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English as a Second Language

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Named as one of the best universities in the Southeast, Troy University traces its origins to 1887. The picturesque campus, locate in the city of Troy, Alabama, offers a wide variety of academic majors, including business administration, computer science, environmental science and teacher education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Its 6,500+ students find the small class sizes, individualized attention, and quality of instruction to be highly conducive to a successful learning experience. Troy University has been recognized for an excellent campus safety record by reports in USA Today and The Chronicle of Higher Education.


There are 820 acres of beautiful landscaping found on the Troy University campus. You can enjoy studying, spending time with friends, or just a pleasant walk around campus with a beautiful view any day of the week.


The ESL Program of Study The ESL program offers an intensive English program of study for beginning, intermediate and advanced level students in the five language skills of reading, writing, grammar, listening and speaking. Elective courses in language are also offered. Understanding U.S. American culture is an integral part of each class. Teachers use audio/visual materials, computer based technology and individual attention to provide every student with the opportunity to master the English language.

English as a Second Language Mission Statement The mission of the English as a Second Language program is to provide highquality instruction in English as a second language (ESL) and orientation to U.S. culture to international students who are nonnative speakers of English. ESL seeks, through its array of internal and external programs, including the Intensive English Program, to accomplish the following specific goals: • To teach English as a second language to students enrolled in ESL classes. • To provide students with the cultural knowledge and awareness which they will need to function satisfactorily, both academically and socially, in the United States • To prepare students who are studying ESL for academic purposes with the academic skills and strategies which will help them to be successful in their undergraduate or graduate studies • To provide appropriate ESL instruction for matriculated international students at Troy University who participate in the ESL Bridge program • To recruit international students to Troy University for the benefit of providing crosscultural encounters and international education opportunities for both American and international students • To serve as a resource for international education to the faculty, staff, and students of Troy University • To encourage students, as citizens of the world, to learn to respect and appreciate countries and cultures different from their own and therefore play a role in promoting peace and understanding in the world


Program Features 6 proficiency levels - Level I - Beginning

- Level II - High-Beginning - Level III - Low intermediate - Level IV - Intermediate - Level V - High intermediate - Level VI - Advanced • Small class sizes (10-15 students on average) • Individualized attention and learning • Careful assessment of each student’s need and accurate placement • Expert language instructors • Conversation partner program • Exploration and explanation of U.S. American culture • Dual enrollment study with Troy University and ESL, if qualified • State-of-the-art computer laboratory • Listening and speaking software

Program Activities The ESL program understands social activities provide a natural way for students to learn about U.S. American culture and the English language. Students may attend any University related function, such as concerts, sporting events and lectures. All students enjoy access to the Troy University recreational facilities. Special trips are also coordinated to nearby cities like Atlanta and New Orleans, as well as the beaches of Florida’s Gulf Coast. The ESL program encourages every student to join one or more of the 100 student clubs and organizations Troy University offers. Students find that being part of a club is one of the best ways to improve their English skills and make new friends.



Our program offers an eight-week session of classes and computer work in Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Grammar, along with trips to Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Atlanta, and the white sand beaches of the Gulf Coast, as well as other trips and activities. Last summer, we sailed into the Gulf of Mexico, attended a rodeo, learned country dance steps, and had a sushi party, among other fun and exciting experiences. While on campus, you will be a student at Troy University, with all the access to sports and cultural activities that means. You’ll have access to a swimming pool, fitness center, sports fields, student center, and a full-size Barnes and Noble Bookstore with a Starbucks Coffee lounge. You will have a chance to learn about American and local culture by seeing and experiencing it. You will visit places and see things most people only read about. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to develop your English ability in a concentrated program of study. This means you will gain both memories and skills that will last your entire life.


How Will You Spend Your Summer? 8

ESL Program Terms Intensive English classes are offered four times a year within the Troy University calendar (approximately 8 weeks per term). • • • • •

Fall Term I Fall term II Spring term I Spring term II Summer term

late August until mid October mid October until early December - early January until early March - early March until early May - Late May until Early July

Special language programs are also available that can be tailored to any group’s needs.


Admissions to the ESL Troy University’s ESL program admits students who are 17 years or older and who have had two years of high school English instruction or its equivalent. Admission to ESL does not constitute admission to Troy University. Admission to Troy University must be arranged separately if you intend to continue academic studies upon achieving the required English proficiency. For the Application Procedure, Click Here!


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The Troy University English as a Second Language program is a member of the AIEPP

Troy University ESL Brochure  

A informational brochure for the Troy University ESL Program.