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Sacred Steps

by Sacha Knop

Good Night & Good Morning

Sacred Steps

Good Night & Good Morning These two soul readings help you fall asleep and wake up feeling clear, relaxed and happy to start your day. You can either sit back and listen to the recording or actively participate. It often happens that when we really start to rest, we notice how tired we are. If your tiredness starts to come out, then know that the recordings are doing their job!

Tracklist 1. Preparing for the Night Soul Reading & Meditation


2. Opening Up to Your Day Soul Reading & Meditation


Total Time: 27:18 minutes.


Instructions for Use Always begin before going to sleep with ‘preparing for the night.’ This recording is progressive and is ‘designed’ to allow you to fall asleep while listening to it. Make sure to use the ‘opening up to your day’ recording the following morning to get the full benefit and to finish the session! Listen to the words and music or really follow the guidance given in the recordings. Either way your subconscious will receive the message. 1. ‘Preparing for the night’ should be listened to while in bed, while you are ready to fall asleep. 2. Opening up to your day’ should be used right after waking up, while still in bed or if you are worried you won’t be able to pay attention, then it’s best to sit on a chair or in a meditative position. 3. Use these recordings daily for a number of weeks, four weeks is best. This way you can get used to a better resting-routine. Once you notice that your sleep and wake up pattern is changing consistently you can listen less and less. 4. Over time you should be falling asleep with more ease and you should wake up feeling fully rested, recharged and energised for the day ahead. 5. Feel free to listen to the recording as many times as you need per night. Some people need to hear it more than once before they can fall asleep due to the release of restlessness that is brought on by this first stage.



How a better sleep benefits you... •

More rested and have more energy for the day ahead.

Better temperment and ability to relate to everything that’s going on in your surroundings. In all of your environments: work and social life. • You will feel more at home with yourself. •

If you are feeling any strain because of your daily routine, your organs will recharge to their full potential with a good night sleep.

With a strong routine of such good sleep your immune system will become more resiliant and be able to ward off illness with greater ease.

Better perception and judgement gives way to heightened efficiency and being more open to creative ideas.

Possible Reactions •

Be aware of dreams that you have and write them down, they might hold important information for you. Please know that sometimes the problem has to get a little worse before it can get better. This is a good sign, it means that what is blocking your sleep is coming out. ALWAYS consult your doctor if necessary or come back to us with questions, doubts or queries.


Precautions (PLease read carefully) Please NEVER use these recordings while driving or working with heavy machinery. • If you have had serious sleeping problems, these recordings might not be enough to cure it. The cause may require a personal soul reading or treatment. • If you use any heavy medication or have suffered or are suffering from mental illness or depression then it’s best to get in touch with your doctor to discuss the use of these recordings. •

These recordings were created by inspiration and recorded live. They have not been edited in any way therefore the natural sacred energy is captivated within them. This means that they have not been enhanced or manipulated - we call this raw and organic recording a ‘radio quality production.’

With love and honour,

Sacha Credits Created and Produced by: Soulwise, Sacha Knop Music: Bliss, CD: Flying Free, track 11- Spun Glass, Pictures: Carin du Burck, Artwork: Ron Goos, Urban Design Front, HSL Designs Text Edits: Sacha Knop & HSL Designs Copyright 2011 Soulwise, Sacha Knop

Goodnight and Goodmorning  

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