee Programme: offers volunteering opportunities globally, e.g. Belarus, Brazil, Colombia, Fiji, Nepal, etc. HKCareers Summer Internship Program: offers internship opportunities in London and Sydney The Bloom of Youth: offers internship opporunities in Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain and United Kingdom Walt Disney WorldÂŽ Resort - Cultural Representative Program: offers one-year work opportunities in the United States

Acknowledgement On behalf of Hang Seng Management College, we would like to give our special thanks to the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels and Hong Kong Economic and Trade Offices in Singapore and Jakarta for referring internship opportunities in Europe and ASEAN.


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Latvia Poland


Netherlands Belgium

United States


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Romania Austria

South Korea Japan Israel

China Nepal Taiwan India

Thailand Vietnam Cambodia

Sri Lanka Singapore






New Zealand

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Canada Concordia University LAI Hiu Tung Angel English

At the start of my 4-month study journey in Concordia University, I felt anxious. I doubted if I could fit in, considering the difference in culture. However, I was prepared for any challenges ahead because I knew it would be a great opportunity to grow. I stayed at the school residence. The community there was closely-knitted and people were very friendly. Everyone was caring and reminded me about different things at the University. With English being my second language, I felt uncomfortable sitting in a classroom full of native speakers. With my peers having rich knowledge on literature studies, I found it difficult to catch up. I was asked to finish a thick novel in two weeks which was a struggle for me. However, I tried my best and powered through. There was a big difference in learning attitude between students in MontrĂŠal and Hong Kong. The students in MontrĂŠal were more passionate about studying. Students were never afraid to ask questions. Their driving force for learning does not come from their grades but their desire for knowledge. I should learn to enjoy the privilege of learning. This 4-month exchange journey was amazing. I have learnt so much from this trip and it was beyond my expectation. It is a trip of self-exploration and self-discovery. I have learnt a lot about myself and I have a better image of what kind of a person I want to be. Stepping into this foreign land alone, I was forced to try new things on my own. I learnt numerous things that I never knew in the past. Making friends across the world, I had broadened my global vision. This is something I could never do in Hong Kong. This exchange journey will always be one of the most memorable experiences in my university life.


w o r G d n a h g Power throu



U SA Gordon College NG Ho Ching Rachel Translation with Business

My Days

e g e l l o C s t r A in a Liberal In some American movies, we can see students laying on hammocks or a beautiful patch of grass under the sun to read books, study and play guitar. It may sound very unrealistic in Hong Kong but it does happen at universities in the States!

Studying at Gordon College, a liberal arts college in the US for a semester is definitely one of the highlights in my four years studies at HSMC. It was an eye-opening opportunity for me to experience a very different culture and education. People are extremely friendly and helpful. It is not very difficult to make local friends at school once you take the first step to introduce yourself. I took three courses including Introduction to Linguistics, New Testament History and Creative Writing at Gordon. The classes involved a lot of interactions between students and professors. The biggest educational difference between the States and Hong Kong is that classes are mostly not for lecturing but for


students to ask and discuss questions they have after reading certain chapters of the textbook every week. In my linguistics class, the professor encouraged students to interact a lot by discussing or asking questions immediately whenever something come up. The professor knew that I am quite a shy person that I seldom raised my hand and answered questions even when I know the answers. Therefore, she sent me an email and told me that it was okay as long as I understood what she taught in class. Instead of discussing during class, I discussed class materials with the professor through email and she was very supportive. My most memorable part in Gordon was that the teachers are willing to teach students according to their personalities or needs as long as we gained knowledge from class.



U SA Illinois Wesleyan University HUI Ka Man Carmen English I am grateful for having the opportunity to experience a fruitful school life in the United States. It is not only a place to enjoy sunshine and beaches, it is also known for its ethnic diversity. I am very interested to know more about different cultures. Therefore, I always wanted to stay and explore places in the United States. When I first arrived Illinois Wesleyan University, the weather was freezing and a lady from the International Office picked me up at the airport. When I reached my room, I found that my roommate had already made the bed for me. There were a basket of snacks and drinks as well. I felt so warm and thankful for everything they had done for me. This was an unforgettable experience to me. Students and staff at the University are friendly and polite. The fraternities and sororities also held many activities, providing chances for overseas students to socialize and engage in school activities. For classes at the University, US students were more eager to express themselves. Not only did they share their thoughts, they also talked about their experience to expand the topic and deepen the discussion. As for assignments, professors allowed us to do creative writings or even artworks with descriptions to show our understanding. The only thing I regretted during my stay was that I made too little effort to sharpen my French and Spanish. Two friends I made during the stay are from Morocco and they speak fluent French. Another friend is from Mexico who speaks Spanish. With my rustic skills on both languages, I could hardly have conversations with them in their own language. If I have made revisions on what I had learnt before, I am sure it would be a great opportunity to practise my French and Spanish and impress my friends. To conclude, I treasured every moment in the exchange study because it is absolutely a precious opportunity. I hope by sharing this experience, other students would also be motivated to explore more and step out from their comfort zone.


y t i s r e v i D c i Enjoy Ethn



Belgium ICHEC Brussels Management School TSO Ka Man Carmen BBA (Management)

g n i n r a e L t n e r e f f i D Experience a Environment The exchange study enabled me to experience the difference between Hong Kong and western countries in the education aspect. In Belgium, teachers not just only provided knowledge but also asked questions that guide students to think and discuss. Most teachers did not rely on their notes. They brought out one’s job experience and real-life cases to elaborate in the class, making it easier for students to understand. During the class, students expressed their opinions on the topic and shared their own experience to enhance the discussion. The most shocking part of my journey in Belgium was not the difference in the learning atmosphere, but the examination arrangement. Exams were very casual in ICHEC. You could hardly find any rules or guidelines for exams. Seats and classrooms were on first-come, first-served basis. The school did not do any pre-arrangements. Students could talk to the examiners during the exam. Students could leave the venue anytime after they finished the papers. During the digital business examination, we could even complete the paper with the help of our laptop to search information on the Internet and apply them to the case.


Another surprise to me was how the locals handled an unexpected incident. I took a train from Bruges to Brussels, but there was a delay. Surprisingly, no one complained though the trouble was annoying. Instead, everyone clapped and cheered for the police, to thank their support in the incident. I had some memorable experiences during the study and believed I could gain even more if I had done better preparation. Practising French prior to the trip and joining more activities with other exchange students during the stay would be my advice to future students.



Finland Laurea University of Applied Sciences KWAN Nam Ho Nick BBA (Marketing) The exchange study could be described as the happiest moment in my life. At the beginning, I had to face a lot of challenges to adapt to a new lifestyle and accept the Finnish culture, such as the language, food, education and people. Weather was also another challenge for me because it was very cold, with a 30-degree Celsius difference. The duration of daylight was very short that it only lasted for 6 hours a day. It took me some time to adjust myself and embrace a new lifestyle. I soon realized that being sociable and approachable were essential since I did not know anyone except the tutors in Laurea. Therefore, I and another student from Hong Kong did lots of cultural exchange with other European friends in everyday life. For instance, we invited our roommates for a hotpot dinner. They were very amazed by this and they loved it so much. They also taught us to make pizza and French crepes at home. I learnt a lot about their cultures in everyday life including table manners, their food, what to do when they meet new people and their ways of thinking. One of the project I worked at school was very challenging but useful. I was responsible for a holding a business competition for students in International School of Vantaa. We needed to coach the students the concepts of business canvas and how to start up a company. Therefore, my teammates and I had to be very familiar with the business models and business canvas. I could remember all the concepts via coaching students instead of memorization which was commonly used in Hong Kong’s education system. This project also inspired me to set up my own company in the future. What I have gained from this exchange does not only include knowledge, it also includes life-long friendship, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and the ability of being independent. I feel very blessed and grateful for the exchange study.



d e r i p s n I e b ach out and



s d n a l r e h t e N e Th HZUniversity University of of Applied Applied Science HZ Science LIUKin KinYing Ying Jennifer Jennifer LIU Translation with with Business Business Translation Curiosity has led me to the trip to the Netherlands. I stayed at the HZ University of Applied Science in the South of the Netherlands and my host university made me felt much loved and cared for. Besides this, I was most impressed with the difference in the method of teaching. Universities in the Netherlands take it easy and classes are very interactive, while in Hong Kong, it is a bit dull and syllabus-packed. Teachers in the Netherlands would arrange outdoor classes to let students brainstorm ideas. Students were encouraged to speak out their thoughts in class. When they came across anything new, they would look it up on the Internet and present it to the teacher. The lecturers would then throw it out for discussion. This made the lessons more interesting and relaxing. Lecturers are very friendly and Ms. Polinder is one of my favorites. When we had difficulties in our study, she was willing to spend extra time with us to explain the topic. Chatting with her, I realized that Dutch students indeed seldom asked for teachers’ comments or advice on assignment and project. While in the Netherlands, I participated in the King’s Day, which is a Dutch national holiday with everyone dressed in orange to celebrate the birthday of the King. I had the chance to speak to many Dutch people and learnt more about how they saw Hong Kong. The fruitful exchange experience enabled me to become an open-minded person and it enriched my life. I am so happy to participate in the exchange programme, short but unforgettable.


s e c n e r e f f i D e Embrac



Japan University of Niigata Prefecture WONG Lok Ching Bonnie English

r u o y m o r f u o y p o t s n a c g n i h t o N own adventure

I learnt Japanese in HSMC in year one and find that Japanese language is fascinating because it is somehow quite similar to Chinese, especially on the usage of kanji. The more I get in touch with Japan, the more I would like to explore and experience its unique culture and traditions. The school life in the University of Niigata Prefecture is simpler than Hong Kong’s. They tend to use books and worksheets for lessons instead of PowerPoint like Hong Kong. Another new experience is the canteen. Though there is only one canteen inside the university, it is a buffet canteen that students can pick whatever they want and try many types of dishes in a single meal. The menu changes every day, so students will not get bored. One significant new experience for me is to learn to distinguish the category and dispose rubbish accordingly. This is so different from Hong Kong. Although the classification is time-consuming, it is environmentally friendlier. The most memorable experience I had in Japan was that my buddy, Azusa, brought me to her home in Fukushima. I spent 2 days with her and her family there. The life in Fukushima was surprisingly good. At first, I was a little bit worried about radiation


and earthquake since Fukushima had suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake years ago. Luckily, the recovery of Fukushima was much better than I had expected. I was glad that my buddy took me there and I could have a precious opportunity to explore the truth. Otherwise, I would always be warped by bias. To sum up, participating in an exchange programme is only the first step towards the unknowns. The key point is to explore the unknowns and find out who you really are. It is a precious opportunity which would become one of the life-changing milestones in your life. It is no doubt that heading to a foreign country alone without the support from parents and friends is a difficult thing to get used to. However, once you have overcome all these problems, nothing can stop you from your own adventure anymore.



South Korea Chung-Ang University MAK Kit Yee Maggie BBA (Banking and Finance)

Chung-Ang University is really a good choice because it gives exchange students an insiders’ perspective of life in Korea which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The most memorable moment for my exchange semester was to participate in the Global Fair at Chung-Ang University. It provided me a great opportunity to meet international exchange students from all over the world. There were over 100 universities representing their home countries. Everyone was very excited to promote and provide information on their universities. I also had a chance to introduce HSMC and Hong Kong culture as well as to get familiar with other universities. It was really great to have made some friends through the Fair. When talking about studies in Korea, it is virtually the same as Hong Kong. We also have to attend all the classes, do group projects and presentations for each subject. However, the study atmosphere is quite different from Hong Kong, especially during exam period. Students in South Korea are dedicated to their studies. During midterm and final exams, the library and study rooms are always filled with hard-working students from morning to midnight. The dormitory offers snacks and drinks to students. The cafeterias extend their opening hours. Besides, I was shocked when I realized that most of my classmates are 2 to 4 years older than me because they chose to defer their graduation. They have different reasons for deferment, some of them have to fulfil the responsibility to complete military service, others want to take a break for a while but most Hong Kong students would like to graduate on time.



s d n e i r F e k act and Ma

If you are interested in having exchange study in Korea, it is better to learn Korean in advance. A lot of Koreans are shy or not willing to speak English. They would keep speaking Korean to me even they know I am a foreigner. It would be beneficial in many ways when you know the language. All in all, I totally enjoyed my stay at South Korea. I would recommend friends of mine to join such a meaningful programme, to broaden the horizon and treasure the time when you are still a full-time student.



Australia Australian Broadcasting Corporation HO Man Wai Jody Journalism and Communication I was honoured to take part in a 4-week internship in the Melbourne Office of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). During my internship, I was delegated to write articles based on a perspective of a firsttime traveller to Melbourne. I also supported in translations and facilitated the content production by doing research about the popularity of Korean cuisine and restaurants in Melbourne. It was exciting that I got chances to conduct outdoor interviews with video shooting. I performed as an interviewer on streets (vox pops) and successfully invited the owners of a Turkish restaurant and a flower arrangement learning centre to be my interviewees. I was also featured in several videos, in which I taught viewers the correct use of expression through role plays and tasting Australian food. I was grateful for the care and various opportunities received during my attachment in the company. I would like to give special thanks to my supervisor, Ning Pan, who always believed I could well perform the duties.


Australia Museum of Applied Arts and Science LAU Kim Chun Jane English I usually consider myself as an introvert person, yet I would try to push myself out of the comfort zone to explore more and grow. That was the reason why I applied for this Global Internship Programme. I felt excited and anxious before departing to Sydney. Luckily, when I was truly involved in the volunteering programme in the Museum of Applied Arts and Science, I was very happy to be there. My supervisors, Cate, Dawn, and Jasmine, were all very nice and offered different project engagement for us. My most memorable project was to create our own story for the “Storytelling Session” in the museum. There was a storytelling session every weekend morning, yet only English stories were available. Dawn suggested my teammate and I to create a story with some elements of the Chinese culture by our ourselves. In the end, we created a story called “Panda Goes to Mars”. It was indeed an interesting and rewarding experience! Other volunteers were very helpful and loved to share their knowledge, from engineering to space, from arts to lace. I learnt a lot from them not only the academic knowledge but also the wisdom of life. Through this global internship and meeting the great people in Sydney, I had a chance to see how the museum preserved its exhibits and to interact with the local visitors. It was such an eye-opening and memorable experience.



Ge r m a n y Bank of China, Frankfurt Branch LEE Ming Kai Isaac BBA (Banking and Finance) I am proud of myself for being selected to work in the Clearing Department of Bank of China (BOC) Frankfurt, which handles the core services offered by the bank. During the internship, I worked primarily on remittance transactions, money flow checking and verification of inter-bank money transfer. I was able to comprehend the entire process of the remittance in European countries.The work experience was valuable for me to look for job in an international bank after graduation. I truly appreciate the cohesive work culture in BOC Frankfurt which always made me feel encouraged. My colleagues from different parts of the world were willing to offer their helping hands when I was stumped by the verification process. Besides, they often invited me to join their social gatherings during weekends, giving me more opportunities to make friends with local people. I relish working and living in Frankfurt and would recommend my fellow students to enrich their U-life by joining the Global Internship Programme.


m o d g n i K d e t i n U Bank of East Asia (London Branch) YAU Chi Yan Emily BBA (Accounting) I worked in the Business Development Department of BEA as an intern. During the internship, I conducted research and analyzed information obtained from various channels to compile reports for internal and external use. Also, I made extensive use of MS Excel and Macros to prepare proposals for the department. This internship provided me with experiences, lessons and tools that l would need to get a full-time gig in the future. My leadership skills, time management skills and interpersonal skills were enhanced. Through my work, I learnt a lot on the daily operation of a bank and the financial world. Moreover, this internship provided me the opportunity to test out the skills I developed in college and previous work. By applying my acquired skills at the internship, I could get an idea of my strengths and areas of improvement. I believe that such professional internship experience could greatly enhance my chance of attaining my ideal job in the future.



m o d g n i K d e t i n U Grant Property WAN Hiu Fung Harrison BBA (Marketing) Grant Property is a property company with a comprehensive business model and I was assigned to support the investment team of the company. As an intern from Hong Kong, I worked on various projects concerning business development in China. I was glad that my final reports and execution proposals were presented to the investment team and board of directors for consideration. Also, I attended meetings with “Scottish enterprise� to discuss support from High Growth Markets Unit, e.g. Kuwait, Bahrain and China. After the internship, I have grown up a lot and my presentation and communication skills have also greatly enhanced. I believed that August is the best time to visit Edinburgh as it offers the longest daytime of the year. During my stay, I took the chance to attend the International Fringe Festival which was held every August and brought millions of performers and artists from all over the world. I enjoyed the theatre shows and art performances a lot. My stay in Scotland was definitely eye-opening and memorable.


Ireland Security Watch MA Wing Ki Ivy BBA (Banking and Finance) Being an International and Business Development Intern at Security Watch, a SMC in Dublin selling security products to global retailers, I was responsible for handling orders and preparing sales reports for worldwide customers through an e-commerce platform. I would like to thank my supervisors and colleagues for offering me this brand-new experience and guiding me with endless patience. They always encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and reach out for more opportunities during university life. Learning a new language, Gaelic, a mother language of the Irish, is one of the greatest experience in this internship. My colleagues spoke to me in both Gaelic and English and taught me the differences between the two languages. Such experience has bolstered my communication skills with the local clients. To conclude, living and working in Ireland is a unique experience that makes my university life memorable and unforgettable. I truly appreciate the Irish for their warm hospitality and passion for preserving the traditions.



Spain Infantium SL. TSANG Hoi Man Spencer Translation with Business The learning experience at Infantium made my internship journey fruitful and rewarding. I am very glad for the opportunity to take part in an Artificial Intelligent (AI) project, from which I could understand more about the application of AI in marketing industry, likewise realizing how influential it would be in the future. My analytical skill has sharpened vastly as I was assigned to compile marketing plans for clients. The process encompassed identifying market needs and trends, projecting the growth of the market, reviewing competitors, conducting SWOT analysis, etc. My supervisor was always happy to provide me with necessary guidance when I was in need. At the same time, she also encouraged me to try tackling the problem on my own. Her support helped to bolster my self-confidence in dealing with different situations. This internship in Barcelona is greatly beneficial to my future career in the marketing industry. I have gained considerable insights from my projects, supervisors and clients. Such experience has sharpened my e-marketing and global business knowledge and I am ready to step straight into the marketing profession following graduation.


U SA Pacific BMW CHIU Sung Hei Kyle BBA (Accounting) Working at Pacific BMW is one of the most memorable experiences in my life, making my university life extraordinary and enabling me to have a taste of working in different business departments. As an accounting student, I am so grateful to my supervisor Alicia (Director of Administration at Pacific BMW), who offered me with plenty of opportunity to learn not only the things that are relevant to my major, but also the realms that I never explore, like aftersale services, car insurance, human resources, event management, etc. She taught me to be scrupulous in every task, especially something that is related to legal terms, contract and agreement. I understand that being an accountant, a blunder could provoke a severe consequence which might damage the reputation of a corporation. Besides, my internship is also embellished with genuine friendships. My colleagues from every corner of the world made my internship journey plain sailing. They provided me with detailed guidelines on work and showed me around Los Angeles which enabled me to experience the diverse culture in the US. We keep in touch with each other through social media even after the internship.



Singapore BestTop Consulting Pte. Ltd. LO Ying Pui Peggy Management Science and Information Management BestTop Consulting Pte. Ltd. is a career consulting company providing career consultation services, mentorship programmes and professional guidance to students in finding a suitable job after graduation. As an intern at BestTop, my major duties were organizing different kinds of seminars, guest sharing sessions, and career related events such as Career Summit and Career Fair. Having an internship in a startup company enabled me to learn a lot on a fast track. Within a small company, I was involved in different work processes. For example, I had to write promotion articles, design posters for career talks, and arrange event logistics at the same time. I was trained to be a multi-tasking person through learning and practising. I learnt how to manage a WeChat page and got familiar with its functions through the opportunity of promoting the company events via digital platforms. All in all, this internship provided a chance for me to adapt to a new environment, meet new people, and embrace new challenges.


Singapore Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Singapore) TSANG King Yan Jenny Translation with Business Having an internship away from home was definitely a challenge for me. My main duties at Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO) were conducting researches, writing reports and consolidating information of current issues on a monthly basis. My supervisor always offered me with a lot of suggestions and provided me with feedbacks on my performance. I learnt many useful research methodologies and understood more about the structure of writing news articles. I also realized the importance of work division in planning events. At all the large-scale events of HKETO, including the celebratory events for the 20th anniversary of the establishment of HKSAR, I met a lot of main officials and ambassadors, such as Prof. Chan Ka Keung, former Secretary of the Financial Services of HKSAR Government and Mr. Lawrence Wong, Minister of the National Development of Singapore. It was truly a pleasure to talk to and learn from these prominent leaders. Look back at the two-month internship in Singapore, I would say that I gained a lot both professionally and personally.



Malaysia Penang Heritage Trust KWAN Man Yee Coey BBA (Supply Chain Management) I worked as an administrative staff in Penang Heritage Trust (PHT). Our supervisor advised that we could initiate a project to promote Penang culture and introduce its history. Together with other interns, we decided to design a website and I was responsible for writing articles on different travel spots and traveling tips. We produced a promotion website successfully and shared our experience in Penang on the website. It was my first time setting up a website. I have developed my computer skills since I had to edit photos and design different layouts for showcasing the contents. My communication skill has also sharpened as I had to work as a team with other interns. In addition, PHT provided an opportunity for us to visit Penang Apprenticeship Programme for Artisan (PAPA). PAPA was established to promote intangible cultural heritage viewed as an integral part of the World Heritage Sites’ Outstanding Universal Values. During the visit, we conducted an interview with the old craftswomen and I was glad to have close interaction with local people in Penang.


Malaysia Taylor’s University WAN Chi Fung Nicky BBA (Banking and Finance) My main responsibility of this internship was to support the graduate employability team of the Career Services Office in Taylor’s University. I assisted my colleagues to update YouTube channel and consolidated information of graduate recruitment programmes of different companies in Malaysia. I also supported my colleagues to organize a lot of career events. This internship enabled me to understand more about the workplace culture in Malaysia. The working pace of the country is much faster than I had expected. Also, I was glad to work with colleagues of different nationalities as Malaysia is a multi-cultural country mixed with Malaysian, Chinese, Indians, etc. As an expat, I have learnt to respect the local culture of the country. Beside the work culture, I have gained deeper understanding of the work environment of different industries in Malaysia. I was thankful for the opportunity to join my supervisor for firm visits, such as Malindo Air and Sunway Resort Hotel. I got the chance to discuss with the company owners or senior managers about their business. It has definitely widened my horizon and enhanced my understanding about Malaysia.



Thailand ASEAN University Network CHEUNG Lai Wan Coco BBA (Marketing) My internship at ASEAN University Network (AUN) was fruitful. As a Research Assistant, I was responsible for conducting research on one of the member universities and I studied their strategies on enhancing their competitive advantage on local, regional and global level. Also, I reviewed the recruitment and internationalization strategies of the National University of Singapore (NUS). I was glad that my research could facilitate the formulation of strategic alliance among member universities. AUN provided me with very precious opportunities to participate in different academic conferences. During my internship, I attended two conferences. I was thrilled to have the chance to meet different people during the conferences which gave me a closer look of the education development in different regions. The best experience I have gained from this internship was the opportunity to work with student interns from other ASEAN nations. I am truly grateful for this internship offer, which has greatly broadened my horizons and social networks.


Japan Hong Kong Trade Development Council (Tokyo) SO Wing Tung Koey BBA (Corporate Governance) I mainly assisted in translation of press release and newspaper articles. Although I did not have much relevant experience, my work performance was commended by my supervisor. I was also assigned to support the organization of the Hong Kong Food Expo Press Conference. I needed to prepare relevant materials and set up the venue. From the experience, I learnt to be more detail-minded. Furthermore, I learnt to be more active in offering help to my colleagues, so that I could gain hands-on work experience and provide better support to the office. I am truly grateful for the kindness of my colleagues throughout the internship. The internship experience has also motivated me to further brush up my Japanese proficiency so that I can speak more fluently in business setting after graduation.



Cambodia AIESEC in Cambodia KAN Shing Yui Simon BBA (Accounting) I was so glad to serve as a volunteer in Cambodia in the past summer. I used to have a negative impression towards Cambodia and its people due to its poor economy and the low education standard. After spending six weeks in the country, my view has changed and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. My main task in Cambodia was to teach English to children at Northwest International School and I explored different ways to encourage students to speak in English. I discovered that the students were reluctant to speak in English as the teachers would blame them whenever they made mistakes. In view of this, I tried to show more appreciation to the children by praising them even though they made mistakes. This strategy went well and the students became much more eager to speak in English after 2 weeks. I felt great satisfaction from this achievement. Also, there was one time when I forgot to take the change from a local restaurant and I was surprised that the restaurant staff took the initiative to return the money to me after one day. The Cambodian people that I met were honest, kind and hardworking and I was very glad to spend time with them during the summer time.


Kenya AIESEC in Kenya LEUNG Ka Yi Charmaine BBA (Accounting) Upon arriving in Kenya, I found it hard to believe the existence of such a poor living condition in the 21st century. As my stay was rather short, I felt that I could not help the local people much. Also, my life in Kenya was not as challenging as I had imagined as the intern house that I stayed could still offer me with clean toilet, Wi-Fi service, good meals and a comfortable bed. What I witnessed in Kenya made me realized how lucky and blessed I was to be able to choose how to live my life and I have selfreflected a lot throughout this journey. Although I could not bring great changes to the people there, the experience has motivated me to spread more love and care to the people around me. I was really glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone in the past summer and grasped the chance to meet and learn from so many new people. I deemed that if everyone are willing to do their own small parts, we can make the world a better place to live together.



New Zealand YMCA Gisborne LAI Suet Ying Christie Journalism and Communication YMCA Gisborne is a childcare centre that provides childcare service for kids aged 0 to 15. It aims to ensure that children in Gisborne, even the poor ones, are provided with sufficient "body, spirit and mind" education. As a trainee, I had to take care of the kids in the early childhood centre, design afterschool programmes for primary kids and facilitate the smooth running of the holiday programme. Having an internship in an overseas non-profit organization enabled me to learn a lot about different social problems in the other part of the world. I was involved in various work processes within the organization. For example, I had to come up with ideas of games for young kids. With the aim to introduce the Chinese culture, I organized a Cultural Day. I also led the senior kids in various holiday programmes. Through different activities, I was trained to be a more independent person. I was also responsible for other tasks in the early childhood centre. For example, I had to make breakfast and feed the kids. I was trained to stay calm even facing emergency incidents. To conclude, this internship experience offered me the precious opportunity to live and work in a new environment and meet new people.


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