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APhA-ASP Chronicle A Publication of the Academy of Students of Pharmacy at the University of California, San Francisco

Volume 7, Number 3

Spring 2010

Our first annual APhA transition meeting is held at the UCSF Mission Bay Campus. Despite the cold weather we participated in team-building and leadership activities outdoors. Photo credit: Mohsen Shamai, Historian

Inside the Spring 2010 Chronicle President……………………………………………. President-Elect ..…………………………………… VP of Membership and Professional Development SPAN Liason ……………………………………… Board of Trustee Rep ……………………………… Secretary ………………………………………… Pharmacy Society of San Francisco (PSSF) Rep …. Special Events Coordinators ………………………. International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) Rep ………………………………………… Undergraduate Outreach Coordinator …………….. Communication Coordinators …………………….. Project Coordinators ………………………………. APhA member voice ……………………………….

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Transitions: extravaganza-style! Photo credit: Marlene Morcos, VP of Community Affairs

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APhA-ASP Chronicle

Spring 2010

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A Brilliant and Strong Team of Leaders By Vickie Pon, President This glorious spring term brings in a brand new set of dedicated student leaders that form the incoming 2010-2011 APhA-ASP Cabinet! The new Cabinet is composed of 19 Excomm Officers, 31 Project Coordinators for the 11 patient care projects, and 12 P3 Project Mentors. The current Cabinet has been hard at work, helping the new Cabinet members transition into their roles by providing resources, tips, new ideas, and inspiration. I hope you are EXCITED to read about everyone’s recent activities in this new Chronicle issue!

“...31 Project Coordintor…”

I want to share with you the new

President in Transition Extravaganza! Photo credit: Vickie Pon, President

improvements that the new Cabinet is bringing to our chapter! First, a new budget and a multitude of new fundraising ideas will enhance our activities next year. Second, you will see many new posters and patient-centered materials at our health fairs that our new Pro-

ject Coordinators are excited to put together. Third, some Cabinet members have been creating new ways to promote the profession of pharmacy in the community. So, starting this upcoming 2010-2011 season, look forward to more people in the Bay Area saying (Continued on page 14)

APhA-ASP Annual Conference in Washington DC By Soniya Tambe, President-Elect Hello ASP-ers! I’d like to extend my gratitude to the APhA-ASP membership for allowing me to assume this new role in the coming year as president-elect! I am so pleased and honored to be working with such a strong and enthusiastic group of students and I am really looking forward to seeing some of the great things we will accomplish in the next academic year. In February, amidst a week of final exams, members of our chapter traveled to Washington DC to attend the APhA Annual Meeting where thousands of students and pharmacists gathered from all parts of the country to mingle, network, and learn about the national developments in pharmacy practice. The first day for our members was filled with visit on Capitol Hill meeting with the health staff of Senators Boxer and Feinstein, and with Congresswoman Speier’s staff as well. The experience was truly empowering and informative as it allowed us to learn a great deal about the policies (Continued on page 14)

From left: Hilary Campbell, Krystal Pong, Soniya Tambe, Vickie Pon, Natalie Noto, Nicole Nguyen and Wen Chiu Photo credit: Soniya Tambe, PresidentElect

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APhA-ASP Chronicle

Spring 2010

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Past, Present and Summer By Sherry Kwon, VP of Membership and Professional Development It has been a phenomenal quarter! In addition to our successes at the patient counseling competition, the OTC/Herbal competition, and quarterly health fairs, our chapter has had several opportunities for professional development. Here is a brief recap of our Spring Quarter events: Exploring Pharmacy Internships in Health-System/Hospital Settings, a visit from the directors at five major hospitals in northern California Ethics in Pharmacy, an integrative lesson on various challenges and ethical dilemmas in pharmacy today with guest speaker Dr. Ken Schell, President of CA Board of Pharmacy APhA Smooth Transitions, an information session and gateway to life as a new practitioner in pharmacy, benefits of APhA membership, and words of wisdom by Dr. Elaine Law and Dr. Deanna McMahon, clinical pharmacists at UCSF Medical Center Business Etiquette, a collaboration with AMCP and ASSP to learn from a faculty member, healthcare executive recruiter and head of alumni relations how to interact appropriately in networking settings Mixing and Mingling: Making Professional Networks, an annual event open to all schools at UCSF featuring professional networking counselor Ray Angle Becoming a pharmacist is a complex process requiring both academic and personal growth. It is never too late (or early) to begin your journey through professional development. Here are some resources that you may want to take advantage of this summer: (Continued on page 12)

A word from your SPAN liaison By Nicole Nguyen, SPAN Liaison Spring is an exciting quarter for policy advocates! With the APhA-ASP Annual Conference and the multiple UCSF Legislative Day activities, we have had numerous opportunities to represent UCSF and our profession!

UCSF Students at CPhA Legislative Day April 14th in Sacramento, California. Photo credit: Nicole Nguyen, SPAN Liaison

UCSF Legislative Day Briefing Guest Speakers and Students (from left): Eric Gupta, Brian Drost, Sara Rogers, Lynn Rolston, Caroline Lindsay, Nicole Nguyen, Vickie Pon, Linda Quan. Photo credit: Nicole Nguyen, SPAN Liaison

Being a part of the National House of Delegates at the annual conference held in Washington D.C. was quite a memorable experience! As the delegate, I wanted to ensure our voice was heard nationally and was able to amend and pass one of the policy proposals that UCSF has been working on for the past 2 years. We also had a chance to meet with representatives on Capitol Hill from Senator Boxer, Senator Feinstein, and Congresswoman Speier’s offices. At these meetings, UCSF students were

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APhA-ASP Chronicle

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Spring 2010

2010 CPhA Legislative Day By Caroline Lindsay, Board of Trustees (BOT) Representative Students at the UCSF APhA-ASP chapter have been keeping busy with professional development events, attending professional meetings, and reaching out to the community through health fairs. But most importantly, students learned firsthand the value of advocating for their profession by attending both UCSF and CPhA Legislative Days. For those of you who were unable to attend, here’s a short summary of CPhA Legislative Day at the Capitol.

Capital! Photo credit: Mohsen Shamai, Historian

Twenty-one UCSF students arrived by charter bus at the Sacramento Convention Center on April 14th. We were greeted at check-in, and received our legislative appointments. Soon after, we were seated in the large ballroom with many other students and pharmacists from all over California – white coats on, coffee in hand, and excited to begin the day of advocacy!

“...April 14, 2010 CPhA Leg Day!!…”

First, Lynn Rolston, CEO of CPhA, gave opening remarks about the importance of advocacy in pharmacy, and an overview of the day’s schedule. We then heard analyses of the two bills, AB 977 and SB 1029, that we would be discussing with our legislators. Jeff Goad, an advocate of pharmacist-administered immunizations and a professor at USC, discussed AB 977, which would eliminate the need for a signed physician protocol, allowing pharmacists to administer influenza vaccinations. Pharmacists who are trained to immunize will be allowed to provide influenza vaccinations to the public, according to CDC guidelines. Mike Negrete, CEO of the Pharmacy Foundation of California (CPhA’s non-profit counterpart) gave an overview of SB 1029, which aims to increase the number of syringes that can be sold to a patient without a prescription, and to eliminate the end date of the previous legislation. Following the bill analyses, we heard from Speaker of the House, John Perez, who impressed the crowd with his intricate knowledge of pharmacy during his “State of the State” address. It is wonderful to have a pharmacy advocate in our State Assembly! After we had our group picture taken on the famous Capitol steps, we teamed up with pharmacists to visit various senators and repre(Continued on page 13)

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APhA-ASP Chronicle

Spring 2010

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Thinking Forward By Brian Achille & Melinda Fairman, Pharmacy Society of San Francisco (PSSF) Representative This year has been a little bit of a transition year for the Pharmacy Society of San Francisco (PSSF) and San Mateo County Pharmacists’ Association (SMCPA), and many gains have been made at the local and state levels in the wake of Healthcare Reform. While pharmacist-driven bills for immunizations and Medication Therapy Management (MTM) have received much support, what you may NOT know is that many independent and chain-store pharmacists are working to implement these services in San Francisco and San Mateo.


As a part of PSSF, we are lucky to have independent pharmacist Tony Bastian launching a MTM pilot program with the goal of improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs beyond many of the current Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) MTM practices. At Joe’s Pharmacy (off Geary), Tony works with elderly and immigrant patients and has conducted more than 350 MTM encounters to date. Instead of the current PBM models, which use telephone, mail, or computers as a communication tool, Tony’s MTM pilot program insists on “face to face” consultations. Since starting his study, Tony has discovered that more than 70% of his patients required at least one medication change due to drug-disease, drug-drug, druggender, and duplicate therapy interactions, or stringent formulary requirements. In addition, he has found that adherence failure of their old program is as high as 80% among his patients. As a result, both physicians and patients find this an increasingly beneficial and practical cognitive service. It is our hope to have Tony Bastian present at our lunch talk next year, to broaden our view on what new clinical roles community pharmacists have taken up. Similarly, SMCPA has also been busy, and they were recently recognized again with a CPhA Community “Chapter of the Year” Award. The organization was also involved with local and federal legislators to relay recent healthcare reform news. On Legislative Day, local members met with State Assemblymember Jerry Hill and Senator Leland Yee to discuss the roles of aspiring student pharmacists, the importance of cognitive and chronic-medication management services that we provide, and the implementation regarding

“Chapter of the Year”

(Continued on page 13)

Finally, Cole Hall Video Game Night By Katie Alvarez & Arman Haghighatgoo, Special Events Coordinators As the incoming Special Events Coordinators, we are looking forward to organizing two of APhA’s long-standing events: Around the World Wine Night in the Fall Quarter as well as Spring Banquet in the Spring Quarter. We are also excited about not only increasing the number of special events that will be held, but also diversifying them. Events we are currently considering include a Napa Valley wine trip, San Francisco culinary tour, and video game night in Cole Hall (that’s right, video games on a movie theater sized screen.) We also look forward to collaborating with our VP of Membership and Professional Development, Tran Nguyen, to hold events (including after event get-togethers.) We are honored to be serving as your Special Events Coordinators and cannot wait for the fun-filled year to come. We are open to suggestions for any events that you are interested in, so please don’t hesitate to contact us! Want to write an article? Submit articles to:

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APhA-ASP Chronicle

Spring 2010

Lost in Translation


By Michelle Lee, International Pharmaceutical Students’ Fed-

tion, Communication!

eration (IPSF) Representative This year was full of new events for IPSF. On Dec. 1st, 2009, in an effort to increase AIDS awareness, Project HIV and IPSF cohosted a World AIDS Day event with featuredguest speakers Dr. Jenny Lo, Pharm.D and student pharmacist Michelle Chu. The guest speakers spoke about their experiences working with HIV/AIDS patients and the impact student pharmacists would have as future pharmacists. We were also able to raise around $50 for Global AIDS Alliance.

“International Pen-Pal” During the winter quarter, IPSF held an External APPE Info session to help students gain more insight into international pharmacy practice opportunities. We provided the students with a list of how-to’s and names of faculty members who were available to offer advice. Although this event was only created this year, students were provided with a comprehensive checklist, which was made possible thanks to Dr. Kayser and Dr. Yokoyama. The checklist would be a great guide for students’ APPE application process. We received many positive feedbacks from the students after the info session and we hope to continue helping students next year. In the Spring Quarter, IPSF is launching an international PenPal program for the first time through which the UCSF pharmacy students can communicate via emails with other pharmacy students abroad. We look forward to providing this exciting opportunity for students to connect with others, and learn about the various pharmacy practices and cultures outside the United States.


By Anna Jan, Communication Coordinator It has been quite an amazing year for all of us in APhA-ASP. It seems like yesterday when Madalene and I took on our positions as Communications Coordinators. The only goal we had in mind at the time was to work together to successfully publish an APhA-ASP Chronicle every quarter before “Bagel Day.” Little did we know, we accomplished much more than what we had planned for ourselves. We made plenty of posters for the various events and lunch talks sponsored by APhA along with designing flyers for the Red Dress Fashion show and for the Patient Counseling Competition. Thanks to a smooth transitions process, we are excited to welcome Hsin Kuo and Leslie Ly as the new Communications Coordinators for the upcoming school year 2010-2011. Not only do they have some wonderful ideas on how to make the APhA-ASP Chronicle more accessible to our members, but also they have some new publishing ideas. The Communications Coordinator position has also expanded to include serving as liaisons to the other schools at UCSF, so we can collaboratively work together as a team of professionals. As the field of pharmacy continues to evolve and pharmacists take a greater role in patient care, it is important that we share our ideas with other health professionals who will be working with us to maximize our patients’ quality of life. Therefore, we are very excited to see this position grow in the upcoming year, and we look forward to helping Hsin and Leslie complete their transition process.

We are PhAMLI! By Michelle Siu, Undergraduate Outreach Coordinators This quarter has been exciting with new undergraduate outreach coordinator transition process and PhaMLI end-of-year banquet. The transition process went smoothly and the new incoming officer has really great ideas on how to reach out to more universities and community colleges for the upcoming Want to write an article? Submit articles to: aspchroni-

year. I was really excited to share my experiences with the new officer, and to hear new projects planned for next year. By the end-of-year PhaMLI banquet, most mentees have fulfilled their requirements and received their certificates of completion for this program. This year has been rewarding for undergraduate students. They learned more about the profession of pharmacy, and UCSF School of Pharmacy. I want to thank everyone who made this PhAMLI program so successful.

Spring 2010

APhA-ASP Chronicle

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Secretary 1.0 By Justine Lin, Secretary It has been a great year for APhA-ASP and I have had the pleasure of serving as Secretary for the 2009-2010 year. In this position, my primary duty is to take notes during every APhA meeting and relay the meeting minutes to the rest of the cabinet and project coordinators. Attending every meeting has given me insight into how APhA is run and allowed me to be involved with APhA. Tina Chou will be the new secretary for the 2010-2011 year and I know she will do a great job. She has a charismatic personality, and will definitely be a great new addition to the APhA team. We finished our transition process at the end of Winter quarter and Tina has already begun taking meeting minutes. APhA is in great hands next year and I know it will be a great success!


After a slight lull during winter quarter, Poison Control Project has come back this quarter in full force with many activities to involve both students and patients! Our first event of the quarter was the TNDC Block Party, where Dora Ng actively interacted with the residents of the Tenderloin to provide information about the California Poison Control System (CPCS) with the popular lookalike products display.

Secretary 2.0 By Tina Chou, Secretary My transition process into the role of APhA secretary has been relatively simple and short. In fact, in the very first transition meeting, I started taking meeting minutes because Justine had to leave early. I’m really glad to have Justine as my APhA mentor though. Justine was actually one of the P2’s in my chatroom during my UCSF interview. I remember how impressed I was because she kept on reassuring us that giving immunizations was really easy. Ever since starting school, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Justine better and it’s been great having her as my mentor for APhA. She has made the transition process really smooth. For this upcoming year, I hope to continue Justine’s legacy of taking organized and concise meeting notes. In addition, I hope to be able to work with the cabinet more and help them out with whatever endeavors they may have.

Poison Control Project will also host our lunch talk with our preceptor, Dr. Tom Kearney, on May 27th. As someone that has testified as an expert witness on many trials involving poisonings and drug-induced wrongful death lawsuits, Dr. Tom Kearney will introduce the field of necrokinetics and the knowledge that pharmacists can provide to assist forensic investigators. We are also hosting a site visit to the CPCS for interested students after classes on May 28th, which will provide students with insight on another area of pharmacy that they may not have considered prior to the visit. The outgoing 2009-2010 coordinators would like to thank our preceptor, Dr. Tom Kearney, for his ongoing support and involvement in our project. We would also like to congratulate and welcome our incoming coordinators for the 2010-2011 year, Matt Chang and Rajat Bansil! We are confident that they will do an excellent job in carrying on and furthering the goals of our project for the upcoming year.

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Spring 2010


APhA-ASP Chronicle

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Operation Diabetes is pleased to introduce the new coordinators for the 20102011 school year: Tianyi Chen, Jenny Dinh, Amrit Dosanjh, and Carolyn Robinson. We hope to continue the great work of the outgoing diabetes coordinators: Phyllis Gayda, Jennifer Yang, Lucia Rubio, and Joshua Chua, as well as plan to deliver new ideas and enthusiasm to the project. As a whole, we are very passionate about the prevention of diabetes and the importance of pharmacists’ role in the healthcare team in diabetes management. Thus, we are making it our utmost priority to promote diabetes awareness, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and the effectiveness of pharmaceutical care. We have grand ambitions for next year and we hope to do our best in accomplishing them. Some of our ideas include collaborating with other projects, not only within the School of Pharmacy, but also involving other professional schools at UCSF. Furthermore, we hope to diversify our ideas and reach out in different ways to emphasize the importance of diabetes prevention and education. Lastly, we are looking forward to working with our project advisor, Dr. Kirby Lee, as well as incorporating the advice and experiences of other diabetes experts here at UCSF. We are very excited to represent APhA-ASP Operation Diabetes and embody the ultimate goals of the project that focus on community service and a nationwide diabetes prevention effort.




coordinators would like to extend our welcome to the four new coordinators for 2010-11: Alda Karic, Brittany Norton, Laura Phan, and Kaelynn Wang! Our new coordinators are already full of great new ideas for next year. Brittany is coordinating an effort to send a few UCSF student pharmacists on an immunization outreach to Alaska late this summer! This effort is still in the planning stages, but we hope to have some photos and stories for you all when we return in September. In addition, we will soon begin planning for next year’s flu shot drives to maximize the efforts of UCSF student pharmacists in the community. Looking back over this year, we can hardly believe how much we have accomplished! UCSF student pharmacists were able to administer over 2,000 immunizations during the 2009-2010 influenza season. During the development of the H1N1 pandemic last year, our project succeeded in educating the public and fellow students with the latest information from the CDC. We collaborated with CSHP’s Project A.W.A.R.E. to put on an informative lunch talk about H1N1, and we hope to continue our collaboration efforts next year to prevent the spread of influenza in the community. In addition, we were asked to help with the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s vaccination efforts, which proved to be very successful and a wonderful experience for our students. In December, we volunteered at the SFDPH H1N1 Mass Vaccination Clinic

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for high-risk SF residents. Continuing in winter quarter, we helped vaccinate homeless youth and adults at various shelters throughout the city. This was a wonderful experience and it gave us a chance to really impact the San Francisco community. The SFDPH thanked us with a personal letter of appreciation, naming each of the students and faculty individually! Thanks to all of you who helped vaccinate the members of our community. We are looking forward to our transition with the new coordinators this quarter and a successful 2010-2011 year!


We are very excited and proud to say that we have successfully selected our two future heartburn awareness project coordinators for 2010-2011: Yasin Ait and Matt Chang. They have many new ideas about how they would like to take the Heartburn Awareness project to a new level this upcoming year. As a national project, we have many required annual assignments as well as some health fairs during the fall and winter quarter. However, spring quarter would also be a great time to find new events in which to get involved, such as coordinating with other projects, a lunch talk about heartburn, and many more. At the Transition Extravaganza, we officially passed on our experiences and enthusiasm to the new coordinators. Congratulations again to the new coordinators!

APhA-ASP Chronicle

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Project Hypertension & Cholesterol is pleased to announce our new coordinators for the 2010 – 2011 school year: Vincent Cheng, William Hung, Leslie Ly, Kelly Mei, and Kenny Nguyen. As this year comes to a close, we are so happy to have such an awesome group of student pharmacists to represent Project Hypertension & Cholesterol in our first year as a National Project. This year we implemented a new patient intake form which was designed to teach us more about the populations we are serving. We also collaborated with other pharmacy organizations as well as the Hepatitis B Clinic to provide screenings in the community. One of our major goals for the future is to collaborate with other schools at UCSF and host more interprofessional events. Earlier this quarter we attended a SNPhA health fair in the Tenderloin District to provide community health information at Boeddeker Park. We also collaborated with CSHP in screenings at the Marlton in May Health Fair. Our final health fair is May 23rd at Farmacia Remedios, where we will be providing cholesterol and blood pressure screenings and reaching out to the Hispanic community in Oakland with the help of LAPS. The health fairs this quarter have been excellent opportunities for us to serve the community as well as for the current coordinators to teach the incoming coordinators the ins and outs of our project. In addition to attending community events, we have been busy with transitions. This past weekend we attended the

First Annual APhA-ASP Transition Potluck Extravaganza. All of our new coordinators showed up and together, while sharing delicious food, we learned about our leadership styles and planned out goals for the future. And finally, in the midst of transitions and health fairs, Project Hypertension is promoting awareness through Hypertension Week activities on campus. The new coordinators have taken on the challenge of planning the weeks’ events including a lunch talk, heart grams, a free healthy breakfast, and of course the 2nd annual Healthy Food for a Healthy Heart Cooking Competition.

WHO Project


Quarter has been slow and

steady for the Women’s Health Organization (WHO) after the hurrah of the Red Dress Fashion Show last quarter. We have continued to educate the community on women’s health issues and have spent time preparing materials for our coordinator transition. We are excited to hand over the reins to three amazing incoming coordinators: Inara Iskenderova, Zachary Hearns, and Eyoel Tsegay. We are certain that they will continue the traditions set by past WHO coordinators while adding their own style to WHO events!

Project ASTHMA


pring Quarter is drawing to a close, marking the completion of another school year. This quarter, Project Asthma participated in the TNDC Block Party, organized a small in-class treat for our classmates, and continued to pursue

Spring 2010 our desire of including spirometry screenings in future health fairs. Project Asthma started the quarter with a health fair at the TNDC Block Party in the Tenderloin district. It was a wonderful opportunity to communicate our health care knowledge with a population who may not be able to readily access such information. Alongside our preceptor, Sharya Bourdet, Project Asthma shared health information with local residents such as the proper usage of asthma devices and the numerous environmental triggers of asthma. May is Asthma Awareness Month. Continuing with the tradition started by previous project coordinators, we handed out small snack bags with an informational bookmark on asthma triggers during class. As future health care providers, it is valuable to have an understanding of asthma as it affects many patients of all ages and populations. We would like to formally welcome Samia Sheikh, Bill Tan and Jennifer Yang as the new Project Asthma coordinators for the upcoming 2010-2011 academic year. Best of luck to this amazing group – may you have as much fun as we did with this rewarding experience.


There are a lot of firsts that you may experience during the first year of pharmacy school. The first time you counsel a patient, the first time you provide services at a health fair, or the first time you actually attended an 8am class 3 days in a row. To continue this long line of firsts, it is the first time that the P1s become coordinators! We, Christina Lee and Kimloan Vu, are excited to continue the awesome efforts of our predecessors. One of the first things we did was attend several sessions of the tobacco cessation education classes at Mt. Zion. The

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(Continued on page 10)

Spring 2010 classes were led by a registered nurse who is a certified tobacco treatment specialist and a former smoker. She provided guidance and strategies to smokers who wish to quit. It is a moving experience to hear the struggles of these patients. Each patient is unique in his or her own way, as are the cessation strategies that work for them. It was an incredible experience to see the concepts we learned in Fall Quarter merge with the faces and feelings of these patients. An upcoming event is the World No Tobacco Day on Friday May 28. The focus this year is the harmful effects of tobacco marketing to women. Both old and new coordinators will be tabling and helping to spread smoking cessation information at 8am in the Medical Science Lobby. A lunch talk with great speakers will also be hosted to provide further information. Finally, we want to say thank you to the outgoing coordinators: Cindy Huang, Goldie Leh, Cynthia Nguyen, and Jesse Wisniewski. Thanks for teaching us the ropes and helping us through our transition.


This was a very productive and exciting quarter for the APhA OTC/Herbal Project. The OTC/herbal elective is currently being offered this quarter and is coordinated by Dr. Dennehy and Dr. Tsourounis. The elective provides a vast array of information on both the common and less-known OTC/Herbal products to treat or alleviate medical conditions, ranging from depression to GI disorders. This is definitely a valuable opportunity for students to freshen up their OTC/Herbal knowledge. If you are not enrolled this year, make sure to take this exciting elective next year! The OTC Patient Counseling Competi-

APhA-ASP Chronicle

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“OTC Herbal Competition”

the community as healthcare advocates. As the school year comes to a close, we are pleased with the changes we brought to GAP, especially the designing of our new patient-friendly poster. We want to thank our preceptor, Dr. Nam Do, and welcome our incoming coordinators, Wen Chiu and Janelle Christman. We are excited to see how GAP will evolve!

tion was also a big success. We had 16 participants and 3 judges. The judges were very impressed by all the participants, as it was very hard for the judges to select the winners. We would like to thank all the students who participated. We would also like to take the opportunity to announce the winners of the competition: First Place: Lucia Rubio and Cindy Hwang (P2 students); Second Place: Christina Lee and William Huy Nguyen (P1 students); and Third Place: Pam Mendoza and Allicia Enerva (P2 students). Congratulations!






(GAP) continued its mission of promoting medication safety, emergency preparedness, and knowledge of common geriatric health issues by attending the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC) Block Party and CSHP’s Marlton Brown Bag Health Fair. This quarter we were able to distribute about 70 vials from our Vial of Life program. GAP started distributing medisets to encourage medication safety and adherence. Through our experiences, we found our efforts to be invaluable. A lady came to our TNDC health fair received her first mediset. Prior to this, she had all of her medications mixed up at the bottom of her purse and could not remember what medications she had already taken and when to take them. She was really appreciative for our assistance. Personal encounters such as these make attending health fairs extremely rewarding and remind us of our roles in


This quarter, a mix of the incoming and outgoing coordinators for Project HIV, along with Dr. Jen Cocohoba, joined the Rita Da Cascia Program in a support group session. The Rita Da Cascia Program is for single women and their children who are homeless, residents of San Francisco County and living with disabling HIV/ AIDS. As Project HIV coordinators, we had the opportunity to lead a support group session for the women in the program that focused on the importance of HIV medications. We facilitated a dialogue among the members about the medications that they are currently taking and had the chance to talk those who were not on any HIV medications. It is important for people living with HIV to talk openly about their meds with their healthcare providers and we wanted to encourage that open dialog among this group. We also spent time engaging the group in a friendly game of HIV jeopardy where the women answered questions about healthy lifestyles and facts about medication use. It was quite a rewarding experience to partake in this session and we are very thankful to be invited to participate! Project HIV would also like to congratulate our new coordinators, Marissa Trester and Gerald Toy, who stood out among the many applicants for Project HIV this year. We are confident that they will continue the great service that Project HIV provides to our community!

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APhA-ASP Chronicle

Spring 2010

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MEMBER VOICE Why I Love APhA and Why You Should Too! By Krystal Pong, P3, Winner of 2010 National Patient Counseling Competition APhA offers so many amazing opportunities to student pharmacists that allow us to develop as professionals and challenge ourselves as leaders. Let me explain why I love APhA and why you should too! In addition to APhA being our voice and working tirelessly to advance and unite our profession, there are three other reasons: 1) the conferences; 2) the leadership opportunities; and 3) the Patient Counseling Competition. The APhA Annual Meeting and Exposition is a phenomenal event and one reason I love APhA and why you should too. I urge you to go and take advantage of every opportunity while you are here. Do not limit yourself to the minimum required to get reimbursed by OSACA; instead, look at the schedule, find things you are interested in, and go learn about subjects that inspire, excite and motivate you. Meet people! Go talk to the speakers after their lecture, introduce yourself to the person next to you, or go sit next to someone new. Last year, I met someone at a conference who was from Arizona and he ended up getting me an internship! I was just talking to him because he was interesting but he ended up giving me a great opportunity that I would not have had otherwise. The second reason I love APhA and why you should too is because of the leadership opportunities. I had a modest role in APhA in comparison to many others, but nonetheless, I learned and grew tremendously from my coordinator position for the Tobacco Awareness Project. I developed my smoking cessation counseling skills, obtained mentors, became more organized, and strengthened my presentation skills. If you wholeheartedly dedicate yourself to your project or leadership position, you will gain enormously. Finally, another reason I love APhA and why you should too is because of the Patient Counseling Competition (PCC). The PCC is a competition where you are given five minutes to counsel a patient on one of ten drugs provided to you in advance. It does not matter if you have no counseling experience or if you have not had therapeutics yet. No problem! You can study those ten drugs and do amazing. Best of all, in preparing for this competition, you will be developing your counseling skills and make yourself a better healthcare provider for your patients. As pharmacists, we have a key role in patient care through providing imperative drug information to the community. You can become more confident in your counseling skills through the PCC: it is a tremendous learning opportunity that I hope you utilize. I do love APhA and I do think that you should too but keep in mind that these reasons apply to other organizations also. If you have not already, I hope you find something you are passionate about and run with it.

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APhA-ASP Chronicle

Spring 2010 (Sherry

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Kwon, Continued from page 3)



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Summer Reading (It’s like veggies- we all hate it but you know it’s good for you!) Leadership and Advocacy for Pharmacy. CJ Boyle, RS Beardsley, and DA Holford. American Pharmacists Association 2007. Will there be a pharmacy leadership crisis? Sara J. White. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, Vol. 62, Issue 8, 845-855. Level 5 Leadership: The Triumph of Humility and Fierce Resolve. Jim Collins. The High-Performance Organization. Harvard Business Review July-August 2005 Good to great: why some companies make the leap—and others don’t. James Charles Collins The ethics of leadership in pharmacy. BK Redman. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, Vol 52, Issue 19, 2099-2104. Third year students who are entering their fourth year this Fall, don’t forget to take advantage of APhA-ASP’s free NAPLEX review book available in the winter. In order to qualify, you must join or renew your APhA membership by November 30, 2010. Look out for opportunities to sign up during the APhA-ASP Fall membership drive! Thank you for an incredible term as your VP of Membership and Professional Development this past year. Best of luck on your studies and career endeavors! (Nicole

Nguyen, Continued from page 3) able to advocate for pharmacists in regards to the National Healthcare Reform Bill prior to it being passed! UCSF Legislative Day this year was new and improved! Unlike the past, we held a series of events throughout the quarter to maximize the students’ experiences in policy advocacy. For the first time ever, we offered the Legislative Advocacy in Pharmacy elective. We started off with our UCSF Legislative Day Briefing on April 5th, where special guest Sara Rogers from Senator Mark Leno’s office broke down their single-payer legislation. She explained how the legislation would fit into healthcare reform on the national level. We also had CPhA CEO, Lynn Rolston, and President, Eric Gupta give tips on lobbying in order to prepare for the Legislative Day at the Capitol. Groups of students then marched to Sacramento for CPhA Legislative Day and CSHP Legislative Day to meet with their senators and representatives to advocate for pharmacy. All of the UCSF Students with Representative Fiona Ma at CPhA Legislative Day. Photo credit: Nicole Nguyen, SPAN Liaison events will culminate at the Legislative End-of-Session Banquet, held on May 17th. Students will have a chance to reflect on their experience with the legislative process and stay involved with pharmacy advocacy. With combined collaboration between student leaders from each pharmacy organization, UCSF Legislative Day was an (Continued on page 13)

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Spring 2010


Nguyen, Continued from page 12) incredible success! As the outgoing SPAN Liaison, it has been such a pleasure serving and inspiring student advocates to stay involved with policy. I am pleased to pass the SPAN torch onto Angelina Chan, who will uphold our chapter’s tradition of being exceptional advocates! s Thank You!! P.S. Stay tuned for upcoming 2010 events! Watch for policy email updates, brown bag lunch talks, and ABCs of Policy lunch talk. (Caroline

Lindsay, Continued from page 4) sentatives from all over the state. We used our knowledge and experiences to educate legislators on AB 977 and SB 1029. Our personal stories Legislative appointment with Senator Yee's office, student pharmacists in action. were especially effective in soliciting support from legislators. After his Photo credit: Navneet Khangura, IPSF Rep return from Sacramento, Sam Pitak (P2) reflected on his experience. “I greatly appreciate the opportunity to advocate alongside many other pharmacists and students. This was my second Legislative Day, and it made me realize the importance of continued advocacy. For example, AB 977 was discussed last year, yet still most of the legislators were unclear about the bill. Our representatives need to be reminded of the issues we care about, and it is extremely important for us to be diligent in our advocacy.” Following our meetings with legislators, we attended a reception to celebrate our achievements. We enjoyed some delicious refreshments and mingled with pharmacists and students from all over the state. This was a great networking opportunity, and a fun event! Overall, CPhA Legislative Day was extremely successful, and it gave us an opportunity to advocate for our profession, network with pharmacists, and hear legislative analyses of a few bills that CPhA supports. At our Legislative Day End-of-Session Banquet for the Legislative Day elective, we will find out the status of AB 977 and SB 1029, and hear from students reflecting on their experience. Please join us next April at CPhA Legislative Day 2011 for your chance to advocate at the Capitol!

Don’t forget your white coat...when you are at the Capital! Photo credit: Mohsen Shamai, Historian


Achille & Melinda Fairman, Continued from page 5) some of the initial health care reform local changes starting in 2012. At the federal level, SMCPA has also been fortunate to meet and discuss similar issues with Congresswoman Jackie Speier and Senator Boxer. As student pharmacists, it was particularly inspirational to hear about her support of post-graduate residency training. In addition, they plan to include pharmacists as frontline care providers with physicians, dentists, nurses, and other allied health professionals in several of their upcoming health care bills. Moving forward with SMCPA, we hope to not only continue supporting the local health fairs but to also seek out additional health fairs and community screening opportunities. Last, it is our hope that we can start tapping our resources to invite quality lunch-time speakers, bring regional CPhA professional events to the forefront of student pharmacists’ minds, and explore opportunities for exciting new health fair opportunities in the city! Want to write an article? Submit articles to:

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Spring 2010 (Vickie

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“Oh, I didn’t know you could do so much as a pharmacist!” (Did you like how often I said the word “new?”) Another big improvement is the addition of P3 Project Mentors to the new Cabinet and a new way of transitioning. This Spring Quarter, we had our first-ever “Transitions Extravaganza.” On a Sunday afternoon, the incoming Cabinet and many outgoing Cabinet members met at Mission Bay for a bountiful potluck feast and a series of leadership, teamwork, and goal development workshops. The primary goal of the Transitions Extravaganza was to help synthesize and strengthen cohesiveness among the new Cabinet members and between the new Cabinet and their upperclassmen mentors. The secondary goals were to develop leadership skills, interpersonal communication skills, and generate new ideas and goals for each Excomm Officer and Project Coordinator. For the Transitions Extravaganza, I pulled together a variety of workshops that I have been privileged and grateful to experience with APhAASP and CAPSLEAD, hoping to share parts of these workshops with our Cabinet of leaders. Now, our large Cabinet knows each other better, and everyone contributed inspiration and new ideas. It was a great success! The second Transitions Extravaganza next year will be even better with the fantastic suggestions and feedback from the Cabinet. I want to share one of my favorite quotes by Vince Lombardi: “Individual commitment to a group effort, that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, and civilization work.” Although I have only served as President for half a term, I can already see that the success of APhA-ASP comes from the contributions from each and every brilliant leader of our Cabinet! (Soniya

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that are important to pharmacists today and let us take our places in pharmacy advocacy. Hillary Campbell (P3) served strongly as a representative in the House of Delegates and Nicole Nguyen (P2) also made her mark in the House of Delegates with sweeping changes in the written policies on topics such as Standardizing Prescription Requirements and Electronic Prescribing. Annie Yang (P3) served on the ASP Policy Standing Committee and contributed a great deal to shaping the ASP policies as well. Students participated in workshops, informational sessions, and the career expo with valuable information for students and pharmacists. Finally, the trip was brought to a momentous close by honoring Dean Koda-Kimble as she received the honorable Remington Award. The trip was a valuable experience for everyone and we hope to see more students attend next year’s Annual Meeting in Seattle!

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